Where The Heart Is Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Where The Heart Is script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Natalie Portman and Ashley Judd movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Where The Heart Is. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Where The Heart Is Script





[ Liquid Dripping ]



[ Man ] You're gonna actually drive this

deathtrap from Tennessee to California ?



- You're sayin'I'm not ?

- I'm sayin'you won't

make it past that tree.



- Hey, Novalee, you plannin'

on leavin' today ?

- In the bathroom, WillyJack.



Why don't she just move in

to the damn bathroom ?



- Get all those pictures

and knickknacks.

- I'm ready.



- I'm ready to go.

- Now, hold on, hold on.



Now I gotta go.



- We'll miss you, Novalee.

- You know the floor's missin'.



WillyJack got the whole car for   

bucks. He had to fix everything on it.



And here's the best part.

No fives.



- You and your fives.

- What fives ?



On my fifth birthday, my mama

ran off with a baseball umpire

named Fred and never came back.



After I dropped out of school

and was waitin'tables at Red's,



one of the regulars there

named Gladys went crazy.



When I tried to calm her down

she jumped at me with a steak knife...



and cut me from my wrist

to my elbow.



And what's that

got to do with fives ?



It took   stitches

to close her up.



I don't like fives.



- That's it. Let's hit it.

Let's go, let's go !

- Hon,



will you take a picture of us

with my new camera ?



- Wait !

- All around, let's go.

Come on, come on !



- I'm gonna miss you. Call me, okay ?

- All right. Bye.



All right. Bye.



-Jesus, finally. It's already  :  .

-  :   ?



I hope we can a place to live

that overlooks the ocean.



Hell, Novalee, you can't see

the ocean from Bakersfield.



Well-- well,

maybe a pond then.



I wanna get one of those patio tables

with an umbrella over it...



where we can sit with the baby

and drink chocolate milk

and watch the sun go down.



I've never lived anyplace

that didn't have wheels under it.



Hey. Hey !

[ Whistles ]



[ Radio:Rock ]



[ WillyJack Singing ]

Sometimes I wonder



Will I ever make it home



- [ Snoring ]

-  Sometimes I wonder



Will I ever make it home



[ Continues Snoring ]



I been gone so long

Hey !



Hey, Novalee, wake up !

You sound like a damn pig.



Jesus. What the hell's

the matter with you ?



And where are your shoes ?



That's just great.

That's great.



My feet are swollen.

I had to take'em off.






Wanna feel the baby ?






- Feel that ?

- No.



Right there.

Feel that little bomp-bomp-bomp ?



That's where the heart is.



Couldn't prove it by me.



- Ooh !

- Would ya-- The hell--



- Ooh !

- Would ya-- The hell--




I can go to the bathroom.



[ Horns Honking ]



- All right. Hurry up.

- Hon, I'm gonna need some money.



- They gonna charge you to pee ?

- I have to get some house shoes.



I gotta get some kind of shoes.



- All right. Get you some house shoes.

- Come on.



Get you some green

polky-dot house shoes.



That way everyone will be

sure to notice you.



[ Man Over Loudspeaker, Indistinct ]



- Bathroom, bathroom ?

- All the way to the back.



Thank you.



You all got yourself a beautiful child

here. Be an award-winning picture.



I wouldn't be surprised if it ends up

on a cereal box. Steve, look at me.



- Say ''cheese''for me.

- Cheese.



[ Humming ]



[ Woman ] Do you mind ?



[ Toilet Flushes ]



[ Continues Humming ]



Thank you.



[ Novalee Sighs Loudly ]



- [ Sighs Ecstatically ]

- Mommy !



[ Register Beeping ]



- Ma'am, here's your change.

- Hmm ? Oh, sorry.



Five dollars and   cents.



- No !

- Ma'am !



[ Whimpering ]



Ma'am ? Ma'am ?



You left these

at the counter.



And your change.



- Are you all right ?

- Uh-huh.






My boyfriend...

went to get the car fixed.



He'll pick me up.



Well, have a nice day.



Well, Ruth Ann Mott.



Why, honey,just look at you !

Little Ruth Ann Mott.



Honey, I haven't seen you

since your mama passed.

What's that--         years ?



- I'm not--

- Don't you remember me ?

I'm Sister Husband.



Oh,you remember me. You used to call me

''Telma''because you couldn't say Thelma.



[ Laughs ]

Can you say ''Thelma''?



- Thelma.

- Good !



Oh, Lord, look at you--

havin' a baby.



- So, you just move back home, Ruth Ann?

- See, I'm not who--



Oh, you know what they say:

'' Home is where your history begins.



Home is where they catch you

when you fall.''



That's what the late

Brother Husband used to say.



Brother Husband--

was he your husband ?



No, he was my brother,

a real man of God.



- You read the Bible, Ruthie ?

- Not as much as I should.




I think that's good.



Folks read too much of it.

They just get confused.



That's why I like to hand out

just one chapter at a time.



That way, folks can deal with

their confusion as it comes.



Come on. Come on.

You're comin' with me. Come on.



I'm not gonna let you

get away empty-handed.



Now, on behalf of the Merchants

and Businessmen's Association...



of the city

of Sequoyah, Oklahoma,



I do present you with this

basket of gifts and merchandise.



- Thank you.

- Looky here, Ruth Ann,

you got, um, discount coupons...



and matches, a map of the city,

emery boards-- oh, oh, yeah.



Now, you see this little appointment

book? I ran out of these last week,



so I had to put two or three

of my own appointments in this one,



but if you're not an alcoholic, you'll

know those meetin's aren't for you.



- No, ma'am, I'm not.

- Good. I think that's good.



Oh, yeah, one more thing.



- What is that ?

- This is a buckeye tree.

Brings you good luck.



Here, take it.




Well, good-bye, Ruth Ann.



You know it was real nice to see you

again. Hmm. And welcome home !



I'm in the phone book.

You come and see me anytime you want.



And bring that baby.



[ Engine Starts, Backfires ]



Excuse me.



- Would you like a picture of your baby?

- Hmm?



- I'm not-- I mean, I'm still--

- Oh, well, I mean, after.



- Oh !

- [ Chuckling ] Of course.



Wow ! What kind

of camera is that ?



This is a Rollei.



- There aren't many made like this here.

- It's a beauty.



My name is Moses--

Moses Whitecotton.



Novalee Nation.



Novalee Nation--

that's a good strong name.



You know,

a name's important.



Have you picked out a name

for your baby yet ?



Well, I was thinkin' about

''Wendi'' with an ''I''



Oh, don't you dare.



Give that baby a name that means

somethin', a good, sturdy name.






I'm here the first Friday of every

month,    :   to  :  . Take care.



And remember: Give that baby a name

that means somethin', you hear ?



I will, I promise.



[ Woman Over P.A.]

Attention, Wal-Mart shoppers.



It is  .:  

and Wal-Mart is closing.



Please bring your final selections

to the checkout counters.



Wal-Mart will open again

at  .:   tomorrow morning,



and, as always,

thank you for shopping Wal-Mart.



[ Gasps Softly ]



Oh. Oh.



[ Coughing ]



[ Toilet Flushes ]



[ Radio ]

You said you was the king of love



[ Continues, Indistinct ]



- Hi.

- Hey.



You, uh--

you need a hand ?



I need a lift.



So, where you goin' ?



Anywhere but here.

Where you goin' ?



- Vegas.

- Cool.




Hey, hey. No. No.






We could wait on that plan

make all new strategy



And when it hits the fan

make it what we want it to be



And wanna get higher then

higher than you've ever been



What about you

What about you



Shake it up, shake it down

You can feel it all around



[ Thunder Rumbling ]



[ Radio ]

I know that your memory lives



- [ Girl ] You know,

you're almost out of gas.

- Yeah.



Some son of a bitch stole my wallet last

night right out of my damn hotel room.



Maybe this'll help.



Hey !



Well, I tell you what.

You want it ?



Glide on over here

and get it.



Maybe I will.



Maybe you'll get yourself

a nice big surprise.



[ Siren Blaring ]






$     in your pocket and     cartons

of Winston Light     s...



in a plastic sack

in the trunk of your car.



By the strangest damn coincidence,

that's exactly what someone stole...



from the  -    store

about two hours ago.



Not to mention--

Jolene, how old are you these days ?



- Fourteen.

- Oh ? Fourteen.



[ Grunting ]



[ Alarm Clock Rings,

Clicks Off ]



[ Voices ]



[ Chattering ]



- I cleaned the bathroom the other day.

- And you did such a good job...



-you get to do it again!

- [ All Laugh ]



[ Prisoner ]

Hey, sweet thing.



- [ Radio Starts ]

- [ Alarm Clock Rings ]



Comes down

to just one moment



No way

you can control it



Somehow your heart will know

the place and time



It won't change your world

but it just might change your life



[ Cooing ]



- [ Man ] What do you want ?

- Uh,



I'm lookin' for--

for a book.



What kind of book ?



About-- about trees.



Trees ?






You know.



Forestry? Environment ?

Agriculture ? Botany?

What do you want to know about trees ?



Well, a few weeks ago

somebody gave me a buckeye tree.



Buckeye--horse chestnut--



belongs to the genus Aesculus,

of the family Hippocastanaccae.



I-I think it's dyin'-- my tree. I could

show it to the people who gave it to me,



but I'm embarrassed to let them

see how sick I let it get.



- There. Look up ''buckeye'' in the index.

- The what ?



I'll start slower.

These are called ''books.''



- Are you still with me ? Here.

- Hey.



Uh, there. See ? Read.



'' Leaf rot. Root damage.

Nit-- Nitro--



'' Nit-- Nitrogen d-- def--




[ Sighs ]



- ''Defic--''

- Deficiency ! Keep reading.



Also buckeye--






[ Glass Breaks,

Woman Cries Out ]



Excuse me.



[ Door Opens ]



Well, I don't know

how I could have made such a mistake.



You don't look like Ruth Ann

at all, do you ? [ Laughs ]



It's good to see you again, darlin'.

You come right on in.



I want you to meet

my gentleman, Mr. Sprock.



- Mr. Sprock ? Mr. Sprock.

- Hmm ?



- Oh, how do you do ?

- Buttermilk ?



Dear Lord, we pray

that You will bless this food...



to the nourishment

of our bodies,



and we pray, Lord, for a safe delivery

and a healthy child...



for our new friend.



And we ask forgiveness, Lord, for the

fornication that Mr. Sprock and me...



have committed again

this afternoon.






- Amen.

- Amen.



I'll come by every day to take care

of it. You won't have to do a thing.



- Oh, good.

- Now, if it's any kind

of bother, I could--



Oh, no, no, darlin'. I meant

it's good that you'll be by every day.



- Why, we'd sure be glad to see you.

- Oh.



Although, you know,

I have to say,



I don't know what kind

of people you're staying with

that won't let you plant a tree.



- Well, they're--

- And what's gonna happen

when you have your baby ?



I-- I'm not sure.



Let me help you there,

Mr. Sprock.



- Hey, Rosita ! How you doin' today ?

- Good !



[ Sighs ]



You know, the book in the ''libary''

said the highest spot in the yard...



- is the best place to plant the tree.

- Oh, you must have met Forney.



- Who ?

- [ Wheezing ]



[ Continues Wheezing ]



- You all right, Mr. Sprock ?

- Oh, I'm fine. A little emphysema.



- It's nothin'serious.

- You know, he makes that noise

whenever he exerts himself?



- Who's ''Thorny'' ?

- Forney.



Forney Hull-- brilliant man,

lives in the ''libary.''



- Brilliant.

- There's no tellin' what he might

have done in this world...



if he'd been allowed

to finish his schoolin'.



Why didn't he ?



The Lord gives us obstacles.



[ Train Whistle Blowing ]



[ Gasps ]



[ Thunder Rumbles ]



[ Gasps, Moans ]



[ Panting ]



[ Gasps, Moans ]



[ Thunder Rumbles ]



[ Groaning ]



[ Sobbing ]



[ Cries Out ]



[ Wailing ]



[ Continues Whimpering, Crying ]



[ Grunting ]



[ Screaming ]



[ Screaming Echoes ]



I hope you're not hungry,

'cause it's Tuesday.



Friday is the best breakfast day--

they have bacon.



- I'm Lexie-- Lexie Coop.

- Hi.



- Hi.

- Where'd all these flowers come from ?



All over.

You're a big celebrity.



They're reporters here.

Lean up.



See ?



- TV ! They've been here all night.

- What for ?



For you !

They wanna talk to you.



- Me ?

- Of course.



Everybody wants to talk

to the mother of the Wal-Mart baby.



- Am I in trouble ?

Are they gonna arrest me ?

- What for ?



- For livin' in the Wal-Mart.

- Arrest you ?



Is the hospital gonna keep my baby ?

Where is she ?



- Why would the hospital keep your baby?

- Because I can't pay.



It's like-- it's like

a restaurant-- when you can't

pay, they make you wash dishes.



I don't know what

they're gonna make me do.



- No. No.

- I'm broke. I got nothin'.



I have no family, no job,

and I got a baby.



I know what you need.



- [ Gurgling ]

- Yes, you're okay.

Look who we're going to see.



[ Gasps ]

Say, ''It's about time.''



- Does that help ?

- [ Gurgling ]



Oh, oh, yeah.



How can you love someone

so much you just met ?



Forney's okay too. Doctor stitched

him up and sent him on home.



- Forney ? The ''libary'' guy ?

- Mm-hmm.



- Yeah.

- Why ? What happened to him ?



He jumped through a plate-glass window

to deliver your baby.



- Don't you remember ?

- That was him ?



- [ Fussing ]

- Oh.



So, what are you

gonna name her ?



Oh, that's right.



[ Lexie ] ''Americus''? How the hell'd

you come up with a name like Americus ?



[ Novalee ] I wanted her

to have a strong name,

a name that stood for somethin'.



- Ooh. Aw.

- [ Baby Crying ]



Well, I guess I should talk.

I call my kids after snack foods:



Brownie, Praline,

Cherry and Baby Ruth.



- You got four ?

You don't look old enough.

- Yep.



Well, I started when I was    

and I just couldn't stop.



I wanted to find the first one

a daddy, but all I got

out of that was another baby.



So, I wanted to find 'em both

a daddy, and so on, and so on.



- I think I'm goin' about this

the wrong way.

- [ Chuckles ]



Hey ! There she is !

That's the Wal-Mart mommy !



Now, how long were you

living in the Wal-Mart ?



Uh, uh,



- six weeks.

- And what was it like ?



You know.



[ Giggles ]



Have you spoken

to the father?



Novalee, if I was you,

I'd rule out a career in broadcastin'.



- Why would anyone

write anything so hurtful ?

- What's it say ?



''A baby born out of holy wedlock

is an abomination in the eyes of God.''



- [ Sighs ]

- My baby is not an abomination.



- Screw 'em.

- Midnight, Mississippi.



Oh, my.

This one's sad.



''I gave birth to a baby in a V.W. van

where I lived for nearly a year.''



[ Sighs ] '' My baby didn't make it.

I hope yours does.



I don't have much else to offer you,

but I know that some money might help,



so I enclose $   .''



Can you believe that ?



- '' Duda,'' Texas.

- [ Chuckles ]



''I wish I could send you some

money, but I don't have any.



What I can offer you is

a good home.''



Send her the $   .



Lexie, one of your kids is

on the phone.



Which one ?



I don't know.

Pez, Twinkie-- one of'em.



- [ Scoffs ] I'll be right back.

- [ Giggles ]



- [ Woman ] Is Novalee in there ?

- [ Lexie ] Yes, ma'am.






I hope you don't think

this kid's gonna call me ''Grandma.''



I'm sorry, ma'am, but visiting hours

are not until-- [ Gasps ]



- Are when ?

- Right now.



Yes. Thank you.



- Mama ?

- I thought you'd be surprised.



- How'd you know I was here ?

- There ya are.



I saw your fabulous interview

on the television,



and I hopped right in the car,

and here I am.



Oh, I must have been in that damn car,

like, ten hours, I'm tellin' you.



From where ?



New Orleans.



I been livin' there

about, um--






I guess I been livin' there

about two, three years now.



- With Fred ?

- Who ?



Fred, the umpire.



[ Scoffs ]



That shithead ?

Oh, my God !



[ Laughing ]




What in God's name

made you think of him ?



Because he was

the reason you left.



- Left what ?

- Me.



Oh, geez. Now,



sweetie, look.



[ Scoffs ] That is all

water under the bridge.



I didn't drive here for ten hours

to reminisce with you, all right ?



- Well, then why did you come ?

- Well, I thought

you could use some help.



You didn't look too good

up there. You--



Livin' in the Wal-Mart is

not my idea of a big success.



- How are you gonna help ?

- I don't know.



- You got a man ?

- No.



It's not one of those

artificial ''spermination'' things is it ?






Then where is the prick

who put you in this mess ?






[ Laughs ]

Well, that figures.



All the pricks--

they move to California.



They ought to call it

'' Prick-ifornia.''



Got a place to live ?



Sweetie, look. You are going to need

a place to take this baby.



Maybe you should think about movin'

into Sears. I hear Kmart is really nice.



Did you come all this way

just to make fun of me ?



God, no.






- [ Stamping Out Ash ]

- I didn't. I wanted...



[ Laughing Nervously ]

to help my child with her child, is all.



- You want me to go ?

- No.



All right then.

[ Chuckles ]



- When are they lettin' you out ?

- Tomorrow.






Well, I'm not

in any hurry to move on.



Maybe I could find a place--

you and me and the baby.



You mean like--

like a home ?






home, apartment, whatever--

till you get on your feet.



I got me a little money.

[ Chuckles ]



Oh, I got money.

The president of Wal-Mart sent me $   .



Why ?



- He's not the father of the child,

is he ?

- No.



- Aw, shit.

- No, he just wanted to be nice.



They offered me any job

in any Wal-Mart in the country.




[ Chuckles ]






I'm thinkin:



what with your money

and my money together,



we might be able to find us

a real decent place,



so I don't want you

to worry about anything anymore,



'cause Mama Lil is here now.



Why don't you come by and pick us up

tomorrow-- me and Americus--  :   a.m. ?



On the dot.

[ Chuckles ]



So, I got me a lot of stuff to do.

We gotta get diapers and blankets...



and a cradle.



- Mama ?

- Yeah ?



Thank you for comin'.



You bet.



[ Baby Fussing ]



It's okay, baby.

It's okay.



You're okay.



Maybe you should try to call

whoever's pickin'you up.



I don't know

where she's stayin'.



I could call a cab for you.

Where you goin' ?



[ Baby Crying ]



Five hundred dollars--

I should have known.



[ Horn Honking ]






[ Sighs ]



Well, look at all this.



[ Chuckles ]

And look at you.



Oh, yes, you're just as cute

today as you were yesterday,



- maybe cuter.

- Yeah.



Well, you know that tree--



your tree that you planted

in my yard ?



I've been tryin' to take care of it,

and I just don't have the feel for it.



I don't have the time either.



So, I thought maybe if you and the baby

came to stay with me for a while...



that you could

take care of it for me.



Sure help me out a lot.






- [ Woman ] Forney!

- What ?



- Where are you ?

- I'm just putting

the dishes in the sink.



- Forney?

- I'll be-- I'll be right back.



- Forney. Forney!

- [ Knocking ]

- We're closed !



Look, we're--






Can I come in ?



Uh, yeah.



- I need a towel!

- They're in the bathroom !



- Is this a bad time ?

- Uh, yeah. No. [ Chuckles Nervously ]



I just-- I just wanted

to thank you for--



- I can't reach them !

- Give me two minutes !



I'll be right there.



- Sorry, I--

- That's okay, I--



I just wanted to thank you for--

Well, I guess you saved our lives--



- me and Americus.

- ''Americus'' ?



You wanna hold her ?



- Oh--

- It's okay.



Oh, oh, oh.

[ Gasps ]



Moses Whitecotton gave me

this as a baby gift.



- Uh-huh.

- Oh.






All right.

One, two, three, smile.



- Forney!

- I--



All right. So,



- I'll see you soon.

- Uh-huh.



Oh, uh--



- Good-bye.

- Bye.



- Forney!

- [ Sighs ]



- You may find

- [ Inmate ] Shut up!



Look inside

and find the part



[ Sighs ]



- Look inside and find the part

that's leadin' you

- Shut the hell up!



Jack. Hey,Jack--



- [ Grunting ]

- [ Inmates Yelling ]



[ Radio, Indistinct ]



What do you think ? It took me a whole

month to get back to my old size.



[ Gurgling ]



Oh, well, a little weight

on a woman's no harm.



Huh ? What do you

think of that ?



[ Chuckles ]

Breakfast ?



No. Before work I'm gonna take your

truck in and get those brakes checked.



I'm payin'. Don't argue.



- Sister, there's people at the door.

- Oh, here. Come on.



- Come on. There ya go.

- Hello.



- There ya go. Who's a good girl ?

- Yes.



I got her.



- Yes ?

- Ma'am,



we have come here today to bring

the Word of God to the Wal-Mart baby...



and to her young,

unmarried mama.



We drove all the way up

from Midnight, Mississippi.



Well, you folks could have

saved yourself a trip,



'cause the Word of God's been

in this house a long time.



[ Sighs ] I thought that was

all over and done with--



people wantin' to see

the Wal-Mart baby.



- Bye, sweetie. Mama will be back.

- [ Gurgles ]



- Bye, Mr. Sprock.

- I made links !



Thank you.



[ Sighs ]

Dear Lord, we pray...



that you will bless this food

for the nourishment of our bodies,



and we ask forgiveness, Lord, for the

fornication that Mr. Sprock and me...



committed this morning

on this very table.



- Amen.

- Amen.



[ Radio ] Only you



Can make this world



[ Man ] Hey, whoa, whoa!

You can't park there!



- We ain't open yet.

- I know that, but I gotta get to work.



- Well, I'm workin'too,

and I gotta keep the sidewalk clear.

- I'll leave you the keys, then--



Can make the darkness bright



Only you



And you alone



Can thrill me like you do



I think I might be pregnant.



You know that guy I told you about--

the one I met last month ?



- Yeah, the good-lookin' mechanic.


- Yeah.



I don't know what's wrong with me.

I didn't even want to be with him.



- Well, didn't he use anything ?

-Just me.



I don't know

what I'm gonna do.



Well, this old Gypsy woman once told me

that if you jump backwards nine times...



before the sun come up,

you won't be pregnant.



So I jumped so far I had to take a bus

to get back home, and then I had twins.



- [ Chuckles ]

- Which is why the guy

I'm seein' now is pretty perfect.



- Why's that ?

- Well,



he's sterile

as a cotton ball.



- So it's permanent ?

- Oh, yeah.

He had mumps when he was    ...



- and they went down on him.

- Down where ?



To his manly areas.



- So they're--

- Oh, God, Novalee, no.



He's just shootin' blanks,

is all.



Well, let's face it: Girls like us

don't get the pick of the litter.



I don't think you're pregnant,

but you'll have to wait it out.



- I'll see ya. Bye-bye.

- Bye.



- Bye.

- You ready to go home ?



[ Grunting ]



Are you finding what you want ?



I don't know what

they're talkin' about.



I have to look up every other word

in the dictionary,



then I have to look up those words

in the children's dictionary.



Takes me a half-hour

to read a page.



Well, maybe this is something

that's hard to learn from books.



- I mean, it's photography.

- Hard for me anyway.



- Uh--

- Is something wrong ?



- Is there a ladies' room ?

- Yeah.



[ Novalee Shouting ] Yes!

Thank you, Lord! Thank you so much.



- Things went well ?

- You bet.



Oh, I-I gotta go.



- Oh, you've got a big date

or something ?

- No.



Oh, because I thought you were

sort of seeing somebody, or--



No, that's done. That's finished.

I am done with guys like that.



- Like what ?

- You know-- good-lookin', cocky,



look great in tight jeans

and a white t-shirt.



Those guys are

all wrong for me, Forney.



I don't want that anymore.

I want a change.



- No more men at all.

- Oh.



[ Crashing ]



Forney, help me.



[ Sighs ]

All right. Here.






Who's that ?



Novalee, I'd like you

to meet my sister.



This is

Mary Elizabeth Hull.



She's the librarian.



Mary Elizabeth's

a lot older than I am.



I was still just a kid

when she started drinking.



Oh, you're underselling that.

[ Chuckles ]



I was about ten, I guess,

the first time my father put her away.



- Away ? Where ?

- In a sanitorium back east.



So, what exactly

are you looking for ?



Well, I'm lookin' for a gift

for Sister and Mr. Sprock.



- It's their anniversary.

- Anniversary ?



Yeah, they've been...

close for six years.



So anyway, I was back east

at college, and--



- College ?

- Yeah, I was studying

to be a history teacher,



but my dad died and my sister

couldn't be left alone here.



She begged me

never to send her away again.

Told me she'd kill herself if I did.



That was nine years ago.



So what are you thinking ?

Candlestick holders ?



Picture frame ?



Good God. Who would buy

somebody else's toupee ?



[ Laughs ]

Oh, my gosh. Look at this.



[ Blows ]



It just needs

a little cleanin' is all.



Hey, Moses, you want

to hear somethin' funny ?



I wouldn't mind.



Well, I was thinkin' that...



someday-- I mean, I mean

a long time from now--



I could, you know,

maybe be a photographer.



That's not funny.



- It's not ?

- You don't hear me laughin'.



[ Rock & Roll ]



[ Chattering ]



[''Jingle Bells''Playing

On Sound System ]



I never had

a Christmas tree before.



Not a live one.



You have one of those

aluminum ones ?






Those cost money.



No, when I was eight,



I was livin' with this--

this old lady.



She promised me

we'd have a Christmas tree.



And then she went

and spent all her money...



on a set of bagpipes...



because, well, I guess

she was just insane, but--



- [ Chuckles ]

- She, she felt bad.



So, on Christmas morning,

she found some green paint,



and she painted

a Christmas tree...



on her living room wall,

floor to ceilin'.



And that was my only tree

till now.



- Hey.

- Hey, Lexie.



- Hi.

- Hi.



- Hey, Lex. Hi, kids.

- [ Lexie ] Hi.



- Hi.

- Everybody say ''hi.''



- How do you feel ?

- Ha ! Mumps ?



I got his mumps right here.



All right, babies. Go find us

a good-lookin' Christmas tree.



One that doesn't cost

more than $  .



-So have you heard from him ?

-Oh, you mean, since he stole...



my brand new Dutch oven,

king-size pillows and rode

out of town on his Harley ?



I guess that's what I meant.



You want us to wait around,

give you a ride ?



Nah. You never know.



Maybe I can get knocked up again

on the way home.



- Merry Christmas.

- Merry Christmas.



Why would a man on a Harley

steal a woman's pillows ?



Just because he could,

I guess.



You know, I cannot wait

till Americus sees this tree.



Well, don't expect too much

of a reaction.



After all,

Americus is only--



- Hey, you know what ?

- What ?



Americus is exactly

five months old today.



- What ?

- Yeah, she was born July  .



[ Tires Screeching ]



- [ Sister ] Novalee!

- What happened ?



I'm sorry. I no more than

turned around and she was gone.



- What happened ?

- She's gone. Americus is gone.



You say the front door

was unlocked.



I went to the shed for more Christmas

decorations. I wasn't gone two minutes.



Was anything else missing ?

Money,jewelry ?



Is there anyone you can think of? Anyone

mad at you, has a score to settle?



There's a woman at work

doesn't like me much.



She says I park in her space even though

we don't have regular spaces,



but I don't think

she'd take Americus.



What about you, Sister ?



- Anyone have a grudge against you ?

- Like who ?



Someone at the A.A. Anyone there

might wanna hurt you for some reason ?



Harry, we're alcoholics.



We're generally satisfied

just to hurt ourselves.






Anyone could have her,

and I don't know if she's scared

or if she's sick or if she's hurt.



I don't know

if she's hungry or cold.



- I know, honey. I know.

- I don't even--



Excuse me. Is this always

in the baby's crib ?



No, that's not my Bible.



Oh, Lord.



Lord, I know who took her.

I know who took Americus.



What ?






this woman came to the door.



She was here once before.

She had a man with her,



and they said that they wanted

to give you the Word of God.



I smart-mouthed 'em,



and they had Bibles with 'em,



like that one.



They came from Mississippi--



Midnight, Mississippi.



They said my baby

was an abomination ?



Am I bein' punished, Forney ?



For what ?



Things I did.



I wasn't married

when I had my baby.



Do you really think

this is what you deserve ?



Let me tell you about

what you deserve, Novalee.



- If it were up to me--

- [ Siren Wailing ]



[ Wailing Continues ]



- [ Truck Doors Close ]

- [ Engine Starts ]



[ Dispatcher, Indistinct ]



Sorry, folks. We got a classical

crime scene across the street.



- Oh, my God !

- You can't--

- Let her go !



Hey, hey, hey !

Get down !



- Hey !

- [ Sirens Wailing ]



[ Tires Screech ]



[ Gasping ]



[ Sirens Stop ]



[ Baby Fussing ]



[ Crying ]



[ Laughing ]



A highway patrol had spotted

a Mississippi plate and stopped 'em.



They admitted they took her and

said we'd find her right here.



[ Continues Crying ]



Jesus Christ. Another guitar player.

What's your name ?



WillyJack Pickens.



You didn't even

have to make that up did you ?



What ?



Well, you just carry that guitar

around to keep your balance ?



You want me to play ?



What the fuck do you think

I want you to do, call bingo ?



One, two. You're best shot.



All right.

Well, I wrote this one myself.



- I have goose bumps already.

-Jesus Christ.



[ Guitar ]



Sometimes it's hard



You don't wanna look

over your shoulder



'Cause you don't want to



Remember where you've been



There'll come a time

you'd die



If you could only hold her



I know that's where I am



So listen

with all your heart



Hold it inside forever



You may find all your dreams

have already



Come true



Look inside

and find the part



That's leading you



That's the beat

of the heart



[ Guitar Stops ]



What do you think ?



It's gonna cost me

$  ,    to clean you up.



Pictures, another    .



My name's Ruth Meyers.

Call me Ruth Meyers.



All right. All right.



[ Hair Dryer Whirring ]



Well, Penny, could you

just please sign it ? Thank you.



By the way,

I changed your name.



- You did ?

- Yes, you're Billy Shadow now.



One Willy in the business

is enough.



Billy Shadow.

I like it.






Spending money ?



[ Country Rock ]



So listen

with all your heart



- Hold it inside forever

- [ Glass Shattering ]



- [ Grunting ]

- You may find all your dreams

have already come true



- [ Grunts ]

- Whoa !



[ Ruth ] I told you

it wasn't gonna be easy.



I told you it would take two

years to get you on the radio.



- But it's been two years.

- Well, then you know what ?



- What ?

- It's gonna take three years.



[ Line Disconnects ]



You may find all your dreams



Have already come true



Look inside

and find the part



That's leadin' you



That's the beat of the heart



No one



Can tell you

how to get there



It's a road you take



All by yourself

Come on, Americus. Sing with me.



- All by yourself

- All by yourself



Oh, that song !



All your heart



- Hold it in--

- [ Radio Stops ]



- It's catchy.

- I don't know.



Something about that guy's voice

just rubs me the wrong way.



Americus, honey,

what are you doing ?



- Eatin' dough in my nose.

- Don't.



Forney's outside waitin'.



[ Giggling ]



How do I look ?



Great. How do I look ?

Nervous ?






- [ Forney ] Are you ready to go ?

- Forney !



- Oh !

- Pony ride !



Well, if it doesn't rain.



It can't rain.



I'm shootin'

an outdoor wedding.



Do I look professional ?



- You know what would help ?

- What ?



If you brought your camera.




Mama didn't say, ''Shit.''



- Yes you did.

- Here you go.



Now you take some beautiful picture

of that weddin'. You look wonderful.



- Drive careful, all right ?

- Bye, baby.



- Bye.

- Bye. Good luck.



- Say bye to Mama. Bye.

- Bye.



- [ Americus ] Bye. Bye, Mama.

- [ Sister ] Good luck.



- [ Forney ] Bye.

- Bye.



[ Wind Blowing ]



Mommy! Mommy!

Storm's comin'!



Weather Channel just put out

a tornado warnin'. We better get going.



Ooh. You better

pick these up.



- Here you go.

- I swear.



I spent more on film

than I got paid.



What is goin' on here ?



Well, it turns out that

the groom's former girlfriend...



was a waitress

at the reception.



And this was right after the bride

called her a cheap, big-ass tramp.



Ooh. Who's this

on the stretcher ?



The waitress, after the bridesmaids

finished jumpin' up and down on her.



- [ Both Laughing ]

- You think they're gonna

want these pictures ?



- I took everything.

- Ooh, we better get movin'.



I'll meet you two

in the cellar.



I'm ready !



You certainly are.

Now, you're all set.



Got it ?



Where you goin' ?



Dixie Marlon's still sick. Gonna

bring her some potato soup right quick.



I'll be right back.



[ Wind Gusting ]



[ Dog Barking ]



- [ Phone Ringing ]

- Pick it up. Pick it up.



Come on, Novalee,

pick it up. Pick it up.



- [ Ringing ]

- [ TV] Those in Rogers County

should take action as well.



- This includes areas

of Claremore and Sequoyah.

- [ Ringing Continues ]



- [ Moans ]

- [ Softly ] All right.



- Oh.

- I got you.



Rosita, help me.



- [ Americus ] I'm scared.

- I've got you, honey.

Hold on. I've got you.



[ Radio Announcer ]

We interrupt this program for

an important weather bulletin.



Where's Grandma Sister ?



She's coming, honey,

all right ?



- There you go.

- [ Radio ] Those of you

in Rogers County--



My husband's painting a house

somewhere on Commerce Street.



He'll be all right.



- Hi, Americus.

Do you wanna play cards ?

- I wanna play with my bear.



- [ Americus ] He's scared of the storm.

- I'm gonna go look for Sister.



Sister ?



Shouldn't we shut the door ?



Sister's still comin'.

Let's wait.



[ Siren Wailing ]



Oh, God.



- Novalee, come back.

- Mommy, where are you going ?



Novalee, please !



[ Grunts ]



[ Grunting Continues ]



- [ Screaming ]

- Mommy !



[ Rosita ]

Come here! Come here!



[ Screaming Continues ]



Americus, come here !



[ Screaming Continues ]



Hold on, Novalee !

I've got you !



- Stay here, Americus !

- Americus, stay back !



Kids, get back !



- Americus !

- Hang on !



- Get back, baby !

- Americus, no !



[ Whimpering ]



- No !

- Mommy !



[ Shutter Clicking ]



Look, Mommy.



[ Lexie ] I still don't know why they

couldn't reopen the Wal-Mart here.



- Too much structural damage.

- Well, livin' in Poteau,

we'll never see you.



That's where they built

the new store. I gotta go, Lexie.



What else can I do ?

I've gotta make a living.



- So where's this guy

we're supposed to meet ?

- Come on, honey.



Where is he ?



- We're still early.

- Mommy, can I play ?



Yeah, you can play for a couple of

minutes, honey, but then we have to go.



- A trailer.

- Hmm ?



The place I rented in Poteau.

It's got wheels under it.



- Forney called me last night.

- Forney ?



I figured his sister

fell out a window or somethin'.



He asked me if I could find you

a job at the hospital, and I said,



''Oh, gee, Forney, as what,

brain surgeon on weekends ?''



- [ Chuckles ]

- That boy does not

want you to move to Poteau.



It's just he's so crazy

about Americus.



Oh, give me a break.



- He is.

- Forney is in love with you.



Tell me

you don't know that.



It's just not like that

with me and Forney.



I have seen him.

He loves you.



He loves the way you walk.

He loves your hair.



He loves everything

about you.



Forney and me--

we're just not that way.



Forney's different from us.



He went to college.

His family had money.



What are you tryin' to say,



that you're not good enough

for him ?



[ Horn Honks ]



I wonder what he wants.



I wouldn't know. He just called me

last night and asked to meet me.



And I told him I was goin' out of town,

but he still wanted to.



- Miss Nation.

- Uh-uh. Her.



- Hi. I'm Ray.

- Hi.



Well, Sister spoke of you often

at the meetings.



- Oh, both of you were al--

- Alcoholics, yes, ma'am.



- Ray ? You used to call in--

- Call in the middle of the night.



And Sister would come and pick

my sorry ass up-- excuse me--



in whatever sleazy beerjoint

I happened to be passed out in.



[ Sighs ] She never gave up on me,

even after I got disbarred.



You know, I once went into court

and started defendin' the wrong person.



[ Laughing ]




she's the one who helped me

turn it all around--



get my license back.



- Well, everything's in here.

- What is ?



- It's Sister's estate.

- Estate ?



Yeah, she left it all to you.



The land, the insurance on the trailer

and contents, life insurance,



even some old oil stock her grandfather

bought from the Comanches back in      .



- Comes to about $   ,   .

- [ Gasps ]



[ Spits ]




[ Chuckling ]



I'm gonna shake my soul



And release my hold



Givin'up control



And let the rest unfold



'Cause it's a long, long way

from here



- To where we go

- [ Kids Shouting ]



Brownie ! Brownie,

do not lasso your sister !



Take off the training wheels



Lift off the handle bars



I'll drive right through

my fears



And resurrect my heart



Mr. Sprock, I still

don't feel right about this.



I feel like some of what

Sister had should be yours.



The only thing I wanted I got--

that old kitchen table.



A lot of fine memories.



All right.



I'm gonna shake my soul



And release my hold



I'm givin'up control



I let the rest unfold



'Cause it's

a long, long way



It's a long, long way



From here to where we go



[ Blues ]



I just think that Ruth Meyers has went

about as far as she can with me.



My head just keeps buttin' against

the ceilin', and I wanna break through.



And you're the guy.

You'reJohnny Desoto, for Christ's sake.



- You got the clout.

- Well,



I will say I thought you'd

pick up a little more momentum

off of'' Beat of a Heart.''




That was eight months ago.



Here I am in Santa-friggin'-Fe

still playin' to damn clubs.



Shit. I gotta go get ready.

I got a show.



You and Ruth Meyers

got some kind of a contract ?



I just wanna warn you.

Ruth Meyers could be a powerful ally,



but she makes

a hell of an enemy.



You mess with her, and

nobody'll touch you.



Johnny, Ruth Meyers ain't got

that kind of clout. Come on.



[ Elevator Bell Dings ]



[ Applause ]



And the winner of this year's

Kodak first prize,



for the greater Southwest area,



she's from Sequoyah, Oklahoma.



How 'bout a real big hand

for Miss Novalee Nation ?



Novalee, congratulations.

Way to go.



I shot this picture with

a Rollei twin lens Reflex at F- ...



using A.S.A.     .



I took it-- I took it to remember

a very dear friend.



She gave me that tree,

and then she took me in...



when me and my baby had no place

else in the world to go.



And I would rather be livin' again

with her in that trailer...



than in the finest house

in Oklahoma.



- Thank you.

- [ Applause ]



[ Giggling ]



All right. Hold on.

We're almost there.



- Who's that ?

- Who's what ?



There's a lady.



Ruth Meyers.



You, out.



Are you married ?



- To her ?

- Out.



I will leave

when I am good and ready.



[ Grunts, Moans ]



- [ Door Slams ]

- So, how's it goin' ?



So, I got a call from

an attorney down in Albuquerque.



Well, hell,

if this is about that girl--



It's about a guy

named Tommy Reynolds.



- Who ?

- Don't lie to me !



God ! All right.

Tommy Reynolds. What ?



- He says he was

your cellmate in prison.

- So ?



He says he wrote

'' Beat of a Heart.''



That is such bullshit.



I wrote that song.

He sold me his damn guitar. That's it.



I got the crap kicked out of me

for writin' that song.



Shit !



What are we gonna do ?




What are we gonna do ?

We ain't gonna do nothin'.



MaybeJohnny Desoto

will help you out.



[ Door Opens ]



Ruth. Ruth Meyers.



- Come on. I need your help with this.

- [ Elevator Bell Dings ]



Hey, Ruthie.



I bet if we went back to my room

we could work it out.



Huh ? You sexy sweet thing.



[ Grunts ]

Oh, goddamn !



Hi !



Hi, honey.

Sorry, but I made it.



Was it a big inconvenience ?



Novalee, I have five children.

Everything is an inconvenience.



You mind if I drive real slow

on the way home ? I'd like

to pretend it's a vacation.



- You all right, honey ?

- I'm great.



- Good.

- So, anything new around here ?



No, not a thing, unless you think

me meetin' a guy is new.



- Who ? How ?

- Well, his name is Roger.



Roger Brisco.

He's a C.P.A.



- He has his own successful

business in Fort Worth.

- How'd you meet him ?



We pumped gas together at the Texaco.

He drives a new Buick.



And when his dipstick

got jammed, I helped him yank it out.






He told me my kids were beautiful,

so I know he likes me.



You never know, Novalee.



Maybe in a couple of months,

you'll be takin' pictures at my weddin'.



Oh. All right. Thank you.



You're welcome, honey.




Bye. Oh.



What ?



I forgot to get Forney a gift

for watchin' Americus.



- Oh, I know what you can give him.

- What ?



[ Laughing ]

Oh !



No, I-I'll give him...

hotel slippers.



Oh, Novalee, that's just

what every man wants.



A nice pair

of house slippers.



- Bye.

- Bye.






[ Camera Shutter Clicks ]



[ Shutter Clicks ]



Mmm. Hi.



- What time is it ?

- It's late. Sorry.



It's all right.



- Mm, how was your trip ?

- Great.



Well, better get her to bed.



No, that's okay.

I'll do it.



[ Whispering ]

Hey. There.



- Forney ?

- Mm-hmm.



I brought these for you.



Oh ! Thanks.



- Bye.

- Good night.



[ Phone Ringing ]



Hello ?



Hello ?

Is somebody there ?



Who ?



Brownie ?



Why ? Where's Lexie ?



Brownie, is your mama there ?






Brownie, let me talk to Lexie.

Put your mama on the phone.



Why ? What's wrong ?



I'm coming.



[ Dog Barking ]



Lexie ?



[ Static ]



Are you both okay ?



You stay here, honey.

I'll be right back.



[ Moaning ]



Oh, God.



[ Horn Honks ]



Moses, can Lexie keep her things

in your barn for a while ?



- Sure. How come ?

- She doesn't have any more sick leave,



and she can't pay

for her apartment.



Where are her

and the kids gonna stay ?



- [ Kids Chattering ]

- We had this for lunch.



Well, finish it or you're

gonna have it for breakfast.



No more.



Sorry, honey.



Eat your food, Brownie.



- [ Coughing ]

- Wanna eat ?






You all right ?



I was supposed to work

until  :   that day.



But I decided to skip my lunch

hour and get off at  :  ...



'cause Roger was coming in

from Fort Worth.



I wanted to take a shower

and shampoo my hair.



I picked up the baby

and the twins from the day care.



And when I got home I was surprised

because Roger's car was in the driveway.



And he said he wouldn't be there

until after  :  .



But Brownie and Praline were home,

and I knew they'd let him in.



When I went inside,



I heard a noise comin'

from the back of the apartment--



from my bedroom.



And I set down the baby,

and I ran to see--



There was somethin'

against the door.



I had to push,



and it was Praline.



She was crumpled on the floor

coverin' her eyes.




[ Crying ]



Roger had... Brownie...

on the bed.



And he had his--



And I flew at him.



I wanted to kill him

and I would have.



I hit him twice,

and that's all I remember.



You know,



he went after

little Praline first,



and she threw up on him.



And that's

when Brownie came in.



How did he find me,

Novalee ?



How do men like that

find my kids ?



How'd he know he could do

such a thing to us ?



He had to be lookin'.



He was lookin' for women

like me...



who are alone with children...



and women who are stupid.



And they saw through him.



They could tell he was evil.



And all I saw was a Buick.



Oh, God.



What am I gonna tell

my babies ?



What am I gonna say...



to Brownie and Praline when they ask me

why this happened to them ?



[ Sobbing ]

What am I supposed to say, Novalee ?



[ Sighs ]



You tell them--



you tell them that our-- our lives can

change with every breath we take.



We both know that.



And you tell them

to let go of what's gone.



'Cause men like Roger Brisco

never win.



And tell them to hold on

like hell to what they've got--



each other and a mother

who would die for them...



and almost did.



You tell them

we've all got meanness in us.



But we've got good in us too.



And the only thing

worth livin' for is the good.



And that is why we've got

to make sure to pass it on.



[ Continues Crying ]



[ Sighs ]



[ Birds Chirping ]



Forney, if you feed a cow chocolate,

will you get chocolate milk ?






And, if you spin a cow around real fast,

you'll get whipped cream.



Wow !

You know a lot.



Well, I work in the library.



I don't know how you kept

her alive this long, Forney.



You're welcome

to ride along with us.



[ Knock At Door ]



How did you find me ?



Small town.



You didn't come to the service.

I was worried.



I didn't mean to worry you.



- Can I come in ?

- Okay.



You all right ?



I couldn't stay at the library.

I had to--



I understand.



I have to go away

for a while,



take Mary Elizabeth

back to Maine,



bury her in the family plot.



I'm so sorry, Forney.



I couldn't go

to the service.



I had four white roses.



And when I got to the service,

[ Sighs ]



they turned brown.



I couldn't take her

brown roses.



[ Crying ]



I give my all



Or not at all



There's no in-between



I'll give my best



Won't second guess



This feeling deep in me



I give my heart

Give my soul



I won't hold back

I'll give you everything



- [ Whispers ] Novalee.

- Yeah ?



I love you.



He told you he loves you,



and you didn't say anything ?



I'm a dope.

I'm such a dope.



But I was scared. I was confused,

and-- It's just strange.



Honey, don't take this wrong,

but Forney is strange.



- [ Chuckles ]

- So when's he comin' back ?



[ Car Horn Honks ]



[ Honking Continues ]



- What was that all about ?

- Nothing.



Nothin' ? Why was Ernie

the exterminator honkin' at you ?



Oh. I said I'd, uh...

go out with him.



- You told him you'd what ?

- I said I'd go out on a date with him.



- [ Chuckles ] How'd that happen ?

- Tsk.



Well, he's Brownie's

soccer coach.



And he makes him laugh, which,

let's face it, nobody does.



And that psychologist

said it would be a good idea,



but I don't know.



Oh, man. You don't think he's gonna

wear that orange jumpsuit on our date.



- Do ya ?

- [ Laughs ]



[ Bird Squawking ]



You know, maybe it was a bad

idea to tuck in the shirts.



[ Chattering ]

Yeah. All right. Whoa.



Isn't there a championship

banner or somethin' ?



Oh, we're not the champions. We're just

celebratin' we lived through the season.



- [ Team Laughing ]

- All right.



Well, here we go, then.






[ Shutter Clicks ]



Novalee, do you know

how to reach Forney?



It's about some legal work

involvin' the library.



Oh, I expect him back

today or tomorrow.



- Forney's comin' back ?

- Sure.



Well, I just figured,

with Mary Elizabeth gone,



he'd wanna pick up

with his life again...



or go back to college.



Hey, did you know his great grandfather

was governor of Maine ?






Well, sometimes things work out

for the best.



Now he can get out of here

and have a real life.



All right. Let's take this picture.

We're all startin' to smell.



[ Phone Ringing ]



Hello ?



Where are you ?



When'd you get back ?



No, no, no.

I'll come over.



I'll come there.

Okay ? Bye.



- Hi.

- Hey.



Come in.

[ Chuckles ]



- Sorry I called so late.

- No, no. That's--



- So how was your trip ?

- Good.




You wanna sit down ?






I was startin' to worry a little

when you didn't come back. I thought--



Oh. I forgot

how lovely it is back there.



- Very different from here.

- I'll bet.



- I drove over to Bowden.

- Mm-hmm ?



Yeah. I, uh, was only

gonna go for a couple of hours.



I wind up staying two days.

I saw a couple of my old professors.



I forgot what a great library

they have there.



Have they hired

a new librarian here yet ?




Mayor Allbert's daughter.




[ Chuckles ]






Oh, well. It's okay.

I wouldn't want to go back there anyway.



I hear they're hiring

at the plastics factory.



I'll bet I could

get a job there.



Are you okay ?



What about teaching ?



You said once you wanted

to be a history teacher.



Oh, that was a long time ago.



- But if it's what you want, I--

- What I want ?



What I want is to be with you--

to be with you and Americus.



I love you.

I love you so much.



When we were here together--



That might have been

a mistake.



- Mistake ?

- I mean--



Are you saying you made love to me

because you felt sorry for me ?

Is that it ?



- No.

- Then what ? It was

a bad decision, an impulse ?



- Forney.

- Do you love me ?



You are the best friend

I've ever had.



-Just answer me.

- You delivered my baby.



Do you love me ?






No, Forney, I don't love you--

not that way.



[ Crying ]



This place looks good.



It's nice and bright.



The carpet looks new.



My kids could turn this place

into a dump before the door closes.



[ Gasps ]

Look. You can see the library.






You ever hear

from Joe College ?



He writes to Americus,

sends her books.



At the end of every letter,

he writes,



'' Please tell your mother

I extend my best wishes.''




You written him back ?



No. What could I say to him ?



Oh, God, that

you lied to him for one.



That you love him.

That you miss him.



That these have been the most miserable

three months of your life...



and that he should come back.



Come back to what ?



To a job

at the plastics factory...



or flippin' burgers

at Lita's Drive-in ?



- Or drivin'a delivery truck ?

- What about Wal-Mart ?



- No.

- Oh, so it's okay for you,



but it's not good enough

for him.



- No.

- Novalee, you never thought

you deserved Forney.



You never thought

you were good enough for him.



Honey, I know that your mother

walked out on you...



and what that butthole

WillyJack did,



but that is what makes

them trash, not you.



- You still seein' Ernie ?

- Sort of.



- You know, sort of.

- So you like him or what ?



I don't know.

He's, you know,



he's got kids of his own...



and the man kills bugs

for a living, for goodness sake.



I just don't think

he's my type.



[ Wedding Recessional ]



[ Laughing, Clapping ]



- You like that, huh ?

- Ah !



[ Shutter Clicking ]



[ Rhythm & Blues ]



Mustang Sally



[ Continues ]



Oh, you wanna know how I knew Ernie was

different and he was the one ?



- Sure.

- Well, you can't tell anybody

'cause it's a secret.



- Okay.

- [ Sighs ]



- Ernie's daughter Carol Ann...

- Uh-huh ?



is not his daughter.



His ex, Maxine-- she had

Caroline before they met.



And they had Cody together.

She decided she's splittin'

and she doesn't want Cody.



But she decides she doesn't want

Carol Ann either until she finds

out that Ernie does.



And then she's got somethin'

to bargain with.



Ernie had this bright red fully-restored

'   Camaro. I mean, a beauty.



And she wants it.



So he trades his car.

for her daughter.



[ Novalee ]

Oh, my God.



When he told me that, Novalee,

I knew he was the pick of the litter.



I am so happy

I finally found me a winner.



Oh. I'm also pregnant.



- What ?

- [ Both Laughing ]



All you wanna do is

ride around, Sally



Ride, Sally, ride



[ Laughing ]



Can't he see

my head is reeling



-There's so many things

I'm feeling

- [ Laughing ]



- [ Laughing, Chattering ]

-Don't know what I'm thinking



Oh, I'm so in love



Pardon me

if I seem distant



[ Radio.:Rock ]



- [ Engine, Radio Stop ]

- Hey.



- Where the hell are your shoes ?

- What ?



- Why did we stop ?

- I'm hungry.



It wouldn't hurt you to get something

inside you besides pills and whiskey.



[ Sighs ]

Don't you start.



Suit yourself.



[ Exhales ]



[ Willy Sighing, Sniffling ]



[ Grunts ]



Ow. Shit !



Shit. Ah.



- [ Novalee's Voice ]

Wanna feel the baby?

- Huh ?



Feel that ? Right here.



That little bomp-bomp-bomp ?

That's where the heart is.



I don't feel nothin'.



[ Grunting ]



[ Moaning ]



[ Shouting, Cheering ]



Yeah !



How about that ?

What do you think of my cake ?



- As pretty as a picture.

- Thank you. I saw it in a magazine.



Thought, ''I could do that.''



I'm ready for candles.



- [ Novalee ] No candles.

- Why ? It's her birthday.



Five days old,

she got the jaundice.



Five weeks old,

she got an ear infection.



Five months old, she was kidnapped.

Five years old ?



I'm not lightin'

any fires, thank you.



Novalee, you're a pip.



- [ Ernie ] Does everybody have one ?

- [ Kids ] Yeah.



All right.

Come on. Let's go !



Oh, I'll get those.



Honey, it's been a perfect day.

It's gonna keep bein' a perfect day.



It's her birthday cake.

She's gotta have candles.



- If you say so.

- What is it ?



Let me see.

''Victim's Wheelchair Stolen'' ?



''A legless man,

identified as W.J. Pickens,



was discovered Sunday afternoon in

a men's room at a rest stop near Alva.''



Oh, my gosh.



'' Pickens, who lost his legs

four months ago in a train accident,



had been trapped

since sometime late Friday

when he was robbed of his wheelchair.''



Oh, my God.



- [ Door Opens ]

- [ Gasps ]



What'd you say ?



Novalee ?






I can't believe it.



How'd you know I was here ?



The story in the paper.



I was comin' to see you.






I was.



Why ? What were you gonna do,

WillyJack ?



Come back to the Wal-Mart,

think I'd still be there waitin'

for you five years later ?






I just--



I gave birth at a Wal-Mart.



Was it a boy ?



Was it a girl ?



- Is it all right? Does it have a name?

- Yes, it's a girl.



Her name's Americus, and she's mine.

You stay away from her.



Stay away from her ? I can't even

get out of this bad, Novalee.



What am I gonna do,

run away with her ?



- If you think I'm gonna

feel sorry for you--

- I'll get new legs and liver.



Why did you come here ?

Why are you coming after us ?



Is there a problem here ? I can

hear you all the way down the hall.






You need another shot ?



No. Let's wait.



I came back

to tell you something.



You remember that last day--

that last day we was together ?



Yeah, I remember.



You put my hand

on your belly...



and asked me if I could feel

the baby's heart.



I said no.



I-I lied.



Why ?



Why does anyone lie ?



'Cause we're scared

or crazy...



or just mean.



I mean, there's a million

reasons to lie, Novalee.



Sometimes you tell

a lie so big, it--



it'll change

your whole life.



The lie's so big,



it makes you think...



''I'd do anything...



if I could have just one chance

to set it straight.''



Just one chance

to change it.



You don't know what I mean.






I do.









The blue









The blue



I'm open !



One star



Belongs to you



One star






To you



And every breath



I take



-And every breath

-And every breath



I take



-I'm closer to

-I'm closer to



That place



-I'm closer to

-I'm closer to



That place



[ Chattering ]






[ Chattering, Indistinct ]



[ Chattering ]



Novalee ?



Novalee !






What are you doing here ?



- I--

- Are you all right ?

Is Americus all right ?



- Yes, she's fine.

- [ Sighs ]



Well, when,

when did you get here ?



- I just drove.

- You drove ?



- All the way from Oklahoma ?

- Yeah-- No-- Uh--



First I stopped in Tennessee.



I had to drop someone off.



- Oh.

- Old friend.



- Somebody who needed to go home.

- Oh. Well.



I lied, Forney.



You lied ?

You didn't go to Tennessee ?



No. Yes,

I did go to Tennessee--



Forney, hey. Hey, we're gonna go

to Sam's for some coffee.



- Uh, do you wanna come ?

- Uh, yeah, yeah. I'll catch up later.



- Okay.

- Okay.



It's too late,

isn't it, Forney ?



Too late ?



For what ?



I lied to you...



when you asked me if

I loved you, and I said ''no.''



- Remember ?

- Yes.



I lied, Forney.



It wasn't true. I--



I love you.



It's just I lied because...



I thought you deserved

something better.



Something better than you ?



Novalee, there isn't

anything better than you.



There you are



In the early light of day



There you are



In the quiet words I pray



I've been blessed



-[ Continues ]

- [ Woman On P.A.]

Attention, Wal-Mart shoppers...



and wedding guests.



Our garden center is running

a special on potting soil and rakes.



-Every time I turn around

- [ Cheering ]



When I'm lost

and when I'm found



Like an angel

standing by



There you are



Every time I take a breath



And when I forget to breathe



You're watchin'over me



There you are



When I'm looking

for the light



In the middle of the night




for the brightest star



There you are



The cool grass

of the river bank



We were lyin'there

We were soakin' wet




we'd never felt



We were jumpin'in

deep as we could get



-That night

-That night



-That night

-That night



-The moon so bright

-The moon so bright



-And your touch,your kiss

-Your touch,your kiss



-Let's keep it like this

-Keep it like this



I wanna grow young with you




And cheat old Father Time



I wanna grow young with you




Make sure that sun

keeps shining on us



Crazy barefoot

lovesick kids



With fearless hearts

and souls



I wanna grow young with you




Too young to ever grow old












No fear, no rules



We'll be love's fools

just like we were



That night



The moon so bright



-We took a chance

-We took a chance



-We danced the dance

-We danced the dance



-Your touch,your kiss

-Your touch,your kiss



-Let's keep it like this

-Keep it like this



I wanna grow young



With you, baby



I wanna grow young



Let's be those



Crazy barefoot

lovesick kids



With fearless hearts

and souls



I wanna grow young with you



Too young to ever grow old



Sometimes it's hard

You don't wanna



Look over your shoulder



'Cause you don't want to



Remember where you've been



There'll come a time you die



If you could only hold her



'Cause I know



That's where



I am



So listen

with all your heart



Hold it inside forever



You may find all your dreams



Have already come true



Look inside

and find the part



That's leading you



'Cause that's the beat

of the heart



No one



Can tell you

how to get there



It's a road you take



All by yourself



All by yourself



All by yourself



So listen

with all your heart



Hold it inside forever



You may find all your dreams



Have already come true



Look inside

and find the part



That's leading you



'Cause that's the beat of



Oh, it's the sweetest sound



'Cause that's the beat of



The heart


Special help by SergeiK