White Noise Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the White Noise script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie starring Michael Keaton.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of White Noise. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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White Noise Script






(Static fading in and out)



(Ghostly screams)



(Static and snatched voices)



(  Music plays on radio)



'More rain tomorrow

with the chance of thunderstorms...'



(Static and stations fading in and out)



(Man) Mikey, quit playing,

get ready for school.



Come on, start eating.

Your mom's coming in ten minutes.



(Tunes radio in)



- Hey, were you messing with this?

- No.



No! Bet you were.



- I bet you were fooling around.

- (Phone)



- I'll get it.

- All right.






Hi, Jane.



- Mikey, you want more juice?

- Sure.



- Here you go.

- Yeah, no problem.



OK. See ya.



- Jane can't make it.

- Why not?



- She didn't say.

- Didn't say what?



- Your mom can't pick you up.

- Does that mean I miss school?



No! It means I take you instead.



Nice try, tiger.



It was a nice try, though.



- Where you going, baby?

- My publishers.



They're gonna show me the cover.



Wow. You look great.



You look really great.



You look really, really great.



No, John, we're late already.



And you have toothpaste on your mouth.

Right there.



- You OK?

- Yeah.



- You sure?

- Well, I might be...



more than OK.



Oh, my God in heaven.



Yes! Yes, yes!



This could be wrong. I'll do another one.



- Let's tell Mike he's getting a brother.

- Wait.



I'll do another test and then see the doctor.



Congratulations, honey.



Lunch bag.



Suit bag.






All right. See you in a couple of days.

Say hi to your mom.



And you, take it easy.



I know.



- (Engine revs)

- Hey!



Bye. I love you.



See you later. Don't worry.



(Car horn)



(Dog barking)






(Animated chatter)



- Hi, Kelvin.

- How you doing?



- Mr. Rivers.

- Hey.



Frank asked if you'd call

as soon as you're in.



Oh. Sure.






- Wow what?

- You. You're smiling.



Is that a big deal that I'm smiling?



- It is on a Monday morning, yeah.

- Really?



- Really.

- OK.



- Yeah.

- Hey, Karen,



order me a bouquet of flowers

for the end of the day, lilies.



And champa... No, not champagne,

get me chocolates.



Those Belgian kind.



You know? What are you looking at?



Something's up.



- Something's really up.

- Would you just...?



- I'm going.

- Thank you.



- But I know something's up.

- Frank.



Hey, babe, are you home?



'You have one message.



'Message received Monday   th,  :  pm.'



'Hey, honey, it's me.

So Julie's having trouble with Ben, again.'



- What's new?

- 'So I said I'd have a drink with her.



'Don't worry, I'll stick to water,

and I'll call when I'm on my way home.



'Did you see the demo cover?

What do you think?



'l was kind of thinking...'



(Static on answer machine)



'No messages.'






(Only static)



(  Music starts)



'Hi, it's Anna. Leave a message

after the beep and I will call you back.'



Hi, it's me, it's a little before midnight.



I guess you're still with Julie.



Give me a call, let me know.

All right? Love you, bye.



'Hi, it's Julie. Leave a message.'



Julie, hi, it's John. Do me a favor.



When you get this message,

have Anna give me a call.



I guess you guys are having a good time.

Thank you.



(Clock ticking)



(Door slams)



(Radio suddenly comes on, loud)



(Static and voices

as radio tunes through stations)



(Newsreader) '..victim of a tragic accident.



'Police have discovered

the heel of a woman's shoe



'close to her abandoned car

on Argyle Avenue.



'She may have slipped into the river

while attending to a flat tire.



'Although divers are still searching the area,



'reported sightings of the best-selling author



'continue to reach police

from towns up to    miles away.



'Police are keeping an open mind

as to her whereabouts.



'Anna Rivers' latest novel The Eternal Wait

is scheduled for release this fall



'and her husband,

architect Jonathan Rivers,



'is said to be taking time out

to accompany her on her promotional tour.'



- We're gonna get going.

- OK.



Come on, Michael.



- Mark'll be home in a minute, so...

- OK. OK.



- Come on, pal, say goodbye to your dad.

- Come here.



Be a good boy.

Take care of your mom. Go get your stuff..



Hey, there's a bed at our place if you want it.



Oh, thanks. Jane,

you don't have to put yourself out for me.



I know I wasn't a very good...






(Woman) 'It's ten days now since international

author Anna Rivers' car was found...'



(Man) 'Although police still suspect

she could have drowned,



'they are not ruling out

the possibility of abduction.



'Architect husband Jonathan Rivers

spoke of his anguish today...'



(Woman) 'Three weeks since

the disappearance of author Anna Rivers...'



(Man) 'Police say they are constructing

a profile of a likely abductor.'




'Distraught husband, Jonathan Rivers...'



(Man) '..had this message for anyone

who may know of her whereabouts.'



(John) 'It's, er, diff.icult.



'But you never give up hope, ever.



'It's the only way to get by.'



I got    guys and thousands of dollars'

worth of equipment waiting,



so if you want to tell them

to wait a month, call me.



- My goodness.

- You were outside my house.



- I'm sorry.

- You were outside my house



and now you're outside my off.ice.



Don't insult my intelligence

by telling me that's a coincidence.



No, it's no coincidence.



Do I know you?



My name is Raymond Price.



- Are you following me?

- It's about Anna, Mr. Rivers.



I've been receiving messages from her,

from the other side.



From what other side?






your wife is dead.



I have proof. She's been trying to communicate

ever since the moment of her death.



Look, Mr. Rivers,

my son died when he was    .



- For years I've been suicidal.

- Look. Just stay away from me.



But then someone told me

what I have told you.



That my son, my dead son,

had made contact.



And he had, Mr. Rivers, it was true.

From the other side.



And he was happy. Happy.



Please. Yes. And also at ease.



And it changed my life, Mr. Rivers,



because then, then I knew.



So please, please, Mr. Rivers,



put this in a drawer, hide it, forget about it,



but please don't throw it away.



Because, one day...



you will want to know.



My thoughts are with you both.



(John) 'It's Anna Rivers.



'The fabulous Anna Rivers

carrying groceries.'



- 'Stop it.'

- 'How was shopping?'



- 'Turn it off..'

- 'OK. Just...



- 'There's one of her best features.'

- 'Shut up.'



'That's a beautiful thing,

ladies and gentlemen.'









(Woman) 'The body of internationally renowned

author Anna Rivers



'was discovered last night

by a security guard making a routine visit...'



(Man) '..to the disused pier   

three miles upriver



'from where her car was found abandoned



'five weeks ago on Argyle Avenue.



'The discovery brings to an end...'



(Man) 'Before she drowned,



'your wife sustained injuries consistent

with a fall onto the rocks by the river.



'The damage to the head,

the break to the arm.



'When the tide came in, she would have been

unable to help herself.



'She would have been swept upstream

several miles.



'I'm so sorry for your loss.'



(Woman) 'Divers recovered

her personal eff.ects.



'Her cell phone was in her car,

and we're returning it to you.'



(Man)..giving her to us, her family and friends,



to know and to love as a companion

on our earthly pilgrimage.



Give us faith to see in death

the gate of eternal life,



so that in quiet confidence

we may continue our course on earth



until, by Your call, we are reunited

with those who have gone before.



- Amen.

- (All) Amen.



- So, what do you think?

- I love it.



- Yeah?

- Yeah. It's nice here.



- All right.

- It's a fresh start.



I guess.



Could you...



Could you take Mikey for the weekend?



Yeah, of course.



Maybe... maybe a little longer.



As long as you want, John.






(Worker) We're gonna go lay the floor now.



- When are you gonna bring them?

- They'd like to see you this week.



Sure. Fine, it shouldn't be any problem.



(Shaking and rattling)



(Both) Whoops.



(Man, chuckling) You brought me here

just to do that, didn't you?



(John) No, I didn't.

Let me see what I can do here.



(Man) This is where you tell me

you're running over budget, right?



- (Cellphone rings)

- (Man) Shit. Keep doing that!



I'm sorry, I didn't...



Ask them if they have a light.



- You guys OK?

- We are now.






I trust you'll fix this

before Mr. Cunningham arrives.



(Cellphone rings)















(Anna) 'Jonathan.'






'You have one message.



'Message received Wednesday   rd,



' :  am.'



(Crackling and static)



(Anna) 'Jonathan.'



'End of message. You have no messages.'






'You have no messages.



'You have no messages.'









Oh! Please, come. How nice.



- Hello.

- Hi.



- Look, er...

- I was just about to finish with someone.



- I can come back.

- No, it won't take long.



I'm really glad to see you.

I was hoping that you'd come.



- Thank you.

- This is Sarah Tate.



Let me introduce you to Mr. Rivers.



Sorry, I'm a little...



We've had a breakthrough today.



It's incredible.



It truly is.



- This is ridiculous.

- Stay awhile.



I should get these boxes back to the store.



Sarah, there's no need to hurry.



Make yourself a cup of tea.



I suppose. Thank you.



Would you like one?



Yeah, that'd be great. Thank you.



Thank you.



Mr. Rivers, please.



Oh, er... Excuse me. Please, sit here. Sit.



So, have you heard of E.V.P., Mr. Rivers?






I'm not surprised.

Those that have call us cranks.



E.V.P. stands for

electronic voice phenomenon.



- I'm listening.

- Well.



I'm not a clairvoyant, I'm not a medium,



I don't contact the dead,



the dead contact me.



And, with E.V.P.,



I can hear them,



I can see them, and...



I can record them.






(Snippets of speech)



'.. I understand...'



'..you shouldn't be...'



- And they are...

- That's right.



People that have passed over.



Is this your job, or a hobby, or what?



(Laughs) I think obsession

would be more appropriate, to be honest.



Now, I wonder where... Ah!



Here we are. They don't always appear visually

the first few times.



We tend only to pick up their voices

and people can find that frustrating.



But when it works,



and you see the faces of the people

that you're able to help, like Sarah,



nothing, believe me, nothing comes close.



Mr. Rivers, do you want to hear your wife?















'Find him.



'Jonathan Rivers.



'Find him.



'Jonathan... Jonathan...






'Find him, please.'






The frustrating thing about E.V.P.

is it's not live.



You need to make the recording



and you'll only know

if you've got results when you play it back.



Here. It has milk.



- Perfect. Thank you.

- Excuse me for a moment.



It's an amazing feeling, isn't it?






It's indescribable.



It took me a few visits to get used to it

but it's addictive.



I'm here all the time. He's really helped me.



I try to help him when I can,

so I keep some of this stuff. at the store.



- What store?

- I have a bookstore.



Your wife was a wonderful writer, Mr. Rivers.






- So what made you come here?

- My fiance.



He died eight months ago. We've had trouble

deciphering what he's been saying



but this afternoon we cracked it.



Only two words - "Sarah, yes."



Because, before he died, he promised me

that if it was like they say it is



that he would find a way of getting to me



and letting me know that he's happy.



So, "Sarah, yes."






Raymond thinks we probably won't

see him again now but that's OK.



And I've heard what I wanted to hear.












this is John.



If there's any way you can hear me...



will you please let me know?






Just any kind of... Just any kind of sign.









(Crackling continues)



(On tape) 'Susie.'









'Susie, l...'



(Car horn blares)



(Horn blares)



I recorded this a few hours ago.



It's quite faint, so I had to save it as a sound

file on the computer to enhance the sound.



So, um...



- she knows that I visited?

- I believe so.



- So will I get to see her this time?

- No.



This will just be sound. I'm sorry, John,



we have to be a little patient.



Trust me, John,

this is just the beginning. Sit, here.






If you want to hear it again,

just press that key.



I'll be back in a moment.



(Anna) 'Tell him...because I love him.'



'Tell him...because I love him.'



(Man screams)



(Man) 'Bastard. Bastard.'






(Man) 'Bastard.'



What was that?



It's OK, it's OK.



We do have some very bad people out there.



You just have to press that...



and they're all gone.



We've had a step towards visual contact

with Anna. Let's celebrate that.






They can't all be nice,

they can't all be Anna.






(Snatches of voices)



(Man's voice on tape)



'Susie Tomlinson...smile.'



'Susie Tomlinson...sm...'



(Tape stops)









- 'It's Raymond. Something's happening.'

- Really?



- 'Get over here.'

- I'm on my way.












(Rapid electronic beeping)



So you'll tell me whatever you find out?



I can't tell you any more

than you'll read in the papers.



Yeah, thanks.



Thank you for coming to the service.

It would've meant a lot to him.



Oh. Thank you for doing this for me.



I'm not sure where to start.

He was working off. a disk, so...



Maybe Anna's original tapes

might be in one of these boxes.



You all right?



I still can't believe he's gone.






- Maybe he'll be in touch.

- I don't know.



Said he'd made enough of a nuisance

of himself when he was alive.



Just doesn't make any sense.

He was helping people.






- These go back years.

-    to be precise.



"Carol should know."



"Tell Thomas he should."



"Men in the room."



Oh, here's one - "    dollars still there."



- That's the kind of message I like.

- Yeah.






There we go.



Why do we got so many?



So you can watch your favorite show

and I can watch my favorite show.












(Glass smashes)



OK... Um...



They're showing me something.






It's, uh...



Willow Avenue.

They're showing me Willow Avenue. Yes?



No. No. No.



Oh. OK.



It's no problem. Sometimes it happens.



Your wife, she passed over recently.



(Quietly) Yeah.



Her passing was diff.icult.






She was, um...



She's a writer. She was a writer.



Yeah, her words are important.






I'm sorry, the light is way too bright.



It's... it's like these tiny, noisy, little pinpoints.



It's making it hard to see anything at all.

Can you...



(Sharp scream)



- It's electronic voice...

- I know what this is.



- I've been making tapes...

- You shouldn't.



You shouldn't try this by yourself,

it's not safe.



It's like homemade Ouija boards

and teenage seances at Halloween.



E.V.P. is not good.



We spend years developing

our relationships with our guides



so that we can protect you.



- From what?

- From the ones who like damage.



Cos they are out there and they will find you.



If you're gonna

keep insisting on meddling, then...



Anna, my wife, she sent me a sign.



No. No. Not Anna.

You are misreading everything.



Listen, it is one thing to contact the dead,

it is another to meddle,



and you are meddling.



- I just came cos I wanted some help.

- I know, I can help you.



It's just that they are urging me

to tell you to stop.



Right. Thank you.



Mr. Rivers...



Willow Avenue. Are you sure?

They keep showing me Willow Avenue.






No Willow Avenue,

no Willow Street, no Willow Terrace.



Mr. Rivers. She was pregnant. Yes?



(Child) 'We play every day.'






(Faint voices)



(Jumble of voices)



(Man) 'He says you are happier now.'



'Did I die?'



(Distorted voice) 'Susie.



'Susie Tomlinson...






'Susie Tomlinson.






(Truck horn blares)



Excuse me. Are you Susie Tomlinson?



- Yeah.

- My name's Jonathan Rivers.



- Hi.

- May I speak to you?






My mother died giving birth to me.



And my grandmother, she tried for years

to make contact with her.



You know, with candles,

darkness and smoke...



- Seances?

- Yeah.



All of that, she tried everything.



She used to tell me...



that when she died she'd let me know

if she found her, if she...



if she found my mother.



Whenever I was sad,

she nagged me to cheer up.



She would say, "Susie Tomlinson,

look on the brighter side."



"Susie Tomlinson, lighten up."



"Susie Tomlinson, smile."



They've found each other.



Haven't they?



That's what she wanted me to know.



It's like she didn't really die.



I get the call from my father and then, what,

like two days later you come by?



It's like she just carried straight on.



Susie, I don't understand.



I've been getting messages

from your grandmother for a week.



No, that can't be.

She just passed away two days ago.



(Ghosts wailing)



'They are ruling nothing out in the case

of missing mother of two, Mary Freeman.



'It's been nine days since

she left her house...'



- Where are we gonna eat now?

- On our laps.



There you go. It works.



What's that, Dad?



That means it's time for us

to go pack up your gear. Come on.



One, two, three... Hoi!



That's it.



Next week, can I watch a video

and you watch a video like you said?



Yep, but only if you're good, and ready

for when your mom comes to pick you up.






- Daddy.

- Yeah.



Are you gonna be OK?






I promise.



(Woman) 'John.






'John, my love.



'John. John.'






Anna, baby.



'John, my love.'






(Distorted) 'Please, get my...












- 'Go.'

- (Screams)



- 'Please!'

- (Man) 'l know.'






'John, my love.'






'John, my love.'



(Man) 'Willow Avenue.'



'Go. Go.



'Go now.



- 'Please, John.'

- (Man) 'Willow Avenue.'



'Please, John.'



(Man) 'Willow Avenue.'



(Electronic hissing)



(Baby crying)



(Electrical bang)



(Radio station playing, distorted)



Please! Please, get my baby!






Get my baby. Please.



(Baby crying)






(Horn blares)



- Hi.

- Oh. Hi.



- Thank you for coming.

- Yeah, sure.



How's he doing?



He's good. Gets a little better every day.



How are you?



I should...



- Sorry. Thanks again.

- Yeah. OK.



- Mr. Black.

- John...



Mr. Black.






This is gonna sound strange

but I need to tell you. I went to Willow Avenue



because she reached out to me,

she asked for help.



That's the thing. She wanted help.



I am grateful for what you did, Mr. Rivers.



My son wouldn't be here

if it wasn't for you. So thank you.



- But now I'd like you to leave us alone.

- Mr. Black...



Carol may have believed

your bullshit but not me.



So you and your sick friends,



you stay the fuck away

from me and my family, you understand?



You stay away.



Number one, they're not dead.



When I see them, they're not dead.

She shows me things that haven't happened.



- Things that haven't happened?

- Right.



Number two, she's showing me things

that are here,



not somewhere else where I can't do anything.



She doesn't show me an earthquake in lndia

or some bomb in the Middle East,



they're here in this city

where I can maybe do something.



I've seen things that haven't happened yet.

You understand?



I can see how you're putting it together.



Putting it...? Putting it together?

What do you mean?



She wants me to help.



I couldn't help Carol Black.



But I can help them.



(Ringing tone)



- 'Jonathan Rivers' off.ice.'

- Karen, cancel my appointments



- for the next few days.

- 'Are you all right?'



I need a few days.



- 'Take care of yourself.'

- Yeah, I will.






(Anna) 'lt hurts.'



(Distorted voices)



(Anguished cry)






(Man) 'Stop.



'She's ours.'






'She's ours.'



'John, my love.'



(Man) 'Willow Avenue.'



'Stop, you pig. Willow Avenue.'



It's the same voice.



When I was at Raymond's,

he had been receiving messages,



angry, violent messages.



Now I'm getting the same thing, Sarah.



- But from whom?

- I don't know.






Edith Tomlinson,    .



I was getting messages

from Susie Tomlinson's grandmother.



She was trying to reach her dead daughter,

Susie's mother.



"Edith Tomlinson. Daughter died

giving birth, tapes     to    ."



Susie's grandmother.

She was visiting Raymond.



Probably just a coincidence.



Look for Carol Black, the woman in the car.



Remember what her husband said?



"My wife might have been

into that shit but I wasn't."



"Carol Black.



"General interest, tape number    ."



Raymond had lists of clients.

You've seen only two.



I've seen hundreds of faces.

It could be the same with all of them.



I'm in there, you're in there,

Edith, Carol, they're just two people...



- There's too much else.

- It's a coincidence.



Mary Freeman. The missing woman.



She's on my tapes.



I've seen her.



She's on my tapes.



First they visit Raymond.



Then I see them.



Then they die.



- What are you doing?

- If she's alive, Anna will show her to me.



We don't know

that everyone you see is alive.



Susie's grandmother, Carol Black.



- What about Anna?

- Anna's diff.erent.



She's helping me.



- We don't know what's happening here.

- I do.



If Mary Freeman's on these tapes, she might

be alive and we might be able to save her.



(John) Sarah! Sarah, come here!



Look at this. Come here.



Come here. Look at this.



(Whimpering on tape)



Hear that?



That's her.



Oh, my God.



She's alive.



'Go. Go now.'



- Go where, baby?

- John...



Anna, go where?



'Please, John. Go!'



Go... go where, baby?



- 'Go now!'

- Go where?



(Faint voices)



Go where?



Damn it! She's gonna die.



- You don't know that.

- She's on the tape.



She's on the tape. She's gonna die.









'lt hurts.'



Oh, my God.



Oh, my God.



- What if I don't wake up?

- You will.



I promise you will.



You will stay with me?









- Promise?

- Promise.



Thank you.



(Quiet moans)



(Low rattling)



(Moans quietly)


















- (Electronic beep)

- (Man) It's as much as we can say.



There's a      % chance

she might pull through.



Let's hope she's OK.

Thanks again for your help.



Mr. Rivers.



Neighbors say they saw you on the balcony

when Miss Tate fell. Is that true?



I was trying to stop her.



From falling?



Well, she was on the balcony.



Any idea why she was on the balcony?



I don't know. I don't know.



All right. I'll give you some time

but we'll need a full statement from you.



Are you heading home soon?



I'm not leaving town,

if that's what you mean.



OK. I may come by later then.



(Machines beeping)









You're gonna be OK.



You're gonna be fine.



It hurts.



It hurts.












'Go now, John.






'Go now.



'Please, John.'









(Horn blaring)



Mr. Rivers?



(Muff.Ied cries)



(Tires screech)



(Cellphone rings)



- Hello.

- 'This is John Rivers.



- 'l think I've found Mary Freeman.'

- Hello.



I'm at pier   . Can you hear me, Smits?



Damn it.



(Distant creaking)



(Fly buzzing)



(Distorted scream)



(Woman screams) Oh, my God!






'John, my love.









Anna, you have to help me, please.



- 'Go.'

- Anna, you have to help me find Mary.



'Please, John.



'Please, John.



'Go now.






'Go now.



- (Static)

- 'Please, John.'



- 'Go now.

- (Distorted scream)



(Distorted, distant screams)



(Woman screams)



(Panicked moans)



They talk to me, John.



This was their idea.



All their idea.



She was beautiful, John.



I brought her to them.



They were very pleased with me.



'..Argyle Avenue,

suggests she may have slipped...'



'Damage to the head, the break to the arm...'



- (Woman groans)

- Anna!



This was their idea.



You guys OK?



(Muff.Ied groaning)



- (Whimpering)

- No!



She's ours!



Men in the room.






(Electronic beeping)






(Muff.Ied groaning)






(Muff.Ied groaning)






(Muff.Ied groaning continues)



(Man) Sir?



O God of grace and glory,



we remember before You this day

our brother Jonathan.



Give us faith to see in death

the gate of eternal life



so that in quiet confidence...






(Searching for stations, static)



'I'm sorry.



'I'm sorry.



'I'm sorry.



'I'm sorry, Mikey.'



Let's go.



(Distant) We commit the body to the ground.



From earth to earth, ashes to ashes,



dust to dust.



(  Our Lady Peace: Somewhere Out There)



  Last time I talked to you



  You were lonely and out of place



  You were looking down on me



  Lost out in space



  Laid underneath the stars



  Strung-out and feeling brave



  Watch the riddles glow



  Watch them float away



  Down here in the atmosphere



  Garbage and city lights



  You gonna save your tired soul



  You're gonna save our lives



  Turned on the radio



  To find you on satellite



  I'm waiting for the sky to fall



  I'm waiting for a sign



  And all we are



  Is all so far



  You're falling back to me



  The star that I can't see



  I know you're out there



  Somewhere out there



  You're falling out of reach



  Defying gravity



  I know you're out there



  Somewhere out there



  Hope you remember me



  When you're homesick and need a change



  I miss your purple hair



  I miss the way you taste



  I know you'll come back some day



  On a bed of nails I wait



  I'm praying that you don't burn out



  Or fade away



  And all we are



  Is all so far



  You're falling back to me



  The star that I can't see



  I know you're out there



  Somewhere out there



  You're falling out of reach



  Defying gravity



  I know you're out there



  Somewhere out there



  You're falling back to me



  The star that I can't see



  I know you're out there






  You're falling out of reach



  Defying gravity



  I know you're out there



  Somewhere out there



  You're falling back to me



  The star that I can't see



  I know you're out there



  Somewhere out there



  You're falling out of reach



  Defying gravity



  I know you're out there



  Somewhere out there



  You're falling back to me



  I know, I know






  You're falling out of reach



  I know  

Special help by SergeiK