Who's That Knocking At My Door? Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Who's That Knocking At My Door? script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Martin Scorsese movie with Harvey Keitel and Zina Bethune.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Who's That Knocking At My Door?. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Who's That Knocking At My Door? Script





Okay, it's eight minutes

before the big time for news!



Yes, sir, it's WCAG here,

with 64 beautiful degrees out.



Okay, now.



- What do you say, Joe?

- Hello, Curtie.



There he is.



Let's go, Curtie.



How are you?



- Let me look at your cards.

- Sure.



Thank you.



It's a good hand.



What about you, Gaga?

Can I look at your cards?



- Yeah.

- Thank you, Gaga.



You lose.



What's wrong, Joey, huh?



You lose because you're playing

with my money.



- Joey! Joey, cut it out!

- You like to steal?



- Don't!

- You like to steal? You wanna steal?



- You steal from your mother, not me.

- I'm sorry!



Your priest you tell you're sorry to.

Me, you don't tell you're sorry to!



I don't give absolution.

Me, you don't steal from.



How was I to know...?



- Never again, right?

- Right!



- Never again.

- All right.



- Joey, I swear on my mother...

- Don't swear to me.



I don't want swearing.

Just don't steal no more.



I'm warning you, the next time you do,

I go right to your brothers.



- You know what happens then, right?

- Okay, okay.



No more aggravation. Have a drink.

We'll forget about this.



Now, that's enough.



One thing I don't understand,

why do you call him Gaga?



Why do I call him Gaga?



Because he's stupid, that's why.



You can look at it if you want to.



No, no. That's all right.

I was just looking.



Oh, I know.



But if you'd like to read it, you can.



I'm not annoyed.



I just noticed the picture

of what's his name over there.



- Wayne. You know, John Wayne.

- Oh, yes.



Yeah, but that isn't

an American magazine...



...and it just seemed funny to me.

You know what I mean?






- What kind of magazine is that?

- French.



That doesn't look French.

Do you read French?






Well, just a few words.



They should have

an English version, though.



Yeah, like the Italian movies,

when they dub it.



No, it just threw me, because I've seen

foreign magazines before...



...but, like, the Italian ones,

you can tell right away what kind they are.



- You know what I mean?

- Oh, yes, like Oggi.



Excuse me?



Oggi. That's an Italian magazine.



- O-G-G-I.

- Oh, yeah.



- That one that looks like Life, yeah.

- Right.



- "Oggi," that means "today," you know?

- Yes, I know.



It's like The Today Show. I think it

comes out every week, you know, like Life.



It's like a news thing, you know.

They make it...



...like a type of news thing.

- Yes.



So that's really

a French magazine, huh?



- Yes, I'm afraid it is.

- Well...



How the hell did they ever get ahold

of The Searchers?



The what?



The Searchers. It's a movie made about,

you know,    years ago.



That picture of John Wayne

is from that movie.



I don't seem to remember it.



Well, you know, with John Wayne.



Oh, that other guy was in it.

What's his name? He...



He played Christ three years ago

in some movie.



I don't think I know it.



- Oh, was he Swedish?

- No, no. American.



- Roland...

- Recent picture?



- Just a few years ago.

- It's a Western.






- Oh, you mean Jeffrey Hunter?

- That's right. Hunter, right.



Oh, now you remember the picture?



No, I don't.



It was in color.



- Nope.

- No.






Wait, you know what? Natalie Wood did

a small part in that, one of her first parts.



She had a big scene at the end there

with Hunter, you know.



She comes running down the desert

over to Hunter, and she says:



"Unnt-meah! Go, Martin!

Go! Unnt-meah! Go! Go!"



She's trying to get him to go, you know?



I don't remember it.



Well, I'll tell you,

you missed a good picture.






Oh, there was one scene in that movie

that was a classic.



You know, the chief of the tribe,

his name is Cicatrice, Spanish for "scar."



He talks English to John Wayne,

and Wayne says:



"You talk good English.

Somebody teach you?" But real nasty.



And then when Wayne talks Comanche,

not Comanche, but Comanche...



...to Scar, Scar says:



"You talk good Comanche.

Somebody teach you?" But...



- Sounds like a nasty fellow.

- Who?



- The man with the... The Indian.

- Cicatrice, Spanish for "scar." Yeah.



He was more nasty

than Wayne could ever get.



But then again,

he was a bad guy.



There were a lot of nasty Comanches

in that picture.



- Nasty picture.

- Well, then again...



...John Wayne could get pretty nasty too,

when he wanted to be.



Wait, was that the picture where Jeffrey

Hunter is supposed to be trading rugs...



...and he trades for an Indian bride?

- Right!



That's the picture.



- That was a good picture.

- Good? That picture was great.



Well, I'm not used to admitting

I like Westerns.



Oh, yeah. Why not, huh?

Everybody should like Westerns.



Solve everybody's problems

if they liked Westerns.



- Okay, I like Westerns!

- Okay, then.



Man, that was some picture.



Some picture.



Here. Take the magazine

and look at it.



- Oh, no.

- Come on. Go ahead.



- I don't wanna.

- I don't mind.



- Go ahead.

- All right.






You have to give it back, though.



- I swear to God I'll give it back.

- Okay.



You come around a lot?

Got people here?



No, no. This is the first time.

I just came for the ride.



- The ride? What ride?

- The ferry.



Oh, no. You mean to tell me

you do this for fun?



Yeah. Why?



Well, I just don't look at this

as being a cruise, you know?



I had to pick up this package

at my grandmother's, you know?



Oh, that's nice.



Well, it's not really all that nice.



I gotta bring it back.

I have no car so I had to take the ferry.



You know, the one that goes

across the river to New York.



It doesn't sound

like you take the ferry often.



You can bet your life I don't.



Don't you like Staten Island?



Well, I've got nothing against it

personally, you know.



But, really, it kind of shortens your breath.

The air is lousy.



If you're not used to it,

it can get you.



That's right. I'm not used to it.

I don't like tropical climates.



There's one way around it.



Go to down to Canal Street and Broadway,

into an army surplus store.



You pick up a couple of gas masks,

get halfway across the river, put them on.



- You like being stared at?

- I'd stare right back.



- You would?

- That's right.



Okay. I don't think I'd do it.



I tell you, I once saw this guy back in     .

You know, that big snowfall we had?



Right in the middle of   th and Broadway,

this guy's playing golf.



- Golf?

- I swear to God.



- Right in the street?

- In the middle.



Wait a second, he says,

"The trouble with the world today...



...is that if a guy wants to play golf

in the street...



...people stare at him."

- I don't believe you.



Would l...? I wouldn't lie to you.



You know how those knickers,

whatever you call them, and the hat...?



- The whole outfit? The whole thing?

- Right. Golf clubs, yeah.



That's crazy.



Yeah, well.

It's kind of nice, though.



- Why?

- The guy did what he wanted to do, golf.



I guess so.



Should you always do

what you want to do?



Yeah, I think so.



- Do you?

- Yeah.



I don't know, I hadn't thought about it.

I guess so.



Thank you very much.



Ten minutes I've been talking.

Nobody pays me any attention, right?



Now maybe I can say something.



Listen, let me ask you guys something.



Why can't I walk out in the street?

No, don't answer me, I'll tell you why I can't.



Because you owe everybody

in the world money.



Your friend owes everybody

in the world money.



I want to go to Chinatown.

I happen to like Chinese food, right?



I live right next door to Chinatown.



Biggest Chinatown in the world,

but I can't go.



Seven blocks, I can't walk.



I walk out of here, people jump

out of every block to get me when I walk.



So I may have to go to China

to get Chinese food.



So do me that favor. No borrowing

from Chinese people, okay? Good.



I only got one more thing to say.



Now, what are we gonna do tonight?



- Go to Chinatown.

- What, you haven't been listening to me?



I can't walk to Chinatown

because of you two.



I don't even like

what they put in the food.



- Makes you sick.

- You've eaten it before.



Yeah, and I got sick before,

so I don't eat it anymore.



I'll tell you what, let's go uptown.



Come on. I hear they got a new broad

uptown. We'll go and have some fun.



- I don't feel like going uptown.

- What do you mean, you don't?



There's a new broad. She's supposed to be

very nice. We'll take a ride and go uptown.



- I don't feel like going.

- All right...



Let's go down to the Village,

get a couple drinks.



Go down to the Village

and get a couple drinks?



- What do you think I got?

- I'm paying.



You're paying for it.

I'm not worried about it.



You're a jerk-off.

What do you think I got, a library?



- I got all the booze you want.

- Don't worry about it. I'm paying!



I'll get you a drink.



I gotta go sit in Greenwich Village

with a bunch of fairies? I don't need that.



- Let's go.

- I don't feel like going uptown.



I don't feel good.

I have to go up there?



You don't feel good?

You just wanted a drink.



- Shut up, will you?

- Hey, the kid's right.



When he's right, he's right.

You don't feel good, why you want a drink?



- You want to come uptown?

- I don't feel like going.



You don't wanna, I feel like going.

I think I'm gonna go.



Let's go to the Village, I'll buy.



Why are you buying drinks?

I got all the liquor in the world.



- I'm going uptown. Wanna go?

- I'll be out in the car.



- All right. Yeah.

- You got any money?



No, I ain't got no money.



- Go to the Village. I'll buy your drinks.

- I don't want you to buy.



I'll go for a ride.

I don't wanna go to the Village.



I'm locking up, so that's it.



- I don't feel like going uptown.

- So walk the streets with your money.



- Aren't you cold?

- Thanks.



Little bit, yeah.



- Why don't we sit down over there?

- Okay.



Yeah, you know,

we all like Wayne epics.



Yeah? Who's we?



Well, me and Joey...



...Sally Gaga.



- Sally what?

- Gaga.



- Who's she?

- It's a he, not a she.



He's a...



He's a good kid, you know?



He's really okay. He's a little younger

than Joey and I, but...



No, he's all right. Yeah.



I don't think I've seen too many

of John Wayne's pictures.



- Were you born in America?

- Sure.



Aren't you ashamed you haven't

seen a John Wayne picture?



Well, I don't know.

I never thought of it that way.



- Maybe I have.

- Yeah.



Isn't it cold out here?

Would you mind sitting inside?



- No, I wouldn't mind.

- What are we doing out here? Come on.



Come on, this isn't

a regular movie magazine.



I mean, it costs a dollar.

Playboy only costs    cents.



You must have something to do

with movies.



- No, I don't.

- How about TV commercials maybe?



- Right?

- No.



I swear to God, you know,

you look familiar.



I saw the magazine.

It looked interesting, so I bought it.



All right. You were a Girl Scout.



All right, then swear to it

like a Girl Scout.



- I swear.

- Okay.



- You swear what?

- Oh, come on.



Okay, I'll quit it.



What do you do with yourself?



- Well, that depends.

- Oh, no, no. I mean, seriously.



Do you go to school,

do you work or what?



Well, I am, as they say...



...at the moment,

sort of, in between...



...at this time,

sort of, in between positions.



- Let us say.

- Well, what did you do?



Well, why didn't you say that?

I was in banking.



- Banking.

- Yeah, you know, a teller.



You know, they say

"Don't kiss a girl in a bank..."



"Because she's a teller." Soupy Sales.



Right.     .



All right, so you knew it.

Big deal.



Well, what do you do now?









Sorry. Forget it. Come on.






- How many points for that guy?

-    points.



What you mean    points?



- He's bouncing all over.

- So?



- Why don't you hit him? Go ahead.

-    points.



- I'm gonna hit him. Watch me.

- Real smart.



Yeah, of course I'm real smart.

I'm Smart Joey.



- Smart Joey, turn up the radio, huh?

- Yeah, okay.



- I give up.

- What do you give up?



Somebody's got a gun

in your head?



I don't feel like going.

Let's do something else.



- Anyplace you wanna go.

- We settled that in the club.



- Uptown.

- Do me...



I'm not doing you anything.



- We're going uptown.

- Big man.



- Got a set of wheels?

- I'm a real big man.



- That's what I said.

- I'm a real big man, don't forget.



- Any more toys to play with?

- Don't worry.



This is my car.

The only toy I need.



That's right.

The only toy I need.



- Will you turn up the radio a little louder?

- Okay.



I'd like to see you get a girl

without paying $ .



Don't worry about me getting girls without

paying $ . None of your business.



- You couldn't get one to talk to you.

- Yeah? Don't worry.



I can get plenty to talk to me.



- You could get.

- Right, I could get.



- That's right.

- All brains.



That's right. I got brains.

I'm as smart as you any day of the week.



- Stupid.

- Yeah, don't call me stupid.






- Could we turn it up?

- How much louder?



- Shut up.

- For crying out loud, it's loud enough.



It's loud enough.

You can hear it in China.



- You're yelling over here.

- Don't worry about my yelling.



- Smarten up sometime, pal.

- Don't talk about me being smart.



- Shut your stupid mouth.

- I know what's bothering you. It's that girl.



- Shut up.

- Don't tell me!



- Shut up!

- You don't tell me to!



Get out! You get out! You don't tell me

to shut up in my car. Now, get out!



- Come on, Joey.

- Get up front.



Come on.



You always like bad guys, huh?



Lee Marvin.

Now, there's a real bad guy.



You see, he doesn't just play a tough guy,

he has to go all the way.



He dresses in black, you know. He snarls.

He breaks things. He kicks people. He bites.



- Right. He can't... Better be careful.

- I'll be all right.



He was in this movie, Liberty Valance.

You ever see that one?



- No.

- Liberty Valance. Lee Marvin. Anyway.



He comes into a room in the picture.

He can't just walk into a room.



He walks in. He snarls. He kicks over a few

chairs and tables. He breaks a few things.



And then he sits down.



- I mean, that's really a bad guy.

- You mean, he just does that on his own.



- Better be careful.

- Oh, I'll be all right.



Let's walk. I feel uncomfortable

with you sitting here.



You know, Marvin just can't

do anything normal. He's gotta...



You know, if he, like, picks up a drink,

he's gotta look like he's gonna squash it.



Imagine what women think.

To them, he's the worst bad guy.



He not only kills people,

he breaks furniture.



You like pigeons?



- I had a pigeon coop when I was a kid.

- You did?



- With this Jewish kid on my block.

- How do you make them come back?



- How do you make them come back?

- Well, you fly them.



- You train them with this stick.

- Yeah.



They follow it and come back.



They know to follow the stick.



If they don't come back,

you go around the corner...



...and rob some from the other guy.



And you make up for yours.



- Sally?

- What?



- I had $   it ain't here.

- What do you mean?



I had $   and someone

took it on me.



- We've been here all night. Nobody took it.

- Forty dollars!



It's here someplace.



- That was all the money I had.

- Don't worry, we'll find it.



- It's around here someplace.

- Well, it ain't here.



- I'll go look by the bar.

- Forty dollars.



- Forty dollars, huh?

- It ain't here.



- It's gone.

- Are you sure it's in...?



No, it ain't there.

Look, it ain't there.



The money ain't here.

What can I tell you?



- Where'd you leave this?

- Over there.



- You left it over there?

- Yeah, so?



What are you, stupid? You take

your pocketbook, put it behind the bar.



You're supposed to know.

That's stupid, you know?



- You gotta know this.

- That's all the money...



I can't even get home now.

That's all the money I had.



- I have to walk to Jersey?

- Wanna take a cab?



Here. How much is it gonna cost?

Two, three?



Well, it's right over the tunnel.



- Five dollars.

- Here.



- Really? You can afford $  for me to get back.

- Yeah, all right?



- Wait outside. I'm gonna lock up the place.

- Yeah, sure.






It's chime time!    to      to  

here on     . Last on the dial, first in tile.



It's Air-sweep air conditioner

that makes the difference.



Air-sweep sweeps the air

from ceiling to floor.



Draft-free seasonal control. Automatic

levers oscillate the air. Yes, the air door...



Close the window.



Lets you aim the air where you want it.

From     Btus to       Btus.



Every metal part is zinc-rich steel! Wow!



For     dollars installed

with no down payment.



Up to five years to pay. ED -    .

ED -    .



Come on and call it, mama.

ED -  - - .



Close the door, huh?



Gaga, will you close the door?



- Oh, that's lovely.

- Be careful. Don't touch it.



Look, don't worry.

I won't break it.



Anything happens to that,

my mother will pass out.



Well, if you put it that way...



What? What's the matter?






Why'd you stop?



Just felt like it.



No reason.



Do you mind?



Listen, I...



I love you.



I don't know.

I love you but...



What is it?



Well, now I feel...

I feel silly saying this.



Don't feel silly. Say it.



What I mean is...



If you love me,

you'll understand what I mean.



Just not now.






Just not now. Okay?






What's wrong?



I don't know,

call it anything you want.



Old-fashioned or what.



But I love you first, as you.



To me, it...



To me, you know?



If you love me,

you'll understand what I mean.



I guess so.



You're beautiful.



Hey, I really liked her in that picture.



- That girl in that picture?

- Yeah.



Let me tell you something,

that girl in that picture was a broad.



- What do you mean "a broad"?

- A broad.



You know, there are girls,

and then there are broads.



You know what a... A broad isn't

exactly a virgin, you know what I mean?



You play around with them,

you don't...



- You don't marry a broad, you know?

- Come on, you don't mean that.



I mean it. Sure, I mean it.



Let's go to that corner and get a cab.



Cab? Taxi.



We gotta bring him down to the club

to meet the rest of the guys.



- You gotta meet my friend, Sally Gaga.

- Sally what?



Gaga. We call him Gaga

because every time you turn...



...he's doing something stupid.

Every time.



I'd have brought him,

but you'd have killed me. He's nuts.



Yeah, a nutty guy.



- What do you got in this Copig anyway?

- Copake. Copake, New York.



It's a small town.

It's a nice town, you're gonna like it.



Here we are. Copig, New York,

the garden spot of the world.



- Copake!

- Copake. Excuse me.



- Look at this, the trees, the animals.

- Beautiful.



We're in the country, J.R.

Copake, New York.



- Here we are.

- Hey, hey!



Copiague. Copiague.



- Not Copake, but Copiague.

- Copiague.



- Right.

- P-A-l-G-E or some goddamn thing.



What am I doing in a place like this?

What, are we kidding ourselves?



- Look around you.

- Why?



Look around you. Easy, easy.

Just take a look at this.



- That's our standard footwear.

- They look like a bunch of farmers.



- They are.

- They are? You see that guy over there?



Last Saturday in July,

you come back here, boy...



- We speak what we wanna speak.

- And we needle who we wanna needle.



- They don't like it, they can...

- Kiss your...



You want another beer?






- What about you?

- No.



You don't want another one?

All right, no beer.



- We gonna spend three days here drinking?

- What else you wanna do?



I don't know, you tell me.

What else can we do?



- Nothing.

- Just spend three days here?



You know what we're gonna do tomorrow?

Something I wanna do.



- But tonight we're doing what I wanna do?

- Yes. Right.



- You tell me what...

- We come up here.



We sit here in a bar

for three hours and drink.



- That's what you wanted to do.

- That's what I wanted to do.



- What are we gonna do?

- I'll show you something.



- What?

- Something beautiful.



- Okay?

- Yeah. What's her name?



Wait a minute.

Wait a minute.



Hey, wait a minute.

Wait one minute, huh?



- I wanna rest a minute.

- Come on.



No, no, wait a minute.

Hey, who is this guy?



- What? You're tired?

- Yeah, I'm tired. I mean, who is he?



- You know who he is?

- A friend of mine. Why?



- Who knows where he's taking us?

- This is good for you.



Yeah, really good.



- You wanna go to the top?

- Yeah.



- You wanna go back down?

- I don't know. You gonna go to the top?



- Yeah. It can't be much further.

- Hurry up. Come on, it's beautiful.



- You're gonna get tired if you...

- Yeah, yeah. Okay.



Yeah, it's beautiful, it's beautiful.



This is what he's gonna show us.

Something beautiful.



It can't be much further.



Hey, where is he?

I don't even see him anymore.



I don't know where he is.



Wait a minute. Wait a minute, will you?



For crying out loud, wait a minute.



Hey, watch out for the snakes down there.



What did he say? What did he say

about snakes? Are you serious?



You gonna climb a mountain with snakes?



He's just trying to scare us.



That's right. He scared me.

I'm scared of snakes.



They bite us,

they're gonna bite him too.



- I don't know. Wait a minute.

- Don't let this fag scare us. Come on.



Come on!



Hey, hurry up, will you?

We're almost there. It's beautiful up here.



- I think we're gonna beat him to the top.

- Yeah, we're gonna beat him.



How? You don't even know

where you're going.



Three, four hours I spend

climbing a mountain. For what?



To come up here.

So, what's up here? Big deal.



I don't understand.



I gotta leave the city.

I gotta come up here.



I gotta spend the weekend in a bar

with a bunch of hillbillies.



All right, that's one thing.



You know, I ought to have

my head examined.



This is the whole way I spend the day.



What are you doing

with a holy candle on the table?



- I just thought it would be nice.

- You don't do that with a holy candle.



Put it back.



Yeah, okay.



- What am I gonna do with you?

- I just thought it would be nice.



Do you have any more coffee?



Enjoy the country?



It was all right.



I heard you climbed a mountain.



Yeah, I climbed a mountain.



It was great on the top...



...but, boy, on the way up it was murder.









I think I'm gonna have

to tell you something.



All right, what?



Look, I want only for us

to be as happy as we can.



And I don't want anything

to come between us.



Is anything wrong?



I do love you,

and I want this to last.



Well, what is it?



- Another guy?

- No.



Nothing like that.



Well, all right, then what?



Anyway, when...






...a few years ago,

I was going with a boy.



He was nice.



He always acted like a gentleman.



Well, we used to go for drives.



And the last time we went,

he seemed different, nervous.



In fact, he hardly talked.



There was a long road...



... and he pulled up into a clearing.



I didn't think much of it.

We had never really necked...



...so I figured he was gonna try.



The radio was loud.



I remember that about the radio.



I felt dirty. I felt I wasn't

as good as anyone else.



I felt ashamed.

I couldn't even talk. I didn't talk.



I love you.



And I don't wanna lose you.



With you it'll be the first time.



I can't...



I can't understand.



I mean, if anyone else

hears a story like that...



...well, how could they believe it?






...you're not anyone else.



That's right.



I'm not anyone else.



How could I believe you?



Well, how could I believe you?



How can I believe that story?



It just doesn't make any sense.



How do I know you didn't go

through the same story with him?



Well, look...



Look at me.



You go out with a guy

and don't even know what he's like?



You let him take you out on some

goddamn road and you don't mind it.



It just... It doesn't...

It just doesn't seem real, does it?



It just doesn't make any sense.



- It's true.

- What's true?



You let him take you out on a goddamn

road and you don't even mind it?



- Three scotch and water.

- Three scotch.



- Johnnie Walker.

- Red.



One for me, one for it...



...one for that.

- I'm who?



You're "that."



- It's a pleasure.

- It's a pleasure...



It's a pleasure...



What's a pleasure?



It's a pleasure...



- What's going on in there?

- What's with that guy?



This is the party he promised us?

Listening to a bunch of engaged couples?



I'm gonna talk to him.



- What's wrong?

- What are we supposed to do all night?



- What's wrong now?

- Sit here and talk all night?



- This is the party you promised us?

- Where are the broads, huh?



- They'll be coming.

- Get them and get rid of these people.



- These are great guys.

- Get rid of them.



We'll worry about that later.

Go down and get the girls.



- You want me to go now?

- Yeah.



- But don't blame me for what happens.

- Don't worry about what happens.



- Just don't blame me, all right?

- Don't worry about blame.



We gotta hope

Gaga comes back.



Yeah, he better come back.

I'll drag him back.



Excuse me, Charlie.

The phone's over there. You can't miss it.



How many times do I have to tell you?



- Didn't you say I could be a guest?

- I didn't tell you to be a pig.



Well, if you invite me,

you gotta invite my pigpen.



All right. All right.



Hey, Gaga.



- Hey, yeah!

- Come on in. Don't be shy.



- I'm Joey.

- This is Susan.



- And this is her girlfriend... Rosie.

- Rosie.



- Rosie, this is Joey.

- Hello.



This is J.R. Over here.

The idiot with the glasses, that's lggy.



That's Hal over here.



There's Terrence over here.

This is Robby.



- This is Susie, and this is...

- Rosie.



- Rosie.

- You want us to get rid of your coats?



Let us take your coats.



Why don't you get some drinks

for the girls?



Could I...?

Could I have a scotch and ginger ale?



Scotch and ginger ale.

All right. Rosie?



- Scotch and ginger ale.

- Make that two, Gaga.



- Right.

- Make that two, Gaga.



- Where you from?

- The Bronx.



The Bronx? What are you doing up there?



We live there.



Listen, hey, are you guys Italian,

or what?



- Yeah, we're Italian. Why?

- Yeah?



What are you thinking about?

What are you thinking about?



It's a little turtle. Come on.



- Come on, sit down.

- No. No.



Where are you going?



Come on. It was only a joke.



- Hey, no more. No more.

- What's the matter?



I don't like things that crawl.



She's a nice girl. Sit down.



- Can I have some ginger ale?

- I can't stand things that crawl.



- I don't think we have any.

- You have...?



- Do you have any plain Coke?

- No.



- Are you sure you're Italian?

- No. I'm Jewish.



- Say something Italian.

- Yeah, go ahead. Say something.



Hey, I got one. I got one.



- Beautiful.

- Oh, man. Now we're Italian.



Good evening, Mr. Rhadini.

Nice of you to invite me.



I'm glad to have you.

Make yourself at home.



Thank you. I'll do my best.



Say, Bessie, you know everybody.

Who's that fellow over there?



Thank you.



He's a new one to me.



He looks interesting.



- You do not know own guest?

- I never laid eyes on him before.



Mr. Chan, you're wanted

on the telephone.



- I'll show you the way, Charlie.

- Excuse, please.



Hurry back, Mr. Chan.

I want all the news about Honolulu.



You worry about that husband...



Boy, this picture's so bad...



...that only I could watch

a thing like this, you know?



- This is terrible.

- What's he doing? Digging for gold?



Who knows? Who knows?



Look, let's figure out who's gonna

go in there next.



What are we going to do?

Who's gonna go next?



- First.

- What do you mean, "first"?



- I called first.

- What do you want me to do?



- Call second.

- First. I like first better.



- I called first. I'm next.

- We got to figure out a way.



- Wait. No, I called first.

- You want to choose?



I want to watch the picture.

Leave me alone.



- Anybody could call first.

- I called first.



- Do you want to choose?

- I want to.



What about you?

Come on. Choose. Come on.



- I ain't choosing, I called first.

- You can't. You call first.



- First.

- Yeah, see, he called it.



You wanna call first?

Everybody's first.



- We're choosing.

- I ain't choosing.



- What? What?

- We'll choose who goes in there.



- What? That's not good enough?

- Get up.



- Come on, get up!

- You gotta get up.



I always lose these damn chooses.

I know I'll lose.



- I want to watch the picture.

- We'll choose.






Hey, Bobby's the lucky man.



You'll be next. You'll be next.






- Hey, baby.

- I didn't get it, either. What do you want?



- Come on, it's two more times.

-       shoot!



- You'll get this one.

- Last one, okay?






Hey, sweetheart.



Quite the good movie here.



You had to choose, right?

You had to.



- What were we gonna do?

- I told you I'd lose.



- Come on, will you, we chose it.

- I called first.



- Bobby's first! Bobby's first!

- I called first.



He's first. Hal's second.



If I can't go first, nobody's going first.






- I want a kiss.

- Hey!



- Come on!

- Get out of here!



Get out!



- Get out!

- Get out of here!



Get out of here, goddamn it! Get out!



Leave us alone! Come on!



You guys are real jerks,

you know that?



You're bleeding.



- She scratched you. Your neck.

- What are you talking about?



- She cut your neck. You're bleeding.

- What do you mean?



I'm getting out of here!

You guys got some nerve!



You've got some nerve!



- Get out of here!

- What are you doing?



Where do you get off?!



I get the girls!

I get the girls!



Look at that son of a bitch,

scratching me like that.



I ought to break her face.



What are you talking about?



I'll kill that broad.



- I'll get you for this! Yes!

- Is it my fault? Is it my fault?



I'm gone! I'm getting out of here!



Oh, you guys are happy now, right?

You're happy. Now you're happy.



You'll never understand why I won't

get a girl for you guys. Never again.



Who is it?



It's me.



- Who is it?

- It's me. Open up.



- J.R.?

- Yeah.



- I...

- Oh, come in.



I just thought I'd come up and see you.



That's fine.



I just thought I'd come up

and see you, that's all.



Well, I'm glad.



Are you all right?



Yeah. I'm all right.



I like your apartment.



Thank you.



I don't know...



I really don't know why I came up here

so early in the morning, you know?



I just don't know.



I'm glad.



- Yeah, but I mean...

- Sit down. Come on.



I really have no right coming up here

at  :   in the morning.



You know, really, I shouldn't have

come up here so early...



...but we've been, sort of, drinking.



- Would you like some coffee?

- Yeah.






I'll be right out.



That's okay.



Just make yourself comfortable.



No television set, huh?



You want to watch TV at this hour?



No, just...



I have a record player.

You can put some music on, if you like.



I like Giuseppe di Stefano.

You got any of his records?



Opera singer.



No, I'm afraid not.



How about Percy Sledge?






Never mind.



Would you like something to eat,

some toast or something?



No, thanks.



Be ready in a minute.



Hey, you're hurting me.



I'm sorry.



It's okay.



No, I mean...

I mean, I'm sorry about...



...about before.



I'm really sorry about the way

I acted last time, you know?



I thought...



I thought you would be mad at me.



Well, let's say not really

pleased to see me.



Well, it was, sort of, your...






...whether you...



...love me enough.



I love you.

You ought to know that.



God, how I love you.



Oh, I'm so glad.



- I missed you.

- I missed you.



- Did you?

- Of course.



- Now it's gonna be all right, you'll see.

- Yes.



I understand now, and I forgive you.



Forgive me?



Yes. I forgive you,

and I'm gonna marry you anyway.



You can't marry me anyway.



What do you mean?



It does bother you, doesn't it?



Well, yeah, it bothers me, damn it.



But I love you,

and I'll marry you anyway.



No. No, I...



I can't.



I mean, I won't marry you on that basis.



What basis?



Don't you understand?

It can't work that way.



You can make it work.

You just said it before.



No. No.



Boy, you know, I really thought

you loved me, you know that?



- You had me believing that.

- I do love you, that's why.



What? Because you love me,

that's why you're not gonna marry me?



What kind of business

you handing me here?



What are you handing me?



You'll always find a way to bring it up.



You're damn right I could bring it up.



And if that's the kind

of a broad you are...



I'm to blame.



Because I feel the way any reasonable guy

would feel, I'm to blame for this, huh?



Be glad I'm willing to marry you.



- J.R., please.

- Hey, look...



That's right. You had to

just make a fool out of me, huh?



- You just couldn't wait till I crawled back...

- Okay, okay. Have it your way.



Oh, sure, just like that, huh?

Don't try and convince me.



How can I convince you to do

anything you don't want to?



- Who said I didn't wanna do it?

- Then I wouldn't have to convince you.



You gotta twist everything up

all the time, don't you?



Gotta twist it.

It's not what I meant, brain.



What did you mean?



I don't know.

I don't know.



Listen, I told you that I loved you.



- What's wrong? Isn't that enough?

- No, no, it's not enough.



- Why isn't that enough?

- It's not good enough.



- Not good enough?

- No!



Not good enough?



- You mean, I'm not good enough, is that it?

- No.



Let me tell you something.

It's not me, it's you.



Do you think you're the Virgin Mary?



Leading me on like that, letting me

in here this hour of the morning.



Come off it, will you?

What kind of broad does that make you?



And tell me something else.

Who else is gonna marry you?



Tell me that, you whore.



Because that's what you are,

if you don't know it by now, you whore.



I'm sorry. I didn't mean it.



Honest to God, I didn't mean it.



I'm just so confused by this whole thing.



Go home.



Go home.






O God, I am heartily sorry for

having offended thee.



I detest all my sins because

of thy just punishment...



... but most of all because they offend thee,

who art good and deserving of my love.



I resolve, with the help of thy grace, to sin

no more and avoid the near occasion of sin.



Holy, holy, holy.

Lord God of hosts.



Heaven and earth are filled

with your glory.



Hosanna in the highest.



Blessed is he who comes in the name

of the Lord. Hosanna in the highest.



All right, I'll talk to you tomorrow, okay?



Yeah. I'll see you tomorrow.





Special help by SergeiK