Wicked Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Wicked script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Julia Stiles movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Wicked. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Wicked Script





Don't try and stop me this time.



Who's trying to stop you?



I'm just here to wish you a safe journey

and a good time on your travels.



Please, Ellie, don't go!



Say good-bye to Ellie, Lena.

She's going to L.A.



Oh, wow. Bye, Ellie.



Oh. I get the phone.



- Have a pleasant trip.

- I'm leaving!



Were you really

gonna run away?



I always mean to run away. But then when

I walk out that door, I think of Dad.



Can you imagine

what he would do if I left?



- No, I can't.

- Inger.



He would freak out. He would

no longer have a reason to live.



Jeez. Really?






If I left, it would mean he'd

be totally alone with Mom.



- And me.

- Right. And you.



God, I hate school.



- Hey, Sasquatch!

- Leave her alone.



- Oh, yeah?

- Just ignore them, okay?



What are you gonna do

about it, dinger?



You know, Leon, I'm having

a really shitty day today, so get lost.




it's not until I get this close...



that I realize what a big, ugly bitch

that you really are.



- Okay.

- Back off, all of you...



- or I'll pull his hair out.

- Do it.



- Okay.

- Farther, you fuckers!



Oh, shit.



What's the problem?



The problem is that you don't give me



- Karen, please...

- Ben, if I say there's a problem...



that she's acting up again, I expect you

to believe me and help me deal with it.



You know, Mom,

we love you too.



And what about this attempted

murder charge at the bus stop?



Not guilty.



Well, I'm starving.

I'm gonna see what's for dinner.



Wait up.



What you doing?



Cover me. I'm going in.



Hi, Bobby.

Ellie's inside the truck.



Hi, Ellie.



Hi, Bobby.



- You guys are moving?

- Yeah. Today.



Mom and I are leaving

'cause Dad can't pay his bills.



So your dad's

not coming with you?



Wanna get out of my truck? Come on.

Get out of here. Get out of here.



- Bobby said I could.

- Did not.



- Did too.

- Brat.



Lena, can you come upstairs?

I need you to run some errands.



I'll be right there.



The keys.



You're gonna miss me, Pookie.



Enjoy the show?



- Lawson, wait.

- Let's do it in his house.



- What?

- We're getting out of this place.






That's fantastic.

That's the best news.



I'm ready to go right now.

Let's get out of here.






- It's just gonna be me and the girls.

- What are you talking about?



- You can't leave now.

- You've got to control yourself.



You fucking bitch!






Oh, baby, I'm sorry.



What was that?



There's nothing there.



- God, Jesus, I'm gonna miss this.

- Oh, yeah.



Lena, could you stop what you're doing?

I wanna speak to you about something.



Is something wrong?



I have to let you go.



You've been really great,

but we just won't be needing you here.



Excuse me. What's going on here?



Ellie! Inger! I'm home!



Hi, Dad.



- There you go.

- Thanks.



And what did you get me?



It's a makeup kit.

I don't know what's in there exactly...



but the lady at the store said

it was kind of a starter set for girls.



Thanks, Dad.



You're welcome, honey.



Lena didn't say what kind

of personal emergency?



No, she didn't.



Not a word?



I'm not as interested

in her personal life as you are.



What's that supposed to mean?



Oh, that's rich, Karen.

That's really rich.



It's only a   -minute drive

to and from work.



You know what?

It doesn't matter.



Because I've had it. I'm taking

my children and I'm getting out of here.



What do you mean your children? They're

my children. How about our children?



And you think I'm just gonna

let you take them away from me?



There's nothing you can do about it

and you know it.



We'll see what a lawyer

has to say about that.



Yes, we will.



That's just great, Karen.

Great. Good night.



Dad? Is that you?



Ah, I just thought

it would be better.



- You look great.

- Thanks.



Couldn't sleep?



You're wearing that ring

I got you last month.



Yeah. I never take it off.



I even sleep in it.



Hadn't you noticed?









you love me, don't you?



- Yeah. Sure.

- No, I'm serious.



- Don't be silly.

- You really mean it?



Ellie, come on.




I'm gonna tell you a story...



and I'm only gonna tell you this

because you seem a little down.



You promise you won't get

a big head about it?



One time

when I was talking to Lawson...



he asked me

which one of you I loved more.



And I said that I loved

both you and Inger equally.



And he said...



"Bullshit. You always feel

differently about each of them."



I didn't wanna tell him how I felt.



I didn't tell him

how you were my favorite.









- What is that you have on?

- Dad's makeup.



Well, you're not going

to school like that, young lady.



Yes, I am.



No, go upstairs

and take it off right now.



- You're just jealous.

- Ellie, you are just...



- Don't you push me.

- You're ruining it!



I'll just put it

right back on.



I'm going upstairs

and I'm putting it right back on.



Over my dead body!



Let go of me!



Hi, Karen. I was wondering

if you would be able...



Karen, what's wrong?



It's just been

one of those mornings.



Ellie, come on downstairs.

It's time to go to school.



What's wrong? You okay?



I'd really appreciate it. Thank you.

Oh, hi, Ellie.



Good-bye, Mrs. Potter.



She's a moody one.



Hi. You've reached the home of

the Christiansons. Just leave a message.



What's going on?

I heard someone got snuffed.



Ellie's gonna be home soon.



What's going on?



Would you come up here? There's

something important I have to tell you.



Your mother's dead.



I loved her, Ellie.



I don't know if I can

love anybody like I loved her.



I can never marry again.



Hi, sir.



- What are you doing, kid?

- Shooting overalls, sir.






What are you doing here?



Well, Ritchie...



a white woman got knocked dead

in her own home...



inside a gated community.



Don't you think they'd call me?



- I see.

- What do you got?



Come on.



Our burglar broke in

the back door...



obviously not counting

on the presence of Karen Christianson.



Surprise, struggle.

There she is.



Burglar? Was anything taken?



Her diamond wedding ring.






Mr. Christianson?






I need to talk you

whenever you're ready.



Notice anything missing...



besides the ring?



No, not yet anyway.



When I was down in your dining room,

I noticed there was a Greek drama mask.



They usually come in pairs...

you know, tragedy, comedy.



I only saw comedy.



Well, I have no idea

where the other one is. We had two.



Anything unusual or strange

going on between you two?






Nothing important, that is.

Our marriage was great.



No idea who could have done this?



No suspicion?



Well, that'll be all for now.



But I'll be in touch.



I knew her pretty well.

She would always help out...



with all the things I would

organize for Casa Del Norte.



- Did you like her?

- Oh, yes. Very much.



Well, somebody didn't.



What's your name?



Amaryllis Potter.






Like the flower?



Yeah, like the flower.



- My wife left me.

- Well, it sure looks that way.



What can you tell me

about the Christiansons?



Not much. Not much.



You weren't

very friendly with them?



No, I wasn't particularly

close with them.



Well, they're only

about a hundred feet from you.



- So what?

- I'd call that close, wouldn't you?



- Lay off.

- Why are you upset?



Of course I'm upset.

Christ, Karen's dead.



You mean Mrs. Christianson.



Yes. Mrs. Christianson.



You have an affair

with Mrs. Christianson?






You could've screwed around

and still not have killed her.



A lot of people screw around.

I used to screw around.



Does the husband know?



No murder weapon, no ring.



So he's not a total moron.

He could've stashed it somewhere else.



- It doesn't mean a thing.

- Do you really think it's him?






or somebody else.



...entrance into a land

of light and joy...



in the fellowship

ofThy saints.



Through Jesus Christ, our Lord.






Mommy loves you.



You're my number one girl, Inger.



You're the special one.



I love you, baby.



Wait for me in the car, okay?



Oh, hi, Ben. Hi.






I was worried.

Where have you been?



We've been staying in a hotel.

The police wanna go through the place...



and we didn't wanna go back

right away.



- I'm sorry I didn't call.

- I'm sorry. I understand.



I need some time, Lena.



Just wait a couple of weeks

before we see each other.



- We'll talk later.

- Yeah. I'll call you.



- I'll call you.

- Okay.



- Dad.

- Let me just say hi to the girls.



Of course.



- Hi, Ellie.

- Hi.



Mr. Christianson, are you okay?

Mr. Christianson?



What's for dinner?



Dad? Can we move away from here?



Of course, but not right away.



Why not?



Besides, it's the middle

of a school year, and...



I'm scared.



Oh, honey.



Mrs. Potter installed

an alarm system. We're okay.



Hey, I have an idea.



What if we all

slept in here tonight?



Can we, Dad?



Good morning, Lawson.



Hi, Ben. How's everything?



I'm hanging in there.

How about yourself?



No complaints.



Except this maintenance increase

that Mrs. Potter handed me.



Oh, that. Right.



We discussed that in last Tuesday's

meeting, but you weren't there.



I'm thinking of moving out. Besides,

I never go to those fucking meetings.



Right. Those fucking meetings.



- They're boring.

- Yeah, those fucking meetings.



Anyway, I just saw

the police leave.



That's right.



Right. So they questioned you.



Yes. Yes, they did.



- And now you're questioning me.

- You seem a little on edge.



I'm calm. I'm real calm.



- Are you calm?

- I think we're both calm.






Why don't we just let

the police do their jobs?



And if you've got a problem with that,

why don't you take it up with them?



What did you just say...






And where do you think you're going? You

still have to vacuum the living room.



But I just did the upstairs.

And it's not even dirty.



Do it!



Who died and made you boss?









Why don't you take a picture, Lawson?

It'll last longer.



Inger, I thought I told you

to vacuum in here.



What are you doing?

Put that mask down!



- I'm just looking at it.

- Give it to me.



Now, who could that be?

You pest!



Give it to me, Inger!



Give me that mask,

you little brat!



I'll kill you!



- Give me the mask!

- Girls?



Girls, it's me!

I've got some food!



- Let go!

- Oh, my God!



Girls, what are you doing?

Ellie, stop it!



Ellie, stop it!



I mean, I have a sister

and we fought.



I mean, believe me.

We fought like hell.



But, I mean, you know,

we pulled hair or pinched or kicked.



I mean, we didn't strangle.



Don't you think you're making

a little too much out of this?






Serial killers strangle,

not siblings.



I mean, they're girls,

all alone, unattended here.



Ben, I really know what it's like

to be a single parent.



I remember when I was a kid, I hit

my brother over the head with a hammer.



If I'd killed him,

my life would have been very different.



Ben, it's a very big house.

And you need somebody here.



I'm right around the corner.

Just call me if you need help.



I will. I promise you.

See you next time.



- All right.

- Good night.



- My God.

- What happened?



Just sit down.

I'll be out in a minute.



- You look...

- Like Mom.



And that's Mom's dress.



Is it? Well, I'm surprised

how good it looks on you.



Would you like some wine

with your dinner?






- Oh, yeah.

- I want wine.



I don't know.

You look a little underage to me.



Very funny.









You forgot your lunch.



- Thanks.

- What do you want for dinner tonight?



I don't know.



Mrs. Potter's going to the supermarket.

She can get us some steaks or something.



Will you please go back inside?

Come on. Right now.



Ellie, come on. Jesus!



Is your name

Ben Christianson?






Do you live in Europe?



Are you employed

by Matrix Systems?






Did you kill your wife?



Are you a college graduate?






Are you employed

by Matrix Systems?






Is your name Ben Christianson?






Did you bludgeon

your wife to death?



I gotta tell you,

I was nervous.



- Very nervous.

- Yeah.



Well, the machine

supposedly takes that into account.



There's something else.

I didn't kill my wife.



I may have wanted to do it. I may have

wanted her dead, but I didn't do it.



I didn't kill her.



We're not accusing you.



Take your stuff and wait in the hallway.

I'll be out in a minute.






He's telling the truth.



According to Polly here.






- What?

- Oh, yeah. Well...



I guess you're still getting over

what happened to your mom, huh?



What do you want?



Well, frankly, I'm a little concerned

about what I see going on around here.



It's not right for Ben

to leave you girls here all alone.



Thank you for your concern,

but it's really none of your business.



I just want you to know that I live

right over there if you need anything.



What could I possibly

want from you?



Ellie, who's there?



No one. Just Loser, I mean Lawson Smith,

and he was just saying good night.






Why did you tell me

you would marry me?



When did I say that?



You said if it wasn't for Karen,

you'd marry me.



I know and I will,

but not right now.






We gotta wait

for this whole thing to blow over.



And when does it blow over, Ben?



When? If I don't get my green card soon,

I'll have to leave the country.



Can't you see

how it would look?



Fine. Fuck you!



Can I get another, please?



Where were you?



I was worried sick.



I was out. Out and about.



Well, you didn't call.



I didn't know if I should call

Mrs. Potter or the police or something.



I'm okay. Okay?



I smell liquor on your breath.

Have you been drinking?



Yeah. What of it?



I'll ask you one more time!

Where were you?



I'm tired

and I wanna go to bed.



- I waited up all night for you.

- Will you get off my ass?






Having a hard time sleeping?






Were you trying

to get away from me?



You know, you were

really mean to me tonight.



Well, you were really mean to me too.

What about this morning?



You were running around

in that skimpy thing.



I mean, fuck you!



What do you want from me?

Do I have to do everything around here?



Do we have to argue like this?



I don't know.



I was talking to Mrs. Potter today

about the new armed response system.



- Dad!

- What?



I just don't know what goes on

inside your head sometimes.



I don't know

what to think sometimes.



It's just been a tough period.



Same here.



I was really worried

about you tonight.



Yeah, maybe

I should have called.



But it's only because

I care about you.



I care about you too.



Remember when I was little and you used

to kiss me like I was a movie star?



Gee, that was a while ago.



I would lean back and you would kiss me

like Rudolph Valentino.



Kiss me.



I'll make the coffee.






Hey, wait up!



- Your lunch.

- Wow. Thanks.



I missed you last night.



- I should have called.

- You'll be home tonight, right?



Of course.



And tell Ellie I'm bringing

somebody home for dinner.






- Let's make it a surprise, okay?

- Okay.



Bye, sweetie.



Well, it's probably somebody

very important...



like a coworker or something.



- He didn't wanna freak me out.

- What kind of coworker?



Somebody very important.



You know,

Dad might be up for a promotion.



And if he doesn't get the promotion,

it won't be because of this meal.



I'm home!



It's not a coworker.

It's Lena.



Do I smell smoke?



Isn't this just delicious?



It's wonderful.

You cooked this yourself?



Yes, I did.



And you look so lovely tonight. You

look more like your mother every day.



I don't look like my mother.

Everybody says I look like my father.



- I look nothing like my mother.

- She's wearing Mama's dress.



I thought

I recognized that dress.



That's so cute.



You know, when I was a little girl,

I used to play dress-up too.



I know, dear.



Wait. Hold on. You applied a little

too much blush there. Wait.



There. That's much better.



- What's going on here?

- Can't I have Lena over for dinner?



Yes, but not as a guest.

What are you thinking?



Is this a problem?



If it isn't a problem,

why did you make it a surprise...



springing her on me

like that?



- I am so tired. I'm gonna call a cab.

- I'll drive you home.



I think I have the cab company's

phone number right here.



- I'll drive you.

- It's okay. I call the cab.



That won't be necessary.



I'll be back in a little bit.



Precious Lord



Take my hand



Lead me on



Let me stand



I am tired



I am weak



I am worn



Well, through the storm



Through the night



Aren't you coming to bed?



Yeah, sure. I'm just waiting

for Dad to come home.



Okay. Good night.



Good night.



- Dad?

- Ellie? Are you still up?



Where are you?



I'm over at Lena's.



Look, honey, I had some car trouble,

so I'll have to stay over here tonight.



Honey? Ellie?



I know. Funny, isn't it?



Yeah. A real fucking riot.



Please, Ellie,

don't use language like that.



Hi. I just picked up

the other extension...



to say how happy

I was to see you tonight.



I didn't hear you pick up

the other extension.



And the meal was scrumptious.



- So lock up and go to bed.

- Dad...



- Be back tomorrow. Good night.

- But...



I haven't gotten

to the good part yet.



Sam Magee was from Tennessee.



Tell me that story

when you were in school.



- The one in the kitchen.

- Once we were in a restaurant...



That dessert was great, honey.



Expecting more car trouble tonight?



What's that supposed to mean?



Cut the crap, okay?



Inger, could you come in here

for a second, please?



Lena and I are gonna stay up

for a while.



I was thinking it would be best...



if you two slept

in your own beds tonight.



- Is that okay with you?

- Sure.



He didn't ask me if it was okay.



You're old enough

to sleep in your own bed.



Hi, Lena.






Right. I came down

for a glass of water.



Want mine?



No, thanks.



Why not?

You're thirsty.



You want it, so take it.






Drink it.



If you insist.



It's not as if I poisoned it

or anything.



But you're looking at me,

expecting me to drop dead.



Aren't you?



Relax. I'm just joking.



Let's turn the light on

the situation.



Look, I know how you feel

about your father.



I understand, because I felt

the same way about my father.



I even dreamed about marrying him.



Of course, that's not possible.






and then you'll have sex with him

and maybe fall in love.






Yes. Just like your father and I.



- Lena?

- In here, sweetheart.



What are you two doing up?



Just quenching our thirst

and enjoying a little girl talk.



After you're done,

you should get to bed.



You've got school tomorrow.



Good night, Ellie.



You're lookin' good today,







Ellie was in school

the day her mother died.



- How do you know?

- From the attendance records.



- What about the rest of the day?

- I could check with each teacher.



Would you do that for me?

I'd appreciate it.



Here's the number.

Just give me a call. Thank you.



Now that we've had Lena over

a couple times, I was wondering...



and Lena was wondering too...

what do you guys think about it?



About Lena and I seeing each other,

and her coming over.



You guys are getting married?



I told you that's

what they're thinking.



We want you to realize that

nobody is marrying anybody.



That's right.



But you are getting married.



Ben, speak to her.



We're not rushing into anything.



It's just sometimes grown-ups

need other grown-ups.



Your father loved your mother

very much.



We're not even thinking

about marriage right now.



Then what are we thinking about?



We're just spending

some time together.



Do you, Ben Christianson...



take Lena Anderson to be

your lawful wedded wife?



To have and to hold,

to love and to cherish...



in sickness and in health...



for richer, for poorer...



I didn't tell him

how you were my favorite.



...till death do you part?



I do.



Maybe I hang around here



A little more than I should



We both know I've got

somewhere else to go



But I've got something

to tell you



That I never thought I would



I believe you really

ought to know



I love you



I honestly love you



You don't have to answer



I can see it in your eyes



Maybe it was better left unsaid



But this is pure and simple



And you must realize



That's it coming from my heart



And not my head



I love you



I honestly love you



I'm not trying to make

you feel uncomfortable



No, I'm not trying

to make you



Anything at all



But this feeling

doesn't come along



Every day



And you shouldn't

blow the chance



When you've got

the chance to say



Detective Boland.



Why don't you call meJames?



- You sure sing pretty, Amaryllis.

- Thank you.



So, are you off duty or on duty?



Looking for Ellie Christianson.

You seen her?



Good evening. The Blue Hawaiians

would like to wish Ben and Lena...



the best on this,

their wedding day.



Let's go, boys.



Hey, you all right?



Jesus. You all right?



Lawson! What the hell?



Usually when I come out here

it's totally quiet.






Tonight there's nothin' but noise.



You should go.

There's free beer.



You're wasted.



I had one drink,

for the toast.



Stand up.



Close your eyes.



Why, do you want to kiss me?



Just close your eyes.



- What?

- Are you sure she's here?



She's here.

I did see her drinking earlier.



Maybe she's in the ladies' room.



Will you check it out for me?



- Yeah. Sure.

- Thanks.



I'm hopping!



Now recite the alphabet backwards.



"Z." It starts with "Z."

Come on.



Just one drink, huh?




I think I have to go

wash up somewhere.



We could go to my place.



Can we run away?



We can leave right now.






Want to look

in Ellie's room with me?



I'll check in the back.



We don't have a lot of money.

So, we just live off the land.



The national park system.



Sleep under the stars.

I'm good with my hands...



so I can get a job

as a day laborer.



Just enough to get us food and gas,

get us to the next place.



I don't know.



If we do leave,

I don't want to be a gypsy.



- We should settle down.

- Where?



How about up north, like Portland?



We can get an old house

that's cheap and broken-down.



You don't wanna do that!

Let's travel.



We could start

a bed and breakfast.



I could be the hostess

and receive the guests...



and make sure

their towels are clean.



And I can do all the cooking.

I'm a great cook.



You could be the handyman.

Do the plumbing and carpentry.



- But it costs money.

- Hardly any.



She wouldn't run away.



On our wedding night?

Yes, she would.



She always talked of running away.

She had a suitcase...



Wait a minute.



The most important thing is we get

the hell out of here tomorrow.



Okay. Just turn off the light.



Hi, sweetheart.

Did you see Ellie's suitcase?



Thank God.



Her suitcase is here.






It's Boland.



Don't worry.

I can handle this clown.



- Mr. Smith.

- What's up?



We're looking for

Ellie Christianson.



What for?



She's been missing

since the wedding.



Sorry about that, Ben.



- Have you seen her?

- No.



Would you mind if I look around?



Yeah, I do mind.



Why's that?



I don't know why you think

she would want to be with me.



What? That's not what

we're suggesting, you bastard.



Now, Ben, that is exactly

what you're suggesting.



You son of a bitch!



- Goddamn it!

- Easy. Hold it.



- I can get a warrant in    minutes.

- Go get your fuckin' warrant.



It's open.



Everything's okay.



Okay. I should go home.



- Home?

- Yeah.



What's stopping us

from leaving right now?



I have to get my clothes,

don't I?



Not really.



You gonna buy me new ones,

Mr. Moneybags?



I gotta go.






We'll leave at  :   in the morning.



 :  .



That's Smith,

as in Smithsonian.



What happened?



Well, young lady.



Where have you been?



Been lookin' all over for you.



We can handle it from here,




If you don't mind,

I'd like to talk to your daughter.



- It's kind of late.

- She needs sleep.



- You've got to talk to her.

- I will.



Ben, talk to her now.

Remember what we discussed.



Be loving, but tell her that

this behavior won't be tolerated.



- You're right. Absolutely.

- It's not my place.



Not yet. It's yours.



So, go talk to her now.



Where were you all night?



Lena and I are very disappointed

in you.



We were worried sick.



It isn't important right now,

I suppose.



I'm glad you're back in one piece,

but I must say this to you.



We will not tolerate this behavior

in the future.



You're living underneath my roof.

When you're    you're on your own.



But right now, today...



you're underneath my roof,

you got it?



You got it?



You say something,

for chrissake!



I want you to go downstairs now

and apologize to Lena.



Apologize for getting drunk. I know

you did because Mrs. Potter told me.



Go downstairs

and say you're sorry...



and tell her that you hope

we have a nice honeymoon.



Go downstairs right now

and say it!



I won't say that.



- Won't?

- No.



I'll tell her your have a mole

on your left ass cheek.



- I will.

- You can't.



- I'll tell her.

- Please. Please.






You're so...






No. What do you want from me?



I don't understand. When did

you decide this? Right now?



No, not right now.



I've been thinking about it

for quite a while.



We've only been married

for    hours!



I've been thinking about it

for    hours! It won't work out!



You're not even willing

to give us a try?



I think I've given it all I had,

and I think I made a mistake.



You made a mistake.






I knew it.



What happened with Lena?



Lena went to Mrs. Potter's.

We'll talk about it tonight.



So Lena left?



It's too bad. I didn't even get

a chance to say good-bye to her.



I guess I should go to work.



No use wasting a good vacation day

if there's no honeymoon.



You two better get to school.



I won't be going to school today.



Well, then,

you better get to school.









First Mom, now Lena.



I guess Dad's just

unlucky in love.



What have you done, Ellie?



I'm going to school.



But you don't have to leave

for another half hour.



- Hello?

- Ellie, it's Lawson.



I know who it is.

What do you want?



- It's  :   and I'm ready to roll.

- I'm not going.



What are you talking about?

We had plans to get out of here.



We talked about it, that's all.



Ellie, you've gotta listen!



- Hi, honey.

- Lena?



I'll leave you two alone

for a few minutes.



We never got a chance

to say good-bye, did we?



We could play

until the bus comes.



Inger, I'm not in the mood

right now.



You could put makeup on me.



Just look at me, please.

Go to the window and look at me.



I've thought about it, okay?



Screw my plan of traveling around.

It was a dumb idea.



Let's head to Portland

and open that bed and breakfast.



The more I think about it,

the better I like the idea.



- But you have no money.

- But I'm good with my hands.



Come on, Ellie. It's a great idea.

A bed and breakfast.



- You gotta control yourself.

- I love you.



I don't know when

we'll see each other again.



Soon, I hope.






Inger just left, so you won't

be needing three mugs.



I should've told you this earlier.

It's not for Inger.



You say anything,

and I'll arrest you.









We have an alarm system, you know.

You've probably set it off.






James, it's Amtek. There's been

a break-in in the Christianson house.



- I'm right here if you need me.

- I will.



It's too bad

he didn't have a weapon.



Probably won't affect

your retirement.



How about some cocoa?



I never touch the stuff.



Come with me.



Where's Inger?






Go to her.



I'm right here, sweetie.



Is she really dead?



Yes, she's dead.


Special help by SergeiK