Wicker Park Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Wicker Park script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie starring Rose Byrne, Josh Hartnett, and Diane Kruger.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Wicker Park. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Wicker Park Script



Magnificent, aren't they?



God's tears.






It's beautiful.



So are the others.

I, uh...



I guess I just...

have to make the right decision.



In the end, it's not your eye

that must decide.






Did Rebecca call?



Yeah. She'll be at the restaurant

in an hour to take you to the airport.



I put your tickets, passport, and

your new cell phone in your briefcase



and Hong will be there

in ten minutes.



Thanks. See you in four days.



The second you land,



those guys are gonna start poking

and prodding to see what you're made of.



Are you sure I'm the right guy

for this, Walter?



I'm no good at this corporate stuff,

I hate flying...



and isn't this Bob's thing, anyway?



Bob? Come on, you're gonna be fine.



Just don't eat anything

that wears a collar,



and if you need me, I'll be on the beach

in Cozumel screening my calls.



Look... this is a big break for you.



But I'm giving you this account because

I think you're the right man for the job.



Besides, you're gonna be a member

of the family soon, right?



Going down, please.



Oh. Matthew, keep away

from the bang-bang girls



or Rebecca will kick my ass, all right?






- Matty!

- Luke! Hey, man.



- How are you, man?

- I'm good. How are you?



Really good. Really good.

Good to see you. You look great.



Thanks, man. I mean, I do.



You still doing that whole

advertising thing in New York?



I moved back.



- When did you get back?

- Two months ago.



Two months? What are you doing?



You don't call your friend?

You could've called me.



I know. I just... I moved back

with a girl that I met in New York



and I'm working for her brother,

and it's...



That sounds serious.



Maybe. I don't know.

We'll see.



You look very serious.

Look at you.



I know, man.



Hold on!



Listen, man,

I gotta go to a meeting.



Yeah, I need to probably

move my car, too.



And then I'm going to China tonight.



- China? That's weird.

- Yeah, I know.



Let me give you a call

when I get back. Monday?



Yeah, sounds good... shut up!



All right, look, here's my card.

Don't wait two years... call me!



The old shop.



- All right?

- I will, man.



You look good.

That's a nice tie.



Good to see you.



Are you done? Come on!



He's very impressed

with what you've done,



and he assures you

that when you get to China,



you'll be met with much enthusiasm

and support.



Thank you very much.



Some champagne, please.

Excuse me.



Excuse you.



Matthew is a, uh, photographer.

Beautifully, wonderfully creative man.



And here's my favorite sister.



His only sister.



Mr. Hong, Ms. Chin,

this is my sister Rebecca.



Hey, Sweetie. How are you?



As you can see,



Matthew has managed to make himself

indispensable even away from the office.



Here, Sweetie. Just take one of these

to help you sleep on the plane.



Mr. Hong would like

to propose a toast.



Oh, yes.



To a long and prosperous marriage...



of our two companies.



Are you okay?






Um, excuse me.

I'm gonna go make a phone call.



I'll be right back.



Excuse me,

can I have the check, please.



Just a minute!






No, you listen!

And I don't feel like calming down.



It's over, okay?

That's why I wanted to meet.



No, actually I don't think

it was an accident.



It's in the paper!



I don't ever want

to see you again, Daniel.



Stop following me,

or I'll call the police!









Whoa. Hey, come on.



Are you all right?



I pissed her off.



You wanna put that

on this card, please?



Oh! This stupid...



Need some help there, Mare?



- What's up?

- It's so frustrating.



I just can't work out

why there's no sound.



I just...



Matthew? Hello?



Anybody home?



I'll take this one, if you want.



Knock yourself out, kid.



Oh, my God.






- They wanna know how long... hey!

- Mary, I'll be right back.



- Sorry.

- Where are you going?!



Oh, sorry!



- Hey, guys.

- Hey, Lisa.



See you inside.









- Probably time to go, right?

- Yes.






Pre-boardirhg call

for flight     to Murhich.



All passerhgers should board

at this time at gate  -A



I guess, uh, this is it.



Are you sure nothing's wrong?



No. No, I'm fine.



Okay. Well,

call me when you get there.



Okay. I will.



I love you.



Me, too.









Your atterhtiorh. please.



This is the firhal boardirhg call

forAmericarh Airlirhes flight    



service to Sharhghai.



All passerhgers should rhow

be boardirhg at gate   -B.



Matthew Simon.










Yeah. No, he's not on the plane.






He's sick.



No, he's very sick.

He has food poisoning.



No, he'll be there

in the next couple of days.






All right.









Here. sweetie. Just take orhe of these

to help you sleep orh the plarhe.



That line... what it does to your calf...

that is what we call sexy.



Wanna try pink? Hmm?



- Okay.

- Okay. Have a seat.



Hey. There you are.

Where you been?



You look like shit.

I hope she was worth it.



Hey, do we have

a size ten in pink?



Yeah, in the back.



- Hey, Ellie.

- Hey.



- I gotta talk to you.

- Lady Dragon Shoes.



Ow. So, who is she?



You wouldn't believe me.



Betcha I do. I probably even know her.

What's her name?



That's the thing.



You don't know her name?

Oh, man.



I know that she's a dancer.



You mean, like a stripper?



No, shithead.

Like a real dancer.



Oh, God.

I love a dancer's body. Ooh.



But her face is like...



Her eyes...



...and her... skin is just...



She just makes me all...



What is "wha" and "duh"? She just

makes you more inarticulate than usual.



You are obsessed,

which I don't understand.



I mean, I don't know how

you decide on just one.



I mean, my customer over there...

she's got great legs. Ellie.



All right? There is

something hot about Ellie.



The blonde at the window.



I mean, come on.



What are you doing?



Matty, are you all right?



Lady Dragon Shoes.

Can I help you?



The blonde?



What are you doing?



Give me some shoes.



- Shoes?

- Yeah.



Got lots of shoes.



I'm sorry I took so long.

Pink. It's my last pair.



Could I help you with anything?






Those shoes in the window.



The black ones

with the red sole.



I'd like to try them on, please.



The blacks and reds. Okay.



I'll just go in the back

and get them for you.



That's where we keep them...

in the back... so...



I'll be right back.



Uh, Matty?



Maybe you'd like to ask the lady

what size shoe she wears.



- Right.

-   / .



Like Fellini.






I mean his movie, not his shoe size.

I don't know his shoe size, obviously.



  / .






What was that?



Fellini! What the hell

was I thinking?



I have no idea.



But you were right about one thing.

God, she's beautiful.



And you, my man,

are an idiot.



All right, look.

Here's the thing, all right?



You've obviously blown it,

she obviously hates you,



so you stay right here

and let the man take a shot.



- Shut up. Give me the shoes.

- All right. Go.



Just remember...

you're not funny.



Here we go.

Black and red.



What do you think?



They're too big.



Too big? Really?



Luke, these are   / s.



I'm sorry.

That's the smallest size we have.



Oh, well. Too bad.



Not... you know...

not necessarily.



We can order these for you.



Special order. And, uh...

I can, uh, if you leave your number,



I can give you a call personally

when they come in.



Do you normally spy on people?






Are you really gonna tell me that

you're a huge fan of modern dance?



Look, I've never done

anything like that before.



Honestly... could you let me take you out

for a cup of coffee and explain?



I don't think so.



I'll stay on my side of the table.

I promise.



Just call me

when the shoes come in, okay?



Listen, I'm not

what you think I am, okay?






"Tomorrow rhight.  .'  .

Café Tarhgiers orh Kirhzie.



Now you worh't have to follow me."



Well, my parents eventually split up,

and my mom moved back to Prague.



But my dad's still here.

He lives in California.



I wish I was in California right now.



So, why did you want

to become a photographer?









Tropical fish, actually.



When I was a kid, I used to go

to the library and pick out all the books...



...with tropical fish, you know.



Beautiful colors and shapes.



When I was eight years old, I realized

someone had to take pictures of the fish.



And I wanted that to be me.



But I grew up and I realized that...



things don't have to be extraordinary

to be beautiful.



The ordinary

could be just as beautiful.



Like what?






Like... you see the couple there?



Look at the way the girl

is holding on to him so tight.



But he can still drink his coffee.



It looks like she feels safe

wrapped around him.



And if you believe that,

I'll tell you another one.



Take my picture.



I feel beautiful tonight.












- Hi.

- Hi.






I have your dry cleaning.






Hey, you're not in China.



I didn't make it past O'Hare.



- What happened?

- I found Lisa.






Here it is.



This is the article she left behind.



The funeral's today.



I can't believe you're

blowing off Shanghai for this.



This isn't actually Lisa.

This is a compact.



What about your woman?

What's her name, anyway?






Yeah, I mean, isn't...

Matt. Matt!






Is it broke?



You superstitious?



God, I am so stupid.

Here, give it to me...



- No, no. It's okay.

- I'm sorry.



You're right.

This doesn't make any sense.



One minute I'm looking at rings,

and the next I'm here, doing this.




Whoa, looking at rings?



I didn't realize you were that serious.



Apparently, I'm not.



See, that's how the universe works.



The minute you make a decision...

you decide on anything...



along comes temptation.



What would you do?



Keep them both and hope they didn't find

out about each other is what I would do.



That's perfect.




I have to find out why she left.



She got scared.

Everyone gets scared.



No, not Lisa. She wouldn't have left

without an explanation.



Without some sort of letter

or a call or something.



She's not like that.



Something must've happened,

and whatever it was...



Screwed you up big time.



I know she loved me.



So let me borrow

your keys, okay?






The funeral's today.

It's the only lead I've got.



Oh... my car.



- Come on.

- Okay. I know. I'm sorry.



You just have to be back by  :  .



I will. Thank you.



I've got a date.



You got a date?



Yeah, I got a date.



With who?



This actress that came into my shop

a couple weeks ago, and, uh...



God, I like her a lot,

so please do not be late with my car.



I won't be.  :  .

I'll be back by  :   okay?



"Lisa. 've beerh tryirhg to firhd you.



have your powder case.

Call me at..."



Excuse me?



What can I do for you?



I found a hotel key

in the back yesterday.



A woman left it.

I don't know if you saw her.



She fell right over there.

Broke her heel.




Yeah, that's right. I remember.



You wanted to leave

the keys with me?



No. Actually, I, uh...



could you give her this note

if she comes back in here?



- No problem.

- Thanks a lot.












"Lisa. returrhed your key

as you asked.



"You must let me see you

if orhly for orhe last time.



"Call me.

My heart carh't starhd it.



All my love. Darhiel."






- Ass.

- I'm so sorry.



- Hey, I could explain.

- You are an asshole.



Do me a favor...

don't ask me for any more favors.



Come on.




I found her. I think I found her.

I found her apartment, anyway.



I'm really happy for you, Matty.



I left a note under her door

to meet me at the park tomorrow.



Guess you guys

should have a picnic.



Jesus, man.

I said I was sorry.



My entire evening is screwed.



Look, I'm not really

that late, brother.



Alex doesn't wait for anyone. Trust me.

I've already left three messages.



Well, why didn't you take a cab?



'Cause I was waiting for you.

I was waiting for my car.



Luke, it's not that late.

You can still drive over there.



Go over there? And do what?

Throw little pebbles up at her window?



She's gone. It's over.

Just forget it.



Maybe not.



I hope, for our friendship,

this is who I want it to be.



Want to see how cool I am?

Three rings.






Hey, how's it goin'?



Oh, I'm so sorry.

Did you get my messages?



No, I lent my car to my buddy Matt,

and he was a little late coming home.



No, sure. He's right here.

Hold on a sec.



She wants to talk to you.



Fix it.

You have to fix it.






He's full of shit. isrh't he?



Yeah, he's full of shit, all right.



Yeah. krhew it.



He didn't lend me his car. I took it.



I stole his keys.



That's good.



Why would you do that?



Because I'm a selfish idiot.



And I had this whole thing

going on that...



I don't wanna bore you with it.



Please. irhsist.






Well, um...



I was looking for somebody.

A woman.



I wasn't thinking.



Got a little desperate.



Oh. 'm sorry.






I should be apologizing to you.



And I am apologizing to you.

I'm very sorry that I ruined your evening.



Did you firhd her?



I think so. Yeah.

I found where she lives.



Well. you should go back.

arhd you should look for her.



I think I will. Thanks.



You're boring now.

Give me the phone.



- Okay, Alex. I gotta go.

- Nice to talk to you.



Nice to talk to you, too.




She's nice, man.









Okay. Why don't I just...

I'll pick you up at the theater.



I think not so, my lord.



Dear lad, believe it,



for they shall yet belie thy happy years

to say thou art a man.



Prosper well in this,



and thou shalt live as freely as thy lord

to call his fortunes thine.



I'll do my best to woo your lady...



...and yet a barful strife.



Whoe'er I woo,

myself would be his wife.



Alex, what's going on?



What do you mean?



Well, I'm sitting in the audience

and I'm getting nothing.



I figured maybe I'm missing something,

so I come, I take a closer look.



But you know what?

I'm still not buying it.



What the hell's

the matter with you today?



Look, the line, "Whoe'er I woo,

myself would be his wife"



defines your character.



You're in love with this guy,



and he is asking you

to help him get another woman!



You're upset, you're confused,

it's tearing you up inside!



We've gotta see the love,

but we've also gotta see the agony.



You have been in love before,

haven't you?



Yes. Sure.



Oh, good. Well, please,

share a little something with us, huh?



God. you sourhd so close.

Carh't believe you're  .    miles away.



I know.

It's crazy, isn't it?



How's the weather?



I don't know.

It's still dark out.



srh't it. like.

  .'   irh the morrhirhg there?



l... you know what?



I'm so zonked, I didn't

even open the blinds yet, and, uh...



you know what... it's actually a really

nice day out, now that I see it.



Are you sure rhothirhg's wrorhg?



No. I'm just a little out of it,

that's all.



Well. you better get irh it. because

today's meetirhg is very importarht.



You'll be firhe. horhey.

'll speak to you later. okay?



miss you.







"Lisa. fourhd your powder case.



"have to see you.



"Meet me tomorrow at  .'  .

our usual spot.


















Jesus Christ!

I'm sorry. It's okay.



I'm calling the police!

Where's the phone?



No! Don't call the police!

I'm not gonna hurt you.



- Get away from me!

- Okay! Okay! Calm down!



Calm down. It's okay.



I'm a friend of Lisa's.



A friend of Lisa's?






Is that supposed to be funny?



No. You can ask her

when she comes, okay?



I'm Lisa.

I live here.



Your name's Lisa?






And you live here?









- I'm calling the cops.

- No, wait. Don't.



Hey, you see that letter there?



- You wrote that?

- Yeah.



You were at Bellucci's on Monday.



Yeah... I was.



And you had a room at The Drake,

room    ?






How'd you know that?



I can't believe I did this.



I'm going crazy. Here.



That's yours.



It's broken.



I'd be happy to pay for it.

You know, my bad luck.






Your hand.



It's bleeding.



It's all right.



I got this.



No, I...

I'll fix it. I'm a nurse.






Thank you.



You know, at the restaurant,



I would've bet anything

you were this girl I used to know.



But now seeing you here, you don't

really look that much like her at all.



Must be hallucinating.



I was crazy about her.



So, what about the, uh...

what's-his-name in the Cadillac?



- Daniel.

- Yeah. What's his story?



He's been stalking me.



He scares the hell out of me.



That's why I was staying in the hotel...

because I didn't want him to find me.



I hope he didn't follow you here.



I don't think so. No.



How's your hand?



It's okay.



I wasn't even hungry or anything.



Actually, you know what?



Thank you for everything.



For the bandage...



...not calling the cops...



...not beating me to death

with the little bronze ballerina, or...



You're leaving?






I'm late, you know.



Very late, actually, for China, so...



China. That's funny.



That's what my friend said, too.



Well, maybe you should wait.



I can't. I mean...

I gotta go.



Do you really think planes

are still taking off this late?



What are you doing?



I'm scared.



Of him.



I haven't stayed alone here

since his wife died, and...



Would you mind if you stayed?



Lisa, you don't even know me.

I broke into your apartment...



I know. I know. I know.



But... don't take this the wrong way,

but I just think you're a nice guy.



That's all.









Where does a nice guy sleep?



A nice guy

sleeps on the couch.



What are you doing?



I'm watching you sleep.






Hey, how are you?



What are you doing here?



I gotta talk to you.






Yeah, it's kind of important.



Wanna go get a drink or something?

It's freezing out here.



- Okay.

- Okay? Come on.



My friend gave my stuff

to this head of the agency, and...



he liked it.






he offered me a job in New York.



That's great.



It'll help me pay my rent, but...



But what? Why not?



Move in with me.



l... I know it's only been

a couple of months, but I just, um...



You're the reason

I don't wanna move to New York.



I wanna make my life

here with you.



Look, I'm really late for rehearsal.

Can we talk about this tomorrow?






Matthew, trust me, okay?



Just meet me tomorrow

in the park. Same time.






Have you seen Lisa?






She's gone on a European tour

of Cabaret.



It all happened real fast.



They came to our rehearsal and

just picked her out, and she was gone.



Like... did she say anything

before she left?



Like what?



Like, uh...



Cool. Thanks.






- Hi.

- Hi.



You want a cup of coffee?



Yeah, sure. Thanks.















He broke all my cups.



That's original.






Thanks. Yeah.



Thank you.



To us.






Yeah. I have to go to work.



I'm due at the hospital.



That's right.

You're a nurse.



I got a double shift.



You should stay.



You have a key?






Well, I should be back by   :  .



Will I see you later?









- Bye.

- Bye.



You were at Bellucci's orh Morhday.



Yeah. was.






What happened to you?



Hang on.

Just a minute!



Look, could I stay at your place

for a couple of days?



- Yeah. of course.

- Great.



Well, I've gotta call Daniel first,

then I'll be right over.



- Okay.

- Bye.






Oh, shit. Get up.



You krhow.

at the restaurarht.



would've bet arhythirhg

you were this girl used to krhow.



But rhow seeirhg you here. you dorh't

really look that much like her at all.






Come on, Lisa.

Let's just talk about this, all right?



Don't start shit like that.

Look, I don't have time...



I don't wanna talk about it anymore.



Stop acting like a goddamn child

about this crap!



Stop screaming at me!



Lisa, what are you doing?

Jesus Christ. Be careful.



It's over. Get out of my house.



Stop! Enough!



Get back in here now!



- You're gonna kill yourself!

- Don't do it!



Lisa, stop this!



Is this how you deal

with your problems?



Huh? You run away

and act like a child?



Go home, and don't bother

calling me, okay?






- Goddamnit!

- Can I come in?



Of course.



I'm sorry.

I hate to bother you, but, um,



my... ex-boyfriend just told me

he's seeing someone else.



I took a chance.

I hope you don't mind.



No, not at all.



Lisa, this is stupid, all right?

Come on!



Go home!



Excuse me, are you leaving?

I'd like to park.



- Hey!

- Hey.



I'm sorry I didn't call.

I, um...



Don't worry.

I've just been thinking.



Are you okay?



I'm going to London.






A friend of mine

started his own company.



He's asked me to choreograph.



Oh, my God.

That's amazing.



When do you leave?



Tomorrow afternoon.



Is it okay

if I stay another night?



Of course.



No, it has to be tonight.



Well, then I'd say

the   :   flight to Los Angeles



would be your best bet.



You can catch the flight

to Shanghai from there.



But there's only coach available;

your ticket's for first.



It's okay.



I'll tell you what.



I think I can get you an upgrade.



Why don't you come back

in a few hours. Around  :  .



Something should've

opened up by then.






Thank you.

See you at  :  .



The hotel thing was just stupid.



I knew Daniel would find me.






Why don't you come with me?



Well, I've got great shifts

at the hospital now,



and, you know...



And the guy who gave you that.






Well, come on. Tell me!



Last night we did it

on the sofa in the doctor's lounge.



You little slut.

I'm jealous!



The bad part is

I'm already seeing his best friend.



Another surgeon.



He's adorable and he adores me,

but he's the clinging type.



So she had the same name,

same perfume, same shoe size?



That's so hot.



Or... or maybe this is creepy.



I think it's a little bit of both, actually.



So, did you hit it?



No. Um... I slept on the couch,

you know.



When I woke up

in the morning, she was gone.



- But you wanted to hit it, didn't you?

- Come on.



Come on.



I'm going to China tonight, I'm practically

engaged... do I need to remind you?



The lies we tell ourselves.



So, what about you and Alex...

how's that?



How was your date?



- It was great.

- Good.



I mean, what...

you wanna wanna hear about it?



I don't know. Sure.



Well. after left you. werht

to pick up Alex from the theater. right?



She has this director... the guy is

such a cheese ball. Not that impressive.



mearh. she should be orh Broadway

or somethirhg. 'cause she was awesome.



t was super late

by the time she got charhged.



So we werht out.

had a couple drirhks arhd a couple laughs.



Orh the way home. told her the whole

sordid story about you arhd Lisa.



So now, finally, he's found her.



- Wow.

- Yeah.



And did she explain

why she disappeared?



No, not yet.

He just wrote her this note.



They haven't actually spoken,

but they're supposed to speak soon.



You okay?



No, I'm not. You know, I don't...

I don't feel very well.



You're kidding me.






Do you mind

just taking me home?



- Yeah.

- Yeah?






So, I was thinking,

maybe I could go upstairs with you



and I'll make you

a nice big cup of hot chocolate...



...put a bunch

of little marshmallows up on top.



We'll watch TV and just hang out.



Do you love me?



I just wanna be alone.



- Well...

- I'll call you.



I'll call you tomorrow.




Alex, wait a second.



You gotta be kidding me.



This girl's unbelievable.



You know what?

Don't call me, okay?



Don't call me until you figure out

what you wanna do with your life,



'cause I can't deal with this.



Every time, it's a different story

with you, all right?



Wait, l... I'm sorry.



I'll call you tomorrow.






This girl is ridiculous.






Arhd we had sex all rhight.



Arhd the rhext morrhirhg.



I made her my dad's

world-famous breakfast, and...



I don't know.

It was pretty perfect.



That sounds really good, man.



It was pretty good.



When do I get to meet her?






Yeah, tonight. Tonight is her...

she's got this play.



It's the big opening.

It's Shakespeare.






Shakespeare. I know.

But it's supposed to be good. Trust me.



I'm supposed to leave tonight.



Yeah, but it's early.



You can go to the play,

then get on the plane.



Have you seen my compact?

You know, the silver one.



No, I haven't.



I hope I didn't leave it

at the hotel.



It was a gift from my grandmother.



Where did you get this?



Um... it's surgeon number two's.



He left it here last week.



Oh, my God.

It's so much like...









So you're not getting

into too much trouble?






Take care of yourself, okay?



- Come on, let me film you.

- No. You first.



Come on, Alex. Are you shy? You can't

be shy if you wanna be an actress.






- Shakespeare?

- This is your big break.



That's Shakespeare.

I can't do that. That's too hard.



Haply, when I shall wed.



that lord whose hand

must take my plight



shall carry half my love with him,

half my care and duty.



Surely I shall never marry

like my sisters to love my father all.



So true, my lord.

In life... oh! I blew it.



I'm sorry. That was bad.



No, that was amazing.



You know, the thing with acting, Alex,

is you just have to commit.



Otherwise, you're just a phony.



I can't hear anything.



I know.



That's weird.



- Is it hooked up right?

- Yeah.



Can you take it back?



I know a place

I can get it fixed, actually.



Do you believe

in love at first sight?



Well, who is he?



Don't even try to lie about it.



I haven't met him yet.

I've just seen him.



I don't think he's got a girlfriend.

I can tell.



Don't wait.

The good ones go fast.



Well, I gotta go get the video camera,

so I'll talk to you later.



All right.



Hey... promise you'll talk to him?



Yeah... l'll think about it.



Okay. Bye.



I'll be right back.



- Sorry.

- Matthew, where are you going?






My God.

it's so much like... Matthew.



Don't be silly.



It belongs to one of the doctors

at the hospital.



Why would you think of Matthew?



Could I borrow

your car again tonight?



Oh, sure.



Thanks, Lisa.



Well, I better go.

I'll see you later.






Hi, excuse me?

I was in here a couple of days ago.



I think I might have left a compact.

It's silver, engraved.



Um, let me ask.



Tony, did anyone turn in

a silver compact?



No. Sorry.



Okay. Thank you.









A guy did come in here looking for you.

Said he found your keys. Oh! And...



He left you this.



- Thank you.

- Sure.



"Lisa. 've beerh tryirhg to firhd you.



"have your powder case.



"Call me.






Hey, Luke, can I talk to you

for a second?



Hey, Ellie, do me a favor.

Will you help her out?



Yeah, sure.



How's it goin'?



Hey. I just wanna say thanks

for everything



and, you know,

you've been great.



What about the play?

I thought you were comin' to the play.



I don't wanna miss

another flight, you know.



Listen, I'll make it up to you

when I get back. I promise.



Hey, taxi!



You have fun tonight, though, all right?

Say hi to Alex for me, and, you know.



- You're a lucky guy.

- You got plenty of time.



It's the late flight. I really want you

to come to the play. Please?



See, things, um... it's just not going

that well with Alex.



I've been kind of

exaggerating a little.



What do you mean?







Uh! I've been lying!



It's 'cause my life's so pathetic.



No all-night marathon?



God, I'm lucky if I get a kiss

at the end of the night.



So I was thinking that if you came

to the play, I think that would really help.



I mean, I'd be so much

more confident with you there.



And then I can go to the bathroom

and you can tell her,



you know,

what a great guy I am



and rumor has it I'm really good

in the sack, and that, um...



I'm hung like a camel...

I don't know.



Please? I wouldn't ask

if it didn't mean a lot to me.



- I'll be there.

- Oh, you're the best. Thanks, buddy.



 :   all right?



- I got it.

- Good. There you go.



- See you, brother.

- Yeah.



You the man. Thanks, man.



Well, you're all set.

You're on flight     . First class.



Have a good trip.



I will. Thanks a lot.



Um, I'm booked in a flight

to London today.



I'd like to postpone it

until tomorrow, please.



Those shoes.

The black orhes with the red sole.



'd like to try them orh. please.



Oh, excuse me, dear. Could you tell me

how to get to this museum from here?



I think it's...



I think it's back here.



- Let me show you. I'll walk you.

- Oh, thank you.



Alex, ten minutes!



This is it right up here.



- Here. Keep the change.

- Thanks.






How much better that man should fall

before the lion than the wolf.



The clock upbraids me

with the waste of time.



Be not afraid, good youth.

I will not have you.



And yet when wit and youth

is come to harvest,



your wife is like

to reap a proper man.



I'm right here. Sorry.



There lies your way.

Due west.



Excuse me.



Then westward ho. Grace and

good disposition attend your ladyship.



You'll nothing, madam,

to my lord by me?






I prithee, tell me

what thou thinkst of me.



That you do... think...



Sit down.



- You are...

- Sorry.



Not what you are.



Is that her?



Yeah, that's my girl.



Then think you right.



I am not what I am.



I would you were

as I would have you be.



Would it be better,

madam, than I am?



I wish it might,

for now I am your fool.



You're irh love with this guy.



arhd he is askirhg you

to help him get arhother womarh!



You're upset. you're corhfused.

it's tearirhg you up irhside!



You have beerh irh love before.

haverh't you?



By my innocence, I swear,

and by my youth,



I have one heart,

one bosom, and one truth.



And no woman has,

nor never none shall,



mistress be of it

to save I alone.



And so adieu, good madam.



Nevermore will I my master's tears

to you deplore.



She's good.



Look, I should really get

to the airport.



Yeah. Yeah.

If you have to go, go.



I'm sure Alex is gonna be disappointed

she didn't get a chance to meet you.



Tell her she did a great job.

And I'll see you on Monday.



I will. Hey, Matt, thanks for everything.

It means a lot to me.



I'm sorry you didn't find Lisa.



Yeah, me, too.



- I'll see you around, huh?

- All right, man.



Hey, Alex.



Alex, it's me.



Please go away.



C'mon, baby. Open the door.



I don't want your friend

to see me like this.



He won't. He left.



What? He left?

Did I scare him away?



Scare him away?

You blew him away.



You blew everyone away.

You were unbelievable.



He just had a plane to catch.



A slow one to China.

Open the door.



Did he find her?






Your friend... did...



Did he find Lisa?



No, it just turned out to be some... psycho

with the same name, same everything.



He slept on her couch and ran away

as fast as he could.



Are you okay?



Alex. you've gotta help me.



What's wrong?



Well, I booked this job...

a European tour of Cabaret.



Oh, wow! That's fantastic!



I know. Some girl broke her ankle,

I'm taking over.



But listen, I can't find Matthew.



I've been looking all over for him,

and my plane's leaving in two hours.



Did you leave him a message?



I can't really leave this

on his machine, you know.



It's too complicated.



I wrote him a letter.

Do you mind giving it to him?



I've never even met him.

He doesn't know who I am.



It doesn't matter... just tell him

you're my friend. It'll be fine.



You know what,

and if he's not there...



just let yourself in

and leave it on his bed.



I really appreciate this.

Thank you so much.



Sure. Okay.



All right.



He asked me

to move in with him.



Oh. What did you say?



I didn't really say anything.



I was late for a class,

and I just sort of ran away.



I said I'd meet him tomorrow.

If I don't show up, you know, he'll go nuts.



Anyway, I have to go.



Thanks again, and I'll call you

when I get there, okay?



Are you gonna do it?



Of course.

I love him.









Hey. this is Matthew.

Please leave a message.



Hey. t's me agairh.



Where are you?



Did you get my letter?



Arhyway. 'm irh Paris.



'm at the hotel. You got

the rhumber irh my last message.



Matt. please call me.



This is drivirhg me crazy.

rheed to speak to you.



Look. if you're arhgry at me.

therh dorh't be.



Just call... please.




dorh't krhow

if carh stay with the show.



feel like have to come home

arhd look for him.



No, I...



I wasn't gonna say

anything before, but...



...when I brought him the letter...



...he wasn't expecting me, and...



...I found him in bed

with another woman, Lisa.



- carh't believe it.



Just... forget about him.



The best thing for you to do

is stay with the show and...



just forget him.



really thought krhew him.



Just forget him.

He's not even worth it.



Luke, I'm so sorry.



No. Shh... it's okay.



I'm so sorry.



No. Please, don't apologize.

Please. God.



I know you're doing the best you can.



I just...



I just want you to know that I...

that I love you.



All right? And I don't

wanna play games anymore.



What's the point?

I'm just terrible at them anyway.



Do me a favor.

Grab that, would you?









- Who's this?

- Who's this?



This is Matthew.

Who is this?









Hey, what's up, kid?

I thought you left.



No, uh...



What are you still doing here?



'm over at the...



girl's apartment.



You went back

to the crazy girl's house?



What the hell are you doing there?



I'm really starting

to worry about you, man.



I'm starting to worry myself.



t's rhot just that.



couldrh't everh

get orh the airplarhe.



The thing is...



...there's something

about this apartment.



t's like Lisa's beerh here.



krhow this sourhds irhsarhe. but...



thirhk this is her place. marh.



Well. maybe you're

just hot for this crazy girl.



First thirhg you gotta do is get out

of her apartmerht arhd get over here.



'll tell you about some stuff. too.



've had the most amazirhg rhight

of my erhtire life last rhight.



Okay. 'll be over. Just give me

a couple of mirhutes. okay?



All right. 'll wait.




- Hello?

- Hi. um...



May I speak to Matthew, please?



Who is this?



Um... this is Lisa.



'm a frierhd of his.

'm callirhg about my compact.



I think he might have found it.



Uh... which Lisa is this?



Pardorh me?



Uh... 'll tell you what...



he's actually supposed to be here

irh a couple of mirhutes.















I'm sorry I didn't come back.

My, um...



...double shift turned into a triple,

and I just couldn't get away.



That's okay.

Don't worry about it.



Are you mad?



No. Not at all.

I had a great time.



Where are you?



Well, I'm still at work but, um,

I'm just leaving now,



so why dorh't you wait?



Yeah, I'll wait.



Okay. great.

'll see you soorh.



Let me. uh...

let me grab your phorhe rhumber



arhd will have him call you

wherh he gets irh.



Um, you know... actually, could you

just tell him to meet me at  :  ?



He'd know where.

Um, I'll be waiting for him.



 .'  . Okay.



l... you know what,

it can't be him already,



but 'm expectirhg him.



Someorhe's at my frorht door.

so maybe it is him.



So hold orh a secorhd.



Matthew, trust me, okay?



Meet me tomorrow in the park.

Same time.






Yeah. 'm sorry.

t wasrh't him. it was someorhe else.



But promise you

will give him your message. Okay?



Oh. Okay. Thank you.



I went to get cigarettes.

What's going on?



Matthew. He didn't leave.



He went back to that girl's house.

The crazy one.



Oh, the plot thickens.



Oh, yeah. It gets even better.

Listen to this.



So I hang up the phone,

and five seconds later, Lisa called.



The real Lisa.

The one from two years ago.



She wants to see him.



You tell him?



No, not yet.

I'll wait till he gets here.



He's gonna be so happy,

he's gonna hit the moon again.



I have to go!



- What do you mean?

- I'll call you later. I promise.



But I made breakfast.

My dad's famous potatoes.



Lisa called.

She warhts to see him.



So, will you let me

meet your friends?



Don't you have a store to run?



Oh, okay.

I can take a hint.



So we're going out tomorrow, right?



-  :  ?

- Sure.






Bye, and thanks for the lift.






Matty. Hey.




- Matty!

- Luke! Hey, man!



- How are you, man?

- I'm good. How are you?



Really good. Really good.



Oh, excuse me. Could I order

an espresso while I wait for my friend?






He's very impressed

with what you've dorhe.



arhd he assures you that

wherh you get to Chirha...



...with much erhthusiasm

arhd support.



I'm sitting over here.



Excuse me. Champagne.



Excuse you.






Uh, Miss Chin,

this is my sister Rebecca.



Shit, shit, shit!



As you can see, uh...



Here, Sweetie...



Hello. Bellucci's.

May help you?



Hello, may I speak

to my friend Lisa, please?



She's the blonde.

She's sitting at a table behind the bar.



Yes. Just a mirhute. please.



Excuse me. are you Lisa?



Phorhe's foryou.



t's a little rhoisy here. Why dorh't you

take the house phorhe arourhd the corrher.



Okay. Thank you.



To a long and prosperous marriage...

of our two companies.



Excuse me. I'm gonna go make

a phone call. I'll be right back.









- Hello?

- Hey, Lisa. It's me.



Hey. what happerhed to you?



I know. I'm so sorry.

I got stuck at work.



Look. Darhiel's fourhd me

at the hotel.



Hang on.

Just a minute!



Look, could I stay at your place

for a couple of days?



Yeah, of course. Um...



Go there right now.

I'll... I'll meet you there.









How are you, Lisa?



Good. How are you?






Thought you'd be in China by now.



That makes two of us.

Sit down.



- What's that?

- It's a present.



- For me?

- Yeah.



I saw that yours were...

yours were broken, so...



Uh, wanna try them on?



That's very sweet.

You didn't have to do that.



Oh, that's okay.



They're a little big.



What size shoe do you wear?






These are   / .



I would've told you what size I was if I

knew you were gonna get me some shoes.



It's okay.

I could exchange them.



You don't have to do that. I...



Anyway, I told a friend of mine I'd

meet him for coffee before I left, so...



What? You're leaving?









Hey, Luke. It's me.

Let's meet.



Jesus Christ.



What are you doin'?

I thought you were comin' by.



I, uh... I was comin' by.

I just lost track of the time.



I got good news for you.

Let's go have a drink.



I want you to meet someone.

Come on.



Come on.



Hey, babe. I came as soon as you called.

Look who I ran into. It's Matthew.



Matthew, Alex.

Alex, Matthew.



Finally you two meet.









Have a seat.









Want a cocktail?



Excuse me.



Hi, how can I help you?



What do you want?



A vodka rocks. Double.









You know what? I'll have, um,

I'll have a Seven and Seven.



Put it in a bucket. Not like a double,

but more like a one and a half.



He knows how to do it.




You got it.



So what happened

with your psycho?



You can say it in front of Alex.

She knows the whole story anyway.



Sometimes when you see

someone from afar...



...you develop a fantasy.



Then when you see them up close,



nine times out of ten,

you wish you hadn't.



I have no idea

what you're talking about.



I was confused,

so I went back to her apartment, and...



...thought I'd find what I was looking for,

but I found something else.



Did you talk to her?



Just long enough for her

to convince me that she's a liar.



No harm, no foul, though, right?



What do you think, Alex?

I mean, you know the whole story.



It's easy to stand back and judge.



You don't know anything

about this woman.



I know that she has no conscience

and no regard for anyone but herself.



I mean, what else

do I need to know?



You make yourself

into such a victim.



Nobody made you be with her. You can't

even see what a hypocrite you're being.



I'm being a hypocrite?

How am I being a hypocrite?



- Yes, you are!

- Whoa, whoa, whoa.



You guys. Hey, relax.



No, Luke. Hey, hold on.



Alex, I'd like you to explain to me

how I'm being a hypocrite.



Who's to say this woman hasn't been

in love with you for a really long time?



And now that she found you again,

she wasn't about to let you go twice.









the first time she saw you,



maybe she felt the way you did

the first time you saw Lisa.



You remember that.



Love makes you do crazy things.



Insane things.



Things in a million years

you never thought you'd see yourself do.



There you are doin' it.

Can't help it.



Jesus Christ.

Lighten up, you guys.



This woman... she's a nut.

She's psycho.



She's cuckoo-bananas, all right?

End of story.



Can we change the subject?



I actually have something

to cheer you up.



Did you, uh, leave a note

with the bartender here a few days ago?



Yeah, I did.

How do you know that?



'Cause Lisa called.






Yeah! After you got off the phone.

She said to meet her at  :  .



She couldn't wait long, 'cause she had

to get on a plane to London.



W-where am I

supposed to meet her?



She didn't say.

She said you'd know.



You don't know?



I think you know where.



It hasn't been that long, has it?






You know, uh...

I'll ask Tony.



Maybe he'll know something.



You knew she was here

the whole time?



This belongs to you.



It's from her.



"Matt. please dorh't thirhk

that 'm rurhrhirhg away from you.



"was so overwhelmed

wherh you asked me to move irh.



"couldrh't speak.



"My arhswer. of course. is yes.



Iove you.

arhd carh't wait to come home."



I'm not going to apologize

for what I've done.



This is for me to live with now.



Now you see me for who I am.



Yes, I do.



Hey. Where you goin'?






Where you goin'?



I know where she is.



All right.

Tell me what happens.



That guy. He's um...



more drama

than a Mexican soap opera.



Luke! This...



This is over.



- What's over?

- Us.



How can it be over?

We haven't even started yet.



I'm not who you think I am.



I used you.






Come on.






Hey, come on!









Hey! Hey!









- Goin' to Wicker Park.

- Yeah, right away.



Your atterhtiorh. please.



Flight     service to Lorhdorh

is rhow boardirhg.






There you are!



Where've you been?

Your flight got in an hour ago.



I've been down

to luggage claim and back.



- Rebecca.

- Hey.



I, um...



What's the matter?



Rough flight home?



Did you bring me back

that little Chinese dress?



- Rebecca...

- You okay, Sweetie?



I didn't go to China.



What are you talking about?



Hi, Alex. You're never gonna

believe what happened.



Matthew's back in town.



I can't marry you.



It would be a huge mistake.



You're gonna have to help me out, baby.

Did I do something wrong?



No, you didn't...

You didn't do anything wrong.



Rebecca, I...



I've been doing something wrong

for the last two years.



I'm not...

I'm not this person.



I can't go back with you.

I can't do this.



I was gonna meet him in the park,

but he didn't show up.



Yeah... krhow.



What do you mean?



Lisa. 've beerh doirhg some really...

horrible arhd selfish thirhgs.



What are you talking about?



've beerh keepirhg you apart.



When we met two years ago,

I was in love with someone else.



And she just came back

into my life.



She broke my heart...

and I'm sorry!



Oh, my God.



l... Rebecca, I know...



I know that I'm still in love with her.



I just... I needed you to know.



Know what?



Know what, Matthew?



That I'm not the girl

that can break your heart?

Special help by SergeiK