Wild At Heart Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Wild At Heart script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the David Lynch movie with Nicolas Cage, Laura Dern, and Willem Dafoe.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Wild At Heart. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Wild At Heart Script








Hey, Sailor, wait!



I got something for you.



Marietta tells me you were trying to



fuck her in the toilets.

- Oh, man...



You crazy bad boy, trying to

fuck your girl's mama!



Tell me: How does

that little cunt Lula feel about that?



You know...



Marietta gave me this

to kill you.



And then she said

I'd be able to fuck Lula...










- Is Lula there?



Who is this?



Sailor Ripley.



Can I... talk to Lula?



There's no way in hell!



If you even think

about seeing Lula, you're dead. - What?



You heard me.

And don't you ever call here again!






You know who that was.



And you know you aren't,



and I mean are not

gonna see him ever.



End of story!



Like hell!







- Peanut!



Hey baby!



I've got a surprise for you!



Hey, my snakeskin jacket!

Thanks, baby! Did I ever tell you



that this jacket is a symbol of my

belief in personal freedom?



About       times.



I got us a room at

the Cape Fear. And guess what?



"Powermad" is at the "Hurricane"!



Stab it and steer!



Jeez Lou-eez, Sailor,

you are something else...



When I was   

my mama told me



that pretty soon

I'd be starting to think about sex,



and that I should tell her before

I did anything about it.



But I thought

you told me your uncle Pooch



raped you

when you was   ?






Uncle Pooch wasn't really an uncle.



He was

a business partner of my daddy's.



Mama never knew 'bout me and him...



that's for damn sure.



You know what?

You're a pumpkin.



Oh, my God! Get out!



Uncle Pooch died

in a car crash   months later,



on holiday in Myrtle Beach.



They still got

way too much traffic there.



Have you been

noticin' the buildup in traffic?



Here she goes again.



I'm sorry, Sailor,



but that ozone layer is disappearin'.



One of these mornings, the sun's gonna



burn a hole clean through the earth

like an electrical X-ray.



That won't happen, honey.



At least not in our lifetime.

And by then,



they'll be driving Buicks to the moon.



You OK, honey?



That woman's laugh

creeps me out.



Like something I've heard before.



Sounded like the Wicked Witch.



Just sounded like an old gal

having a good time to me.



You ready to go dancing?



I'm always ready to dance.



But I need my kiss first.

Just one!



I'm gonna hire me a hit man, if you

don't help me stop this thing.



I'm going to call Marcello Santos.



Marietta, I am gonna help you.



So don't get carried away.



You don't want

to bring Santos and his bunch into this.



You're just jealous of him

'cause he's still sweet on me.



You been seeing him again?



Oh my God,



I don't believe this!



Johnnie Farragut...



who doesn't even trust

his very own Marietta?



Alright, I'm sorry honey, but...



I just love you,



and it just brings out...



That ugly jealous side,

I hate it, God!



No tongue! My lipstick.



Sweetheart, I want you

to stop worrying about me,



and start worryin' about

how to get Lula from that murderer.



Honey, wait a minute now:



Sailor ain't no murderer.



Now listen to me!

You gotta get off that kick.



As far as I know, Sailor was

all clean before he got involved in



in that event with Lula.



And even there,

he was trying to protect her.



That crazy Bob Ray Lemon was

comin' at them with a knife.



He could've killed both of them.

You oughtta be thankin' him!



I don't know why I'm telling you this.



You were there,

you saw the whole damned thing!



Didn't you?



Sailor boy!



How'd you like



to fuck Lula's mama?



No... ma'am...



I sure don't.

- Lula's mama would like to fuck you.



Mrs. Fortune, I really think

you need a cup of coffee.



Maybe I was there.



But I didn't see anything at all.



All I know is,

is that trash,



he killed a man

with his bare hands,



hands that are probably

all over my baby right now!



Oh, honey, settle down.



It's all right, come on now.



It's alright.



Now listen, I want

what's best for her too.



I'll do everything I can

to bring her back home, OK?



Baby, quit bouncing.

I got one more toe to do.



Let's go dancing, Peanut!



I'm ready.



But we better be careful.



Mama's gonna

have Johnnie Farragut after us.



He's one clever detective.

You know how clever?



How clever?

- He told me once,



he could find

an honest man in Washington.



I just want two more moments,

then my toes will be dry.



One thing puzzles me, sugar.

- What's that?



You're    years old.



Ain't you ever curious as to why

your mama wants to keep us apart?



I'll tell you, Lula...



it's more than

me killing Bob Ray Lemon.



Maybe my mama

cares for me just a little too much.



Yeah, maybe.



I just want

to kiss you goodbye.



You know too much about Lula's Mama.



What do you mean?



Johnnie told me

you were a driver for Marcello Santos.



So what?

- So maybe one night,



you got too close to a fire.



So maybe you're gonna burn.

Besides, you're shit.



You think I'd let my little girl



hang out with a piece

of s-h-i-t like you?



Kid, you belong

in one of these toilets!



You piece of white trash!






You're gonna have to kill me

to keep me away from Lula.



Don't worry about that.

First I'm gonna cut your balls off



and feed them to you.



You're gonna have to kill me.



I can arrange that.



It's a problem I don't think

is gonna go away too soon.



I'm ready to break parole

and take you out to sunny California!




- You up for that?



I'd go to the far end

of the world for you, baby.



You know that.



Rockin' good news!



Are those toenails about dry yet,




We've got some dancing to do!



You gonna give me the

opportunity to prove my love to my girl?



Or you gonna save yourself

some trouble and apologize to her?



Don't fuck with me, man.



You look like a clown

in that stupid jacket.



This is a snakeskin jacket...



It's a symbol of my individuality



and my belief

in personal freedom.






Come here!

- Sailor, honey...



I'm sorry to do this to you

here in front of a crowd and all...



But I want you to get up

and apologize to my girl.



I'm sorry.



You just bumped against

the wrong girl, that's all.



Get yourself a beer.



You fellas have

a lot of the same power "E" had.



Do you know this one?



Sail', how come you didn't

sing me "Love me tender"?



You told me

that was your favorite love song.



I told you I'd only sing

"Love me tender" to my wife.



Did you ever think something...



you can hear a wind...



and see the Wicked Witch of the East

come flyin' in?



I really did miss your mind

while I was out at Pee Dee.



The rest of your too, of course.



But the way your head works

is God's mystery.



What were you thinking?



Well, I was thinking

about smoking, actually.



My mama smokes Merits now.



She used to smoke Viceroys.



I started stealing

'em from her about  th grade.



When did you start smoking, Sail'?



I started when I was about...






My mom was already

dead then from lung cancer.



What brand did she smoke?

- Marlboros, same as me.



I guess both my mom

and my daddy died



of smoke

or alcohol related illness.



Jeez, Sail', I'm sorry.

- Its OK, honey.



I hardly used to see them anyways.



I didn't have much

parental guidance.



The public defender

kept saying that.



He was a good ol' boy,

he stood by me.



I'd stand by you, Sail',



through anything.



Hell, Peanut...



You stuck by me after

I planted Bob Ray Lemon.



A man can't ask for more than that.



You move me, Sail'.



You really do.



You mark me the deepest.



You're perfect for me too.



You remind me of my daddy.



Mama told me

he liked skinny women



with breasts

that stood up and said "Hello".



He had a long nose too,

just like yours.



Did I ever tell you

how my daddy died?



In a fire, as I recall.






Mama told me he poured

kerosene all over himself,



and lit a match.



That was the year

before I met you.



No, I haven't found them yet.



Just try to take it easy.

- Johnnie!



I'm going to stay

right here, by this telephone,



until you find Lula.

And then I'm coming to get her.



So call me the second

you get to New Orleans.



I will, honey.

- Please don't let me down again!



I'll miss you.

- Get going! - OK. Bye.



Bye, honey.



Well, I guess you

broke parole now.



You guess?



My parole was broke     miles back,

when we burned Portagee County.



I guess I'll send Mama

a postcard from somewhere.



I don't want

her to worry more than necessary.



That's not why I

called you here, Santos.



That don't smell like a Kool.



It ain't.

It's part of the lessons of life.



Just tell me what you want.



You ain't gonna start worrying

about what's bad for you?



I mean, here you are, crossing

state lines with a real murderer...



A manslaughterer, honey,

not murderer. Don't exaggerate.



OK, manslaughterer...



who just broke parole and has only

immoral purposes in mind,



as far as you're concerned.

- Thank the Lord!



Well, you ain't

let me down yet... Sail'.



That's more than

I can say for the rest of the world.



You please me too, Peanut



You want me to shoot

Sailor in the brains, with a gun.






In the forehead?

- Yes.






It's always better to blow a hole

through the back of the head.



Right through...



to the nose.



Lots of irreparable damage.






I knew

you had it under control.



You are a little slow, but

you're beginning to get it.



Why didn't you send

Johnnie Farragut?



Maybe I did.



Why don't you

look in New Orleans?



Lula always talks about that town.

- On one condition:



You give me permission

to kill Johnnie Farragut.



Santos, please!



You're not telling me

you're that sweet on him?



What? No...

- Are you that sweet on him?



No, but...

- One day he's gonna find out



what we're up to with Mr. Reindeer,

and he can cause us a lot of trouble.



I'll take your silence as a "yes".



No... no, Santos...

- Shhh, it's OK.



It's alright.

- No! You're not gonna kill him!



You're not gonna kill him!

- No, no...



No, not Johnnie.

You kill Sailor!



I am going to kill Sailor.



You can be certain of that.



Hello, Mr. Reindeer.

Marcello Santos speaking.



Mr. Marcello Santos. Hey there!



That was great shit

you sent last in last month.



I've got a problem.



A couple of problems, in fact.



A couple of problems?



For each problem, drop a

silver dollar through my mail slot.



With all particulars.



We'll work out

"il conto" later.



Have a beautiful day!



We are.



Keep them panties up,

we're in Jimmy Swaggart country!



You know what?



That little bitch Susie

stole my comb.



I hate that.



The stupid little shit!



Phone's ringing.






A couple of silver dollars

came my way today.



I'm sending one to you,

with a paper on the beneficiary.



As usual, you are completely free

to fulfill the obligation



in any manner you so desire.



In fact, send

Reggie and Drop Shadow over,



for the silver dollar

and the papers.






They're on their way.

Who's getting' the second silver dollar?



That's for me to know.






Thanks, Mr. Reindeer.



Have fun, darling.



How you doin', my boy?



Sometimes, when we're making love,



you just about take me

right over that rainbow.



You're so aware of what goes on in me,

I mean, you pay attention.



And I swear, baby,

you got the sweetest cock.



It's like it's talking to me

when you're inside.



You get right on me.



You are dangerously cute, baby,

I got to admit it.



Let's go out

into the crazy world of New Orleans!



Let's get a fried banana sandwich.



That's about the cutest

thing I've ever seen.



Pigeons spread diseases and

mess up the place. You've seen it.



The big N.O.!



Santos? I don't know...



I'm having second thoughts.



Guess what?



There's no turnin' back,




I'm in a killing mood.

- Santos!



I saw your boyfriend on Bourbon Street.

- I'm not sure...



What? Are you in New Orleans?



Crazy fucking bitch!






What are you?



You're not just a pretty face

with a fucking smile.



You're here

to make Mr. Reindeer happy.



And to show him a good time.



Do not bring misfortune

upon yourselves.



When I gave you

the silver dollar, I forgot



to include

the contents of this envelope.



They are to be returned.



Show it just before the deed.



I knew I had an important lesson

to learn that day.



When she got to the top step,

I stuck my hand between her legs.



Baby, what a bad boy you are!



Baby, what a bad boy you are!



That's just what she said.



I had a boner with a capital "O".



Anyway, I found her lying



in a room filled with

guns and porno magazines.



So, I slid

my hand between her legs again,



and she closed her thighs.



You're exciting me, honey.



Then what did she do?



Her face was

half pushed into the pillow,



and I remember, she looked back

over her shoulder at me and said:



"I won't suck you.

Don't ask me to suck you."



Poor baby, she doesn't know

what she missed.



What color hair did she have?

- Jet black,



but gentlemen prefer blondes.



Anyway, dig this:



She turns over,



peels off them orange pants,



spreads her legs

real wide



and says to me:

"Take a bite of peach."



Jesus, honey, you more than

sort of got what you come for.



Baby, you better run me

back to the hotel.



You've got me hotter

than Georgia asphalt.



Say no more,

but go easy on me, sweetheart,



tomorrow we got

a lot of driving to do.



Hotter than Georgia asphalt.



Wouldn't it be fabulous

if we someway stayed in love forever?



You think of the weirdest damn things

to say sometimes, Peanut.



Ain't we been

doing a pretty fair job thus far?



Oh, you know exactly

what I mean, sugar.



It'd make the future so simple and nice.



I've done a few things



in my life

which I ain't too proud of.



But from now on I ain't

gonna do nothin' for no good reason.



All I know for sure is

there's more than a few bad ideas



runnin' loose out there.



There's something

I ain't never told you about.



This here's a story with a lesson

about bad ideas.



What's that?



Well, my cousin Dell was

always fighting bad ideas.



See, Dell loved Christmas.

We used to call him



"Jingle Dell".



He wanted

Christmas to last all year long.



He sure would scream

when his mom told him it was summer,



and Christmas was

six months off.



Also, he said...



he felt there's men



with black rubber gloves who were

following him around.



Dell said that trust in the spirit of

Christmas was destroyed



by ideas being controlled

by aliens wearing black gloves.



These aliens would get Dell

to do all kinds of things.



Then he'd carry on about the weather,



talk about how rainfall is

controlled by aliens on earth.



Aunt Rootie told him

that one day he would realize



that the alien wearing

the black gloves was him,



and him alone.



Sounds like old Dell

was more than just a bit confused.



Dell was learning a hard lesson.



It got so he would stay up

all night making sandwiches.



Dell, what are you doing?



I'm making my lunch!



Mama told me

Aunt Rootie, that's Dell's mama,



found cockroaches in Dell's underwear.



One time, she found Dell



putting one big cockroach

on his anus.



Hell, Peanut!



It ain't so funny now, though.



Dell disappeared.



Nobody's seen him since.



Too bad he couldn't visit



that old Wizard of Oz,



and get some good advice.



Too bad

we all can't, baby.



Are you there, Johnnie?



What's wrong, honey?



Johnnie, sweetheart.

Wait, I've got something to tell you.



I want you to know something.



I've done something so bad,

real bad.




- Not on the phone! No...



I'm coming to New Orleans tomorrow

to tell you in person. OK?



Don't do this to me. You'd freak out

if I did that to you. Now what is it?




I'm not gonna tell you on the phone.



But honey, I gotta leave right now

and get on their trail.



The kids were here. They checked

out of the Hotel Brazil this morning.






Stay right there! Don't go anywhere!



I'm coming in on Piedmont

tomorrow, on the   o'clock flight.



We're going after Lula together!

- OK, if that's what you want.



But I'm against it!






tomorrow evening. Sugar...



We'll have dinner at our

favorite French restaurant, OK?



You fix it up. OK, bye now?



I love you.






How much we got left, baby?



Under    .



You want me to drive



so you can get a bit of rest?

- Yeah, that'd be good.



Come in, San Antonio, Texas.

What's on your mind this evening?



I just had triple bypass,

open-heart surgery,



and it's people like you who make me

wanna get out of the hospital...



How can anyone listen to this crap?



...for her recent divorce, shot

her three children, aged seven...



A judge



praised defendant John Roy,

but was dismayed to learn



that he'd had sex with the corpse.






State authorities, last October

released     turtles ino the Ganges,



to try and reduce human pollution,



and will now use crocodiles to eat

corpses dumped by poor Hindus...



Holy shit!

It's Night of the Living Dead!



What's that, Peanut?

- I can't take any more of this radio!



I've never heard

so much shit in all my life!



Sailor Ripley, you get me

some music now! I mean it!



...victim of a sexual assault...

...mutilated... raped...



Johnnie, I can't tell you now,

honey, but listen:



Is there any way, any way

that we could get on the road tonight?



Something was upsetting you bad

last night when you called.



And you wanted to tell me.



So I figured that you

wanted me to help you.



I did.



Oh, I did.

But that was last night.



Now I need your help. We have to

find Lula before it's too late.



Honey, I have to ask you something.

- Okay.



Is Santos

involved in this in any way?



Hell no!



Do you think I would do something

like that without coming to you?



I'm sorry, honey.



Goddamned Pucinski, son of a bitch!

- Who, Uncle Pooch?



The son of a bitch who introduced

Santos to you and Clyde.






That's all the past.



Now what you and I have to do...



is think about our future.



Do you mean that?



You bet your sweet ass I do!






Did I tell you

how great it was to see you again?



Just about five times, that's all.



Oh God, Johnnie, I love you!

- I love you too.



Let's get our backsides

out of this town and go get my Lula!



What's troublin' you, sugar?



You know, Lula...



I never told you what all

I was doing before I met you.



I just figured

you were out being Mr. Cool.



Not exactly, sugar.



One reason we're in this trouble

is because of what I was doing.



I tried to tell you this before.



You're scaring me, baby.



Well, there's a good side

as well as a bad side to it.



The good side is that I knew

your daddy. Clyde was a good guy.



You knew my daddy?

- Yes.



I sure did.



The bad side of it...



is I did some driving

for a man named Marcello Santos.



Oh Shit.



I quit working for him,



but just before I did,

I ended up one night at a house.



I didn't know it then,



but it was your house.



I don't know

what they think I saw that night.



I was just sitting out in the car,

'til the whole place went up in flames.



Oh God, Sailor,

that's the night my daddy died!



I know, sugar.









some big secret

you've been carrying, Sail'.



We all got

a secret side, baby.



I hope you don't think

I been lyin' to you about other things.



Lula, you there?



Yeah, I'm here...



You upset with me?



It just shocking sometimes...



when things aren't

what you thought they were.



We're really

in the middle of it now, ain't we?



I'm gonna pack real fast,

then I'll meet you downstairs.



My God, what we could've done

on that kingsize bed tonight!



Don't worry, I'll make up for it!

- Alright.



See you in a minute.

- Okay.






What's that?



I don't know...

Looks like clothes.



Oh God, Sailor!



One bad car accident.



What should we do?



I don't know, but we got to

help that girl, get her to a town,



and hope nobody finds out

that I broke parole.



This bobby pin...



I can't find it.



My mother's gonna kill me...

...it's got all my cards...



It was in my pocket.



Now my pocket's gone.

Gotta help me find it...



All my cards...

and it was in my pocket, and...



My purse is gone!

Now she tells me!



Let's get a hold of her!

- Is she going to make it?



Don't know, but she's gonna

bleed all over our car!



Hey... hello! Girl!



Come with us, honey!



Leave me alone!












Got this damned

sticky stuff in my hair...



...got sticky stuff in my hair.



Better come with us, honey. Come on!



Gotta find my wallet...

Don't tell my mother, please.



God, she's gonna kill me!



Can't worry about that...



Where's my hairbrush?

- God, she's dying right in front of us.



Get my lipstick...



It's in my purse.



She died

right in front of us, Sailor...



Why'd she have to go and do that?



Let's get outta here, honey.



Jesus, Mary and Joseph!



I don't understand this one tiny bit.



See, he told me to wait

for him here in that lobby there.



What I feel is that something

terrible has happened to him.



Perhaps we should

call a local law enforcement officer?



No, please! Please no!



The last thing I need

is some damned policeman



moving and going around here...



No, I just can't...

no... no.



I am sorry...

I must have overlooked this.



I'm truly


sorry, ma am.






Could you...?



"Gone fishing with a friend...



and maybe buffalo hunting, too."



Buffalo hunting?



"I've gone buffalo hunting."?



What the fuck

does "Buffalo hunting" mean?



Well, I am sure

I wouldn't know, I mean...



My God...



He's afraid.



He's done it again!



The fucker split!



"I've made a commitment."









Gentlemen, I'd like

to take this opportunity to ask you:



Please, clear out!

- How rude!



Me too?

- Yeah, you too.



What did you do to Johnnie?

Where's Johnnie?



What's happening here?



Tell me what's happening here!

Santos, tell me!



You been crying?



You gotta cut out

this crybaby stuff, you know?



You're my girl now, and Santos...






Santos wants to wipe away the tears,



and make you happy.



I want you to tell me...



I want you to tell me...



Did you do anything to Johnnie?

Did you hurt him? I want to know.



I did not do anything

to Johnnie Farragut.



You swear, on your mother?



I swear. On my mother.

- God! Oh God!



Come on. We have to go.



I got word:



The kids are moving through Texas.



And I think a happy end

is being arranged there.



That's it, give me a smile!



Oh Santos.



You're the only one



that always came through for me.



I smell your shit now, Johnnie.

Give us one more kiss, Reggie!



Oh, fuck me!



Fuck me!



Fuck me!



We hunt buffalo now.



Can't wait no more!



Remember the number... ten!



I can't stop her, Johnnie.



But I gonna be standing behind you

with this big old gun!



It's a Marine issue!



I go out now...




- Yes?



Show him now!






I forget to show you this!






Oh God, Marietta, honey...






Bye now!

- Two...



three... four...



Gettin' too hot now, Reggie!






...feeling myself...















Fuck me now, Reggie!






Why in the hell d'you want

to come to Big Tuna, Sail'?



I know

it's not exactly Emerald City...



Not as bad as the weather...



'though it's a long way

off that road to California.



Why in the hell d'you want

to come here, baby?



Oh, look at this!



What do you want, Mr. Snakeskin?



I was hoping you could tell me

if there's a contract out on me.



I really need to know.

- By who?



Santos. Or Marietta Fortune.



I heard you were going

with that bitch's daughter.



You heard right.

- You are one big, stupid asshole.



Don't you know that her mami and

Santos killed her daddy?



So maybe one night

you got too close to a fire...



So maybe you're gonna burn.



I didn't see nothin'.

- Sure. I did.






Is there a contract?



We had a deal once:

We'd tip each other off if we heard.



I know. I remember.






I heard of nothing.






Sail', honey, is that you?



The one and only!



D'you get that oil, baby?

- Yes siree!



I met a guy called Red.

He owns a garage.



What's that smell?



I barfed.



I tried to make it to the bathroom,

but it was the wrong door.



I think all this driving

is upsetting me, baby.



D'you think we could stay here

and rest a couple of days?



Are you

carsick, sweetheart?



A little, I guess.



Oh Sailor, honey:



I hope seeing that girl die

didn't jinx us.



I got this for you.



It has    different flavors.



One for about every reason

I love you.



Sail', I'm gonna save this.



But if I ever eat it,



I'll be thinking of you.



"Robert Brenton

and two passengers, William Reese



and Julie Day, were killed

when his car crashed on Highway    ."



Robert Brenton, that dumb fuck!



That stupid shit was so dumb,

he deserved to die!



That asshole!



Timmy, what's going on in No.  

where them lights are always on?



Them are making

a pornographic movie, Texas style!



You wanna join in?



To survive in Big Tuna, you

need an active sense of humor!



This is Bosis Spool.

We call him "OO Spool".



The man is a rocket scientist!



My dog barks some.



Mentally, you picture my dog,



but, I have not told you



the type of dog which I have.




you might even picture Toto



from the "Wizard of Oz".



But I can tell you

my dog is always with me.



Hey everybody!




Hey, Sailor, Lula,



This is the man himself!

Bobby, this is Sailor and Lula,



the   most recent strandees,



of the economic variety.



Bobby Peru. Like the country.



Bobby just rolled into town

a few days ago.



Yeah, Bobby is

the most exciting item



to hit Big Tuna

since the '   cyclone




the roof off the high school.



You from Texas, Mr. Peru?



I'm from all over.



You were in the Marines.



Four years.



Bobby was at Cao Ben.

- What's Cao Ben?



How old are you?

- Twenty.



A lot of women and kids

and old people died at Cao Ben.



You was on a ship, partner.



Pretty hard to make contact

with the people,



when you're out

floating in the Golf of Tonkin.



Come on Bobby,

have another glass of Jack.



Don't mind

if I fuckin' do.



Speakin' of Jack...



One-eyed Jack's yearning to go

peeping in a seafood store...






Nice meetin' you.



Adios, boys!

- See ya, Bobby!



Bobby's got a way...



Can't shake

that institution out of him.



Baby, I still ain't feelin' so well.

I'm goin' to bed.



Will you come with me?

- Yeah, I'll come along.






Good night!

- Good night!



Lordy, what was that about?



I don't know...



Man, that barf smell

don't fade fast.



Is there anything I can do for you?



I don't think so, Sail'.



I just need to lie down.



You know what?



I know you ain't

too pleased being here.



It's not that.



I'm gonna write it down,



because I can't say it.



You can't say it?



I can't say this, not out loud.






Oh God!



It's okay by me, Peanut.



Well, nothing personal...



But I ain't so sure

it's okay by me.



Really, Sail',

it's nothing against you, baby.



I love you.



I love you too.



I know.



I'm just sort of uncomfortable

about how things are going,



since we broke down

along that Yellow Brick Road,



and this doesn't soothe me.



Honey, I promise I ain't gonna let

things get no worse.



Not in a million years.



Hey, pretty woman. Is Sailor here?



No, he's changing oil out in our car.

- I gotta take a piss, bad,



can I use your head?



Oh... yeah, I guess.



I don't mean your head head...

I'm not goin' to piss on your hair,



just gonna piss in the toilet.



Ya'll take a listen, you'll hear

a deep sound comin' from Bobby Peru!



There's a smell in this room of puke.



Have you been puking?



Are you sick?




- You used the toilet, now go!



It ain't none of your business

what I do around here!



I sure do like a woman

with nice tits like yours,



who talks tough and looks like

she can fuck like a bunny.



Can you fuck like that?



You like it like a bunny?



'Cause if you do, baby,

I'll fuck you good,



like a big old jack-rabbit,

jump all around that hole!



Bobby Peru don't come up for air!



Get out!



Am I scarin' you?



Is your pussy wet?



Is it wet?



Oh, don't jump back so slow.



I thought you was a bunny!

Bunnies jump fast.



You jump back slow.



Means something, don't it?



Means something to me.



Means you want Bobby Peru.



You want Bobby Peru

to fuck you hard, baby,



to open you

like a Christmas present!



You want me to do it?

Just a simple "yes" or "no".



Just feel me breathin' on ya.



And you know I mean business

when it comes to fuckin'! - Out!



Bobby Peru will grab ya...



hold ya tight...



feel everythin' in ya.



Be quiet!



Say "Fuck me".



Then I'll leave.

- No way. Get out!



Say it! I'll tear your

fuckin' heart out, girl!



Say "Fuck me".



Say "Fuck me"!



Then I'll go. Say "Fuck me"!



Whisper it. Say it!



Say it. Say it!



Say "Fuck me".



Whisper it. "Fuck me".



"Fuck me". Say "Fuck me".



Some day honey, I will!

But I gotta get goin'!



Sing! Don't cry...



Hi Bobby!



You need a hand?

- Thanks, but I'm about done.



How about a beer?



A beer...






Yeah, Bobby, that'd be fine.



Where is your

pretty little lady today?



She's up in our room, restin'.

Hasn't been feelin' well lately.



Sorry to hear it.



I've been studying

a situation over in Lobo.



Take two men to handle it.



What's that?



A feed store,

keeps up to   K in their safe.



Need me a good boy

for backup. Even split.






No, man.



I don't think so.



It'll be easy, Sailor.



Two employees. I take 'em in back

to open the safe. You cover the door.



You ain't plannin' on raisin'



a family in the Big Tuna, are you?



Wait a minute...



Whad'ya mean by family?



Well, I mean...



with Lula...



being in a family way and all.



Did Lula tell you

she was pregnant?



Couple of grand or two

sure would help you two out.



Get you out West, to Mexico, or

anywhere with a few dollars to spare.



I've got it figured out good.



When did you talk to Lula?



I talked to her

this afternoon,



when you was out.



Did she really say

she was pregnant?



I just took a guess, that's all.



You in or out on this deal?



I ain't fucking sure, Bobby.



Don't take too long to think about it.



Had enough?



Have now!



Let's go outside.

I have something to show you.



Right here

is a double-barreled, sawed-off



Ithica shotgun.



Next to it:



A Smith & Wesson.   handgun

with a  -inch barrel.



Those'll do her,



really loosen up that   grand.



Two and a half

for you and the little lady.



How much money you got left?



Forty bucks...



This is easy money, partner.



Ain't nobody gonna get hurt.



And I don't think

you can afford to pass it up...



I'll bring the Eldorado to

the back of the motel at    AM.



Really could

set you and that little lady up good.



Yeah, I guess so.



That kinda money



will get us a long way down

that Yellow Brick Road.



But damn it, this better go real smooth,

you understand me?



Like taking candy from a baby.



Here comes Sailor.



You've been drinkin', huh?



A few beers is all.



Feelin' any better?



Can't tell yet.



That smell's still filling this room




So where d'you say you was?



I went with Bobby.






Let's leave here.



We are, Peanut.



Real soon.



You up to somethin' with Bobby Peru?



What could I be up to?



That Bobby Peru

is a black angel, Sail'.



You hook up

with him and you'll regret it...



If you live to.



Thanks, darling.



I know

you got my interests in mind,



and I appreciate it sincerely.



I love you, but

I got to get some sleep now.



This whole world is wild at heart...

and weird on top.



I wish you'd sing me

"Love me tender".



Oh, I wish

I was somewhere over that rainbow.



It's just shit!



Shit, shit, shit!



The whole gang, huh?






You know, you look

a whole lot better in the flesh.



The cobra

is waitin' to strike, Chica.



You know that guy, Sailor?



He came by the other afternoon.



He wanted to know if there was

a contract on him. - No shit?



You know him?

- I used to.



What did you say?

- "No", of course.



That's right.



He could have

a bad accident, though.






during or after a hold-up.



What am I doing here?



Sailor, what are you doing here?



I can't do this.



Climb in back!



What the hell's she doin' here?



She's my girl.

She's drivin'. That bother you?



Jump in!



You owe me one.



Come on, Mr. Big Round Balls,



let's go

and make us some easy money.



They say the eagle flies on Friday.



Get that mask on!



Keep it revvin', Chiquita.

We'll be right back!



Nobody's gonna get hurt.

Remember that!



Right, partner!



Okay, boys!



Get in the back!

Get into the back! Now! Both of you!



If anyone comes in,

herd 'em back here quick.




let's make this nice and easy!



You waitin' for somebody?



My husband.



He's in the feed store.



Well, watch that cigarette, ma'am.

It's about to burn down to your fingers.



Thank you, officer.



I haven't seen you before.

Are you from Lobo?






Over here!



Big Tuna, huh?



That's quite a drive, isn't it?

- Yes.



Let's go!



Say "Cheese".



Stay put!



Cool it, man!



You're next, fucker!



Those are dummies, dummy!



Step up here, hotshot!



I'll slap

that smile right off your face!



Stop, you sons of bitches!



This is the police!

Hold it or I'll shoot!



Oh, for Christ's sakes!



That poor bastard.



Hands behind your head, cowboy!



Lula, I really let you

down this time.






Look for the damned thing!



We'll find it,

they sew them things back on.



Works good as new.



I can't find it.

Where is the damned thing?



It's gotta be here somewhere.



Pardon me. I'm lookin' for       .



Sailor, baby!



Oh my God! Oh my God!



My baby, sweetest one. Oh, sweetheart.



Mama's gonna take you home.

We're gonna go home.



Santos is gonna help us.



He's gonna take us

to the airport in San Antonio.



It's OK, baby.

- No... - Yes.




We're gonna go.



It's OK.

- Mama! - Yes?



Sailor's in deep trouble here.

I can't just leave him.



Oh yes, you can!



Yes, you can!



Your mama was

real worried about you, honey.



Me too.



Can you

give your old friend Santos a hug?



Dearest Sailor,



First thing you'll want to know is:

I'm keeping the baby.



Mama wasn't for it at first,

but I think now she is.



I'm gonna name it Pace,

no matter if it's a boy or a girl.



It's kinda hard to believe that

Pace will be six when you get out.



Our child!



I love you, Sailor.



I miss dancing

and talking,



and especially the other!






When... does... Sailor's train get in?






If I asked you

not to go...



It wouldn't make any difference.



Girl, what if I told you

not to go?



Mama, if you get in the way

of our happiness,



I'll fucking pull your

arms out by the roots!







you almost crashed us!



Oh, an accident, baby!



Oh no, oh man!



Same fuckin' thing

happened to me last year!



You must be my son.



Shake hands with your daddy, Pace.



It's a pleasure to meet you, Pace.

I read a lot about you.



Are you hungry?



Lead the way.









What's wrong, Mama?



Don't worry, son. Just stay here.



I'm sorry, Sailor,

I just can't help it.



Just give me one little minute,

then I'll quit.



The boy's frightened,

Lula. This ain't no good.



Really, Sailor, I'll be okay.



It's a mistake, honey.



You two go on.

I'll walk back to the depot.



What are you talking about?

That's your son in there!



He never knew me, Lula.



So there's not

much for him to forget.



And   years apart

makes it almost simple for us too.



How can you say that, Sailor?



It's what makes sense.



Please don't do this, Sailor!



If ever something

doesn't feel right to you,




what Pancho said to the Cisco Kid:



"Let's win, before we're dancing

at the end of a rope, without music."



You've been fine without me.



No need to make life

tougher than it has to be.



Sailor, come back!



What do you faggots want?



The Good Witch...



Lula loves you.



But I'm a robber

and a manslaughterer.



And I haven't had

any parental guidance.



She's forgiven you all that.



You love her.



Don't be afraid, Sailor.



But I'm wild at heart.



If you are truly wild at heart,



you'll fight for your dreams.



Don't turn away from love, Sailor.



Don't turn away from love.



Had enough, asshole?



Yes I have.



And I want to

apologize to you gentlemen



for referring to you as homosexuals.



I also want to thank you fellows.



You've taught me

a valuable lesson in life.



I just met

the Good Witch.


Special help by SergeiK