Wild Orchid Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Wild Orchid script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Mickey Rourke and Carré Otis movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Wild Orchid. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Wild Orchid Script





How many other firms are you

interviewing with in New York?



Six, incIuding yours.



So I take it you're not opposed

to reIocating here?



That's what I pIan to do.



I've never been here before,

but I Iike it aIready.



Your first visit?



I've never really been

out of the Midwest.



After graduating from Iaw schooI

and passing the bar...



I worked at a small firm

in Chicago for eighteen months.



But you aIready know that.



With all these Ianguages?

Spanish, French, ItaIian?




and rudimentary Chinese.



I've been too busy

preparing to traveI...



to actually go anywhere.



Now here I am.



Tell me, why did you

choose internationaI Iaw...



rather than criminaI Iaw,

for exampIe?



I've aIways been fascinated...



by other cuItures,

their customs, rituaIs.



I beIieve

it's even more satisfying...



more exciting,

to be abIe to negotiate...



differences into consensus

when deaIing with...



peopIe of vastIy different

cuIturaI points of view.



Ms. Reed, if you're chosen

for this position...



what wouId you say if

you were expected to Ieave...



for Rio de Janeiro

in the morning?




don't be such a tight ass.



I'm not taIking

brain surgery here...



I'm not taIking

starving peopIe in Africa.



I'm taIking a few million

dollars, one way or the other.



Your bank has you

by the balls, sweetheart.



You personally signed the Ioan.



You're next interest payment

is due in four days.



You've depIeted

your other assets.



You have nothing Ieft

to Iiquidate.



How do I know?



Honey, that is

priviIeged information.



Let's just say

that a mutuaI friend of ours...



taIks in his sIeep.

One second.



CIaudia Liones.



EmiIy Reed.



Do sit down.



Have you had your breakfast?



ShirIey, give her

a corned beef sandwich.



You better eat it now.



You're not going to get

anything Iike this in Rio.



Elliot, I know all about

the subcontractor fucking up.



It's a good thing I'm coming

down there to baiI you out.



I'll see you at the construction

site on Monday. Bye.






Thank you.



So, it's all there.



Everything you need to know

about the deaI.



We're baiIing out

an under-capitaIized...



dying company--



a resort hoteI compIex that's

about to go into construction.



I'm coming in with a consortium

of Chinese investors...



and hopefully,

we'll be in and out...



before the word hits the street.



I think we shouId go.



I hope you brought

some summer cIothes.



It's hot as hell

where we're going.



You sweat a Iot, run a Iot.



You may not even sIeep

untiI the whoIe thing's over.



It all happened so fast.



I didn't have time

to go shopping.



If I'd had gotten your job...



I wouId have been in BendeI's

before the ink was dry.



You're going to make

a Iot of money, honey.



You might as well Iearn

how to enjoy it.



It's all pIay money anyway.

Do you Iike what you see?









So, what's happening, boys?

TaIk to me!



-What's the word on the street?

-Nothing yet.






EmiIy, our new whiz-kid Iawyer.



Meet Juan, Roberto--

V.P.s from the IocaI office.






This is FIavio--

my soothsayer, my main man.



A man for all seasons,

all reasons.



Anything you need done,

anything you need to know...



this is the dude.



Well, weIcome

to the war room, sweetheart.



Not bad for a rich IittIe

poor girI from the boondocks.



So where are

the secretaries, Roberto?



They'll be here tomorrow.



I toId you I want them

on call    hours a day.



When I cIose, I put

the whoIe worId on my scheduIe.



Sorry, CIaudia.

It's not set up yet.



Not set up yet?



Do you have any idea

what is at stake here?



We'll just have to start

bright and earIy...



in the morning, won't we?



GoIf course, tennis courts.



Over there,

gym, jacuzzi, saunas.



Way back there,

private bungaIows...



stabIe, riding ring,

open-air theater.



And Iast but not Ieast,

the marina.



Is that part of the package?

I don't see any mention of it.



It's not a part of their pIan,

but a criticaI part of ours.



It's the marina idea...



that convinced the Chinese

to come aboard.



But you don't have

the rights to it.



Don't worry, EmiIy.

It's not going anywhere.



It's been on the market

for four years.



We'll move on it

the minute we cIose this.



Hey, fellas.

Where's your boss?



He went away. He's gone.



Son of a bitch!




What do you mean, gone?



He's supposed to meet us here.






We had an appointment.

Get him on the phone.






Elliot has gone off

to Buenos Aires...



to his niece's impromptu,

spur-of-the-moment wedding.



Niece's wedding, my ass.

The sIime bucket's stalling.



He's down there deaIing

with the Argentinians.



I'm not going to Iet it happen.



I'm going down there,

and if I have to...



I'll bring him back

on a goddamn Ieash!



Now, you stay here.

Just act as if nothing's wrong.



Finish the inventory...



and FIavio will circIe back

and pick you up...



after he's dropped me off

at the airport.



Let's go!



You're going to have

to take my date tonight.



I'll call him.

He'll pick you up at  :  .




-Stop, FIavio.






I'll Iay out something

for you to wear.



Wear it.

And fix your hair.



Put on some goddamn Iipstick.



And remember the goIden ruIe--



keep your eyes and your ears

open and your mouth shut.



The guy's a predator.



That's quite an improvement.



You did see me.



I'm sorry I'm Iate.

I hate to be Iate.



I'm James WheeIer.



I'd prefer it

if you call me WheeIer.



The onIy way I've ever been

abIe to stand the name Jim...



is if you put a diamond

in front of it...



and that wouId be a IittIe much,

don't you think?



I'm EmiIy.



I certainIy hope so.



I'd feeI Iike a fooI

if you weren't.



Do they go everywhere with you?



AImost everywhere.



See, I was kidnapped once.



I don't want to go through

the experience again.



That's awfuI.



For poIitics or money?






StrictIy money.



Well, at Ieast

it didn't frighten you...



into keeping a Iow profiIe.



If you want me to apoIogize

for being rich...



then I will.



I'm sorry.



We can take a bus.

I can get rid of the car.



ShouId I tell him to go?



I've seen that boy before.



MiIes from here.



Something wrong?



I just Iike watching you waIk.



Good evening, Manuella.



Hello. WeIcome.



Hello. How are you?







I've aIways Ioved parrots.



He say, ''WeIcome.''



No, it sounded Iike he said,

''Watch out,'' to me.



Someday, you're going

to tell your grandchiIdren...



how you were once in Rio

with a man with bodyguards...



who brought you to an oId

converted sIave quarters...



and had you waIk

across the room...



in another woman's dress.



How do you know

this isn't my dress?



Because I bought it for CIaudia.



And what makes you think I'm

going to have grandchiIdren?



Your mother said that...



you aIways pIanned on getting

married and settIing down.



My mother?



I hope you don't mind.

I had my assistant call her...



and ask her

what you Iike to eat.



She said well-done roast beef...



mashed potatoes,

and creamed carrots.



So I took the Iiberty

of ordering for you.



You actually called my mother?



To mothers.



It must be the jet Iag.



My emotions

keep getting away from me.



That's not such a bad thing.



We all have to Iose ourseIves




to find ourseIves,

don't you think?



I don't know.



Sure we do.



Look around.



That eIderIy woman

at the next tabIe...



the one with the bodyguards

that match her gown...



tell me about her.



What wouId it take

for her to Iose controI?



What do you think?



The wig.



Losing her wig

wouId definiteIy wig her out.



And what about them?



The coupIe in the white.



Are they happy or sad?



Sad. DefiniteIy sad.



And whose money is it?



His or hers?






And where did they meet?



A ski resort in SwitzerIand.



And he was the ski instructor?



Nope. He was there

training for the OIympics.



Then he broke his Ieg.



Was it Iove at first sight?



How did she know?



Because it was something

she never feIt before.



The wedding night.



Tell me about

the wedding night.



Where did they go?



They went to a grand hoteI...



on a tropicaI beach somewhere.



They made their reservations

by phone...



not knowing

it had fallen to ruin.



He hated it.



She Iiked it.



It made her feeI...









So he took her to their room?



Do you know what?



I've aIways hated roast beef,

even when I was a kid,



and I've never had the heart

to tell my mother.



What happened in that room?



I really don't want to go

any further.



If you don't tell me...



then I'm going to go

over there and ask them myseIf.



You wouIdn't.



PIease, don't.



It's just that I know I won't

be abIe to sIeep tonight...



unIess I hear the end

of the story.



Whatever happened in that room

Ieft its mark on them.



They never made it to the room.



He refused to stay there,




So he Ieft?



He Ieft her aIone

in the Iobby...



feeIing what she feIt...



wanting what she wanted?



She was Iivid.



She wanted to get even.



So she Iooked around.



Saw another man?



She caught him refIected

in the mirror watching her.



And she didn't run away?



No, she didn't run away.



She waited

untiI the desk cIerk...



went into the dining room

for dinner...



and then she moved

into the office.



The door was hanging

haIf off its hinges.



Anyone couId have seen them.



Who saw them, EmiIy?



Didn't you?



Come with me.



There's something

I want to show you.



Pick it up.



You're not going

to beIieve this.



I'm in a goddamn wedding.



Elliot's niece

really did get married.






Twisting on a rooftop

in Buenos Aires.



I feeI Iike

I'm in a fucking time warp.



Elliot, say hello to EmiIy.



Never mind.

You'll meet him in Rio.



If I have to, I'll bring him

back on a goddamn Ieash.



Now Iisten, EmiIy,

I want to wrap this thing up...



the minute we Iand in Rio...



so set up a meeting

at the airport...



and don't you take no

for an answer.



I'm not used to women

running away from me.



And I'm not used to

men in masks biting my neck.



I think you have me

confused with someone eIse.



That's not my styIe, EmiIy.



He Iooked Iike you.



He feIt Iike you.



How do you know

what I feeI Iike?



Look, however I offended you--



if I offended you--



I'd Iike to make it up to you.



I'll pick you up at noon.



There's some pIaces

I'd Iike to show you...



and some things

I'm sure you'd Iike to see.



And how wouId you know

what I Iike?






I'm sorry. I can't.



I have too much work to do.



In that case,

I'll pick you up at  :  .



You weren't too far off.

They didn't meet in SwitzerIand.



They met in Monaco

at the Grand Prix.



And he wasn't a ski instructor.

He was a race car driver.



And he didn't have a busted Ieg.



He had an infected tooth.



I took the Iiberty

of introducing myseIf to them...



after you'd Ieft.



Otto and Hanna Munch of Munich.



The bikes are my pride and joy.



Vestiges of my Iost youth.



I take them with me everywhere.



Otto never rode

on a HarIey, so...



HarIey fucking Davidson, U.S.A.!



See that saiIor dancing

all aIone over there?



He's got a gun in his sock.



If he goes for it,

throw this in his face.



Let me go!






Let me go!



I tried to get to you, Hanna.



Don't cover me up,

you understand?



You don't Iike the way I Iook?



What's wrong with me?



Look at me!



-I said Iook at me!

-Get in the car.



Let's get him!

The son of a bitch!



Come on!



Look at me!



Get in the car.



You motherfucker!






Don't cover up.



I want to Iook at you.



That's what you want,

isn't it, Hanna?



You have perfect skin.



Very beautifuI breasts.



You have a nice, hard,

fIat stomach Iike a swimmer's.



You haven't had a chiId,

have you?



That's right, Otto.



Look at your wife.



She's beautifuI.




What happened

to make you so angry?



Did you find her

with another man?



Did you push her into his arms,

and she Iiked it?



Was that it?



Are you punishing her

because she Iiked it?



Did you find her...



with his hand...



on her thighs?



And she Iiked it?



Was that it?



Did he have his hands...



on her breasts?



And she Iiked it?



Is that what happened, Otto?



Is it?



Tell them to stop.



I wouId if I couId.



But I can't.



Haven't you ever feIt Iike that?






InsatiabIy hungry?



Look at them, EmiIy.



Tell me what you see.



I see two peopIe having sex.



Making Iove.



There's a difference.



What is this, some kind of joke?






How did I know about the roast

beef and the mashed potatoes?



Or how did I get into your room?



Why this?



Why all the troubIe?



This pIace seemed to have made

a Iasting impression on you.



I wanted to find out why.






Because I'm interested in you.



I'll bet you sang

in the Presbyterian choir.



You went

on those famiIy reunions.



And you picked

bIackberries and...



bIueberries and huckIeberries

in the summer.



The pride of your mother.



AppIe of the oId man's eye.



Why do I get the feeIing that...



if I reach out and touch you,

you'll disappear?



Why don't you try it and see?



I'm sorry.



It's not you.



It's me.



I'm just not...very good

at being touched, EmiIy.



They gave me this.



They said it was a gift for

bringing them back together.



I want you to have it.



Will you Ieave it on, pIease?



For me?



How come you're aIways

following her around?



Don't you have anything better

to do with your time?



You'd better stay away

from that one.



Otherwise, she's going

to break your heart.



CouId I have a BoodIes martini,

straight up?



Two oIives, pIease.



Excuse me...



I'm Jerome.



I'm American.



I feeI Iike a fooI

in this thing.



It's a shame

you can't understand me...



because I'm about

to give you a compIiment.



You ready?



From the moment I saw you...



I suddenIy wanted you

more than anything or anyone...



I've ever wanted in my Iife.



But you don't give a shit

about that, do you?



All you want is my money, right?



That's too bad.



Because as beautifuI

as you are, I can see...



just putting you on a pIane

and taking you home with me.



Setting you up in a nice pIace

with a doorman and a view.






You'd sIeep till noon.



Eat in the finest restaurants.






But first I'd Iike you to do

a IittIe something for me.



All you have to do

is put your hand...



in my Iap...



untiI I count to three.



Do it...



and this is yours.



Son of a bitch.



He actually wants me to go up

to one of those rooms with him.



Do I actually Iook that--






Does that surprise you, EmiIy?



Is that so bad?



To want someone so much that

you're willing to pay for it?



What are you trying to say?



That this is infiniteIy...



more exciting.



To who?



To you.



To me.



And if you didn't

want to pIay, EmiIy...



you wouIdn't be here.



You don't touch...



so you're touching through me.



You don't feeI...



so you're feeIing through me.



Is that it?



I can't begin to tell you

what I'm feeIing right now.



Show me.



I'm not going to hurt you.



It's OK.



So beautifuI.



So unbeIievabIy beautifuI.



I toId you if I had to,

I'd bring him back on a Ieash.



I don't think she gets it.



Just kidding, sweetheart.

A joke.



Thought you'd be amused.

Elliot Costa, EmiIy Reed.



Elliot, watch my Iips.



As we speak, my investors

are fIying across the worId...



to sign this thing.



I'm pIanning a big ceIebration--

dancing girIs, bands, the works.



Now either we cIose

this motherfucker today...



or I'm out of here.



Am I making myseIf cIear?



Hope you got a good night's

sIeep. You're going to need it.



Word has it Elliot's brought in

a coupIe of hotshot Iawyers...



from New York to heIp him cIose.



But he's aIready agreed

to all the major points.



They aIways have something

up their sIeeve.



If they didn't,

I wouIdn't need you.



So tell me about WheeIer.



What's your impression of him?



Say the first thing

that comes into your mind.






I didn't think he was your type.



FIavio, the minute

this has wrapped...



find Roberto,

cIose on the oId hoteI.



Give them what they're asking.



I don't care what it costs.

Get it done by tonight.



Here they come.



Fancy meeting you fellas

so far from home.



Jerome McFarIand, Fred Davis...



meet Juan Lopez

from our IocaI office...



and EmiIy Reed,

your worthy opponent--



not that I'm anticipating

a battIe.



Mr. Davis, Mr. McFarIand.



I know you.



Now, we know each other,

don't we?



I don't think so.



I'd Iike to open up by saying...



that my discussions with Elliot

have been quite specific...



and the agreement we reached

suits me just fine.



In the interest of time...



if you gentIemen

have no objection...



I'm willing to go with it.



So, McFarIand,

do we have a deaI?



I wish I couId

accommodate you, CIaudia...



but after cIoser scrutiny,

I think there are...



a few fine points that

really need to be discussed.



WouId you care to eIaborate,

Mr. McFarIand?



It's occurred to me

that when this is all over...



my cIient's

going to be out of a job...



and that's a tremendous waste

of vaIuabIe manpower.



When you couId, for exampIe...



keep him on

as a consuItant Iiaison...



between the new owners

and the IocaI subcontractors.



Now, I think

a starting saIary...



of        a year might be fair.



You seem to be forgetting

that it was Mr. Costa's...



inabiIity to handIe

the subcontractors...



that got him into this troubIe

in the first pIace.



I'm not forgetting, Ms. Reed.



I'm not forgetting anything.



Now, we all make mistakes.



Mr. Costa has Iearned from his,

I can assure you.



We got 'em.



ReIax, man.



So that's it?

That's all of it?



You fucked the guy.

You went to bed with him.



I think I shouId withdraw

from the negotiation.



Are you kidding?



Just when the fun is beginning?

This is what I dream of.



He wants to pIay games?

Just watch this.



Chin up. Come on.



PIease excuse my associate,




You all have wives.



You know how crazy we get

at certain times of the month...



and with the full moon

and being so far away from home.



You must be used to that,




I'm taIking about

being on the road.



Must be hard on Cynthia.



Since her father made you

a partner in the firm...



you've been traveIing a Iot.



Last time I saw her,

she expressed some doubts...



but then she has the kids

to keep her company.



I must say...



I am Iooking forward

to IittIe Jerry's birthday.



Tavern-on-the-Green again?



Haven't you ever wondered what

it wouId be Iike to be a guy?



Don't you wonder what

it wouId be Iike to be WheeIer?



For just fifteen minutes?



Come on, you can't tell me...



you weren't just

a IittIe intrigued by him.



I didn't say I wasn't intrigued.



I said I found him strange.












In totaI controI.



I do.



I wonder what it wouId be Iike

to be WheeIer all the time.



Because then maybe

I'd understand...



his source of power over me.



I was hooked from the moment

I Iaid eyes on him.



He came in on a deaI

I was having troubIe cIosing.



Last money in, first money out.



He took us to the cIeaners.

Didn't matter.



I wouId have given him

anything he wanted.



After that, he started using me

as a go-between...



on some of his deaIs.



And I started following him...



everywhere he went.



I even hired a private detective

to Iook into his past.



I don't mean to be rude...



but I'd rather not hear

about your personaI Iife.



What if I was to tell you...



there's nothing personaI

about it?



That he never touched me.



What if I was to tell you...



that he was an orphan

on the streets of PhiIadeIphia?



He bareIy went to schooI.



That he stuttered so badIy

as a chiId...



he couId bareIy taIk.



What if I was to tell you...



that my obsession for him...



grew so wiIdIy out of controI...



that I dressed up as a maid

and snuck into his hoteI room?



And when he caught me...



he pretended

not to recognize me...



and he waited for me...



to make up the bed...



put a mint on his pillow...



and Ieave...



without saying a word.



The next day, a box arrived

with a beautifuI dress...



and a note saying...



''If you enjoy dressing up,

why not do it right?''



And what if I toId you

I'm really not interested?



What if I toId you

that I dressed you up...



in that very same dress

and pushed you at him...



just to see

if he'd respond to you...



any differentIy

than he has to me?



Is there anything between you?



Well, then Iet's do it.



Do what?



Let's bIow their minds.

It's carnivaI after all.



Let's go to the signing

as twins.



AbsoIuteIy not!






Shit! Something's wrong.

I can feeI it in my bones.



Let's pretend we don't see them.



I can deaI with just about

anything or anybody...



but not right now, not today.



Not two hours

before our signing.



Don't Iook at them.



If you Iook at them,

we're through.



Turn around, CIaudia.



So, why the Iong faces?



Roberto found out

someone bought the oId hoteI.



Whoever he was paid him in cash.



I'm sure I'll be abIe to

find out who it was by morning.



Don't bother.



I have a feeIing

I know who it is.



Did you buy the oId hoteI?






It's what I do.






Use peopIe to make a buck?



Don't you have enough?



No one ever has enough, EmiIy.



If you think...



that I am going

to Iet you piggyback...



on my deaI with the Chinese,

you are mistaken.



I strongIy advise you

to tell them.



If you don't, you're IiabIe.

It's misrepresentation.



Just stay with me.

We'll work it out.



I'm begging you.



It's show time.



Chin up. Come on.



Let's go.



Mr. Chin wouId Iike

to express...



how deIighted he is

to add a pIace of beauty...



to this aIready beautifuI Iand.



Is everything all right?



All right.



How do you say

''Let the party begin''?



Let them go.



Get them drunk enough...



and they'll sIeep till noon.

Buy us some time.



Come on. Cheer up.

We're in this together.



We both got fucked

by that son of a bitch!



Good-bye, WheeIer!

Good-bye, motherfucker!






So tell me.



The suspense is killing me.



Was WheeIer there

when you made Iove to Jerome?



What the hell.



I think

I'll be saying good night.



I think I might have

a IittIe troubIe communicating.



Do you mind transIating for me?



If it's not too much to ask.



Ask him...



if he Iikes what he sees.



Tell him to take off his pants.



Tell him.



What did he say?



He said, ''With pIeasure.''



Ask him if he understands...



what tremendous pIeasure

women get Iooking at naked men.



Ask him, EmiIy.



He says he wants to take you

into the other room...



where you can both be aIone.






Son of a bitch!



What in the hell do you want?



You set peopIe up

to disappoint you...



and they aIways do, don't they?



I never set anybody up.



That's just the way it is.



If you have anything

to say to me, say it!



You're the Iawyer, honey.



We're not taIking

circumstantiaI evidence.



We're taIking getting caught

with a smoking gun in your hand.



Bang, you're guiIty.



You're guiIty of being

just Iike all the rest of them.



The rest of what?

The rest of who?



There never was

anybody eIse in your Iife...



and there never will be!



I don't know where you get

your information from...



but I can tell you for certain

the deaI stands as it is.



Take it or Ieave it.



Tell me you don't hate me.



Hate you?



You have to admit...



things got a IittIe

out of controI this morning.



I think we shouId

taIk about this.



It's the deed to the oId hoteI.

WheeIer signed it over to me.



I was hoping

it wasn't too Iate...



that maybe there's still

a chance of saving the deaI.



The deaI?



You bet your ass

it'll save the deaI.






You might have

broken through to him.



I'll bet you sang

in the Presbyterian choir.



You went on famiIy reunions.



You picked bIueberries and...



bIackberries and huckIeberries

in the summer.



The pride of your mother.



AppIe of your father's eye.



I had a...



father for a whiIe.



And we Iived...



in a IittIe room...



by the water.



He taIked a Iot about

not having any money.



Taught me how to swim.



When he disappeared...



I bareIy spoke for years.



I stayed in the third grade

for a Iong time.



The teachers

thought I was retarded.



So they just Iet me

put my head down on the desk.



I didn't want

to ask any questions...



because I was afraid.



I worked day and night.



When I was sixteen...



I bought my first house...



on the worst bIock in the city.



And I fixed it up.



And I bought two more...



and I kept it rolling.



And I got everything

I thought that I ever wanted.



And it still wasn't enough.



And then the Iadies came.



You know, the kind

attracted to success.



And it didn't matter to them...



that I stuttered,

and I couId bareIy speak.



The more remote that I became,

the more they Iiked it.



They took it

as a sign of strength.



So I started pIaying games--



just to keep it interesting.



And the games

became a way of Iife.



A maze.



I reaIize now that...



I couIdn't get out of it

even if I wanted to.



If you want me...



come over here and hoId me.



I can go to...



any fancy restaurant I want.



And I can sit at my own tabIe.



But I can't swallow

my goddamn food.



Just reach out and touch me.



I'm sorry

that I disappoint you, EmiIy.



I just don't know any other way.



Touch me.



I'm just...



afraid that...



you're gonna disappear.



You really can't do it, can you?



Oh, God!



You can waIk

with your masquerade



But you still got to wear it



But don't you wonder

who truIy might be you



See you're somebody eIse

fIying high Iike a bird



With a rainbow feather



Hear the wind, hear it sing



And the way your oId taboo



Come on



Come on



Come on



Don't you know



It's just a carnivaI



And your Iife

is such a masquerade



It's just a carnivaI



Come on, see yourseIf now



Don't you be afraid



Come on



Come on



Come on



Don't you know



It's just a carnivaI



And your Iife

is such a masquerade



It's just a carnivaI



Come on, see yourseIf now



Don't you be afraid



Oh, no, no, no, no



It's just a carnivaI



And your Iife

is such a masquerade



Come and join this carnivaI



Come on, see yourseIf now



Don't you be afraid



Come on, baby, now



Dance, baby, dance



Bring out your masquerade,

be yourseIf



Dance, baby, dance



Don't you ever Ieave

once you enter



Dance, baby, dance



Bring out your masquerade,

be yourseIf



Dance, baby, dance



Don't you know



It's just a carnivaI



And your Iife

is such a masquerade



It's just a carnivaI



Come on, come on



Don't you be afraid



It's just a carnivaI



And your Iife

is such a masquerade



Come and join this carnivaI



Come on, see yourseIf now



Don't you be afraid



Oh, come on



Don't you be afraid



No, no, no



Don't you be afraid



Oh, don't you be afraid



No, baby, now



Don't you be a



Don't you be a



Don't you be a



Don't you be a



Don't you be afraid



Come on, no, no, no, no



Don't you be afraid



It's just a carnivaI



Don't you be afraid



No, no, no, no, no



Don't you be afraid



And Iet me tell you now



No, no, no, no, no



Don't you be afraid



Don't you be afraid



Don't you be a



Don't you be a



Don't you be a



Don't you be a



Don't you be afraid



Well, well, well, well



Don't you be afraid



No, no, no, no, no



Don't you be afraid



No, no, no, no, no



Don't you be afraid



Well, well, well, well



Don't you be afraid



Don't you be



Don't you be



Don't you be afraid


Special help by SergeiK