Wild Things Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Wild Things script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Denise Richards, Neve Campbell, and Matt Dillon movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Wild Things. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Wild Things Script





- Did you see his eyes?

- Ohh !



Look at him. Ohh!



Fuck off!



I appreciate

you guys coming down.



The only thing I'm gonna miss

in this dump is--



Settle down.



Well, we've come to the halfway point

of our senior seminar.



Settle down.



- Beats study hall, doesn't it?

- No!



That you, Jimmy?



At least in study hall

I can meditate.



He means masturbate.



Something with which I'm sure you've

had hands-on experience, Kirk.



It wasn't me, man !



I'm innocent!



We've all heard the terms

"date rape," "sexual harassment."



We've discussed some of these issues

right here in this very room.



Our guests today come from

the Blue Bay Police Department.



Detectives Duquette and Perez...



are here to give us what we hope will be

a fresh perspective on the subject...



and to address any questions

that any of you might have.



Let's give them a warm welcome.



- Thank you, Mr. Lombardo.

- I'm outta here.



- Let's begin with a question--

- This prick can kiss my ass.



As I was saying...



why don't we begin

with a question.



What is a sex crime?



Not gettin' any.



Blue Bay, fight, tight!



Buccaneers, win tonight!






Steady the bow, Jimmy.



That's good.



Drop the main.



All right, guys, let's de-rig.

I'll see you all Monday.



Buccaneers are number one,

and don't you forget it!



Good work, guys.

See you Monday.



- See you, Mr. Lombardo.

- All right, buddy.



The Buccaneers are number one...



and don't you forget it!



All right! I could definitely

party on one of those.



It's a stinkpot, Jimmy.



You wanna be a real boatman,

you wanna get yourself one of those.



That's a real boat.



Thank you for getting me

into this class.



No way my old man was

gonna spring for the fees.



Hey, you're working for it, and

you're learning your way around a boat.



I put myself through college

working on boats.



- Beats flippin' burgers.

- Yeah.



Can I play too,

or is it just for boys?



So, who's washing your Jeep

this weekend, Mr. Lombardo?



The senior car wash,




Washing that old Jeep of mine

is a waste of time.



Not at all.

Nicole and I will do it as a team.



I tell you what.

I'm going out to the Glades Saturday.



Come over Sunday

and you can wash all the mud oft.






I was counting on my mom for a ride,

but she's not here.



Surprise, surprise.



I was wondering

if you could give me one.



Mr. Lombardo, you really wouldn't

want me to walk, would you?



I mean,

something bad might happen.



Jimbo, you need a lift?



Yeah, but I got my bike.



Hey, no problem.



Okay, try it.



Suzie, you need a lift?



- We got room for one more.

- Jesus.



Where'd she get those shoes,

Whores For Less?



Try it again.



Nice to see you kids

gettin' along.






- Don't forget Sunday.

- I won't.



Is that Sam Lombardo?



Hi, Mom.



Sam. Hi.



Hi, Sandra.



Why don't you come on in

and have a drink.



Sorry. I gotta run.



Hi, Mr. Lombardo.



Hi, girls.



Look. He forgot.

I knew it.



No, I didn't.

Check out my Jeep.



Nice and dirty for you.



But you might wanna wait

till the other car leaves.



You mean the Mercedes

isn't yours too?



My Benz is blue.

You know that, Nicole.



Sam, I'm leaving.



Where's your hose, Mr. Lombardo?



The hose, Kelly,

is right in front of the Jeep.



Kelly Van Ryan's

gonna wash your Jeep?



It's for a good cause,




Sam the philanthropist.



You know what they say:

A little hard work never hurt anyone.






Have fun at the club.






Looks brand-new.



Aren't you forgetting something?



Your coupon.

We gotta have it.



Oh, yeah, that thing.

Can't we just--



Rules are rules, Mr. Lombardo.



Okay, let me look for it.



Mr. Lombardo?

We're running kind of late.



Nicole could go on to the Mansons.

I'll wait till you've found the ticket.



Just give me a minute.




- Go.

- Are you sure?






Oh, Frankie! Oh, God!



Oh, God!



Goddamn it!



This is Blue Bay High School.



Your son or daughter

was absent today, Monday--



Jesus H. Christ!



- What? Huh?

- Oh, nothing.



Come on.



- Art, this is a hell of a fish.

- It's a barracuda.



It you weren't so busy

chasing booty at the yacht club...



you'd have caught one

for yourself.



You're not gonna eat this thing.



Why not?



It's poisonous.

It'll kill you.



Shit, man, I could say that

about most of the girls you date.



Sandra Van Ryan for Sam.



- Sandra, what's up?

- Kelly skipped school today, Sam.



Have you heard anything?



Not a word.



Never mind.



I found her.



Pull !



Listen, Sam...



it was really good seeing you

the other day.



Sandra, I'm real busy

right now, so--



I haven't found anyone who can

handle my boat the way you can.



- Yeah, well--

- I know you're fucking Barbara Baxter.



So what?



So, maybe I'm a one-woman man now.



Oh, poor Sam.



You really think you're gonna get one

of these Blue Bay women to marry you?



- Are you finished, Sandra?

- Grab a clue, honey.



You're a hired hand, a good lay.

That's as tar as it goes.



Enjoy it, while it lasts.



Good-bye, Sandra.



Pull !



You seem to find guns




Maybe I oughta try it.



So, let me guess.



Some boy didn't call

and screwed up your whole weekend.



So you're taking the day off.




Which one of your deck hands

is that?



Whichever one I want.



Okay, Kelly, what's the matter?



What is it?



I miss Dad.






I miss him too, sometimes.



No, you don't.



He didn't have to

kill himself, Kelly.



I don't know

why he did it.



I really don't.



Can I get you anything?

Do you want a Valium?



I was raped.



What, honey?

I couldn't hear you.



I said, I was raped.






I was raped...



by Sam Lombardo.



Sam Lombardo?



My daughter...



does not get raped

in Blue Bay!



You're saying that

Sam Lombardo raped her?



That son of a bitch must be insane

to think he can do this to me.



We understand your feelings,

Mrs. Van Ryan...



but please,

we need some time with Kelly.



We'd like to take

her statement alone.



- Are you all right with this, baby?

- Yeah.






Would you like to take a break

for a minute?



I just wanna

get it over with.



We'd like to videotape

this statement.



I know this isn't pleasant, Kelly,

but these are serious charges...



and we need to know everything that

happened between you and Mr. Lombardo.



Are you ready?



He started rubbing my shoulders.



I let him.



I mean, he's a nice guy.



The next thing...



his hand was in my shorts.



You know, from behind.



His fingers...



Take your time.



They were in me.



Both places, you know?



Did he put himself inside you?






I said, "Stop. '

I screamed.



I mean, that's how

it sounded in my head.



He hurt me.



Did you fight him?



He had my wrists

pinned behind me.



Then what?



He kept saying,

"Let it happen.



Let it happen. "



And then he just stopped.



You mean, he withdrew?



I don't know. It's really hard

to remember, exactly.



Try, Kelly.



I know one thing he said.



He said,

"Don't worry. I didn't come. "



I can't forget that.



He said, "No little girl

can ever make me come. "



"No little girl can ever

make me come." Jesus.



Too bad. We might have had

some physical evidence.






Maybe there's no physical evidence

because nothing happened.



You want my gut?

I think she's acting.



I think she set it up to be alone

with him so he could come on to her.



She's upset 'cause he didn't.



Maybe she set it up that way.

Maybe not.



The guy should've never had her

out there in the first place.



The line I have on this guy,

he's done halt the women in Blue Bay.



That doesn't make him a rapist.



What about asking her

to take a polygraph?



What about asking the pope

to take a piss test?



This is Blue Bay.



Ask a Van Ryan to take a polygraph

and Tom Baxter will cut you down.



You afraid of Tom Baxter?

You afraid of Sandra Van Ryan?



End of discussion.

You both know what to do.



Start with his neighbors, coworkers.

Talk to Kelly's friends.



- You know what that means for Lombardo.

- And you heard Kelly's statement.



The guy's dirty.

Bring me a case.



All right.

Good work, Jimbo.



- I'll see you Monday.

- All right.



He's what's left

of my sailing class.



Talk to me, Artie.



Kelly Van Ryan

is accusing you of rape.



Jimmy told me.



Apparently I'm the last one

to know about it.



Sam, l--



Sandra Van Ryan

has been on the horn all day...



with every member

of the school board.



She's pushing for suspension.



And the board's just gonna roll over for

Sandra Van Ryan without hearing my side?



This is insane.



I'm innocent, goddamn it.



You gotta believe that.



All I can tell you is

hang in there.



They clear you,

you get reinstated--



You never get clear

of something like this.



It stays with you.



It follows you around forever.



You're gonna need some help.



You're gonna need an attorney.



And maybe you can tell me

which attorney in South Florida...



is gonna wanna go up against

the Van Ryans in court.



I'm here to see Ken Bowden.



- Do you have an appointment?

- Yeah.



Sam Lombardo.



Okay, then.



Mr. Bowden,

your   :  's here.



Will you show him in, please?



What brings you

to this part of town?



Well, I was,

until yesterday...



a guidance councelor

at Blue Bay High School.



A student there

is accusing me of rape.



Male or female?



The student is Kelly Van Ryan.



As in Sandra Van Ryan?



As in I'm fucked.



Tell me about it.



Where do I begin?



Start with...



your relationship

with the girl, Kelly.



She's a student.

I was her guidance counselor.



Beyond that,

there was no relationship.



Then don't worry.



- What did you do to your neck?

- This?



I don't have to wear it

all the time.



There was an insurance guy

around here earlier.



All right,

let me tell you how I charge.



Georgie, hey.

We gonna catch some wind?



I'm afraid I can't

park your car today.



You can't park me?

I'm meeting Barbara for lunch.



Can you get this parked, Georgie?

We're running late.



Right away, Mr. Baxter.



You're finished here,




Take a hike.



Barbara, let's go.



Talk to me.



Maybe you didn't hear me,




You're finished in Blue Bay.



I find you around my daughter again,

you'll be finished, period.



Get the fuck outta here.



Mr. Lombardo, please.



That's all right, George.



Sam, honey.

Haven't seen you in a while.



- Welcome back.

- Rum and Coke.



Are you all right?




- I'm fine.

- Cool?



That's too bad, motherfucker.









Whoa, man !



It's me.



Sorry, man. Things have been

gettin' weird around here.



I can see that.



Come on in.



You're sure this Frankie Condo guy

is the guy who did this to you?



It was him, all right.



He was driving

Sandra's Range Rover.



You tell that to the cops, we can

go after Sandra Van Ryan right now.



Forget it.



The lady has deep pockets.



I know how deep

her pockets are.



I thought I might be able to

save my house. Some sort of equity loan.



Guess who's on the bank's

board of directors?



I don't need any more trouble

from this woman.



You think making some sort

of statement is gonna stop her?



With the shit I got on Kelly?




A year ago...



when her old man

blew his brains out...



Kelly lost it, ran away.



They found her in some fleabag motel

coked out of her gourd.






you, Sam, are voted

Educator of the Year...



or some crap.



They put the two of you

in front of a jury...



they're gonna look stupid.



They know it.



Why haven't they taken

your statement yet?



'Cause they're busy

looking for dirt...



they're not gonna find.






Ken, I don't fuck my students.



He's just showing off

for you now.



Hey there, Ruby.



I see you still got Walter.



I was hopin' something

had eaten him by now.



Can I help you?



Suzie called us.

Where would we find her?



You know the way.



You won't shoot her, will ya?



I don't believe she's armed.






It took you guys long enough.



What it someone

was trying to strangle me...



or fuck me in the ass, even?



You guys do sex crimes,




My partner

Detective Perez.



It's Celine.

He's okay.



He had a pretty good line

on what cheap fucks people are.



You called us.




Did they arrest Mr. Lombardo?



- Will they?

- I don't know.



That bothers you?



I want to go outside.



When was this that Sam Lombardo

gave you the ride?



About a year ago.



When you arrived at your trailer,

was anyone there?






- So you were alone.

- Yeah.



Did he come in with you?



I guess.



You guess.

Well, did he or didn't he?




Yeah, he did.



And then what? Did he touch you?

Did you, maybe, flirt with him?



Suzie, look, I know you feel bad.

Just tell us the truth.



I didn't say a thing to him.



He put his arm around me

and told me I was pretty.



I could be really pretty,

he said.



Did you ask him to stop?






What difference does it make?

No one's gonna believe me anyway.



- Did Sam Lombardo rape you?

- Yeah. Okay? He did.



He pushed me to the floor

and did it.



- Now are we done?

- Almost, Suzie.






At some point,

were you able to tight him oft?




He stopped by himself.



Okay? Is that it?

Leave me alone.



- Don't touch me!

- Take it easy.



He stopped.



And that was it?

He just left?






He did say one thing first.



What was that?



He said, "No little bitch

can ever make me come."



Open the gate.



- Hey, counselor, how about a smoke?

- Hello, Jinxy.



It's really

a bad news-good news situation.



You were denied bail,

but you got a real attorney...



instead of a public defender.



I'm telling you, Ken,

I'm innocent.



You are preachin'

to the choir.



You're not alone.



So you're the new

chicken licker.



Sandra, can we get

your comment?



Can I just have your feelings

at this time?



Mr. Lombardo will get

what he deserves.



Will you tell us anything?



- Are you confident about the case?

- Very.



The Lombardo rape case has galvanized

the upscale town of Blue Bay...



with its tabloid appeal.



Just arriving,

Sandra Van Ryan...



jet set real estate heiress

and part of the powerful Blue Bay elite.



And the girl from the wrong side

of the tracks.



In the end, the jury must choose between

the words of these   -year-old girls...



and that of Sam Lombardo.



Reporting live

from the courthouse steps...



I'm Nancy Duerr,

Eyewitness News.



The State of Florida

vs. Sam Lombardo.



The Honorable Sylvia B. Wexman

presiding. All rise.



We gotta stand up.



Please be seated.



Now sit down.



Would you like more time,




I know that this is hard,




but I have one more question.



Even though it's something

we've been over...



I want us all

to be very clear about it.



When you saw...



that Mr. Lombardo...



intended to have sex with you...



what were your exact words?



What did you say?



I told him "No."



I said,

"Stop, Mr. Lombardo. Please."



I screamed for him to stop.



You screamed for him...



to stop.



And did he?



He raped me on the floor

of his shitty house.



Thank you.



It's day two

of the Lombardo rape case...



and the second alleged young victim

of the former guidance counselor...



has taken the stand.



Yesterday, Kelly Van Ryan delivered

an emotional account of events...



and was not swayed by

defense counsel's cross-examination.



We'll come back live later this morning

with an update of these proceedings.



Reporting live

from the courthouse steps...



I'm Nancy Duerr,

Eyewitness News.



Good morning, everybody.



Miss Toller.



When you were...



picked up for shoplifting

your freshman year at Blue Bay...



and you were allowed

to make one call...



you called Mr. Lombardo.



Isn't that correct?



Miss Toller?






When you were expelled from Blue Bay

for destruction of school property--



I broke a fucking window.

It wasn't even my fault.



Miss Toller, you will wait until

you are asked before responding...



and you will retrain from

using profanity in this court.



Mr. Lombardo appeared with you

in lieu of a parent conference.



Is that right?






It seems to me...



that Mr. Lombardo

was your friend.



He was.



But all that changed when...



according to your testimony...



Mr. Lombardo...



raped you...



on April    of last year,




- Yes.

- But then in May...



when you were arrested

for possession of narcotics...



and again allowed a phone call...



you called Mr. Lombardo.



So what?



"So what?"



Oops, Suzie.



So, one month after you say

this man raped you...



you go to him for help?



Sounds as it you still considered

Mr. Lombardo a pretty good friend.



- I needed help.

- I'm sure you did.



But Mr. Lombardo

wasn't there this time.



It was summer,

he was gone...



and you spent six months

in a state correctional facility.



Did that make you mad, Suzie...



that Sam was gone?



That he wasn't there?




Is that the reason you're saying these

things about Mr. Lombardo, your friend?



I said them

because they happened.



Are you gonna sit there,

under oath...



and swear that Samuel Lombardo

raped you?



I said he did.



Let me ask you a question.



Did you enjoy

being a guest of the state?



'Cause I can promise you

if you are lying about Sam Lombardo...



and I believe you are...



you'll be visiting

that facility again quite soon.



Which is why I'll ask again...



under oath...






did Samuel Lombardo rape you?



Miss Toller, you will

have to answer the question.



- Miss Toller.

- Goddamn it!



- This was not my idea.

- Objection, Your Honor.



Miss Toller is clearly responding

to defense counsel's badgering.



Court would like to hear

what Miss Toller has to say.



Miss Toller?



Sam Lombardo didn't rape me.



He didn't rape Kelly either.



He didn't do anything.



This is ridiculous. The witness has been

directly threatened by defense counsel!



I think I made it plain this court

intends to hear Miss Toller's story.



Miss Toller.



I just wanted to hurt

Mr. Lombardo.



He was my friend, at first.



Then I got busted,

and he didn't stick up for me...



and I had to go away

to that hell hole.



It's like you're his favorite,

then "Who cares?"



Make her stop.



When Kelly said we should do this,

I thought, "Cool."



All these big shots screwing me over,

like that cop Duquette.



Now they're screwed.



I'm sorry, Your Honor.

I have to object.



Your Honor, please,

may I be heard?



Mr. Baxter,

you are not trying this case.



Sit down.



Kelly's pissed

at Mr. Lombardo too.



She's in love with him.



He's been her fantasy

since her old man died.



Then she found out Mr. Lombardo

was doing her mom, and that was it.



What? Kelly!



You skanky bitch!



Get your fucking hands oft of me!

Don't you know who I am?



Just get the hell

away from me.



Jesus, man! Let loose!



I'm just thinking about

where I'm gonna stay.



I lost my house.



Wakin' up from

a goddamn nightmare.



You'll get over it.



We have got a knock-down,

airtight, motherfucker lawsuit...



against Sandra Van Ryan.



Just like that?



These people

ruined your life, bro.



I told you

they'd go too tar.



They went overboard!

They did!



They'll settle.

Believe me.



They'll be begging to settle.



Oh, yeah! Here we go!

Wait up! Come on, girl.



In a startling turn of events,

Sam Lombardo has been dismissed...



following a reversal of testimony

by one of his alleged victims.



Excuse me. Over here.



Excuse me.

Can anybody read?



Hey! Sandra!



I want you to nail that shyster's balls

to the nearest wall.



That might've been

a possibility...



it Miss Not-So Bright

hadn't started throwing things.



Fuck off.



I cannot believe you're gonna

let them get away with this shit...



all on the word of

one little white-trash bitch.



I don't think

you get it, Sandy.



Your princess here

committed perjury.



It'll be all I can do to keep

her fuckin' little ass out of jail.



What are we going to do?



- Here's your coffee, Sam.

- Thank you.






Sorry I'm late.



Hold my calls, Lenore.



Okay, Mr. Bowden.



Thank you, Sandra.



I'll be seeing you.



- Okay?

- Okay. Yeah.



Nice to see you, Tom.



Come by.

We'll have lunch.



See you at the club.



See you at the club.



See you at the club, Tommy!



Hey, Tom.

What'd you shoot today, pal?



Hey, my man!



This is for you.



- You did good, Ken.

- Thanks.



I know there's a part of you

that wishes none of this had happened...



but it did, so take the money

and enjoy yourself.



All right?

Find a happy place.



Lenore, would you see

Mr. Lombardo out, please?



- Good-bye, Sam.

- Bye, Lenore.



Take care of my lizards, huh?



Hello, Kelly.



Drop dead.



You know how my mom's paying you off?

She's breaking my trust.



I can't touch it until she's dead,

and now she's breaking it to pay you.



I'm sorry, Kelly.



Why don't you start fucking her again !

You can spend it together!



I fucking hate you,

you son of a bitch!



I fucking hate you!



You see, Art? I couldn't come back

even it I wanted to.



Goddamn maid.



So you got my mom's money.



How much?



How much?



You know how much.



Your turn to pay.



It worked!



We screwed the bitch!



It worked

just like you said.



What's wrong?



You scared the shit out of me.



Your coming here.

That's what's wrong.



Are you fuckin' crazy?



Yeah, I'm crazy.



Ask my mom.



So, how much is eight-and-a-half

million divided by three?



Oh, great.



Everyone thinks

this is really funny.



Do you think

this is fuckin' over?



Let me tell you something.

It's a long fuckin' way from over.



I'm serious.



After tonight the three of us

are not to be seen together again.



After tonight?



Yeah, well,

we're here, aren't we?



So maybe one celebration

is okay...



it we're in agreement...



that from here on out...



you do exactly as I say.



Guidance counselors get to find out

all sorts of interesting things.



Now I want you two to kiss.



Come on now.



Never let the sun go down

on an argument.



I told you they were

gonna make us look stupid.



You're right.



They did make us look stupid.



What you're wrong about is why.



Hear me out.



Lombardo was havin' an affair

with Sandra Van Ryan.



Why not tell us about it?



That's a hell of a motive

for Kelly to fabricate this story.



Maybe Lombardo's attorney

was saving the affair for the trial.



I thought about that, then said:

You're Lombardo. Your life is trashed.



You don't wanna sit in jail

for three months unless--



Unless what?



Unless you're setting

Sandra Van Ryan up for the big payday.



Lombardo was eyeball-deep in debt

before this whole thing started...



tryin' to keep up with a pricey

piece of trim like Barbara Baxter.



Lombardo may be broke,

but why would Kelly steal?



The kid's got money from her grandfather

she can't touch until her mother dies.



I'm tellin' you, this guy...



wanted to marry money.



When that didn't happen...



he went to work on these two girls,

using them to set up Sandra Van Ryan.



I'm tellin' you,

they chumped us, partner.



They chumped us

right from the start.



I had my chance

and I let it go



I had my chance

and I let it go



Well, if I ever have myself

another chance like that



I'm gonna grab it

and I won't look back



Nice stroke.



- Is there some reason why you're here?

- Curiosity, I guess.



About what?

How to improve your breast stroke?



I was curious about how you see things

workin' out for you and Sam and Suzie.



Excuse me?



You three are gonna go to the Caribbean

together and live happily ever after?



The thing about it is that

threesomes rarely work out.



You're out of your mind.



It's hard enough for one person

to keep a secret, let alone three.



Especially when

two of 'em are in love.



You and Sam don't want that pill-head

around now that you have the money.



Am I right?



Sam sell you on the idea right up front

of whackin' Suzie?



That's murder, kid.




God, get a life.



You're good.



But you don't think that little freak

Suzie's gonna hold up, do you?






You better watch it

with that shit.



You get busted again,

you go back in a two-time loser.



Yeah, or wind up dead.



You know...



I don't think I ever told you

how sorry I was about your friend.



What was his name?



Help me out here, Suzie.

You know his name.



- Davy.

- Yeah.



That's right. Davy.



I was really sorry about

the way that worked out.



- That is cop bullshit.

- What was that?



I don't have to listen to this,

and you can't shove me around.



I have friends now.



This is Ray, Suzie.

You don't have shit!



You never had shit

and you never will have shit.



Take a look at this.



Go ahead.

It's not gonna bite you.



Take it!



Your friend Sam

deposited the check.



He transferred the funds to

an offshore account. A numbered account.



Cops don't even know whose name's on it.

Think one of them's yours?



He put a down payment on island property

and a lease-to-buy on a sailboat.



You're into sailing, aren't you?



I don't know why you're telling me this.

Why are you here?



I'm telling you this because

I know exactly what's goin' on.



Two's company.

Three's a crowd.



Come on, now.



You don't think Kelly and Sam are gonna

share that money with you, do you?



Leave me alone.



You know, I'd want a clear head

right now it I were you...



so I could keep a real close eye

on my new friends.



I'd hate to see you

come to a bad end...



like Davy.






You've reached Sam Lombardo.

Wait for the beep and leave a message.



I can't believe you called Sam.

What's the matter with you?



I'm scared

there's no one to trust.



You can trust me.






Kelly, is Suzie there?



- Yeah.

- I was afraid of that.



She left this insane message.



Between whatever she's

been smoking out there...



and this fucking cop, Duquette,

she's gonna blow it.



Calm the bitch down.



Why can't you come? Please?



Sam, I miss you so much.



I miss you too, Kelly,

but I can't right now.



We gotta stick to the plan, okay?



If she can't get

a fuckin' grip--



- Then what?

- You know what.



I'll handle it.



But I need you, Kelly.

I need you to be there for me tonight.



- Okay.

- Good.



That's my girl.

You're the strong one, you know?



Now put Suzie on the line.

I want you both to hear this.



Now, look.



We gotta stay calm,

all of us.



Now, since the settlement,

people think I'm rich...



so I'm out there spendin' money,

doin' what rich guys do.



This cop, Duquette, he's gonna try

and fuck with you. Don't let him.



- That's easy for you to say.

- Suzie, don't fall apart.



The only people who

can fuck this up is us.



You-- You are gonna

fuck me over, aren't you?



Oh, for chrissake.



You are!



Are you retarded, or just brain-dead

from whiffin' fumes out in the swamp?



That's what I am to you--

swamp trash...



just like my mom.






You stupid cunt!



You are scared, aren't you?



Jesus Christ!



- Are you crazy?

- Hear her say "Sam"?



That was Lombardo on the phone.

And you saw the two girls.



The conversation on that tape

is unintelligible.



What we have here is you

on the Van Ryan property...



- shooting a porn flick!

- I can't believe this.



A month ago these two were

throwing things at each other in court.



They were acting!

They were all acting!



We bought it,

hook, line and sinker.



Now they're gettin' away with

$  million of Sandra Van Ryan's money.



Which she might have saved it she hadn't

set out to destroy the man's life.



You wouldn't go after a guy

that you thought raped your daughter?



She bought the same

goddamn story we did!



Both of you, you're not on a case,

because there is no fucking case!



I've had it with Sandra Van Ryan,

and you keep muckin' around like this...



and she's gonna be suing us

for invasion of privacy.



So get out of

these people's lives!



- Am I gettin' through?

- You think this is just about money?



About us lookin' stupid?

Question him.



You'll find a manipulative psychopath,

and those girls will wind up dead.



Give this idiot

somethin' to do.



- Let him look into the Kennedy murder.

- I understand.



Next time this

fucking piece of shit...



drags me down here,

I'm gonna sue you.



You're goddamn lucky

I didn't sue you last time.



- I agree.

- Am I tree to go?



- Yes.

- Thank you.



- Cocksucker.

- What was that?



- You heard me, motherfucker.

- You wanna say that to my face?



What are you lookin' at?



- I guess I kind of lost it out there.

- You could say that.



Have you ever seen something coming,

and didn't do what you could to stop it?



We all have.



I mean somethin' bad that you

saw coming, and then it happened...



and you didn't do anything and--



I did that once.



I don't wanna do it again.



I thought we were

goin' to a movie.



I think we just

need to get wasted.



Come on.



I wanna live

at the beach someday.



Oh, shit.



I left the keys.



I'll get them.









It's me.



I was worried about you,

and I decided...



that the three of us should get together

one last time before we split up.



Are you mad at me?



I probably should've

told you a bit more about...



the part I intended to play.



But we'll go through it

again tonight.



This is a celebration,

not a suicide pact.



We're gonna chill out

and just relax...



have a little champagne...



watch the stars.



Have you got a blanket

in the back of your mom's Rover?



Why don't you be an angel,

and run over and get it for us?



Good girl.



Let me tell you about

this boat I got picked out for us.



You okay?



My mom would kill me

it she knew I took the Rover.



You say she didn't

come home last night.



She's been talkin' about goin' to L.A.,

but her clothes are all still here.



Walter! You get sick,

it'll serve you right.



Found some teeth

in an old trailer down the road.



He says they'll fit.



Suzie hasn't been back to school

since the trial.



Oh, now they're sayin'

that she can't graduate.



Kelly Van Ryan got her into

this whole mess, and you know it.



We'll look into it for you, Ruby.



We find somethin',

you'll be the first to know.



Come on.



It's starting, Gloria.

This is how it begins.



We don't know anything yet.

She could be anywhere.



I'll drop you off at the office.

Put a call out on Suzie's car.



You got someplace you wanna be?

You got a date?



Just check the car out for me.



It's over here

by that old boat.



So you and Suzie used to

come out here together?



Yeah, sometimes.



A lot of the kids hang out here.



You really think

somethin' bad happened to Suzie?



Lombardo ever come out here?



I say somethin' funny?



No, but I mean,

just the idea that Mr. Lombardo would--



Well, the way I heard it,

he was pretty tight with the kids.



You and him were pals, right?



Yeah, but he got me

on the sailing team.



Told me I could work my way

through college, like he did.



Told me I could work my way

through college, like he did.



Lombardo went to the University of Miami

on an athletic scholarship.



Boats didn't have

a damn thing to do with it.



I'm gonna be here a while, kid.



Why don't you go up to the highway

and catch the bus?



Hey, Jimmy.



People aren't always what

they appear to be. Don't forget that.



- This is where they did it.

- Where's the body?



The swamp, most likely.

The guy's a swamp rat.



He knows it'll never be found,

but he made one mistake.



The grandmother said she'd been

threatening to run away...



and I found the car

at the bus terminal.



- You don't think Sam put it there?

- Hold on a second.



Gloria, then have the car

dusted for prints.



And it Suzie even was murdered,

it was that damn Van Ryan kid.



Little sociopath's the one

who started this in the first place.



- How long before we get somethin'?

- We can get blood type right away.



Dental records will take longer.

DNA could take weeks.



Poor dumb Suzie.

Never had a chance.



- We don't know that.

- I'm tellin' you, Kelly's next.



I'm tellin' you,

you get out of this... right now.



Don't even fuckin' let me

hear about you bothering Lombardo.



David, you get an I.D.,

you call me!



- Will you do me one favor?

- Ray, you heard him.



He told me to stay away from Lombardo.

He didn't say anything about you.



What if I'm right

and Hunter's wrong?



Please, you gotta

help me out.



And it the teeth aren't Suzie's,

you'll give this up?



It I'm wrong about those teeth,

you got my word.



- Hello?

- I've been calling you.



- I wanna see you.

- Where are you?



- Stupid guest house.

- Good. Stay there.



I'm really nervous.



Kelly, relax.



Take one of your mom's

Valiums or something.



In a week, you get on the plane,

this is over. We're rich.



But what it they find out?



My God, they'd put you

in the electric chair.



Look, Kelly...



stay in the guest house tonight,

skip the graduation parties.



I love you so much.



I love you too, Kelly.

Be a good girl and stay where you are.



Peeping in people's windows.

Isn't that against the law?



Suzie Toller's missing.



- Since when?

- She didn't come home last night.



We found her car

at the bus terminal.



Ray thinks she was murdered.



I don't know what to tell you.



You could tell me

where you were last night.



I suppose I could,

but I don't really have to, now do l?



Come here.



I wanna show you something.



Looks like good-bye.



Kelly's tile.

Read it.



You're gonna find an angry,

sexually confused girl...



who threatened the lives

of at least two people.



What two people?



One of them was her mother.



The other one was a...



a female classmate...



she may have been

sexually involved with.






Now you got the tile.



Read it.



I think it'll give you

a new perspective on things.



Why didn't you tell us about this

before the trial?



Because then I had principles...



that meant a lot to me.






I don't care.



I should probably go now.



Unless you're planning

on holding me for something.



- Duquette. What's happening?

- I'm tired. I'm goin' home.



- Where's Lombardo?

- Gone.



Gloria, the blood type

on the rocks matches Suzie's.



Let me tell you somethin', Ray.



There's more to this story

than you know.



If Suzie is dead...



Hunter may be on

the right track about Kelly.



Shit, Ray.



- Who is it?

- It's Detective Duquette.



Open the gate now.



- Hello, Kelly.

- What are you doin' here?



Where's-- Kelly!



I just looked away for a second,

just a split second.



And just like that-- bingo--



she put a knee in my groin.



I didn't go down,

but it slowed me down...



just enough.



I couldn't get to her.



She turned on me with the gun.



Fired one shot.



I took the hit in the shoulder.



I had no choice.



I had to return tire.



Two rounds, I think,

in the chest.



I went there to protect her.



I went there to protect her.



Detective Duquette...



Detective Duquette...



I spent some time in military

intelligence, and we had a saying there:



Once is happenstance.

Twice is coincidence.



Three times is enemy action.



This is twice for you,




and I intend to see to it

that there is no third time.



Our investigation finds that this was

a good shooting, but that's irrelevant.



You ignored the advice

of your superiors.




two young women are dead.



You are, as of now, terminated,

with forfeiture of pension and benefits.



Chief Goodsall...



Detective Duquette found

Susan Marie Toller's teeth and blood...



near the area

known as Stoner Beach.



Miss Toller's blood was also found

in the Van Ryan Range Rover.



This has led

this office to conclude...



that Susan Marie Toller

was murdered by Kelly Lanier Van Ryan.



Oh, she didn't.

She didn't.



Mr. Duquette.



This investigation is concluded.

You're dismissed.



Thank you.



Howdy, partner.



Jesus, man. I wasn't

expecting you until tomorrow.



Hey, nice girlfriend

you got there.



Kelly was only

supposed to be framed.



The bitch shot me.



Shit, you're a cop.

Don't they teach you to disarm people?



You know, shoot them

in the leg or somethin'?



Did you become squeamish about

this stuff before or after...



you bludgeoned little Suzie

to death with a wine bottle?



Kelly wasn't supposed to die, Ray.

It wasn't part of the plan.



Man, it couldn't have worked out better.

They're convinced Kelly whacked Suzie.



I couldn't talk them out of it.



What I'm telling you is,

I don't like surprises.



Look at it this way:

Every cloud has a silver lining.



Now there's no loose ends.



Come tomorrow,

you'll never see me again.



Oh, listen, about tomorrow.



I spoke to the bank and they said

it's gonna take two working days...



to make the--

make the transfer, so--






Call them yourself.



Anyway, what's your hurry?

Kick back for a day or two.



We'll take out the boat.

I just had it outfitted.



I could use a deck hand.



Here's to large bank accounts.



You gotta lighten up, partner.

You're a rich man.



To large accounts

and no loose ends.



And no loose ends.



Hey, Ray,

see that winch?



Take a couple turns on it.

She's lufting.



- You mean that thing?

- Yeah.



We call it a winch.

It's what we use to tighten the sails.



- So why don't you start cranking?

- This is supposed to be a vacation.



Why don't you get

a nice powerboat?



Come on, Ray.

I'll make a sailor outta you yet.



Or get me drowned.



It's stuck.



What do you mean?

Put a little elbow grease in it.



It's stuck, I'm tellin' you.



The jenny sheet

must be caught on something.



Why don't you go starboard

and see it you can unhook it?



- I don't understand a word you said.

- Okay, Ray.



You see this line right here?

Follow it down...



and see it you can see

what it's snagged on.



You're killin' me.



This thing?



That's it. That one right there.

You see anything?



Look a little lower.

That's it.



Guess I forgot to tell you, Ray.



One hand for the boat,

the other one for yourself.



First rule of sailing.



- Ray, what happened?

- Nice try, motherfucker!






- You're dead!

- No, I'm not.



For chrissake!



Sorry, partner.

You really shouldn't have killed Kelly.



You shouldn't have killed

that kid out in the Glades, either.



What was his name?






That's my son Walter.



He's been doin' this a long time,

so don't you be afraid.



Please, come on in.



Thank you so much for

comin' down to the Glades.



Did you come out here to watch Walter,

or is this an official visit?



No. Actually,

it's my day off.



I thought you looked different.



I came over here because

I was hoping you would talk to me.



About Suzie?



Actually, I was wondering it you would

talk to me about Ray Duquette.



He used to come around here.



He had a thing goin'

with one of the girls--



"girls"-- over at the Glades.



Got sort of hung up on her,

from what I hear.



- She still work there?

- Not after that night.



All I know is,

the next mornin'...



she was gone

and a boy was dead.



Seminole kid named Davy.



He had a crush on Ray's whore.



Caught Ray slappin' her around,

and he tried to stop it.



So Ray killed him.



Suzie saw it.



So he busted her

and sent her up.



You know,

just to prove that he could.



That's all there is to say

about Ray Duquette.



To Ray.



We won.

Sam, it's over.



Talk about paranoid.

Take a look around us, Sam.



You're gonna have to teach me how to

drive this before I can get rid of you.



Okay, Toller.



I wanna trim the sail.

Grab a hold of that winch.



Fuck the winch.

I wanna drive.



It doesn't work that way.

You don't drive it, you sail it.



Now get on that winch.



I just wanna cruise for a while.



That's funny.



That's one of the first things

I noticed about you, Sam.



You like to cruise.






Take college, for instance.



I bet the classes you took were the ones

where the finals were multiple choice.



And you never bought the book.

You'd always find some girl...



to loan you hers, and then you'd

have to fuck her after that, right?



Is that how it went?






Well, I've got

a good pop quiz for you.



Multiple choice, of course.



Before sailing away on the Helios, Medea

killed King Creon and the princess...



with what?



A rock...



a spear gun, or...



a little poison?



Poison !



Good guess.



Nice truck.



Sellin' your boat?



This was Suzie's boat.



Guess she won't be

needin' it now.






I wouldn't have guessed

Suzie was a sailor.



Old lady had her tested once.



They said her I.Q.

was way up there...



around     or some such shit.



That girl could do just about

anything she put her mind to.



You know...



that weekend I got busted,

I called you about a hundred times.



I really believed that stuff

about you being my friend.



Was I naive.



I can't decide

what came out better:



that little straw up Kelly's nose

or that dog collar around your neck.



What do you think,

Mr. Lombardo?



Seems to like

the same places you do.



Funny you never met.



Yeah, real funny.



You know, you're wrong about this.

And I could get busted on the spot.



The guy's dirty.

He'll love it.



Especially the part

about killing me.



Now get outta here.

Go make yourself a new friend.



What are you drinkin'?



You've got the pressure too tight.

You're gonna crush the fucking evidence.



Oh, for chrissake.



- Hello, Kelly.

- What are you doin' here?



May I ask you a question,

Miss Toller?



Did you enjoy being

a guest of the state?



I hope I never make you mad.



Cash is just

walkin'-around money.



The check is the balance

of the numbered account...



minus the million we set aside for

Ruby and Walter, less my usual fee.



Case closed.






be good.


Special help by SergeiK