The Wild Thornberrys Movie Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the The Wild Thornberrys Movie script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of The Wild Thornberrys Movie. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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The Wild Thornberrys Movie Script



            I'm Eliza Thornberry, part of your average family.

            I've got a dad and a mom and a sister.


            There is Donnie.

            We found him.

            And Darwin. He found us.

            We travel all over the world.

            See, my dad hosts this nature show

            and my mom shoots it.

            And along the way, something amazing happened.

            I freed a warthog who was really a shaman:

            Shaman Mnyambo.

            He granted me the power to talk to animals.

            It's really cool...

            but totally secret.

            And that was just the beginning of my biggest adventure ever.

            And now, Phaedra the magnificent will walk the Circle of Destiny.

            Oh! Oh, dear! Oh...

            Circle of Destiny, indeed.


            Eliza, your friend stinks.

            And look at those tusks.

            They could poke an eye out.

            Darwin, chill.

            Phaedra, can you take us around that tree?


            Hey, here's how our moms make us go.

            They nudge the back of our necks with their trunks.


            Like this?

            That's it.

            And if she wanted us to turn around

            she'd just nudge one side.

            Oh, cool!

            Yes, rub behind the ear, and the elephant turns.


            Eliza, can we go now?

            My butt's gone to sleep.

            Okay, Darwin.

            Bye, Eliza.

            Bye, Phaedra.

            Bye, chimp.

            Oh, I think I hear your grandmumsy

            opening a fresh tin of figgy pudding.

            Shh. Darwin, listen.

            To what? I don't hear a thing.

            That's what I mean.

            It's too quiet.

            It's a shame you couldn't spend more time with us, Mumsy.

            Oh, two weeks is more than enough.

            You know your father gets a bit daft

            when left on his own too long.

            For all we know, he's searched the entire estate

            for his reading glasses.

            Good thing I take after you, eh, Mumsy?


            Have you had any luck locating my binoculars?

            Try around your neck.


            Bad news.

            Jungle boy used the teapot to store his grubworms.

            Dad, Mom, stampede!

            Battle stations, everybody.

            Mumsy, stand absolutely still.

            They're not carnivores.

            In fact, the gazelle is actually quite harmless

            unless you happen to be a tuft of grass.

            It's Akela!

            Does this sort of thing happen often?

            -No. -No.

            Thank goodness.

            Cordelia, I hate to leave you

            but we really need to get some footage

            before it gets dark.

            Oh, yes, Mumsy.

            Will you be all right here?

            Don't worry.

            The girls and I will have a nice quiet evening together.

            See you later then.


            Oh! Just when we get something cool to drive

            I have to be grounded.

            Certainly, you're grounded.

            I understand you tied young Donnie

            to a termite mound.

            Hey, he was happy.



            where are you going?

            Just going for a walk.

            Have we forgotten about that cheetah?

            It's okay, Grandmumsy.

            I do it all the time.

            Deborah, does your sister always...?

            Talk like a monkey, dress like a geek?

            Yeah. You get used to it.

            Come on.

            Akela's cubs must be nearby.

            Cheetah cubs?!

            But to them, I'm a walking Snack Pak!

            Do-do, do, do-do, do-do, do, do-do, do...

            See your soul, open your eyes

            From inside, your soul comes shining...

            Hey, guys.

            It's Eliza!

            Oh, you've grown so big.

            Hey, where's Tally?

            Here I am.

            You should see me run.

            I'm really fast now.

             Fast? As in able to outrun defenseless chimps?


              You guys remember Darwin.

              Hey, I've got an idea.

              Let's have a race.


              Me first.

              Children, it's time for dinner.

              Don't look at me.

              I'm skin and bones.

              Mom, Eliza wants us to race.

              No. The plains are too dangerous for little ones like you.

              But Akela, I'll be with them.

              I'd never let anything happen.

              You can trust me.

              -Please, Mom? -Please?

              All right, Eliza.

              But keep an eye on them.

              And don't go beyond the acacia tree.

              You don't have to be old to be wise...

              Oh. Oh!

              A bird doesn't wait till he dies to fly.

              Hey, slowpokes, I'm winning!

              Who you calling "slowpoke"?

              Eliza, you've passed the acacia tree.

              Just barely.

              Don't worry. We'll be fine.



              Oh! Oh!




              Give him back!

              He's just a baby!

              Deborah, we need you

              to bring the commvee straight away.

              I wish I could, Dad, but I'm grounded, remember?

              Debbie, now!


              Deborah, slow down immediately.

              Sorry, Grandmumsy. Dad's orders.

              Donnie, this is no time for the wedgie dance.

              Will somebody do something?


              We'll discuss your impertinence later, young lady.

              NIGEL: Debbie, follow that helicopter!

              I couldn't have had a sister

              who plays with dolls.

              Hello, Mumsy.

              Having a jolly holiday?

              Nigel, we must discuss your children's manners.

              We're equally as proud, Mumsy

              but now's not the time.

              My baby!

              My baby.

              We can't just sit here.

              Mom, we have to find those poachers!

              Eliza, you were almost killed.

              You have to let Jomo take care of them.

              But, Mom, I have to save Tally.


              That's what I call the cheetah cub.

              She names man-eating wild animals?

              Names 'em, plays with 'em

              talks in monkey to 'em.

              Debbie, enough.

              Could you identify this man, Eliza?

              No. He shined a light in my eyes.

              But I saw his knife.

              The handle, it was carved in the shape of a falcon.

              That'll help find them, won't it?

              There are many knives, many poachers.

              But I have to find Tally!

              Eliza, you must leave this to us.

              Promise me you will never go off alone at night.

              I promise.

              Good girl.

              Nigel, I will call if I hear anything.

              Good night, all.

              Thank you, Jomo.

              Eliza, I don't want you

              going out in the savannah at night.

              Yeah, right.

              She and the monkey are always sneaking off.

              What?! Debbie...

              Hey, no, I've covered long enough.

              Do you know that she once fed

              one of my protein bars to a Komodo dragon?

              And back in... wherever land that was...

              she rode a Siberian tiger.

              Oh, oh, and ask her about the time

              that she was dancing with a bunch of crazy dingoes.


              Oh, that is not even the half of it, Mom.


              Thanks a lot, Deb.

              Nigel, I... I don't know what to do.

              Well, I do!

              It is perfectly obvious that Elizabeth has no regard

              for her own safety.

              We have discussed this for years.

              She needs to be in a structured environment.

              One such as a boarding school

              back in London.

              Oh, hold on!

              She messes up, and she gets to go to boarding school?!


              that's rather drastic.

              Nigel, need I remind you

              that it was in the confines of boarding school

              that you received your education

              not here in the wild.

              Surely you don't think it's civilized

              for a girl to play with cheetahs and chimpanzees?


              What about me?!

              Do I look civilized?

              Frankly, no

              but I'm afraid it's much too late for you.

              Mom, Dad, I can't leave.

              Tally never would have been out on the plains

              if it wasn't for me.

              It's all my fault.

              Eliza, how can it be your fault?

              But I have to go back out there!


              We make these rules for a reason, Eliza.

              And if I have to send you away to be safe, I will.

              Dad? Please...

              Poppet, your intentions are noble

              but you're just too young.

              I'm sorry.

              We agreed when we took this job

              that we wouldn't split up the family.

              We'd keep the children with us

              on the road.

              I remember, dearest.

              Oh, Nigel, are we doing the right thing?

              You heard Eliza.

              She blames herself for this unfortunate incident.

              She'll never stop

              until she finds that cub.

              She's quite fearless, you know.

              She takes after her father.

              That poor girl.


              Boarding school?

              I never heard of anything so ridiculous.

              Did anyone bother to ask my opinion?

              Sometimes I wish I could just tell them I talk to animals.


              Then you'll lose your power

              and we'll never be able to talk again.

              How will I know what Debbie's saying about me?

              Calm down, I won't break the rule.

              I promised Shaman Mnyambo.


              Now about this boarding school.

              You don't think they'll make me take gym class, do you?

              Because those tight shorts

              show off my problem area.

              Uh, Dar...

              you can't come with me.

              Darwin, come back.

              Whatever is the matter with Darwin?

              He saw me pack my suitcase.

              I guess he figured out I'm leaving.

              Very intuitive, that chimp.

              I'm sorry about all this, Dad.

              Well, I'm not sure

              I wouldn't have done the same thing, poppet.

              In fact, I went up against poachers myself once

              to save an elephant, remember?

              I remember.


              Let me show you where we're headed next.

              The Congo.

              To look for forest elephants?

              Yes, if we can find any.

              You see

              there's an old, old Bacha legend

              that tells of a solar eclipse when thousands of elephants

              made their way to Tembo Valley.


              I wonder why.

              Nobody knows

              but there's an eclipse in a few weeks

              in this exact spot

              and I intend to witness it firsthand.

              Oh, I wish I could see it with you, Dad.

              Eliza, I received this medal

              when I was in boarding school about your age.

              Perhaps you would like to take it for luck.

              "Awarded for bravery."


              It was nothing, really.

              A blazing building,    students trapped

              a makeshift rope ladder...

              Well, never mind.

              The point is, you will have your own challenges, poppet

              and I predict you will meet them splendidly.

              I looked everywhere for Darwin.

              I looked everywhere for Darwin.

              I didn't get to say good-bye.

              I'm sorry, honey.

              You'll see him again soon.

              I love you.

              I'll miss you, Mom.

              You won't leave without him, will you, Dad?

              Of course not, poppet.

              Okay, here's what I need for you to get me in London:

              CD's, boots, T-shirts.

              Basically anything cool.

              Don't forget. Cool.


              It's time for takeoff.

              Kiss your natural wilderness girlhood good-bye.

              If you leap awake in the mirror of a bad dream

              And for a fraction of a second

              You can't remember where you are

              Just open your window...

              Bye, Dad.

              And follow your memory upstream

              To the meadow in the mountain

              Where we counted every falling star

              I believe a light that shines on you

              Will shine on you forever

              And though I can't guarantee

              There's nothing scary hiding under your bed

              I'm gonna stand guard

              Like a postcard of a golden retriever

              And never leave till I leave you

              With a sweet dream in your head

              I'm gonna watch you shine

              Gonna watch you grow

              Gonna paint a sign

              So you'll always know

              As long as one and one is two, ooh-ooh

              There could never be a father

              Who loved his daughter more than I love you.

              Would you look at that?

              Is that a new girl?

              Oh, my goodness!

              Oh, Sarah, can I borrow your...?


              Well, you didn't think I'd let you get civilized

              without me, did you?

              You can't be here!

              Yes, it's a miracle I survived the baggage hold.

              You should know, your bags are not handled with care.

              I told you.

              They don't allow chimps in school.

              Oh, they'll change their mind when they meet me.

              Oh, now let's take a look at my new home.

              Small, yet charming.

              Not much in the way of natural light

              but haven't we really had enough

              of nature?

              Dibs on this bed!

              Ooh! Feel those springs... firm, yet flexible!

              Would you lend me your cashmere sweater

              for the dance?

              Oh, no! Someone's coming!

              Room service?

              Oh, I like school already.


              Darwin, no, you can't be here!

              But why?

              I'm a fast learner, and... ooh!

              I can see your feet!

              Let me in!

              Or are you still quibbling

              about that two percent difference in our DNA?

              Just be quiet until I figure out what to do!

              I'm Eliza Thornberry.

              Guess we're roommates.

              So it appears.

              I'm Sarah Wellington.

              Have you been romping on my bed?

              Oh, just trying out the springs.

              Firm, yet flexible.

              Perhaps we should take this opportunity

              to negotiate a few issues.

              You stay on your side, and I stay on mine.

              My things shall be off-limits

              as they are antique and rather expensive.

              This perfume is French.

              And don't even dream

              about wearing my clothes...

              no matter how tempting the urge.

              I see that you've already rooted

              through my wardrobe.


              One of my mom's homemade peanut butter cookies?

              I might have a use for you yet.

              It's so great to talk to you guys.

              Oh, you have no idea how awful it's been.

              Go on, Eliza.

              Tell Reggie your troubles.

              Uh, before you do, don't suppose

              you have any of those cheesy snacks I fancy, eh?

              Cheeze Munchies?

              Right here.

              Mmm, brilliant. Mmm.

              Now, what's the problem?

              I miss my friends in Africa.

              Thank you.

              Oh, you should see it there, Reggie.

              I've even met some squirrels who fly.

              Fly? Like a bird?

              Don't like the sound of that.

              I heard that her family lives in the jungle

              in a motor home.

              And that she bathes where animals drink.


              Next, she'll be bringing animals into my room.

              Eliza, can you hear me?

              It's Mom.

              And your dear old dad.

              Uh, what did you say, honey?

              I said, has Jomo found Tally?

              Sorry, poppet, no...

              and, in fact, the poachers disappeared without a trace.

              Nigel, tell her about Darwin.

              Yes, I was leading up to that.


              I'm afraid we've lost track of Darwin.

              Oh, he'll be all right.

              He's probably foraging for his bugs and berries right now.

              Eliza, the shepherd's pie is heavenly.

              But why do they have to put

              these smushy green things in it?

              They look like bunny poop.

              Honey, is someone there?

              Oh, th-that's just my roommate, Sarah.

              Mom, please don't forget about Tally, okay?

              We won't.

              We left word with Jomo where we were headed.

              Now, try to have fun with your new friends


              She's making friends?

              Give me that.

              Hi, okay.

              Here's what's going on with my life.

              Donnie's now half-goat, my hair is half-terrier

              and we are heading into the abyss

              where there is no hope of teen interaction.


              Oh, uh, Debbie!

              Debbie? Mom, Dad?


              We're all a bit curious...

              have you ever seen a tiger up close?

              Close enough to pet.

              Oh, really?

              Tigers, bears, Kimodo dragons.

              Once, when we were in the Arctic

              I hung out with this polar bear.

              Hmm! Seems my roommate is making friends...

              my friends!

              They're-they're really gentle, and...

              Sarah, Eliza swam with the whales.

              Isn't that lovely?

              Tell us more, Eliza.

              She's a lady

              Whoa, whoa, whoa, she's a lady

              Talking about that little lady

              And the lady is mine.


              I know. Don't I look fetching?


              Wh-Wh-Where was I?

              Oh, yes. Swimming with dingoes...

              I mean, dolphins... uh...

              but enough about me.

              Did anyone try the boiled cabbage?

              Oh, I can't get enough boiled cabbage.

              I'm going back for seconds. Anyone else?

              Who's that girl?

              I've never seen her before.

              When did she come to Lady Beatrice's?

              Is she Eliza's friend?

              That's my monogram!

              Who are you, and why

              are you wearing my new blazer?!

              There's an ape in my uniform!

              Ugh! Give it back!

              Give it back!

              Did he escape from the zoo?

              Darwin, no!


              Food fight, everyone!

              Aye, yi, yi!

              -Aye, yi, yi! -Yeah, yeah, baby

              Talking about the big monkey man

              -Aye, yi, yi! -Ooh!

              Aye, yi, yi...

              Come on!

              Talking about the big monkey man

              Food is for eating!

              Food is for...

              Run, monkey, run!


    , la, la-la-la, la la

              This is the best meal we've ever had!

              Miss Thornberry...

              ...your grandmother will hear of this in the morning

              and when we revive her

              I'm sure she'll be gravely disappointed.

              Now, say good-bye to your pet and come along!

              Eliza, don't leave me in this place.

              I'll never last the night!

              No offense. I'm sure you're very nice.

              "Thunder," is it? How horsy.

              I'll come see you in the morning, Dar.

              Trot along, lassie.

              Your friend will be fine with me.

              Thanks, Thunder.

              Miss Thornberry.

              Come along.

              I could use a hot bath and a good meal.

              You're in luck.

              They'll be bringing the hay 'round any minute.

              I'm to eat hay?

              Aye, and sweet crunchy oats from time to time, too.

              Oh, that changes everything.

              I'm beginning to see why they call you Thunder.

              Uh, never mind.

              Where's the bathroom?

              You're standing on it.

              Did Mrs. Fairgood make him go to the zoo?

              Where did he sleep?

              Oh, Eliza, tell us everything!

              How ever did you smuggle

              the chimp in your suitcase?

              Darwin decided to... Oh, uh, I mean it was easy.

              From hiding him from Sarah... that's a different story.

              Ooh! Miss Sarah Wellington thinks she's the bee's knees.

              Why would you ever come here where it's so boring?

              I got into trouble.

              I snuck out at night and...

              there were poachers, hunting some animals.

              -Poachers? -With guns?

              What happened?!

              Go on, Eliza.

              There were these three cheetah cubs I knew.

              Like kittens, only-only wild.

              Well, we were running when we heard shots.

              And a man dropped out of a helicopter on a ladder

              and... grabbed the one I named Tally.

              I tried to save him, but they cut the ladder, and...

              I fell.

              Tally was gone.

              Poor Tally.

              I think he's alive.

              I just feel it.

              This is terrible!

              Can't we write letters or something?

              Let's have a bake sale!

              -Yes, let's! -Oh, let us help!

              Thanks, you guys, but...

              What's going on in my room, and why wasn't I invited?

              Sarah, Eliza was just telling us the most awful story

              about... Tally.

              Never mind.

              I've been at Mrs. Fairgood's, filling out a report

              and I'm quite tired.

              You'll all have to go.

              Good night, Eliza.

              Good night, Sarah.

              Night, you guys!

              I still can't believe you harbored a wild animal

              in my room, and I never...

              There are peas in my bed!



              Tally. Oh, Tally, I knew you were alive.

              These trees...

              Eliza, help me!


              -These trees -Tally!

              I gave you this gift for a reason, Eliza.

              Shaman Mnyambo?

              You must not waste time.

              You must go to your destiny.


              What do you mean?

              Where am I supposed to go?


              Tally is alive.

              Go save him, Eliza.

              Go. Go!

              Shaman Mnyambo's right.

              I have to go.

              What are you doing?

              I have to leave.

              I'm calling Mrs. Fairgood.

              No! Please!

              You have to keep this a secret.

              Do you have a credit card?

              I need two tickets to Africa.

              Africa?! I am not taking part in this.

              My parents will pay you back, I promise.

              And no one will know you helped me

              until it's all over.

              Until what's all over?

              You're acting so odd.

              I'm reporting you at once.

              Sarah, please, it's a matter of life and death.

              I have to go now, and I really need your help.


              And just think... you'll get the room all to yourself again.

              Would you prefer aisle or window?

              Darwin, wake up!

              Uh? Oh... what?

              Oh, I've tried to keep track of the days

              but they've bled into months.

              Dar, it's only been four hours.

              Ah! Ooh!

              Guh-guh-guh-guh-guh get out of London

              Hold tight

              I'm walkin' on the pavement

              Scarin' all the lions, so the bears don't eat me

              Send me to the salt mines

              Get on the bus, but the bus don't start...

              I'm facing a photo, a beauty is there

              Tears on my cheek

              She's living in a nightmare

              Turn the page to a brand-new leaf

              Resolute, psycho dude, time to be a Z

              Okay, all right, I know I'm doing wrong

              But save it till tomorrow

              Gotta guh-guh-guh-guh

              Get out of London.

              Well, it's certainly better than riding in the baggage hold.

              -But I still don't understand... S-hh!

              I'll tell you after the plane takes off.

              I can't risk anyone finding us now.



              And stop fidgeting!

              I can't help it.

              I've got hay in my skirt.

              She has that hairy disease.

              We're going to see a special doctor...

              in Nairobi.


              I didn't meet you in the jungle

              Swinging from a tree

              I sat down at the piano, you were playing with me

              I couldn't believe all the things you could do

              The apes I'd seen were in the zoo

              They say we are unique with this language that we speak

              But you have proved them wrong

              Skinner and Chomsky... how could they be so blind

              With evidence this strong?

              Intelligent life is all around us

              Intelligent life is all around us

              Bonobo calling me now...

              I'll find you, Tally.

              I promise.

              Bonobo calling me now

              Bonobo calling me now

              Bonobo calling me now...


              We'll be gone until after the eclipse.

              Will you be all right with Donnie?

              Are you kidding?

              This will be the highlight of my young life.

              That's the spirit, poodles!

              Dad, have you completely lost your ability

              to recognize sarcasm?

              I'm not sure I ever had it, Deborah.

              Now, stay close to camp.

              If you're lucky, you might see a hyena roving about.

              Excuse me while I go find a container for my joy.

              Very well, we'll wait right here.

              Oh! That's sarcasm, isn't it?

              You do that rather frequently, don't you?

              Debbie, just how long is this sulking going to go on?

              Hmm, another       minutes.

              Then I'll start up again tomorrow.

              Well, get some rest.

              I know it must be draining.

              We'll call you on the shortwave.

              Be careful, and have a good time.

              No problem.

              I'll take the Congocon for a spin.

              Absolutely not!

              Absolutely not!

              But do have fun!

              Acci-dent, acci-dent, acci-dent.

              Acci-dent, acci-dent, acci-dent.

              That is so wrong.

              Help! The poachers!

              Help! The poachers!

              I've been shot.

              Darwin, get up!


              Excuse me, uh...


              A rhino's been shot!

              You've got to let me off this train!


              Hang on.

              We'll get help.

              You'll be okay.

              They shot me...

              at the river.

              They were trying to take my horn when I ran away.



              Please help me!

              This rhino's been shot!

              Hold this, right here.

              Is he still alive?

              Barely, but don't worry, honey, I think I can save him.

              You're a very brave young lady.

              We saw you jump from that train.

              I had to save this rhino.

              I... I...

              That's the knife from the man who took Tally.

              Excuse me?

              Honey, keep applying pressure.

              l-I'm sorry. l-I just...

              Oh, thank goodness.

              The authorities.

              What happened here?

              Poachers shot him.

              They're at the river.

              Please, you must find them.

              They took a cheetah cub!

              A cheetah.

              I recognized their knife.

              You have to call Jomo Umbelli.

              You know Jomo?

              Yes, yes! He's best friends with my father

              Nigel Thornberry.

              Just tell him Eliza found the knife.

              He'll know what it means.

              We were just at the river.

              There was no sign of poachers.

              Oh, by the way, I'm Sloan Blackburn.

              We're studying the endangered wildlife.

              There's going to be one less rhino in the world

              if we don't get this poor guy back to our camp.

              My wife, Bree. She's a wildlife veterinarian.

              We'll take him to the rhino sanctuary.

              Eliza, they'll take care of him.

              Don't worry.

              Eliza, can we give you a lift somewhere?

              You really shouldn't be alone with poachers out there.

              No, thanks. Our camp's not too far from here.

              We have to get back to our work, Eliza

              but I do hope we see you again.

              Me, too.

              Uh, thanks for your help! Bye!

              Why don't we talk about it?

              Come on, Dar.

              We have to find those poachers.

              You mean, we have to find your parents, don't you?

              You saw what those poachers did to that rhino.

              But if they're nearby, then Tally is, too!

              Eliza, no!

              If those awful people see you again, they'II...

              well, they'll hurt you.

              And I'm not going to let that happen.

              You're right, Darwin.

              We can't do this alone.

              All right, we'll find my parents' camp.

              It's not far, is it?

              We'll get there...

              by morning.

              Oh! Oh, I wish we'd never left Lady Beatrice's.

              Thunder said there'd be days like this.

              Don't walk away...

              So, this cute dude named Jack

              plants these magic beans 'cause he's, like, hungry.

              Then, a mondo beanstalk grows overnight

              way up into the clouds...

              Bush babies... how annoying.

              So, Jack... who is totally buff, by the way...

              climbs up the beanstalk, and he finds a golden goose

              a golden harp and a big, scary...







              You never told me how to land!


              It's all in the knees, Cordie!


              You're looking well, Deborah.

              Do we have kiss for Grandpapa?

              I knew I shouldn't have brought the good china.

              Debbie, dreadful news:

              Your sister has run away from Lady Beatrice's.

              Under cover of night, with Darwin.

              Excuse me?

              Uh, did you say the monkey got to go to London?

              Debbie, are you there? Over.

              Mom! Guess who's here?

              There's no need to alarm your parents.

              What your grandmama means is

              there's no need to have Marianne blame her

              a minute earlier than necessary.


              Eliza was seen boarding a train heading to the Congo.

              We take her back to London the minute she arrives.

              Debbie, who's there?

              Uh, some really cute bush babies.

              Debbie, did I just hear you call a wild animal "cute"?

              That's called sarcasm, dearest.

              Li-Li-Live Long, Live Long

              Changin' faces in the strangest places...

              Sure, you can ride with us.

              Oh, my owner will never know.

              I'm gonna shake the tree, gonna shake the tree

              Let 'em know, let 'em know, let 'em know

              Ha-ha-ha-ha, yeah!

              Turning the tide, you were on the incoming wave

              Turning the tide, you know you are nobody's slave...

              How did I end up here?

              Amongst chickens...

              Souma Yergon

              Oh, Sou Nou Yergon

              We are shakin' the tree...

              Donnie, this may look like a shark cage

              but it's really a playpen.

              It's where nice little boys play

              when their sisters want peace and quiet.

              Hey, Donnie!

              Well, if it isn't the boarding school dropout

              and her sidekick Chimpo.

              Save it, Deb.

              I need to talk to Mom and Dad.

              Well, they're not here.

              You can talk to me and pretend I'm listening.

              Where are they?

              Off in the jungle, filming some solar thing.

              But the eclipse isn't until tomorrow.


              Fine. I'll call them on the radio.


              Don't go in there.

              What are they doing here?

              Taking you back to England.

              Not that you deserve to go.

              Well, I'm not going back.

              I came back to find Tally, and that's what I'm going to do.

              I just need Dad's help.

              What is wrong with you?!

              You finally get a chance to escape our rolling jail

              and instead, you come back like some freaky homing pigeon.

              You ruin the family name and wreck my chance

              of ever getting out of this place.

              I don't know about you

              but I am not going to slow dance at my prom

              with some purple-butt baboon!

              Debbie, leave me alone!

              I'm going to find Mom and Dad

              and you're not going to stop me.

              Oh, yes, I am.

              Debbie, no!

              Uh, wha...?

              Hey! Let me out of here!

              Sorry, Deb, you'll have to take that up

              with the warden.

              Donnie, bring me the key, like a nice little animal-boy.



              Cordie! It's the blitz!

              You're dreaming, Raddie.


              England is safe.


              When I get my hands on that ungrateful

              troublemaking, know-it-all sister...

              Wow, if I weren't so mad, this would totally rock.

              Hey, get back here!

              Oh, man!

              Oh! Hello.

              Both of my daughters are missing?

              But the good news is

              the chimpanzee turned up in England.

              But never mind that now.

              Debbie left a note.

              "Don't freak."

              That's Deborah talking, not I.

              "Took the Congocon to find Donnie

              "who followed Eliza.

              "She's going to some valley.

              Later, Debbie."

              My children are in the jungle alone.

              We'll find them, lovely.

              I say, Dad

              are you there?

              Right here, my boy.

              You'll have to pick us up down river.

              I'll give you our coordinates.

              Can you triangulate our position?

              They didn't call me Colonel for my chicken recipe, huh?

              Fire away.

              Here I am driving around

              this sweaty jungle, looking for my ungrateful sister

              when I could be sitting in front of the AC

              watching part two

              of "Before They Were Teens."

              Ooh, who smells?

              'Cause it's completely

              overpowering my vanilla-ginger body splash.




              Wait, wait, wait. Wait, wait, wait.

              Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

              Does this, uh... human belong to anyone?


              I hope he wasn't any trouble.

              Not really.

              But you might want to tell him

              that when a gorilla is sleeping

              he doesn't want a dung beetle shoved up his nose.

              We're hoping it's just a phase.


              I'm looking for my parents.

              Have you seen two people on the way to Tembo Valley?

              Two people.

              Were they riding in those loud whirlybirds?

              Uh, do you mean helicopters?

              Eliza, it might be the poachers.

              Did you see them?

              Did they have a cheetah cub with them?

              I only saw the whirlybirds land on the ground.

              And then I saw people

              putting a fence across the valley.

              A fence? What for?

              Something's up.

              What's the quickest way to the valley?

              Follow the river.

              Be careful.

              Dar, get Donnie.

              Donnie, this is no time for your games.

              Don't force it, Chimp.

              It'll come out in its own good time.


              So, you see, as many

              as a thousand elephants will converge during the eclipse.

              I'm afraid my desire to witness a natural marvel

              might have influenced Eliza.

              She must have decided she couldn't miss it.

              No. Eliza wouldn't come all the way from London

              just for that.

              There's something else going on.

              Oh. I'm just afraid that she'll get hurt.

              She'll be fine, Marianne.

              They all will.

              Well, how do you know, Colonel?

              And don't say, "Because they're Thornberrys."

              No. Because they've been raised by you

              and quite wonderfully, I might add.

              Radcliffe is right.

              Now, let's find them.

              Eliza! Donnie!

              I have had enough of this!

              I am not in the mood!

              Oh, great.

              I'm turning into Mom.

              Where are the lights on this stupid thing?

              Get out of here, pork chops.

              Uh... hi.


              Oh, I don't normally look this bad.

              Just so you know.

              Oh, which reminds me

              have you seen, like, a dorky girl with braces

              and a monkey wearing clothes and a wild boy?

              I know. I don't get it, either.

              You have no idea

              what kind of day I have been having.

              Do you have a sister?


              Oh, I'm sorry.

              That was rude.

              I'm Debbie.

              Hey, Boko, you don't have

              like, a premoistened towelette on you by chance, do you?


              No one speaks English.

              I am so... grounded.

              Look... a campfire!

              It must be my parents!


              Mom! Dad!

              Bree? S-Sloan?

              Eliza, what are you doing out here?

              -The poachers are here. -Mm-hmm.

              They put up a fence in Tembo Valley.

              Really? Did you see them?

              No. l-I...

              I mean, yes, I saw them

              and-and now I have to find my parents.

              They're filming the elephants.

              That's why we're here, too.

              To count the elephant population.

              If we can

              find any, of course.


              They're really hard to find.

              They only...

              Oh, no.

              What's wrong?

              They stay in the forest except during the eclipse.

              All the poachers must have heard the legend.

              They're after the elephants.

              -What? -What?

              They must be planning to catch them.

              They'll be a thousand out in the open.

              We have to call Jomo right away!

              No signal.

              Of all times.

              Well, can't you fix it?

              Guys, guys, let's stay calm.

              We can't do anything about it tonight.

              Tomorrow we'll find Eliza's parents

              and use their radio.

              It's settled.

              Bree's right.

              The poachers won't try to go after the elephants

              before the eclipse.

              But I'm worried about Tally

              the cheetah cub I told you about.

              Eliza, it's dark.

              No sense getting yourself lost in the jungle.

              I won't get lost.

              Donnie, get back here.

              No, no, Donnie. I wouldn't want you

              to go in there and make a mess.

              Now, you and your chimp and your little brother...

              you can sleep right here.


              Oh, I'd look so hot in this.


              Thanks. I'm starving.

              What kind of cereal is this?



              Thank you!

              My soda!


              Do you want some?


              I'm really late for the whole finding-my-sister thing.

              It's pretty cool, huh?

              And it's waterproof for up to three feet.

              Hey, why don't you keep it?

              Oh, and thanks for the skirt.

              You did give me this, right?

              Boko give Debbie?

              Debbie give Boko?


              Oh, I'm so good at this communication stuff.

              I'll be fine, really.

              I know exactly where I'm going.

              Bye! Bye!

              Bye, Boko!


              Hey, who put that vine there?

              Bye, again.

              Bye. No. l-I'm really... I'm leaving now.



              Hi, again.

              I'm just a little turned around.



              Boko, listen.

              You can't come with me, okay?

              It's not that I don't like you, because I do.

              And it's not about the height thing, 'cause it isn't.

              I just can't drag you into this family drama.

              Things may get ugly.

              I have to find my brat sister, and believe me

              she is good at this jungle stuff.

              Think this'll fit?


              Donnie's gone. We need to find him.

              The eclipse is in a few hours.

              Oh, but Donnie is always missing

              and I was dreaming about shepherd's pie.

              Bree, Sloan, have you seen Donnie?



              Sloan told you to stay out of there.

              Bree, Sloan!

              What is all this?


              I don't like this place.

              We've got Donnie. Now, let's go.

              What's that?

              Something's in there.



              Don't worry.

              I'll get you out of there.


              Oh, Tally!


              Oh, I knew I'd find you.

              Eliza, we have to get out of here.

              What do you mean?

              Hello, Eliza.


              This cheetah cub...

              where-where did you get him?

              I picked him up... on the savannah.

              You... bought him?


              I picked him up...

              right off the ground.

              I told Sloan he shouldn't cut that rope ladder.

              It was you!


              Thank you so much for returning my knife to me.

              Ooh, kitten, you didn't drink all your milk.

              How are you ever going to grow big enough

              to make me a coat?

              Oh, I'm afraid

              you'll have to miss the solar eclipse.

              You can catch it on the Poaching Channel.

              You built the fence!

              Of course.

              Now, here's a question for your famous father:

              how many volts of electricity

              does it take to kill a thousand elephants? Hmm?

              And then, my brat sister decided to run away from boarding school

              without any consideration for me, her only sister.

              Yeah. After all I've done for her and the monkey.


              Do you see something, Boko?

              If it was just Eliza, I would say

              go on, go play in the jungle.

              But I am responsible for Donnie

              and I take that very seriously.


              I don't see anything.

              Brat sister?


              You're good.

              Maybe we can make it to this "Tembo Valley"

              before lunchtime.

              Tembo Valley?

              Yeah. Do you know it?


              you are a little troublemaker.

              First, you show up on my cheetah hunt.

              And then you jump from a train

              to same my rhino.

              He's not your rhino.

              Oh, really?

              And then somehow

              you knew the poachers had shot him at the river.

              Yet, you were on a train at the time.

              I guessed.


              And now you arrive in the jungle

              knowing about a fence.

              A fence which no one witnessed being built.

              So, my little troublemaker, who told you?

              No one.

              Are your parents working

              with that Jomo person?

              They don't even know I'm here.

              Then who is your source of information?

              There's no one.

              You know too much for a little girl.

              I have too much invested in this operation

              to let anything get in my way.

              If you don't tell me who they are

              you'll never see that family of yours again.

              Sloan, I hear someone coming.

              What's going on?

              I don't like the way that man is looking at us.

              Eliza, I saw them with fire sticks

              and then there was a loud sound.


              Oh, we've got to get out of here!

              I'll help.

              Go, Tally, go.

              That's it.

              Yes, that's it.

              Get the cheetah involved again.

              If we hadn't gone out looking for them that night

              we wouldn't be in this mess.

              Don't you blame Tally...

              Oh, I'm not.

              Tally didn't sneak out without permission.

              Tally didn't run away from boarding school.

              Tally didn't trust those awful people

              who clearly don't like animals.

              I thought they were like me.

              When are you going to see that no one's like you?

              What more do you need?

              The shaman gave you a gift. Use it!

              Darwin, please!

              You know what I think?

              You don't know what to do with your powers.

              Darwin, for once in your life, just be quiet!



              Can we help you?

              Oh, yes.

              I'm looking for my sister

              Eliza Thornberry.





              Let me go, you creep!

              Let her go!

              Certainly, if you tell me

              who is your source of information!

              I told you, there's no one.

              l-I just guessed all of that stuff...

              the fence and the explosives and...

              I never mentioned explosives.

              You're lying.

              What's he talking about?

              Tell me

              or she goes over the edge.

              Just get rid of her, Sloan.


              She doesn't know anything about this.

              Who told you these things?!

              I can't tell you.


              Stop! Wait!

              I'll tell you.

              I know these things because...

              I can talk to animals.

              What has she done?

              Sloan, let's get out of here!



              Please be all right.

              Debbie, run! Into the woods!

              Where are you going?!

              I have to get Tally.

              Darwin, come on!

              It's really gone.

              You expect me to believe

              that a couple of years ago you freed a warthog

              but he was really a magic man

              who made it so you could talk to animals

              but you had to keep it a secret

              or else there'd be some tornado thing

              and you would lose your powers?



              I knew it!

              That's why you're always

              sneaking out all the time with Darwin.

              Oh, I have a few things to say to that monkey.

              Tell him that I don't appreciate it

              when he leaves pizza crusts under the seat cushions.

              Go ahead, tell him.

              Debbie, I broke the rule.

              I told about my powers... so I lost them.

              Oh, my gosh.

              You did that for me?

              I can't talk to Darwin anymore.

              And the last thing I said to him was really mean.

              Now I can't even tell him I'm sorry.


              I may not speak monkey

              but I think he's trying to tell us about that waterfall.

              We're here.

              This must be the Tembo Valley.

              Come on!

              The eclipse is going to start soon!

              Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow.


              What happened?

              I don't know, but we have to get out of here.


              Darwin really watches out for you, doesn't he?


              He's my best friend.

              The elephants.

              It's a trap.

              They're all going to die, and I can't even warn them.

              But can't you, like, make elephant noises, or something?

              Debbie, I can't talk to them.

              How can I help them?

              You don't understand.

              Shaman Mnyambo told me in a dream

              that he gave me my gift for a reason.

              It doesn't matter now.

              I lost it.

              Okay, enough

              with the "poor me, I lost my magic powers" bit.

              Are you just going to sit there?

              What am I supposed to do?

              I'm just an ordinary girl now.


              Eliza, ever since you were a little kid

              you dragged home birds with broken wings

              and creepy toads and stuff.

              You didn't have special powers then.

              You just cared.

              Trust me, you were never ordinary.

              Bree, take us into the valley.

              I want to watch this.

              Everyone, take your places.

              This all must happen within seven minutes

              do you understand?

                Do you see the girls or Donnie?

                No, but Nigel

                what do you make of that?


                They're setting up explosives.

                The barbarians are going to frighten the elephants

                and make them stampede, right into that

                electric fence.

                Marianne, take us down there.

                Eliza, no!

                They'll stomp on you!

                No, they won't!

                Elephants know when you're trying to help them.

                It's not too late to become ordinary.



                Darwin, stay here.

                I'll be back.

                I have to stop them somehow.

                Make them turn around.

                Turn around!

                You have to go back!

                I have got to get to the front of the herd.

                Set off the first round of explosives


                The wires have been cut.

                Set off the second round.


                Oh, think of something quick.

                Think of something.

                Please, stop.

                It worked!

                Oh, no!

                How can I make you understand me?

                What did Phaedra tell me?

                I know!

                Behind the ear.

                We did it!

                Oh, let's get out of here.

                They're turning around!

                Start shooting!

                But... there's a girl there.

                I don't care!

                Take down those elephants.

                I'll take care of the kid.

                It's going to be all right.

                We're almost out of here.

                You will regret this.

                I don't care.

                What you're doing is awful!

                And what you're doing is stupid!

                Shame you won't be here to help me carry out the ivory.

                Oh, no!

                Oh, I can't get a shot from here.

                Bree, go lower.


                Shaman Mnyambo, I'm sorry.

                I messed everything up.

                I couldn't make them understand.

                If I hadn't broken the rule... I could've saved them.

                But you did save them.

                See for yourself.

                And you did this, not with your gift

                but with your heart.

                If this is what you can do without your powers

                you have a greater destiny than I've even known.

                I'm going to grant you your powers back.

                You are?


                There is one condition.

                About your sister.

                How well do you think she can keep a secret?

                Don't move!

                You're under arrest!

                Take your hands off me.

                It's a mistake.

                I can explain everything.

                We were trying to help the elephants.

                Need a ride?

                Ew. Brat sister.

                I don't know where he got that.

                Debbie, stop!

                There's Darwin!

                Now I know you think I talk too much.

                So, from now on, I'm just going to sit back

                and quietly observe and...

                Yeah, like that'll ever happen.


                Did you just talk to me?

                Mom! Dad!



                I guess you're going back to your family, huh?


                Oh, please.

                Keep it.

                You know...



                Pretty amazing, huh, Dad?

                The legend was right.

                It was indeed, poppet.

                But I still wonder why they gather

                during an eclipse.

                Maybe the elephants feel safe.



                Maybe because it's the one day that everything changes.

                The little moon blocks the powerful sun, so maybe...

                So maybe they have reason to hope.

                Maybe these intelligent creatures believe

                that by standing together...

                as they have done for centuries...

                they may, one day, live without fear of man's greed.

                I don't know, of course

                but I swear she's thanking you.

                I think so, too, Dad.

                Tally, do you see her anywhere?

                This is where we always played.

                We'll find her.




                Ma, I'm back!

                Oh, my baby.

                I thought I'd lost you.

                Akela, I should've listened to you.

                I'm so sorry.

                I know you are.

                Tally's home now and safe.

                Thank you.

                You're welcome.


                Cut the cheetah chatter, and let's go!

                Oh, got to go.

                Bye, Eliza.

                I'll miss you guys.

                See you next time.

                I don't know how I'm going to keep this secret of yours.

                Well, you have to.

                I kind of agreed to a condition when I got my powers back.


                You can never tell anyone my secret

                because if you do...


      'll turn into a baboon.

                A baboon?!

                The peacefulness of this congregation belies

                the true nature of... I am not going to spend

                the rest of my life with a big purple butt!


                Ooh. Ooh. Oh.

                Everybody's on the floor

                People walking through the door

                They wanna dance with us

                Dance, dance

                -Bow Wow -Let's dance, come on

                -Let's dance, come on, Diddy -Dance, dance

                -Got our hands up in the air -Yeah, Wild Thornberrys

                Party like we just don't care

                -Put your hands in the air -Oh, yeah

                Yeah, come on

                -Everybody's -Everybody's on the floor

                -People, hey -People walking through the door

                -They wanna dance with us -Let's dance, come on

                Let's dance, come on

                Got our hands

                -In the air -Put your hands in the air

                -You just don't care -Yeah

                Wanna dance with us

                Ooh, oh, yeah

                Yo, yo, I'm going, going back, back

                Let's dance to the music just like that

                Movin' 'round, shakin' up, yeah, I like that

                It's a party so I know you like that

                Come on, I wanna see you dance some more

                Let's keep it goin', y'all

                Move with the jam, come on

                Till the morning, screaming out hey's and oh's

                I don't think they understand

                -Get up, let's dance, come on -Everybody's

                These furless primates you see behind me

                are part of an untamed subspecies

                best known as... the Thornberrys.

                Dance like we just don't care

                Let's dance, come on, let's dance

                Yeah, yeah.

                If you leap awake in the mirror of a bad dream

                And for a fraction of a second

                You can't remember where you are

                Just open your window

                And follow your memory upstream

                To the meadow in the mountain

                Where we counted every falling star

                I believe the light that shines on you

                Will shine on you forever


                And though I can't guarantee

                There's nothing scary hiding under your bed

                I'm gonna stand guard

                Like a postcard of a golden retriever

                And never leave till I leave you

                With a sweet dream in your head

                I'm gonna watch you shine

                Gonna watch you grow

                Gonna paint a sign

                So you'll always know

                As long as one and one is two, ooh-ooh

                There could never be a father

                Who loved his daughter more than I love you

                Trust your intuition

                It's just like goin' fishin'

                You cast your line and hope you get a bite

                But you don't need to waste your time

                Worrying about the market place

                Try to help the human race

                Struggling to survive its harshest night

                I'm gonna watch you shine

                Gonna watch you grow

                Gonna paint a sign

                So you'll always know

                As long as one and one is two


                Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh

                There could never be a father

                Who loved his daughter more than I love you

                I'm gonna watch you shine

                Gonna watch you grow

                Gonna paint a sign

                So you'll always know

                As long as one and one is two

                -Ooh-ooh -Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh

                There could never be a father

                Who loved his daughter more than I love you.

                Here on Earth

                Are the stars so far away

                Do they hear us crying?

                Can they feel us when we pray?

                Can we trust and go where it takes us?

                Do we choose?

                -Sometimes I wonder -I wonder

                Do we create our destiny?

                Dreamers like you

                Dreamers like me

                We have the power in our hearts

                Love is a bridge

                To the stars...


                Fly to the stars

                Uh, huh, uh, uh

                To the stars

                To the stars


                Nah-nah, nah, nah

                Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah

                Nah-nah, nah, nah

                Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah

                Nah-nah, nah, nah

                Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah

                Nah-nah, nah, nah

                Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah

                You could be so happy

                On this brand-new beautiful day

                You could be so happy, hey

                Like kids getting ready to play

                Come on and bring it on, on and on

                Nothing that you do is wrong

                Come along and don't drag it on

                You could be so happy

                You've got somebody to love.


Special help by SergeiK