Willard Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Willard script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Crispin Glover rats movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Willard. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Willard Script





Willard, there are rats in the basement.



Willard, what are you doing?



I'm going to bed.



It's late.



Yes, I'm going to bed. Good night, mom.



What were you doing down there?



You, eh, said there were rats



Did you see them?



There aren't any rats



There are



two of our neighbors

are moving away and



all these new people

remodeling the house



they are stairing up rats



Well, have you been to the basement?



You know I can't



I know they're there



I can smell them



All my life I could smell mice.






yeah, I can hear them.

Don't you hear them down there?



It's...it's just the wind.



There aren't any rats.



Come in here






Come in here



I'm sorry I've been such

a bad mother to you.



Well, you've been...

you are a wonderful mother.



It's my fault your life was waste.






What an awful name - Willard



If you have a stronger name,

that Frank Martin wouldn't push you around



Well may be find you a

girlfriend it would work



handsome name Mark












From now on your name is Clark



Good night, Clark



Pardon me...



Is that you?



Sorry, they told me to sit here



Willard, he wants to see you



Oh, well, em...



Ms. Leach...



it seems that... someone...



this girl is sitting at my desk



Maybe that's why

he wants to see you






Who's at your desk out there, Willard?



I don't know her.






Who did you say that was at

your desk out there, Willard?



I don't know her.



Well you should know,

because it's your fault she's there



You're falling a place to way

behind processing the purchase orders



You know when they happen, Willard,



everything comes to a standstill.



My sales people up on the floor,



shipping, receiving, inventory,



everybody is standing around with

their thumbs up your ass



just because you've allowed

the purchase orders



to bottleneck at your desk.



Your father built this company,




Hell, your family name is still

out there on the side of the building...



Martin Stiles Manufacturing.



It seems to me like,



that alone will make you take up

on more pride in your work.



Well, my mother is...eh...sick



I see. So



It's your mother's fault

that you're falling behind.



Willard, I am an old friend to the family.



Hell, I've known your mother

since before you were born.



She's a fine lady,



and she deserves to be kept comfortable



Your dad was like a father to me



And I promised him that I would

always look after you and your mother.



And as long as she was alive,

you'd have a job right here.



And I'm keeping with that promise.



I must insist,



that you find a good rest

care facility for mom.



We can't afford that.



I guess you could always

sell the house.



Here is an idea,

I'll tear it down and build a park myself



I'm sorry. Mr. Martin, I'll catch up,

I'll stay late



Oh yeah, you would love that,

wouldn't you, Willard?



Suck up on more overtime than

it even costs me for a temp



You'll catch up all right, asshole



and you'll catch up on

your own damn time



There's one thing that you'll

never understand, Willard...



Business is a rat race,

promises or no promises



I'll not allow myself

to be depowered



by all of those other

rats because of you.






What is it, what is it?



It's okay, it's okay



What was all that noise?



(Mom knocking on door saying) Rat?



No, a bird.



It got stuck in the house somehow



and I let it out, it's all right now



So go back to bed



What are doing in there?



Going party.



You've been in there a long time



I'm not feeling well, mom



Is it loose or hurt?



I'm okay, I'm okay.



So, just go to bed.



Let me see,

I'm still your mother.



Clark, Clark.



You should be in bed.



You're feverish.



I get afraid, Clark.



Your father was in that

bathroom late that night.



I know. I'm never

go to do anything like that.



What is that on your hand?



It's... soap.



It's cooking oil!



Oh, Willard,

you're too old for that.



When would you find yourself a girl?






Getting copped and trapped

you seem pretty...smart



You should be called Socrates.






Well, where are you going?



Bye Socrates. Say hello to your family.

You're united. brothers and sisters and love...love



look, everybody, food, food for everybody



here you go, very good.






Socrates, I would never let

anyone hurt you ever, I promise.



I promise, promise



Martin, why do I have to cover

your damn car everyday



Cover my car, cover my car, eh.



Do you like my new S   Willard?



My new car, my new Mercedes,

I saw you drooling over it.



Oh, yes...eh, Mr. Martin. It's eh...



Do you why know I have that car?



I'm driving that     horsepower

V  masterpiece for you,



and your fellow employees.



See, buyers feel a sense of security when they can

receive proof that they're dealing with a successful man



So when I whip into to that parking lot behind

the wheel of my brand new Mercedes AMG class,



they're buying from us over

the slob and the Jaguar S-type



Do you know why I can afford

to plug down       bucks



for that legend of the competition horse?



Because I'm a successful man!



Because I've never been late

to my work a single day of my life!



Because when I come to work,



I don't show up in one

of my dead father's cheap suits!



Because I've never given

my boss such grief



Maybe it won't hurt you to

find out what pleases me.



Are you okay?



Hi, Socrates.



in a bad time



Tear it, Socrates.



All right.



You teach them.



They'll listen to you, Socrates.



Tear it



Tear it



Tear it up






You're big. Big. Big Ben.



Do you know him, Socrates?






This looks like the beginning

of a beautiful friendship



Tear it



Tear it



Tear it



Okay, here a good example, very good.



speed, speed, very good.



roll, up



Tear it, you go down there,

go on now



Down, down, tear it












One week. You've been late for so

many hours it equals an entire week.



Mr. Martin... I'm sorry



I want my week back!



I've discussed it with counsel...



I may not be able to fire you,



but by God, it's well within my right

to administer fiscal disciplinary reprimand.



I know that you must

be tired of this excuse



But what can I do,

my mother is sick



You don't give a shit about your mother



If you did,

you'll jog for work on time



because now look what's happened



You're out a week's pay



Oh, you don't like that, then quit.



Act like a man for once

in your life and just quit.



You're a slimy puky piece of shit.



You wouldn't make a pebble

on my grandmother's tooth.















Ben, No.



If you get in,

nobody will be able to fit.






Be careful, Tootsie,

we're not taking our bed here.



All available units,

please respond immediately,



    in progress,     Glensian Parkway.









Tear it






Tear it.






I've told you to stay.



Hee. You won't fit.



(sound of tire bursting)



What the hell is that?



You've left the washer in the

garage running again, didn't you?



Is anybody out there?



Someone out there in the garage?



Oh, shit, look at that.



Somebody got in and

slashed my tires, damn!



Who's out here?



Yeah, you'd better run



You don't ruin a man's

brand new car like that



Run and you'll only die tired



someone's get you



You're a dead meat.



Go away



Go home.



You want to see what's in the bag,

you stupid little dog?



All four of his tires.

Do you know what a set of those tires run?



Insurance will cover it.



Insurance won't cover how

pissed off he's gonna be



heh heh heh



Hey, what...what...what's up?



Someone broke into Martin's

garage last night



Slashed his tires

and peed on the floor



ha ha ha



Good morning, Cath.

You look very nice today.



Well, someone urinated on the floor?



No, you know what happened?



When Martin goes into

his garage and sees his tires,



He pissed his pants.

Blamed it on the guy that did it.



Do you think that's funny, Fox?



Good morning, Mr. Martin.



Is everything okay?



No, everything is not okay.



How would you like it if some

maniac can pay the privacy of your home



and scared the shit

out of your wife?



And then you had to

lose an entire night of sleep



because you're dealing with cops



knowing that sicko had control over you

and your family's peace of mind?



Jesus, for how long it will last?

No, I'm not all right!



I rode the subway.



Well, Mr. Fox,

how would you like that?



No. Sir, I wouldn't

like that at all.



I didn't think you would.



Barbara, I need a foot massage.



It's so good, it's so good.






We, em.



We're running out of room.



I'm sorry about this but...



I can't feed you anymore,

I can't afford it.



We're going to have to find

another place to live.



We'll find somewhere more comfortable



I wished I didn't have to but all

good things must come to and end.



Follow Ben,



He will find a new place for you.



He will take care of you.



Won't you, Ben?



You're the leader,



after Socrates.



Good night, Ben.



You're not going anywhere, Socrates.



You'll always be with me.



I hate everyone but you



That's good or bad.



Ben, I've told you you can't come upstairs.



Now it's only Socrates, not you.



Sweet little Jesus. I know.



Don't' you touch me!



You're getting rid of me!



Mom, I love you.



I've heard you,

"all good things must come to an end".



I love you more than

anything in the world.



You don't love me,

you won't feed me



I hate you



You need to go to the hospital.



What if mom sees you?









Down. Down. Get in the basement!



Down. Get in the basement, now!



Do you think you're funny?

Do you think you're smart?



Socrates, he's smart. He knows,

they'll come and take her away.



And they'll come and take me away...



and then they'll come and take you away.



She's my mother. I love her.



And I miss her.



I already miss her.



But Socrates, if you ever die, I,



You're the only friend I've ever had



Well, at least,

you're with father again.



I have a friend



See, he wants to say goodbye to mother,

say goodby, Socrates.



That's good.






Willard, are you all right?






I didn't mean to upset you.



You didn't have to come here.



We didn't hear from you.



I wanted to make sure that you're okay.



I want to let you know, Willard



You have a friend.



Mr. Stiles, I'm Joseph Carters.



I'm an attorney with Montgomery Bank



the trustees of your mother's estate



I've been trying to reach you

but you don't answer the phone



May I have a moment alone

with him, please?



Do you mind I if check on you after work,

to make sure you're okay?



Thanks, that's okay. I'll be okay



Willard, I have some news I don't know

if you're aware of your parents' worth.



Your parents had been living an account

they originally set up for your future



It was intended to be yours

upon their passing.



However, your father's death left debts that even

Mr. Martin's buyout did not completely relief.



In fact, there remains pending

litigation on some unsettled debts.



Well, it's still my house.



Your mother refinanced the

house after your father's death.



In fact, we still owe...



We? It's my house!



We can declare bankruptcy,

we can sell the house.



It's my house.



Yes, of course,

you grew up there at your home,



but it's the bank's house.



It's my house.



There's no need for a single man to live in

such a large house, Willard. Sell it.



Why do I have to pay for

things that my parents did?



The money can help you start over.



Start over? I'm almost done.



Willard, look, you have no choice.



If I have choice,

why did you even come here?



Why did you even bother telling me?



You can't tell people that they

don't have control over their lives



that I have no money,



no home, and it's not even my fault.



Willard, this is not the time nor place.



You think about it,

then please you have to contact me.



This is the only chance you have

to take control of your own life.



Thank you.









Willard, it's Cathryn,

answer the door.



I saw you walk in.



Hello. Hi.



I'm just on my way out.



I've some stuff

I have to do at the cemetery.



Well, this might not be

the best time, Willard.



But please don't

take it the wrong way.



You looked so lonely

at your mother's service.



I remember how devastated

I was when my mother died.



The only thing that

helped me through was...



...her mother.



This is Scully. She'll make a great friend

and she'll keep you company.



I don't know what to say,



I can't accept Scully.



See? She likes you.



-I, I...

-Why don't you hold her?



Just take her, just hold her.



Really, I can't. I'm sorry.



-Just take her.




Well. I'm really late.



Do you think it's okay

if I just put her inside?



-Sure. She's potty-trained.

-Oh, good.



(Cat switched on the remote control of the TV,

and easy listening music begins playing on TV...)



Ben, the two of us need look no more



We both found what we were looking for



With a friend to call my own,

I'd never be alone



And you my friend  will see



You've got a friend in me



I used to say



I am me



Now it's us, now it's we.



I used to say, I am me



Now it's us, now it's we



Ben, most people would turn you away



I don't listen to a word they say



They don't see you as I do



I wish they would try to



I'm sure they'd think

again if they had



a friend like Ben, like Ben



like Ben



like Ben






It's okay. Yes.



I wasn't...

really trying to hurt him



I know, you're trying

to keep the peace.



But, he has to learn,

I am the boss!



So it's back to work, Socrates.

(He's coming)



Ben, out



Okay, Ben.



Just because Socrates

said it's okay.



Am I reading this correctly?



Mr. Stiles - It is our regret to inform you,

your position has been terminated.



Enclosed please find

two week's severance.



Your service is appreciated.

Frank Martin.



He's firing you.



But I thought he couldn't fire you.






Hey. Hey!



This whole thing is just

one big misunderstanding



I'll make it up to you though.



I'm going to take you

to the Jets-Dolphins game.



How does that sound?






It feels like his office could

use a little holiday's cheer.



Cathryn, go take out

the Christmas decoration.



They're in the back storeroom.



keys in Willard's desk somewhere



Talk it over with

Rosie and let me know.



I'll be right here in the office

working late tonight



Christmas bonus time, you know.



Mrs. Leach, found the keys.



But, you can dig it out

your own holiday cheers



and you can shove it up your ass



with a big ho-ho-ho.



-I quit.

-Bye bye.



How could you?



What part of "you're fired"

don't you understand?



-My father

-is dead



Been dead.

Now your mama is dead too.



-He started this company, it's my family's company.

-No. My company, been my company,



and I don't want

you around it anymore.



Why in the hell are

you even still here?



You hate it here,

and I hate you being here.



You're going nowhere here.



Mommy and daddy are dead.



Get over it and get on with your life.



The terms of your purchase compact, -tract,



strictly state that you're

not allowed to sell...



Sue me. Get you a goddamn

lawyer and sue me, you'll win.



Go down today and hire yourself

a $   -an-hour lawyer, sue me.



My $   -an-hour lawyer will tie it

up in the court until I die.



So, what,          years from now,

you'll win.



You know I cannot afford that,

you know that



Need money,

make me an offer on the house.



Don't give me that face, Willard.



I buy the house, you have money.



You can go buy yourself

a very nice clean used car.



Move some place where you'll be happy.



Get a job, a girlfriend.



Gee, you'll be so damn happy

you won't even want to sue me.



All right.



I'll sell you the house.



But please, please,



Please let me keep my job.



Please, please

let me keep my job, please.



What in the hell is going on now?



A rat, a rat, right in here!



It's a rat! Oh god!



There's a white rat. And it's this size

and it's dark and I mean huge dark.



over there behind that Christmas light.



See him?



-Where? I don't see any mouse

-No, up there you idiot



Up there!



-I think your wild ass imagination's kind of get in the way with you

-He's up higher



There it is!



Walt, this is Mickey coming to join you!



What's the matter, tiger,

can't take a little blood?



Ha ha ha, find your keepers



Nice work, Mr. Martin.

Good one sir



He expects me to clean that up?



-I'll do it.

-Thank you.



What could I do?



What could I do?



What could I do?

What could I do?



What could I do?

What could I do? What could I do?



What can I do?



What can we do?









That's it. Can't fit any more.



The rest of you,

are going to have to wait here.



Ben and I,



will be back later.



Right, Ben?



Oh! Jesus!



I like that.



I'm going to get you, mek mek.



-Oh my god, look at all the rats!




Look...at the rats!



-We've come to see you.




-They'll do anything I tell them.

-Well then tell them to get the fuck out of my office!



-Sit down.

-Thank you for this, the meat verges

-Sit down!



-What the hell is wrong with you?

-Mr. Martin. You stole this business from my father



It killed him



And it killed my mother



And now you're trying to kill me



-No, that's not...

-You never let me alone for a minute



You've made a fool of me

in front of everybody



And now you're trying to take my house



You made me hate myself



I thought a lot about it.



Hating myself



or right now



this moment



I like myself






killed Socrates!



Who the hell is Socrates?



He was the only friend I've ever hadŁĄ



Ah! Ah!



What's the matter, tiger?

Are you afraid of a little blood?



Ah, oh, oh, ah...



Tear him up!






Good-bye, Ben.






Food! Food!



-I think I hear footsteps




-Let's look around the back




Willard, it's Cathryn!



I've been calling you all day.



Did you hear?



Martin's dead.



They called from the office.

The details are weird



all kinds of rumors that he was murdered,

or attacked by animals.



I'm hungry.



Could we get something to eat?



Right now?



Let me get my coat.



Just a second.



Could I use your restroom?






In here.



Sorry. I had to go so bad

and you feel lost somewhere.



We need to go.



Shit! I must have

run over something.



-Are you sure that's him?




I know it's him.



Get in the car.



I'll call AAA.



I've got a cell phone.



Mr. Stiles. Police.



Open the door, please. sir.



Can you please tell

me what this is about?






Open the door, Willard!



I want to help you!






Willard! Open the door!

Willard! Let me in!



What's going on in there?



I hear him going around the back.












I'm sorry, Ben.

I'm sorry that I left you.



I got scared, and the,

so I came back here.



It's all over, Ben.



You can live anywhere.

You can go anywhere!



I have nowhere!



Who's he talking to?



There's nothing that I

could do without Socrates.






But we got him back,

we got Mr. Martin back together.



This guy's nut.

We should just call Belevere.



It's all over, Ben



So just go.



Go away



Wo, it's just not Belfy, we've got to call the

Health Dept of Exterminators. Did you see that?



Man! Let's go!



Do you want some food?



I can give you some food, Ben



I'd give you all the food

I have of you'd just go away



Do you want food?



Now, now, look at it, it's food



It's just food.



Whatever food that's

in the bag, is yours.



That's it for you, Ben!



I hate you!



I love Socrates but I hate you!



set of food is,

it's a like thousand rats



Mam, you want to get equalized?









The phone: If you want to make a call,

please hang up and try again.



If you need help,

hang up and then dial the operator.



Cathryn! Help!















I thought we were friends.









Food's here!






Look, Stiles. You've got to eat.



You might be out of your mind,

but your body's staying here.






We've got some nice chicken,

some mash potatoes,



El Salvador roll.



Hey look we have a piece of cheese.



That's what the mice eat, isn't it?



Okay, rat boy.



Look, I'm going to leave it here.

You can do whatever you what.






I know you're hungry.



But we have to wait



Our time will come.



Let's not let them

know you've come back.



We have to sit here and wait.









quiet as a mouse.


Special help by SergeiK