Willow Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Willow script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Val Kilmer and Warwick Davis movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Willow. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Willow Script





-Is it a girl?

- Yes.



Show me its arm.



- She bears the mark.

- No!



The omen is true.

I must tell my mother.



- Help me!

- I can't.



- They're going to kill her.



Oh, thank you, Ethna. Thank you.



Stand aside for Queen Bavmorda!



You cannot

stop the prophecy!



This child will have no power over me.

Start the ritual.



- No. No!

- Where's the baby?



The midwife.

Find that baby, Sorsha.



Use the dogs.

Bring her back to me alive!



Your reign of terror

is at an end!



She will come back.

and she will finish you!



- Silence, wench.

- My baby will finish you!

- Kill her.



Dada! Dada!



-Dada! Dada!

- Whoa! Whoa!



Dada! Dada!

We found something in the river.



I can't run off and play

with you now, Ranon.



- I've got work to do.

- You gotta come. Hurry!



Come on.



Don't go near it.

We don't know where it's been.



But, Dada, it's a baby.



- It's not like us.

- No. It's not a Nelwyn.



- It looks like a Daikini baby.

- What's a Daikini?



Daikinis are big.



- Giants who live far away.



Oh, she's so cute.



- Can't we keep it, Dada?

- No!



We'll push it downstream and forget

we ever saw it. Come on.



- Come on.

- Ufgood! Willow Ufgood!



Shhh! It's the prefect.

That's all I need.



Keep it quiet.

Don't touch it.



Mr. Burglekutt, my husband

hasn't stolen anything!






Ufgood, you still haven't

paid your debts to me.



Where did you

get these seeds?



Well, maybe I used magic.



You're no sorcerer, Ufgood.

You're a clown.



I sell the planting seeds around here.

Now tell me where you got them.



My family's been gathering them

in the forest since last fall.



- There's no law against that.



Willow, you didn't leave

them alone by the river?




You'll need magic...



if you expect to get your planting

done before the rains start.



I will have this land. And you're

gonna end up working in the mines.



- Baaa-



Oh, you're lovely.



- Yes, you are.



- Kiaya!

- Oh, Willow!



- Good girl. Good girl.

- Under no condition whatsoever...



is anyone in this family

to fall in love with that baby.



Yes, you are. Come on, Mims.

Come on. Come on.



There we are. Come on.



Hey. I will not be ignored!



Mims? Ranon?



- You're gonna be all clean.



Willow, do you think we should

take her to the village council?



No. No.

They'll think it's a bad omen.



There'll be a flood or a drought.

and everyone will blame me for it.



"Willow Ufgood brought around

that Daikini, didn't he?



That's right. He's that

lousy farmer too. Let's get him!



- Willow, calm down.

- Calm down?



Kiaya, tomorrow's my big day.



Love, the High Aldwin hasn't

picked a new apprentice in years.



Tomorrow's gonna be different.

I just know he's gonna pick me.



- Here. Hold her.

- Hey, no. I don't want her. Kiaya.



- Hold her while I get some milk.

- Oh, no, no. Oh.



- Dada, she likes you.



- Bye.



- Bye.



- Come on, kids. Let's go.



I will now magic ally join the rings!



- Whoa-ah!



Thank you, son.



If you're easily shocked.

please turn away.



Give me a ripe one. Good.



- And now, for my final amazing feat.



- I will make this entire pig disappear!



- Mims, see?

- Please, watch very closely.



- Wuppitybairn, deru, deru!



- Well-

- What happened to your pig?




Hey, come here, you!



I had seen enough.




The High Aldwin...



-will now make his choice

for his new apprentice!

- You'll be all right.



Bring forth the hopefuls.



- Good luck.

- Good luck, Dada.



Willow Ufgood, a hopeful?

How did he get picked?



Is this a joke?



- Willow?



Magic is the bloodstream

of the universe!



Forget all you know...

or think you know.



All that your require

is your intuition.



Now, the power

to control the world...



is in which finger?



- No apprentice this year!



- Where's Mims?

- I don't know. She was right here!



Take Ranon in there, quick!



- Mims!



- Mims!



- Mims!

- Dada-



- I'm scared, Dada!



Come on!



- Vohnkar!



- Check to make sure.

- It's dead!



Dada! Dada!



It was looking

for somebody's baby!



- Mommy.

- Kiaya!







- I'm here.



- Oh, Kiaya.



We can't keep

the baby, Kiaya.



We have to take her

to the village council.



Silence! One beast we can kill.

but there may be more.



And you can be assured

that they won't give up...



until they find what

they're looking for!



-It's a sign!

- Who's to blame for this?



We must find the culprit

and throw him in the pit!



- In the pit! In the pit!



In the pit! In the pit!



-In the pit! In the pit!

- Willow.



- Willow Ufgood.



Come forward.



My children found this baby

alone by the river, High Aldwin.



- A Daikini child.



That's what the beasts want.

Let's give it back to them!






- They'll kill her! You can't!

- It isn't one of us.



This child is special!



This child must be taken beyond

the boundaries of our village.



All the way across

the great river...



to the Daikini crossroads.



- Well, who'll do that?

- It seems only fair...



that the man to take

this baby to the crossroads...



be the very man who

plucked it out of the river.



- I nominate Willow Ufgood.






I will consult the bones!



- The bones tell me... nothing.



Do you have any love

for this child?



Yes. Yes. I do.



- The bones have spoken!



Willow Ufgood, the safety

of this village depends upon you.



- Praise the bones!

- Praise the bones!



But you will need help.



Who has the courage to protect

our brave fellow on his journey?



- I'll go with him.

- Ah, Meegosh.



- Excellent choice.

- I'll go!



Vohnkar! Vohnkar!



No! Not vohnkar!

He's the best warrior in the village!



We need him here!

Vohnkar, step back!



All this expedition needs

is a leader.



And according to the bones...



- Bh-

-That leader is...



...you. Burglekutt!



you. Burglekutt!






- What's your problem, son?

- How do you mean?



When I held up my fingers

what was your first impulse?



- Well, it was stupid.

-Just tell me.



- To pick my own finger.

- Aha! That was the correct answer.



You lack faith in yourself.

More than anyone in the village.



you have the potential

to be a great sorcerer.



Now, when you're out there.

listen to your own heart.



- These will protect you. They're magic!

- Acorns?



Anything you throw them at

turns to stone.



You have much to learn.

young Ufgood.



- Are you scared, Dada?

- No!



Even with fairies in the woods that'll

put you to sleep for a hundred years?



- Doesn't bother me.

- Brownies?



- Dragons?

- Trolls?



Trolls that'll skin you alive

and take your face off?




You know I hate trolls.



I can be your guard

and carry your spear.



Me too. Me too. Dada.



What a lucky father I am. I wish

I could take you bobbins with me.



Good-bye, Dada.



Go play!

Go on.



We've never been apart.



I miss you already.



Don't worry, Kiaya.

I'll be fine.



I'll be back

before you know it.



Well, remember

to keep her warm.



And... here.



This will bring you luck.



Good brave people!



The outer world is

no place for a Nelwyn.



Give the baby to the first

Daikini you see, then hurry home.




lokwathrak... tuatha!



Going the direction the bird is flying!



- Ooh.



It's going back to the village!



Ignore the bird.

Follow the river.



Move out!



- Hold on, Meegosh.

- What's wrong?



- We have to stop.

- Stop? Why?



- The baby's sick.



She's not sick!

Let me see.




Take her! Take her!



She'll be fine

once she gets some rest.



Clean me up.



I didn't ask you

to bring me a dead nursemaid.



-Sorsha, you're useless!

-I'm backtracking the nursemaid's trail.



I'll find where

she hid the baby.



Ah, General Kael, at last.



My queen. I have destroyed

the castle at Galladoorn.



Well done. But now I have

another task for you.



Help my daughter to find

that tiny, helpless baby...



that continues

somehow to elude her.



The baby of the prophecy?



- The one that would destroy you?

- I need that baby alive.



I must perform

the ritual that will...



exile the child's spirit

into oblivion.



- Find her!

- I don't need his help, Mother.



You'll do as I say, child.



I read the signs.



One day. I fear, your daughter

will betray you.



I trust her loyalty

more than I trust yours.



- Move!



It's an ambush.

Come on. Move!



- Come on!



The Nelwyns have got the baby.

We've searched the village.



But a group of them

Is on the road somewhere.



They couldn' t have gone far!



Widen the search

and report to Sorsha!



Come. We'll keep to the woods.



That's it!

It's the crossroads!



Keep this fire high.

We don't know what's out there.



- What was that?



Get the spears!



- Uhh. Uhh.



Give me some water, peck.

or you die.



Do you understand?



- Water.

- Yeah.



Hurry up!



Get me some water.

you measly little pecks.



It's a Daikini.

We're in luck.



We can't give her to him!



- Somebody put him there for a reason.

- We've got to get rid of her.



- Those soldiers are after us.

- Shhh.



He's looking right at us.



We've got to give

that baby to somebody.



I'm somebody.



Let me out of here. I'll take care

of the baby. 



- I trust him completely.

- But he tried to strangle me.



- I want to go home!

- No, Burglekutt!



- We should wait!

- Are you challenging my authority?



As far as this baby

is concerned... yes.



Don't listen to him, Burglekutt.



Fine. You stay here alone.

but we're going.



That's a bad idea.

Very bad.



- Dangerous out there.

- Get the gear, men.



- vohnkar-

- It's not his decision!



Burglekutt, you're troll dung.



Don't let him

talk to you that way.



Listen here, runt.



While you're wasting time here.

your fields aren't getting planted.



- Think about it!

- Burglekutt. I'm gonna-



You're gonna what?



Some day. Burglekutt.

Some day.



Vohnkar, let's go!



Meegosh, are you coming?



- I'm staying.

- Come on, men.



Burglekutt. Let me out of here.

I'll take care of the baby. I swear.



just let me out of here.




Vohnkar, let me borrow that spear...

just for a minute.




Well, at least get me some water!



Burglekutt, don't leave me alone

with these two! 



- What'll we do now, Willow?



Well, that was really stupid, peck.



- Don't call me a peck.

- Oh. I'm sorry... peck.



- Peck, peck, peck, peck.

- You be careful!



I'm a powerful sorcerer.

See this acorn?



- I'll throw it, and turn you to stone.

- Whoo-



I'm really scared.



No, don't! Don't!



There's a peck here

with an acorn pointed at me!



Oh, I wouldn't

want to waste it.




Peck, peck, peck, peck.



peck, peck, peck.

peck, peck!



- What was that?



Mornin', boys.



Rough night last night.

wasn't it?



I don't think I introduced

myself yesterday.



My name is Madmartigan.

and you are, uh-



No. Meegosh.

Don't go near him.



- He's dangerous.

- I am not.






Stop! Wait!



- Whoa!



- What's going on?

- Smells like a battle.



I suppose you're a warrior.



I am the greatest swordsman

that ever lived.






Say, uh- Could I have

some of that water?



I don't know why I try.



I guess I am gonna die here.

Who cares.



- Here.

- Thanks, friend. Oh!



- What's that?



I'd say

two or three hundred horses,



five or six wagons...

and about a thousand fools.



- Thank you. Ohh-

- Come on, Meegosh.



It's gonna be

all right, little bobbin.



- Everything's gonna be all right.



- Excuse me, sir.

- Out of the way, peck!



Uh, pardon me.






Excuse me, sir. We found one

of your babies in our village.



Will you please

take care of her?



We're going into battle, little ones.

Find a woman to take care of her.



They thought you were

a woman. Airk.






-Madmartigan, what did you do this time?

-Nothing you wouldn't have done.



I always knew

you'd end up in a crow's cage.



At least I'm not

down there herding sheep.



What are you doing this far north?



The Nockmaar army

destroyed Galladoorn.



The castle?



Bavmorda's troops are

crushing everything in sight.



Come on.

Let me out of here, Airk.



Give me a sword.

I'll win this war for you.




I still serve Galladoorn.



You serve no one.






Sit in your coffin and rot.



- Hyah!

- Wait, Airk. You need me!



I'll be around

long after you're dead!



When I get out of here,

I'm gonna cut your head off...



and stick it

on a pig pole!



- I miss Kiaya and the bobbins.



We're running out of food.



Nobody's gonna

take care of that baby.



You know why?

Nobody cares.



Except me.



You want to go back to your families.

I want out of this cage.



Let me take care of that baby.

I'll look after her like she was my own.



I believe he would, Willow.



He doesn't know

anything about babies.



Right. But I know

a lot of women who do.



If I had somebody in my life,



a little daughter, perhaps.



I might have a reason

to go on living.



You can't leave me

in here to die.



Not when all I want

to do is protect her.



I feel better!



-You've done the right thing! -Okay. All right. All right.



- You gotta promise to feed her.

- Come to Daddy, little darlin'.



- And keep her clean.

- Absolutely.



- Hee, hee, hee!



- Wheee!



She likes me.



Here are her changing rags.



- And her milk bladder.

- Any milk in there?



- It's for her!

- I wouldn't steal from a baby.



- You wory too much, peck.



- It's Willow.

- I mean Willow.



Now listen, boys- Willow.

You've done the right thing.



And I want you to get home

and bring your crop in.



- Good-bye, little one.



Please, take good care of her.



I give you my word of honor!



- Meegosh, slow down!

- Oh, come on!



If we hurry, we can be home by

tomorrow morning. We'll be heroes.



- Do you really think so?

- Sure.



"Look, there's

Willow and Meegosh.



The heroes have come home."



"Welcome back, boys.

You deserve medals!"



- Yeah, Medals.






- Did we do the right thing?

- Absolutely.



- There's nothing to wory about.



Hyah! Ha!



I stole the baby! I stole the baby!



- Hyah!

- That's my baby!



- Stop! Wait! Come back!



Left, you stupid bird.

Left! Ha ha!



- Ah!

- Ow!




Let's get out of here!



- Come on, Meegosh!

- Ow!



- Uhh-uh-huh-uh.

- Uhh. Oww!



We'll outrun 'em!



-Hey, ugly, wake up!- 






- Stand your ground. He's our prisoner.




where's the baby?



Bring the Nelwyns tome.



All right, you heard her!



- What's going on?

- Shut up, or I'll break your nose.



You are mine to toy with.






- Gimme the rope.







did you get that baby?



I stole it from a stupid Daikini.



Franjean, release the Nelwyns.



-And stop pestering them.

- Uh-oh.






- Yaah!



- You!



Welcome to my kingdom.



- I'm happy to meet you, Willow Ufgood.

- How do you know my name?



Blora Danan told me.




Blora, Willow is here.



- But she's just a baby.

- She's very special.



My Brownies have been searching for her

ever since we heard she was born.



Blora Danan has chosen you

to be her guardian.



- Me?

- Yes. She likes you.



And Elora Danan knows you

have the courage to help us.



Take my wand

to the sorceress. Find Raziel.



She will guide you and Blora Danan

to the kingdom of Tir Asleen.



where a good king and queen

will look after her.



You need a warrior for

a job like this. I'm a nobody.



Blora, you don't want me.



Tell her.

I'm short, even for a Nelwyn.






Blora Danan must survive!



She must fulfill her destiny and bring

about the downfall of Queen Bavmorda,



whose powers are growing

like an evil plague.



Unless she is stopped,

Bavmorda will control the lives...



of your village.

your children- everyone.



All creatures of good heart

need your help, Willow.



The choice is yours.



- Hey, Meegosh. Wake up.

- Huh?



- It's time to go home.

- Home?



Listen, Meegosh.

Tell Kiaya I love her.



- And I think of her every day.

- Willow-



And tell her I'm not going to let

anything happen to the baby.



Are you sure you know

what you're doing?



I hope so.



Listen, be careful.



- I know the way, Franjean.

- You always think you know the way.



-I am the leader!

- How long will it take to find Raziel?



Um, not long. She's been exiled

to an island just over those hills.



- She's what?

- Exiled...



by the evil Queen Bavmorda.



Rool. You fool. He does

not need to know everything.



- I didn't tell him everything.

- You told him enough.



- You mentioned the island, the queen.

- Wait a minute.






What do you mean? What are

you saying, mysterious island?



Don't play with that wand.



Cherlindrea told you

it holds vast powers.



Only a great sorcerer can use it,



-Not a stupid peck like you.



- This way.

- No. No. No. I don't think so.



- All right, then this way.

- Bah, nope.



- This way.

- This way?



- That's what I said.

- This way.



- You know where you're going?

- Of course.



With us as your guides

no harm with befall you.



- Take it up!



- We are not going in there!

- But Blora needs fresh milk.



- And we are drenched.

- You are not in command, shorty, I am!



- You hear me?

- Whoa!



- Excuse me? Excuse me.



Could you spare some milk

for this poor, hungry baby?



Get out of here, peck!



Get outta here

or we'll cook ya!



Ooh, look at her!



I could use

a love potion on her!



Franjean! Hey! Give me that

dust of broken heart.



- Come on! Give it to me!

- Let go of me!



It's very dangerous.

It belongs to the fairies!



Hey, quiet!

You want to get us killed?



Oh, Rool! Always playing

with those fairy love potions.



You are so beautiful!



- Your eyes! Your whiskers!



- I have to kiss you!




That dust of broken heart!






These people are crazy!

This could be bad!



Hurry! Hurry!



My husband's coming!



If he catches you here.

he'll kill us both!



- How do I look?

- Not you!



Where the hell

did you come from?



I knew I shouldn't

have trusted you.



Don't I know you?

I stole the baby from you, Daikini.



- While you were taking a pee-pee!

- Cover your face!



- You are crawling with Brownies.

- I hate Brownies!






- Where is he? Where?

- Hello, dear.



There's nobody here but

me and, uh, my, uh-



- I'll kill him!

- ...my cousin. Hilda.



- Hilda?

- Hilda.



- Oh, Hilda!

- This is my husband, Llug.



- Mmm... Big husband.

- Yes.



- How do you do?



Hilda! Ooh.



Come on, girly.

Don't be shy.



- Hey! Give her back!



- Pecks make terrible nursemaids.

- Nursemaid?



- They get too excited.



Excuse me!

Are we having a party?



- Huh?

- Hey, hey, hey, hey!



- Stop, please. Ooh.



Come on.

Fight like a man!



- Want to breed?



Tempting, but no.



Thank you.

Time to leave.



- Bye, Hilda!

- Take them out.



- Hey! Come along!



- Careful, you lout!

- Move along!



Gather pall these babies.



That baby over there.

Let me see its arm.



That's not the one.



You! Are you the mother

of that child?



- Yes. Yes. I am.

- Let me see it.



No! Don't let her!






I gave you an order, woman!




You're... beautiful.



- And you're very strong.

- Thank you.



You're no woman!



- Now, honey, take it easy.

- Not a woman?



- Gentlemen.

- Not a woman?



- Meet Llug.



- After them!

- Out of the way!



- To the horses!



- To the horses!



Hey! What are you doing?



- Hyah!




Madmartigan! Wait!



- He's not a woman!

- To your horses! Hyah! Hyah!



Don't let them get away!



- Madmartigan, stop!

- What?







I'm warning you-



- Ow!

- Prepare to die!







Franjean, help me!



- Rool!

- Help!



Rool! Rool.



- Rool! What are you doing?

- Help me!



- Come on, I am.

- Pull me in.



Yeah, pull!



You can't have her!






- Rool, this isn't funny!



Help me cut the rope!






Willow, stay down!









Gone crazy?



You can't chase around

with Elora like this.



- We're getting off!

- Hyah!



Oh! Hold on! Hyah!



Whoa! Whoa!



- Oh, Rool.



Now we stop, peck.



Stupid Daikini.

Ask him to stop the wagon.



Madmartigan! You never, ever

drive that fast with an infant!



I just saved that infant's life!



Hah! Hah!



Gather your wits. Come on.



- Don't wory about me.

-Come on!



- Get down!



Uh, where am I?




Rool, you fool.

get out of the road!



-Ah, Franjean!

- You better clear out, Willow.



Before those troops come back.



- Ah, my head!

- We don't need him, Blora.



Madmartigan, wait!



Go home, Willow!

It's a dangerous world.



Yeah, and that's why

we need your help.



My help? What do you need my help for?



You're a sorcerer!



You're a great warrior.

and a swordsman.



And you're ten times

bigger than I am, stupid!



Are you tying to make my life

more difficult than it already is?



- Hurry! Big dogs!



Look, I'm sorry

I got angry.



We wouldn't have

escaped without you.



Well, don't expect me

to help you again.



Good! Then we go that way!

To the lake!



That way.



You are drunk, and when you

are drunk you forget that...



- I am in charge!

- You are in charge.




Then which way do we go?



That way!



Oh, no!

That's the way I'm going.



All right, all right. You can

follow me as far as the lake.



But that's it!



- You're not going south, are you?

- No, just as far as the lake.



Good, Mumbo-Jumbo. I am hungry.

Go and get me some eggs or something.



- We are not afraid of you!

- Now!



Kael, have you found the child?



The search goes on, my queen.



Why, with my powers,



with the strength

of my great army,



can you not find

one little child?



We look even now.

It won't be long.



Find the child.

Find the child!



Time is running out.



- Good night.



She is kinda cute.



When she's quiet.



She's really a princess.




And you're a great sorcerer.



And I'm the king of Cashmere.



Go to sleep, Willow.



Good night, Madmartigan.



Rats! Big rats! Rats!



Uh- Uh! Oh!

Rats! Ra-



Oh. Rool, you had

that stupid rat dream!









- Tuatha!










Oh. There you are.






'Night, Willow.



This way! This way!



What are you doing?



I found some black root.

She loves it!



Black root? I am

the father of two children.



and you never, ever

give a baby black root.



Well, my mother

raised us on black root.



It's good for ya!

It puts hair on your chest.



- Doesn't it. Sticks?

- Her name is not Sticks.



She's Blora Danan.

the future empress of Tir Asleen.



And the last thing she's gonna

want is a hairy chest!



Did you see what he did?



He stole our black root, I'll get

some more, don't wory about it.



- There it is! The island!



We made it.



We have led you to

the island of the sorceress Fin Raziel.



- We'll get a boat in that village.

- A big boat. 



Well, looks like

I got you here.




What did you do?



All you did was hang around

and eat our eggs! Huh?



I found a boat.

We're all set.



Good. Take these two lizards

out and drown them.



- Who are you calling lizards?

- Heh? Heh?



Your mother was lizard!



- Good-bye, Sticks.



If you really are a princess.



take care of him.



- Madmartigan!

- What?






Hey! Aah!



-Keep walkin', hero!

- Don't even turnaround!



- It's all right, Blora.



- Go to sleep.



- Nobody'll find you here.



I'll be back with

Fin Raziel very soon.



We will guard her

with our meager lives.






Fin Raziel!

I have to talk to you, please!






She's not here.



- Aah!



Get back! Who are you?



Who are you?



- I'm Willow Ufgood.

- What are you doing here?



I've come to find the great

sorceress, Fin Raziel.



That's me!

I'm Raziel!



This can't be right!



One of Bavmorda's spells

transformed me.



Believe me, it could

have been worse!



Oh. Well, this wand is for you.

It's from Cherlindrea.



Then the prophecy is true.

The princess has been born.



Take me to her.



It is Blora Danan.



Isn't she beautiful?



Isn't she beautiful?



- That's Raziel?

- I don't know. I-



I expected something

more grand. Less, uh-



- Fuzzy.

- Fuzzy!



You must use the wand.

Turn me back into my human form.



- What do I do?

- You mean you're not a sorcerer?



Yes. Sort a.



-I'm a farmer.



But I do know a few tricks.



Tricks? Cherlindrea sent you?

You must learn real magic.



- Horses! Horses!



Quick! Take her!

Hurry! Hurry!



I knew he was a traitor!



- Sorry about this, peck.

- Keep your mouth shut!



Told you we'd find him

without your help.



- Give me that baby.

- No!



- Give her back!

- Leave me alone! Don't touch me!



This is the one

we're looking for.



- We must take it back to Nockmaar.



Lose your skirt?



I've still got what counts.



Not for long.



- Bring him.

- Over here!



We'll never keep up

with those horses.



Then we will

have to track them.



That would take forever.



Besides, even if we find them.

they'll catch us,



stick us in cages, torture us

and finally devour us.



Are you suggesting

we go home?



- Nah. This is more fun!

- All right.



Fine, then.

Come on!



I'm worried about Blora.

She doesn't sound good.



Hurry! Practice

the chant I taught you!



- Tanna... looatha- Oh, I can't

remember the middle part.






That's the word

that pleads for change.






Blora's cold and hungry.

She knows me.



Please, let me

take care of her.



I don't need help

from a peck.



- What are you staring at?

- Your leg.



I'd like to break it.



You may find that difficult while

I'm up here and you're down there.



I hate that woman.






- I found it, Kael.



That should make

my mother happy.



What are they gonna do to her?



Hither walha...



bairn derubordak...



- bellanockt.



That's magic?

Smells terrible.



- It's the life spark. It forms after-

- Well, it stinks!



- This whole thing stinks!

- Ignore him, Willow.



- He's a fool!

- If only I had a sword!



- If only you'd quit talking about it.



Willow, you must transform me

to my human self.



But, Raziel,

I'm not ready yet.



You'd better be.

Get me down.






Why don't you help me get out of here

instead of chattering with that muskrat?




When I change back...



to my former self.

I will crush this army.



and take Blora Danan

to Tir Asleen...



where she will be safe.



- Ow!



What'd you bite me for?



You need three drops

of your blood to put in the potion.



- Well, you coulda warned me.



For beginners.

there's some pain.



but don't let anything

break your concentration.



Hit her green anbairn




- Hello, everybody! We have arrived!

- You are saved.



- Shh!

- Don't interrupt.



Hit her green anbairn




What are you going

to look like if this works?



- Don't interrupt.

- Sorry.



Hit her green anbairn




I am a young,

beautiful woman.



Concentrate, Willow.



Hit her green anbairn




Hither greenan bairn

claideb lunanockt.




You're losing me!



-Hit her green anbairn claideblunanockt.



Hit her green anbairn




- Aah! Aah!

- You all right? Nice try, Willow.




Cherlindrea sends me farmers!



Whew! The Nelwyn

really butchered that one.



- I'm sorry, Raziel.

- You want out?



- I'm sorry, Raziel.

- You want out?



Basy. We can pick a lock.

Come on.



No. No, no.

Like this!



I know what I'm doing.

It's my spear. Leave it alone.



Let me do it.

Out of the way, rodents.



Take your hand off that.



You leave that alone.

you stupid, fat Daikini!






Dust of broken hearts.



Ha, ha!

You are free!



Come on, Madmartigan.

Let's get Blora Danan out of here.



- Yeah. It'll be fun.

- Come on!



- Are you all right?

- Yeah.



I feel... good.



- The dust of broken hearts.

- Ah-



Hey, come on!



- Let me see!

- Let me see. You always see.



There's Blora, right there.

on those furs.



Hey, wait! Leave this to us.



- It's too dangerous for you.

- Only one of us should go in there.



I've got experience in this

sort of thing. I know what I'm doing.






Wait. Shh. No! No! Madm-



- I love you.

- Madmartigan!



- What are you doing?

- Take the baby and go! Come on!



Come on!



- Oh, Sorsha.

- Oh!



Wake from

this hateful sleep.



It deprives me

of your beauty.



- The beauty of your eyes-

- One move, jackass.



and you really

will be a woman.



You are my sun!

My moon!



My starlit sky.

Without you. I dwell in darkness.



- I love you.

- What are you doing here?



Your power has enchanted me.

I stand helpless against it.



Come to me, now.



Tonight, let me

worship you in my arms.



- Get away from me!

- I love you!



Stop saying that!



How can I stop the beating of

my heart? It pounds like never before.



- Out of fear.

- Out of love!



I can stop it.

I'll kill you.



Death, next to love.

is a trivial thing.



Your touch is worth

   .    deaths.



- What goes on here?



- What goes on here?






Stop him!



Captain, getup!



- You are great.



Get on that shield!






After them!



- Whoa! Hey!



They're getting away!



-Follow me, Rool. I don't know.

- Where are you?



- Aah! Ooh.

- Oh, no, where did everybody go?



Maybe it was

something we said.









- Madmartigan!

- What the hell happened up there?



You started spouting poetry.



- Poetry?

- Yeah.



"I love you, Sorsha.

I worship you, Sorsha."



You almost got us killed!



"I love you, Sorsha"?



I don't love her.

She kicked me in the face.



I hate her! Don't I?



Kael! Kael!



Nockmaar soldiers!



Hoy! Get the children! Come on!



- Get the children!

- They're after us! We need to hide.



Come on. Follow me. Quick!

Come on! Move!



I knew you'd

get out of that rattrap.



I knew you'd

get out of that rattrap.



You left me to die, Airk.



I probably saved your life.



We were slaughtered

and I lost a lot of good-



- Shh! Quiet!



Tear this village apart!



Look everywhere!

Find the child!



- Shh!






Tell Sorsha

I search the north bank!



- Hah! Hah!

- Yes, General.



- Quiet. Shh!



- Sorsha!

- Back.









- Keep the baby quiet.

- She needs to be changed.



- Nockmaar scum!

- You'll never defeat us.



- Give up the baby!

- Shut up!



What does Bavmorda want

with this baby, anyway?



She's a princess.



- We're taking her to Tir Asleen.

- Tir Asleen?



Even if you could

find it, peck.



she's right-you'd never

get past the Nockmaar army.



There's an even bigger

army at Tir Asleen.



- If we can just get there-



I've lost more than half

my men fighting Bavmorda.



Now you and this peck

are gonna take her on?



You always told me you served

no one, Madmartigan.



Since when are

you a crusader?



He's not gonna help you, peck.



He's a worthless thief.



I'm not a thief, Airk.



He's not a thief.



Are you?



I serve the Nelwyn, Airk.



- Want to come with us?

- You'll never make it, Madmartigan.



Then once again

we say good-bye.



- Over here!

- Sorsha!



Weapons down or she's dead!



Hyah! Hyah!



- Hyah!

- Get to your horses! After 'em!



This way!

This way!



As the crow flies, you fools!



- You're holding me too tight!

- I don't want you to get away.



Why? Because I'm your sun.

your moon, your starlit sky?



Get your hair out of my face.

or I'll chop it off.



Did I really- Did I really

say those things last night?



- In your tent?

- You said you loved me.



- I don't remember that.

- You lied to me!



No, I-



I just wasn't myself

last night.



I suppose my power enchanted you.

and you were helpless against it.



- Um, sort of.

- Then what?



It went away.



It went away?

"I dwell in darkness without you."



- and it went away?

- Yeah.



- Whoa.



Hurry! Kael's coming!



Madmartigan, come on!




Madmartigan, come on!



They're coming! Away!



Go on! Hyah!



Whoa! Whoa!



This way!



Tir Asleen! At last, Tir Asleen!






- Hello?






Why did I listen to you, peck?



"Everything will be all right

once we get to Tir Asleen."



The only army around here...



is the one that's about to ride

across this valley and wipe us out!



But Cherlindrea

said we'd be safe here.




Look at these people.



This place is cursed, peck.

It's falling apart. Open your eyes!



- And it-






I hate trolls.



This is the work

of Bavmorda.



Willow? The wand.



- Turn me back into my human form.

- Are you sure?









Hurry, Willow.

Transform me.



I can't do it.

I'm just not a sorcerer.



But you can be.




and be one

with the words.



Avalorium, greenan,



luatha, tye-



- Oh, Willow, you're losing me.




Kael's coming!



Willow, you idiot.



- Raziel?

- Willow,



arm that catapult up there.



- Whoa! Whoa!



- Good work, Madmartigan.

- What the hell happened to you?




Sorsha, battering ram!



Cut it down!






Forward! Break it down!



Again! Again!



Willow, use the wand

on that troll.



- Bellalockt!



- Bwww!



Break it down! Forward!



- Whoa! Whoa!



Get him!



The other side!



Destroy the beast!

Find the baby!




Take tha-a-a-at!






Madmartigan, help!






- Get him, Madmartigan!






The baby!



Airk's army.

Get Kael!



Airk's army!



- We are here!

- You are rescued!



- Charge!

- Charge!



No mercy!









- Blora's gone.

- Willow.



They've taken her.

There were too many of them.



- Willow.



Can you ride?



Let's ride.



I have the child!



We need towers

and a battering ram!



Break out the tents!

Make camp!



Make camp!



We'll assault at first light.



Where's Sorsha?



She has turned against us.

Your Highness.



Turned against me?



Prepare for the ritual!



This is not an army.






quick, hide.



Use the shelter chant.

Protect yourself.



- Why?

-Just do it.



- We've come for Blora Danan.

- You dare to challenge me?



You're not warriors.



You're pigs!



- Toa thonna mondarr!



Nocklith! vohkbar!



- You're all pigs!



- Pigs!



Avaggdu luathabairn







Mother, no!






Avaggdu luathabairn




Avaggdu luathabairn




Begin the ritual.



This baby will not

destroy me.



Come, thunder!



Come, lightning!



Touch this altar

with your powers.






We've come all this way

and now Blora Danan's gonna die!



No. We can still

defeat Bavmorda.



She's too powerful, Raziel.



Transform me

and I will destroy her.



Elements of eternity.

above and below.



Balance of essence.

fire beget snow.



-Locktwarr danalora luatha danu...

- Willow,



-believe in the words.

-tuatha, tuatha, chnox danu.



- Concentrate. - Locktwarr danalora...



- luatha danu tuatha, tuatha.

- Oh, no!



- Locktwarr danalora.



Locktwarr danalora

luatha danu...



- tuatha, tuatha, chnox danu.

- Don't give up...






- Locktwarr danalora luatha danu...

- Oh, Willow!



-tuatha, tuatha, chnox danu.



Locktwarr danalora

luatha danu tuath-



tuatha chnox... danu.






- Has it been so long?

- I'm sorry.




we have work to do.



Give me the wand.



We must undo

Bavmorda's sorcery.



Let them in now.



Tuathagrin chnox,




Black fires

forever kindled within.



- let the second rite begin.



Quick, inside.



That won't reach the wall.

We can't get inside.



-Elora Danan will die.

-Unless we save her.



- Bavmorda's too powerful.




She cannot transform you again.

My spell is protecting this camp.



But can your magic

get us inside the fortress?



We can't do it.



Wait. Back home in my village.

we have a lot of gophers.



- Willow, this is war, not agriculture...

- I know, I know.



But I've an idea

how to get inside the castle.



- Ocht veth bordak stira.



Ocht vethbordakstira.

Ocht vethbordakstira.



-Ocht vethbordakstira.



Ocht veth bordak stira.



Come on, Madmartigan.

you and I are soldiers.



You and I know the peck's plan

will never work.



If the baby dies, all hope

for the future is lost.



I'm going to fight.



Me too.



All right, we've got to decide

who's gonna go and who's gonna stay.






Willow, all these years...



I have waited

to face Bavmorda.



It is you that

has made this possible.



Whatever happens.

I shall always admire you.



Your children...



will come to remember this day.



We call upon you

to surrender!



We are all-powerful sorcerers.



Give us the baby...



or we'll destroy you!



Kill them!



Patience, Willow.



Courage, Willow.



- Whoa!



- Back to the castle!



Ocht veth nockthirth bordak!



- Exile the child to the   th night.



- This way!



Nockthirth plankton firth...



foreth forewar...



- Ocht veth nock!



It's all right, Willow.



You don't have to go.



Light the   th candle!












Traitor child.

I must despise you now.



- I won't let you kill that child.










Your powers have

gained in strength, Raziel.



I have Cherlindrea's wand.




Blora Danan

will be queen.



- Now you die!



Furrochk flarem!



Claideb cla-




Lunano ockht!






- Wanu!



- Yikes! Ohh!



- Airk!






Win this war for me.












- Bring back that child, peck.



- Who are you?



I'm Willow Ufgood.



I'm a great sorcerer.



- Greater than Raziel.



- Greater than you even.



I'm the greatest sorcerer!



Is that the extent

of your powers, little one?



Now you will watch me

draw upon the power...



of the universe, to send

that child into the netherworld.



Now place it on the altar!









You stupid hag!



With my magic.

I'll send her into the-



Into a-



You're no sorcerer.



- Where evil cannot touch her.




- There's no such place!

- Helgafelswathbenhelgafel.



You're a fool! I shall destroy you

and the child with you.



- You're a fool! Nockmaar-

-Bairn offdanufamoww.



Good-bye, Blora.






- Helgafel!



Im... possible!







where's the baby?



It was just my old

disappearing pig trick.



Oh, well done!






Willow Ufgood.

receive this book of magic.



Willow Ufgood.

receive this book of magic.



You are on your way

to becoming a great sorcerer.



- Willow the Sorcerer!

- You make us proud!



- Good-bye, Blora Danan.






Good-bye, Willow!



- Farewell!

- Bh?



- Willow! Willow!

- Hello, Regan. Hello.



Willow's back!

Willow's back!







Willow! Willow Ufgood!



- Willow!

- Hey, Meegosh!



It's a bird! Hemadeabird!









- Willow?

- Kiaya.



Willow! Willow!






- Dada! Dada!

- Dada, I missed you!



Oh, I missed you.


Special help by SergeiK