Wimbledon Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Wimbledon script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie starring Kirsten Dunst and Paul Bettany.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Wimbledon. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Wimbledon Script



[Rackets Striking Tennis Ball]



[Striking Continues]



[Crowd Exclaims]



[Man Narrating]

We all start off in life

with a dream, don't we?



For a tennis player,

it's being in the final

of the Grand Slam...



center court, a high lob,

a smash.



Game, set and match...

you're a champion.



- [Crowd Cheering]

- You're number one.



But for most tennis players,

that's all it ever is... a dream.



The reality is another story...

my story.



You see that good-looking fella?



No, not the kid in white.

The other, tired, good-looking fella.



Yeah. Him.

Well, that's me.



British Davis Cup a long time ago.



Two singles titles even longer ago.



Presently ranked    th in the world.



[Ball Bounces]

Sport is cruel.



[Umpire Speaking French]

Now, I know it doesn't

sound too bad.



Four million tennis players in the world,

and I'm    th.



But what that really means is this...



    guys out there are faster,



stronger, better and younger.



And it gets you thinking.



[Woman's Voice]

You'll be    in...

The prime of my life.



[Man's Voice] How long can Peter Colt

keep playing this game?

[Older Man's Voice] Time to retire gracefully.



[Peter Thinking]

Stop it. Stop it. Just serve.



[Peter Narrating]

These young guys... where do they

get the energy, the focus?



No fear. You see,

the one thing you can't have is fear.



And for the first time in my life,

I'm afraid.



Not oflosing.

I'm not even afraid of the kid.



I'm afraid of what happens

if that ball keeps going by me.



What happens then?



I hope you don't mind, but I took

the liberty of having it engraved.




- Wow.

- [Chuckles] Exactly.



Frankly, my biggest problem

is parking.




Mm, not for you, of course.

No. Your own space.



Nameplate again.

Oh, good.




Hello, lan. Is this the young man

you were telling us about?



Mm-hmm. Peter Colt,

the one and only.



Once ranked

  th in the world, I hear.



Uh,    th, actually,

for the better part of'  .



Yes. Peter's got himself

a wild card at Wimbledon.



- Then we're hoping he'll be

hanging his racket here at the club.

- Well, we'll see.



We shall look forward to giving you

a peek at our ground strokes.

Won't we, ladies?



- Oh, do shut up, Sylvia. Good luck

at the championships, young man.

- Thank you very much.



[Clears Throat]

Yes. Carry on.

Uh, Peter. Peter.



Watch the ladies.

Occupational hazard.

Of course.



Oh, look at this.

Look at this.



Completely new hybrid.

Yes, developed by the Yanks.



Firm but springy.



Look, Peter.



I can't wait forever.

There's no one else I'd rather...




Look no further.

You have your tennis director.



Oh, that is splendid.

So splendid.



Oh, look. That's Peter Colt,

the new pro.



Once ranked    th

in the world.




I was ranked    th in the world.



[Peter Narrating]

What makes one tennis player

different from another?



It isn't a killer forehand or serve.

Lots of people have those.



But the great ones

have something else.



Some say it's a supportive family.



Others say it's being hungry,

really hungry.



But as you can see,

I've never been hungry.




And as far as

a supportive family goes...



Mum? Dad?



[Woman Moans, Muffled]

Anybody home?



[Man, Woman Moaning]



[Moaning Continues, Louder]



Hello, Carl.

[TV Woman Moaning]



Life still giving

you trouble, is it?



Deep Throat. Director's cut.

Absolute classic.



- [Man, Woman Arguing, Indistinct]

- Hey.



[Carl] They've been at it like that...

like cats and dogs... for weeks.



[Arguing Continues, Indistinct]

You all right, Dad?



Yes, yes, yes.



You got our Wimbledon tickets

sorted yet?



'Cause, you know,

I don't wanna miss

your grand finale.



Interesting bit of trivia actually.

I've never won a match at Wimbledon

with my family in attendance.




We're not invited?




- She's not gonna like that.

- What won't I like?



Hello, darling.

You're looking rather gaunt.



Thank you.

Why is Dad so upset?

Oh. Ridiculous man.



For some reason, he believes

I'm having an affair with Eliot Larkin.



Mother. He saw you snogging

in the club car park.



Well, that would do it.

Not in the kitchen.



I wanted your father to see us.

That was the point.



Shake him out of his stupor,

compel him to act.



I hear you're planning to retire

to babysit a bunch of old ladies.



Not what your father and I

had in mind all those years ago

cheering you on.



And do you know why?

Because I believe you to be

a truly great tennis player.



[Groans] Oh, God.

You've just always been afraid

to admit it to yourself.



I'm not afraid.

I'm old.

Oh, don't be absurd.



Thirty-one is not old.

It is in tennis years.



I might as well be your age.

Thank you, dear.



And I'm tired of hotels,

and I'm tired of airports...



and long-distance love affairs

that never go anywhere and...



- Losing?

- Yeah, losing. Thanks, Carl.



Now tell her about the tickets.






Oh, God. You really are

a wanker, aren't you?



Harsh but fair.



[Door Slams]


Why doesn't he have the tickets?



I mean, do you know why?

What does he think?



Does he think

we're going to sit here

watching it on television?



- [Continues, Indistinct]

- Dad, what are you doing up there?



I should've moved up here

years ago.






Right. Well, I'm off

up to Wimbledon then.








Remember I always told you

that tennis was a gentleman's game?




Total bollocks.



Everything I ever told you...

total bollocks.



Right then.



- Welcome to the Dorchester, Mr. Colt.

- Thank you.



You have a suite, top floor.

Wonderful view.



Really, I think

you might have made a...

[Talking On Phone, Indistinct]



- Thank you.

- [Everyone Chattering]






[Water Running]



Well, they weren't wrong

about the view.



You need something?

Yeah, l...



I'm so sorry.

I was given the key to Room     .



This is Room     ...

my     .



Oh, right. Your     .

Well, that makes perfect sense.



- What makes perfect sense?

- You see, I'd reserved a more modest room.



Now I'll go down

to the front desk and...



thank them for this dreadful error.




Good-bye then.



Yes, good-bye. And may

I say good body... Luck!



Shit. I meant...






Oh. Lovely kitchen.



This way.

[Door Opens]



See now? That's much cozier.



Yeah. I get a lot of questions

about my personal life.



- I usually don't answer them.

- [Mary Carillo] That's why

it's called a personal life.



Right. I mean, I just want

to focus on my game, you know?



Unfortunately... I have to agree

with my dad on this one...



all that other stuff

just gets in the way.



But, Lizzie, you have had problems

with chair umpires this year.



Some of the players think

you go out of your way

to disrupt a match.



I really don't.

I mean, you know,



maybe I go a little

over the top sometimes,



but, you know, maybe that's what

I need to do to play my best.



And that's why I came to London...

to win Wimbledon.



We'll be watching.

Good luck.



Gonna knock 'em dead this year, Peter?

That's the idea, Danny.



I've got a strong feeling.

Thanks, Danny.



Gonna knock 'em dead

this year, Ivan?

I'll do my best for you.




I've got a strong feeling.



- [Woman] See you later.

- Hey, Dieter. You wanna go for dinner?



Afraid not. There's a chance

I may get lucky tonight.

Oh, really?



Intriguing Irish girl.

Her father owns much of Dublin.




She have a sister?



Only child.




I should stay

and work on my serve anyway.



This is my last hurrah.

I wanna go out in style.



Well, that's the spirit, old man.

[Racket Strikes Ball]









[Woman Grunts]




Sorry. Wrong court.

Forgotten me already?



God, no. You're the lady

with the lovely... kitchen.




Lizzie Bradbury, right?

And you're?



Peter. Peter Colt.

Nice to meet you,

Peter Peter Colt.



- Five quid says you can't do it again.

- Mm-hmm.



Ten bucks says

you can't hit two in a row.



You're on.



Lovely form.

Thank you.



Hmm. You're exceeding

my expectations.

Mine too.



Do it with a slice serve,

I'll treat you to fish-and-chips.



Ooh. The pressure's on.



Lovely toss.



- Fish-and-chips it is then.

- Lizzie, sweetheart,

what the heck are you doing?



- Oh, just one more serve, Daddy.

- You gotta be back in the hotel

in    minutes for an interview.



Two seconds, okay?



It's funny. You don't seem

the "Daddy" type.



Hit this one,

and I'll sleep with you.



- [Groans]

- I'm so sorry!



Too bad. You could've

used the workout.



[Crowd Chatter]



[John Barrett]

Hello, and welcome to day one

of the championships,



where the players meeting

on center court today...



include Andy Roddick,

Serena Williams...



and Britain's best hope for a title,

Tom Cavendish.



Other Brits in action include

journeyman veteran Peter Colt.



And today marks

the Wimbledon debut

of American Lizzie Bradbury.



We'll see if she can live up

to her lively reputation.



What are you talking about?



The chalk flew up.

There's a mark right there.



- The ball was out.

- Get on with it!



You know what,

I'll let it go.



'Cause you obviously can't see it,

and I feel sorry for you.



  -  .

[Rhythmical Clapping]



[Crowd Exclaims]

[Clapping Continues]




Quiet, please.



  -  .







How are you doing?


What time's your match?



 :  . Ajay Bhatt.

You ever heard of him?



Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.



He's sitting over there.


Oh, my God.




Shouldn't he be off

discovering masturbation or something?



Played him at Bogota.

He's like all young men...



out to destroy us,

to kill the father.



And like all young men,

he must first be taught

the lesson ofhumility.



Exactly. And you taught him

that lesson in Bogota?



Sadly, no. He killed the father...

straight sets.



Watch out for his backhand.



[Track Announcer

Calling Horse Race, Indistinct]




[Track Announcer Continues]



Twenty pound to win...

Ajay Bhatt.



Hold on. Hold on.

Isn't he playing your brother?



You should be ashamed of yourself.



Yeah, but, curiously, I'm not.



[Crowd, Court Chatter]



[Peter Thinking]

So this is it.

This is the end.



This is what it looks like.



     balls a day,

    days a year, for    years.



[Shutters Clicking]

Six million balls.



And it all ends here,



at  :   in the afternoon

on Court   ...



while they're over on center court

screaming for the latest

Russian teenage beauty.



Well, let's see if I can at least

make it last a little while.



[Man In Crowd]

Ajay.! Come on, Ajay.!



- Good luck, Mr. Colt.

- Thank you.



Bhatt to serve.

First set.



Right then.







- [Applause]

- Love-  .



[Peter Thinking]

Okay, nice. Not embarrassing.



Another    like it,

and you've got it in the bag.




Oi.! Bloody rabbit.! Shoo.!



[TV Crowd Cheering,

Announcer, Indistinct]




We have our first match point.

[Father] Yes.! Come on.



I must say he's playing with

newfound confidence today.




So here we are...

match point.



[Continues, Indistinct]

Yes.! Come on.! Get it.!



Yes.! Good shot.!

Well done.! Come on.!



Come on.! Yes.!

That's it.!

[Crowd Cheering]



He's done it.!

He's done it.!



He's through round one!



Not interested.





Not interested.



Oh, suit yourself.



So you think that kid

has a future.

Yes, I do.



I expect, one day, to be

the answer to the trivia question:



Who beat Ajay Bhatt

in his first ever Grand Slam?



What Wimbledon is this

for you, Peter?



It's my   th actually.



And since this may well be my last

Wimbledon press conference,



um, I'd like to take the opportunity

to announce my retirement from...

[Reporters Shouting]Jake.!



[Reporters Chattering]

Please. Come on, man.






[Reporters Shouting Questions]



That's my retirement from tennis...



[Reporters All Talking At Once]



effective the moment

this tournament ends.



[Fans Shouting, Indistinct]





Tomorrow morning, I want you

at the rear entrance,  :   sharp.



We can avoid all of this,

all right?

Yeah, you're probably right.



Excuse me, ladies, if you please.

Come on, sweetheart.

[Jake] Hey, Lizzie! Lizzie!



- [Man] Jake.

- Excuse me. Excuse me.



Excuse me.


How's your injury?




[Answering Machine: Female Voice]

You have one new message.





You still owe me fish-and-chips.



Uh, say,    ?

Room     .



That's my     .

Oh, bollocks!



[No Audible Dialogue]





It's open.



[Man On TV]

...kuiper belt appears tonight

in the northern sky.



Once mistaken for a shooting star,

the comet gained its name...



from two U.S. servicemen

on patrol in the South Pacific.



It's the first time in    years

it's appeared...



and will be visible

to the naked eye

for the next two weeks.



- [TVContinues, Indistinct]

- Hi.

- Hi.



Uh, two fish-and-chips,

as promised.

Um... [Chuckles]




Let me just...



Oh, geez.

How embarrassing.

get this.



Are you hungry?



Um, not quite.



I've got a question for you.

All right.



Where do you come down on

the whole "fooling around

before a match" issue?



Well, that's a very intriguing question.



'Cause I think a little fooling around

can be really good for your game.



You know, help you relax.



Um, I'm not sure

I've done enough research

to have a definitive opinion.



That's very sad.

Yes, it is, isn't it?



It is... very sad.



Don't get me wrong. I'm...

[Deep Breath]



very interested in doing

the necessary research.



Are you?

I'm interested.






No one

can know about this, okay?



Really? I had been planning

a brief press statement.




Seriously. Especially my dad.



He's convinced, if there's a guy around,

my first serve gets mushy.



Well, you can't win Wimbledon

with a mushy serve.



No. So... we'll keep it light.




Absolutely fine with me.



We'll just keep it, you know,

fun and... relaxed.

Relaxed. [Laughs]










More research.



[Crowd Groans]




And that's another point lost.

The truth is that Dragomir...



seems to have completely

seized control on this court,



known as

"the graveyard of champions."



For some reason,

Peter Colt's game

this afternoon...



has been less than inspired.



[Peter Thinking]

Oh, God! Oh, God, I'm tired.

I'm so tired.



[Mother's Voice]

Of course you are.



Stay up all night doing research,

you're bound to be.




Game... Dragomir.

[Barrett] What a pity.



[Umpire] Dragomir leads five games to four

in the fourth set and by two sets to one.

Come on, Peter.



Hello! Do you mind?

[Barrett On TV, Indistinct]



Bugger. He was doing so well.



I wouldn't write him off

just yet, Pauline.



Some young men, I find,

have a stamina that's...



really quite deceptive.



[Peter Thinking]

The second round.

That's not so bad.



He did win the French Open.

At least you got three games off him.



Three games?

Three lousy games?



Last match of your career,

and you got three games?








It's pathetic.

[Man In Crowd] Come on, Peter.!



Well, at least there's no one here

to see you lose.




Come on, Peter.!




Oh, great.



[Man In Crowd]

Come on, Pete.!



[Crowd Cheers]


Love-  .




Who would have thought,    minutes ago,

that we'd be in a fifth set?



But here, Peter Colt...

who hasn't beaten a top-   player

in the past two years, remember...



is at  -  three points

from winning the match.







- You were with me last match.

- Yes, sir. Brilliant play, sir.



- Do you think I could trouble you...

- Sorry.



[Crowd Shouting Encouragement]



- [Crowd Cheering]

-   -love.




And we have our first match point.



- Out!

- [Umpire]

Game, set, match... Colt.





the English wild card, Peter Colt,



[Shouting, Indistinct]

has defeated the French Open champion

to advance to the third round.



- [Umpire] Three sets to two

 -   -   -   -   - .

- [No Audible Dialogue]




[Crowd Booing]



- [Yells]

- [Shutters Clicking]

- [Man Talking, Indistinct]



I thought I'd done

my last one of these.

So did we.




[Man # ]

So did we. Yeah.



[Man] Peter, did you know

that Dragomir is the first seeded player

you've defeated in three years?



Yes. Uh, two months and    days.

But who's really counting?



What, uh... What do you think

of your next opponent?



Truthfully, in all the excitement,

I haven't even checked

to see who it is.




It's your practice partner.

Dieter Prohl.




So two friends must now

face each other as enemies.



An intriguing existential dilemma.

Room      please.




Is your elbow playing up?



Well, if I admit to that,

you may use it to your advantage.



Wow. That's terrible.

Is that what our friendship's come to?



Dodgy shoulder maybe?




The truth is, most everything aches.

What doesn't, I can't feel at all.

Tell me about it. Hello?



Hello? Mm!

We should still

practice together.



We must stick

to the routine.

The hotel offered me a better room.



I told them I'm on a roll at the moment

and I'm not changing rooms.



At such moments,

our superstitions are all we have.




Even when I'm taking a shit,

I must do it exactly the same.



I'd never thought of that.

That's genius.



You think of everything important...

you do it the same.



Oh, wait a minute.

Yeah. Oh, that's okay.

Put me through.



Lizzie, listen, don't say a word.

I was thinking a repeat

of the other night...



like fish-and-chips,

early to bed.



Sh... Mr. Bradbury, hello.

[Line Clicks]



Mr. Bradbury?








[People Chattering]

[Woman Speaking Italian]



[Continues In Italian]



- Peter.


- Billi.



Come stai?

You are the Dragomir slayer.



How are you?

You look a million... lira.



Oh, thank you, thank you.

I try.



Do you know my partner, Sophia?

No. Hi.



Nice to meet you.




I'm looking

for Lizzie Bradbury.

Have you seen her?



No. Maybe you should ask

Jake Hammond.

Oh, really? Why?



Why do you think?



Oh, right.




Well, I'd better

get a move on. Ciao.




Good luck tomorrow.

Thank you.





Looking for someone?



- Yeah. Ye-Yes.

- Wouldn't happen

to be my daughter?



Yes, it would.



It's Colt, right?

Yes, but please call me Peter.



Lizzie's on a roll right now,

and I don't want her

to have any distractions.



Right. Of course.



S-Sorry. Just to clarify.

Do you see me as a distraction?



That's exactly how I see you.



So stop looking for her.

Stop calling her.

Stop coming around.



Stop every damn thing

that involves my daughter.



Is that clear?






[Crowd Chattering]



[Dieter] I suppose,

in a few thousand years,

the English will evolve webbed feet.



Yes. Just about the same time

the first German evolves

a sense of humor.



No, no, no. That's unfair.

Many times, I make you laugh.



No. I'm laughing at you,

not with you.

Ha ha.




Somebody wants you.



Oh, you know what?

I think I'll...

I think you will too.



See? Now that was quite funny.

Yeah, I know.



Hey, get some rest tonight.

I don't wanna win too easily,



what with you and that,

what is it, bad knee?



I have a little confession

to make.



Oh, God.




When you, uh, walked

into my room the other day,



I knew exactly

who you were.



You did?




I saw you play Tommy Haas

at the Lipton last year.



Oh, shit.





You were ahead,

but then you totally

fell apart, remember?



Yes. I recall the ball girl couldn't

get out of the way of my serve.



You gallantly carried her

off the court.



I thought you were such a...





To lose like that when you

were playing so beautifully?



I couldn't get it out of my head.

I kept hoping I'd run into you.



Until finally you walked

into my hotel room.



Like a knight in shining armor








Trouble is, I'm the one

that needs saving.



Yesterday, I was losing,

and then I saw you watching.







Perhaps my first serve's

getting a little mushy.




This year's love had better last



Heaven knows it's high time



I've been waitin'on my own




Too long






When you hold me

like you do



Oh. Hey, look.



There it is, the comet.

See, with the little tail

behind it?



Hardly anything, is it?



Barely moving.



We have to wish on it.



Did you wish

on your next match?



It wouldn't work

if I told you.




Who do you play?

Good friend of mine actually.

Dieter Prohl.



A friend? Then you should know

how to beat him.



What are his weaknesses?

Um, sausages, Wagner,

men in leather shorts.



In his game. That's why I gave up

having girlfriends in tennis.



You have to dig extra deep

to kill your friends.



Now I have to kill him?

Without thinking twice.



And I don't envy you.

Why's that?




You practice together,

you travel together,



you practically live together.



Do you really have what it takes

to close out a friend

in the third round of Wimbledon?



Because that is killing him.



It's a bullet to the heart.



That's what's tough

about this game.



There's a winner,

and there's a loser.



And tomorrow, one of you

is going to be a loser.



[Dieter Groans]

[Horn Honking]






Bloody pedals!



[TVPlaying, Indistinct]

All right. Vij.



Wh-Where the hell

are the men's matches?



Man, Roddick lost toJake Hammond

in four sets, mate.



Shit. What about Peter

and Prohl?



Didn't hear?




Straight sets, man.

Pete decimated him.

Tore him to pieces, man.




Oh, what, you bet

against him again?



You know, that bastard

usually comes through for me.



He's been on such

a good losing streak.



Here. Are you, uh,

Peter Colt's brother?




I've seen you in here

watchin' the matches.




- You could say tennis is my life.

- My passion's chat rooms.



Really? Hmm.




Of course.



[People Chattering, Indistinct]






You may have humiliated the kraut,

but you're not done with him.



You change your routine

not one iota.



I'm still your practice partner.

Thanks, mate.



Anyway, you know it was

a hell of a lot closer than the score.



A let-cord here or there,

it would have been a different story.




You annihilated me.




You hit from the soul,

the heart.



Something's happened to you.



Something else, something...

The girl in the taxi.



The-The end of the waving hand.




That's where the fire comes from.

Admit it.



Dieter, listen.



Do you think that,

in the middle of a championship...



and for the first time in years

I'm actually winning,



I'd be dumb enough

to get involved with a woman?






[Both Laugh]




[Answering Machine: Female Voice]

You have eight new messages.



Well, aren't I popular?




Peter. lan Frazier from the club.

Well done.! Take as long as you need

before you start with us.



Oh, and the, uh... the ladies

send their regards.








You were incredible today.



I have a free day tomorrow.

I'll call you later.





Peter, remember me?



[Doorbell Rings]

It's your mother.



- I hear congratulations are in order.

- What did I always say about ya?



[Answering Machine Continues,


I don't know. Remind me, Ron.




So, uh, cucumber and cucumber?



And cucumber.

They forgot to put

the sandwich in my sandwich.



What are you doing here, Ron?

You're not still my agent, are you?



What are you talkin' about?

What am I talking about?



Okay, well, I called you

about a year ago,



and I'm still waiting

for you to return my call.



Yeah, I'm into e-mails now.

I don't do the, uh,

phone thing anymore.



Ron? That's a lie.



Yeah, it's a lie.

You want me to be

completely honest with you?



Agents are not miracle workers.

We can't sell a product

that doesn't exist.



But here you are existing again,

so I'm back selling again.



You know what, Ron?

I genuinely despise you.



And you know what, Peter?

I really don't take it personally.



Because this could all

be over by Monday.



Cavendish is a serve-and-volley guy,

and you've always played shit

against them,



so I'd like to capitalize now

if that's not a problem with you.



I don't want you

to go down in history...



as that English guy who beat

his best friend, the German guy,



only to get beat

by the other English guy.



I'd like to put some money

in your pocket.



You got a problem with that?

You'd have to cut your commission.



Okay, look, unfortunately

that's a no-go area.

Everybody pays   %.



Say five percent,

or the next offer's four.



You know, success

has really changed you.



And I'm loving it.

Screw it. You got a deal.



Besides, I have a funny feeling

that Cavendish is going down.




Yes. I'd love some.



Now let's get down to business.

Slazenger's having a cocktail party

this evening,



and everybody's dying to meet you

for the very first time... all over again.



[Live BandJazz]

[People Shouting, Indistinct]






[Camera Shutters Clicking]

[Papparazzi Chattering]



- I have a thing later. I'll call you back.

- I'll ring you tomorrow.



That's fine. Tomorrow's fi...





There she is.

How they hangin'?



Fine. And yours?

Fine. Who's your new friend?

You going to introduce me?



You haven't met yet?

Hi. I'm Lizzie.



Peter. Peter Colt.

The Peter Peter Colt?



- The one and only.

- Oh, I've heard a lot about you.



Oh, really? Nothing good, I hope.

That you're a man who's not afraid

to come to the net.



I hear that this is your first Wimbledon,

and you're gonna go all the way.

Every chance I get.



Well, well, well.

If this works out,

do I get the, uh...



You can have   %

of our kids.

The kids. That's a... [Murmurs]



Are you all right?

You look beautiful.

Thank you.



You come along and play matchmaker?

Did I do that? I'm sorry.

I just got excited by the math.



Let's just have a drink.

We can talk over this whole Nike thing,



and you'll still have her home

before she turns into a pumpkin.



One day,

none of this will be ours.






Oh, no.

Asshole incoming.  :  .



Lizzie, what's the deal?

I've left you, like,

half a dozen messages.



Oh, really?

How about that?




Do you know Peter Colt?



Yeah, we did meet once.

First round, San Jose, last year.




A memorable match.



Yeah, which I, like, won.




Peter's in the quarters.

Did you hear?



Wait a second.

Are you screwing him?



- You know what?

- You are, aren't you?



I don't believe this.

Listen, my friend, we don't want...



Whoa, whoa, whoa. What are you,

grandpa, ranked, like,    ?



I thought all those things

they said about you were just rumors,

but you really are a cheap little...



- [Woman] Oh!

- [Groans]



Jesus! That really hurts.

But you did it so well.



[Man] Are you all right, sir?

I'm fine. I'm fine.

Good night, Jake.



Hey, yes, don't get up.

Leave me alone.!

I'm fine.!



That's the first time I've ever

hit anybody in my whole life.



[Papparazzi Shouting, Indistinct]








Other side. Other...



[Engine Starts, Races]



I've never had anyone

fight for my honor before.



I kinda like it.



[Tires Screeching]

[Lizzie Yelps]

[Horn Honking]



Jesus Christ! You're not safe to be with.

Wait till you see me drive.



[Seagulls Calling]




So, these are

the wild streets of my youth.



The drugs, the sex, the milk shakes.




My parents live here,

and I still keep a flat.



Oh, so we can

stay there tonight.



Yeah. But what about your dad?

Aw, let him find his own place.






Parents are such a responsibility.

I know.

They're worse than children.



Oh, definitely.



My parents got divorced

when I was   .



My mom was always on the road

trying to be a singer.



What went wrong?

She couldn't sing.




So mainly my dad brought me up.



Mine are still together.



Which proves that

love's not just blind,

it's bloody stupid.



It's sad.



Everything they used to love in each other

now seems to drive them crazy.



I can't imagine

ever wanting to get married.



No. No.



I mean, that's why

we love the tour, isn't it?



There's always another country,

another airport.



Another girl.

That's right, Leslie.



Lizzie. I meant Lizzie.



Ow, ow. I meant...

You said "Leslie."

Who's Leslie?



As you can see, we've, uh,

we've had to fire the builders

due to creative differences.



And truthfully, Peter's had

a little bit of a liquidity problem.



Oh, my nan liked to drink.






Just a bitty.



- Carl, what are you doing?

- Uh, Pete. Hi.



Um, wasn't expecting to see you.

And... Shit! That's Lizzie Bradbury.




Can I take a picture?

No, you bloody can't.



- It's digital.

- Look what I found.

Oh, hello.



Give me that.

Who are you?



Oh, I only got four pizzas.




Oh, for God's sake!

Right. That's it. Get out.



Come on.

You too, sunshine.




I had it on "Landscape."

Stop it. It's not funny.



I'm sorry.

Move it.!



Change of venue, girls.

Children out!

Come on.



- Big fan.

- Come on.




[Girls Chattering]



I am so sorry.



Might wanna

change the sheets.



[Door Closes]

[Children Shouting, Distant]



- [Device Beeps]

- Hi, Daddy. It's me.



I know you're probably going nuts

and wanna kill me.



But everything's cool.





Um, it's hard to explain,



but I really needed to do this.



And... I gotta go.

I'll... I'll see you at practice

in the morning.



- Everything all right?

- Everything's great.



Aren't we gonna have a workout?



I thought we just had one.




Now, are you sure about this?

I usually do    miles.



- Why are you running behind me?

- I'm just enjoying the view.



Snip by snip



I'm oozin'it bit by bit




I'm takin'it step-by-step



Boy, here and now



We're caught in a moment



And I won't let it go






And the silence

It belongs to you and I



Hey, look at that.



This is where

my dad taught me to play tennis.




Look at it now.

It's a shame.











Come on. Make a little effort.









What's the matter with you?

Are you scared of a girl?



- There's something

I haven't told you.

- What?



This is my last tournament,

no matter what happens.



But you're doing so great.



- Hey, you just have to...

- Keep winning.



Right. So keep winning.




Oh, finally.



[Imitating Match Announcer]

Colt returns with a somewhat demure

crosscourt forehand.



Ah.! Colt makes a smashing return.



With unladylike effort,



Bradbury strains

to get to the ball.



Oh.! It's an extremely high lob.



Will he maintain

his gentlemanly composure,



or will he... dare I say...

win the point?



[Drops Imitation] Hold on.

What's happened to the ball?






Gotta go. Good-bye.

Hundred quid on Cavendish

in the quarters.



Hold your horses.



So, still bettin'

against your brother, are ya?



It's tactical. If he loses, I get rich.

And if he wins, I get laid.



Where the heck did you get

a hundred quid anyway?



[Imitating Camera Shutter]




[TVPlaying, Indistinct]



I trust you slept well

after your night of debauchery

with young master.



I declare, I surely did.



Good. So did I.




No wonder the English

never win Wimbledon.



- [Chattering]

- [Yelping]



I'd love to see an English guy

in the finals, but give me a break.



Peter Colt is the luckiest man

in tennis.

Oh. Wanker.



[Reporters Shouting Questions,




God, it's incredible how much

that actually looks like your dad.



Oh, shit.

Incredible how much

that building...







[TVAnnouncer, Indistinct]


Quick.! Hide.!



Oh, Carl! You bastard!



[Breathing Heavily]







Oh, hello. Mr. Bradbury.

Where's my daughter?



She... Gone, sadly.

Sadly, gone.



She had to go and work

on that first serve.



I expect she meant to meet you

at the practice courts.



Are you bullshitting me?

Absolutely not.



I'd never bullshit you.

I wouldn't dream of it.



So, how was your trip down?

The traffic can be murder

getting out of London.



We left early.

Well, the early bird

does catch the worm.



Uh, wou-would you like

a cup of, uh, tea?



Maybe something stronger.

A shot of whiskey.



A shot at me.

[Forced Laugh]



It's Peter, right?




Look, Peter, I got nothing

against you personally.



- You seem like a nice guy, and, uh...

- Oh, good.



I'm not an idiot.

I know that Lizzie likes to...

have her fun.



And it keeps her relaxed.

Um, if you were just

another easy...



You know.

Well, that would be one thing.

But you're not, are you?



As a matter of fact,

I was incredibly easy.

No, no.



This time, it's different.

She's... falling for you.



- Oh, I see.

- Which is a total disaster.



But why?

She's hardly lost a set. l...



Look, her footwork is off.

Her serve is a mess.



She's gotta get her head

back in the game.



She's gotta remember

what it is that she wants.



And what do you think that is?



What we've been working towards

all these years,



what she's always wanted

more than anything.



- I still want it.

- Oh. Hi.



I want to win Wimbledon.



I'm sorry.

That's all right, sweetheart.



Well, we'd better get going.

We got a lot of work to do.



- You're gonna go?

- Yeah. He's right.



I'm sorry.

Wait a second.



- [Door Opens]

- [Peter] Lizzie?




Lizzie, this is ridiculous.



You're a grown woman, and you should

be making your own decisions.

This is my decision.



We can be together

after the tournament.



After the tournament?

What does that mean?



You can'tjust switch me on and off

like a bloody lightbulb.



I'll call you at the hotel.

She won't be at the hotel.




I'm sorry, kid, but...



If you're together,

she can't play.



- [Shouting Questions]

- [Door Closes]



- [Crowd Chanting] Tom.! Tom.! Tom.!

- [Barrett]

Well, this may be an all-British affair,



but Tom Cavendish is clearly in control

of the crowd and the match today.



He's up a break in the first set,

and Peter Colt... with the expectations

of an entire nation upon him...



seems to be withering

under the pressure.




Ladies and gentlemen,

quiet please.



- [Umpire]


- [Groans]




So that's set point

for Tom Cavendish.



[Horns Honking]



Linda, to the patio door.

Well, talk to Sergei.



She hits short,

you come in.



Daddy, stop bugging me.

She'll never pass you.



I'm focused.

I know the game plan.



Yeah, right.




He's out of my head now.

It's over.



Stop freaking out on me.



[John McEnroe]

Oh, yeah.

It was definitely his ankle.



You can see how he landed right on it.

This is ugly.



- [Groaning]

- [Crowd Chanting]

Cavendish.! Cavendish.! Cavendish.!



[Woman Announcer]

Peter Colt may havejust

got himself a free pass to the semis.



- Think you can go on?

- [Crowd Chanting]




Not so fast, Chrissy.






Listen to the crowd.

They worship the kid here.



The question is, will Colt be able

to take advantage of Tom Cavendish?



He's never shown

much of a killer instinct.




Quiet, please.



- [Umpire]   -love.

- [Chris Evert]

There's your answer, John.



Look at that smile.

Watch out, Tom Cavendish.




Can we take another route?

Her match is at  :  .




I doubt it. It's a chocker.



[Match Announcer, Faint]



What's the score, sweetheart?



It's match point.



[Umpire] Game point.

[McEnroe] He's done it.!

Peter Colt has done it again.!



Another upset.

Another seeded player goes down,



and Colt will now take on

fifth seed Pierre Maroux

in the semifinals on Friday.



Congratulations, my friend.

Thank you, but I think

my countrymen hate me.




I've just destroyed their best hopes

of winning a championship.



Oh, ridiculous.

Everyone loves a winner.

Everybody but the British.






Thank you.



See, I was right.

Everything's good.

Everybody loves you.



Almost everybody.







What do you think

makes her so extraordinary?



No embarrassment, no fear.

She makes a decision,

she goes for it, all pistons firing.



It's a turn-on for the rest of us

'cause most of the time, let's face it,

we're all scared shitless.



Even you, Ron?

Me? I hate making a decision.



Like right now,

I'm very, very afraid.



If you don't see that girl again,

it's going to mess with your head,

screw up your confidence.



On the other hand, I'm terrified...

I'm petrified that if I tell you

where that girl is camped out,



her father's gonna fire my ass.

Where's the girl camped out, Ron?



   Kensington Place.

First-floor apartment.



I made a decision.



Game... Miss Bradbury.

Miss Bradbury wins final set.



Me too.









Oh, shh. Shh.

No. No. Hi.







- Now, listen. It's not

what you think, so don't start...

- [Barking]



I'll jump. I'll jump.

I will. You want that

on you conscience?



- [Quiets]

- Thank you.



Lizzie? Lizzie?



Lizzie, it's me.



[Dog Barking]







Hey! Shut up!



Noisy little shit.






That hurt.



- [Gasps]

- Bugger!



- Peter.

- Yeah.



- What are you doing here?

- That's an excellent question.



That sad fact of the matter is,

I can't seem to get through

   hours without you.



I missed you,

Peter Peter Colt.

You have?



But I need you to go.

No, you need me to stay.











People have fallen in love

before, you know.



Oh. Is that what

we're doing here?



Good thing you didn't

get the wrong room.



I did, but your dad's

a very quick shag.







[Man] Good morning.!

BBC London   . .



The lark's on the wing

and everything's for the best...



in this best of all possible worlds,

'cause it's semifinals day.



Which means it can only get better

as Peter Colt stares down the racket

of Pierre Maroux.



[Continues, Indistinct]






[Tarzan Yell]



[Continues Yelling]



Game point.




Whoa.! Peter Colt must have had

his Wheaties this morning.



He's off to a roaring start.




But remember, Chrissy,

the last time these two met...



was in '   U.S. Open semis,



a day I'm certain Peter Colt

wants to wipe from the memory banks.




No kiddin It was the greatest

opportunity of Colt's career.



He was up two sets,

and then he completely choked.



And I don't think he's ever

fully recovered from it.



You know, John, choking can be

instigated by the smallest thing.



[McEnroe] Absolutely.

You wake up in the morning,

and something just isn't right.



Or maybe a little superstition

you have goes wrong.



And a seed of self-doubt is planted.



Lizzie.! I love you.!



Then everywhere you look,

that feeling of doubt seems to be

looking right back at you.



Once that happens,

all it takes is one point.



One decisive point that

can make or break your confidence...



and completely determine

the outcome of a match.



- Game... Miss Rupesindhe.

- Advantage... Colt.



Well, there's no trophy here today

on number two court.



Peter Colt

is firmly in control.



Thank you.

[Announcer Continues]

And incredibly, just two points away...



from the Wimbledon final on Sunday

against America's Jake Hammond.




Come on, Pete.!

Quiet please.






- [Match Announcer] That was an almost

impossible passing shot. Match point.

- Yes!



And he seems to be

having trouble getting up

from that awkward tumble just now.



Peter Colt's clearly in pain.



- Shit.

- [Match Announcer] It's hard to tell.



This could spell disaster for the man

who's captured the hearts...



Come on, Son. Come on. Come on.

Pick yourself up. You can do it.



Mr. Colt, are you okay?



It's my back.

Can you get up?



I'm not entirely sure.



One more point. Come on.

He can't actually hear you.



- Oh, yes, he can.

- This is an eerie echo

of the Tom Cavendish match.



- Well, he's back on his feet.

- Oh, yes, he can.



- Well, only he knows

how much it's hurting him.

- Oh, my God! The stress.



How does he deal with it?



How does who deal with it?



- [Peter Groans]

- [Crowd Gasps]




Oh, my back!



My back is killing me.



But remember you're one point

away from the finals.



[McEnroe's Voice]

I'd love to see an English guy

in the finals, but give me a break.



Do you remember Australia?

Your shoulder was killing you,

and what did you do then?



All right. All right. All right!

Peter Colt is the luckiest man in tennis.



This is gonna hurt.



Game, set, match... Colt.



Colt wins three sets to love

 -   -   - .




I knew he could do it.



[Match Announcer]

Who would have bet, two weeks ago,

that the man time had forgotten,



[Continues, Indistinct]

Rabbit. Caught it

messing with your lettuce.



Good man.



Congratulations, Peter.

Can we just do a quickie?

No, not right now.






How'd she do?

[Woman] It's just one of those days

where I couldn't do anything wrong,



and Lizzie just couldn't

do anything right.



[Mary Carillo]

That would include accepting defeat,

which Ms. Bradbury found very difficult today.




It's not as if

she can blame you, is it?



I told you I needed to focus,

to be away from you

for just a few days.



But, no, instead you sneak into my room,

you don't even have the decency

to spend the night...



- I had the earliest start,

and I thought you'd want the extra sleep.

- I was some chick you picked up.



- Well, this chick is going back home

to work on her serve.

- [Whirring]



Lizzie, I am sorry about your match.

I really am. But please don't go.



Because you need

to screw me before the finals.



That's why you think I'm here?



It's not. Really, Peter?

Not even just a little bit?

[Blender Switches Off]



Aha.! You see?

I know you want me to think...



that we're falling in love

or some bullshit,



but the only thing you

fell in love with this week was winning.

[Blender Switches On]



- That is absolutely not true.

- Oh, yes, it is.



And you know what? I love winning too.

More than anything. More than anyone.



[Blender Switches Off]



- Don't say that. You don't mean it.

- I do.



Love means nothing in tennis.

Zero. It only means you lose.



[Door Closes]



She's dropping her arm

too soon after the toss.






Can I say what I mean



Don't you play with me



'Cause I'm a lady



You must clear your head.

You must forget about her.

Love is shit, just like she said.



Yeah. He's absolutely right.

Just ask my soon-to-be ex-wife.

Ask all my ex-wives.



Thanks for the words of wisdom, Ron.

Shouldn't you be off sucking up toJake?



I took care of that

at breakfast.



You gave her a taste ofher medicine.

You're in the finals. It's time

to move on, same as she would.



I don't want to move...

Feel that?




I'll take that as a yes.

Look, I'm not making any promises,



but if you keep relatively still,

you should be in a decent state

for the finals.



Yes.! We got it. Frito-Lay.



- What?

- You are the new spokesperson

for their brand-new chip.



Surprisingly Zesty, it's called.

That's you, pal.



- Oh, God. I've gotta get out of here.

- No. No way. You heard the good doctor.

Let's get you some room service.



I would kill for another dozen of those...

what do you call the...

those little cucumber sandwiches?



- Cucumber sandwiches.

- You Brits got a name

for everything, huh?



And in other news,

the kuiper belt comet




finally disappeared from view today

after blazing for nearly a...

[TVSwitches Off]



There's a distance between us



And you take the blame



I know that you tried

but at this stage of the game




I've started a new life



There's no turning back



Why, Jennifer?

Will you now

Don't you know



Can't you see

I get over



Sometimes I wonder



Where this feeling began



Deep in my heart

right from the start



Right from the start



Tired and lonely



I move on from this pain



I'm starting again



I'm breakin'the chain



Yeah, all right. I'm going.



I'm going.






[Woman Moaning]



Oh, for God's sake, Carl.



[Man, Woman Moaning]




[Moaning Stops]



For God's sake, what...



Didn't I tell you always to knock

before entering a room?



Well, it's a bit late now.

You better come in and have some

breakfast. What do you want?



Eggs and soldiers?



- Oh, eggs will be fine.

- Sit down.



Morning, Son.

Where's the marmalade?






Well, uh,

I'm out of the tree house.



Yeah, you certainly are.



Your mother and I seem to have found

some common ground at long last.



- Oh, really. What's that?

- You, Peter.



You're, uh, probably aware

that things have been a bit

sticky for the last few,



well, years actually.



The fact is that, uh,



in the end, the only thing we shared

was the downstairs toilet,

and she wasn't really keen on that.



I think what I'm trying to say is that...



we'd forgotten just what

an inspiration you are to both of us.



That's meant to be

the other way around actually, I know.



But how very proud we are of you.



It's been a long time since

we've done this.



Too bloody long.







My back.

Oh, God.



Well, it's been quite

a fortnight, hasn't it?



Not just for Peter,

but for all of us.



I, for one, will admit...

and that's not a word I like very much.



But we could all do better...



to love and support

each other unconditionally.



Without judgment, without...



- For God's sake, Carl, stop biting

your fingernails. You're not a bloody infant!

- Augusta!



- You were saying, darling?

- Yes, I'm sorry.



I just wanted to propose a toast.

To the family. Our family.



It's a trick.

Our family.




Our family.



Oh, bloody marvelous.

No, darling. We're bad luck.



If we came and you lost,

I would never be able

to forgive myself.



I don't believe in luck anymore.



Listen, win or lose,



and I can't see how

I'm possibly going to win,



tomorrow will be my last

professional tennis match.



And I can't imagine the three of you

not being there. So, please.



So what you're saying is

Jake's the safe bet then.



Good morning. It's Radio  

at    . I'm Chris Moyles.



So today's the day.

It's the big finals.



Peter Colt, what an amazing man.

Who would have thought?



I didn't think he was gonna do it.

Now, I'm starting to think...



Morning, everyone. BBC London   . .

And it's here. It is Wimbledon finals day.



I'll try to be detached,

I try to be cool, but I'm carried away.



Come on, Colty.!



Good luck, Mr. Colt.



Thank you.

Thank you very much.






All the best, Mr. Colt.



Thank you.

Thanks very much.



[Applause, Cheering]



Thank you.



Thank you.

Thank you so much.






Thank you.



Thank you very much.



An Englishman in the final.




If you could win that cup, sir,

we'd all be so proud.



I'll do my best.



And I don't even like tennis.




Ready, sir?



Yeah, I think I am.




Peter Colt, seen here in his teens,



has already declared this to be

his last competitive match.



And what an exit.

Only a matter of days ago,



Colt had become no more

than a fading blip on the radar

of tennis history.



Now he's become the man who...



Not to add the pressure, Peter,

but you know the entire United Kingdom

is cheering you on today.



Yes. Well, let's hope

I don't disappoint them.



Did you have any realistic hope

two weeks ago that you would

be here today preparing to walk onto...



Lizzie, I love you more than life itself,

but I can't turn off every goddamned

television set in the United Kingdom.



I'm going for a walk.



Flight board's in half an hour.



[Woman Over P.A., Indistinct]



[Mary Carillo]

What do you attribute this

remarkable run to?



You were supposed

to make a very early exit.



Well, I had a bit of luck against

Tom Cavendish in the quarters,

and I played a more focused game...



passionate game, uh...



I suppose the real answer

to your question is, uh,



well, love really.



Love of the game?



Yeah, love of the game. Um...



But, listen, you may have read about

Lizzie Bradbury and myself...



being involved, so to speak.



But, um, I'd like to take this opportunity

to set the record straight.



I read the papers this morning,

and, uh, they seem to imply...



that Lizzie had let me down

in some way.



That's just not the case.



The truth is I let her down.



I let her down, and for that...



I'll always be truly sorry.



Listen, I'm not in the habit...



of pouring my heart out

on television.



I'm not really in the habit

of pouring my heart out at all.



Lizzie, sweetheart, something

I think you ought to see.



I'm seeing it.

So if this comes out wrong,

forgive me.



Lizzie Bradbury.



Lizzie is the reason that I'm here today.



That's all I really came here

to say except thank you.



Thank you, Peter.






I, uh, have a new theory

of our life of tennis.



Tell me.

Oh, it's simple really.



You hit the ball

back over the net...



as hard and as deep...



and as often

as possible.



Sorry to disturb you, Peter.



The members have invited you to use

the number one dressing room.



Oh, no. Thank you, Danny.

I think I'd rather stay here.



Right. That's what

I told 'em you'd say.



Good luck, my friend.




In a few minutes, Colt and Hammond

will be making the walk...



through the tunnel

onto center court.



A little stroll, Chrissy, that I'm sure you'd

agree is about the number one highlight

of a tennis player's career.




Except for the butterflies

I always felt, absolutely.



No, he can'tjust wear the hat.



No, we don't 'cause we don't

have an endorsement deal.

That's why.



Well, then he knows the number.






I tried to warn you about her.



By the way,

how's the weak back?



It's fine. Thanks.



How's the weak mind?







Fuck a duck.



Jake Hammond has been

on an absolute tear.



He's lost only one set

this entire tournament.



And look who he's had to beat.

Hewitt, Federer.



Well, with the exception

of Dragomir and Tom Cavendish,



Colt's road to this final

has been a relative pushover.



[McEnroe] Right. But he's played

some great tennis.



But my guess here is that he's more

than a little overmatched today.



First set. Hammond to serve.



I gotta go.



[Crowd Chanting]

Peter! Peter! Peter!



Ladies and gentlemen,

quiet please.












Yes, thanks.

I'll be needing that.






He said, "Thanks.

I'll be needing that."



- Quiet please.

- [Woman] Go, Jake! Come on, Jake.








Oh, that poor kid.!



He was on the receiving end

of one of the fastest-recorded

serves in professional tennis.



    miles per hour.



[McEnroe] Well, we certainly

hope he's all right.



And that reminds me

how lucky I was, Chrissy.



I ball-boy'd in the old days

when they used wood rackets.



And things were a lot slower.



[Thinking] Oh, you bastard.

It's one thing to humiliate me,



but you didn't have to mess

with the boy.



Now you're going down,

you bastard.



- Or maybe not.

- Colt to serve.



Love-  .



Love-  .



Game... Hammond.






Game and this set...







Game... Hammond.

New balls, please.



Love-  .



Hammond leads five games to two.



Game... Hammond.



Love-  .



  -  .



  -  .




Peter Colt finds himself

once again at break point.



[Thunder Rumbles]



He really can't afford to go down

another break this early in the third set.



He seems completely lost

out there, John.




Lost and confused.

We may be witnessing...



the near total collapse

of a player's game.



At a moment like this, Chrissy,

you have to wonder...



what the hell is going through

Peter Colt's mind.




Please, God.

Please make it end.



Game... Hammond. Play suspended.



What are you doing, lad?

Get in here.



It ain't over

till the handshake, lad.



Danny, I'm not really in the mood

for a pep talk right now.



Well, you better

get ready for one.






I thought you'd gone.



Yeah. Me too.



Having a tough day?



Well, you know, disastrous.



Except for the fact that you didn't

go gooey when the ball boy got hit.



Yeah. Sorry.



Why are you British

apologizing all the time?



Don't apologize to me.

I love you.



Apologize to the people

who are rooting for you out there.

What'd you say?



I said that the whole country

has been waiting...

No. No. The other bit.



I said I love you.



See, that's very good news.



I thought I was alone

in the love department.



Well, turns out

you've got company.



I am so sorry.



If you say sorry one more time,

you're going to be sorry.



I meant about the other night.

Shh! Stop it.



Forget about that.



This is about you.



Go out there and decide

who you are.



And who might that be?

That might be a winner.



Please be patient, Mr. Hammond.

Please sit down.



[Match Announcer]

The question is, where's Peter Colt?



Did he flee the building

with the rain?



I think he's in the lavatory.

Isn't that a comfort break?



Is it?

Yes. They are allowed one.



If he's got a jumpy tummy.



So, if he doesn't come back...



He's gonna lose.



Of course I want to win. I do.



But he's just better than me.

No. He's not.



I'm two sets down.

My back's killing me.

You're going to play through the pain.



I'm too tired.

My legs are like lead.



Find a second wind.

It's what winners do.

His serve is unstoppable.



No, it's not.

It's a bundle of tells.



- What?

- His serve.



It's like a book. You just

have to know how to read it.



You know I really don't care who wins.

I mean, I represent both players.



It's like asking me

which one of my kids I love more.



Which one of my kids

do I love more?



My daughter.

I'll talk to you later.




Well, Peter Colt is back.

Let's hope he's better.



So far this match

has been a blowout.



Yeah, Pete! Peter!



Ladies and gentlemen,

as play resumes, Hammond leads...



two sets to love

and one game to love.



Hammond to serve. Play.




Go, Pete.!



[Lizzie's Voice]

lfhe bounces the ball once

instead of twice,



he's going for the body.



lfhe shifts back on his left heel

and shows you his toe,



it means he's hitting deep.



Colt sure seemed

to have Hammond's

number on that one, Chrissy.



Which is a good sign ifhe's

gonna climb out of the giant hole

he's dug himself.



Ouch. You all right?




Welcome back.

Same to you, sir.



Station ident ready to roll.



Eight, top of your shot.

We got a visitor.



John, did you see who just came in?



That'll give an immediate

adrenaline burst.



- Yes!

- He did it, Chrissy.

He pulled out the set.










After a great comeback in the third set,

Colt's game has leveled.



And he and Jake Hammond

are even at  -all in this tie-break.



So, John, this next point

is crucial...



if Colt wants to keep

this comeback alive.

Come on, Peter!




Okay.  -  in the breaker.

Here we go.



 - ... Hammond.




Jake Hammond is up  - 

in the tie-breaker,



and he's finally gotten himself

a championship point.



This could be the final point

of Peter Colt's pro career.



Right here, right now.



- Ladies and gentlemen, quiet please.

- This could be it, Chrissy.




l-lf his heel moves left,

he's going right.



Or is it the toss? Yes.

l-l-lf he tosses high, i-it...



Oh, sod it!



-  -all.

- [McEnroe] Incredible point.



I'm doin'a complete    

on Peter Colt.



This is amazing persistence

from thejourneyman player.



I was already thinking

about gettin'to the airport.



We may be going to a fifth set,

and if I was Jake Hammond,



I'd want to close

this thing out right now.



The last thing he wants is another set

with the momentum going

in the other direction.



Okay. First one to win by two.




Ladies and gentlemen,

quiet please.



 - ... Colt.




Wow. A double fault.



Now it looks like Hammond's

the one who's getting tight.



Peter Colt now has set point

to force a fifth and deciding set.



[Cell Phone Ringing]



- Aw, give us a goddamn break!

- [Ringing Continues]



[Ringing Stops]

[Umpire] Please, shut off

all mobile phones. Thank you.






[McEnroe] Unbelievable.!

We're gonna play five.!



[Chattering In Foreign Languages]



[Umpire] Advantage... Colt.

Rising star Peter Colt

has battled back.



[Chattering Continues]



Game... Colt.






Peter Colt-san.



Game point.

Colt leads five games to four.



Final set.




Well, Colt has broken Jake Hammond.

And after this changeover,



he's gonna be serving

for the Wimbledon title.



[McEnroe] Listen, an hour ago,

I didn't think he'd find anybody

to give him a ride home.



No question, John.

And now it's all up to him.



I mean, he's finally got a chance

to serve out the match.







Break you right back, asshole.




Did you see that?



That is some definite gamesmanship

from Jake Hammond.



Come on, Peter.






Come on!




Peter Colt is now three points away

from winning Wimbledon.




One point at a time, Peter.



One point at a time.

It's just another point.

It's just another point.



Like hell it is. You could be

the champion of Wimbledon,



which means you wouldn't have to

take the pro job for starters.



You could buy a new place, redecorate.

Lizzie could help with that.



Oh, God knows

what taste she has.



Oh, shut up, you silly ponce.








Make that two points away, Chrissy.



- [Man] Come on, Peter.!

- Ladies and gentlemen,

quiet please.



[Peter Thinking]

Oh, my God.



Oh, my God. Oh, my God.



Come on, Pete.



  -  .



Chrissy, we talked about

Colt's reputation in the past...



as a choker when

it comes to big points.



Well, this is primo choke time.



I wouldn't be surprised

if Colt got real tight now.



Thank you.

It's my fault.




Peter.! Peter.! Peter.!



Don't choke. Don't choke.

Don't choke. Don't choke.



Please don't choke.

Please don't choke. Don't choke.



I'm not gonna choke, damn it.



  -  .







Do you believe it? Peter Colt

is serving a championship point.



Quiet please.



Ladies and gentlemen,

quiet please.



Championship point.



Right then.



- Out.

-   -  .



- [Evert] I don't believe it.

That was a terrible call for Colt.

- No!



- What the hell?

- What?



- [Crowd Jeering]

- Look at the chalk fly.

The ball was definitely in.



- It was on the line.

- It was on the line!



I'd be torching

the stadium about now.



Excuse me!

The ball was good.



  -  .

Oh, come on. The ball was good.

Chalk flew up.



The whole stadium saw it.

I don't know if you've noticed,

but it's quite an important point.



That's too close for me to overrule.

Please resume play.



Absolutely not. I'm not playing.

This is complete bollocks.



- Absolutely bollocks.

- [Umpire] Code violation.



Unsportsmanlike conduct.

Warning, Mr. Colt.



- [Chanting] In.! In.! In.!

- Oh, my...




Okay, here we go.



Peter Colt has his second chance now

to win the championship.




The question is, can he do it?

After a call like that...



a lot of players,

including yours truly,



would have a hard time

getting back in the mind-set.



Ladies and gentlemen,

quiet please.



- [Crowd Gasps]

- [Evert] That serve wasn't even close.




It wasn't fast either.



[Mother's Voice] I believe you

to be a truly great tennis player.



- [Man's Voice] Ultimately disappointing.

- [McEnroe's Voice]

Total collapse of a player's...




Stop it. You have to stop it.






[Crowd Noise Fades]



[Inhaling, Exhaling]







He's done it.! He has done it.!



Thejourneyman has won.!

A wild card entry.

Ranked    th in the world.



Now champion of Wimbledon.!



Call Letterman. Call Leno.

Call Oprah. Call Kimmel.




It's utter pandemonium here.



I've never seen anything

like this in my life.



The Brits finally have a winner.



What's wrong with you?

You bet on Jake?

I bet it all on you, bro!



Can I retire now, Mum!

Certainly not!




Well done, Son. We love you.




He seems to be lookin'

for somebody else.




I think the whole world

knows who he's lookin'for.



There's so much

I want to say to you.



I'm not going anywhere.

Oh, yes, you are.



You're going a long, long way.



[Peter Narrating]

Nothing could possibly

match that moment.



It's everything you wait

a lifetime for.



That dream finally come true.



What else could ever come close?



Except this, maybe.



I did take a job at a club.

But teaching young kids

like my own, not old ladies.




And I love it.



I beat you. I beat you.

Rubbish. The ball was in.

It was definite... Ow!



Well, most of the time.



You see, a part of me was always

afraid that my life would be over

if I wasn't playing tennis.



But the truth is, it was

reallyjust beginning.



Oh, and by the way,

Lizzie did win the U.S. Open.



And Wimbledon.






But I feel good



But I feel high



But I feel good



But I feel high



But I feel good



But I feel high



But I feel good



But I feel high



Deeper down than this, y'all

Deeper down



Deeper down than this, y'all

Deeper down



Deeper down than this, y'all

Deeper down



Deeper down than this, y'all

Deeper down



Yeah, I was just following a Friday



Trying to get home

Find a phone, geezer lighter

the future's brighter



Trying to hit a Saturday nighter



Yeah, I was just following a Friday



I found a driver

Here's a fiver



I'll have to lend you

Excuse me

Is this the venue



Yeah, I was just following a Friday

I was just going with the



But I feel good



But I feel high



But I feel good



But I feel high



But I feel good



But I feel high



But I feel good



But I feel high



Deeper down than this, y'all

Deeper down



Deeper down than this, y'all

Deeper down



Deeper down than this, y'all

Deeper down



Deeper down than this, y'all

Deeper down



Yeah, I was just following a Friday



Trying to get home

Find a phone, geezer lighter

The future's brighter



Trying to hit a Saturday nighter



Yeah, I was just following a Friday



I found a driver

Here's a fiver



I'll have to lend you

Excuse me

Is this the venue



Yeah, I was just following a Friday

I was just going with the...



But I feel good



But I feel high



But I feel good



But I feel high



But I feel good



But I feel high



But I feel good



But I feel high



Excuse me

Is this the venue



High, yeah

Come on



But I feel good



But I feel high



But I feel good



But I feel high



But I feel good



But I feel high



But I feel good



But I feel high

Special help by SergeiK