Windtalkers Script Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Windtalkers Script script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the John Woo movie starring Nicolas Cage and Adam Beach
.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Windtalkers Script. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Windtalkers Script Script






Behind you!



Watch out!



My hand!



l got you.






We're running out of ammo.

We've got to get out of here.






Watch out!



Come on!



Come on, you can do it! Come on!



We got nothing, Enders! We're out of ammo!



Joe, nobody else needs to die.



We can go, we can get out of here!



We got orders!



They told us to hold the position,

and that's what we're going to do!



Get up, Marines!



Hold the goddamn position!



Come on!



Get down!






God damn you!



Oh, no!



-l'm out.

-Come on!



Come on!



God damn you, Joe Enders.



From what l understand,

you went above and beyond, Corporal.






l'm going to put you up

for the Silver Star as well.



God bless you, son.



Raise your right hand.



""I, "" state your fuII name...



I, Ben Yahzee...



'' solemnly swear to support

and defend the U.S. Constitution...''


            solemnly swear to support

and defend the U.S. Constitution...



''...against all enemies,

foreign and domestic...''



...against all enemies,

foreign and domestic...



''...and l will bear true faith and allegiance

to the same.''



...and l will bear true faith and allegiance

to the same.



''l will obey the orders

of the President of the United States...''



l will obey the orders

of the President of the United States...



''...and the orders

of the officers appointed over me.''



...and the orders

of the officers appointed over me....



Who can give me the code word for ''tank''?



Come on. You boys want to be codetalkers.



Show me some brains. Think!



What do we call a tank?



''Tortoise.'' Good.



''Artillery.'' Code word.



ln code, Private Whitehorse.



Very good.



''Japanese Zero.'' Code word.



Nobody eIse needs to die.

We can get out of here!



We got orders! HoId the position!



God damn you, Joe Enders.



Nice day.



You didn't hear a word l said.



That's what happens to a man

when he's talking to a beautiful woman.



lt happens

when you're not watching my lips.



Watch this.



You're a mess, Joe.

You're not fooling anybody.



No, Rita, he's a mess.



l'm getting better every day.



You got a perforated eardrum.

Your equilibrium's all screwy.



You can't go back to war

if you can't stand up.



Let's go, Marines.

This war ain't gonna wait forever.



Why don't you just stay here?



Somebody's got to keep

the WAVES company.



You going to help me or not?



Marked improvement.



His left ear is the worse of the two?






TBY hasn't got the range of the TBX.



So you may need to relay it

to get your transmission to command post.



But what it really comes down to

is speed and accuracy under pressure.



Transcribe, now.



Victor, this is X-ray. Over.



Damn it! We got a unit under fire!



We're losing men.



l need this message decrypted.



''Request fire support.

We have target at      Baker   .



''Pill box with heavy machine gun.

Fire at will.''



Beginner's luck.



You're up, mac.



-Corporal Enders reporting, as ordered, sir.

-At ease.



You've done well as a Marine, Corporal.



Better than you did as a civilian.



Stole a motorbike, crashed it.

Got kicked out of high school.



Assault and battery...



on one Father Crispin O'Donnell.



A priest?



Assistant Principal at Archbishop Keenan

High School, sir, and head disciplinarian.



Public-school boy, myself.



Some minor problems in boot.



A commendation for valor in Shanghai.



And you made a hell of a stand

on the Solomons.



Tough bit of business there.



Pretty tough, sir.



But you're prepared

to jump right back into it?



Yes, sir. Very much so.



''Very much so.''



The Japs have pretty much busted

every code we've thrown at them.



Your men on the Solomons

were lost to a broken code.



Tell me, did you ever run into any lnjuns

on the Solomons?



-lndians, sir?

-Navajo, to be exact.



The Corps has developed a new code

based on their language.



lt's had quite an impact.



So much so, the Navy have decided

to go to great lengths to protect it.



That's why you're here.



You're to pair with one of them,

keep his ass safe.



Your job is to keep him alive,

so he can do his job.



Begging your pardon, but l believe

l'd best serve the Corps killing Japs...



not babysitting some lndian.



We didn't pick your name out of a hat.



We need good Marines.



That's why you're standing here.



Take a look.



lt's a Navajo, or was.



Tortured to death by Japanese intelligence

trying to bust our code.



Fortunately, he couldn't help them

even if he wanted to.



The man was a Navajo, not a codetalker.



The code's based on their language,

but it is still a code.



Tojo would like nothing more

than to catch a live one.



What l'm about to tell you, Corporal,

cannot leave this room.



Under no circumstances...



can you allow your codetalker

to fall into enemy hands.



Your mission is to protect the code...



at all costs.



You understand me?



Yes, sir, l do.






Congratulations. You just made sergeant.



Come on, ladies, move it.



-Fortino, take over.

-Will do.



That was you, right,

sitting in front of the Major's office?



l'm Pete Henderson.



They call me Ox.

Not because of my big muscles or anything.



l'm from Oxnard, California,

just north of Hollywood, a ways.



So you're with JASCO, too?



You guys know where we might find

 nd Joint Assault Signal?



No fucking idea, mac.



Thanks a bunch.



They've never seen so many Navajo.



Looks like you saw a little action there.



Me, too.



Jap sons of bitches snuck up on us,

shot me right in the ass. You believe that?



l wasn't running or nothing.



Your duty with JASCO have anything to do

with these Navajo radiomen?



l'm not at liberty to say.



l see you got a new stripe there. Me, too.



l'm guessing the orders you can't tell me

are the same ones l can't tell you.



Hell of a thing.



lt ain't a democracy, Sergeant.

lt's the Marines.



They look pretty normal, l guess.



Expecting them to wear war paint?



Maybe we ought to go introduce ourselves.

They look a little lost to me.






l wouldn't get too friendly.



-Just kidding. l'm Ox.




This is Yahzee. Ben.



Close your eyes. lt'll taste better.

Who's next?



Mind if l join you?



l'm Ben Yahzee.

l guess the Corps paired us up.



How are you doing?



You're blocking my view.






What do they call this crap, anyway?



The Marines call it ''chow.''



There's a propaganda effort.



Heard you were from Philly.



Birthplace of a nation.

City of Brotherly Love and all that.



Sorry. You can have mine.






What did you say

your name was again, Private?



Yahzee. Ben Yahzee.



You seen any combat?



No, sir.



But l've got to say,

l'm looking forward to getting into some.



Are you, now?



Hold this.






Tell him l say hello.



Pair of cowboys for Big E.



-Possible straight for the Greek.

-Possible thumb up the Greek's ass.



A pair of twos for the kid. Looking good!



There's a bold move.



All right.



Another mess for the Sunshine State.



-Are you mad at me?

-l want your money.



Look at that, three nines! Pretty.



You shuffle that deck?



l certainly did. Nines bets.

l'll raise it two bits.






We all got thumbs up our asses.



You won't have

to worry about that much longer.



l got a buddy in lntel

who says we ship out in a week.



l've been hearing ''next week'' for a month.



l didn't know you knew anybody

in lntelligence.



Next year would be all right with me.



Gentlemen, read 'em and weep.

Look at that, nines and fours.



Full boat, baby.



Cowboys over queens. Read 'em and die.






Fuck it, l'm out.



Yeah. l'm going to write the missus.



God knows what a girl will do

without reassurance.



Son of a bitch.



We got a couple of seats open.

Want to come and join us?



Are you serious?



What, lnjun poker?

How do you boys do that?



Card on the head.

Only fool can't see it is you.



You want to come over or what?



Cut me in.



l'm thinking Fiery Cross...



high-low, hoggers okay,

ace plays both ways.



Don't let him scare you. The high-low's

like any other, a waste of time and money.



Ante up, Chief.



How'd you know l was a chief? You must've

seen me showering with my war bonnet.



-Deal 'em up.

-We don't take wampum here, you know.






All right, then.



Orders finally came through.



We ship out tomorrow morning

for paradises unknown.



Kill me some Japs!



But wherever we wind up, it doesn't matter...



'cause we'll be right at the teat's nipple.



We'll be in front of the whole damn division.



l'll be with the second squad,

and Sergeant Fortino will be with the first.



We'll be sniffing out enemy positions,

radioing back locations...



coordinating the Naval gunfire.



Exactly what we've been training to do

for the last four months. All right?



We've got some new radiomen

from headquarters.



Private Whitehorse...



and Yahzee...



and a couple of sergeants...



Enders and Henderson...



who, if l'm understanding

these orders correctly...



will be covering our Navajos' asses.



God damn you, Joe Enders.



...but l'm telling you...



we're going to be stepping into

our share of the shit, nonetheless.



Any questions?



Sounds like you're dying.



These might help get rid of the taste.



Charlie and l both lost it

on the boat ride from San Diego.



Not many bodies of water in Arizona.



Life Savers really helped.



You want a Life Saver?



What are you doing here?



Just trying to help.



Not what l meant.



You mean, what am l doing in this uniform?



lt's my war, too, Sergeant.



l'm fighting for my country,

for my land, for my people.



lt's not your people l'm worried about.



Listen, Enders, l'm a codetalker.



lt takes me two and a half minutes

to do what used to take an hour.



Somebody wearing a lot more stripes

than you thinks that's worth something.



Remind me to time you when you've got

bullets flying over your head.



What the hell is wrong with you?



Shave his beIIy with a rusty razor



EarIy in the morning



From the haIIs of Montezuma



To the shores of TripoIi



We wiII fight our country"s battIes



On the Iand and on the sea



First to fight for right and freedom



And to keep our honor cIean



We are proud to cIaim the titIe



Of United States Marines






How's that ear?



Not that you'd ever admit it,

but if it starts to ache, take two pills...



and call me in the morning.



You're not gonna be here

in the morning, are you?



Shipping out

without even buying me a drink.



You ought to be ashamed of yourself,

hustling Marines.



What's your poison?



Jeez, l might as well go all out.



l'll get a shot of something. Rum.



Eddy, give me a shot of Bacardi.



Make that two. You might as well join me.



Why not?






Thank you.



To war.



l'm going to write to you.

l want you to write back.



l've got nothing to write about, Rita.



You've got to have something.



l don't know if you ever knew it,

or just forgot...



-but the world's a beautiful place.

-No, it's not.



Maybe we should just go.



Why? Because you made it back

and those other guys didn't?



l feel sorry for those guys, Enders.

l really do.



But l feel worse for you.



lt's okay.



Ox, why don't you get down

in front of all of them?



Joe, why don't you get in there,

next to Whitehorse?



l don't like pictures, either.



Unlike my friend, there.



He thinks he's Gary Cooper or someone.



He's a funny kid.



A good kid.



l taught him how to ride horses.



We've known each other a long time.



Take care of him.



Get a group shot before we take off.



Let's go!



Get those men spread out!



Come on!



Keep on moving!



Come on, move your butt!



Let's go!



Come on!



-How am l doing?

-You're good.



Let's go!



Stay on my ass.



Everybody get on the line!



l told you to stay on my ass!



Go, men! Keep on moving! Go!



Get him out of there!



-Get me out of here!

-Come on!



Hold still.



Get him out of there!



You sons of bitches!



Fortino, cover me! Whitehorse, get down!



Get down!






Helmet goes on your head! Corpsman!



Take care of him.



Put a hand on there!






-Got it?

-Yeah, go!



Harrigan, light it up!



Let's go, boys! Keep up the fight!



Are you okay? Are you hit?



You're okay. You're good.



-You okay, Chick?

-Still in the hunt.






-You ain't getting rid of me that easy!

-Stay low!



-Nellie! Pappas!

-We're good.



Greek's predisposed to hyperventilate.



l can't breathe when l get excited.






Must be hell on your gal!



Enders, get the Navy on the horn...



and tell them to dig out those guns!



Target reference, Dog   ...



right,    ...



elevation,    .



Relay the damn coordinates!






Target reference, Dog   ...



south,    ...



elevation,    .



Right,    !



Up,   ! Fire for effect!



Let's go!









Torch the box!



Kill him!



Goddamn it.






Nellie, take the satchel charge!



You hear me? Move!



-You're going to cover me, right?

-l'll go with you. We flank left.



l'll cover you, smoke and cover.



l can do this.



Smoke 'em up!



Cover him!



Shit. Goddamn Nipponese touchdown.



How can you ruin biscuits?



You are a whiny son of a bitch

right now, aren't you?



  :   in jungle hell.

What does that make it on the East Coast?



How the fucking hell should l know?



 :  ....



lt's  :   a.m, Sunday morning.



Hope my side of the bed

didn't get taken up last night.



l'm telling you, you're going to give yourself

an ulcer if you worry about her.



l might get my ass

sent back to Rhodie, though.



There's plenty of dollies

outside of Rhode lsland.



Many plenty.



Sure as shit ain't any here.



Ain't that the truth.



They're all in Daytona Beach.

The most beautiful women in the world.



One time, before the war...



l'm lying on the beach...



and this sweet little thing named Molly...



comes out of the water.



She walks straight up to me

and asks me if l'm hungry...



'cause she's having a weenie roast.



Shit! Damn!



Me and Molly, boy.



Now l'm on Saipan,

with a giant Zippo strapped to my back...



and l'm roasting human beings.



Why l volunteered...



is beyond me.



Damn, l'm proud to be here.



My whole family's been in the Corps.



My old man's a lifer...



an ass-kicker, on the land and on the sea.



Around the house, too.



Maybe now he'll back off.






l want you to do me a favor.



lf anything should happen to me,

you make sure my wife gets this.



She picked them out.



Don't talk like that.



Don't even joke about shit like that.



Put that ring back on. You're going home.



Don't thank me till you've tried it.



You missed mail call.



What the hell are they doing?



l don't know.

They've been doing it since sundown.



Sounds like some kind of prayer.



Maybe they know our orders.



Think you could do it?



Give it a rest.



Give it a rest? l keep trying...



but l'm here to kill Japs, not Marines.



What the hell do you think

you're doing, boy?



Getting on my uniform.



You know the difference

between you and a Jap?



That uniform.



That's it.



See, l know you people.



l know what kind

of slanty-eyed savage you are.



You ought to be careful out here all alone.



No babysitter.



l might just take you for a Jap.



Are you going to let me get dressed...



or keep demonstrating

what an ignorant fool you are?



How's that for an ignorant fool?



Go ahead. Try again.



Are you going to do something?



Chick! Come on.



Get off me!



You okay, Ben?



Ben? Shit.



l thought he was a Jap

who'd killed a Marine for that uniform.



Sure you did, Chick.



Damn lnjun looks just like a Jap, don't he?



l'm no damn lnjun.



l'm Navajo, of the Bitter Water People,

born for the Towering House Clan.



But you do look like a Nip.



Next time you decide to take a bath,

you let me know or l'll kick your ass.



Fucking shitbird.



He does need a babysitter.

Out here hunting salmon and shit.



That ceremony you saw last night

is called a protection ceremony.



Navajo believe

until a body is given a proper burial...



the spirits stay near it.



Chee-dis. That's what we call evil spirits.






l haven't thought much about it

since l was a kid...



till l saw those dead bodies.



You telling me you saw ghosts, Private?



No, Sergeant,

l'm telling you l won't freeze up again.



Because your buddy

smeared ash on your forehead?



That's right.



Because my buddy

smeared ash on my forehead.



Do you ever see ghosts?



No more stupid questions today, Private.

That's an order.



Sounds beautiful.



Are you self-taught?



My dad was always playing.



You know what they say,

''lf you can't beat 'em....''



No shit.



My dad, he gave me this thing.



Used to call me the ''Pied Piper of the Pigs.''



l'd bring them in for feeding

with this little tune l played.



l know l won't get you

to quit playing that thing...



so, like you said, ''if you can't beat 'em....''



l don't think it's going to work.



We ain't got much else to do. What the hell?






You lead off. l'll follow you.



Dear Joe, how the heII are you?



Or, given that you"re not much of a writer,

shouId I not expect an answer?



The newspapers say

our boys are doing great.



But I don"t think the reporters

have been to Kaneohe Bay HospitaI.



I found a stray dog the other day,

on Waikiki.



I gave him a bath and took him in.



He reminded me of you, but cuter.



At Ieast he keeps me warm at night.



I try not to think about you,

about what might be happening over there.



But sometimes when I"m Iying in bed...



I can"t keep myseIf

from wondering where you are...



how you"re doing.



What the hell are you doing?



Writing a letter to my son.



Did you forget your orders? No letters out.



Command don't want postmarks

going to the reservation.



Did you hear me?



l thought that he might read them

when l get home.



What's his name?



Your son.



lt's George. George Washington.



George Washington Yahzee.



That's got a bit of a ring to it.



My wife wasn't so sure.



She's a little more traditional.



Nice-looking family.



That George is quite a character.

He's got a mind of his own.



Can l try one of those?



You smoke?



Not really.



Get off the truck!






-Where's my helmet?

-Get out of the truck!



Let's go!



Let's go!



l'm hit!



l'm hit!



Take it off! lt burns!



You're not hit! Just shut up!



Son of a bitch.






Where the hell are they coming from?



-From us.




They're not Jap guns.



We're getting shot at by our own guys.



That's impossible!



We're supposed to be on Road   .



-You get the regiment on the horn.

-l can't!



-Tell them they're shelling their own!

-l can't! The radio's been hit!



They're firing too short!



-The Japs got to be way ahead of us.

-Do something!



Follow me!



-We're on the wrong fucking road!

-Goddamn it!






-Get down!

-Everybody take cover!



Watch your rear!



Evans, where are you?



Cover up!



Tuck in.



You see him?






l got him, Gunny.



You okay, Nellie?



Oh, God.



All right, let's move!



Son of a bitch.



l got you, mac!









You were right, Joe.



l do look like a Nip.



What the hell are you talking about?



Putting on that Jap uniform.

Get one of their radios, call off our guns.



-That's stupid.

-Shut up. Let him talk.



-He's not going out there.

-You're not the one in charge.



l got orders! He's my responsibility!



You killed your own!



What's wrong with you?



You killed your own, sons of bitches!



You sure you're up to this?



We'll find out soon enough, sir.



-What are you doing?

-l'm going with him...



if that's okay with you.



Give me the rifle.



That's Jap for ''prisoner.''



-All right, everybody be ready.

-You got grenades?






Hit me.



Please don't hit me!






Kill him!



Goddamn it! Kill him!



Get on the radio!



Bowie White, this is Carson Red!



Bowie White, this is Carson Red! Cease fire!



Cease fire! You're shelling Marines!






Cease fire!



Add    ! Fire for effect!



Redirect fire! Add    ! Fire for effect!



Let's go!



Commence fire!






Well, l'll be.



Colonel, can l help you, sir?



l'm looking for a Sgt. Enders.

Joseph F. Enders.



Yes, sir.



The report l read

claims you went above and beyond.






You've been recommended

for commendation.



l concur. But l don't see any point

in your having to wait around...



for all those formalities

to work themselves out.



Not when l have one of these handy.



Congratulations, Enders.

You saved a lot of Marines.



l wasn't alone in that, sir. l couldn't

have done it without Private Ben Yahzee.






the lndian.



Begging your pardon.



He's a Navajo, of the Bitter Water People,

born for the Towering House Clan.



Of course. Navajo.



Towering House Clan.



You keep up the good work, Enders.



Send that to Nellie's wife.



You ever not miss mail call, Enders?



My mom says if somebody takes the time

to write a letter, you should read it.



Does she let you drink, your mother?



No. But she's not here.



-What is it?

-lt ain't Chianti, l'll tell you that.



lt's rice wine.

lt's Jap sake, but it does the trick.



How much of this crap

do you have, anyway?



You have trouble with that ear, don't you?



The real problem's the inner ear.

Anvils, stirrups and shit.



l'm a little out of balance.



You done good on that hill today, Yahzee.



l did, didn't l?

l bet l surprised the shit out of you.



That was a noble thing you did, Joe...



to give your Silver Star to Nellie's wife.



l don't give a shit about medals.



First one they gave me...



l threw it into the ocean.



What did you get that one for?



For not dying.



The    men who fought with me

got decorated, too...



for dying. So....



The lieutenant was killed the night before.



None of the sergeants

even made it out of the landing crafts.



That left me in charge.

lt was my first command.



Orders were to hold...



some shitty swamp marsh

on the ass-end of nowhere.



And l did.



All of the men under my command...



men who trusted me...



who begged me...



to pull back...



not one of them made it.



Just one stupid asshole.



And for that, they gave me the Silver Star.



What were their names?



lt might be good to tell a story about them.



To know who they were

and what they were like.



What a magical pile of Navajo horseshit.



What the hell for?



To honor them...



their memory.



lt wasn't your fault, Joe.



You were just following orders.






l'm a good fucking Marine.



That's why they gave me this detail.



l'm a good fucking Marine.






God damn you, Joe Enders.



l didn't mean it.



ln Hawaii, we had a luau.



Cracked some jokes.



Come on, get up and dance!



We'll have a party, for everybody!



lt's all right.



Come on, Joe. l got you.



What the fuck?



l ain't that drunk, Yahzee.

Cut that horseshit out.



l'll take my daddy's strawberries, mix them

with this Swedish concoction called yogurt.



God willing, America will develop a taste.



What about you, Charlie? What's life got

in store for you after this mess?






''Sheep''? As in Chick's girlfriend, ''sheep''?



Charlie's family owns the biggest flock

in the Four Corners area.



No shit?



You a rich man, Whitehorse?



We do okay.



Taxis, a whole stinking fleet of them.

That's how l'll make my millions.



Then, l'm going back to the motherland.



l'm building myself a villa

on the cliffs of Santorini.



Santorini, my friends. That's living.



Sounds nice. What about you, Zee?



l'm thinking about teaching.



Teaching. Bring something back

to the reservation?



Actually, l'm more interested in bringing

some of the reservation back to the world.



Hoping to teach college. American history.



That's just what we need.



Yahzee teaching college boys

about Custer's scalping at Little Bighorn.



And what about what Kit Carson

did to the Navajo in the Long Walk?



Ever read about that?



l didn't think so.



How about you, Joe?






What are you doing after this mess?

lt's got to end some time.



Dear Joe, we got great news today.



President RooseveIt announced

the end of bIackouts on Hawaii.



We thought the day wouId never come.



There"s stiII a   .:   curfew,

but that doesn"t matter to me.



After a   -hour shift,

I"m too tired to do anything but write Ietters.



There is a reaI sense that the war

is going weII and couId be over soon.



I think about you more and more,

if you"re aIive or dead out there.



I check the maiI every day,

knowing there"s going to be an answer.



Are you reading these, Joe?



Are you Iistening?



The area's secure.



Set up defense positions.



-Chick, bed 'em down for the night.




l don't know why

l let you talk me back into doing this.



lt ain't working. lt's not meant to be.



To tell you the truth,

l used to play for the sheep.






Brought them in from the pasture

like l was a mama sheep.



Like you was a mama sheep?



Like a mama sheep.



l always knew

there was something funny about you.



You play for the sheep, l'll play for the pigs.

We'll see what happens.



We'll start at the same time, though.



That's starting to sound like something.



l didn't know you were an artist.



lt's stupid.



lt's just something l'd do as a kid

on my grandmother's kitchen table.



lt's nice. Are you Catholic?



l used to be.



l was thinking about

when they confirmed me.



l was   and they anointed me

with the holy water.



And l remember...



they told me l was a soldier of Christ.



l guess somewhere along the way,

l must have switched units.



lt's oil.



They don't use holy water to confirm.

They use oil.



l was raised Catholic, too.



Mission school on the reservation.



lt's funny.



The fathers didn't like us

talking Navajo at Mass.



Of course, one Sunday, l forgot.



They punished me by tying me

to the radiator in the basement...



for two days.



l think l was   too.



They're sure letting you talk Navajo now.



When this is over...



you should come out to Navajo country.



Monument Valley is a beautiful place.

lt's peaceful.



We could do some things

you don't do in the Corps.



Like ride horses, eat fry bread...



do some hunting....






lt's a pretty long drive to Arizona.



lt might be worth it. You could meet my son.



And he could meet Joe Enders...



the guy who watched over

Daddy's scrawny ass.



You must be a very good father, Ben.






You've never called me that before.






What kind of name is that, anyway?



lt's ltalian. lt was ''Endrolfini'' before

some asshole at Ellis lsland got hold of it.



Captain needs to code a message

back to Command Post.



You the lndian?



Yeah, l'm the lndian.



lt's just a few minutes drive.

We'll get you back in no time.



-l need to speak with you, Gunny.

-Give me a second.



l got this with the mail today.

You ever had pickled herring?



l need out.



What the hell are you talking about?



This detail.



My duty. l can't do it.



l need you, Enders.



You've been saving a lot of Marines.



l'm requesting mast

with battalion commander.



l want out.



Yeah? You, me and every other

mother's son. We all want out.



As long as there's a Tojo

and a Hitler out there...



we have to keep on fighting.

ls that understood?



-You're not hearing me.

-l'm hearing you just fine.



There's a war going on worldwide...



and it ain't being waged

on your wants and wishes.



Get some sack time. That's an order.



Goddamn it! l can't do it!



l can't perform my duty!



Hey there, sweetheart.



Hi. lt's okay.



You don't have to cry.

You're going to be all right.



l got a present for you.



lt's chocolate.



You eat it and it's good.



lt's good.



You want some?



You'll have to chew it next time.



Harrigan, go!









Go! Run!



-Go! Run!

-Make her run!






Come on!









-You all right?




Get down!



Put it on!






Get down!



Fall back!



Keep moving!



Fall back!



Pull back!






l can't let them take us.



What are you talking about?



l can't find Ox or Whitehorse.



Have you seen them?



He's over there.






This was supposed to be a secured area.

What happened?



l killed him.



You what?



l took my grenade...



and l threw it, and l blew him up.



What the hell is wrong with you?



Yahzee, no!



Get up!



Come on. You can do it.



Let him go.



Yahzee, no.



Why can't you do it? Do it!



You know, Whitehorse...



he saved my bacon.



l wonder what George Armstrong Custer

would make of that.



l remember my granddaddy sitting on the

porch, talking about hunting lndians...



like he was talking about gophers

or something.



About getting paid $  per Comanche ear.



l know. Gets you thinking.



Another    years, we could be

sitting down with the Nipponese...



drinking their sake, shooting the shit...



looking for somebody else's ass to kick.



You think too much.



First time l've ever been accused of that.



l thought l told you not to go

traipsing around on your own.



You know, Charlie blessed my son...



in the Navajo way, the day he was born.



He wondered about cowboys

watching lndians' backs.



Something about it didn't seem right.



l thought it was just Charlie being Charlie.



He didn't even want to come

to this damn war.



l talked him into it.



Maybe you made a mistake.



Maybe we all did.



l was following orders, Ben.



My orders were to protect the code.



lf one of you got caught...



talked, the code would be useless.



l was following orders, Ben.



Of course you were, Joe.



You're a damn good fucking Marine.



The Viking wants to see you.



He says right away.



l want you to brief everybody,

make clear what's happening.



-l got no problem with point, Gunny.

-That's good.



You wanted to see me?



The  th is moving out already

and we need to be ahead of them.



The destination is that big piece of rock

you see over there...



the last defensible ridge on this island.



The thinking is, we take the mount,

Saipan is pretty much ours.



Yesterday, bombers beat the shit

out of that rock.



The brass is nervous.

They expected more resistance over there.



Now, they want us to go over

and check it out.



Where the hell they got us now?



Going up the mountain.

Have ourselves a little peek.



That codetalker is out front for a reason.



That's exactly where l need him to be.



lf there's still a problem

between the two of you...



l would like to straighten that out,

right here, right now.



-No problem here, Gunny.

-That's good. There's still one here.



You just do what

you're supposed to do, Sergeant.



Nothing more, nothing less.



You got another letter.






Jesus Christ!

We're in the middle of a goddamn minefield!



Chick's going to get us out. Right, Chick?



Sure l am.



One line after Chick.






Move, Greek.



l'm not getting my fucking balls

blown off out here!



Yahzee. Stop!



Move out!



Nice shooting, Pap.



The  th's moving in.

We better check out the other side.



-Got it.

-You okay?



Chick, take the left. Enders, go right.

We'll cover you with a   .



-On it.

-All right.



Okay, let's go!









-Help him up!







Tear him open.



Do you want morphine?



Goddamn it, Yahzee! Get over here!









stay with him.



l got you.



Yahzee, no!



Control yourself!



l told you to stay with Gunny.



Gunny's gone.



You could've killed me, you son of a bitch!



l'd never kill one of our own.



We're not going to make it

out of here, are we?



l'm running out of ammo here.



l don't want to die in this shithole.



You're not going to die.



Nobody else is going to die.



We're going to make it.



We're going to make it out of here.



The  th's caught out in the open!

We have to call in the flyboys!



l'm going to get that radio! Cover me!



He's got the radio, Yahzee!



Cover me! l'm going!



Stay back!






lt won't bring your friends back.



What do you know about friends?



Get us some air support!



Bowie White, this is Carson Red Arizona.



l say again, Carson Red Arizona.






 -  .






 - .



Let's go.



We're going to make it out of here.



How many still out there?



There's not many.



About that code....



How many in there?



l imagine, one...



given your orders.



Shut up, Ben.



Do it, Joe.



Do it.



No one else is going to die, Ben.



No one else is dying.



Joe, we did it.






We saved a lot of Marines, today.



Yeah, we did.






You know l didn't want to.



''Hail Mary...



''full of grace...



''our Lord is with thee.



''Holy Mary, Mother of God...



''pray for us....''



That's the last of them, Joe.



Dear Rita...



to answer your question...



I"m Iistening.



Your Ietters are the onIy thing

that keep me going out here.



As far as writing back...



sorry it"s taken me this Iong.



AII I can think about

is what you said sitting on the beach...



about the worId being a beautifuI pIace.



I just need a IittIe heIp

seeing it that way again.



I want to come back, Rita.



I want to see you again.



Take a waIk on that beach with you.



Learn to Iive again.



His name was Joe Enders.



From South Philadelphia.



He was a fierce warrior...



a good Marine.



lf you ever tell a story about him, George...



say he was my friend.

Special help by SergeiK