The Wisdom Of Crocodiles Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the The Wisdom Of Crocodiles script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Jude Law and Gretchen Mol movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of The Wisdom Of Crocodiles. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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The Wisdom Of Crocodiles Script





When I was a boy,



I went into the woods alone

to climb the tallest tree.



Almost at the top,

I slipped and fell,



but managed... just...

to grab a branch.



It was a long drop.



I hung there

till my head began to burst...



and my arms began to feel...



like they were being torn

from my body.



I can feel it now...



the blood pounding

in my ears,



the terrible pain...



and the dread of falling.



Thought I'd seen it all before.

She must have been doin'        ...



when she hit the ramp

back there.



Underneath, eh?

Support it around the wheel arch.



I can't see anyone

in the car.



Must be dead.



What else would we do?



 She must have been out

of her mind driving like that.



What did he say?



Dave, would you just

undo that wire for me?



Whoa, whoa.



- Whoa!

- Watch it.



 Though there were no witnesses

to the accident,



the police have informed

the coroner's court...



that Sarah Duncan's car

must have been traveling...



in excess of    miles an hour

at the moment of impact.



In the opinion

of the police doctor,



death would have

been instantaneous.



My conclusión, therefore,

in the case of Sarah Duncan,



is one of accidental death.



Finally, I would like to offer

the court's condolences

to Miss Duncan's family...



and to her fiance,

Mr. Steven Griscz.



How are you?



I didn't ask

for your help.



It's you, isn't it?



You don't have to

hold the thumb up there all the time.



- Please use a pencil.

- It's not as good.



All right.

Concentrate on me then.



Look in my eyes.



Bet you can't do this.



What's the occasión?



It's a secret.



- Do you trust me?

- Of course not.



Close your eyes.



Do you trust me, Maria?



I don't know.

What are you going to do?



How'd you do that?



Why can't you do as you're told

and close your eyes?



Open your eyes.






- Have you got the right change?

- No, sorry.



- I need the right change.

- Sorry.



- That's all I've got.

- Don't you have anything smaller?



No, if I did have,

I'd give it to you.



Keep it.



Excuse me. Sorry, it's mine.

I'm always losing the damn thing.



Look, were you, um...



Some people told me

you were drawing me in the gallery.



- Yes, I was.

- Can I see it?



Don't you mean,

"Can I see it again"?



- They're, um...

- Beautiful?



- No, I don't mean that.

- So you're not impressed?



No, I don't mean that either.



It's just that, um,

I don't look this good.



The schoolchildren said

they looked exactly like you.



I don't think

that I'm beautiful.



They didn't say

you were beautiful.



They said they thought the pictures

were exactly like you.



Keep them.



Um, I couldn't.






Would you...



- Would you consider

having dinner with me?

- Why?



Okay. How 'bout Wednesday,

 :   the Pelican?



Across the street.

I'll be there.



My number.



It's pronounced




Anne Levels.



Why were you taking photographs

upstairs, Anne Levels?



It was for work.

I'm a structural engineer.



See you on Wednesday.



 There was a grim

discovery in the English Channel...



early this morning...



after a trawler fishing ten miles

off the Suffolk coast...



pulled up the body of a young woman

in its nets.



The body has been identified

as that of Maria Vaughan,



who was reported missing

nearly five weeks ago.



 The police,

who have launched a murder inquiry,



has said that if the Spanish-owned

vessel had not been using illegal nets,



the body would never

have been found.






Good afternoon, Mr. Griscz.



We're investigating

the murder of Maria Vaughan.



Thank you

for contacting us.



We understand that you cwere having

a relationship with Miss Vaughan.



- Yes.

- Can I ask why you didn't

report her missing?



Last time I saw her,

we had an argument.



That must have been

quite a row...



if you've made no attempt

to see her since then.



- What was it about?

- She wanted to get married.



To you or someone else?



To me.



Was it a violent argument?






Was it a heated argument?



It wasn't just that I

didn't want to marry her.



You see, I didn't want to

continue the relationship at all.




Why was that, sir?



Maria was a very troubled,



passionate individual.



She was a very angry woman.



Unhappy, jealous.



Did she have a reason

to be jealous?






Now, your...



your previous girlfriend

died in a car accident...



last October.



Two mysterious deaths. That's quite

a coincidence, wouldn't you say?






Do you know where Miss Vaughan

went during these absences?






- And she still wanted to marry you?

- Yeah.






Do you have anything,

anything at all?



It's very early, sir.

We're still trying to put

some kind of picture together.



We'd just like to check

a few dates with you...



so you can tell us if there's anyone

we should talk to.



- Of course.

- One thing, though.



If you wouldn't mind

clearing it up,



we couldn't find

any social security records.



Your name didn't

bring up a number.



Could you give it to us,




So you tracked me down.



Is this why you, uh,

canceled dinner?



Concrete. It's a new,

waterproof kind.



The drying temperature

is critical.



- If you want the job done properly...

- Looks like a lot of work.






Have you noticed with Chinese

restaurants how, the better the food,



the more bad-tempered

the waiters?



So much for my efforts

to impress you.



I should have asked them

to give me a spoon. Look at you.






My grandfather used

to tell me a story about chopsticks.



One night Confucius dreamt that he was

taken to visit the damned in hell.



He was very surprised to see that hell

was a beautiful banqueting room...



with the damned

sitting around the table,



groaning under the weight of the most

delicious food he had ever seen.



They were allowed to eat anything they

liked, but they had to use chopsticks,



and the chopsticks

were five foot long.



The damned were starving,



staring in agony

at the uneaten food before them,



knowing that even with all eternity

in which to solve the problem,



it could not be done.



And then Confucius

is taken to heaven.



And heaven is an identical

banqueting hall...



full of delicious food.



The people around the tables

are happy and well-fed,



but they, too,

must obey the same rule.



The food can only be eaten with

chopsticks that are five foot long.



The food can only be eaten with

chopsticks that are five foot long.



Only in heaven,

they're feeding each other.



Hold them a little higher.

You'll get more control.



Story of my life. I'm always trying

to run before I can walk.



Anne Levels was here.



Anne Levels was here.



 You have to look at it

this way, Mr. Griscz.



Our brains are very old.



From a neurologist's point of view,

no one is entirely human.



At some level,

everyone has four legs.



At a level below that,

everyone has sharp teeth.



You sure it was

a Nissan Serena?



I told you,

my son-in-law's got one.



Bloody expensive

for what they are...



glorified transit van,

if you ask me.



Clever, though.



- Sir?

- Good place to get rid of the body.



The quicksands there'll

suck a man down...



in less than    minutes.



Unless the riptides

get you.



They'll dump a body,

oh, ten miles out.



That's about as much

as I can do.



Old sports cars

are all very well,



but basically,

the engine's clapped out.



If you want to sell it before

you leave on yet another leg...



of your worid tour

of building sites,



you'll have to spend

at least     .



- I did warn you when you bought it.

- I know.



Some people don't like their friends

to say "I told you so,"



but it's a quality in you

I've always admired.



So, when did you start

picking up men on the streets?



I didn't pick him up.



Let's face it. When it comes to men,

your judgement's suspect.



It must be.

I went out with you, didn't I?



You don't know anything

about him.



I know as much as you're likely

to find out after three weeks.



Anyway, I like a man

with a bit of mystery about him.



Thank you.



Something about me?



An idea for work. If I don't

write it down straight away...



They're beautiful.



- Why are they so small?

- They're ornamental.



  th century.



It's a tradition to give them

to babies when they're born.



They're silver.



In China, they're usually

given to the first grandchild,

which happened to be me.



It means that the baby

will always be fed,



always be safe.



My grandfather bought them

in Shanghai from some old swindler...



who claimed they changed color if they

touched food that was poisoned.



I think of them

as my lucky charm.



You're full of strange little stories

and sayings, aren't you?



I get that from my mother.



Even the slightest failure

to behave like a young lady,



and I'd get some story

about what happened to little giris...



who didn't make up their beds

or who came home late for tea.



So I don't judge a book by its cover,

I never look before I leap,



I know that some things

are better left unsaid...



and that worrying

is the devil's favorite pastime.



I've never heard

that one before.



About the devil?



I'd be sitting in the corner boiling

about something, and out it would come.



You look lovely.



By the way, shouldn't it be,

"I always look before I leap"?



- What did I say?

- Never.






Well, it turns out Captain Birdseye

has his head screwed on.



There's only two car loan companies

in London that rent Nissan diesels.



The first one I called, bingo. They

fingered him for me straight away.



Whoever hired it was using

a fake I.D. 'cause they tried

to contact him about a fine.



Guess what.



Our killer was in a hurry.






I want this area blown up

as quick as possible.







Sergeant Roche.



That is as fine a piece of detective

work as I've seen in a long while.



Don't mention it, sir.

It's all in a day's work.



- Sergeant Roche?

- Uh-huh.



Did you check the business

over Steven Griscz's insurance number?



Oh, yeah.

They just misspelled it.



Not really surprising,

is it?



Ought to be against the law not

to have any vowels in your name.



So this woman's been in labor now,

for what,    hours.



She's had enough. She's had it

up to here. She wants to go home.



I didn't order shellfish.



- The midwife calls out, "Be positive!"

- Send it back.



Nothing ventured,

nothing gained.



The midwife goes up

to her and she says,



"Uh, Miss Fitzpatrick,

it's your blood.



It's B-positive."



Try it like this.



So, um, tell me about

how you met Anne.



Drawing her picture.

It's so romantic.



Or was it

just a clever routine?



Oh, it was just

a clever routine.



Anne was trying to tell us

what you did for a living,

but she wasn't very clear.



I'm a medical researcher.



I, uh, solve problems

for companies.



Let's not talk medicine. I get enough

of that when I'm with Martin.



Tell me about your name, Steven. I've

never heard anything quite like it.



Tell me about your name, Steven. I've

never heard anything quite like it.



It's Bulgarian.






Griscz. My God!



I'd have never known how to pronounce

that if I'd only seen it written down.



So the shortages are so bad over there,

you even have to queue for vowels.



If you have an "A" in your name,

you have to be prepared to sleep

with the chief of police.



If you're not going

to eat that, Anne, I'll have it.



You don't have to

come with me.



I do this journey

all the time on my own.



- I can't let you go home alone.

- Yes, you can.



You take a nice photo.



Pity I can't let you

have a copy, but I need it.



- I like to keep a record.

- Okay.



Fuck off.

I'm a police officer.



Oh, thinking of leaving us?



Me friend here

doesn't like policemen.



I tell him they do

a very difficult job,



protecting members of the public

from people like us.



I blame violent videos




You see, Officer,



if someone is

a menace to society,



there's no reasoning

with them.



Is there?



Excuse me?

Can I help you?



Don't think so.



- Is he your boyfriend?

- He's been following me for two days.



Really? Why would a pinhead

be followin' you?



Police think I've murdered someone.



- Did you?

- He thinks so.



If we do him, he won't be

following anyone for quite a while.



Do you want to know something?

You're all in a lot of trouble.



They'll send someone else.



They're very persistent, the police,

especially with people who kill them.



And you'll have to kill him,

won't you?



It hardly seems worth it, particularly

as you'll have to kill me too.



What makes you think

I won't?



You're not stupid.



We've hit him once already.

He's gonna come looking for us anyway.



No, he won't.

If he says you attacked him,



I'll swear

he attacked you first.



Now you know my name,

and you know where I live.



 Fuck it.

We got the fuckin'money.

Let's fuckin'do them anyway!






Now fuck this!

This is fucking bullshit!



- Fuck!

- Don't mind him.



His social worker says

he can't help it.



Constable Cuntface there

is all yours.



You're a lucky man.



But you know that already.






Look! It's got

a little man on it.



- The cross.

- Let's just go.






No, no. Thanks.



I'm grateful.

And for, uh...



I remembered tonight why I don't

use the underground very much.



- Brings me bad luck.

- Yeah, I know what you mean.



My trouble is

I can never get a taxi.



Dishonest face, huh?



I'll let you know.



I was talking

about my face.



Yeah, so was I.



Why was the, uh...



Why was your cross

so important?



Oh. It was a gift

from my wife.



I'm, uh,

I'm a Catholic.



Well, I'm becoming one.



Converting, you know.



Thank you

for helping me.






Next time you're

following me,



you can buy me a drink.






It's Griscz.



I'm sure it is.



I'd like you to take the vehicle

everywhere he might have stopped...



on his way to the coast.



Someone might

remember something.



Whoever he is,

maybe his luck is running out.



Here you are.

Just press on.



Your apron, Mr. Griscz.



Look me in the eyes.



You all right?









That was it.

Well done.



That wasn't so bad.






- What are they?

- Crystals...



from human kidneys

and bladders.



I'm doing some research for

the Wellcome Foundation...



into how extreme

emotional states...



can cause the body

to form crystals like those.



So, you could say

that this is rage,



this resentment,



malice, fury, spite,



and that big one there,



bad temper.



Yeah. I've heard they're

incredibly painful,



you know,

when they come out.



Very. So I'm told.



Shall we go, then?



What happened

to your finger?



This? I cut this

saving a puppy from drowning.






Three of me boys

are on remand, O'Grady,



thanks to your

inspector friend.



No more Mr. Nice Guy.



- Mm, Mrs. O'Grady.

- They're not having any of my money.



A modern woman.



She has nothing to do with this.

Let her go.



I'll let you go.



All you have to do

is give me your wife.









Give her to me,



and then you...



can walk away.



I'm gonna take her,

in any case.






Off you go, over there.









I once knew this doctor,



a neurologist.



And he told me that we

don't have one brain.



We have three.



One that is human,



built over another

that is mammalian,



built over yet another

that's reptilian.






when a psychiatrist asks you

to lie down on the couch,



you're being asked

to lie down with a horse...



and with a crocodile.



Go to sleep.



I'm not tired.



All right. You stay awake.

I'll go to sleep.



Don't look.



Have you ever

stolen anything?



I stole this watch.



- You're a shoplifter.

- When I was   .



If you're thinking of

giving yourself up, I'll wait for you.



I wanted it so badly.



I coveted it for two weeks,

and then I went into the shop...



and asked for some flints

for my father's lighter.



When the owner's back

was turned,



I just picked it up

and put it in my pocket.



The thing is,

I had the money.



To this day, I couldn't tell you why

I wanted it so badly...



I could feel it

in the pit of my stomach.



Or why I couldn't bear

to pay for it.



Tell me, was that the horse

or the crocodile?



Why did you keep it?



To remind me of my shame.



You were very...



You were very kind

to that little girl.



Thank you for saving me.



So what else can you do?



It's all downhill

from now on, I'm afraid.



- Maybe one thing.

- And what would that be?



It's better that I

keep it in reserve...



for when your interest in me

starts to flag.



I want to know.



I used to charge my school friends

six pence to watch me do this.



I don't have six pence.



Stay there.






Who is this that comes like a pillar

of smoke out of the wilderness,



perfumed with myrrh

and frankincense?



The joints of thy thighs

are like jewels,



the work

of a cunning craftsman.



You read.



"Thy lips are like a thread of scarlet,

and thy mouth is comely,



the smell of thy breath

like apples."



And thy breasts,

two clusters of grapes.



Thou art all fair,

my love.



"And there is

no flaw in you."



Mini cab?



It's all right, Mr. Griscz. We're

going your way. I'll drop you off.



He's here.



The witness.



Make sure Mr. Griscz sees him

before he goes in.



Nice one.



Follow me, Mr. Griscz.



 It's not the easiest

job in the worid, you know,

working in a toll booth.



On an average week,

we're talking      .



On bank holiday, you could double that.

Twenty thousand easy.



On bank holiday, you could double that.

Twenty thousand easy.



What do you know?

Not one with the right change.



Don't worry.

They can't see through the glass.



If you want to take a closer look at

any of them, just call out the number...



and we'll get them

to step forward.



Uh, I have to point out to you

that the person you saw

may or may not be here.



Can you remove your glasses,

please, sir?



- Number six.

- Are you saying it's number six?



No, I'm saying

I want a closer look.



Step forward,

number six.



Tell him

to step back again.



Step back, number six.



Number nine.



Step forward, number nine.



- Number six again.

- Step forward, number six.



It was number nine.



- Are you sure?

- Sergeant Roche.



No, I'm not sure.



I see       people a week.

What do you expect?



You look pretty familiar.

Maybe it was you.



Thank you, gentlemen.

You may step down.



You're not a soft cop.



No, not really.

More, um, more polite cop.



- Would you like one?

- No, thanks.



Just a few things

I'd like to clear up.



The card...

you gave the, um,



thugs, when you...



Saved your neck.



Why do you have a card

printed in a different name?



I don't.

It was a card someone gave me...



a medical supplier,

Jeremy O'Grady.



It could have led to a nasty surprise

for Mr. O'Grady.



I suppose I wasn't thinking

about all the consequences.



I suppose not.



On second thoughts.



Yeah, yeah.



I could have let them

finish you off.






Difficult, isn't it?

Doing the right thing.



May I?




your business card,



um, telephone number...



is ex-directory...



in addition to a listed number

at your home address.



Odd, isn't it?



It's small, but odd.



It's a way

of picking up women.



Do you do this often?



Not often.

Once a month, perhaps.



I'd call that often.



So, you give them the card

and wait for them to call.



More or less.



More... or less?



Well, it depends

on the circumstances.



I give them the card and tell them

it's not something I normally do.



- And the number?

- I don't use it for anything else.



- Why?

- So I know who's calling...

why they're calling.






Sometimes the phone rings,

and there's just silence.



All I have to say is,

"It's you, isn't it?"



And, of course,

it always is.



Seems strange

saying it aloud.



- Seems...

- Sinister?



Cheap, I was gonna say.



Would you believe me

if I told you I'd stopped doing it?



- Are you gonna tell me that?

- Yes.



- Why?

- Do I have to answer that?






- Interesting.

- Is it?



I haven't admitted

to anything illegal,



but I've confessed

to behaving badly twice.



I think perhaps you've missed

your vocation in life.



I don't think so.



A priest helps a man to

tell the truth so they can be saved;



a policeman so that

you can get them into trouble.



And... am I in trouble?



You had your passport with you.

Were you going somewhere?



I was opening

a bank account.






Well, I'd like to hold

onto it if you don't mind.



I do mind.



I'd like to hold onto it,

all the same.






I'm in here.



- No, stop it.

- What's the matter?



- Nothing's the matter.

- Nothing's the matter?



I don't like you

mauling me all the time.



You're always touching me

like I was some...



I don't want you

grabbing me, okay?



I didn't think I was.

I'm sorry.



I won't do it again.



It's been

a difficult day.



I'm sorry.



Problems at work.



There's no excuse

for taking it out on you.



Is it all right for Saturday

with Martin and Karen?



- Sorry? Oh, yes.

- Good.



- Actually, can we not do this?

- What?



I can't do it this quickly,

accept apologies when I'm still angry.



You can't say something like that,

and then just say sorry.



Do you see?



Is it a present for me?






I don't think you'd draw me

looking quite so serene

if you had it to do again.



So, now you know what I'm really like.



What's to become of me?



I should go.



You don't have to.



I should go.



I'll call you later.




I'm stupid.



Or is this

that comes like a pillar of smoke...



out of the wilderness...



perfumed with myrrh

and frankincense?



Thou art all fair,

my love.



And there is no flaw in you.



Do you love him?



I don't know

if I understand him,



what's going on inside.



I don't know

why I don't.



It's probably me.



- He's hiding something.

- Such as?



I've never been

to his apartment.



He watches people.



And he writes

in little black notebooks.



And he's perfect.



Hmm? I know.

My mother always used to say...



I was never satisfied.



... at  :   P.M.



Steven, it's Anne.



Um, give me a call

when you get home.



Wednesday,   :   P.M.



Um, it's Anne.



Are you all right?



It's about...

I'm sorry about what I said.



I love the way

you touch me.



Call me.



Anne Levels. Hello.



I'm a species of one, Anne.



A creature.



A crocodile

who needs a job,



who needs a bank account,



a place to live...



out on the stake.



You must be born again

in the Spirit.



Do you wish to be baptized

in this faith?



That is my desire.



I baptize you

in the name of the Father...



the Son...



and the Holy Spirit.



In my heart of hearts, I can't

honestly say I'm pleased to see you.



Is there somewhere

we can talk?






Doing this job,

you learn that the truth...



is often not very




Until now,

plausible is all you were.



You were convincing,



but I wasn't convinced.



- And now you are.

- Maria Vaughan tried to kill herself.



Why didn't you tell me

you saved her life?



I never thought of it

as saving her.



I have to inform you,

Mr. Griscz...



that you are no longer a suspect

in our investigation.






I thought most people would agree

it's not really likely...



that you'd save someone's life

and then kill them.



The fact that I saved Maria's life

doesn't prove anything.



It could prove that,

at heart, you're a good man.



At heart?



You know what your problem is?



No. Tell me.



Good and evil.




isn't just malice,



murder and rape

and massacre.



Before everything,

the devil is the father of lies.



The lies you tell,

the truth you don't tell.



Everything hidden

is theft.



Everything reserved

from those we love is fraud.



And there's always something,

isn't there?



I have known members of the public

not to be entirely frank with me, yes.



What everyone wants is...

for evil people to be off somewhere...



insidiously committing

evil deeds.



Then they can be separate

from ordinary men and women...



and destroyed.



But the line that separates

good and evil...



cuts through

every human heart.



And who is willing to destroy

a piece of his own heart?



You know that already,

don't you?



This is a trick

from a secret policeman.



- How do you mean?

- Tempting me with security.



Not a bad idea.



A bit subtle for me,

I'm afraid.



Are you married?






Tell me about the last time

you lied to your wife.



Then we're even.



Well, we were...



we were having dinner

the other night.



It was

our wedding anniversary.



About halfway through the meal, I

drifted off the way that I do, you know.



She brought me back.

"What are you thinking?" she said.



I told her.

I'm thinking how...



how nice she looked,

how beautiful she still was.



And this was very pleasant, and we

should do it as often as we used to.



You were lying.



No, I was telling

the truth.



But in between thinking how nice she

looked and we should do this more often,



I was... also thinking

of a young woman...



on the other side

of the restaurant.



She was very pretty.




my father used to say.



But what struck me

more than all that was that...



she had

the most lovely smile.



Should I have told my wife,

do you think?



Would it have upset her?






So, the truth, the whole truth

and nothing but the truth...



isn't the truth?



Some things

are better left unsaid.



"Thank you"

isn't one of them.



Thank you.



What's going on?



Give him some room.

Give him some room.



My God.



Give me a knife.



- Someone give me a knife!

Give me a knife!

- What?



- What are you doing?

- I have to open an airway.



- You'll kill him.

- He's going to die, anyway.



Just... Just...



My lips are like a thread of scarlet.



And there is

no flaw in you.



So, you're still alive.



I was beginning to think

you were avoiding me.



Were you?



- I've been in hiding.

- From me?






- Why?

- I don't know.



I've been thinking

about you.



Good or bad?



Too much.



I want to come

and see you.



- Why?

- Because I miss you.



Okay. Um, let's say

we meet at The Pelican.



No. I want to see

where you live.



If you like.



See you soon. Bye.






This is for you.



So, this is where

you hide out.






Don't be afraid.



Oh, no. No.



I'll move back...

over here.



I'll open the doors.



I'm going to die.



Two weeks, maybe three.



My body's breaking down.



I bleed.



I don't heal anymore.



I need blood.



- I need the love that's in your blood.



What you're feeling

about me right now,



in your throat,

in your chest, in your blood.



Like something

you can touch.



Remember the crystals?



Rage, resentment,

malice, disappointment,









Emotions are things.



Your blood carries every emotion

it's possible to feel.



I just want to be...



Love is what I feed on,



what I eat.



Each time I take someone,

I have to take all that

they feel about me, all grudges.



It makes me ill,

this stuff.



If I can find

the right woman,



if, if I can get her...



to love me perfectly...



then it will stop.



I think.



Are you telling me

you kill because of this?



One cut from this,

and I'll bleed to death in    minutes.



The keys

are on the desk.



There's one problem...

about being the way I am.



It doesn't work.



No peace.



No quiet.



What do you do,

what you don't do,



what everyone else does,

why they do it,



what does she do, what does

she like, what doesn't she like.



It all matters, all of it,

all of the time.



I can't even fall asleep

in case I stop.



I even have to

remember to breathe!



- I don't believe you.

- Whether you do

or whether you don't,



it doesn't much matter.



I'm gonna die.



And you're going to live.



Because I realized

I would miss you.



I love you.



I'm so tired.



When I was a child,



there was nothing you could do

for people with asthma.



My mother used to lie with me

all through the night...



when I was really bad

and I couldn't breathe.



Hour after hour,

she'd stroke my hair,



watching over me.



I can't see.






Do you smell something?



- Pear drops.

- Mm-hmm.



Acetone smells

of pear drops.



Acetone is what the body

produces when it eats itself.



Why are you staying here?



Do you love me?



I've... run out

of Elastoplasts...



so I'm going to

go to the chemist.



Don't be silly.

I'll go.



- You don't look too well.

- Are you sure?



It's getting worse,

isn't it?






I'll only be    minutes.



I- I know you

for what you are.



I don't love you.



It may not be in your heart,

but it's still in your blood.



And now you're sorry?



Whatever my faults...



malice isn't one of them.












When I was a boy,



I fell out of a tree.



But I managed just

to grab a branch.



I hung there

for a long time, terrified.



The silence...



then the pain

in my arms...



and the blood pounding

in my ears.



And then, I fell.



I don't remember...



what happened

when I hit the ground.



All I can remember now...



is the agony

of holding on...



and the wonderful feeling...






of letting go.


Special help by SergeiK