Wonderland Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Wonderland script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie starring Val Kilmer as John Holmes as well as Kate Bosworth, Dylan McDermott, etc.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Wonderland. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Wonderland Script



- ( knocking )

- Man: Hello?



ls there anybody in there?



ls there anybody inside?



- ( knocking )

- ( whispering ) Come on, please.



Come on.



ls there anybody in there?



- ( dog squealing )

- Shit.



Open this goddamn door

before l knock it the fuck in.



ls he back yet?



That deadbeat still owes me

from yesterday.



Hey, look, you got    minutes

before l call the cops.



Take a bath.



( car horn blares )



What's happening?




Hey, come on now!



( sobbing )



Woman: Miss?




excuse me, sweetheart?



Are you okay?



- ls anyone coming to get you?

- He left me.



Come with me. This is not

a safe neighborhood. Come on.



Come on, come with me.



Come on, l'm going to take

you back to my house.



What's your name, miss?



He said, ''This time, Dawn, it's gonna be

different. lt'll be different.''



Now we've been in that

shithole for days now.



- Who? Who is it that said this?

- John!



My fucking boyfriend.




it's a message from Dawn.



Can you have it read,

''John, it's Dawn, l'm in Hollywood.



Some holy roller found me

on the street, come fucking get me''?



- l'm sorry, l won't be able to--

- Okay, how about, ''John, it's Dawn.



l'm in Hollywood.

Come get me, cocksucker''?



All right, can you just tell him

to come get me, l'm in Hollywood?



(    )    -      .



Dawn, this boyfriend of yours,

this John--



talk about your demons--

he's bad news.



Look, l'm not going to sit here

and rattle on and on



- about Satan and drugs and--

- Do you have any beer?



- Dawn, you are in grave danger.

- ( car approaching )



- Are you going to see this guy again?

- That sounds like his car.



- Did he call?

- Dawn--



Sally, thank you

so much for your help and stuff.



Look, you have my number.

Call me--



Hi, everybody.

Dawn, l was so worried about you.



l'm sure you're fucking worried.

What the fuck? You just left me there!



Again! Again, John! Jesus Christ,

what the fuck is wrong with you?



Are you going to be

all right, Dawn?



What the fuck is that?

Leaving me there again?



Sorry, domestic squabble.

Could we have a minute?



You hold on for a second, mister,

you are not off the hook yet, okay?



- Yes, l am.

- No, you're not.



- Seriously, l was fucking scared.

- Yeah, let's have a chat, okay?



How's that? ls that okay?



Holy shit! What is that?



That's the big one, baby.

Didn't l tell you?



- What is it?

- Didn't l say?



Whatever it takes

to get you out of here.



That l was going to do whatever

it takes to get you...






- That's just a lot of cocaine.

- For the weather.



There's a cold front

coming in from the east,



carrying with it anticipation,

and heavy skies.



- Oh, baby, l can't do--

- So strap your skis



to the roof of your car,

'cause it looks like snow.



Mountains and mountains of snow.



Oh, wait.



Oh, shit! Fuck, that's

pretty fucking good.



lt's only going to get better.

Now what do you want, baby?



- Tell me what you want.

- l want to do another one of those.



Okay, okay.



- No.

- No, no, please?



- All right.

- No, please?



All right.



Friends say it's fine,

friends say it's good



Everybody says

it's just like rock and roll



l move like a cat,

charge like a ram



Sting like a bee,

babe, l want to be your man



Well, it's plain to see

you were meant for me



Yeah, l'm your boy,

your   th-century toy...



Oh, get out of my house!



You fornicating,

evil little--!



Friends say it's fine,

friends say it's good



Everybody says...



Tarot cards!



Devil worshiper!



Johnny was a schoolboy



When he heard

his first Beatles song



''Love Me Do, '' l think it was



And from there

it didn't take him long



Got himself a guitar,

used to play every night



Now he's in a rock 'n' roll outfit

and everything's all right



Don't you know--



Yeah, yeah



Don't you know that you

are a shooting star?



Don't you know?



Don't you know?



Don't you know that you

are a shooting star?



And all the world will love you

just as long



As long

as you are



Johnny made a record,

went straight up to number one



Suddenly everyone loved



To hear him sing his song



Watchin' the world go by



Suprisin' it goes so fast



Johnny looked around

him and said



''Well, l made the big time

at last''



Don't you know?



Don't you know?



Don't you know



That you are a shooting star?



Don't you know?



Oh, yeah



Don't you know



That you are

a shooting star?



Yeah, and all the world will

love you just as long



As long as you are



( playing on car radio )

A shooting star...



- ( music stops )

- Shit. Billy's already here.



- Baby, l'll be back in five minutes.

- But, baby--



Don't, please don't.



- Favorite ride at Disneyland?

- The Matterhorn, but--



Just keep it there. l'll be back

in five minutes, just be on the ride.



- ls it in your mind?

- Yeah, it has the--



Yeah, don't tell me, just think

about it. l'll be back in one minute.



But, baby?



- l gotta pee.

- Okay.






That sucks.



- ( Velcro opens )

- ( urinating )



- Man: Just calm the fuck down, man!

- Shit.



- ( dog whimpers )

- Come here, come here.



What? Baby? What?



Oh, baby, l'm sorry.



l just didn't want you

to have to do all that stuff.



lt's okay,

l'll work and l'll just--



l told you l was gonna

get you out of here.



- That's okay, l'll work.

- You don't have to work, though,



- spending all this cash.

- Oh, baby!



- You ready?

- Yep.



- You ready to hit the    East?

- Yeah.



Shall we?

Where do you want to go?



Anywhere. Everywhere.






Let the good times roll...



- Where are we going?

- l've been meaning to talk.



l think we should just be friends...



- until you're   .

- Fuck you. l hate you.



- Don't you think?

- No.



You know what?

l can't look at you.



- Stop!

- l can't.



- Don't!

- l can't drive! l can't concentrate.



- John, don't!

- Keep your eyes on the road!



( shrieks )




- l love you.

- l love you.



Where are we going, really?



- l got to make one stop first, okay?

- No.



- Just one. Yeah, then we'll go.

- No!



We got to turn what's in that

briefcase into cash, baby.



Let the good times roll.



Come on, baby.



Come on.






don't go.






Please stay with me.



Oh, baby,



we just hit double zeros, we gotta

cash out before we leave the table.






l love you.



That's for you, okay?

Baby, lock the door.



Come here, come here.



ln every dream home,

a heartache



And every step l take



Oh, those heartaches



Dream home heartaches



Oh, those heartaches



Dream home heartaches



Oh, those heartaches



Dream home heartaches...



( gasps )



Oh, golly...



- Baby.

- Shit.



- What's wrong?

- Nothing.



( can opens )



l'm okay. l'm sorry.



- What?

- l'm sorry. l'm okay.



You okay?



Where have you been?



Baby, what happened?






What is that?



An accident.



- Are you okay?

- Accident.



There was a car pile up.



- Are you okay?

- There was a car pile up on the    .



l'm so sorry l made you wait.



That's okay.



- So sorry.

- Baby.



- So sorry you ever met me.

- Shut up, don't.



l'm sorry.



TV reporter: The Southland

is in shock today over a series



of brutal killings that occurred here

on Wonderland Avenue early today.



Los Angeles police are not saying

very much about what happened.



All we do know for certain

is that four people are dead.



One person is listed

in critical condition.



- John...

- We've spoken with several neighbors,



neighbors who say that while they didn't

know who lived in the house,



they saw people

coming and going all the time,



leading police to speculate

that drugs may have been involved



in this mass murder.



Los Angeles Police

Robbery Homicide Detective Sam Nico



is expected to hold a news conference

later this evening.



Hopefully at that time

we'll learn more about



what transpired here

on Wonderland Avenue.



Police are not saying very much

about what happened.



All we do know for certain is

that four people are dead.



One person is listed

in critical condition.



One police official

who asked not to be identified



told me that this is, quote,



''The most horrific crime scene

l have witnessed in my entire career. ''



This crime scene,

some are saying,



is as brutal as the Sharon Tate

killings back in      .






( phone beeping )



Nash, fuck these

motherfuckers! lt's--



Shut the fuck up or l'll blow

your black ass straight back to Africa!



Man: Hello.



The news said four people were killed,

one survived-- do you know who?



- David, David, is that you?

- Who the fuck survived?!



Jesus, what the fuck?

l'm watching right now.



l need the swag Billy brought over.

l want to buy it all back.



No, l already unloaded it.



Damn it, l'm dead.

l'm fucking dead.



Listen, whatever's wrong,

l'll take care of. Don't worry.



Yeah, you gonna take care

of Eddie Nash?



Eddie Nash?



Goddamn it, keep your mouth shut

about that or l'll kill you myself.



Listen to me, you got to go

to the cops on this one.



- l'm coming over.

- No, listen, l'll take care of it.



Are you fucking nuts?



l got friends over there

that can help you out.



They'll protect you.

They owe me. Trust me.



Listen to me. Meet me

up at the house tomorrow.



Tomorrow morning.



Jesus, David...



what'd you do?



- Man: Fuck you, motherfucker!

- No witnesses.



David, no!



Are you fucking insane?



( police sirens blaring )



( phone rings )



Cruz, Robbery Homicide.



Yeah, hold on.



Yeah, uh-huh.






Yeah, we'll see,

we'll see.



Right. Uh-huh.



Okay. Yeah.



All right.



Eddie Nash?



- He owns the Starwood, right?

- Yes, he does.



We're taking a drive.



Eddie Nash.



His real name is Adel Nasrallah.



He steps off a plane from Palestine

in      with nothing--



he's got four shekels

and a bag of dirt.



By      he's got a little hot dog cart

on Hollywood Boulevard,



right outside

the Seven Seas Restaurant.



By      he owns the place.



Now, he parlays the money he gets from

the Seven Seas into two more places,



and they take the fuck off.



By      he's got like

      liquor licenses.



- So he's got friends.

- Yeah, he's got friends.



He's the biggest

nightclub owner in Hollywood.



Here's a guy who has been under

investigation for arson



for the last five years,

yet he still goes out to dinner



with the fire commissioner

twice a week.



Rumor has it that

he has got    acres in the desert



filled with human skulls,

except he's removed the teeth



so we can't identify 'em.



- Jesus Christ.

- Close.



Eddie Nash.



Billy and Joy.









Mr. Lind.



l'm Detective Nico,

this is Detective Cruz.



This one--

this one here, did she make it?



Barbara Richardson.






Mr. Lind.



Mr. Lind.



Should we go in there?






You guys want to hear a story?



This whole thing started with guns.



Four antique guns

that Ron Launius couldn't fence.



Ron Launius was your friend?



We were in business together.



What kind of business?



You know, you guys haven't

read me my rights.



Nothing l tell you is admissible.



We just want to hear

your story, Dave, all right?



All right.



l met Ron Launius

in Chino in     .



We stayed tight.

A few months ago



he and Billy came up

to Sacramento to see me.



They had a small operation here in LA

that was really starting to cook.






Now he and Billy Deverell

were partners?



Yep, ran it right out of the house.









Billy was a good old boy.



Solid, dependable.



He wanted to get out of the life,

but the life was just too good.



See, they were getting

large quantities of shit dirt cheap,



stepping on it five, six times

and then dumping it all over town.



- Heads up, dickheads.

- Business was so good



that they needed an extra hand,

which is when Barbara and l showed up.



When we pulled up

the party was in full swing.



Bodies everywhere, l mean it was

the kind of place that made you think



you were right back

in the summer of love.



Me and Barb, we'd been

on the road all day long



and all l could think about

was a place to crash.



But when l walked up the stairs,

l saw all the old friends,



all the smiles.



Goddamn, if it didn't

feel good to be home.



Except it's gonna feel good

just to get back home



How it's gonna feel good

just to get back home...



Davey! Yes, brother!



l saw Cherokee straight off.



Welcome home!



He was one of Ronnie's boys.

He set me up,



- he set me walking.

- Right this way, my man.



Right this way.

Follow me right up here.



There was Billy, his wife Joy--



it was her place.



She had just beaten breast cancer

and found a new lease on life.



- This is Barbara.

- Hi.



She was a real generous woman.



Nice. Thank you.



- Barbara.

- Where is he?



Right up there, my brother.



Ron was in the back. That's when

l first saw the antique guns.



Hey, my man!



Yeah, buddy,

there you are, man.









He was fearless.

He was the kind of guy,



you put a gun to his head

and his pulse wouldn't break   .



ls it hot in here?

'Cause l'm roasting.



Summer, baby, bummer.



Hey, you think it's hot in here?

l saw the Dead play Grass Valley--



Ah, you must be Barbara,

are you enjoying yourself?



Yeah, this is the best party

l've ever been to.



lt's only the beginning, baby.



LA in the summer--

anything can happen, right?



How you doin', man?

You see my new toys? Check these out.



- These for real?

- Yeah, l got two more in the bed.



'Cause, like, these are worth

a lot of money, Ronnie.



That's why l can't find

a fence, brother.



- What about Slim Jim?

- He said they're too high profile.



Hey! Come on.



Where're we sleeping?



You see the couch when you walked in?

That's where you're sleeping.



l just wanted to get alone

with Barbara, spend some quiet time.



Goddamn, she was

happy to be there.



She had never been

south of Bakersfield.



And here she was in LA,



because l told her she

could be Lana Turner...



or Barbara Eden.



And she believed me.



This is so fucked up.



This is so fucked up.



Where was l?



You were at a party.






That's when l first met him.



- He was talking to Ron.

- ...rich...



- Ronnie--

- Hey.



John Holmes, this is my business

partner, David Lind.



Hey, what's up?

Now the deal with the Arabs--



John, this is

my business partner, Dave.



Oh, cool, hey.



So l was just telling Ronnie

about this business proposition



about this Arab,

who's a really wealthy business man



and he calls me brother

and he literally has mountains of cash



- and drugs.

- Cruz: Wait a minute, John Holmes?



- The John Holmes?

- Yep.



- Johnny Wadd partied at Wonderland?

- All the time.



The guy is a fucking cokehead.

He's up to his neck in the shit.



Wait, who's John Holmes?



The porn king.



Sam, the guy's a legend.



Never heard of him.



l knew who he was, but l wasn't

going to make a big thing out of it.



He blew me off, too.



Ron, l'm not fucking lying, man.



- Just hear me out on it.

- Are you John Holmes?



- No.

- Come on, John, don't lie to her.



- What's your name, baby?

- Janet.



You wanna see it?



- Yeah.

- Yeah?



- Show her, John.

- Ron, stop.



Show her. Or l'll fucking

shoot it, man.



- Look, man, that could be loaded.

- ( gunshot )



l'll fucking shoot it, man.



( unzips )



Man: Wow.



- Can l touch it?

- Yeah, baby, go ahead.



Enjoy your evening, ladies.



Put it in your pants, John.



The whole party didn't come

to see your cock.



l don't understand. Why did John Holmes

hang out in Wonderland?



He burnt every other

drug dealer in town.



Ronnie was the only guy

who would let him hang out.



John is a scumbag. Stone thief.

Guy's bad news.



But Ronnie...



he liked the novelty.

And John...



he liked our drugs.



Baby, l need a hit real bad.



l made the calls, there's nothing around

till the weekend.



Yeah, l can't wait that long.

Did you talk to Diaz?



- Nobody's holding.

- l know a gal out in Tarzana...



who might be able

to make a phone call.



- Works at Captain Pizza?

- Fucking pizza joint, man?



You think l want some fucking pizza?

You think l'm hungry?



The only thing l want right now

is some dope, man.



- The Arab's got some China White.

- LA was dry, no one was holding,



but Ronnie was looking

for a long shot, he was dope sick.



So the Arab was Eddie Nash?



But l didn't realize that

till later-- l'll get to that.



So Holmes offers to do us a favor--



he says he'll take Ronnie's

antique guns up to the Arab



to trade for as much China

and blow as he could get.



Sounded like a good plan,

but only he's gone eight hours.



Finally, he comes back in,

high as a kite, empty-handed--



of course, he has a story.



Where is he? lt's a   -minute drive.

l'm going to kill this snake.



The guy's a basehead, Ronnie.

What do you want?



- Did you get it?

- Oh, man.



The Arab was

like crazy-man psycho.



He's basing for three days straight.

He keeps me prisoner, man.



- He fucking stole the guns--

- Bullshit, you scumbag!



Where would l go with a lame-ass story

like that? Ron, Ron, Ron!



Ronnie, no, not in my house.



lt was bullshit!

Ronnie was furious.



- Billy gave John...

- Two days-- you have two days.



The money or the guns in two days.



And next time l ain't gonna worry

about your brains on my walls.



Now get the fuck out of here.



Needless to say, we didn't see John

for the next couple of weeks.



So l figure we'll never

see him again.



But two weeks later...



- So Susan's coming down.

- Your wife?



- Yeah, next week, man.

- She's not gonna bug us?



No, no. Davey, it's--



Holy shit.



Look who just walked in.



- Hey, John...

- Ron, l got something big for you.



l'm gonna whack

this motherfucker right now!



Look, l was at the Arab's

last Tuesday-- ahh!



- Do you even know who the Arab is?

- Who gives a shit? Half a million.



A half a million dollars in loot...



and l'm still thinking

this is just some fence



this shithead has been feeding on.



l had no idea.



You didn't know that the Arab

was Eddie Nash?



- No, not then.

- Come on, you had to have an idea.



None! l mean, l figured

it was junk talk.



You know, the big score,

long-time money. You know the bullshit.






lt's like clockwork-- he's still got

most of his take before it goes out



and all of the next month's shit

coming in at the same time.



- That's two month's worth.

- l don't buy it.



- lt's a goldmine.

- You got a plan?



What, we're just supposed to bust

in there like ''The Guns of Navarone''?



l can draw you a map.



- Wait, wait, he drew you a map?

- Yeah.



He offered to leave the kitchen door

unlocked for us so we could break in.



How many time you been

in that house, John?   ?   ?



l've been going there for two,

three years. Dude calls me brother.



That closed it for Ronnie.

l could see it in his eyes.



He made his decision.



We went, cased the place--

l didn't like it.



The house came right up

to the property line.



But John, John was

so fucking convincing.



The more he said was there,

the more Ronnie wanted to do it.



l told him to forget about it.



Listen, man, call it off.



You got Susan down here,

chill out.



Spend some time,

work things out.



We are going

to work things out, Dave.



On a beach, man.






Like l said, he made his decision.



l figured if he was going to go,



l better go

and make sure nothing happened.



Okay, let's just back up for a second.

When did Susan Launius arrive?



Sometime Sunday. She and Ronnie

were having some problems



so she flew down

to patch things up.



Come here.



You look so good.

l'll get the other--



- Hey.

- Ronnie, what is this?



Goddamn it.

You told me it was gonna be different.



You fucking told me that!



Calm down.

l don't want to start like this again.



- You fucking told me you were clean.

- l am clean, all right?



- Cleaner.

- You looked me right in the eye



- and you promised.

- l don't want to start like this!



We start like this

every fucking time.



Please, just take me home.

Please take me home.



l don't want to be here.

Please, take me home.



Early that afternoon, Ron gave John

some dough to go to the Arabs



to score some dope and to leave

the kitchen door unlocked.



Hey-- John.



Kitchen door, man.



l'm a street-walkin' cheetah

with a heart full of napalm...



lt's all right.



l'm a runaway son

of the nuclear A-bomb



l am the world's

forgotten boy



The one who searches

and destroys...



- Here.

-  Honey gotta help me please



Somebody gotta save my soul



Baby, detonate for me






Lookout, honey,

'cause l'm using technology



Ain't got time to make

no apology...



lt took him three trips

to get it done.



Finally, around  :   in the morning

he shows up, says the Arab's asleep,



it's all clear.

l was ready to go.



Get him.



All right, you fucking honk twice

if you see anything.



Sounds easy enough, boss.



Rock 'n' roll.



l need a snack first.



Wait, you got high

during the robbery?



Not me.

Never when l'm working.



- Oh, come on what do you--

- No, hang on, hang on.



David, when did you

get to the house?



Around  :   in the morning.



We entered through

the kitchen door,



it was unlocked just like

John said it would be.



- Down on the carpet!

- Freeze, motherfucker!



Get down

or l'll fucking waste you!






- Fuck!

- Everybody hit the fucking carpet.



- ( screams )

- You shot him?



Grazed him accidentally

when Ronnie bumped into me.



You grazed him?



Mmm, it was a flesh wound.



What the fuck are you doing,




- What the fuck, man?

- Look at the fucking table!



( all shouting )



Who the fuck cares?!

Who the fuck cares?!



- Give me your fucking hand.

- Come on.



Just get up and get to the safe.



- Let's go, Ronnie.

- Gimme your other fucking hand.



l don't want to die.

Please don't kill me.



We left Billy downstairs.

We went upstairs for the safe.



John had told us that there was

a safe underneath the bed.




Where the fuck is it, huh?



- Eddie?

- What the fuck?



Nash: No need for violence,

l'll tell you whatever you want.



No violence if you tell me

the fucking truth.



- There's nothing in there.

- What the fuck is the combination?



There's nothing in there.

Nothing in that safe.



You open your fucking mouth



and you tell me the fucking

combination to the safe, motherfucker.



Tell me the combination.









Where in the fuck is the rest of it?



l will blow your fucking head off,

so help me God, if you don't tell me.



All the drugs are at the Starwood.



And it hit me.



This was Eddie Nash--

we were hitting Eddie-fucking-Nash



and we were screwed.

l mean, if l had known it was Nash--



Look, l know who Eddie Nash is,



so does Detective Cruz.

Just go on with the story.



We took the place apart.



Found as much

as we could and split.






And where was Mr. Holmes

during all this?



He was waiting back at the house.

l told Ronnie in the car



to keep things cool.



But big mouth

couldn't wait to talk.



They're here, they're here!



You are not gonna believe

how much shit we got.



- How much did you get?

- Guess.



- Everything? Even the safe?

- Oh, yeah.






- Hey, baby.

- Hey, baby.



l knew it would work.






Deal with these.

We'll get to 'em later.



l got my guns back!



Steady cash.



 .  million? Not bad.



lt was a good score.

And nobody got hurt.




Okay. What's next?



Holmes immediately starts

bitching about his share.



He was only in for an eighth cut,

and all of a sudden he wanted more.



What, are you fucking kidding me?

This is not my cut.



Scumbag tax. Now we're even.



- Even for what?

- For the guns, John.



- But we got the guns back!

- No, l got the guns back.



You still owe us

for all the coke you smoked.



Ronnie, come on,

l got editors that l have to pay.



l have deadlines.

This is not my final cut.



l don't know

what you want me to say, John.



l want you to say

that l can have my cut!



Okay, okay,

how about the gems?



You want to wait

for the gems, fine.



Joy and l are going to take them

down to Slim's and fence them.



Then you can get your cut.



There it is, John. That's it.



So Holmes set it up

and he felt entitled.



We took all the risks,

he sat home with the girls.



At this point...



l decided to treat myself

to a shot of H.



You know, a little reward

for a job well done.



After that it's...



it's kind of a blur.



John: Mailbox     .



The password's ''palm tree. ''



There's your cut from the gems, buddy.

Now get the fuck out of here.



- You got to be fucking kidding.

- No, l'm not kidding you, John.



- Get the fuck out of here.

- Ron, l have editors--



You think l give a shit that you

have fucking editors?



( shouting )



- We're all fucking sick of you!

- l got a deadline. Hear me out.



- You got a deadline? What about us?

- l'm just saying that's not my cut.



John, l'm fucking sick of this shit!

Get the fuck out of here!



- Get the fuck out, man!

- l'm just saying--



- Where's your gun, David?

- No, that's cool, man.



That's fucking great.



Fuck, man. l'm so fucking sick

of that fucking guy.



Are you going to fucking fix that?



We got enough fucking

money to fix it. We'll fix it.



l left the next day-- l had to go

to Sacto overnight for this thing...



and l left Barbara there.



When l saw the news

on the television--



- it had to be Holmes.

- Why?



( phone rings )






Yo, Joey. Joey, look, man,

it's not a good time right now.



- Let me talk to him.

- Hold on, talk to Billy, all right?



Hey, man, what's up?

No bullshit, we're closed for the day.



Yeah, all right, man.



All right, listen up...



from here on out,

we keep a low profile.



Billy was very specific.



No deals in the house.



Everything happens down

at the Canyon Store. l mean it.



No one in the house

but inner circle.



No one gets buzzed up

unless l say it's okay.



Hey, Holmes,

are you listening to me?



No, it's cool, it's cool,

it's cool, it's cool.



And with the security gate,

there's no way anybody



could've gotten in there

without knowing Billy personally.



John was the only one

who knew about the Nash hit.



That piece of shit ratted us out,



let Nash in

and got my Butterfly killed.



- You guys are out of your minds.

- Let's bring in Nash, Captain.



He killed them plain as day.



This whole thing is

circumstantial and you know it.



We've brought in people

with a lot less.



You're talking about Eddie Nash.



You don't bring him in till

you got an eyewitness.



What do you know?

Some junkies robbed Eddie Nash?



Nah, it's bullshit.



Find John Holmes.



lf he tells you that Eddie Nash

picked up a pipe and swung it,



maybe we'll arrest him.



All right. Come on.



You want to nail Eddie Nash.

Fucking crazy.



( woman screaming )



Could l have a cigarette?



Thank you.



lt's all over the news

that four people are dead.















- How long have l been out?

- For like a day.



You've taken me up to that street

before. There was the house, John.



- You know, the house.

- Really?



You had a nightmare,

you were screaming...



about blood.

You were screaming in your sleep.



Yeah, l had a...



my nose... on the trunk.



l hit my nose on--

the trunk on my nose.



LAPD, freeze! ln the air, in the air!

Hands in the air!




Okay, Dawn,



l've got some photographs

l'd like you to look at.



You ever seen that house?






Are you sure?



All right.



How about here?






John: Let me see.



More fucking blue.






Say your name.

''My name's Gabrielle.''



- Say it.

- My name is Gabrielle.



- Say it.

- My name-- hi, my name--



What the fuck are you

talking about?



God, John, Jesus Christ!



Shut up!



Pay attention and be real.

He will cut your fucking head off



and take you to the desert

and bury you.



- l know that!

- Just look in the mirror.



l'm sorry,

l'm sorry, l'm sorry.



- Just look in the mirror.

- Fuck!



Just look in the mirror,

just look in the mirror.



- What's your name?

- My name is Gabrielle.



Take a deep breath.

lt's just a thing.



l've been with      women,

they didn't mean anything.



l don't want to go.



You don't have to go

if you don't want to.



You don't have to go.

Fuck it.



Just go in and say hi.



- Just like    minutes.

- Man, fuckin' A.



lt's just we owe him

so much money, baby.



You look beautiful.



No, it's okay.




Do you know that guy?






Merry Christmas, baby.






So what do you want me to do?



l want you to dance for me.



You mean just like--

just dance?






Fuck it.









l was wrong. l was wrong.

l was wrong. l'm sorry.



Move closer.



Oh, no, no, no.






lt's wrong, l'm sorry, baby.



Touch me.



You've never seen him?



l think l'd remember

meeting somebody like that.



Don't you?






This is my partner Luis Cruz. He's

going to give you a ride home, okay?



l'll just keep scrubbing

to get it all off.



You know l'm sorry, right?



All right.

You ready?



Do you have any place to go?



Cruz: Excuse me, miss?

Do you want me to go with you?



- Dawn: No, that's cool.

- You sure?



- Yeah, thanks.

- ( footsteps )



l have no place else to go.



Okay. Come on.



Ms. Holmes, you sure you don't

need me to come inside?



No, we're good.

No, no. Thank you.



- ( cartoons play on TV)

- Okay.



- l'm really not that hungry.

- You eat, sweetie.



Worst decision a person

can make



is to make a decision

on an empty stomach.



TV: ...connection with

the Laurel Canyon murders.



Police have taken X-rated film star

John Holmes into custody.



Holmes, known in the adult film industry

as Johnny Wadd,



has starred in over     

X-rated films.



Those murders that occurred

up on Wonderland Avenue...



He hasn't even done a movie

in like two years.



Well, l wouldn't know about that.



What involvement John Holmes may have

had in the murders is still unclear,



but we should find out tomorrow



when he's arraigned

in downtown Los Angeles.



We are learning a little more

about Holmes' private life.



We've uncovered court papers

indicating the porn star



is currently married,

but estranged from his wi--



( TV turns off )



What are you doing

back with him, Dawn?



l haven't seen you

in almost a year,



and l figured

you just got away from him.



l did. l did.



l ran away.

l got away, Sharon.



To Oregon,

l was there for two months.



And l had a job, too.

l was a nurse, kind of like you.



But you know, he just kept calling.



You know? He just wouldn't stop.



Every day, three times a day.



At first l didn't even take

his phone calls.



He would tell

my mother every single night,



''Tell Dawn l love her,

tell her goodnight.''



Every single night

before l went to bed.



So you know, l took his call.



l took his call.



l didn't say a word.






And then he says...



he says,

''l can hear you breathe, baby.''



And l knew that just my breathing

was enough to keep him going



so that he knew he wasn't alone,

because he had me.



He's using you, Dawn.

When are you going to see that?



- He's been using you for five years.

- No, he's not.



No, he's not,

'cause you know why? l'm his girl.



l'm his girl.



Since l was    l've been his girl.




that night in the van at the beach,

l've been his girl.



You gotta get away

from him, baby.



You take all the bad stuff

and you put it in a box,



and then you just put it in a closet

and never look at it again.



And then you move on.




He wants to talk to us.



We're willing to protect John

if he tells us everything.



But he's scared

and he fears for your safety.



So he wants to see you both

before he says anything.



So where is he?



He's staying at a suite

at the Bonaparte Hotel downtown.



Dawn, do you want to go see John?



Yeah, don't you?



( police radio chatter )






- Would you give me some privacy?

- Okay, sure.






Don't say anything,

the room's bugged.



We're going to go talk

for a minute, okay, baby?



( water running )



Okay, they've offered me a deal

and l think l'm going to take it.



They're going to put me in

the witness protection program if...



l tell them everything,

everything l told you.



Except l'm not saying

anything about anything unless



- all three of us can go.

- All three of us?



- And they agreed.

- Who's all three of us?



You me and Dawn,

we can go tomorrow.



No, l'm not going

anywhere tomorrow. No.



No, Sharon, that's okay, they've got

people that can come and pack you.



No, no, no, John.

No, l am not going



into the witness protection program

with you. That's that.



- Yes.

- No.



- Yes, Sha-- this is the new start--

- No. l'm not going into it.



- Listen, this is the new start--

- No, you gotta listen!



Everything that we planned

could happen now.



l don't want a fresh start

with you, John.



- Wake up!

- Oh, listen...



No, you listen,

l am through supporting you.



You think l would just leave

and never see my family again?



- Sharon--

- lt's gone too far this time.



lf you don't help me with this,

l am dead.



You're already dead.



This one last thing is all

l'm asking for,



you've got--

you've got to do it!



Stop it, John. Just stop it.



What? Sharon--



- Don't cry. Don't you dare cry.

- Listen, if you don't help--



That's not going to work anymore.



You think l'd go anywhere

with you after this?



Sharon, l am not going

to survive this without you. Okay?



Really? You don't think

you'll survive?



You told me you were a survivor.



Remember that? Look at how

you're surviving, John.



- Why did you come down here then?

- What choice do l have?



- What choice do l have?

- Why haven't you divorced me?



l don't know, l don't know.



Sharon, because you love me

and you want to help me.



lt's too late, John. lt's too late.



- Sharon, look at me.

- No.



Sharon, l know you love me,

and l love you.



Do you remember

that day    years ago in the bathroom



when you were

measuring yourself?



- Yes.

- Do you remember that?



Remember what you said to me?



l said that l've, l...



finally found what l wanted

to do with my life.



Uh-huh, right.

That's what you said.



Do you remember

what l said to you?



- What did l say?

- What do you want me to say?



You said that if l sold my...



- That's right. What did l say to you?

- ( John crying )



You tell me who you are.

What did l say to you?!



You said anyone

that sells their...



their body is a whore.






Stay away from the house.



- How's my girl?

- Fine.



Detective Ward, thank you

for coming out on such short notice.



Captain Nimziki

explained the urgency.



Has he backed up any

of Lind's testimony?



- He's hinting.

- Hinting?



He knows a lot.



He's just playing his cards

very close to the chest.



What's he want?



- lmmunity.

- What else?



- Protection.

- Really?



- John: How many you think?

- l have no idea.



- No idea? You never counted?

- No, no.



- Most men have.

- All right.



Why do you think that is?



l don't know.

l guess it's their ego.



Well, l'm thinking...



- l'm thinking Boca.

- Boca Raton?



- Yeah, is there another Boca?

- Only one. Anywhere you want.



That's the only one

l ever heard of, Boca Raton.



l'm thinking Boca

'cause l'm thinking of an alligator.



Can you get me an alligator?

Can you give me an alligator?



l can see Boca, l can see

the condominium,



l can see an alligator--

like on a chain.



Right, right.



l need something

that implicates Eddie Nash.



On the record. Why don't you

tell me about the robbery?



What robbery?



- Hey, Bill.

- Hiya, John.



- How you been?

- Good.



- Good to see you.

- Good to see you.



l'm not talking in front

of these guys.



Did you ever get those cigars

l sent you?



- Oh, they were good.

- Right, the best.



- You got taste.

- Yeah, you look good.



Thank you, John.



- What are you working on?

- Administrative Vice.




You got a desk job?



- That's insane, man.

- l'm an old man, John.



l guess. You break your legs

or something? Jesus.



No, l've been doing good.

You haven't though, from what l hear.



Yeah, what'd you hear?



You're doing a lot of drugs,

partying with the wrong crowd.



Yeah, l'm a drug addict, Bill.



l know, John.



l know about the robbery



that you and all those dead people

up on Wonderland



pulled on Eddie Nash.



You know, l'm not here as a cop.

l'm here as your friend.



No, l know that Bill, thanks for coming

down. And thanks for the room.



lt's nice.

Everyone's been really good.



Want to tell me about it, or...



- is this just a waste of my time?

- No, come on.



- Can we take a drive?

- l wish we could, John.



You got any coke?



No, l can't do that.



How about a coffee then with like

a million fucking sugars?



Just tell the story, John.

Tell me what you know.



John: We got a deal?



Talk to me, John.

Just tell me about it.




Sure, l'll tell you a story.



But if we don't have a deal,

then it's just a story, right?



l'm listening, John.



Okay, l'm gonna tell you a story,

a story called ''Wonderland.''



Wonderland's the house everyone

on the whole mountain



hopes would burn down.



The lease was in Joy's name--

Joy Miller.



She was a rich westie that got all

junked up, got cancer,



both breasts removed,

still shooting junk.



Her old man Billy Deverell...



is a kind of a dumb hick

who couldn't really make up his mind



about anything without a guy

like Ron Launius around



to come up with the idea.



Ronnie's crazy and unpredictable,

but was always good with me



until he got hooked up

with one of the sleaziest scumbags



to ever come down the pike.



Dude from Sacramento-- biker.

This guy, stone-cold killer,



a liar, a thief and a rapist.



What was his name?



David Lind.

Don't believe a word he says.



Now you know me a long time, right?

l can judge a character.



l know when a scene

is a scene.



This guy becomes the brains

of the operation.



So when they get too strung out

to do anything,



- then he's got the perfect solution.

- What?



They stole.



The kinda stuff that doesn't get

reported stolen.



- Drugs?

- Drugs, guns, money, anything.



Whatever they wanted they took--

smash and grab stuff.



How about that fucking coffee?



Now l knew a big time fence

lived up The Donas.



- Eddie Nash?

- Yeah.



What is he, your friend

or your connection? What?



We hung out.

Bill, l'm not like an altar boy.



l'd love to show you the boat.



- ls this your boat?

- No.



Girls on film...



Nash: Hey...



l know you,

you're Johnny Wadd!



- Yeah.

- Johnny Wadd on my boat!



l love your movies, man.



- Your name?

- Eddie Nash.



This is my boat.

l'm your biggest fan.



l see all your movies, yes.

Get out of here!






- big star John Wadd. Very big.

- ( both laughing )



Hey, listen, John, you come up

my house sometime,



- we hang out, we party.

- Sure, sure.



l make a little coffee, we hang out,

we do other things.



- ( John laughs )

- You know what l'm saying?



l knew him. Anyway,



these guys do a big score

down at-- oh, thanks.



They hit a mark in West Covina



and got their hands on four antique

guns, really beautiful museum pieces.



Nice tooling and all that. l didn't

think Eddie would want the guns,



and l told David this.



But l didn't feel like getting my ass

kicked either, so l go up there.



And l was right.



Eddie can't fence the guns,

he says they're too fancy,



too high profile,

so he gave us like two grand



as collateral.



That is bullshit.



Fucking bullshit, man.



Eddie Nash,

scumbag piece of shit.



Somebody ought to hit

that guy, man.



There's long-time money.



l take the bad news back

to the boys and what can they do?



lt's Eddie-fucking-Nash, right?



Then like, two weeks later

they call me in,



- and David says to me...

- You talk to Nash much?



l was over there on Tuesday.



Did he ever mention

those antiques?



- They're still $    .

- Screw that. Those are our guns.



How many times you think

you've been in that house?



Like       times.



You think you could

draw us a map?



A map? What for?



- Don't worry about it, John.

- Ward: Did you do it?



What, of the fucking palm trees?

l mean, buy a fucking Thomas Guide.



( laughs )



So we go up there--

this is David's bright idea.



David, Ronnie, Billy--

everyone's sitting in the car



across the street

from Eddie Nash's house...



ln through the kitchen.






...and David's sitting there

drawing a map.



l tried to talk him out of it,

l swear to God,



l'm sitting there in the car,

l'm saying...



You guys are joking, right?



John, shut your hole.



So all of a sudden David's got

everybody all hopped up.



Then they decided,

let's stop talking and start taking.



Look, l know

an actress in Tarzana



and she's got like a wall of TVs

and like three microwaves.



What are you, a nigger?



You have any brains

or did it all go to your cock?



You want to steal a microwave?



What the fuck are we going

to do with a microwave?



- Heat your food up with it.

- You think l'm hungry?



The only thing l want to heat up right

now is some fucking dope, man!



l'm so railed

l can't even think straight.



This town is

a fucking desert, man.



Did lndo-fucking-china dry up

in this fucking city?



l want some goddamn,

motherfucking smack!



Shit, David, what the fuck?



l told you not to let me

do so much blow.



- You know how l get, shit!

- Even know who Eddie Nash is?



Do you think l give a shit?



Then they tell me

l gotta participate.



'Cause l know him.

Like knowing him means something.



Yeah, well, l don't want

any part of that, man.



Listen to me, motherfucker,

we're doing this.



And if l have to whack

that ass-grease knuckle fuck



to get his shit,

then that's that.



John: l could see it in their eyes.



They had made a decision.



l went up there three times

to warn Eddie.



Eddie, l'm not lying.



You just got to give

those fucking fucks back their guns.



Fuck you

and fuck your friends.



But he's based out of his mind--

l mean, crazy man psycho.



-    days straight.

- You want the guns from the Nash?






Come up and take them

from the Nash.






And l have to admit this, Bill...



l'm looking right in his eyes

and l'm thinking,



better him than me.



Better him than me.



What did they want you to do

to help them?



Kitchen door.



Cool, man.



They wanted me to...



unlock, like,

the kitchen door.



Something like that.



Did you do it?




Yeah, that thing went down.



-  Jesus died for somebody's sins

- ( door opens )



-  But not mine

- ( door closes )



-  Meltin' in a pot of thieves...

- Get him.



l need another snack.



You got the coke?



We fucking did it!






- How much did you get?

- All of it, man, everything!



- You didn't hit the safe?

- Even the back bathroom, man!



Sue, l told you we'd do it.



People say beware...



- Woo-hoo!

-  People say l don't care...



After they hit Eddie, they come

back to Wonderland, l'm there,



and they're all hoopin' and hollerin'

about all the shit they got.



- Ward: What shit?

- Everything. Guns, money, drugs.



And they're

not playing it cool, either.



Phone's ringing off the hook

and they keep answering it.



- ( phone rings )

- Hello?



Yo, Joey, no listen to this,

you are never going to guess



- who we just fucking nailed!

- Let me tell him, come on.



- Guess again, motherfucker.

- Let me tell him.



Guess again!

All right, Ronnie wants to tell you.



- Eddie Nash!

- ( laughing )



You're not going to believe this shit.



They're telling people

that they hit Eddie Nash.



Can you believe that? Sitting there

passing the phone back and forth.



- Who are they talking to?

- Anyone that would listen.



Everybody that called.

All their scumbag customers.



l said, ''Ronnie, we should keep

a low profile. '' They didn't listen.






l'm gonna ah, ah,

make her mine






Here she comes...




The Betamax-- out there.



Man, out there, throw it.



The fucking Betamax

out the fucking window.



Here she comes



Waltzin' through the hall

in a pretty red dress



And oh, she looks so good...




How fucking stupid is that?



So l fucking split.



Where'd you go?



l don't give a damn

about my reputation



l never been afraid

of any deviation



And l don't really care if you think

l'm strange, l ain't gonna change



And l'm never gonna care

about my bad reputation...



Santa Monica for a couple days.



Just laying low.

Then l called Eddie.



You called Eddie Nash?



Yeah, l called him.

l was planning on leaving.



l mean, l wish l had left.




What the fuck were you thinking?




Listen, l knew if l didn't call him



that l'd never be able

to show my face here in LA again.




So what did he say?




Bill, everything was cool.



Hey, it's John.



l call him up, he doesn't mention

anything about the robberies.



- ''Come on up. ''

- All right, l'll be there. Right on.



Well, l stepped inside



And l stood by the door



While dark-eyed girls

sang and played the guitar



Hookers, hustlers,

filled up the room



This was the place they called

Spanish Moon...



- Johnny boy.

- What's up?



- Hey.

- Brother.



- Good to see you. Where you been?

- Oh, you know, around.



Well, l'm glad you come by.

l need a favor.



- Sure, anything you want.

- l want you to beg.



- What?

- l said beg, motherfucker!



Eddie, no!



- You think l'm stupid?

- No, Eddie!



You think l don't figure it out?

You bring those people into my house.



You piece of shit.

l fucking trusted you!



You dog! Crawl.

Crawl like dog!



He's not crawling fast enough.

Greg, make him fly.



You know what they did to me?



You know what those motherfuckers

did to the Nash?



You like this?

You fucking sand nigger.



You fucking greaseball.



l'm gonna find out who you are,

you cocksucker motherfuckers.



l'm gonna tear

your fucking eyes out!



Suck this,

you sand jockey faggot.



Suck this. Give me

the fucking combination.



They handcuffed me.



They beat my women.



They dragged me upstairs.



They put gun in my mouth!



How do they know

about the safe?



How do they know about

the Nash's safe under the bed from?



- You know what they did to Greg?

- Amateur motherfucker.



You better kill me

or cancel Christmas.



Shut up, nigger! l'll blow your

black ass straight back to Africa.



Nash, fuck these motherfuckers.

lt's amateur night!



- No witnesses.

- David, no!



You see what they did to Greg?



Show him, Greg.

Show him.



They shot heroin in my bathroom.



They cut rails on my daughter's

vanity mirror.



On my daughter's mirror!



Yo, man, you want to ride this?



No man, that shit'll kill you.



Come on, man.

Let's fucking finish this.



Wait a minute, they were

doing drugs during the robbery?






- And get this, on their way out...

- John Holmes says hello!






- What? What?

- Yeah, he ratted me out.



Nash had been looking for me

for two days



so it was just dumb luck

l called him.



What are we going

to do now, brother?



Mary Holmes,



     West Jefferson,

Pataskala, Ohio.



Sharon Holmes,

     West Glendale.



You're gonna

tell me who robbed me.



Because if you don't--

if you don't,



l'm going to kill every person in

that book starting with your mother,



your sister, your girlfriend,

that niece of yours, Gabrielle,



every last one of them.



l'm going to torture them to death.



And while l'm doing it,

l'm going to tell them



it's because of you.



And when they're dead--



when they're dead,



l'm going

to cut off your   -inch cock,



chop it up, and shove it

down your throat!



So now you tell me...



who the fuck hit me?!



Eddie Nash has got

a gun to your knee



and he says he's going to kill

your wife, what would you do?



l'd tell him.




Fucking-A right l told him.




And what did he say?



You're going to do to those guys

on Wonderland



what you did to me.



Ward: What did that mean?



Means l had to get in the car

with his dudes



and go over and get inside

of the Wonderland house.



- ( buzzes )

- Ron: Yeah?



lt's John, man.



Ron: What?



- ( buzzes )

- lt's John.



( gate buzzes )



l'm counting on you



To carry me through



-  Oh-oh give me the beat, boys...

- What's up?



And free my soul, l want to get lost

in your rock 'n' roll



And drift away



Give me the beat, boys,

and free my soul



l want to get lost in your

rock 'n' roll and drift away...



Knock yourself out, John.



- Good night, man.

- You cooked?



When my mind is free



You know a melody

can move me



And when l'm feeling blue



A guitar's coming through

to soothe me



Thanks for the joy

that you've given me



-  l want you to know...

- See ya.



-  l believe in your song...

- Fucking unbelievable.



-  Rhythm and rhyme and harmony.

- Fucking unbelievable.




So you left the door unlocked?



Well, no.






Did you see Greg

or Danny go in the house?



- Did you hear anything at all?

- ( shouting )






What about in the street outside?



Did you see 'em in the street?

What about the street?



Did you see 'em in the car

or approaching the house?



No, l didn't see Diles,

l didn't see Greg,



l didn't see Eddie

after l got out of the car.



- Did you go back?

- Go back to Eddie's?



No, no, no.

Did you go back to Wonderland?






You sure?



No, why would l go back?



- John...

- Wait, here it comes, this is it.



...were you present

when the murders happened?






Stay on him, stay on him,

stay on him.



Did you see 'em murdered?






Bill, are you calling me

a murderer?



Come on.






when you left them,

they were all alive?



Yeah, when l left, they were alive.



Eddie Nash had these people killed



- because of a robbery you set up.

- Oh, come on, Ward.






And you'll testify to that.



No. Haven't you been listening?



He is the Prince

of fucking Darkness.



What are you talking about?

You don't know who Eddie Nash is?



l worked Hollywood Vice for    years,

John, l know who Eddie Nash is.



- What are you saying?

- How do you expect me to protect you



if you won't go on the record?



l think-- l trust you. l think you

could protect me. l don't trust them.



Ward: So what do you

want me to tell them?



John: Tell them whatever you want.



Goddamn stroke job.



He gives us nothing. Zero.

A fat fucking doughnut.



He doesn't finger Nash, he doesn't

even put himself at the scene.



The Coroner's

preliminary report indicates



that the murder weapons, plural,



were probably striated lead pipes

an inch in diameter.



They got their skulls bashed in.

Whole pieces of bone, gone.



Three women. And that sack of shit

in there set the whole thing up.



l've been going there for two,

three years. Dude calls me brother.



He just sells out Nash and lets

somebody else do the dirty work.



Then he gets screwed on the split.

Now he's pissed off.



- Johnny boy. Hey.

- What's up?



So he hightails

it back over to Nash's house...



- John, my brother.

- How are you?



...and rats 'em out. He handed Nash

the Wonderland gang.



He served it up on a silver platter.

Get back, plain and simple.



Neighbors reported hearing

loud noises...



( yelling )



...and they thought it was some kind

of primal scream therapy or something.



lt was a perfect plan, really.



There was people coming and going

all the time, always a party going on.



Some loud noise at night was not

gonna raise an eyebrow.



Exactly, but what he didn't count on

was David Lind surviving.



lt had to be Holmes.

That piece of shit ratted us out.



Hey, l read Lind's statement.



He paints himself out to be an angel--

he's lying his ass off.



l got pushed from behind and my gun

discharged accidentally.



We don't know if any

of his statement is even true.



He knew who Nash was

the whole time.



You take these guns up there now

or l'll cut your head off.



What kind of thief doesn't know who he's

hitting until the robbery itself?



What fool would set up

the biggest gangster in L.A...



Hey, Eddie what's up?



...and waltzes back to his house

like nothing happened?



- Where you been?

- Well, Eddie,



l got a crazy story l think you're

going to want to hear.



David Lind is not half the liar

that that cocksucker is.



David Lind lost

the love of his life,



and he knows

that John Holmes is responsible.



Now it wouldn't surprise me

at all if Holmes



had planned on the murders

from the get-go.



- You heard his story.

- He pulls out my black book.



He's going to kill everyone in it.

Your name's in there, Bill.



Fuck the black book.

The black book is a crock of shit.



lt's a fairy tale.

He knew we were listening to him.



- He didn't want to get dirty.

- Neither does Lind.



Four people get

their heads bashed in



- and there's not a single witness?

- ( door buzzes )



No, no, he was in that house

as sure as Christ was on the cross.



   sets of different prints lifted.



- Any one of which could be our guy.

- lncluding a left palm print,



palm down on the bedrail,

not two feet from Ron Launius' head.



Wait at minute, are you trying to tell

me you think he swung the pipe?



He was either trying

to kill him or trying to screw him.



Look, you read Lind's statement.

Holmes hated Launius.



Launius embarrassed him

in public all the time.



lt really would not

surprise me in the least



if he had taken

a couple whacks at him.



You know what, Sam? You can't even

tie him to the scene of the crime.



Nico: The fact that he's got a pulse

ties him to the scene of the crime.



Ward: He doesn't need

to be there, Nico.



Nash knows he's terrified.

He'll keep his mouth shut.



Nico: No, l don't buy it.

Nash is not an idiot.



He's certainly not going to put his

freedom in the hands of one.



Ward: l've known John

for almost    years.



While l'll admit that we haven't spent

much time together lately,



the John l know just isn't capable--



l don't know who you know

or don't know.



All l know is that the cocksucker

in the other room there is a basehead.



And the one thing you can always know

about a basehead



is that they are completely

full of shit.



He's dicking us around.



A mile of dick and no balls.



lf he had some balls,

he'd come out and say, ''l did it.''



But he ain't gonna do that.



lt's your call.



Fuck it.

We gotta cut him loose.



Hi, Sharon.

Thanks so much for--



- Where's Dawn?

- She's in the car, but--



- l want to talk to her.

- You think that's such a good idea?



Sharon, just be cool, okay?






- Hey.

- Oh, thank you.






- You take care of him, honey.

- l will.



- You take care of yourself first.

- l will.



- Promise me.

- l promise.



Take care of this little one too.



- l love you.

- l love you.



- This is all l could get.

- Thanks so much, Sharon.



- l'll pay you back--

- Stop lying, l can't.



- Sharon, l'm not lying. We'll pay--

- lt's a payoff, okay?



You should understand that term.



l'm paying you off

to stay out of my life.



( engine starts )



( car drives off )



( car approaching )



( tires screeching )



- ( dogs barking )

- ( car door shuts )












What are you doing here?



l'm sorry,

l had an accident.



l'm sorry,

can l come in please?



Oh my God, oh my God,

John, come in.



- Can you make it in?

- Yeah. l'm sorry.



- Oh, my God. lt's okay.

- l'm sorry.



- l had an accident.

- l see that.



Can l have a tub?

l need a hot water tub.



- You might need to go to a hospital.

- No.



- Oh, John.

- Can l please--



- lt's okay.

- l don't feel well.



lt's all right, it's okay.



l'm going to put you

in this chair, John, okay?



l'm just going

to put you in this chair.



Sit down.



Could you fill the tub

with water, please?



- lt's not really going good out here.

- Okay.



- Please. Okay.

- Stay with me.



- No. No.

- You're in shock.



- l have to check you out.

- No, please make a tub of hot water.



l need to get--

Sharon, put the water in the tub!



l'm sorry.



Hot water.



- Stay calm.

- Okay.



Oh God,

you have a head injury.



l'm sorry l yelled, but--









Okay, easy.



All right, John.



l'm okay.

l'm getting in now.



Okay, hot, hot.



John, close your eyes 'cause

this could sting if it gets in.



l'm homesick.



Where's the cut?



There's too much blood.

l gotta get it off, okay?



- John, where's the wound?

- Give me more warm water.



- Like a firework--

- Where's the wound? There's no wound.



This isn't your blood, John.



Whose blood is this?



l need a sponge, 'cause it don't come--

you have to really scrub.



- John, John!

- What?



What happened, John?



Five people are dead, Sharon.



They were murdered.



Up on Wonderland.



They shouldn't have done that to him.

They humiliated him-- to the Nash.



They were so stupid.



- l'm not following this, John.

- He had my book.



He had my black book.



He had everyone's name in it.



He said he was going to kill you.



So l told him

l couldn't let that happen.



So then they went up to Wonderland.

They made me go there.



l did it for us, Sharon.



He had your name in there--

he said he was going to kill you.



What did you do for us?



l had to, Sharon--

l had no choice.



Oh, there's so much blood.

Ron's head was like a firework.



l saw inside his head.



lt just opened like a grapefruit.



What did you do, John?

What did you do, John?



l left before anything happened.



l don't understand,

what'd you--



what did you do?!



l left before anything happened.



But, l-- l never-- Sharon, l--



No, l don't want to know. No.



- Sharon--

- l don't want to know. No.



You need to get out.

You need to leave.



No, l want you

out of my house.



- l want you to leave.

- Okay. Fine.



You don't understand anyway.



- l understand, l understand.

- What your husband had to do--



You brought filth into my life again!




You wanna know what filth is?



What your husband had to do to survive

down at Peanuts with those faggots.



- You're not my fucking husband!

- Really?



- You're a gigolo.

- Oh, really?



No, l'm Johnny-fucking-Wadd!



That's what l am, huh?



You know what they wanted

up at Wonderland?



What Eddie wanted?



That thing, that thing-- that thing that

makes me a star, Sharon.



Look at me.

Any idea what it's like?



- What thing are you talking about?

- This thing! This fucking thing!



Everybody wants

and nobody can have.



- Do you remember when you loved it?

- That went away a long time ago.



- A long time ago.

- You left me!



- Bullshit.

- That is not bullshit!



That's bullshit, John. You left me!

Then we can stop arguing.



You left me that day

in the bathroom.



You chose that thing over me.



That disgusting thing

that makes me sick.



John: l'm not nobody, Sharon.

l'm a star.



- You are a whore, John.

- Oh, really, yeah?



l'm a survivor, Sharon!

l'm scum?



l'm filth? l'm alive.



And those people at Wonderland?

They'll never laugh at me again.



They got theirs with a lead pipe,

and l'm still here surviving.



Cruz: You know, this case

could make our careers.




This case could end our careers.



Nobody's going to back us

against Nash without an eyewitness.



l talked to Nimziki this morning.



- Nash is untouchable until November.

- Shit.



- Who's dick's Nimziki sucking?

- Everybody's.



lt's a goddamn swordfight

in there. All right?



- ( heart monitor beeping )

- ( respirator hissing )



Ms. Launius?



- Can she hear us?

- l don't know.



Goddamn it, Ron, you told me it was

going to be different this time.



l don't want to start like this!

Come here.



- Goddamn it.

- Come here.




Ms. Launius?



Can you hear me?



l need you.



- l need you here.

- Goddamn it.



Baby, l'm going crazy down here.



Come on, come on.



- That didn't last long, did it?

- Fuck you.



Can you tell me anything about

what happened to you?






Shadows, shadows.



( screams )



( murmuring )



- Cruz: What did she say?

- Nico: Nothing.



( beeping faster )



( doorbell buzzing )



- Yeah?

- lt's John, man.



- Holmes, no.

- Come on, let me in, it's John.



- No.

- ( buzzing )



( door buzzes )



( screams, groans )



Look! Look!

Stop it, John!



Stop it, John! Stop it, John!



Look, you motherfucker!



Look at her motherfucking head bust.

Are you looking at this, Johnny?



Look what you did,

look what the fuck you did.



You're a bad man, Johnny!

You want to fuck with me?



Let's go.



- ( shouting )

- ( groaning )



- ( coughing )

- ( shouting )



lt's your turn, baby.



lt's Christmas.



Let's go to work, Johnny.

Let's go to work, baby.



Let's go to work, baby.

Let's go to work.



- Let's get dirty, Johnny.

- No.



Let's go!

Let's get dirty, Johnny.



Let's get dirty, Johnny!



Hit that motherfucker!



That's right, that's right!



Hit him! Love it!



Hit him. Hit him.

Look at you.



Look at you. Oh, man.



Johnny's doing a movie.



- Another bad dream, baby?

- No.






what time is it?



 :  .



Morning or evening?






Didn't l promise

l'd get you out of there?



- Yeah. Yeah.

- Didn't l?



- Didn't l?

- Mm-hmm.



Who's my girl?



l'm your girl.



( engine starts )



lf you could read my mind, love



What a tale my thoughts could tell



Just like an old time movie



About a ghost from a wishing well



ln a castle dark



Or a fortress strong



With chains upon my feet



You know that ghost is me



And l will never be set free



As long as l'm a ghost



You can't see



lf l could read your mind, love



What a tale your thoughts

could tell



Just like a paperback novel



The kind the drugstores sell



When you reach the part

where the heartaches come



The hero would be me



Heroes often fail



lf you read between

the lines



You'll know

that l'm



Just trying

to understand



The feeling

that you left



l never thought l could

feel this way



And l've got to say

that l just don't get it



l don't know where

we went wrong



But the feeling's gone

and l just can't get it back.



( soft music plays )



Love on the rocks



lt ain't no surprise



Just pour me a drink, bitch



And l'll tell you some lies



Had nothing to lose



So you just sing the blues



All the time



Gave you my heart



Gave you my soul



You left me alone here



With nothing to hold



Yesterday's gone



Now all l want



ls a smile



At first they say they want you



They really need you



Suddenly you find

you're out there



Walking in a storm



And then they know

they have you



Then they really have you



Nothing you can do or say



You've got to leave,

just get away



We all know the song



You need what you need



You can say what you want



Not much you can do



When the feeling is gone



May be blue skies above



But it's cold



When your love's

on the rocks



At first they say

they want you



They really need you



Suddenly you find

you're out there



Walking in a storm



And then they know

they have you



Then they really have you



Nothing you can do or say



You've got to leave,

just get away



We all know the song



Love on the rocks



Ain't no big surprise



Just pour me a drink, bitch



And l'll tell you some lies



Yesterday's gone



And now all l want



ls a smile.



How many days

has it been since l was born?



How many days till l die?




Do l know anyway?



l can make you laugh



Or do l only know how

to make you cry?



When the baby looks

around him



lt's such a sight to see



Share the simple secret

with a wise man



He's a stranger

in a strange land



Just a stranger

in a strange land



Tell me why



He's a stranger

in a strange land






A stranger

in a strange la-and.

Special help by SergeiK