Wonderland Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Wonderland script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Michael Winterbottom movie with Shirley Henderson and Molly Parker.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Wonderland. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Wonderland Script





Hello My name's Nadia



I'm 27. Uh, I like music

All sorts of music



Um, sport,

dancing, walking



I'm 59",

dark hair, blue eyes



I like to think of meself as 

independent, honest, self-aware



And I'd like to meet someone

looking for friendship



or, well, yeah, um,

and possible romance



I thought you'd gone



I was a bit nervous

coming to meet you



Yeah, yeah, it's--

I think it's really hard



Yeah, it's just in the past, things

haven't gone quite so well, so--



So, you've done this

a lot, then ?



Not a lot, no



Listen Sorry I should have

said this earlier,



and I hope you're not offended,

but I think you look great



Oh, thank you




Did you pick the blue

'cause of your eyes ?



What ?

Did you pick the blue

'cause of your eyes ?



No,just 'cause it was cheap, really

Oh, really ?



What's in this ?

Okay, you've got, um, orange



It's mainly orange juice, and 

the red color is from the grenadine,



and then it's got, you know,

the little thing in it



What ?

The kick



The little thing with,

you know, for the kick



What's that ?

It's a secret Secret ingredient



What do you think

it's gonna be, Molly ?



Oh, I dunno

Don't care really I just want it out



Jack's keeping his fingers

crossed for a boy



Aren't you,Jack ?



I've got all this stuff for you

from Mandy at work



Oh, fantastic I'm sure you'll like

some of it, Molly



- Sweet Jack, look Look,

darling Oh, it's lovely

- What is it ?



It's like a little Chinese thing 

It's bright red It's gorgeous



Yeah Bed Jack, in your bloody bed now




You've got school in the morning God's sake



He's been a right pain in the bum tonight

Has he ?



- Yeah 

Good night Till morning

- He's at that age



Yeah ?

I got new cabinets in



Did you ?

Yeah, they look really good



What color?

They're in-- They're in wood



Shiny wood, is it ?

Sort of It's like a pine



I gotta go, love

Yeah, absolutely

Just, um--



I'll see you tomorrow

about  ..   ?

Lots of love See you tomorrow



- Bye

- Lots of love







How are we doing ?



Good Yeah

Yeah ?



Is Debbie all right ?



Yeah, same



Pigs of a Feather ?



Hey, hey

Oh Oh !



"A nightmare

in black and white"



"Film is a surreal mixture of 

horror, fantasy and black comedy"



"Repulsive imagery"




It sounds disgusting

It's not for the baby, It's for me



Have we heard anything yet ?




Talks all the time



Feel him moving today



It's gonna be amazing

It's gonna be amazing



Do you gamble a lot, then ?

No, of course not



Do you do the lottery ?



Uh, well--

Ah, you do,

don't you ?



Ah, see

A little bit, yeah



Ah, there you go

Same thing, isn't it ?



I suppose so



So, what do you do

at the weekends ?



Oh, well, sometime--

Quite often I've gotta work




I think I'd better go

to the toilet again



Again ?

Yeah, you know






Excuse me






Excuse me









Hello, Nadia

My name's Theodore



I thought your message was very nice

You've got a lovely voice



I'm    and  '

on the nose



And I'm a professional

I'm a doctor



More specifically,

I'm a neuro-psychiatrist,

and I find it fascinating



Hello, Nadia

This is Dan



I live in Brixton

and I'm--



My name's Tim

Hello, I'm George

I live in North London



I like reading,

keeping fit, travel--



Um, a bit about myself

Um, my name's Pat



I'm Australian,

and I'm   



I'm looking for someone

who'll, uh, put the buzz

back into my bumblebee life



Hello, love

Dad, I--



What, have you

been buzzing ?



Yeah, it was me



Your boiler I thought

we arranged for me to come take a look



Did we ?

What, today ?

That's right



It's just that

I'm off to work



How is everything ?

Fine, yeah Great



And you ?

Oh, I'm fine, fine



Yeah ?

You know,

keeping busy



Can I give you a lift ?



Oh, no

It's all right, I'll get the tube



It's quicker

Yeah ?



I love you, okay ?



Bye, love





Penny for the guy



Penny for the guy?



Penny for the guy ?



All right

Penny for the guy ?



Penny for the guy ?

Penny for the guy ?



Here you go, darling







Oh, thanks




What ?



I'm late Shit



Are you okay?




How are you feelin' ?




Yeah ?



Drink your tea

I'm late, Moll



Eddie !



Phone me








You've gotta remember this is a

decision you'll be making once,



maybe twice in your life, so it's

quite an important decision



We don't want to rush you

into anything



The surface you want is

quite important, and, uh--



What's she called ?

Megan Megan Hey



Have you got kids




Um, no, not yet, no

Um, imminent, though





Take this with you

That's basically this



If you look at

the printout



We can print out one of

these for you as well



I mean--

Oh, right



Do you wanna come

to Caesar's next week ?



To Caesar's ?

Yeah, next week



Thursday night, It's ladies' night




Thursday night

It's only three quid,




I don't wanna go



Why not ?

It's quite good fun

I don't wanna go



You might get a shag

at the end of the night

What ? I can't hear you



I'm going to Top Shop



I wanna get

a white lace top

for tonight



You're gonna get a what ?

A lacy one ?



Yeah, a white lacy one

Really tight

Size six






No, I'm not



Oh, God



Excuse me



Hello ?


Is that Nadia ?



Yeah Who's this ?

Hi This is Tim



You left a message

on my machine



Oh, right, yeah



The Lonely Hearts thing

Thought I could meet with you



I could meet you

at   :   yeah ?



Excuse me

Can I get my bill,

please ?



Listen, can I--

I'll see you then



I'll see you then

Got to get back to work

That'll be great



Shall we say around   :   ?



- Yeah,   :   then 

All right

- Bye



What are you

smiling about, then ?



Nothing It's none

of your business



Molly's a bit miffed

you haven't phoned her



Been busy, haven't I ?

What you been doing, then ?



What ?



Flamenco classes

What ?



Sounds like fun

Yeah, it is



You should try it

Thank you very much



She's probably in labor

right now, as we speak



If she has it today, it'll have

the same birthday as Darren



You haven't heard from him,

have you, Nadia ?



No You ?

No, of course not



Don't forget you'll baby-sit

tonight, right ?

All right, then



See you later, darling

Yeah, bye

Yeah, take it easy





Happy birthday

to you



Happy birthday

dear Darren






Good morning




Yeah, a reservation under 

the name of Sykes for two nights



Two nights




"M and M"

What does that mean ?



Mr and Mrs ?

Mr and Mrs



Is it Mr and Mrs ?


Yeah, that's fine





Ow !

Don't crush me !



Ow !



Fucking bastard !

Aah !



It's in my eye

You got it in my eye



It's in my eye

It's in my eye

It's in my eye



I'm blinded by champagne



I'm blinded Mmm



I can't even

open my eyes



Oh, thank you



Thank you

Thank you



I'm having

a very happy birthday



Yeah ?




Hi, Mum

Come in




It's got cold, hasn't it ?




Are you ready to see

my new kitchen ?

I am



Ta-da !




Is it amazing ?




I love it

I'm so happy



Very fancy



It's just like

in the ads, isn't it ?




It's not finished



There's still a bit of--

Yeah Mmm



Yeah, it's very nice






You want a cup of coffee ?

Yeah, please



If it's not

too much trouble



How's Dad ?



Oh, same as ever



Sits around the house

all day long moping





Hello ? Hiya

Hello Hiya



How are you ?

All right

How are you ?



Mum, it's Eddie


Who's that ?




She just got here

Your mum ?



Just gonna have a cup of coffee




Listen, I was thinking, um, 

how about Alice for a girl ?



Alice ?

Yeah, yeah, like, um,

Alice in Wonderland?



I like Sadie

Like in "Sexy Sadie"



Sadie ? Right




Where are you ?

You sound funny







Molly, uh,



What ?

I've gotta go



All right

I'll speak to you later, okay ?



Yeah, all right


Right Bye






Nadia ?




How you doing ? Tim

You wanna go in ?






I'm-- I'm sorry

I've never done this before



What kind of photographer

are you ?



Nude portraits



Really ?




No Take a guess



Thought you were serious




Um, God, I dunno




Sports photographer ?





I dunno



I'm-- I'm

an advertising




We do fruit, cheese and,

you know, yogurts and stuff




It's highly exciting




Have you done

much of this, then ?



Um, yeah, I mean,

one day, I got this--

this, um,



this girl ringing me up telling me

she was a rock star




Yeah, and she was,

like, real stoned



She was, like,

"Hi, I'm with this band"



She started telling me about

her life as a rock star



and how interesting

it is and, you know,



if I wanted to be with her,

I'd have to kind of make



compensation 'cause she'd be

on tour a lot, you know



Were-- Were you

really adopted ?




Oh, 'cause I-I used to pretend

I was an orphan



I'd, you know, pretend our house

was the orphanage,



and, um, my sisters

and my little brother,



they were orphans

from other families



I really wanted

to believe it, yeah



Yeah, I know,

it's strange




Yeah Cheers




I'll see you tomorrow ?

Yeah, all right



Okay, bye

See you

Bye, then




Here for a copy

of the Big Issue



Big Issue



Here for a copy

of the Big Issue





Hello, Eileen




You're looking smart



Where have you been ?

Just to my daughter, Molly



Oh, God !



Cut it out, you lot

I hate those fucking things



You all right ?






Our front door

needs fixing



I'm getting 'round

to it















That's the Sony CD       



Right What are you

asking for this ?



That's      plus VAT

Plus VAT



Which works out to     

Can I have a look ?



See you tomorrow,




All right

See you later, mate



Strong cappuccino,

one and a half, take it away



Hello Can I help you ?

Is it eat in ?



Take away ?



You give me the pound, and 

I'll give you the change



Yeah ? Yeah



You give me a pound, and 

I give you    pence change



Salt beef and,

uh, cappuccino



All right



That's three pound,




Thank you



All right, first of all, don't get--

don't get angry with me



This is not

gonna look good



This might not

look good at first



And I know this is not

the best of time-- No



We're both responsible

adults, right ?



I care about this baby

we're having






I care about this baby

we're having



And I realize that there are

certain financial advantages



in having a job



I'm aware of that

I am aware of that



Think of the drawbacks of holding

onto a job that you hate



Think of what

that could do to a man



Think of what I could

and would become--



short-tempered father



I turn to drink



I blame you




I even take a lover



And then one day, I just snap

Finally, just snap



I buy a gun



I'll lock myself into the house

with you and the kids



Police surround us, begging me to be

reasonable, but--




No, it's too late



It's too late



Another statistic

A news item



A news item

in The News of the World







Whoo !



Yea !





Things can be

even more tricky for a male



if his mate is well armed



The female tarantula

has fearsome poison fangs



Aren't you gonna

do something ?



What do you

want me to do ?



Doesn't it bother you ?



Of course it bothers you, but you're

too pathetic to do anything about it








Only now dare he reach

forward with his palps





What do you mean,




Who's pathetic ?



You're the one

who's fucking pathetic !



Male spiders are by

no means always so skillful



These few legs are all that remains of

a male nephila spider who failed



But another male is on the same web

now preparing to chance his luck



And his task is indeed formidable,

for his mate is gigantic--



six inches across and several

hundred times his weight



She's virtually blind, and

she relies on vibrations of her web

to tell her what's going on




You all right ?



Can't sleep

Why not ?

What's wrong ?




Just can't sleep



Well, you shouldn't be reading

What is it ?



A new game

Gonna ask Dad to buy it

for my birthday



What's this

girl's name again ?



Lara Croft

Do you like her, then ?



She's all right

Yeah ?





Not very good, are you ?



No Well, I've got

to practice, haven't I ?



Get some rest

What are you doing tomorrow ?



- Going to the football match

with my dad

- That'll be nice



You'll need all the rest

you can get, then

Put your head down



Give us a kiss, darling






See you in the morning

Yeah Do you want

this world left on ?




All right

Sleep tight, darling



Good night







Are my angel




What ?



Iron ?




What are you doing ?

You should get out more



Franklyn, I wish

you'd get a girlfriend

Thank you



You know,

go out dancing





What time is it ?



It's nearly half    :  



Where have you been ?



I had to work late

I'm sorry



I should have rang you







You asleep ?






You're fucking great !













Oh, no

Don't put your shirt on, darling, no



You want more ?



You're a bad girl,

you know that ?



You've done this

before, darling



I've done it

I've done this before, yeah



I need a drink

Do you want a drink ?



Yeah I dunno

where it is



Are you gonna dance for me now ?

I'm a good dancer



Yeah, of course, you're a good dancer




Don't leave



Come and dance with me

Come and dance with me, then





You're fucking tickling me

You're terrible




Do you like me hair ?



Of course I like

your hair

Yeah, I did that



You're a hairdresser

You should--



H'm, a bit scruffy,

though, isn't it ?



Why'd you

bring me here ?



This is where I work



I take it that's where you work,

unless you broke in



I mean, most people have houses,

don't they ?



They go to what is a bed,

rather than some--



I've got a big bed



Have you got a big bed ?

Why don't you show me your big bed ?



No I've got

a little boy



You've got

a little boy ?




How old's

your little boy ?



He's fucking little,

isn't he ?



He's fucking little

How little ?



At primary school,

my little boy



Yeah ?




How old are you ?




You're twenty-nine ?









Gimme a cup of coffee



You spill

your coffee on me,

you die You die





Listen to him

It's been going on like that all night



I haven't had any sleep



I didn't hear anything



That's 'cause

you don't wanna hear





It's been howling and barking

the whole fucking night



I haven't had any sleep



If Molly phones,

you're to tell me--



I know Don't worry

You'll be the first to know



I'll leave the shopping list

on the table






Sorry I can't answer

the phone at the moment,



but if you'd like to leave a

message for Nadia,



please speak

after the beep



Thank you








Here Hold them, would you ?





I like your hair



Who does your hair ?

Your mum ?




It's lovely, isn't it ?




Mom, Dad's here




Hi, honey

Got your clean pants, Jack ?




Hurry up, then



All right, Deb ?




Busy, busy

As usual





What are you

after, then ?



That's not nice, is it ?

I'm not after nothing



Come on, Dad

Don't forget your antibiotics, Jack



Make sure he takes them

He's got a cold

Yeah, antibiotics



Just a gift

You know what I mean ?



I don't want them

They're horrible



They're really nice

I like pink flowers



Do you ?




What is it ?

Lend us some money




Go on

Just a few bob



Fuck off, Dan

I can't afford it

Just till Monday ?



Bloody hell

Don't bring him back

later than  :   all right ?




We're going to the bonfire Remember ?



Remember that

Give us a kiss

good-bye, then



Good-bye, then

Fuck off



It's from me



Look after him, Dan

Yeah Bye



Whatever you say,





See you later





Bloody mess



Oh, we're going to

the match



We're gonna have

a good time



Remember that woman sat next to us

at the Wolves game ?




Come on, Palace !



Yeah, yeah, yeah,

she was great, eh ?

Down the wing



Close 'em down, Palace



Hello, darling




Hi, Jackie

All right, Molly?



Come for--

You're cold




it's really cold



Is that nice ?



I'm smudging all your make-up, Molly

What ?



I'm smudging your make-up

Oh, that's all right



Eddie won't be able

to resist you tonight,




I might want him

to resist me



Why ?

Oh, I don't feel sexy at all



Just feel fat

and ugly



When's the last time

you had sex, then ?




Couple of months



Couple of months ?

For God's sake, Molly

Darling, I'm pregnant



Did you feel sexy

when you were pregnant ?

Yeah, really sexy



Did you ?

I loved it

I loved having big tits



Did you do it right up till the end?




Felt really gorgeous

all the time



Did you have weird dreams

when you were pregnant ?




I've been having the weirdest dreams,

like nightmares almost



Nightmares ?

Yeah, I had this really

weird one last night



I was-- Well, I dreamt that I was

at home, and I went into labor



And so, we're gonna go

to the hospital,



but we didn't actually go to 

the hospital, we went to a theater



Do you mean a stage ?

Yeah, like where they

do plays and things




I thought it was a bit

weird but all right



And we went in onto the stage

and there was a bed on the stage,



and the midwife

was there and everything



Eddie was on the bed,

was he ?

Eddie-- I dunno



I can't remember

if he was there then



Was he naked ?

Shut up



But I looked out

into the audience,



and it was all my kids out there from

my class from last year, yeah



It was--

It was weird, but--



Anyway, and then I gave birth

to a fish, right on the stage



Eh ?

I know

Isn't that weird ?



Everybody in the dream

thought it was really strange



It's fucking weird,


But I still loved it



Jackie ?

What's that, mate ?



Molly said she had sex

with a fish last night



That is not

what I said



Jackie, Jackie, that's not what I said

She's lying



No, I had a dream that

I gave birth to a fish



Well, that ain't normal, is it ?

I know, it's weird



It's not normal at all

It's fucking weird



It's gotta mean something,

though, isn't it ?




It means she's a horny bugger

Shut up



Talked to Nadia lately ?



Yeah She was asking about you Yeah

Was she ?



I think she's jealous of me

Jealous of what, Molly ?



I dunno, the baby

Not everyone wants to have kids



I know that, but I mean

I think she--



Sit still

I'm not moving



Seven and eight, seventy-eight




Blind ninety



Five and seven




Eight and four





Blind fifty




Blind forty





up at the back there



All right, let's go straight

to our next--





Full house



The next number is eight- 

Blind eighty



Two and four




Four and six




Eight and five




Two and one





Number ten



Three and one




One and two






Go on !



Play it

Go on, Lombardo !





There, you're lovely

Stop touching it, Molly



All right,

that's enough ! God



Oh, it's so pretty

Do you like it,Jackie ?



It looks really nice, yeah




Yeah ?

Do you like

the back, darling ?



Yeah, it's different

Do you like it, Kay ?




it's really lovely




Be easier to manage for you, love

Eddie will like it



It's a bit tight

I thought it was gonna be a bigger--



No, it'll drop

Will it ?



Drop in a couple days

Could I use your phone ?



Yeah I'll get that stuff from

Mandy for you




Got some stuff

to show you, Jackie



Oh, let's have a look

Baby clothes



Mandy brought it in

for Molly



Some of it's all right

Some of it's a bit funny looking



What do you think

of this one ?



Sweet, isn't it ?

Ultimate Kitchens

Good afternoon



Hi Can I speak to Eddie, please ?

Eddie ?



Eddie doesn't

work here any more



Can I put you through

to someone else ?

What ?



Can I put you through

to someone else ?

Eddie's not here any more



There's a lovely little

pink thing in here as well



That's all right

No, he's no longer working here,



but I can put you through

to somebody else to help you



I can't afford

to buy new all the time



No, no, it's all right

Thanks Bye




It's a cow, stupid



- Oh, is it ?

- Yeah

Something wrong, Molly ?




No, it's all right



Should get a taxi,


No, it's all right



Don't wanna spoil

your hairstyle



Put your scarf on

Keep warm



It's lovely

Eddie will love it




Don't forget

your stuff now



Take care, Jackie

And you, love



Thank you

See you later

Good night



Give us a call

Bye, darling




I don't think

she likes it, Jackie

Oh, it's all right



No, her face

is tripping her



She ain't been herself,

though, has she ?



Well, she's a miserable cow


She ain't



She is You don't

know her like me







Hey, you look like

that man from the--



Why you stare ?

You look like the man

from the job center



You better run, 'cause

I'm strong like a lion!



Hi, Donna

Oh, hello






I've locked myself out,

and Eileen's not back home yet,



so I'm stuck rather



Well, do you wanna come in ?

Yes, please







Where's my burger ?

They ran out



Eh ? What ?



We'll get off now, eh ?

Can't we stay

till the end ?







Thank you



Come on



Come on, kids,




Well, here's to you



Mmm Touch more

rum, I think




Tastes all right to me







You are just fucking

kidding me, you





Who the fucking hell do you

think you are, knobhead?



What's your fucking problem, son ?

I'm sorry, mate



Fucking-- What ?



You cheeky fucking hippie




Fucking let you out,

haven't I ? Move it !





You fucking nugget !



Well, go on, then

Edge out Edge out, lad



Why can't you support someone

useful, like, um, Arsenal ?



Well, you support

Crystal Palace as well

Or Tottenham



I only support Palace

'cause you do, son

I never did as a kid, did I ?



Can we get a McDonald's ?



We'll get you something to eat, yeah,

don't worry about it



If we pass a McDonald's,

I'll get you a McDonald's

All right



And if we don't,

I'll get you something else

Like ?



Like something else

Like a pizza or a burger

or something



I dunno Whatever

Whatever we see



Amazingly straightforward

for the team in second place



Watford never looked like

recovering from an early charge



in which Stuart McCall

scored from    yards



And it was only

after Lee Mills



So, what do you want ?

Burger and chips



Burger and chips

Coming in ?




Come on,Jack

Cheer up, eh ?



Yes, please





Bye, Agnes




See you, Ruby

See you tomorrow




Yeah, see you tomorrow




Tell me why



Why would you

waste your time



Coming around here



After you let me down

Go on



Who, me ?

What, dancing ?





I'm no dancer



Why would you

go out that way



Leaving all of your



Love letters

on the wall






was all your call

Come on




Loving was through



You just had to



Write love letters

on the wall



Why are you here tonight

causing a scene



I got a brand new life

Someone loves me



Spreading your rumors




But all your lies

did not work out

Did not work out



However what goes around

comes around



And your turn will come



With all your love letters

on the wall




Leaving was all your call



Yes, it was

Loving was through



Oh, go, Bill, go

But you just had to



Love letters

on the wall





Listen, Donna

I should go, really



I should, uh--

Eileen must be back by now,



so I should go




You come back around



Back around





Hey, Eileen Oi !



I got locked out



I was locked out



I come back from the shop,.

I couldn't get back in



Didn't have the keys

See ?




here's your shopping









Will you shut

that bloody dog up ?



Yeah Okay Okay





I know this is

bad timing, Molly



I mean, it's never

gonna be a good time,

is it ?



You know, you're always going on

about what a great cook I am



I know this may not seem like 

the best time to embark on a new career



I mean, I know--







You look great






So how was work ?



I was-- I was

going to tell you



I didn't want you to worry




Molly, come on

I'm sorry



I just didn't want to--



You know what

I'm gonna do ?

I'm gonna, uh,



I'm gonna-- I'm gonna

get some shopping in,




I'm gonna cook us

a great meal



We're gonna talk



And we can talk






You look--

You look great





Thank you very much Hello, thank you

and welcome to Who's Sorry Now,



television's only grudge match

where we give two twosomes



the opportunity to air their

grievances and settle old scores



Got you a video, Jack




Have you seen it ?



Yeah It's funny



Yeah ?



I'm just gonna nip out for a while

All right



Won't be long

See you later

Yeah Bye



At the end of each round, our studio

audience will vote to decide



who's right and who's wrong



And the loser will have to take

their chance on our wheel of shame



Ohh !





Oh, yes






Is your name Nadia ?

Oh, please



- Hi I'm Dan

- You bastard,

you put on a voice



No, I didn't

Yes, you did



No, it's the phone

It's one of those--



It's not the bloody phone

It's you

It's an anon-- anomaly





This is great

What a night we're gonna have



I'm not gonna spend

the night with you

Why not ?



You know why not

- How are ya ?



I'm all right, actually

I'm fine How are you ?



I'm all right

What are you up to ?



Well, you're

looking splendid

I do, don't I ?



Where'd you get that ?

The ring ?



No, no, the suit

The suit ?




The suit shop



Suits "R" Us

I got it from





How long have you

been in this game ?



It's not a game

You know,

the Lonely Hearts thing



I haven't been doing it

very long at all



I bet you've been

doing it for years



First time

As I said on the phone,

this is my first time



I don't believe you



You-- You never

trusted me, did you ?



Anyway, what's this thing

about estate management ?



Well, you know,

I used to have

an estate--



a Vauxhall estate

Oh, stop it



And you said

you had a BMW

I have got a BMW



No, you haven't No

I have got a BMW

I have I have



What happened to, um,






Lawrence ?

You know

it wasn't Lawrence



What was his name ?

It was Ryan




What happened to Ryan ?

Mind your own business



I'm only asking

Jesus, it's not

an odd question to ask



I haven't seen you for ages

What happened to him ?



Why do you always try

and be funny ?



It's better than trying

not to be funny, isn't it ?



Don't be putting your coat on

That's not polite, is it ?

I'm not staying



Why ? Why ?

You know why

This is ridiculous



I can't have a drink with you

Why not ?



We're just old friends

having a drink together

We're not old friends



Revise that statement

Okay, I'm old,

and you're not



Why are you leaving ?

I've got somewhere else

to go now



Somewhere else to go ?

You meeting someone else ?



You're double-dating me

Ah, that's not nice,

is it ?



Oh, don't leave

Come on

You're incredible



It's only early

Don't leave

You really are incredible



I couldn't believe it

I'll tell Debbie



You will not

If you tell Debbie,

I'll wring your bloody neck



Okay At least

there'll be physical contact





























Was that enough done for you ?

Yeah It was really nice



Did you like it ?

Yeah It was great



It's the only thing I make, so--

Well, I'm glad you made it

for me It was great



Great Phew




Neighbors are quite noisy,

aren't they ?



Do they do tap dancing

or something ?









I can't stand you





With lots of--

It was a sort of nightclub party

for my sister's birthday




And we just got chatting away, really



I mean, I've known him

for years, but something

sort of happened, and--



Had you fancied him before--



- When you've a chance,

pint here, please



All right


I know your name



I bet you say that to all the girls

It drives me insane, Elaine



Oh, can you make me tame, Elaine ?

What time are you finishing ?



Not till after  ..  

After   :   ?

I'll be here after   :  



Will ya ? I'll have to

sit that side of the bar




- Five past   :   I'll be here



And then she sings to him

that old little love song



It's the song she learned

Is that it, Dan ?



Is that it, Dan ?

Anything else ?






Where are you going now ?

Where are you taking me ?



I don't know

Somewhere nice

Yeah Wherever



Oh, let us go

to the banks of the ocean





On the boat

I used to be a man



Now, dear Margaret



You know, you never told me

where you're from




It beats London

I'm not a fan of London at all



Do you think you'll

go back there to live ?



Dublin ?




Eh Yeah, maybe



I don't know



I haven't

made up me mind, really



I'm not great

at makin' plans, ya know?






I should go, really, 'cause

I'm working tomorrow



Oh Right



Yeah I should go



That's it





Will you be all right, or do you

want me to call you a cab ?




Um, well, I'll get a bus






Can I ring you, Tim ?

Yeah Sure









All right

Take care





I'll see ya, yeah ?










Would you like a cigarette ?

Sorry ?




Have a cigarette




You don't want a cigarette ?

Are you enjoying that beer ?



What ?

You didn't even open it Here



It's all right No

















Oh, shit








Hello ?

Debbie ? It's me



Fuck's sake, Molly,

what is it ?



Eddie's gone

What do you mean ?



Eddie We had a fight

He's not come home

Oh, Molly--



All right, darling

I don't know what to do



Listen, Molly, listen

I'm meetin' Nad at    :   caf



Yeah ?

You wanna come for coffee, yeah ?



Um, yeah



Yeah All right

I gotta go, Molly




All right Bye



For fuck's sake



Ohh Poor darling



















Excuse me



Hi Hi





Let's listen to the prophets

that God rises up,



as we are shown

through their messages



our sins, our shortcomings



And so we thank God for not

leaving us in our slumber,



but awakening us, awakening us

to our true condition



And yet, the messages

of the prophets



are not all doom and gloom



I wanna take you home



-  I wanna be with you

-  You might be my girlfriend







Franklyn, aren't you

out of there yet ?






Get out !





You might be my girlfriend



Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

yeah, yeah, yeah



- You can't get it

- Franklyn!



Do I come into your room ? No

What are you doing in mine ?

Can you leave ?



Bye-bye Bye-bye



What's wrong with you, huh ?




You want to know what I think ?

No, but you're gonna tell me anyway



I think it's wrong for you to bottle up

things the way that you do



Well, I wish

I could be just like you



You are so secretive, Franklyn, It's like

having a stranger living in my house



- Total stranger

- Okay Fine



- Get out !



Can you leave those, plea--

Can you lea--





I don't wanna know the details

of your bloody laundry



My head's spinning

Is it ?




You taking anything ?






It's disgusting,

that cigarette smoke



Sorry, Molly

Can't help it



You sometimes smoke

What are you talkin' about ?

You're a party smoker



Have you told her yet, Molly ?

What ?



Eddie's left her

What ?

Shut up



Eddie's left her

She doesn't care



She does care

She doesn't care



Are you being serious ?

She phoned me at  :  

this morning to tell me



Is this true ?

Yeah, it's true



- What happened ?

- He quit his job He didn't

tell me He lied to me



I came home

I confronted him about it

He fucked off



Has he called yet ?

No He hasn't called



Fuck's sake What

are you laughing at ?



What is so funny ?

I'm sorry



What is so funny?

It's funny to you, is it ?




Probably just fed up,


Fed up with what ?



I dunno

Probably just worried

about the baby



She always takes the man's side

She always does

No, no



She's not-- She's not--

Don't try and defend her

You don't know either



- Bloody hell

- You don't know

what it's like



It's not fucking funny

I know I'm sorry

I'm really sorry



Nadia ?

- I feel sick



Oh, Molly

Fuck's sake



Oh, Molly, don't cry



Fuck's sake What's wrong

with this bloody family?



What are you crying for,




It's not that bad,




Do you want a tissue ?



I don't know

if I've got one



Look at your hair, Molly

What a mess !



Oh, shit Rain



Debbie ? I--

Yeah ?



Eh ? What is it ?

What ?

I feel really weird



- I feel--

- Oh, my God







You're having a baby,

darling Hold on, right ?



Oh, God

It's all right I'll go

get a taxi for you, right ?






Bloody hell

Come on, taxi






Fucking hell She's all right

She's having a baby

I just gotta get a taxi







Get dressed, Darren We gotta

get out of the room by  ..  



This is the control room of VR  ,



the world's first ride combining

head-mounted display virtual reality--



Can I speak to your dad for a minute ?

Huh ?



He's just gone down to 

the fish and chip shop

All right



Listen I'm at the hospital

Molly's having a baby

Oh, is she ?



Yeah So I don't think we'll make

bonfire tonight, darling




Can't help it, Jack



You might have to stay there

with your dad, all right ?






I was-- I was

just wondering

what you're doing



Well, you know,

I mean, later



Uh, if you haven't got any plans,

you could come over maybe



Um, yeah That'd be great



Yeah ?




Right Um, well,

I'll see you around  :  

yeah ?



Okay Yeah Great

You've got the address ?




Great Then,

I'll see you later



All right Bye



She's in the middle

of a contraction now



Thank you



Aw Okay Okay, Molly

Come on



You're doing really good

Look at me Look at me, Molly



In through your nose

and out through your mouth

Oh, my God



Slowly That's it

That's it That's it

Debbie, I can't do this



You're doing fine

You're doing fine

You're right



That's beautiful

Well done Well done

Clever girl



'Course it hurts

a little, Molly

That's lovely





























Debbie ?



This is the Royal Pavilion, one of

the elite hotels on the island--



You have to wonder, why oil?



with any of the great cities

of Europe,



and it didn't get where it is today

by thinking small





Hiya, Nad

What are you doing here ?



Uh, you haven't seen our Jack, have you ?

No Why ?



Uh, I just been 'round

to your Debbie's, and there

was no one in there,



so I thought he might

have come 'round here



It says "welcome"

Can I come in ?






How are ya ?

I'm all right

What's going on ?



Nothin' I was just

lookin' forJack I was

meant to drive him back



to Debbie's today,

and, um, when I woke up,

he wasn't there



What ? So you haven't

seen him today at all ?



Both of us were asleep--

You haven't seen him

since last night ?



No, but he was there,

you know what I mean ?

Oh, bloody hell



Anyway, how are ya ?

Did you have a good time

last night ?



Nad, it's no big deal, you know

what I mean ? I don't know why

you're getting so annoyed



All's I need to know is

what park the bonfire thingy

is in

















Help !

Shut up!



Help! Help!



Shut up!



Get off! Get off!






















So what's next, then, Nad ?

I'm gonna ring the police



Fuckin' genius idea



What's wrong with that ? Have

you got a better suggestion,

then ?



It's all right, Molly

All right



Debbie Phillips ?

Telephone call



That'll be Eddie, darling



I told you he'd come



It's her first baby

Oh, she'll be fine



It's just there

All right Thanks,

darling Hello ?



Hello, Mum ?

Hello, Jack

What you phoning for ?



I'm at the police station

What ? What the fuck

you doing there ?



I got mugged

Oh, fuck's sake, Jack !



- I can't bloody believe this

Where's your dad ?

- I dunno



- I can't bloody believe this

Where's your dad ?

- I dunno



I think he's at the pub

Bloody hell



Listen, Jack

Don't bloody move

Just stay there, right ?



Yeah Okay

Mummy's coming, darling



Okay Um, Giles ?



Yeah ?

Can I meet you in resus ?

Can we go to resus, lad ?



His name's Eddie

Eddie ? Hello, Eddie



There's quite a lot of damage

to the motorcycle as well



Just gonna

cut your trousers



He should phone home

His girlfriend's pregnant

Could you just hold--




Hold the breath



Push down on your bottom,

like you're on the loo



Come on, sweetheart That's it

Well done Keep it coming









Right Will you tell her we're on our way?

Thanks Bye






What's going on ?

Molly's started,

and she's on her own



Where's Eddie ?

It's Eddie

I don't know



Eh ?

He's useless

I never liked him



That's right That's right

You never liked anyone,

did you ?



Always carping, eh ?

Always finding fault



It's never your fault,

is it ?



That's why Darren left



'Cause he couldn't

stand living with you,

that's why he left











Come on



Now boarding on Platform seven,



the Virgin train service to Manchester

Piccadilly, calling at Stoke-on-Trent--



I'm just gonna make a phone call,

all right ?

Yeah ?




One second

I'll sit down

We've got reserved seats







Bill and Eileen can't

answer your call right now,



but if you would like to

leave a message, we'll get back

to you as soon as we can



Please speak

after the beep



Hi It's Darren

Uh, just to say hi, I'm fine






He's there



All right,Jack ?



Hello ? Can I help ?

I'm his father



Yeah Would you like

to come over here, please ?

Just talkin' to him In a sec



Okay, darling ?

Woman just said

you got mugged, eh ?



What happened?

What did they do to you ?



I was watching the fireworks,

and they came up to me

and took my wallet and bag



Where's your mum ?

She's coming



Jack, don't be crying

You've managed to get hold

of her, have you ?



Where is she ?

At the hospital



Did these lads hurt you ?

With Molly



So Molly's having her baby ?




That's something, eh ?

You're gonna have a cousin,

eh ?



Where the fuck

have you been, eh ?

Come on, darlin'



Let's take you home Eh ?

Is it Mrs Phillips ?





Can I have a word?



I'm his mum

Has Jack ever run away before ?



No He's supposed to be

looking after him, isn't he ?



Mrs Phillips, I'm just

asking you a question

I was at hospital



It's not our concern

He was on his own

You all right, darling ?



If he ends up here again,

we'll be onto the Social

Can I take him home, yeah ?



Yes, please And make sure

you look after him now

Yes, I will Come on



Coming, Nadia ?




Debbie, I'll give you

a lift home, yeah ?

Just fuck off, Dan, eh ?



Debbie, I'll

give youse a lift



No Fuck off!

What are you shoutin'

at me for ?



- Will you fucking grow up ?

- You don't even know what

fucking well happened !



- You don't deserve to have

a kid, Dan! Fucking prick!

- Oh, behave!



Listen to someone

for once !



Keep it coming,

darling Keep it coming



Little push

Okay Okay



Little push Little push

Little push



Okay Big breath, Molly

Big breath



Come on Come on, Molly

No, no, no !



Don't waste the pushes

Come on Don't waste the pushes




Okay ? Okay ?



Okay? You've

got a contraction



Push Push

Keep it coming



Give me a push

Give me a push



Big push Big push

down in your bottom



Just breathe

Just breathe



Long push in your bottom,

in your bottom That's it, Work with me



That's it That's it

That's it Come out, darling



Well done



Oh, God Oh, God


Well done, darling



Okay Okay

Okay Okay Okay



It's a girl

It's a girl, Molly, yeah ?



Molly, what I'd like for you

to do now is just to turn over



so we can deliver the afterbirth,

yeah ?



Come on, darling

Come on



Turn over for me

Turn over Be careful



Just lift your leg, yeah ?



Take your time

Take your time Be careful



That's it That's it






Oh, God



Oh, sh, sh,

sh, sh



Oh, sweetie, oh





Hello Hello




Oh Sh






Molly It's Eddie

Pick up the phone



Molly, if you're there,

will you pick up the phone ?



I'm sorry, okay ?

Just pick up the phone





Hello ?





Hello, love

Molly ?



Hi, Mum

Oh, hi



How are you, darling ?



You all right, love ?




Clever girl



Oh, she's--

She looks a bit cold

Let's give Mummy a cuddle




There you go, Molly



Oh, hello Oh

There you go

There's a little girl



- Just keep her nicely wrapped up

- What you gonna call her ?






Hello, Alice






That's her there

Molly ! Molly !







Can you just--

What happened?



I-- I had a bit

of an accident



- Can you just leave us

for a couple of minutes ?

- Shall I take Alice ?



No It's all right

Don't be too long

It's very drafty



- Mum, it's fine

- You sure ?



Yeah, I am sure

Thank you

All right

Show us where things are, then ?




Give us a shout, Molly



All right

I'll come and get you

I shan't be far away



Where the fuck have you been ?



I don't know

what happened, Moll

I just-- I--



I just panicked



I just freaked out



Is she okay ?



She's perfect



Aren't you ?

Yes, you are, darling



What about you ?

Are you all right ?



Yeah I'm all right







Molly, can I have--

have a look at her ?



She's sleeping

Come on I just want to see her face



Can you see her ?








Like in Wonderland





All right, darling ?



You had me fucking worried

for a minute, Jack



Eh ? Come here, darling



Feel a little sick, do you ?

Bet you do




Your dad's a fucking idiot,

isn't he ?



He loves you really,

darling Just stupid




You know ?



You have one message

Message one





It's Darren

Uh, just to say hi, I'm fine








End of message

You have one message



Message one



It's Darren

Uh, just to say hi, I'm fine














Yeah Toast

Toast with cheese on top

Your favorite



Eh ?






Dad !




Hello, love






Nice to see you,

eh ?

And you

Are you all right ?



Yeah Of course

I'm all right




Um, did you hear about--



Baby girl, yeah



Yeah Yeah Makes me

a bloody grandfather again





- Um, Darren called

- Did he ?



Well, he didn't speak much

He just left a message

on the machine,



but he seemed happy enough







I've just given your mum

a lift to the hospital






Bill ? Bill, uh,



I thought

that might help



Yeah Thanks Very good

There's a page here--

I marked the page





It's brilliant, yeah








- You two know each other ?

- Yeah

- No



Well, make your minds up



Listen, I just popped by to say hello

Better get off to work



All right, then

I'll see you soon, Dad



Yeah I have to, uh--


See ya



Look in again



When your mum's in next time, eh ?

She's dyin'to see ya



All right



How are you ?

Not too bad





How's work ?




Greasy ? Yeah ?

I like your hair



Oh, thanks

Oh, be careful


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