Walk On The Wild Side Script - The Dialogue

Ta da! The Walk On The Wild Side transcript is here for all you Jane Fonda and Laurence Harvey fans out there.. The entire dialogue script, all the quotes, the whole shebang. I know, I know, I still need to get the character names in there...I'm workin' on it, trust me. If you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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What's that?

Who's that?

Who's that?

Hey, go on, get out of here.

I said, go on, get out of here. Come on, get out.

What are you doing here?

My doctor recommended fresh air. What are you here for?

- Looking for a place to sleep. - Well, this room's occupied.

How about this one next door?

- Ask the night clerk. Don't bother me. - What are you so mad about?

I'm cold, hungry and a million miles from nowhere...

...and in the middle of a wild dream, you wake me up.

I'm sorry.

Hey, mister, you got something to eat?


I can't help it if I slobber. I ain't eaten all day.

Don't bother me none.

I wish I had some more. Well, see you in the morning.

Hey, mister?

Something tells me you're new at this game. A babe in the great big woods.

It's my first night out in the world.

Yeah? You need looking after.

Come on to my room, it's warmer. I got the end stopped up.

Besides, you don't look like someone invited you, girl.

Come on, I won't bite.

Besides, I got twin beds.

- After you. - Gentlemen first.

- Let go. You're gonna bust my hand! - It'll serve you right.

Let go!

Oh, let go!

Man, that sure was a dumb thing to try.

Well, I'm hungry.

And I've been dreaming all night about potatoes.

- That's still no reason. - Yeah, what are you gonna do to me?

Nothing. You ain't done nothing. You just tried.

You wouldn't have got much...

...but I got the price of a couple of breakfasts, if that's all you want.

You mean it?

You're a real gentleman, mister. Mister...?

Dove. Dove Linkhorn.

Oh, man, my bones feel like they been through a mangle.

Where you headed for, Dove Linkhorn?

New Orleans.

Well, strike me blind. So am I.

Oh, I am fed up with this great big, undone hunk of state.

I'm going to New Orleans.

- They better nail it down when I arrive. - You're gonna need a buck for that.

Well, a girl always needs a buck.

She's got other things she can use.

- Thanks. - You're welcome

Oh, boy. We sure are greenhorn.

But don't worry. A few lessons from Mama Twist and you'll be a old pro.

Where'd you get a name like...

What were you saying?

I said, where'd you get a name like "Twist"?

Kitty Twist?

That's what they took to calling me in the home.

Kitty Twist.

You know what my real name is? Tristram.

No folks?

Yeah. Yeah, I got a ma, up in Kentucky.

Like as not she's drunk herself to death by now.

Kind of bad, having a ma like that.

Even if it stinks, it's home.

You ain't much of a talker, are you?

Well, it's been my experience that the talkers ain't never cute...

...and the cute ones ain't never talkers.

And you're cute.

Hey, Dove.

This is where we gotta get off.

Beaumont's a right mean town to get through.

Lesson number one:

Get off while the train's moving, on the side away from the station.

Give me a couple of them tomatoes too.

- How much is that? - 35 cents.

Thank you.

Rise and shine.

You're surprised, huh?

Every part of me cried out for attention, so I gave it.

Man, you sure do look different.

Oh, boy, you not only don't talk much, you don't say much.

Food, come on. Why we wasting time? Let's eat.

Come on, then.

Hey, you throw pretty good for a girl.

For a girl, hell. Walter Johnson never throwed better.

I'm a big-league kid from a big-league town.

Clang! Clang! All aboard!

Dove, one of these days I'm gonna make some money...

...and I'll do something for you. - Like what?

I'm gonna get you a pair of real city shoes and a real shirt.

I'm gonna dress you in the finest.

Come on, let's go.

We got 300 miles to get to New Orleans.

- Dove. You got the food, I get the lifts. - Sure.

You go wait behind that tree. Come quick when I whistle.

I'll do that.

- Hi. - Hop in, honey.

Sorry, kid...

...giving lifts is against regulation. - Yeah, but wait. He's my brother.

What did you tell him?

Never mind. Just cough now and then like you're dying.

So it's gonna be you.

You and me.

Oh, we're gonna have a good time, ain't we, Dove?

I made up my mind when I run away from the home.

I'm gonna have a good time. Nothing else, just a good time.

I ain't looking for a good time.

Oh, yeah? What else are you doing tonight?

Resting up for New Orleans.

You'll like me, Dove.

Sure, I like you, Kitty, but I don't feel like fooling.

Come here, and I'll make you feel like fooling.

When I want something, I'll ask for it.

Who are you saving it for, Dove?

What's her name?


Her name's Hallie.

She in New Orleans?

I hope so.

I ain't seen her in three years.

I'll never forget the first time I met her.

We went swimming together.

It was at night.

The way she moved in the water, like a kind of a white flash.

It was then I kissed her for the very first time.

She gave me something I'd never known before.

Something I ain't experienced since.

Afterwards, in the moonlight...

...we danced like we was celebrating a miracle.

A crazy kind of dance. And then we sang and shouted...

...like it wasn't real.

As if it was in another world.

Sometimes I think it never really happened to us.

She sounds kind of wild. Like me.

She ain't like nobody.

You think I'm just a tramp, don't you?

Well, I'm not! I may act like one, but I'm not.

You just wait, Dove Linkhorn. One of these days you're gonna ask me.

And I'm gonna say, "Sorry, mister, this seat's occupied."

It's a shame. We could have had such a good time.

Gotta drop you here.

Never know when we're gonna run into an inspector up ahead.

You're in walking distance of New Orleans, though.

Oh, thanks a lot, mister. Brother and me will remember you in our prayers.

- You can be sure of that. - Much obliged for the ride.

That's okay, good luck. Let's go.

Bless you. Just bless you.

- Come on, I'll show you New Orleans. - I smell chili. I'm hungry.

- New Orleans is full of chili. - I can't walk on an empty stomach.

Oh, you can't walk.

You're crazy! Always getting hungry, like you was a millionaire.

Come on, kid.

Give me a cigarette there, Kitty, will you?

It sure smells good.

Hey, you want some coffee?

- Please. - Okay.

Two chilies and two coffees, please.

A piece of that cherry pie.

You want the giant or the regular?

- Regular. - You like some tortillas?

Yes, I sure would like some tortillas, and some chicharrones too...

...but we'll just have a couple of bowls of chili and two coffees.

- You're from Texas. - How did you guess?

I'm from Texas too.

Sounds like a real old-fashioned reunion.

Where can I wash my hands, please, ma'am?

- That door, to the left. - Thank you.

Other side for ladies.

Personally, you can give me good American food any day...

...but if he wants that other stuff, bring it for us, will you?

Chicharrones and tortillas?

I hope it's easier to eat than pronounce.

What's all this?

Ask me no questions, Dove.

You been asking for handouts?

Oh, you know, you can be very insulting.

Well, ain't you gonna eat?

That's a nice song.

Sure does remind me of home.

What part of Texas you from? Mexico?

I've had all I can chamber.

Well, let's go, then.

Hey, don't rush me. I'm too full to move fast. Besides, I like that music.

Yeah, I know what you like.

Boy, she sure can cook.

Nobody can make chili like a good Texas woman can.

Texas, Texas. That's all you Texas people can talk about. Texas!

If we're gonna stay here, why don't you put another tune on the box.

Sure thing, kid.

Maybe they've got "Mississippi Mud."

Nope. They don't have it.

Anything, then.

That's my favorite.

- What is it? What's the matter? - I don't know, it's a cramp.

- Dove. - What's the matter, Kitty?

Oh, Dove, I feel sick.

I don't know, it's the chili, maybe.

The chili? Listen...

Oh, if I could lie down for a minute.

Come on, bring her to my room. She can lie down, okay?

This way.

Oh, Dove.

Look, can I get you something?

Some hot tea or some soup...

No, nothing. Let me just be quiet. I'll be all right.

Excuse me.

You feeling any better?

A little.

Dove, let me just rest for a while by myself.

I'll wait for you outside. If you want anything, just holler.

- Here, let me give you a hand. - No, no. This is my job.

Hey, you all right now.

- I never felt better. - That's good.

Come on, Dove, let's get out of here.

Are you coming or not?

How much do I owe you, ma'am?

That's 85 cents.

Eighty-five, nothing. We ain't paying for food that almost killed me.

- Now, wait a minute, Kit, you can't... - You know...

...I ought to take you to the board of health.

They got laws about poisoning people in public places.

- What are you trying to do? - Don't be dumb.

I ought to take her to court and sue for damages.

You know, legally, lady, you're in trouble.

You recover quick for somebody who is poisoned.

And if you've got insurance, you're in worse trouble.

Imagine, an innocent person walking...

And of course you make your living by walking.

That remark's gonna cost you extra.

It's on the house. Now, get out.

I don't like how, for 85 cents, you smell.

Come on, Dove.

Some of my best ideas come to me like that...

...right on the spur of the moment.

Oh, Dove, you ought to always let me take care of you.

I'm talented like that.

Here. Take this, it's yours.

One dollar. 85 cents, plus tip.

I didn't earn it.

You cheated for it.

You conned that woman for it.

Take it, and we're quits.

Come on, take it.

- You stole this from her? - I didn't steal it, I found it.

Lie, cheat, steal. Is that all you know?

And you think that woman is better? Trying to steal you away from me.

I just don't get you. I can understand some things you've done...

...but stealing from someone that's doing you a kindness...

...I just don't... - Oh, child.

Those people are the best kind to take. People who do you a favor...

...are too busy patting their own backs to be watchful.

Stop talking like a no-good, like you don't know what's right.

A good time is right. Everything else is wrong.

Dove? Dove!

Don't go away.

Look, Dove, don't leave me alone.

You're heading for trouble, Kitty...

...but not with me. Now, get out of my way and stay out.

What do you want?

Oh, so this is what she took.

- I'm sorry, ma'am. - Thank you.

You are very kind.

Listen, it's not much of a reward...

...but you wanna join me for coffee? - Thank you.

And where is your friend?

I don't know.

That's one of the prettiest ones I've ever seen.

You are Catholic?

What is your religion?

My religion?

It's a girl.

Weighs about 119 pounds...

...and gray eyes.

She's French.

And where? In what shrine does this holy person stay?

It's a big city, I don't know yet.

You got her address?

- You got her name? - Gerard.


How you spell that?


What is her first name?


Hallie. That's a nice name.

My name is Teresina.

Pleased to meet you, ma'am.

No, I don't find it.

Listen, maybe she's living in a hotel.

Or maybe we find out where she works.

What does she do?

She's an artist. Paints, sculpts.

Maybe to find this religion we gotta put an ad in the newspaper.

In the personal columns.

I show you.


Like this.

"Anyone knowing...

...the whereabouts...

...of Hallie Gerard...

...please contact..."

Dove Linkhorn.


"Dove Linkhorn."

Pleased to meet you.

"Please contact Dove Linkhorn at..."

Well, that's the trouble...

...I don't have no address.

Besides, how much would that cost?

I don't know, a few dollars.

I don't have it. Until I find a job, I can't...

You know, that was my favorite rosary.

I think maybe I ought to give you a reward.

You don't owe me nothing.

So proud, so foolish, so in a hurry.

Can you change a tire? Wash dishes?

- I'm pretty smart for my age. - I can use some help here.

You're doing all right by yourself.

No. In rush hour, it's hard with only two hands.

And they need a vacation from dishwater. I don't have anybody...

...because the kind of man drifting around nowadays I don't want.

How do you know I'm not that kind?


You see, like all women, I am romantic.

You should find this woman and marry her.

Look, I give you a salary, not too big...

...meals, and you can sleep in one of the cabins.


You got yourself a hired hand.

I get you some blankets.

Now, go on, finish the ad. Now you got an address.

It's in again.

Why do you keep bringing me that like a retriever dog?

- Every day for a week. - Hallie never reads the newspapers.

He'll get tired of wasting his money.

It's a big city, full of lost girls.

Well, I just don't want you to get upset, Jo.

It's you who is upset, not me.

He's so close to the ground he picks up all the tremors.

- You shut up or I'll... - Stop it, boys.

I'm going up to see Hallie.

- Are you coming, Reba? - Yeah, get a taxi. I'll be right out.


Hallie, it's 3 in the afternoon.

You're getting lazier and lazier.

Wake up.

- Come on, wake up. - What for?

Well, you can't sleep the whole day away.

What were you trying to do here, strangle it?

Mama, is Miss Precious upstairs?

She's feeling kind of poorly, Mr. Oliver.

When I saw her this morning, I said, "You go lie down...

...and I'll tell Mr. Oliver you ain't up to seeing nobody.

- Mr. Oliver's a gentleman and"... - Mama...

...shut your mouth.

I wonder what she's done now.

Morning, Oliver. I was just thinking about you.

Was you, honey?

What was you thinking?

I was thinking how the colonel used to say...

...that love was really all that mattered.

That it melted the hardest heart.

You ever watch the movies, Precious?

What do they do to a girl that holds out on the house?

Oh, Oliver...

...I know I was drunk last night, but I didn't mean it.

See, this man gave me a tip, and it was just a little tip.

He said, "Go out and buy yourself some stockings."

Oh, Oliver, if you'd just as soon, I'd just as soon you not whip me...

...if I got my sooners. - I'd sooner not, sugar.

But you gotta learn not to steal no more.

Hallie, this is none of your business!


- Stop it! - Oh, Hallie! Stay out of here!

- Go away, Hallie. - Get out of this room.

- I am not finished yet. - I said, get out of here.

- She's been stealing again. - I don't care.

Don't you ever touch her again. Come here.

It's gonna be all right, Precious.

I never interfere with you, do I, Hallie?

- Little man, you couldn't. - I've taken quite a lot off you.

Not even remotely what you've deserved.

He shouldn't have done that, Hallie.

The colonel wouldn't have done that.

It's gonna be all right.

Hallie, let's get out of this place. Let's leave here.

To do what? Where would we go?

After three years of this easy life, I don't have energy for anything else.

Do you?

Hallie, don't make me answer that.

- Get me to crying again. - Don't cry.

You'd better take care of yourself.

You know, Jo's got a terrible temper.

You don't know what I know. What's the worst that can happen?

You die.

Oh, Hallie, you make me shiver.

- Don't say that. - All right.

Pretty yourself up, now.


Don't steal anymore.

Oh, Hallie. Hallie, you're so good to me.

The colonel always said that you could tell everything about a person...

...just by the size of their heart.

I've got to go now. You'll be all right, won't you?

I'll see you later.

Now, don't say anything, Jo, I warn you. Don't.

I wish you'd get rid of him, Jo.

I try to stay out of my employees' private lives.

That's no answer.

I'm running a business, and Oliver is necessary to that.

One of these days I'll go to the Doll House and do something...

...about that necessity.

The less you go down to the Doll House, the happier I'll be.

That was cruel, Jo. She's got the mind of a little girl.

It was like beating a sick child.

I cannot stand that sort of cruelty.

I won't.

All right, Hallie.

I'll see that he never touches her again.

My, we are depressed, aren't we?

No, I'm bored.

And I've only just gotten up.

Maybe I ought to go back to bed.

You know, Hallie, you're such a fantastic mixture.

- I'm different. I'm special. - Yes, you are.

You're so wrong, Jo.

I'm no different than Precious, Georgianne or the others.

- You are to me. - Oh, don't humor me.

- Promise me one thing, Hallie. - What?

You won't go down to the Doll House anymore.

Sorry, Jo.

I can't stay cooped up here.

I've got to break out, to find excitement.

Lock me up, swallow the key and I'll still crawl out...

...nibble my way out through the plaster.

I know all your moods, but this one is different.

- There's something... - Please don't nag me.

- I'm only trying to understand you. - Then stop trying to change me...

...because I cannot change.

Oh, Jo, stop trying.

Just let me go on being what I am, whatever that is.

All right, Hallie, I'll let you be. Let's not quarrel.

It hurts me when we quarrel. I'll tell you what.

Let's spend the afternoon here. You can start a new head of me.

Or my hands. You've always wanted to do my hands.

I'm not in the mood.

And you're too busy.

Besides, you haven't got the patience.

Oh, you know me better than that, Hallie.

Sometimes I've waited years for what I wanted.

Anybody call today?


I'm getting the feeling that it ain't Hallie that's lost, it's me.


I'm beginning to hate this town and everything about it.

I'd like to kick it in.

Shake it, bust it wide open.

No wonder you can't find your Hallie.

Maybe she doesn't want to see you.

Maybe she knows what you are like. All the time, sitting around...

...feeling sorry for yourself. You are not so pleasant to be with.

Maybe she has gone away because she knows you are here...

...and that you are no prize. - Shut up, will you?

This is my café. No man tells me to shut up in my own café!

I'm sorry, Dove...

...for talking like that.

I didn't mean it.

You know...

You know how it is with a woman.

When they like somebody, right away they gotta become a nuisance.

I am a nuisance.

Please, Dove.

Look, I brought you something.

I know when men have pain, sometimes they drink to forget...

...to ease the soul.

When my husband was alive, that is what he used to do...

...when he had too much worry or trouble.

You know what I've been thinking?

You know the repair shop?

I'm gonna open it, and you're gonna run it.

We could be partners. And then you'll feel better.

Not so hopeless, not so lost.

Do you know what they call a man who lives off a woman?

- They call him a... - No.


When people are kind to each other...

...why do they have to find a dirty word for it?


Mr. Bonito's been waiting for you.

With company like you, I don't know what he wants me for.


Have you been waiting long?

- Long enough. - You should have sent me up a note.

But I forget, you don't like to write.

You don't like me much.

Oh, that's not entirely true. I'm very fond of you.

Did you buy me that Brancusi?

Nobody ever heard of him. I asked the whole city hall.

He's a sculptor, darling.

Like Michelangelo, Maillol, Rodin and me.

Last time you told me you wrote poetry.


I just echo it.

I'm a sculptress.

Or rather, I used to be before I fell down the well.

But it's a very nice well.


And all the little frogs love me.

And the big frog...

...Madame Jo, adores me.

Yes, it's a very nice well.

I have the run of the bottom of the well.

I need some money.

What's it for this time?

It's for a...

It's for a lady friend of mine. She's got another friend and her friend...

Oh, in fact, it's her friend's friend's sister.

She's got a boyfriend.

It's his birthday.

You're a real gentleman.

One of the very few left in the world.

Stop smiling, Hallie, let's go.

"And when she smiled it was as if the moon came out."

A remark by T.S. Eliot.

Ever heard of Eliot? A bank clerk.

You know, Hallie, smart from books ain't so smart.

Oh, but I forget, you don't speak French.

Did you ever hear of bread?

I butter yours. Jo's too, this whole dump's.

Without me, you don't last a week. Right?

I know.

We're all so grateful.

With the compliments of a Southern gentleman.


One moment, please.

- Dove. - Yeah?

Dove, it's the telephone for you.

- Hello? - I can talk only a minute.

If you want Hallie Gerard, you can find her at 904 Chartres Street.

Wha...? Hello?

Was it Hallie?

No, but she said I could find Hallie. 904 Chartres Street.

Do you know where that is?

- Yes. - Where is it?

Just go to the Quarter and ask anyone.

What you want, mister?

I'm looking for Miss Hallie Gerard.

One flight up, first door. Right up there.

Thank you.

Come in.


Hello, Hallie.


Precious, this is an old friend of mine, Dove Linkhorn.

- Pleased to meet you, I'm sure. - Miss Precious lives down the hall.

Oh, Hallie's told me all about you, Mr. Linkhorn.

And about Arroyo. You know, I never even heard of Arroyo till I met Hallie.

You see, you must excuse my ignorance, I'm from Georgia.

It's just that I've never been to Texas.

But I do know about the Alamo and about the Panhandle.

Now, what in the world is a panhandle?

Do you know I thought it meant "to beg"?

Hallie says you're a farmer.

Oh, I always wanted a farm.

The colonel always said, "Two's company, three's a crowd."

- So I better be getting along. - No...

No, when old friends meet, one should leave them so they can talk.

The colonel always said...

Well, nice to meet you, Mr. Linkhorn.

You're looking well, Dove.

So are you, Hallie.

How's your father?

He's dead.

Oh, I'm sorry.

It was bound to happen.

Miracle was that he held out so long.

You loved him very much, didn't you?

Love or duty, I'll never know which.

I lit out to find you the moment I could.

I'm free now.


Just yesterday I gave up hope.

I've been looking everywhere for you.

Putting ads in the papers.

I didn't think I'd ever find you.

Now it seems like those three years never passed.

Look, Dove, I should have written you.

But you did write.

You wrote me 12 letters.

I should have written you a 13th...

...telling you that...

- Telling me what? - Oh, Dove.

Summers end, things change.

It was such a short time.

- Four months. - And to you that's a lifetime.

Well, it lasted four months, then it disappeared.

But it couldn't have.

It's nothing unusual for a love to end, any more than it is for it to begin.

- But in your letters... - I have a different life now...

...different friends.

- Hallie, l... - Oh, damn it, Dove! Go away!

Will you go away!

I'm sorry you found me.

I didn't find you.

I found somebody else.

Dove, wait.

I don't want you to go away hating me.

I'd like you to try to understand.

After I left Texas, I went to New York.

New York.

A mob of six million people, and every one of them a stranger.

Sometimes the weeks passed and nobody spoke to me...

...except a waitress, a bus driver, or a guy on the make.

I was so lonely I ached all over.

And I wrote you letters.

And I cried for you.

In a cramped, dirty little room I cried for you.

"Where is Dove? Why doesn't he come?"


You knew I couldn't leave my father.

- He was sick, he needed me. - I was sick...

...scared sick, and I needed you.

Oh, Dove...

...if only you could have given me hope.

I couldn't...

- I couldn't count my father's days. - But I was counting mine.


...one day a woman bought a painting of mine...

...from a little gallery in the Village.

She found out where I lived and came to see me.

I was flattered.

The hungry, lonely artist was discovered.

And suddenly everything changed.

And I stopped crying for you.

I had a friend. For the first time in a long time...

...I could speak with someone who understood, who knew how I felt...

...who protected me and...

She lived here in New Orleans...

...and one day she asked me to come with her, please, for the Mardi Gras.

I came.

She brought me to this place for a drink and to this studio.

Took a look around and I said to myself:

"Hallie, this is it.

You're home at last."

Oh, Dove.

Go away.

Please go away.

Hallie, I can't. I have too much to make up for.

I'm no good for you anymore. Believe me, I'm no good.

I've got so much love for you. And it can't grow less, it can't have.

Please go.

- When can I see you again? - I don't know.

- Tomorrow? - No, I can't.

- I have too many things to do. L... - The day after tomorrow?

All right. The day after tomorrow.

2:00 in front of Lafitte's.

Goodbye, Dove.

- Goodbye, Hallie. - Goodbye.

Excuse me.

- Who was that? - Dove Linkhorn.

Not a bad-looking boy.

All the way from Texas. I'm sorry for him.

Careful, Hallie. Pity can be a dangerous emotion...

...and you have a great capacity for it.

Oh, I see you've started working again.

Why don't you go back to it?

Suddenly I don't feel like working.

All right, then, let's go shopping.

Sorry, I really don't feel like doing anything today.

The boy, he...

- He upset you that much? - No.

Yes. Yes, he did.

He reminded me of everything I'm not...

...and of everything I thought I couldn't be.

I didn't think I'd ever find you.


Oh, it seems like...

Like those three years never passed.

Hello, Dove.

You don't get saved because you've been born in hell!

You know, it's funny. It's like I'm walking with another girl.

Her name's Hallie, but I hardly know her.

You know, you look different, even since yesterday.

I'm sorry, Dove.

You're even more beautiful.


I want to tell you something, and I have to.

- What is it? - It's about me.

About how much of a stranger to you I really am.

I'm sorry...

...I cannot help it, but I'm...


That's right, I mean you! Now, both you sinners hurry and pass!

- You got no business with us, mister. - Sinners is my business!

You and that hip-slinging daughter of Satan.

You know, there's a smell of sulfur and brimstone about you.

- A smell of hellfire! - Who ordained you, preacher?

I am self-ordained, son. I had the call.

You were called by the wrong voice, mister.

Lord, strike this sinner down!

Send a bolt down to smite and consume the blasphemer now!

He won't hear you. Because you're no friend of God or man...

...standing there hollering hate to the world.

God is love. God is mercy and forgiveness.

Try preaching that sometime, Mr. Preacher.

Teach people to forgive, not to crawl in fear.

Teach people to love, not hate! Preach the Good Book!

Preach the truth! Come on, Hallie.

I'm sorry I got so worked up, Hallie...

...but, well, he's got no right to be preaching like that.

What was it you were gonna tell me?

Nothing, Dove, nothing.

It's just, I'm so glad you're here.

Come on.

Everything's so green here.

You know, you people are spoiled.

Where I come from...

...the earth is brown and dusty most of the year around.

Yes, I remember.

It's so quiet here.

My father used to say that love came on silent feet.

Poor Papa.

A man caught between two worlds.

He was homesick for America, yet he wouldn't leave Paris.

Then your mother should have made him go.

My mother left when I was a child.

How could anyone leave you?

She was so greedy for life.

She wanted so much.

Not even a husband and child were enough.

She wanted to taste everything.

And I am my mother's child.

Tell me.

- I'd like to know everything about you. - There should be secrets...

...unknown things.

Not when two people are married.

Why, Dove, are you proposing?

Marry me, Hallie.

No, I can't.

Give me one reason.

I'll give you a thousand.

Please, it's been such a wonderful day. Don't spoil it.


I'm sorry I spoiled your day...

...by asking you to be my wife.

Oh, no, no. I didn't mean it that way. L...


We haven't seen each other for so long. For years.

Just give me time to think about it.

I can wait.

I ain't got no train to catch.

Hallie, you're late. Jo wants to see you.

I'll be down after I dress.

Another thing. Too many girls end up more loaded than the clients...

...and their so-called brains become addled.

The customers take advantage of them.

Think of the house, not yourself. Call me if there's any trouble...

...or Oliver.

Get yourself a gown. You can pay me back later.

Oliver will show you where to buy it and what kind.

Miss Courtney, I wanna assure you that I will cooperate in every way.

Because, for me, it's an honor to be working in the Doll House.

And if by accident I should step on anybody's toes...

...or, like, a special boyfriend or something like that...

...I just ask to be told nicely, because it won't be intentional...

Get the mouthpiece on her.

And most of all, I wanna thank you for getting me out of jail.

You talk too much. Get yourself that gown.


Watch yourself, she works for the house.

- Gin. - Jo wants to see you, Hallie.

- Yes, I know. - Hey!


How's my baby?

I've been waiting for you.

- Don't you remember me, baby? - I'm afraid not.

Lieutenant Omar Stroud, United States Marines...

...reporting for active duty. - We're at peace now, soldier.

No, baby, the dogs of war:

- You hear them? - Sounds like distemper to me.

I'm sailing soon for parts unknown, baby.

Darkest Panama. Very dangerous down in Panama.

- Jungle rot. Lose lots of men. - Jo's waiting, Hallie.

Sorry, lieutenant, you'll excuse me.

To hell with this Joe guy. I staked my claim first.

Let her alone, lieutenant.

You want to get to Panama all in one piece?

- Lots of other girls here. - Not for Omar, buddy.

Geronimo. Remember?

Let her alone.

Okay. I retreat.

- Good luck, lieutenant. - I'll be waiting, Hallie. Right here.

- Oh, Hallie. You look wonderful. - Thanks.

Frank Bonito dropped by. He was disappointed he didn't see you...

...but he left these flowers for you, which I think was quite considerate.

Taste and good manners impress me, not $20 worth of flowers.

- Had a nice day? - Oh, I just did the town.

- Alone? - Yes, of course. Why?

Oliver saw you. You were with Dove all afternoon.

Now, you know lying to me, Hallie, is...

Oh, well, perhaps maturity will change all that.

What do you think I'll mature into? You?

I want to know what's going on between you and that boy.

- You love that Texas dirt farmer? - He's more than that.

It's gone quite far already. You'd like to make him happy.

- Make all his dreams come true. - Mine too.

- Perhaps even get married. - Yes, even get married.

All right, Hallie.

I'll be sorry to lose you.

If you think the world is your oyster, go ahead, take it.

But how do you think the boy will feel when he finds out what you are?

- He'll forgive me. - All right, go to him.

A girl like you has so much to offer a man: A knife to cut his heart out.

- I'll change. - Of course you'll change.

Haven't you said that before? But go on and tell him.

Tell him about the days and nights of Hallie Gerard.

Tell him about the mud you've rolled in for years. Well, tell him!

Better throw this one back, Hallie.

Don't try to fool him with lies, and don't try to fool me with lies.

- For his sake. - Don't threaten me, Jo.

Why, you silly, stupid, blind...

Do you think I'm playing childhood games?

- Lf you won't tell him, I will. - No!

You may be weak, but I'm not!

I'll find your dirt farmer and I'll tell him and that'll be the end of that!

Oh, Hallie.


You've been dreaming.

You've had a brief dream of young love and candy kisses.

And it's all so foolish, so unreal.


If you have any feeling for that boy, let me break it off.

No, Jo.

Let me end it.

Let me tell him. I owe him that. Please?

All right, Hallie.

All right, Hallie.

Forty years, married to a good man.

It's a little damp. You can have it for two cents.

It's also yesterday's.

Forty years of a good life. Forty years married to a good man.

No, thank you. I don't want it.

I can't accept charity.

Here, I'll take it.

There's something happened yesterday I wanna read about.

I only asked two cents.

Yesterday's papers are harder to come by. They should cost more.

Thank you, sir.

Step inside, ma'am.

If it ain't too much of a strain, Miss Gerard, would you mind climbing?

Do you like it?

Sixteen dollars a month.

And furnished.

Sky comes free.


- It's very nice. - A palace.

A private palace, that's what we got now.

You like birds? I'll get some.

I'll give them orders to do nothing but sing all day long.

Somebody's coming.

Well, Mr. Linkhorn.

Them stairs is for young people.

Well, how'd your missus like the place?

Tell her, Hallie.

Why, I like it very much.

She's crazy about it. She's a painter.

An artist? I don't allow drinking or yelling.

She's a tame one.

Here, $ 10 deposit.


Well, if your missus ain't sure, Mr. Linkhorn...

We can look someplace else, if this don't fit the bill.

No, take it. Take it, Dove.

- There you are, sold. - Okay.

If you'll come with me, I'll give you a receipt.

We got a home now.

- Hey, Hallie! - Yes, Dove.

- Coming. - It's ours now. Ours!

I didn't actually tell her we were married.

She just kind of took it for granted.

I almost did too.

You know, we could...

Well, we could move in right away.

I love you, Hallie.

I love you so.

Hold me.



Hey, honey.

Getting kind of eager?

Well, she ain't there, she's down at the bar.

Getting close to evening now. Birds are on the wing.

What're you drinking, sport?

What are you doing?

What is the matter? Stop it. Damn it, stop it!

Dove, you're crazy!

Come on, stop!

Please, stop!

Come on.

Well, all dolled up, aren't we?

It is my brother's birthday. We're giving him a party.

I sure admire a nice build on a woman.

Thank you.

God has been generous.

I'm sorry to rush you, but we're closing early.

Hey, Dove, it's getting late.

Oh, come on. Please get dressed. It's a long ride.

You feel better now?

Yeah, fine.

I'm leaving tomorrow.

You made up your mind before to go away.


I have known such a time would come.

I have also known what I would say.

I would beg you to stay.

On my knees, I would beg you.

I'm begging you now.

Please stay.

Teresina, I can't.

You don't love me, I know that.

But in love it matters not which loves the most.

I love enough for two.

That girl, you still love her?

You know the story of Hosea and Gomer?


In the Bible...

...Hosea fell in love with Gomer.

She was a harlot.

They got married...

...but she couldn't stay away from men.

Hosea got mad and threw her out. Sold her into slavery.

But he couldn't get her out of his mind, so he went looking for her.

When he found her, he brought her back home.

But it was no good.

Before long, she was up to her old tricks again.

But he loved her anyway...

...and he couldn't give her up.

So he took her into the wilderness...

...away from temptation.

Away from other men.

And that's what I have to do with Hallie.


I will pray for you.

I'm crazy about that song.

Come on, Miss Precious, you sing like a bird.

Hey, how about "Rhubarb Comin' Up All Around"?

I don't like songs with vulgar words in them.

- I like modesty songs. - Hey, how about this?


You don't have to be here. You're not well.

Take your claws off me!

I'm not going to my room. How long can I sit there chewing my lip?

Let's not have a scene. We'll have a drink...

I want to sit drinking with a man, not with you.

- This one. He's attractive. - You're being perverse.

I was born perverse. Isn't that a woman's nature?

Maybe I should let you do what you want: Go to hell in a hack.

Fine. As long as the driver's got gold braid, tall, dark and handsome...

- I've had enough of this. Let's go... - You want me to scream?

Do you?

Good evening.

- Why, hello. - Would you buy me a drink?

- My pleasure. - Thank you.

Give me more. More. That's it.

- What's your pleasure, sport? - Whiskey, please.

- Anything else I can do for you? - No.

Four bits.


Look who I see. If it isn't the Reverend Dove Linkhorn.

- Kitty. - Kitty from Padooka, nobody else.

Got a cigarette, Dockery?

- What are you doing here, Kitty? - I run the candy concession.

You know, Reverend, when you left me...

...and didn't give a damn what happened to me...

...I got picked up for vagrancy.

If it wasn't for Jo Courtney's lawyer, I'd still be rotting in that stinking jail.

Well, you old Bible-thumper, what are you here for?

Looking for justice, mercy, love?

Well, you know, Dove, I ought to thank you.

Because if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be working here.

Why are you doing this, Kitty?

I like my work.

Besides, you meet a better class of people than you do on the road.

- Kitty, I want... - Dovey!

Oh, you wanna see me?

You make an appointment with him.

I'm looking for Hallie, Kitty.


- The Hallie that works here? - Do you know where she is? I want...

Oh, Dovey, you'd better get in line.

Are you a surgeon?

That explains your strong, beautiful hands.

Tell me, what's it like to be a doctor's wife?

I don't know. I don't have one.

You're certainly an unusual girl to find in this sort of place.

You ever been married?


- Do you want to talk about it? - No.

Your hand's cold.

You're a hard-working doctor, you came here to forget your troubles...

...and all you get is an icy hand. You should ask for your money back.

I'm satisfied.

Thank you, sir.

You know something? I wish I hadn't met you here.

As they say, the breaks of life. Good night.

Hello, Hallie.

Jo wants to see you, honey.

Well, what are you going to do, just sit there looking at me?

If you let me.

Only money buys attention here.

Hallie, I...

Suppose I said...

Suppose I said we forget the past...

...and start from scratch again.

I need you, Hallie.

- So does every man who comes here. - Didn't you hear me? I need you.

I'm past reclaiming, Dove. Don't you understand?

If you've got the price, you're welcome. If not, there is the front door.

All right.

I'm joining the bandwagon.

Well, if it's convincing you want...

- When did you first meet him? - We come from Texas together.

He brought you from Texas?

He didn't exactly bring me, Miss Jo. We come in on the back of a truck.

You crossed the state line?

How else you get from Texas to Louisiana?

- Why, Miss Jo? - I just like to know all about my girls...

...their backgrounds, their friends. That's all.

Now, go on back and cheer up the guests.

Thank you.

Some men like music.


Come on, I'll take you out of here. I'll help you pack.

Dove, think.

- Thinking's no good, only feeling is. - Feeling can be a trap. Please, think.

About what?

About the way I've lived, what I am.

It cannot be healed overnight, a thing like that.

A thing like what?

A thing like being...

Oh, you see, Dove, right away you cringe.

The past don't mean a thing.

Only the future. If we don't grab it while we can we'll never have it.

I'll do it. You get a cab and wait for me at the back gate around the corner.

I'll be there, I swear it. Nothing can stop me now.

- Half an hour. - I'll be there.

Wait here in case I need you.


You're not planning on carrying all those yourself, are you?

- Don't stop me, Jo. - You mean you're really leaving?

This isn't some joke? Yes, with your farm boy, I'll bet.

I saw him leave. But he's coming back, and he'll carry them for you.

Porter, lover, general romantic dream.

- Oliver! - Jo, please!

Unpack your things. You're not going. This place needs you. I need you.

Watch her. Don't let anyone in here.

- What's happening, Jo? - Hallie. She's packing.

- What's happening, Jo? - Hallie. She's packing.

You mean she's going away?

Oh, you'd like that, wouldn't you?


No. Things are still going to be the same.

That's what you said before the accident.

Before they took away my legs.

Are things still the same?

Am I still your husband?

Let them go!

I know what's going on inside them.

I know what it's like loving somebody...

...and not being able to do anything about it.


Can any man love a woman for herself...

...without wanting her body for his own pleasure?

Love is understanding and sharing...

...enjoying the beauty of life without the reek of lust.

Don't talk to me about love!

What do you know? What does that young fool know?

What does any man know?


Forget everything that I just said.

Just being near you, that...

That's enough for me, honey.

I'm going to call Frank Bonito. Tell Dockery I want to see him right away.

What time is it?

Wait here for me.

Buster, you're in real trouble.

What is this? What's going on?

Turn around, sonny. I don't like talking to your back.

- Who is that man? - A very good friend of mine.

He's also very important downtown.

- And who are you? - Jo Courtney. I run this place.

This the man?

Ever see this girl before?

Yeah. Why?

She's made serious charges against you.

There's a law against transporting minors across the state line.

Plus a little matter of statutory rape.

So you see, Mr. Linkhorn, you're in considerable trouble.

Conviction on these charges means 5-and-20 years, that's a healthy rap.

What are you trying to do?

We're trying to help you, buddy.

But I never touched her.

You'll tell them that, won't you, Kitty?

She's an orphan. And she trusted you.

Are you willing to gamble 25 years of your life on what Kitty will say...

...to a jury of Southern gentlemen?

What do you want?

I want you to forget you ever knew Hallie.

I'll pay your fare back to Arroyo...

...and Mr. Bonito will drop all charges, if you leave.

Who made you boss of this world?

Maybe you can order them around.

Maybe you can ride herd on a bunch of poor, ignorant girls...

...but not me. No, ma'am, you can't tell me what to do.

Go ahead, you try putting me behind bars.

But there ain't walls thick enough to lock in the truth.

I never touched her.

Look here, I'm trying to keep you out of jail. Now, leave! Get out of town!

Okay, but Hallie comes with me.

No, don't! Jo, promise me you won't take him to jail...

...that you won't hurt him, and I'll make him leave.

He'll go and I'll never see him again. Promise me.

Have I ever lied to you?

Well, I'm not going to start now.

If your farm boy is out of the state by noon tomorrow, without you...

...nothing will happen to him.

But if he isn't, if he tries to come back here and see you...

...then Mr. Bonito will see that he goes in for 25 years.

Do as the lady says, huh?

- What happens to you? - I don't think I care.

Well, I do, and you're coming with me.

No, don't.

Oh, Dove.

Hallie, get up. Get him out of here! Get up!


Stay here.

Let me have him!

Now you're gonna get it good.

Give me a hand.



I'm gonna take you to a doctor.

- Teresina's café. - Dove, you gotta have a doctor.

Teresina's café.

He needs plenty of sleep. I've given him a sedative.

How bad is he, doctor?

He took a terrible beating, but he's young and strong. He'll be all right.

He keeps calling for Hallie. Who is that?

A friend.

I'll have another look at him in the morning.

I have to get back.


This Hallie, you bring her here.

I can't.

You don't know what you're asking. They'd kill me if I did.

You want to see him beat up again?

Do you think this will stop him? No.

He will get well and go back there again and they will finish him.

Bring her here.

I don't know.

I don't know what to do.


What are you doing out here, sugar?

Well, I gotta powder my nose.

What's the matter with in there?

Do you mind if I do it in my own boudoir?

I mean, you know, some things call for privacy.


Get out.

He's beat up.

Dove, they smashed him up.

You're lying, Kitty.

No. No, Hallie.

I saw them downstairs.

It was Oliver and Schmidt and Dockery, they beat him up.

- It's bad... - You're a liar.

I was with him. I'm telling you, Hallie, he's all busted up.

There was a doctor. He's been bleeding and he's asking for you.

Where is he?

It's 38 River Street.

Wait a minute, Hallie, Oliver's downstairs.

All right.

Honey, he's always loved you. He wouldn't touch me ever.

He needs you.

Okay, let me go first.

Anybody ever tell you you had cocker spaniel eyes?

Hi, Reba. How's tricks?

Some nights it doesn't pay to get out of bed.

Why, you dirty...

All right, knock it off! Knock it off. Knock it off.


Oh, I'm sorry about the fight, Oliver. I don't know what happened.

That Reba makes me so mad.

Well, you know how I am.

Yeah, I know, sugar.

I hope I didn't hurt her.

I hope you didn't hurt yourself.

I'm not exactly looking my best, am I?

I think you look just fine.

My garter slipped.

You wanna fix my strap, Oliver?

Where's Miss Jo?

She's waiting.

Oh, yeah?

What she waiting for?

For me to come back with the right answers.

Now, what are you talking about?

Well, it seems that Hallie's been misplaced.

Oh, you know where Hallie is. Hallie went out with Mr. Bonito.

Didn't she?

Didn't she...?

Where is she, sugar?

I'm here, Dove.

Sleep. Just sleep.

Listen, I'll keep them from coming in. You call the police.

- I knew you'd come. - Did you?

In a way, I've been waiting.

- Come on, I'm taking you home. - I'm not going.

- Don't be difficult. - It's finished, Jo. All finished.

You're talking like a child again.

Perhaps, but I'm not going back. There is too much hate in me...

...for you and your friends, even more for myself.

- You're coming back. - The hell I am.

- I'm not afraid of you anymore, Jo. - You do what Jo tells you, honey.

She picked you up from nowhere, you tramp.

Go ahead. Do me a favor.

You're such a fool, Hallie.

It's so easy to make you come back.

Find him.

He's in here.

Who are you?

This is my place.

So that's what you need. A drifter, a bum.

Leave him alone, Jo. You've done enough to him.

This is the woman that owns this place.


Yes, darling.

- Hallie, get out of here. - Jo, please!

Come on, sonny. Come on.

- Hallie, get out of here. - No.

Come on.

Raise that aching head of yours right here.

- That's enough, Oliver. - Right here!



- Get Jo out of here! Get her out. - No! No!

- Come on. - Hallie! Hallie!


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