Walk On Water Script - The Dialogue

Ta da! The Walk On Water transcript is here for all you fans of terrific cinema from Israel. The entire dialogue script, all the quotes, the whole shebang. I know, I know, I still need to get the character names in there...I'm workin' on it, trust me. If you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Here he comes.

Shalom everybody!

Well done, Eyal. Excellent job. - Thanks. - Champagne anyone?

Let's have a drink. - A real celebrity. Give yourself a blowjob.


Not only in lsrael...

Are you okay? - Yes. You speak to lris? - Yesterday.

And? - She sounds okay. - Strange. She's not answering my calls.

Quiet, please. Cheers!

Cheers! - Wait a minute!

Shouldn't we say something?

Well... to Eyal who loves his profession.

Great job.

Anything to add, Menachem? - Very funny. I won't say anything.




Iris, are you asleep?




Fire at will...

You're in good shape.

Thanks. - How are you doing?

What do you mean? - Nothing special. I'm glad you're okay.

Menachem asked if you could stop by his office.

Good to see you. You can't disappear like that.

Resting? Having fun? - The usual. We're starting a new operation, right?

You didn't go to the psychologist.

I won't go. Iris had therapy forever.

I'm afraid they'll ground you. You know the regulations.

Fuck regulations. How is this related? - How is this related?

It was traumatic so till you see one... - I can't believe this shit.

Don't be so aggressive. I'm trying to help you. - Go ahead, help me.

Remember Alfred Himmelmann? - The Nazi you wanted to find?

You can put it that way. - He's half-dead. Who cares? - I do.

He wiped out all the Jews from an entire area of Germany.

Hardly anyone survived except me, your mother and a few others.

Himmelmann lived in Argentina all these years.

Some dirty deal with the government protected him.

Two months ago he disappeared. We don't know where to.

What did you have in mind? - Himmelmann has a son in Germany,

whom we always kept an eye on.

He's not a child himself, has two adult children.

The daughter met an lsraeli and moved to a kibbutz.

And a son in Berlin.

How do I fit in? - The son is coming to visit his sister.

She's worried about all the suicide bombers.

So she called a travel agency to hire a tour guide and I thought...

What? Take him to the Holocaust museum?

I think if you get close to them, we'll learn about the grandfather.

And I need someone who speaks German. - Menachem, let's be honest here.

No one gives a damn anymore.

He'll die by himself soon enough.

I want to get him before God does.



Rishon - Le Zion?

Shit! How many killed?

Call Yaakov! What do you mean no answer? Call again!

Menachem! He hasn't come through yet.

So dial again. - I heard about it. - Galit! - Menachem!

Shit, cell phones are dead. Every time a bomb goes off...

Never mind, they'll come back soon. Fuck them!

Twelve people killed.

Pia! Pia!

You must be Eyal! - Yes. Hello!

Pia! - I figured.

Thank you. - I just picked him up. He was scared

when he heard about the bomb. - You speak too fast!

Little Hebrew... but I am learn...


And so Hansel and Gretel kept fighting.

Very dramatic. What do you say?

You're wrong. There's something there. You have to keep pushing.

Be focused. - I am focused. What do you want?

What's going on? - That's my question.

We're finished soon and I'll be back. Right, Menachem?

When do we start training? - No rush. Carry on with this.

I'll come back. - Something you're hiding from me? No problem. I'll go.



He says his grandfather is dead. I'm stuck with this pseudo liberal who

talks about suicide bombers' motives. I almost punched him. - Calm down.

What did he say about his grandfather?

- He doesn't have one. - Find out more.

Maybe he doesn't know. Maybe...

Maybe he thinks he's Dolly the clone-sheep and never had one.

Stop acting like a child. Maybe you do need a therapist.

I don't need to host a patronizing German peacenik

for the Foreign Ministry.

Why are you getting so uptight? It's not like you.

Relax, have some fun.

And if you happen to learn something...

Whatever. I've got to go now. - Call me later.

The sea of Galilee.

"A talent show"

Thanks! Thanks a lot!

Thank you, Tom. And now we have a surprise.

Our Pia and her brother Axel.

Go for it Pia!

They said something about a party, but with no details.

Forget it, Menachem. They'll be here any minute.

I'm taking him to the Dead Sea. Via the Jordan valley.

During the day it's safe, don't worry.

I'll show him Jericho. He wants to see Palestinians.

He's such a nudnik. I won't stop in Jericho, don't worry.

I might drown him in the Dead Sea. Might be a world news scoop.

Okay, Menachem. They're here, I gotta go. Bye!

Fire at will...


What's up? You're working hard, eh?

Too many female singers. - What?

Nothing. I'm just...

You're not... Do you have to report this? Could you just...

It's okay. There's nothing wrong. It's not that bad. Go home.

Have a nice weekend.

Rest. Don't worry. - Look, it's a problem.

The guy's in complete denial. He's been through a trauma.

It might be risky to send him on such a complicated job.

Are you saying that just so you can keep him?

I'll be done with him in 2 days. It's fine with me. You know what?

Check his results from today's practice.

I bet he wasn't good. - I don't know.

I can't give him up. He did a terrific job with Abu-lbrahim. I need him.

I can insist he sees Rudy.

I'll convince him he's not just any shrink, but the chief counselor.

Am I interrupting? - No. Just asking when you'll be done with this bullshit.

Just a couple of days more. Menachem, we need to talk.

Just a second. Let me finish with Gello. Take this.

Check the extra material on Himmelmann.

Extra material? I told you he's dead. What do you want?


Too much desert.

I'll be sitting outside, reading. Take your time.

What can I get you, sweetie? - Sweetie?

Okay then, not sweetie. - Three Heinekens.

An arab?

Stay out of this!

Give back the money!

1 00? You should be ashamed.

You won't get a better price. I promise.

Here. 1 00. Take back 20. You get it for 80.

You're trying to cheat? Give me the money.

20, 40, 60, 80...

That's it.

Only 20? What are you thinking?

I forgot you Germans are so sensitive.

Human misery always touched your hearts.

Can I say one sentence? - Go ahead.

You Jews are so obsessed with what was done to you in the past.

Maybe if you let go, you'd be able to see... - That's already 3 sentences.

Okay. Thanks for the ride. - You're welcome.

This is all that's left of a full public bus

after another suicide bomber blew himself up.

The terrorist, driving a 4X4 SUV, stopped behind the bus

while it was picking up passengers at this station...

It's 1 02 FM Radio Tel Aviv,

and as usual we play you soft music after a suicide bombing.

So have a better day. A relaxed day.

You tell him. I feel wrong about it, anyway.

No problem. It should come from me. I'll keep him busy with Himmelmann.

How long will this Nazi shit continue? Isn't this thing getting too expensive?

Don't worry, I talked to the boss. Your ass is covered, l...

Hello, Eyal. Did he catch his plane?

Yes, he's gone. Could've told me he's homo.

Why does it matter? - Did you spend two weeks with him?

A real homo-homo? - No, a half-homo.

Did he have wandering hands? He try to touch you?

I take it you really had fun. - I'm not amused at all.

Here's your last disc. I didn't even listen to it. I'm done with this.

I'm ready for the new operation.

Okay, I'll leave you alone.

I can't believe you got me mixed up with this crap.

Touring around with... I mean, I've got nothing against him,

but everyone's started training. I missed three days already.

Listen! They decided you're not...

I told you... I warned you.

What? - I'm sorry. I tried. I told them you were really good with the Germans.

That you are in great shape. - Fuck! Those mother...!

Who do they think they are?

I started this mission and I'm supposed to finish it!

What other agent would do such a clean job?

I... Forget it. - Don't take it so bad.

There will be other operations... - I've had enough of you!

Enough of you and of your stupid Nazi games!

Hello. - Hello.

Menachem asked me to deliver this.

He wants you to listen to this. - Thanks, l...

Do you need it back? - No.

I... If I'm not needed I'll just leave. - Thanks.

Something to eat? -No thanks.

We just gorged on "curry wurst."

Oh, gourmets!

How do you do?

Hello. - Hello. - What are you doing here?

Watching over you. - I don't understand. - Calm down. Introduce me, then I'll go.

I'm staying here. Room 223.

Axel, nice to have you here.

Hi! - Come on, give me that.

That, too.

Yes, yes...

He's alive. He's here at the villa.

Sit down. - He's there. I saw him.

I thought he'd come. - He's very old, but we can get him out.

There are no bodyguards, just a nurse.

Take this.

Are you crazy? Let's get him out and bring him to trial in lsrael. - Eyal!

It's really no problem. We can do it, just the two of us. We just need a car

and we'll drive him to the pickup point. - You don't get it. Nobody knows.

What d'you mean? We're... - There's no we, no car, no pickup.

You have to finish this yourself.

Only you. Terminate him!

Terminate him? - Yes.

Terminate. - But Menachem...

We can get him out. - Eyal, listen carefully.

Why did you come here? To find this man, right? Now you've found him.

So maybe he's half-dead, but only half.

And this is our chance. Not to let him escape without punishment.

Go! Do the right thing.

For me, for your mother.


Don't be afraid.

Get him before God does?

Yes. Get him before God does.

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