Walking And talking Script - The Dialogue

Ta da! The Walking And Talking transcript is here for all you fans of Catherine Keener and Anne Heche. The entire dialogue script, all the quotes, the whole shebang. I know, I know, I still need to get the character names in there...I'm workin' on it, trust me. If you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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** What is that sound **

** Where is it coming from **

**All around **

** What are you running from **

**Something you don't understand **

**Something you cannot command **

** That's how I know **

** That she's got a new spell **

** Yeah, that's how I know **

** That she's got a new spell **

** What's going down **

** Who's moved this rope from around me **

** Where has it gone **

**I fear this night will drown me **

**So I lie awake all night **

** 'Cause I can't sleep with something I can't fight **

**And she's got a new spell **

** Yeah, that's how I know **

** That she's got a new spell **

** The laws of gravity are very, very strict **

**And you're just bending them for your own benefit ****

- [Girl #1] Looks like a disgusting animal. - [Girl #2] Ah.

[Girl #1] Look, there's the nose and those two round things are the ears.

- You guys! - And that's the hair.

Yeah. Let me... Oh, God, that's a big condom.

He has a big penis.

- [Page Turning] - Ah!

She's getting ready to strip.

- Mmm. Where's his head? - I don't know.

- [Page Turning] - Here's something. Eeew!


- What kind of underwear is that? - I think it's sick.

Ugh. He's grabbing her boobs. That's disgusting.

Sorry. Hi.

- Hi. I ordered for you. - Oh, great.

[Man] How you doin'? You want some coffee?

- Yes. Please. - Excuse me. I had wanted some coffee.

Sure thing.

Something's wrong with Big Jeans.

She looks waxy and snotty, and she threw up and wouldn't eat.

Oh, but that's a cat, you know. Cats throw up hair balls all the time.

I know, but I made an appointment at the vet's this morning anyway.

- So will you come? - Oh, God. I can't. I've got that client at 9:00.

- That's okay. - I'll split it with you.

- Good. - No home fries today?

- No, thanks. - You sure?

Yeah. Yeah. Thanks.

All right.

- Don't even smile at him. It gives him hope. - Sorry.

- But he's not that bad today. - Oh.

- She's a fat thing, isn't she? - [Chuckles]

She should be put on a diet. It's unhealthy for a cat to be that fat.

I know, but, you know. Life is short. She likes to eat.

[Sighs] I'm gonna take some blood.

Then we'll know more.

We'll get the results in a couple of days. Could you hold her, please?

Okay. Look at me, kitty.

You look at me. You little cat.

She's always tellin' me I smell bad.

Ten seconds after I take a shower, she tells me I stink!

I can't help it if I stink even when I'm clean.

It just proves it's not my fault.

Why do you think she's always hurting your feelings?

I don't know. I don't think she likes me.

She's your wife. Let's assume she likes you.

- But a lot of husbands and wives don't like each other. - That's true.

I got this little voice tellin' me she's mad at me, but I don't know why.

A little voice?

- What little voice? - The voice of the devil. I see him too.

What... What... What does the devil look like?

Like in the cartoons.

Little and red and mean.

You know what? I'm really proud of myself.

You know why? I never let myself be alone.

I always think I need to be with somebody, but I don't.

I mean, right after Carrie I immediately met Debbie; right after Debbie I was with you.

And then I had that demented relationship with that girl in my group.

It's not funny.

I been talking on the phone lately with this woman I met in California.

She's a bellhop.

I know. She likes me.

I mean, I can tell she really likes me.

But, uh, I just want to be her friend.

That's it, you know? I'm not gonna let it evolve into anything more.

It's not what I need right now.

Good. I think, you know, it'll be really good for you to be by yourself for a while.

I have to hurry. I have my Alzheimer's meeting in a half an hour.

All right. So, um, what are you gonna do tonight?

I rented some videos. Probably just gonna watch them.

- You? - Nothing. Probably rent also.

"Big-breasted Babes"?

Ha-ha. Very funny.

- I don't have any cash. I need... Can I have some money? - Oh, my God, Andrew.

Thank you.

Oh, honey. This is so ugly.

- Isn't it? - Yes. This is your most gross yet!

Jesus. You designed this?

- This lived in your mind. - Shoot me.


God, I love this one.

Oh. Um, um, Rick called. Rick?

- Said you never called him back. - Yeah, I know. I just...

- What? - Ah, I don't really like hangin' out with that guy anymore.

I mean, he still does bong hits in the bathroom.

Yeah, but, honey, don't you think you should at least try to keep up your friendships?

I mean, you know, you might get sick of me one day,

- and you're gonna have no friends left. - That will never happen.

How about this one, Amelia?

Bugs that latch onto people's flesh and make their insides explode.

- Sure. - You don't like those kind of movies?

I love 'em if they're well done.

- How's your job goin'? - Good.

Good. I'm doing, uh, most of the editing now.

And I hired a couple of new people.

- You're a writer, right? - Yeah, yeah.

- How's it goin' for you? - Badly.

I'm startin' to think I should learn how to operate a forklift or something.

- Here, I'll rent this. - It's a great choice.

Let's see here.


- Good memory. - Yeah. What do you say we go out sometime?

Maybe see a movie.

Um. I'm so busy. Um. You know.

All right.

All right. I hear ya.

- Uh, take care. - Okay, I'll see you.




- Here. - Whoa.

I got it. Here.

- How... seductive. - [Chuckles]


Oh, my God.

I, uh... Will you marry me?

[Gasps, Laughs]

Jesus Christ! I don't believe...

- I don't believe it. - I, um... I designed it.

And th-then they made it for me at work.

- The... Um. You can have the stone reset, though. - R-Really?

- Yeah. - [Laughs]

Oh, God. It's so beautiful. It's beautiful. It's so beautiful.

- Y-You haven't answered me. - Oh, God! God!

I would love to be your wife.

Oh, my God. How am I gonna tell Amelia?

Well, I've been doing a lot of thinking lately,

and I've decided...

that I think I want to, um, end therapy.


- Tell me. - Well, I... I don't know.

I just feel like it's time. You know, I...

I feel like I want to go at it alone for a while.

I mean, here I am, completely single,

and I'm not so depressed about it.

And it's hard with Laura being so grotesquely in love,

but I'm still okay.

And it's been forever since I've been obsessed with anyone.

So I think I'm doin' a lot better in that area.

How are things with Andrew?

Great. I mean I... I never thought that we could be friends.

And now I'm totally over him.


Well, why don't we pick a time to stop, and then work towards that?


I was thinking a month. One more month?


- Hey, the video store guy asked me out again. - He did?

I said no. He's really ugly.

Oh, Freddie de Salvo and Andy Frumpkin were ugly, and that didn't stop ya.

- Hey. I was 13. I was ugly. - Honey, you were never ugly. You were hairy.


Oh, I think you should do it. Maybe he's nice.

Maybe he isn't, but at least if he's ugly you'll have the upper hand.

- I mean there's no risk. - That's sick.

- You guys pity me. - [Together] Nah.

[Laughs] Oh, my God, what's that? It's so fake looking!

It looks like a Barbie ring, Frank.

It's... It's, uh... It's not fake. Frank gave it to me.

- Oh, I know. I mean, it's one of your jokes, right? From work. - Uh-uh.

- We're engaged. - Yeah.

We're gonna get married.

Whoa. Ha! You're engaged?

Wow! That is... That's unbelievable!

That's great news.

Oh, I'm sorry, Frank. I thought that i-it was one of your jokes from work.

No! No, it's, uh, okay.

Hey. We could have it at the lake house. I mean, I'll ask my mom.

- But wouldn't that be great? - That would be perfect.

I think this would be a really bad time to stop.

Well, Amelia, I'm sorry to say this, but I... I think it's too late. I...

I've already filled your slot.

- You filled my slot? - Yes.


I think you wanting to go it alone was a positive step.

Shall we stick to that?

- Hi. - Hi. How're you doin'?

I'm doin' all right. How are you doin'?

- What are you up to? - Not much.

Well, I get off in a little while. Can I talk you into Freak Show Seven?

There's a late show.


[Movie: Continuous Screaming]

You know, we could've left the movie if it was makin' you sick.

I couldn't stop watching it. It was so gross.

Yeah, it was a good one.

Look at this.

I once... I once put makeup like this on my little brother.

Made it look like his cheeks were falling off,

and he was scared shitless.

He was just in the bathroom, like, crying, looking into... in the mirror,

begging me to take it off.

- That was pretty funny. - That's fucked up. [Laughs]

You think? I was young.

How's your stomach?

- Not great. - Mmm. Maybe this'll help.

It probably would if I could stop thinking about that talking forehead.

- Oh, man. - I hear you.

My best friend's getting married.

It's probably what's making me sick.



Mmm. How's that?




Good. I actually feel inspired to do some writing.

- Oh! - I... If I feel it... If I feel inspired,

- I should try to do some work. - Okay.

- It's kinda late anyway. - Yeah.

- All right. Well, thanks. - Yeah. Uh...

It was fun.

Yeah, it was. I'll call you.

Okay. All right. Bye.

Good night.

Hi. It's me.

Anyone? Anyone?

Anyone? Are you guys there?

What, are you screening?

Pick up.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

This sponge that I'm washing dishes with is unbelievable.

It... Oh, my God. It smells like a hot dog.

It's disgusting.

And I can't stop smelling it. [Sniffs]

Are you gonna pick up?

Okay. All right, then.

Okay. Bye-bye.

- Don't you have work? - Not today. I'm going to a meeting.

- Which? Overeaters? - Alzheimer's.

Oh. How is your dad?

Not so good.

You know, you go to your Coping With Alzheimer's meetings more than you see your dad.

I'm gonna see him next week. Maybe you'd like to come with me?

- Queens? - Yeah.

I've been talking to that woman in California...

on the phone a lot lately.

You know, the one I told you about?

Yeah. So?

We, uh, talk on the phone...

for long... long...

long... long...

periods of time.

- Oh, God. Ohh. - And...

Don't tell me this. She talks and you jerk off.

And the other way around. You should hear the noise she makes.

- I don't wanna hear this. - [Phone Ringing]

Classifieds. I don't know. Could you hold, please?

- We never did that. - We didn't have to.

- We lived in the same city. - I thought you said you weren't gonna get involved with anyone.

I'm not involved. We talk on the phone. That's it.

I live in New York. She lives in California.

- What's her name? - Virginia.

I'm probably never gonna call her again anyway.

- So it's sort of a moot point. - Oh, that's nice.

You've had phone sex with this girl, and you're never gonna call her again.

You're an asshole.

Don't call me an asshole.

- Well, does she know how you feel? - What?

That that's it.

Oh. I don't know.

I've been thinking about my son a lot lately.

- I didn't know you had a son. - Yes, you did.

Remember you suggested I send him a card a couple of months ago?

- Oh. Right. God. - Well, so...

I called him, and I headed out there.

But as soon as I sat down on the bus, I knew it would be a mistake.

You know how I knew? Because right there, on that shiny pole that you hang onto,

was a little red devil, smiling right at me and laughin' at me.

The devil. And... And that would be the same devil you mentioned before?

Then I looked out, and he was on the tip of my shoe.

She was coming on to me so strong.

And I didn't really feel anything.

But then she... She started to touch me.

I felt aroused. Still, I-I didn't want it to go any further.

I mean, she thought I did, because... Well, I mean, she could see.

It was so fucked up.

I never should have called her, but I feel weird not wanting to go out with some girl.

You know, I feel like there's something wrong with me if I don't want any sex.

You know what I'm saying?

Y-You know what I'm sayin'?

I'm a bad therapist. Do you hear me? I am a bad therapist.

- Who am I gonna bring to your wedding? - I am making these people worse.

- [Dog Barking] - Everyone in your family's gonna wonder...

why I don't have a boyfriend; your brother thinks I'm a lesbian.

You slept with my brother. How could he think you're a lesbian?

Come on. Do you really care what my brother thinks? Do you?

Hmm. No.

I have a crush on one of my patients.

What? What do you mean?

I mean... This is not funny.

- I mean a crush, like I want to fuck one of them. - [Inhales]

Oh, my God. You mean my shrink could want to fuck me?

- Hello, this isn't about you. This is about me. - You're right.

We did some tests, and the news is not good.

Big Jeans has cancer.

It looks like it started in the lungs and, uh, spread to the brain.

Now, some people may not opt for this,

but you could do a series of chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

It's very expensive. It may work. It may not work.

She's 14.

She's not young.

She's had a... a happy life.

Maybe the best thing would be to put her down.

- Okay. - No, I mean down. I mean...

I-I mean put her to sleep.

I... I can't do that.

I mean, maybe the treatments will work.

It's gonna be expensive, Amelia.

- You're cold. - I am... All right, I'll split it with you.


- That looks familiar. - Well, she's lending it to me.

- She's got a date. - A date?

It's not a date.

- It's the ugly guy. - [Laura Laughs]

Well, if it's the ugly guy, then why are you wearin'the sexy top?

- That is such a good point. - Fuck you both.

Okay, I have no clothes, and he's taking me to some weirdo convention.

- Lookit, honey. See the pigs? - Mm-hmm.

- I designed them for you. - I'm touched. Listen, Frank.

Did you call the guys that you said you were gonna invite?

- No. - Why not?

- What do you mean, why not? - I mean, why not? Why didn't you do it?

'Cause I didn't. I'll do it. Shut up about it.

- I'm not gonna shut up about it. Look at all... - You guys fight? Cool.

- Shut up. - Shut up.

Oh, my God. That's the monster from Basket Case.

It's incredible. I-I got a book at home, tells how that was made.

It's... Mmm.

- You're being a very good sport. - Thanks.

So what's your, um, screenplay about?

It's based on the life of Colette.

Wow. Are you kidding?

No. Why?

Nothing. I just... You know.

I thought you'd be writing about people stabbing each other or something. Right?

These people make great stuff.

This is... I mean, you got to, you know, sort of have a...

a certain frame of mind to appreciate it,

but I think that, you know, doctors who operate on the human body,

they think it's beautiful, and it's...

It's the same with, you know, people who make this stuff.

It's... I... I think there's something...

really poetic about it all, : It's art.

Something even, you know, erotic about it.

- Hey, how you doin'? - She's cute.

- What's up, fellas? - Hi.

**I heard what you said **

** Your words will live forever in my head **

- ****[Continues] - [Sneezes]

- [Exhales] Do you have a cat? - Yeah. Are you allergic?

- Yeah, extremely. - She's over there.

Oh. She doesn't look too good.

She, um... She had her first chemotherapy appointment today.

- She's, uh... She has cancer. - [Chuckles]

Really? Is that... Uh, do cats get cancer? [Laughs]

I'm sorry. I know that's not funny. It just...

[Laughs] No. I'm...

No. Go ahead. Laugh. She's... dying, that's all.

Oh, I'm sorry. I'll stop.

My old girlfriend had three cats, and I was really nice to all of them.

How long were you with your old girlfriend?

Three years.

Lived together for two of them.

You ever live with anyone?

No. I... Which, I... I guess is a good thing,

'cause then I never had to move out from anyone.

Or vice versa.


[Laughs] What are you looking at?

You're really pretty.


I... I mean you look like...

like you really need to hear it.

- Gee. - I know. That's okay.

That's not a bad thing to want.

Um, Bill.

I'm not... I'm not sure if I...

[Phone Ringing]

[Water Running]

[Answering Machine Beeps]

[Laura] Hi, it's me. I guess you're still out with...

What is his name, anyway? You always just call him the ugly guy.

God, I can't believe you're still out with him.

Does this mean he'll give you free video rentals?

Call me. Bye.


[Rewind Button Clicks]


What about flippin' in the old diaphragm, huh?


- What? - What is that?

- I... I don't know. - You've never seen it before?

- Nope. Uh-uh. - Never? God, you should see a doctor.

- Yeah, I will. - You will? It looks weird.

- Yeah, I know. - Good.

- Wanna play a round? - Yeah. I just said I did.

- Aw. I'm gonna whup your ass. I'm gonna whup your ass! - [Laughing]

- You're down a hundred points. - I'm not down a hundred points. You lie.

I'm not kidding you. I didn't... I didn't care at all about his looks.

I mean, I totally forgot them.

He has beautiful skin.

I don't know. He kissed great.

- Mmm. What do you think? [Laughs] - I think that one is you.

- This is so hot. - It's you. Let's get if off immediately.

That saleswoman, she really got my taste.

- Oh, before I forget... - Yes?

- I got your shirt I borrowed. - Oh, cool.

- Thank you very much. It worked. - Did you wash that?

Um, yeah. But I didn't... I didn't really get to iron it though.

Amelia, it's supposed to be dry-cleaned.

Oh, I'm sorry. Did I wreck it?

No. I mean, yeah. But don't worry about it. [Laughs]

Okay. Come on. Tell me. What was it like in the morning?

Well, you know, uh, we didn't really have a morning.

I mean, he's a writer, and, uh, he's really dedicated.

I think... I think he wanted to work. So it ended sort of abruptly.

That doesn't necessarily mean anything.

Really? I feel terrible.

No. I'm t-totally serious. Come on. He had a nice body?

You know that first stage of having sex with someone...

when they could just touch you and you...

Okay. I don't need to hear any more.

Why, honey? Is there a problem? [Laughs]

Not at all. It's just, uh, you know, it's not like the first time or anything.

It's a little routine.

- All right, what do you think? - Um...

- I think that one's fine. - Fine? Why would I want to look fine?

- I don't want to look fine. - I'm sorry. You're right.

[Sighs] I'm farting.

- I thought so. - Yeah.

What are you reading?

Obsessive-compulsive Behavior...

in Children Who Are Sexually Molested.

- Ooh. Sorry. You come here all the time. - Yeah.

- I'm Peter. - I'm Laura.

Nice to finally meet you, Laura.

- You too. - So, um, are you, uh, an actress?

- Not even close. Why? - Oh. I... I'm an actor.

- Oh. - And I guess everybody I know is either an actor or a model. So.

I'm actually a therapist. Well, I'm actually studying to be a therapist.

- I'm almost finished school. - Well, my actor-model friends all go see therapists, so...

- Is that right? - Yeah.

You bite your nails. That's sort of charming.

Yeah, and... and my toenails. But I guess that would be considered less charming.

- Yeah. - Okay, I have to go.

- Can I have my check, please? - Oh, yeah.

I'm not usually this obnoxious.

But I... I'm in this play for a couple of weekends,

and maybe you could check it out.

- Good. - Cool.

- Bye. See ya. - Okay.

Look at his legs. Look how they walk.

There's somethin' wrong with you.

Will you just peek in and give me some kind of, you know, description?

Like, just tell me what it looks like he's feeling?

What are you feeling?

- I feel like an idiot. - Mmm. That's very interesting.

Why hasn't he called me, Andrew? I mean, Jesus, look at him.

I thought for once I could relax.

- I couldn't see his face. - You didn't try.

- I did. I tried. I looked. - Oh, my God.

What? Where you goin'?

Oh, my God. Okay, let's go in the coffee shop.

- No, I don't wanna. - Please, Andrew. Please!

- No. - I just want him to see me with you. Please?

If you wanna talk to him, go talk to him. I'm not gonna play into this.

He's an asshole. He should have called you.

- I'm goin' home. - Why are you going home?

- I'm expecting a phone call. - From who?

Virginia? I thought you said you weren't gonna talk to her again.

Yeah, I know, but I... Anyways, I want to watch these videos.

- You should rent them from him! - Yeah, so.

More porno?

You know, it's an addiction, okay?

Do you understand the word "addiction"? I don't feel good about it, and you...

- Andrew. I don't think it's hurting anyone. Okay? - You don't?

- No. - I mean, I know that, but...

it's nice of you to say it.

You're sweet. In fact, you're too sweet for him. Let's go.

Okay, but since you have your arm around me, I don't see why...

- we just can't walk in for one second. - Forget it. Forget it.

- Andrew, wait. - No. I put my arm around you because I felt like it!

Not to make some... some putz who doesn't even have the nerve to call you jealous!


[Blowing Bubbles]

Come on.

- Hi. How we doin'? - [Frank] Good.

Um, Ellen, I'm gonna have the, uh, Caesar salad, and...

- Laura, what are you gonna have? - I'll just have a slice of lemon for my soda. Thanks.

- Sure. - Why do you have to do that all the time?

It's like you're... It's like you're somebody out of a TV show or something.

- What? - Be so chummy with the waitress.

- I don't know. It's gross. - I wasn't so chummy with the waitress.

I called her by her name. I call you by your name. Do you think that's gross?

It's not the same thing. You want everybody to like you.

You think I give a shit if Ellen likes me?

- Yeah, I do. - Why do you have to be so controlling?

I mean, are you trying to control the way I talk now?

- You think I'm controlling? - [Scoffs]

[Blowing Bubbles]


[Sighs] God, I hate fighting.

We weren't really fighting.

[Phone Rings]

Okay, but I hate whatever it was we were doing.

[Toilet Flushing]

[Answering Machine Beeps]

- Listen to what I'm listening to. - ****[Slow Love Song]

Music to slit your wrists by.

[Sighs] He still hasn't called me.

- ****[Continues] - You think I intimidated him or something?

Think he's too insecure to call?

- ** Why do I still think of you ** - Okay. Bye.

- Mmm. - Hon. [Laughs]

- Mm-hmm. - I thought you were gonna, uh,

do some of your jewelry designs when we got home.

I was, but I'd rather do this.

Uh... Do you think maybe we could change the order of things once in a while?

I mean, it's just like, you know, every time we have sex, we kiss.

A-And then you touch my tits and then you... you kiss them.

And... And then I touch your dick and then you touch me.

And, um, you know,

either one of us goes down on the other one.

And then we fuck. You know, it's not... I-It's not like I don't like it or something.

It's just... You know. Gets a little predictable.

You know? D-Do you know what I mean?

You never used to screen your calls.

You were probably having routine sex.


Well, I didn't mean for us to go to sleep.

Good night.

**How do you know **

** What I feel ****

[Disguised Voice] Hel... Hello?

Yes. Do you... Do you carry all of Stanley Kubrick's films?

You do. And, uh, what time do you close, please?

Thank you.


- Who's this? - Ah, it's just my parents 92 years ago.


I wonder if I'll ever know what it's like to not break up with someone.

[Phone Rings]

Who's this? [Chuckles]


Hi! How are you?

- It's long distance. - Oh.


Nothin'. [Laughs] Just sittin' here.



Look, I... I've got a friend over right now, so I can't...

Hello? Hello?

That's weird.

- Was that her? - Yeah.

Was she...

- Then? Was she... - [Laughs]

No, she wasn't.

Thank God.



Can I ask you something?


Okay. I know...

you and I never really talked about it... I mean, not really.

But... what went wrong with us?

I mean, did I do something horrendous to, like, turn you off?

No. I... [Exhales]

Why are you doing this? Is this because of the video store guy?

Come on. I can take it. What was it?

Amelia, this is not what you need right now.

How do you know what I need right now?

- Because I'm your friend, that's how. - Then answer me.

Y... You made me too important.

But you were important to me. I mean...

But too important, you know? Like...

Like I was everything.

You weren't everything, Andrew.

I know. But you had this way of making me feel like that.


That's great.

You know, I'm gonna leave, 'cause I don't even...

I don't even know... I don't even know how to do this!

- So I'm gonna go, okay? Bye. - Amelia, wait.

- No. - It's not like that. Just...

- Would you wait? - Now you can call back Virginia.


**Saved by **

** The interstate **

**New York **

**Is 3,000 miles away **

**And I'm not looking forward to following through **

**But it's better than always running back into you **

**I've closed my eyes and my bank account **

Bill! Bill, wait.

** Take off ****

I don't believe this.

Well, I mean, what's wrong with having an expectation?

I fucked the guy! He should call me.

Right? There's nothing wrong with that rule.

And now I can't even rent any fucking videotapes,

which is all I liked to do in the first place.

And Laura and Frank make me sick! It's like they're glued to each other!

I mean, they eat the same things. Then they'll go on diets together.

I mean, I think they're beginning to look alike. Like... Like people and their dogs.

And I have only one fucking session left with you!

Amelia, you seem angry at me.

Look. If you and I went out,

we had a nice time, we made love for hours,

and then you didn't call me, it would be strange, right?

Interesting example you used. You and I.

Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Anyway, you've been married since you were like... 19.

You have no idea what it's like out there.

Amelia. I hate to say this.

But I think you're in some sort of denial.

The kindest thing you could do is to put this guy to sleep.

- What are you resisting? - "What am I resisting."

I guess I'm resisting the execution of our cat. Is that so weird?

And listen, don't talk to me like I'm one of your patients. I'm your best friend.

That's your best friend?

- Shit, I forgot to make my hair appointment. - What, for your wedding?

- I'm gonna do your hair. - No, I want someone sort of special to do it.

I mean... I'm sorry. I want somebody, you know, to do something with this hair.

You know how much I hate it.

So listen, are we still planning to go to Pennsylvania this weekend?

I think you guys should come up, you know,

at least once before the wedding, just to plan stuff.

- Yeah. Definitely. - Okay. I'll talk to you later, then.

- Hi, Bill. - Hi. How you doin'?

Um, fine.

Um, I was wondering... do you have...

uh, Jaws in stock?

Yeah, I think so.

Haven't seen you around. Where you been? You haven't rented lately.

I've been... busy.

Yeah, we have Jaws in stock. I'll go get it.

Here you go. Uh, phone number?


Mmm. Thanks.

See ya.

"Rented lately"?

Are you crazy? I had sex with you two weeks ago,

and now you're asking me why I haven't rented lately?

I don't know. I... I... I didn't know what to say.

How about... How about, "Why haven't you called me?" How about that?

I was busy, okay?


- Amelia, wait. - Forget it.

No, wait. We'll finish this. All right? 'Cause it's not what you think.

Oh, no, it's never what I think. I mean, that's what gets me into these messes. Okay, what?

What is it? What is it? I'm listening. What's the reason?

I know you... I know you think I'm ugly.

- What? - I know you referred to me as "the ugly guy."

And I don't... I don't need friends who talk about me that way.

Okay? That's why I didn't call you.

- I never... I don't know why you think that. - You got a message...

on your machine when you were in the bathroom.

Some girl was talkin' about me.

That's how I know.

- What message? - I don't know. I erased it.

Can I go now?

Do you forgive me?

Laura. Are you there? It's me. Pick up.

Look, I really need to talk to you. Did you leave a message on my machine...

about Bill being ugly?

Laura! Shit.

[Door Closes]

[Peter] God, she could've given me a hug or something.

- What're you talking about? She's not your girl. - So?

- She hurt me very, very bad. - Badly.

Whatever, man!

You're so insensitive. I'm sick of all your crap.

You're no friend to me. You're an enemy.

Leave! Begone!

This guy directing the play is such an idiot.

He's a total putz.

He's really just a spoiled actor who thinks he can direct.

And someone gave him the money. I swear I don't know who.

And voila! He's directing a play.

I said I'd do it, just 'cause I need to work.

- Right? - Right.

But what I really want to do is write and direct my own stuff.

- I'm sorry. I'm boring you. - No. No!

I thought the play was good. This is interesting to me.

I don't... I don't normally hear this kind of stuff.

- Where are you from? - New York.

What do you do in your spare time?

I... Stuff.

- You got brothers or sisters? - Why are you interviewing me?

'Cause I haven't shut up, and I feel bad.

Oh, no. Don't. Oh.

- You put clear nail polish on. That looks pretty. - They... Th-Thank you.

- Peter. Unbelievable! - Hey!

- You were so great! - Peter, I gotta go. Bye.

- Stay! You sure you can't stay? - Thanks. No. Yeah.

- Hi, Frank. - Hi.

Is she here? I... I know you guys screen your calls, but I... I thought I would try...

She's not here. I thought she was with you, and then... I... I heard your message.

- Okay. Well, will you tell her I came by? - Yeah, I...

Are you okay?

You... Do you want to come in and... and talk or something?

- I don't want to bug you. - You're not buggin' me.

I... I'm just tryin' to fold my laundry. Come on in.

Wow. What are these?

Ah, just some stuff I've been workin' on.

They're beautiful.

- Are you stoned? - Yeah. You want some?



It's pretty strong.


I know you think I'm some kind of hack or something.

No, I don't. I just... I've never... I've never seen your stuff before.

I mean that... that you liked. You know?

Yeah, well, I've been trying to work on it more lately.

But, uh, I don't know what to do. I...

I just started getting back into it.

And they offered me this new line at work,

designing a series of...

men's leisure rings. [Laughs]


- What are those? - Exactly.

Oh, man.

Now, that is just the...

teeniest, tiniest,

most adorable thing I have ever seen.

She wears an eight.


- What are you doing? - What?

- You smelled your armpit. - It comforts me.

- What? - Try it. Hi.

- Stop! Hi, Ma. - Andrew.

- Darling, am I late? - Ma, this is Amelia.

- Oh, hi. Nice to meet you. - Yes, hello, Amelia.

How do I look, Andrew? I... I tried to pull myself together.

- You look good. - I have an interview across town.

- What interview? - I'm gonna take a job.

Part-time, maybe, if I can get day care.

- Hey, Danny. - Hi, Andrew!

- Look who's here. - Hey, pretty girl!

- Have you missed your uncle? - Danny, this is Amelia. You don't know her.

- I don't know her? - No.

- You're gonna tell me I don't know this girl? - You know me.

And, Danny, Andrew's gonna take you for that haircut we talked about.

- Okay. I'm ready. - All right.

You know what I just thought of?

It'll be a great idea for the birthday party.

We should have cold cuts. Corned beef.

It's been forever since I've had juicy corned beef.

That sounds delicious.

That's a good idea.

You know, when Andrew was a little boy, he used to hate to get his hair cut. Didn't you?

But do you remember what we did after your haircut?

I'd take you to the dump. It was your favorite place to go.

We'd climb on top of this huge mountain of stuff.

There were seagulls flying all around. It stank!

But once we found a bicycle there. Remember that?

- You know what I just thought of? - [Amelia] What?

I think cold cuts at the party would be great.

It's been ages since I've had a juicy corned beef.

Sounds delicious. It's a good idea.

- [Machine Beeps] - I don't know what I'm doing in this line.

I have like $32 in my account.

I thought you were gonna move paintings for that rich guy.

I am. That's next week.

What do you think? Could I borrow a couple of bucks just to get me through some bills?

- Sure. How much? - Mmm. Couple hundred.

You know, your dad is not as bad as I pictured.

No, he's great. It's my mom who's pathetic.

Why? She seemed nice.

You met her for five minutes and you think you know her better than I do?

Fuck you.

- Fuck you. - You were rude.

It's none of your business.

You asked me to come with you.


- I can pay you next week. - Good. I'll need it.

Where you goin'?

I'm goin' home. Where you goin'?

I was, uh... I was gonna go to the phone company, pay my bill.

Okay. So I'll see you later.

Wait a minute!

You're gonna pay your phone bill with the money I just gave you?


Are you crazy? Give me back my money.

- Why? You lent it to me. - Give it back to me, Andrew.

You are so low! You think I'm gonna pay for you to have phone sex with that girl?

- They're gonna cut off my service if I don't... - Give it back.

Give it back!

****[Soft Love Song]

I can't believe that you would say that on my machine.

- ****[Continues] - What were you thinking?

Well, you didn't even like the guy,

so I... I guess I was thinking that he wouldn't be in your apartment.

I do like him. And now he doesn't want to see me again.

I'm sorry I hurt his feelings. I really am. I...

I mean, it didn't really seem like he was right for you anyway.


Oh, well, now he isn't.

I'm sorry.

Do we really have to listen to this vagina music all the way there?

- Yes! - Yes!

- This is amazing! It's so beautiful. - It's so beautiful.

This is where I thought you could do it, maybe.

Yes. Definitely. This is perfect. I love these two trees.

- Isn't it beautiful? Yeah. - It's beautiful!

No. I think it has to be over here, you know.

I mean, if it's over here, everyone's gonna have a much better view, right?

Looking out onto the lake? Yeah.

After the ceremony they're gonna feel like havin' a drink,

and we can set the drinks up right over there.

Oh, and the path. They're gonna have a direct path right to the tent.

And while they'll be in the tent they can eat, drink, mingle.

Whatever. Go home.

Well, if they feel like goin' home, then...

they'll be right by their cars.

- [Chuckles] - And what will they be feeling as they're driving home?

- [Raspberry] - No, she's right.

- Right. Okay. - Right? I mean, we're having it here.

- Why wouldn't we have it facing the lake? - I think so too.

- No. Absolutely. - Of course. It's amazing. Look, it's beautiful here.

- It's beautiful... - Oh, my God, the light on your face.

- I mean, we have to pick a spot. - What about... You know, the dress will be kind of cool.

- Excuse me? - [Both Chattering At Once]

Ladies? Excuse me.

Do I have a say in all this?

- No. - No.

- Are you goin' to the lake? - Yeah. Aren't you comin'?

No, I can't. I'm being evaluated on Monday.

- I have to be more prepared for my sessions. - Won't be the same without ya.

- Thank you. - Have fun.

Andrew's a crack-up. Didn't you guys go out for a while?

Yeah. Like, eight months ago.

So what happened? How come it didn't work out?

- Wanna know what happened? I think I know what happened. - What?

It didn't work out because I bought him this pair of black pants.

- [Laughing] What does that mean? - Well, um...

We were seeing each other for, like, a month,

and it was Christmastime, and he didn't have any money.

As usual. And, uh, he saw this pair of pants...

that he really wanted, that he somehow thought would improve his life, : I don't know.

So what happened?

So he was hinting and hinting, and so I finally went out and bought him these pants.

- And I... I hid them in a box under my bed. - [Laughs]

I was really nervous.

'Cause, you know, I didn't know... I didn't know if he was gonna get me anything.

I didn't know if our... our relationship...

- was in the present-giving stage or not. - Mmm.

But I... I figured, fuck it, you know.

It's nice to be giving. It's nice to give him something. So I will.

But, um, we never made it to Christmas, 'cause a week after I bought him these pants,

he started acting all panicky and distant.

And then he said that he thought we should cool it.

What? What's the matter?


Have you... Have you gotten that checked? Did you see a doctor?

No. I forgot.

How could you forget? You know, it could be cancerous or something.

I forgot, okay? I'll... I'll see somebody next week.

No, you won't. You always say you're gonna do things and then you never do them.

Laura, I don't always say anything. I...


Who do you think you are? Do you think I have no feelings?

No, I know you have feelings. I just don't want you to die from a birthmark.

Yeah? Well, it's... It's my birthmark. All right? It's my body.

- You know, this isn't even about the birthmark, is it? - It is.

It is. That's all... That's all it's about.

Are you sure?

I'm sorry.

- [Screams] - What? What! What! What!

- What is it? - God, I don't know.

- Jesus Christ! - I'm sorry.

You know, you've got me walking on eggshells! I can't even kiss you...

without thinking that I'm doin' something wrong, and then you scream like that!

Is that what you mean by spicing up our sex life?

- I didn't scream. - Yes, you did scream.

Okay, I screamed. But it wasn't in disgust. Come on, come back. Honey, come on.


What happened?

He's moving out. He's going to stay at a friend's.

What friend?

Fuck if I know. He has no friends.

Uh, I can't believe this is happening.

Honey, is this because of that patient that you're attracted to?

Wha... No!

I'm just a total fucking mess.

Where... Where were you the other night when I came by?

Frank... Frank thought you were with me.

I know. I was with a guy.

You know him. He's the guy...

He's the guy... waiter from the restaurant, that place.

You were with the waiter who flirts with you?

- It wasn't like that. - [Scoffs]

He was nice and he was funny and he was an actor. He was a bad actor.

He was a real bad actor. Not that I know about that kind of thing,

but he seemed like a really bad actor to me, anyway.

- [Laughing] - Are you serious?

Well, I really don't need you judging me.

I knew you wouldn't understand.

You think getting married is the be-all and end-all to life, and it's not.

I don't understand, Laura. I...

You have some great guy at home mooning over your fucking socks,

and you're out sleeping with some stupid actor?

Who said I was sleeping with anybody? I went to a play!

Forget it. Okay? Just forget I ever said anything. Just forget it.

- Bye-bye. - Don't.

- Forget it. - [Phone Rings]

- Hello? - [Man] How you doin', baby?

- You wanna get fucked, don't you? - Hello?

Bend over. Bend over. I'm comin' over there. Oh, man, you're so hot.

Oh, I know you're hot! Oh, oh...

Laura. Laura, I just got an obscene phone call.

- So hang up. - I did. I'm creeped.

[Phone Rings]


[Ringing Continues]

- What, pervert? - [Heavy Breathing]

- Are you there? - I want you to take those clothes off. I'm comin' over.

- Oh, I really want... - Who is this?

Oh, come on, I'm comin'! [Moaning]

[Slams Receiver]

[Line Ringing]

- Hello? - Andrew, it's me.

- Are you back? - No, I'm in the country. Listen, I'm really scared.

- I just got two obscene phone calls, and... - So? Come on.

- I didn't think they had 'em in the country! - Of course they do!

- What if he comes here? - Aw, c'mon! He's not gonna do that.

Listen, it's only an hour on the train. Please.

- I hope he calls back. - I don't.

What do you mean? That's what I came here for.

I hate those sickos. They're the lowliest, slimiest... Hello, cookies!

Mmm. Papa likes.

I mean, it's one thing to be sexually deviant,

but to hide behind the phone like that, hey.

- [Phone Rings] - Okay.

- C'mon. Hold that. - Okay. Sound mean.


- Hello? - [Click]

- He hung up. - Ah, good!

- Let's star 69 him. - Yeah. [Laughs]

Oh, boy! You got a rotary phone. [Laughs]

Okay. First of all, you licked my goddamn ears too much.

- Oh, shit! I thought you liked that! - [Clearing Throat]

No. It was wet, it was nasty and it wasn't sexy at all.

- And I didn't like it. - [Laughing] Oh, God!

- Yeah. - How humiliating.

- See? I told you. - You wanna know what you did that drove me crazy?

- In a good way? - [Laughs] Yeah, you wish.

You used to stick your finger in my belly button.

Why would you do that, man? God, it was so annoying. It even hurt.


- I never did that. - Yes, you did.

You're thinking of somebody else.

I'm sorry! I am!

- I'm serious... That's my... - Ohh!

- Shh! - You shush. This is my house.

[Laughing Loudly] Ohhh?

Your house?


Tell me something you liked. Hmm?

That's more embarrassing.

- Exactly. - Okay.

I liked the way that you kissed like me.

You kissed good.

- I did? - Yeah. Don't you think we kissed good?

- Yeah. [Giggles] - Huh!

- Let's go swimming! Yes, yes! - Oh, swimming. Oh, oh, swimming. Aaah!

- [Amelia Laughing] - Hello.

[Andrew] Swimmin'! Whoo!


Aah. Ouch!

- Ohh! - It's cold. It's cold!

- Hey! Hey! - [Laughing]

- Oh, it's cold! - Agh!

Ooh, it feels great.



- It's cold. - Oh, look at the moon.

- Oh. - [Howls]

- [Howls] - Oh, so many stars.

We don't have any stars in New York. We should be able to see stars.

- Yeah. Yeah. - Sometimes.

[Blowing Bubbles]

- So did your phone ever get cut off? - No.

I got that, uh, paid. So... taken care of.

[People Conversing Quietly]


[Amelia] What's goin'on?

What happened?

- [Woman] I've seen this cat. - Oh, my God!

[Man] It's probably her cat.

[Woman] It must be her cat.

[Sobbing] Big Jeans! Oh, God.

I'm sorry. He fell... He fell out of the window.

I know, I know. Somebody call 911. Betsy?

- What happened? - He fell. He fell out of the window, and it's over.

[Kind Woman] To be honest with you, Bobo was my best friend.

- I mean, I'm not kidding. For 18 years. - Mmm. They listen.

- They do. - Sweet little angels. Never let you down.

Always there for you. Never asking for anything for themselves.

[Laura, Frank On Machine] Hi, we're not here. So leave a message. Bye.

- I thought of her more as a person. - Ah.

Never should have let her go out on the windowsill.

You let her go out on the windowsill?

- She liked it. - Of course she did.

I don't want you to worry, because we are not gonna leave...

until you feel better.

That's okay, really. I don't think I'm gonna be feeling better for quite some time.

- We won't budge. - I'm free for the rest of the afternoon, so...

Actually, you know...

[Sighs] I... I'm feeling better. Isn't that...

Isn't that odd?

- Hi. - Hi.

Sorry I haven't called you back.

- Can I talk to you? - W... Yeah. Yeah. Of course you can.

Come in. Sure. Sit down.

- Is that my shirt? - Oh. Yeah. Here.

Is this the way you return things you borrow? I mean, do you do this on purpose...

to get me mad or something?

Dry-clean it.

- I'm sorry. I'm sorry. - It's not... No.

Um, Laura. Big Jeans, uh... Big Jeans is dead.

She jumped out the window.


God. Why didn't you call me?

I did. I just... I didn't want to leave it on your machine.

It's all my fault, you know. I... I let her out on the windowsill.

And, uh...

And the chemo, radiation must've made her weak.

I mean, you were right. I never should have put her through that.

Don't be crazy. She fell.

Besides, you said she was getting better.

She wasn't.

She wasn't. You don't know. I mean, you hardly ever saw her.


I have a life, Amelia. I have a life.

I know you have a life.

What was I supposed to do? Just not move out, so you and I could live with our cat...

for the rest of our lives? Jesus, things change.

I had her cremated.

I have a lot of work to do.

I know. Hey.

I'm so sorry about Big Jeans. I really am.

- Thanks. - I have a problem. I need your help.

The girl from California... she's here.

- So? So what? What am I gonna do? - Actually, I've worked that out.

You see, I'm supposed to meet her downstairs for lunch in 15 minutes.

I was thinking you could come with me, you know, and I could introduce you as my girlfriend.

You know, like we got back together or something.

The actual details of that aren't as important as...

Andrew, there is no way I'm gonna do that to that girl. Why don't you tell her the truth?

[Scoffs] I can't. I can't.

She wants... She wants to stay with me.

She thinks, like, we're gonna have a relationship or something.

Gee, I wonder why she thought that.

Look. Are you gonna help me or not?

- Not! I'm staying right here. - Please, please.

Come on, Amelia. It's not that big a deal. She's nice.

I don't wanna hurt her feelings. I just feel like...

You should have thought of that before, Andrew. Good luck.

[No Audible Dialogue]

I wanna talk to you about something. I really feel bad about this.

I never really saw any devils.

I'm sorry. You can fire me if you want to.

Why did you tell me you saw devils if you didn't?

Because my problems are stupid, and I... I know I gotta be really crazy...

to come and see you for free, so I made the stuff up about the devils.

I figured that's what a real wacko would say. Right?

- Hi. - Hi.



- This is crazy. - Yeah.

- I miss you. - I miss you too. [Chuckles]

I got something for you.

You do? Now?


Oh, Frank, I don't deserve a present.

No, no. You deserve it. It's kind of personal.

I think you'll like it. Open it up.

What is this?


Is this your mole?

This is your mole.

You gave me your fucking mole.

I had it removed and biopsied.

And, uh, I'm fine. I'm fine.

- Are you relieved? - So you gave it to me in a box?

Yeah, it's great, isn't it? It's funny. I thought you'd like it. It's a joke.

No, it's not a joke. It's the most passive-aggressive thing you've ever done.

Oh, come on. You don't think that's funny?

No, I don't think it's funny, Frank! I think it's disgusting.

I thought we were here to try and talk.

Okay. Fine. Give me back my mole.

- Oh, now you want it back? - Yeah. I want it back.

- You want your mole back? - Yes, give me back my mole!


- So, how are you? - I'm good.

I'm real good.

Bill, I feel really bad about what happened.

I liked you. I wanted to see you again.

Well, you know. It worked out for the best.

I got back together with my old girlfriend.


- That's good. - Yeah. We're gonna go watch dwarf bowling tonight.

Her father got us tickets.

- Dwarfs bowling? - No. It's like, uh...

No. People bowl with dwarfs.

Like, they pick 'em up and use 'em as bowling balls. It's great.

- That's sick. - No, no, no. The dwarfs like it.

I've seen it before. My girlfriend's really into it.

You checkin' these out?


Hey. You're early.

- I got you something. - What?

You wouldn't believe the humiliation I had to withstand to rent them.

- I got them from Bill. - You saw Bill?

- Yeah. - I've seen these.

- Fuck you. - I'll see 'em again! They're good.

So tell me what happened with Virginia.

It was awful. I didn't even remember what she really looked like.

Not that she was ugly or anything. Just...

You know, not what I was picturing.

What were you picturing?

I don't know.

Nothing. Nobody, I guess.

I told her the truth, though. I told her that an in-person relationship...

was more than I could handle right now.

Which isn't really the truth, but she bought it.

[Chuckles] God, she must have been pissed.

As she was leaving, I said, "I'll call you. "

Oh, my God.

I am such an asshole.

I'm gonna write her a letter. I feel really bad.

Hey... Mmm.

- Andrew. - Hmm?

I still have the black pants.

What black pants?

The black pants.

The black pants I bought you that made you panic and break up with me.


What are you talking about?

- [Laughing] - I asked for these? They don't fit!

I'm getting fat.

When did you buy these? If they fit back then, they should fit now.

[Spanish Accent] You like? Very, very macho, no?

- [Laughing] - I think so.


[Knock At Door]

- Who is it? - [Laura] Help.

Oh, my God. What happened?

She just kept spraying and curling, spraying, curling,

spraying, curling, spraying...

And your makeup.

I know. I look like a drag queen.

Did you really pay for this thing?

No, you only pay if they do it at your wedding. Ow!

God, what did you tell them you wanted to look like?

Like BabyJane! What do you think I told them? Ow.

So, I guess you guys made up.

[Groans] I tried.

He gave me his... Ow. Mole.

In a box.

Oh, well, clearly you're not gonna get married then.

Yeah, wouldn't you be thrilled.



You think I don't want you to get married?

You know what? Brush your hair yourself.

- What just happened? - I don't want to talk about it.

Well, I do.

What's your problem?

My problem? My problem, Laura, is that you're different. Okay?


We used to talk about things!

You used to need me, for Christ's sake.

When something happens to me now, good or bad, I tell you.

When something good or bad happens to you, you tell Frank.

It feels unfair.

Amelia. I need you.

Not in the same way.

Okay. You're right.

You're right. I don't call you ten times a day like I used to.

And I don't tell you every single thing that happens to me because I do have Frank.

But does that make me a bad friend because I don't need you...

when you want me to need you?

- Fine. - Aah!

You know, when I do call you, it's not enough?

And if I do see you, that's not enough. Nothing is ever enough for you!

It's like when Frank and I got engaged,

you decided that I don't care about you anymore,

and that is just not true.

I didn't decide anything.

What did I do wrong?

I know you're busy. I know that you're having problems with Frank.

I do. I know that. But you're so wrapped up in what's happening to you,

that you don't even know what I'm going through.

Stop for a second and think of what it's like for me!

That's all I want.


What is it like for you?


Sad. I miss you.

What's it like for you?

It's lonely.

- I'm really lonely. - I'm sorry.

- I'm sorry. - I love you.

Oh, God. I love you.

- I slept with Andrew. - You what?

It was fun.


- Hi. - Hey, how's it hangin'?

Uh, good. Is Frank here?

** Oh, I've been traveling **

**lf these are tears Let them fall **

**Must I paint you a picture **

**About the way that I feel **

- ** You know my love for you is strong, girl ** - **Love is strong **

- ** You know my love for you is real ** - **Love is real ****

- Ahh. - [Everyone Laughs]

What did you wish for?

I wished for a few more healthy years.

You know, I might get it. It's hereditary.

Yes, you might.

I've sworn off porno, and I'm going crazy.

- So watch some. - No. Don't want to.

I'll be right back.

How are ya? You having fun?

I can't remember who I'm talking to in the middle of my sentence.

[Laughs] I can't remember people in my own family.

- Do you remember me? - You're my son.

Yeah, I'm your son.

[Chuckles, Sniffles]


Do you want something to drink? I was gonna go get something...

No. No. No, thanks.

You know, it's nice. Everyone came to my party.

Look at Aunt Cynthia's dress.

What do you think she was thinking?

Looks like the same dress...

she wore to your mother's college graduation 40 years ago.

That I remember.

Is it? Really?

That's an old dress.

[Andrew] I like the flowers. The flowers are especially nice.

Sixteen more hours.

Do you want a turn?

- This is nice. - **Must I paint you a picture **

**About the way that I feel **

- ** You know my love for you is strong, girl ** - **Love is strong **

- ** You know my love for you is real ** - **Love is real **

Oh, my God.


**Sure and pure **

- ****[Continues] - Is Andrew here?

Yeah. You should see him. He's wearing a suit. I think he got it from his Bar Mitzvah.


What's gonna happen with you guys?

I don't know. I'm not sure I want it to go anywhere.

You know. It is Andrew.

- You were obsessed with Andrew. - I was.

- Right. You were. - Turn around.

[Exhales] Have you seen Frank? Is he alone?

No, he had some, um, very weird guy with him.

Oh, Rick. Good. Good.

Come here.


- **Must I paint you a picture ** - Wow.

= **About the way that I feel ** - You don't look fine.

- I don't? - No, you look beautiful.

**My love for you is strong, girl **

- ** You know my love for you is real ** - Are you ready?

- I'm wearing a shower curtain. - I won't tell anyone.

**Must I paint you a picture **

**About the way that I feel **

- ** You know my love for you is strong, girl ** - **Love is strong **

- ** You know my love for you is real ** - **Love is real **

**Must I paint you a picture **

**About the way that I feel **

- ** You know my love for you is strong, girl ** - **Love is strong **

- ** You know my love for you is real ** - **Love is real **

**Must I paint you a picture **

**About the way that I feel ****

****[Country Pop]

**As I wait for sleep to drag me under **

**In the evening gloom I sit and wonder **

** Words I should have said to you **

** The things I always meant to do **

** The bad dreams all came true **

** You woke up my neighborhood **

**Night after night we would row **

** You woke up my neighborhood **

** Things are pretty quiet 'round here now **

** When I think of how we were together **

** You know we couldn't be like that forever **

**Beneath the seven sisters stars **

** The night we let it go too far **

**I slept out in the car **

** You woke up my neighborhood **

**Night after night we would row **

** You woke up my neighborhood **

** Things are pretty quiet 'round here now **

**I remember skipping 'round the porch **

** Till it grew cold **

**I remember feelin' like I was **

**Eight years old **

**Somersaults across the lawn **

**Singin; dancin' Up till dawn **

**Every now and then we'd have a row **

** You woke up my neighborhood **

** Things are pretty quiet 'round here now **

** You woke up my neighborhood **

**Night after night we would row **

** You woke up my neighborhood **

** Things are pretty quiet 'round here now **

** You woke up my neighborhood **

**Night after night we would row **

** You woke up my neighborhood ****

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