Westler Transcript

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What do you think of that?

Just fantastic!

Never compare L.A. with New York...

or with a painting of David Hockney's. Thas totally un-cool!

What is that? Chicken Sanyassin?

No, Chop Suicide!

Do you see what I see?

Look a Berliner Bear!

For an American, the city represents the future...

they thrive on growth.

For Europeans, a city signifies the past.

Thas the end of America over there.

The Pacific was at one time the border-line.

The Caucasian breakthrough needed 4000 years from...

Middle Asia through Europe to arrive at this point.

Like stampeding cowboys they trampled everything in their path...

after 2000 years Europe was tamed.

And then they needed that much time again to erect...

the "European Culture" that we Americans envy,

Gothic, Rokoko and such.

Finally they dared to tamper with the unknown...

and discovered the New World!

And all of a sudden they were back at the beginning:

they stormed through the New World like savages...

-till there was nothing left other than this-

Now we stand again at the threshold that once was the Atlantic...

and you see that man still feels...

the urge to go west:

they build their houses on stilts in the ocean...

although they know that they'll be washed away.

But now that they've conquered the Earth...

the pioneer spirit is alive again...

as it was then in Europe.

But the ships they're building have no sails...

they are spaceships.

At this moment they are fighting over the universe.


Hey Felix, look at this!

Very Queeny!

Wait 'til you see the king!

This looks rich!

So why don't you show me East Berlin?

It is quite interesting.

A lot to see over there...

is just the hassle with the Prussians.

Come on Felix, we'll have a great time together!

I've got to see the other side too!

I'm starving... shouldn't we go home?

"He seems a bit damaged..."

"but that doesn't distract the lioness from her mate."

This is unbelievable! I'm watching communist TV!

"And she answers him with grunts and hisses."

"The lion copulates

Now you see where we are!

How classy an American in the house and you didn't...

defrost the TV dinners? -Just go get the fish!

Set the table!

If is Tuesday... this must be Berlin!

Yummy, les go East!


I need some of the blue forms! Ja! For 2 days!


Just a minute.

Here are the blue ones.

Good evening, how do you do? -Good. These are my friends

Ah come in. Just a minute.

You're the first East German that I've ever spoken to...

thas historical!

What did you think it would be like?

Hitchcock's "Torn Curtain"?

What would you like to drink? - Gin & tonic please

White wine. -Me too.

So tell me what you do for a living?

You get three guesses.

Student? Construction worker? Working class hero?

A spy in the house of love!

No no, I'm a waiter at the "Lindencorso", you know it?

Never been there.

And you?

I work here and there.

Do you live with your family?

No, they live in Potsdam, I live in Prenzlauer Berg.

Alone? -I have a one room flat.

Prenz... what?

Hello Tommy.

Hi, this is Lutze, Felix, Bruce.

Here's a toast to the unknown!

Do you like living here?

No... there is no sense in comparing places...

Yeah, we don't have it so good either.

I want to get out of here. My dream isn't of the Golden West.

I feel that all that I can think of is impossible anyway.

We're only free until the last Deutschmark is gone.

Yeah, you can say everything but it doesn't mean anything.


The American, the highest developed bourgeois individual...

...simply the void. -But thas exactly freedom!

I understand, but maybe I just want the feeling.

Whas te use, all the money I don't have...

Les have another drink.

You guys had better be on your way!

Twenty to twelve! Shit! Can we get a taxi?

That takes too long, take the U-Bahn.

Got a pen?

Give me your number. -I have no telephone.

No? Your address then.

Here! Can you pay for us?

Take care of yourself!

Thomas, we'll keep in touch I'm glad I met you.

Hey kid, everything alright?

"Please be patient, we'll be back in a moment."

"Radio Taxi Berlin, please hold the line."

Who can tell me what "Aroma identical to nature" means?

Something with "nature"! -Plastic Fantastic!

Apropos fantastic... got a crush?

Gonna see Thomas again?

Taxi's on its way.

Taxi is there!

Have fun with the French boys!


Bye Bernie.

I know how is going to end:

the girl in a white wedding gown,

crawling through barbed wire under machine gun fire.

A lonesome soldier blowing kisses in a blood red sunset.

Hi kid, whas up?

I was hoping that you would be on tonight, how are you?

Is quiet, I have time to read, "Increasing Madness",

I can lend it to you when I'm finished.

Have you seen Elke lately?

Yeah, last sunday we went swimming at the Muggelsee.

Would it be ok to call West Berlin from here?

I smell something cooking, the Schoppenstube!

I'll see if I can get an outside line.

Hello, who?

Who do you want to talk to?

Is Felix there?

I'm calling from East Berlin.

Felix is for you East Berlin!

It sounds transatlantic.

I didn't think you were coming.

Hi Thomas, sure.

I'm glad you came, do you want something to drink?

Apple juice? Tea? -Tea is fine.

Excuse me -Not at all.

Have a seat.

How long have you lived here? -Two years.

Since I left home, Potsdam.

How do you live, over there?

I have two room mates. Is nice but expensive.

And your American friend -Bruce!

How is he?

He flew the coup. One week in Berlin was enough.

Afternoons - thas when children dream.

I like the Summer rain. Do you know "Southern Star"?

"Southern Star"?

Yeah, from Vicky Leandros. -Never heard of it. Sing it!

Pure as the Southern Star deep and clear in the sea

beautiful as sunset skies but you told me adieu.

More tea?



Do yo have a boyfriend?

Not at the moment... I mean.

Spare the details.

Thomas? I can't stay so long.

I'm sorry, I have to be at the theatre by seven.

What a pity.

Monday is my day off, when the slaves are free...

shall I come again next Monday? I could stay longer.

Yeah, 'til midnight. -Yeah, 'til midnight!

Well, I've got to go, sorry, I'm always late.

It might take time at the border.

Thanks for coming. -Thank you!

Got to go.

You do.

I think so.

Good evening. -Good Evening Frau Mohner.


'til Monday.

Take Care. Forget me not.

Oh no, 'till next Monday!

No, nevermore!

On foreign shores my betrothed love toucheth me.

I did perceive the grace of waiting precision in fever!


This land shall vanish in tongues of fire...

like his flesh in the night.

But who art thou?

You know me not? Who I am, time never changes.

All others have fallen the cause of forgetfulness

the last of the Greek gods

but I shall remain forever

immortal - I am love...

and death!

I'm closing shop, okay? -Okay.

Due to your unemployment verification...

the state bureau of labour obliges you to fulfil...

manual labour in the Prenzlauer Slaughterhouse.

Empty your pockets.

Is that all?

Open this!

You have a girlfriend?

Is mine!

Stand over there.

Take your sweater off.

Trousers and shoes too...

Put them over there.


Pull down your underwear and bend over.

Get dressed.

I had to use your name or they wouldn't let me in.

I know my people, believe me, is nothing...

They get curious if you cross the border too often.

And when you get in trouble?

They know my story.

A year ago I filed for an exit visa.

Thas when they started to mingle.

If you say so. And when they make trouble?

Maybe I'm just too paranoid.

A Zubrovka on ice, per favore.

Where were we. -The hot-air balloon is out...

and digging a tunnel was your rejection.

First, you get rid of your furniture, I'll worry about money.

You get the dirt from Lutze about fugitive connection...

in case the lawyers fall through with our family unification plan.

If we had a brat like Bobby and Pam, it would be another story.

Oh these sick Propagation fanatics.

This is not going to be cheap.

Whas this? -Nothing. Bureaucratic bullshit.

This is unbelievable! Are they crazy?

And you've served duty?

Haven't you?

We don't have to.

Say, how was it for you?

It was fine...

I was lucky, I worked in the kitchen...

there were some strange situations...

all these guys...

really straight...

two of them became my friends.

One of them had a girlfriend, an officer in Dresden.

Come on, Bogo, kiss me, kiss me.

Your passport.

Here we have respect. If you're in such a hurry...

you're in a hurry to get nowhere fast!

So darling I'll keep you company for a while.

Oh la la, drowning your troubles in a glass of wine.

Oh this fucking masquerade, no one thinks about anything.


Could be I just came back from East Berlin.

Lying in bed with my lover. -Hallelujah.

Where you ever over there?

I tried, but they didn't let me in.

Oh no.

Is men who are the problem, not the wall.

Forget it. I've had enough, I'm going home.

Sleep tight! And don't forget to come to the show...

I have a surprise for you! You're my guest.

Sure. I'm sorry...


I was in a palace, like Sanssouci, and a page...

With a powdered wig, came carrying a tray of tarot cards...

it was time to read the cards.

The first card I turned was the fool! He looked at me...

and said: "the next card is yours, is blank..."

"Take your place in the dance of fate."

Wow, cherry pie!

And just as it was getting good, naturally I woke up.

But I had the impression that Felix was involved...

Strange, how is he anyway? -I wish I knew...

If I couldn't come here, I'd really be lost.

Something happened? You're frowning.

I'm scared that what I really want...

I can't have here. Look what Felix does!

And here we can't even be together...

surrounded by resigned collaborators.

You know, I see the picture totally differently!

Obligatory reality is uninteresting...

General fantasy shouldn't be a damper.

There's much more to life than that. It encircles all extremes.

It doesn't matter where I am.

I wish I could believe you.

What are you thinking about? You've got a plan...

and is not bad!

Is reviewing itself, save your breath.

You are going on a trip... and you'll travel far!

Who, me?

Les have a Vodka, is on the shelf.

Take Felix to the Baltic Sea, he can get a visa?

Or go to Prague and visit Pavel!



I made the same dumb face on my first day in the West!

Hea, druzba!

Thank you...

our next number takes place in a disco at the end...

of this century.

Similar to the Titanic in its last hour...

the machines grind, the lights wander...

people scream. But no one is going to rescue them.

The noise creates an endless superficiality.

The mouths of friends gasping like fish out of water.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, my guest from America...

Miss Sexy Ecstasy!

Lutze, what happened?

Is all over.

I don't get it. Are you alright?

God, I don't believe it!

Tell me!

Two years ago I paid money to an escape fund...

tonight a stranger came to my door. Bizarre...

He said: "pack your bag and take these pills!"

We left the house, got in a car - and that was it.

Crazy! And how did you get over the border?

I don't remember.

"Don't turn away for strangers shadows..."?

"don't turn around, keep going on..."

Next week I'm meeting Thomas - in Pargue!

"Keep faith in your path and don't leave it..."

"when night comes... in Berlin."

Why don't you sit down!

Even when they let me go to Prague, there is no way back...

You'll see.

Does Felix know what you're up to?

No. I wrote to Pavel. I hope he can help me.

There are some things that I want to leave with you.

Maybe someday I can pick them up again.

Sometimes I wonder why I make life so complicated.

Oh rubbish!

Can you hear my stomach growling?

Give me another biscuit.

Where do you want it?


Egg with honey isn't bad either.

Not necessarily.

I can't get it open.

Take the honey.

Noon already?

So what? You have an appointment?

I told you Pavel is coming over.

He'll be here soon enough.


Sure. You just met up with him yesterday.


Hi Thomas. -I was waiting for you.

Things are beginning to jell, Thomas...

I contacted the people I told you about.


They can take you to Hungary!

From there you'll have to make your own way to Yugoslavia...

thas all I can do.

Thank you, Pavel. This is wonderful...

and when is this going to happen?

Tomorrow morning!

Tomorrow morning?

Yeah, under the following procedures:

you will go to Karlsbrücke at 4am.

There a man will ask you where to find the next bus stop.

That is your man, you follow him.

Do you understand?

Yeah! Tomorrow at 4... Karlsbrücke... the man...

the bus stop...

Felix, isn't that super?

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