Z Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Z script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Costa-Gavras movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Z. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Z Script





One can prevent mildew



by spraying with copper sulfate.



There are  2 classic solutions used,



one from Bordeaux,

the other from Burgundy.



Burgundy being a region in France



which is reputed for its wine.



Three sprayings a year are required.



The first when the shoots reach



two or three centimetres long,



the second just before or after

the flowering,



and the third a month later.



The treatment is preventative



and must not be neglected.



Gentlemen, I'll finish my speech

on mildew prevention.



I remind you

that as in previous years,



airplanes and flyers will be placed



at your disposal

to remind the farmers that mildew,



a disease that destroys vines,

appeared simultaneously



with that other ideological disease

which has devastated men.



But the Chief of Police

will develop this point.



Any similarity to actual persons

or events is deliberate



As the Under-secretary

of Agriculture said,



  treatments are necessary.



An ideological illness

is like mildew



and requires preventive measures.



Like mildew,



it is due

to septic germs



and various parasitic agents.



So the treatment of men

with appropriate solutions



is indispensable.



The   st stage occurs

in the schools




if you'll pardon the metaphor,



the sprouts are still very young.



The  nd treatment



occurs when they begin to bloom



as college students

or young workers.



The draft is the best time



to spray and save the sacred

tree of national liberty



from the disease

of ideological mildew.



Air-dropped leaflets are telling



our peasants of a new kind



of ideological mildew

beginning to ravage our land.



This new variety



is spreading insidiously.



It's a sly enemy



pushing us away

from God and the Crown.



It's against this enemy



that our action is aimed.



Don't take notes!

It's all in our pamphlet.



With the outbreak of isms,



Iike socialism, anarchism,

imperialism or communism,



sunspots start to multiply

on the face of the golden orb.



God refuses to enlighten the Reds!



Scientists forecast

an increase in sunspots



due to the arrival of the beatniks



and pacifists from certain countries



such as ltaly,

France and Scandinavia!



As head of Law and Order

here in the north,



I wish to tell you,

who are high civil servants,



we must preserve



the healthy elements

of our society



and heal those that are ill.



Tonight the enemy's holding

a meeting on our city.



But we are not an ism!



We are a democracy!



We won't forbid the meeting.



Nor will we forbid



the opposition from demonstrating!



With these healthy anti-bodies,



we must fight all diseases



of both the vine

as well as Society!



That's all I have to say.



Bear it in mind

during the days to come!



- Having lunch?

- Rapidly!



I'll take you to your plane.



- Thank you!

- It's my pleasure!



Tell my wife

I'll pick her up this evening.



An excursion

for the Bolshoï ballerinas!



From Moscow?



The Bolshoï Ballet is here

for   days. They open tonight.



- Stay over! You can sit in my box.

- I must return to the capital.



Ah, the capital! The palace!



The Palace thinks well of you!



What if one of them

chose freedom here?



Like that famous dancer...



No, none of that!



For freedom they pick London

or the US where the money's stable!



We have enough hot-heads in town!

Enough problems!



Stop! Take that down!



No permit's needed

for a meeting indoors!



I don't want any trouble!

Get a permit to use the hall!



Do as I say!



Bring me your permit!



Or meet elsewhere!

Take it down!



How can we find

another hall now



and tell   or   thousand people

about it?



- It's a rally!

- You signed the receipt!



Now it's unsigned! Here's your check!



I'll pay you compensation!



You got threats!



I don't know what you mean!



You don't cancel a rental

unless you're pressured!



- You lawyers are...

- Bozini, you're an honest man.



Who's behind all this? Why?



I don't want you in my hall,

that's why!



If you don't like it, lump it!



There must be a reason!



My father died today! OK?



I'd gladly let you see it



but the city inspector came by.







The seats must be specially set.



We can set 'em up this afternoon.



No, fastened to the floor!

It'll take a week at least.



Since when!



We cancel or meet in the street!



And without a permit!

That'd mean instigators and cops!



We won't find a hall.

They'll all refuse!



I say we have to cancel it.



He'd never agree!



We cancel it

and go quietly off to bed



or better yet,

to the Bolshoï opening!



And we take him there too?

And send his audience there?



- You got a hall?

- The Bolshoï!



A plot on the doc's life!



- Says who?

- My wife.



Who told you? None of my business?



What'll we tell the police?

Don't hang up!



She won't say. The guy didn't know

the doctor's due today.



This is George Pirou.

You must tell us who...



Certainly not!



I trust him. He didn't know

about tonight's meeting.



He overheard a discussion.



He won't tell you. Me neither!



He's had enough trouble!

He has a family!



Now they know!



Now you know. So do something!



It's for you.



I know, darling. See you later!



What do we do?



Call the Red Cross!






It's all quite vague.

An anonymous witness.



An overheard conversation!



Maybe it's a hoax or a chronic liar!



Like those who

phone there's a bomb in a plane...



Who'd want to kill your president?



Marie, open the door!



Shall we go?



I'll call the Head of Security.



He'll provide protection,




We've no basis for any action!



Yes, I'm interested

in the Paris Commune!



- I'm late!

- You'll come to the theatre tonight?



As for a hall, I can do nothing.



The colonel!



Property rights

can't be infringed upon,



even though

some may want to change that!



- Yes, Papa?

- Niki, see to our guest.



In   seconds!



He's a fine magistrate!



He's out? Give me his duty officer.



You know about tonight?

Not the Bolshoï!



Yes! The Doctor's life

has been threatened.



- No, but he's due to arrive...

- Shortly.



He'll arrive shortly.



No... on the phone.



Like you say...



Tell the Col. I phoned.



"All quite vague"...

"No basis for any action".



The Doctor'll be mad when he hears

we asked those puppets for help.



- Puppets?

- Of the USA!



What can they have to do with it!



Always blame the USA!

Even if you're wrong!



Cut it out! You're not always funny!



There they are!



The police?



They've tailed me for   days.



Everything's set?



No. We lost our hall

and no one knows it!



They want to sabotage the meeting.



Who can fix it?



Only the Head of Security.

We'll see him after lunch.



Let's go now!



Then, to the hotel.



Your life's been threatened.

A guy overheard some talk about it.



- We'll ask the cops...

- For nothing!



Just for a hall, that's all!



This hall does not meet

safety regulations.



It was in use   weeks ago!



Here's the report.



- It has no emergency exit!

- It never did!



With a normal show



there's no danger.



Your rally might excite people.



It's in no way dangerous!



I've no reason

to hinder your meeting.



My decision is based



on reports.



I'm neutral in this affair.



Then why're we being tailed?



For your safety! The Minister

of lnterior ordered us



to protect your committee members

from any possible extremists.



Whom you are using!



Other halls meet

the safety requirements,



Iike the Employees' Union Hall

opposite your hotel.



You simply cross the square!

I'm neutral in this affair!



Alright, Col.



There, on the   st floor! Not room



for over     people!



We'll look stupid! In a city

of        only     would hear you.



The rest'll be outside.



Ask the Col. to let us hang

loudspeakers from the trees.



Permit or not, people'll be here!



We'll go now...



...and try to alert people.



Print posters

with the rally's change of address!



Manuel, come discuss my speech!



George, you too!



I'll hold on.



Hello, darling! How are you?



Fine... yes.



Problems with the hall as usual!



Why should there be any fights?



Why any fights?



Yes, tomorrow.



George sends a kiss.



Till tomorrow, darling!



The kids?



Fine, but I don't see them enough.






We're not always eye to eye

but it's not serious.



They say a hungry bear



won't dance!



The bears are going to read that!



Your pen!






Hold your meetings in Russia!



We'd rather stay here!



Do as you're told!



Hey, you!



What's the idea!



- Never mind!

- Better than the Bolshoï?



- I only came to please you.

- Your dancers are old-hat.



Except when one chooses freedom!



And the Warsaw Pact?!



We're against the bomb,

Russian or American!






Long live the Bomb!



You could sell 'em

to the "Daily Worker"!



No more NATO bases!



Calm down!

No fighting! No provocation!



Ya just ease 'em away!

Ya don't push!



Leave 'em alone!



Calm down!



Don't provoke 'em!



Mr Lawyer!



Start now!

There's no more room up there!



Squeeze 'em in!



Get the speakers.






I'll get 'em!



Go on in!



Let 'em in!



- So that's it!

- What?



The new opposition!

Women go for him!






Never! He's anti-foreign!



Next elections, he'll win!






Ex-Olympic champ, doc,

college prof and honest politician!






He's at the Bolshoï!



- He must cancel it!

- We back down!



To avoid provoking the crowd.



The students could maintain order.



- A free-for-all!

- You and your non-violence!



We must respect the law!



The law of the jungle!



They stuck us in that hall.

It's a trap!



Set by whom?



The ClA! We want

the foreign bases to be dismantled!



You think too much!

There are some stubborn extremists...



The threats?



It's not the   st time.

We've all taken risks.



They're all at the Bolshoï!



Keep trying.



The police must face

their responsibility.



We're going to our rally.



Rotten politicians!



We'll put ya in your graves!



We'll kill ya all!



Stay outside!



- And you?

- I'm a mason.



OK, let's go.



They hit me.






Why do our ideas



provoke such violence?



Why don't they like peace?



Why don't they attack

other organisations?



The answer is simple.



The others are nationalists,

used by the government



and don't upset

our Judas allies who betray us...



General, they're getting out of hand!



I'll have the loudspeakers cut off!



It'd excite the others.



Don't do that!



Where's the Chief of Police?



I was told he's here!



Really? He must be over there!



We lack hospitals and doctors



but half the budget

goes for military expenditures.



He's the one!



A cannon is fired



and a teacher's monthly salary

goes up in smoke!



That's why they can't



bear us or our meetings



and use hired thugs

to jeer and attack us!



Around the world. too many soldiers

are ready to fire



on anything moving toward progress.



He's your guy?



- You sure?

- I think.



An Olympic champ?






Finish him off!



Shit! It's not him!



- I told ya it wasn't!

- They said it was!



Take off!



I'll go around to avoid the cops.



Tomatoes out of season!

They cost a fortune!



Fix your muffler!



I can't even make

the monthly payments!



Shit! The cops!



But our fight is theirs too!



We live

in a weak and corrupt society



where it's every man for himself.



It's blocked off here too! Hide!



Even imagination is suspect



yet it's needed

to solve world problems.



The stockpile of A-bombs is equal



to   ton of dynamite

per person on earth.



Horny again?






They want to prevent us

from reaching



the obvious political conclusions

based on these simple truths.



But we will speak out!



We serve the people

and the people need the truth.



Send them back to the Bolshoï!



The truth is the start

of powerful. united action.



Get those hoodlums out of here!



Down with the police state!



No more foreign bases!









What're you waiting for?



Watch out!



Throw him off!



It's my cousin. He fell off!



By his feet!



I saw you hit him!



- What?

- What's going on?



I hit the brake

and my cousin fell off.



- He's bleeding and needs care.

- Your papers!



Just a moment...



Here they are!



He's bleeding! He needs care!



He hit him with a club!



See? It's nothing!



This is nothing?



- He tried to kill him!

- Dummy!



- My truck?

- lt'll be OK.



Call in for a patrol car.



Sure, call the station!



Stay there!






I'm goin'.

Pretend to try and stop me.



I can't explain but I gotta go!

Just play dead!



One move and I'll slug you!



What time is it?

I got a date I can't miss!



The regime can't change that!



All the Russians want

is to live like Americans!



Quick, sir, it's serious!



Come with me!



The Attorney-General!



We'll talk later.



And the ballet?

I had to miss it!



Why wasn't I told?



During the performance? How?



- What is it?

- A stupid traffic accident!



The culprit?



We'll have him soon.



- The victim?

- The hospitaI'll tell us.



I'll go there in your car.






Have the papers heard about it?



I doubt it.



I must call the Ministry!



Editorial room!



What on earth's wrong?



There was a demonstration.

We taught the bastards a lesson!



They hold a meeting?

Well, we can demonstrate too!



It's like a biological reaction.



Society's healthy elements,

the anti-bodies...



We beat the hell out of 'em!



What do you want from me?






...that I was there and beat 'em up!



What for?



So my pals'll know!



OK, if you want.

Get fixed up at the hospital



so they'll know

both sides were hurt!



Go now and I'll put

your name in the lead!



We warned you

but you said it was a hoax



- or a crackpot!

- Please!



This attempted killing

is your responsibility!



The police has proof

it was an accident.



Go easy! We need their help!

Such unfounded accusations!



They're blind... or worse...




They've no proof!






I was there taking pictures.



You got the truck?



No, I missed it!

The cops chased us away.



Such cynicism!

They'll use the incident politically!



- Surely!

- They know how to make martyrs!






Let's hope he doesn't die.



That would suit them!



The brain is damaged

in   or   spots. We're operating.



His heart is fighting hard



but it's too soon to say.



- But you must!

- He can't hear you.



You realise the political aspect?



But the other victim

is out of danger.



Other victim?



Senator Pirou.

He was found in the street.



It's serious but he's alright.



  senators hurt!

Such incompetent police!



I must phone

the Minister in private!



His wife knows?



I don't eavesdrop!



I'm sure!



When's she coming?



Tomorrow,   st plane.



Tomorrow is today!



It's for my paper.



What did she say?



Nothing. I heard her breathing.



Then she said Will he live?



The director couldn't answer.



And she said

So they finally did it!



Were you there?



I'm a reporter...



I'm afraid the police bungled it!

I wanted no one hurt!



  senators hurt...   critically!



We have the culprit!



Where? I want to see him!



He's in the canteen.



- The canteen!

- The cells are in poor condition.



No electricity!

So we use them for storage.



The Minister says this is serious

and a political catastrophe.



If the papers knew

he's in a canteen...!



The Minister wants

to be kept fully informed.



No handcuffs!



- His son?

- No, a street pedlar.



- Was he alone?

- No,   of them.



We have the end man's address.



It seems

he slept through the accident.



He gave himself up?



He was arrested for drunken driving.

You'll get a report.






- No alcohol!

- It's the stew.



Mutton stew kills all smells.



What have you been doing?



I made the stew!



He made it?

And you hid this from me!



I didn't know. I found out later.



You weren't told? Since when?



Since about    :   p.m.



That's harboring a criminal!



You knew about it, Col.?



I knew but...



...I hadn't had time

to tell the General.



Then you arrived.



The Gen. said

we didn't have the culprit



and I couldn't contradict him.






I'll take his statement myself.



Get the  nd culprit!






They're at the presses!



Now what? You wear glasses now?



It's a disguise. Take my name

off the list. The guy's dyin'!



What's that to you?



Nothing! It was an accident!

  drunks in a pickup truck!



If my name's in the paper,

I'll be questioned!



I'll remove it!



Are you free now?



No, I can't. I'm busy.



You'll have to go.



That way!



No one is to move!



What do they want?



To start trouble. We refuse!



But how do you explain

it's always ours who are killed?



- He's alive!

- Clinically he's dead! Why dream?



Clinically dead!



The brain's destroyed

but the heart's beating!



It won't quit!



One word

and they'll tear up the town!



Why hold them back?

I wonder if we've any will to fight.



He had! That's why

they killed him! Not us!



Come on!



It's all I could find.



The papers!

The cops put the blame on us!






"The broadcasting of the speech

was a provocation.



"The anti-national tone



"of the attack on foreign policy

aroused the crowd at once.



"Hence the violence.



"The police handled

the situation efficiently



"yet     policemen

were injured in the course of duty."



So said the Gen. to the Press!



We must answer that!



Yes, and stress

the pacifist nature of our rally.



We had permission...



So the cops

could do a better job on us!



But we have no proof!



Nothing valid!



We can only deplore

the police's passiveness.



Later we'll underline

all the contradictions.



Why not call the Red Cross

or the Rights of Man Commission?



You're making a cry-baby defense!



We must attack

and expose those responsible!



- Take up arms in the streets?!

- Why not?



Anything goes?



We can consider...



Nothing at all! It must be legal!



- We've been legal for years!

- This is no time to change!



It's our only way!



Or the affair could backfire!



Aren't you ashamed?

He's dying in there!



We've no case against them!



And the threats on his life?



He too ignored them!



But that was yesterday!



Will your guy talk now?



Statement to the Press?



I doubt it.

He was scared then of reprisals.



- And now, even more so!

- Try! Can you find him?



Not before noon.



We'll have to be careful.



We're being watched.



It's them!



But they're protecting us!

We're as safe as the doctor!



What was your reaction to the news?



The US President sent you a telegram?



Saying what?



Happily wed?



Was he threatened?



You'll let the Reds exploit this?



Was it an attempted assassination?



Why'd you send for a British surgeon?



Did you want a divorce?



Was it an accident?



They're operating...

for the  rd time.



Here's the hospital director!



Your husband's had an accident.



I knew your husband.

We were at school together.



I wanted to go

to his peace marathon



but it was forbidden.



It's serious but he'll make it.



Prof. Dodd from London is here.



He's one of England's best surgeons.



Want to tell them the truth?

They'll live the truth later.



The fall broke

the dome of the skull



and no doubt

the brain has been affected.



The shock was very violent causing

an explosion inside the skull



Iike an earthquake.



I can't evaluate the aftereffects



of the concussion,

even if the operation succeeds.



The  rd operation has just begun.



His heart

is the only positive factor.



We've massaged and used adrenaline



and its resistance is amazing.



It's beating regularly...



Come in.



Gen. Missou.



A stupid accident!

I'm deeply sorry...



Head of the Police...



We have the culprit.






My sympathies...



The inquest judge...






...certain areas of the brain

have been affected



but the lesions can't be defined.



But the surgeons are optimistic.



We must await the end

of the  rd operation.



Your husband's heart is exceptional.



If it holds, he'll live!



We have every hope...



The capital is on the phone.

The Ministry!



They'll try to use his wife!

They'll use people's emotions!



The files!



Their committee secretary.



I want résumés on each.



Details of their private lives

and jobs too!



For this evening!



The injured senator.



The other lawyer.



And his? Have it?



It just came.



Any love affairs?



I don't know, but there must be!



Break his halo!

Does he get along with his wife?



- Watching her?

- Like the others, General.



-   of our men...

- I don't want to know that!



They met this morning,

picked up his wife



then separated.



Some took his wife to the clinic.

As for this one...



He took a statement



to the Press. You have a copy.



Then he saw some university students.






Call our students!



That one's a mad dog!

He wants to make the most of it!



- A Jew!

- Only half.



They think they're superior

even to other Jews!



- The Att.-Gen.!

- Good!



Stay on him night and day!



We were expecting you!



- The  nd culprit?

- We have him.



He turned himself in.



Come into my office!



Please sit down.



He's boss now, officially.



So you're to give him

your initial findings



and then follow his instructions.



- My deputy'll keep me posted.

- The Col.'s men have checked...



Can I see the  nd culprit?



Whenever you want to!



It seems he was asleep

on the truck, dead drunk.



So he's innocent,

if it all checks out.



Their whereabouts earlier?



The driver's statement and photo.



They'd been drinking

at the Chinaman's bar.



We have Chinese tradesmen in town?



The owner was in the Korean War

and now he's called the Chinaman.



He backs them up.



I'll read his statement.



"l, Bertrand... alias the Chinaman...

etc... bar owner... etc...



"do state

that on    May of this year,



"Yago and Vago

came into my bar at   p.m.



"and stayed until     p.m.



"They were drinking Pernod."



It's not allowed, Madam.



   th witness, a docker...



"l saw Yago and Vago

drinking Pernod all evening.



"They left at     p.m. drunk.



"The Chinaman said

Not in the Kamikaze!"






The pickup truck. It's Japanese made.



You'd think we're in the Far East!



I think it's clear.



Though we lack some details

on the culprits,



- it's obviously an accident.

- I agree.



Besides, the Minister phoned

and wants this settled very quickly



to cut short

political speculation abroad.



I think the prosecutor

must make a statement



about the accident today

and say the culprits are caught



and accused of drunken driving

and assault and battery.



And wilful flight.






And the man

who took him to the clinic?



It's for you.



He just died.



That doesn't change the statement.



Instead of "assault and battery",



say "manslaughter".



Go away, Shoula.



I'll wait for you.



Who are you?



An admirer of your husband.

A reporter.



No photos!



Only a few questions!

The public has a right to know!



Was it an accident?

Or not at all?



Yesterday his life was threatened.

Did you know?



You expected it?



You said So they finally did it!



What did I say?



To the hospital director



you said So they finally did it!

Who're they?



Go away!



The culprits have been arrested.

You thought of them?



Go away!



They know already?



Yes, and it's only beginning!



Unmask the killers!



The police is an accomplice!



Wait, I don't understand!

The fall didn't kill him?



Not at all.

The skull fracture



was due to a blow

struck on the head.



That's our conclusion.

The fall caused minor bruises.



You're sure?



A blow? You mean by the truck?



The truck hit his body.

It wasn't serious.



The death blow hit his skull



and was made by an instrument



such as a club,

an iron bar or a gun butt.



But no one's mentioned a weapon.



Continue, Doctor.



The skull fracture can only be due

to a weapon that struck from above.



That's the sole condition that causes

symmetrical lesions on the brain



touching the subjacent area

and the area opposite the wound.



An autopsy showed the lesions,



the right cerebral hemorrhage



and the fracture of the left temple.



In the case of a shock



due to a fall

on a hard surface like the street,



such lesions couldn't exist.



Why didn't you tell us sooner?






Mr Deputy, he was still alive!



We needed an autopsy.



Time for other tests

would've shown the same facts.



Another hypothesis is

if the truck dragged him,



his skull could've hit the curb.



It's a fact that he was hit

in the middle of the street.



Then a fall couldn't cause

such lesions.



- A phone?

- Next door.



Yago was driving.



The  nd man was drunk

and couldn't have been so precise.



A demonstrator.



Their story's odd.



- Know them well?

- Very well!









- Communists?

- Not if they work here!



The opposition?



One never knows.



The General, please.



I wanted to see you

to clarify a few points.



It all seems clear enough to me!



A new fact has come up.



It's stuffy in here!



You saw the accident?



How did it happen?



In what respect?



When the truck arrived,

what happened?



The Col. and I were there



when he walked out

waving to the crowd.



They didn't applaud him either!



He didn't see the truck

zigzagging toward him



and he was hit!



The Col.'s men ran after the truck.

  men drew their guns



but, due to the crowd,

they didn't fire.



The truck zigzagged



and finally got away!



The police cleared the square



and helped put the victim

into a VW to go to the hospital.



No trace of the VW driver?



Not yet but he must be

a friend of theirs.



He helped them at once.



When the victim was run over,

could his head



have hit the curb?



No, it occurred in the square!



- You're sure?

- Positive!



But what's this new fact?



The autopsy says

he was killed by a club.



A club? Why did the doctors

do an autopsy?



It's the legal procedure.



Yesterday it was all settled!

Now you'll foul us up...



A new witness.

He claims he has proof



the senator was assassinated.



He'll be here today at   p.m.



There you are! An assassination!

Soon they'll say it was a plot!



I saw him! He's drunk!



He nearly fell in front of the truck!



What happened? You saw it?



Yes, he slipped and fell.



Anybody here?



Anybody here?



I'm the Chief of Police.



I was on my way to testify

and as I walked along...



You fell and hit your head.



You suffer from epilepsy?



Someone hit me!

I was on my way to testify



the senator was assassinated!



It was no accident!

Yago told me so himself!



I was gonna testify!



But someone hit me on the head...

from a truck... with a club...



...to keep me quiet.

They tried to kill me!



I don't know who told you

to say this, or why.



I don't want to know.



We can forget all this.

Let's say you were influenced.



You're almost one of the family.

Your cousin's a policeman,



brother-in-law's got

a government job. Forget all this.



They're coming!



If you need anything,

come and see me.



I'll drop by again.



I'm a bachelor and live with my ma.



- Profession?

- I got a varnish shop.



You know Yago?



Sure! He makes

deliveries for me!



The other   I don't know.

The killing...



The accident.



...was the day I phoned Yago



about a delivery.



Varnished coffins! And I can't

even pay off my Kamikaze!



Come back this afternoon.



I'll be busy.



- Tonight then.

- I'm busy too.



I'm gonna make a real big mistake.

It'll be a murder.



Next day I learned

he'd killed the senator.



Yago told you all that?



You belong to the party?



I never belonged to any party!

I like soccer!



What is this?

The Gen. says I'm epileptic!



- General?

- The Chief of Police!



- He was here?

- Just before you came.



But I'm no epileptic

and never belonged to any party!



- Go on about Yago.

- That's all. He left.



He's the lucky one!



What about the delivery?



I tried to set him straight

but he does as he pleases.



Who told you to call

the inquest judge?



No one! I saw Yago's picture

in the papers!



On the front page,

like a Minister!



- Jealous?

- You made up this tale.



No, someone advised him.



Even Ma was against it!



She said to keep quiet!



- Come and eat.

- He killed him.



- Who?

- A senator.



- In the government?

- No, a leftist!



He did right!

What's it to you?



His picture too!



- Eat and let 'em kill each other!

- Not hungry!



Later my sister came.



So you wanna be a big shot?



Just doin' my duty.



Your duty's to see to your family!



I always have!

Ya got an idiot who sees to you!



Don't call my husband an idiot!



Ya think they'll give ya a medal.



I came anyway. Or I would've

if they hadn't slugged me!



You didn't fall?



I'd have to be an acrobat

to land on my head!



You can sign a statement later

if you still want to.



Of course! I'm not crazy!



  st witness for the prosecution?

They lost no time!



Tomorrow you'll have     then    .



They'll say Yago did this or that...




Vague, worthless statements



that'll create unrest!

They sent him



and beat him up

to turn a witness into a martyr!



They left him hospitalised



yet able to talk!



You admit I was beaten

and didn't fall?



You realise what perjury means?



It's not perjury!

I wanted to help, but if I'd known...



Told ya so! Why'd ya get involved?

Weren't ya alright at home?






Suppose you say

you slipped on an orange peel?



I didn't slip!



Why're ya so pigheaded?

Listen to me for once!



The   st and last time!



- Like always!

- Really the last time!



Say you slipped and we got

no troubles. You won't go to prison.



I'll send others to prison!

I got 'em!



Yago and his picture!



Who sent ya?

The cops or your daughter?



Yes, it's me!

Ya wanna ruin my home?



Mama, leave!



Leave us alone!



- Don't argue!

- Go outside!



Ya hate me

'cause I've succeeded in life!



You and your husband hate me!



Never mind him!

You've caused him enough trouble!



Ya wanna ruin my life!



When Papa died,

I hoped you'd take his place.



I needed protection. You neglected me

and never took me anywhere!



You preferred soccer... and slobs

like Yago! See what it's got ya!



Prison, maybe... for perjury!



And my husband'll lose his job!



Come here... Listen!



You hear a guy's gonna be killed.

Ya don't believe it.



Then ya hear he's dead.

Would you tell the cops?



That's all I did, to help them.



Help who?



To help the cops find the murderer.



You're helping the others!



What do you want?



Your mother sent me. I'm a reporter.



I'll tell you what truly happened

'cause you print just anything!






He wasn't hit. Either he slipped

or felt dizzy and fell



or else leftists hit him

to create trouble.



So say the police!



They say he's crazy

but can't prove it. Can you?



- No, I can't!

- Then why try?



I never said that!

He's stubborn as a mule!



He never changes his mind!



If he doesn't,

the inquest'll continue!



What if he is crazy?

And had epilepsy as a baby?



Tell him you and your husband

are rightwingers



and how ya got your jobs!



Yes, I do belong!



The cop!



- She woke him.

- Sleeping?






For the Press?



That's no good!



But that way people'll see

you were slugged



to keep you from saying

something important. See?



They'll beat me again?



They won't dare!

You're famous now!



But the Press must talk about you!



Tell me who saw you here...

your sister, the judge...



The General! He can't stand me!



I wanted to help

and got a cold shoulder!



They asked if I was a Commie!



- Are you?

- No! I only like soccer!



We'll be on the front page

for a week!






Who was it?



I know him!



And you're a cardiac case?



It's an old fracture!



Name and profession?



Any convictions?



-   times.

-  !



Yes,  !

Carrying arms illegally,



public outrage,

theft... and rape.






Not really!

I was counselor at a boy scout camp.



Why were you in the hospital?



The Head of Security put him there.

My client has a weak heart.



The police doctor certified it.



I know but why the plaster cast



and a cane like a club?



It's 'cause of an old fracture.

I was broke when it happened.



I needed X-rays and     days in bed.

  days of no work



and I starve!

It was a rich man's fracture!



The rich get a cold.

A week in bed!



For the poor, a fracture means

work or the grave!



So I had it seen to

while I was in the hospital!



Where were you that night?



At the Chinaman's with Yago till    .



You see Yago often?



We're friends and cousins.



Was he drunk?



Yago drinks a lot!



The Chinaman told him

not to take the Kamikaze.



I got in back and fell asleep.



The shock and the yells woke me.



I thought we were in a ditch

but we were still going!



Then a guy leaped onto the Kamikaze

as lithe and fierce as a tiger.



He grabbed me and threw me off!

In the street!



He leaped like...?



- A tiger.

- Before that?



Lithe and fierce.



Yago used the same words.



Yet he didn't see him.



A simple coincidence!

They haven't met since the accident.



The police can swear to it.






I was in the street

and almost got run over!






I went home.



Next day when I read the papers,



I went to the cops

who put me in hospital.



There he got lost in the halls

and met that reporter...



...by accident.



That agrees with the other testimony.



Yet one phrase makes me wonder.



It could change my investigation.



You're a Red!



You and Yago too!



Something you said

makes me think so.



"The rich get a cold. A week in bed!



"For the poor, a fracture

means work or the grave."



You gave yourself away.



I hate the communists!



Words! I want proof!



Only a Red would say such a thing.



I belong to an anti-communist group.



Yago too!



What one?



CROC! Christian Royalist

Organisation on Communism!



You created a storm!



Vago's jailed for collusion

and that means premeditation!



The judge believed you

and found out...



Vago and Yago belong

to a secret society!



- Secret?

- Yes, the CROC!



Anybody knows that!



The cops use 'em

to keep order at parades!



You've nothing to fear now.



But in a year I'll be forgotten.



No one can touch you.



Know anyone

who'd show me CROC members?



I'd pay.



- Sure, it's them!

- So help me!



Know anyone?






But don't say I told ya!



It's Dumas!



He was born in Russia.



CROC's got a hold on him

'cause of trouble with his brother.



He'd like to get to Germany,



so if you can get him

a passport...



I can get one through my newspaper.



- Pictures?

- Here.



I've kept my promise.



Now it's your turn.



Don't like it?






The questions?



Does CROC meet regularly?






At a guy's place on the edge of town.



Are there many of you?






- What goes on?

- The boss talks.



Religion and the monarchy are

the   pillars of our eternal land



and Western Christian civilisation.



If ya don't listen, ya get no work.



What else?



In Russia a worker can't strike

or believe in God



or have his own house and garden.



He's crushed

by a totalitarian regime.



You agree?



I even read it in the papers.

The individual belongs to the State.



Yago went to the meetings?




They'd talk about capitalists.



No more capitalists or workers

or Left or Right.



A unified people is what we need!



We need a clean sweep!



Starting with the intellectual scum!



The bookstore next door!



He'd talk

about political youth groups.



What'd he say?



Unite the youth...



And give them a common ideal!



Abroad, some say

"Make love, not war!"



We say "Make war



"on corruption and on liberalism



"and on indiscriminate liberty!"



I say OK, but I don't give a damn.



And Yago?



He agrees 'cause he wants

to pay off his Kamikaze.



Now he'll be able to. Easy!



He killed the senator?



You said no accusations!



No, I'm paying!






But you can point 'em out to me

for some photos!



That's what you wanted?



The   on the pickup...



The butcher's involved.



The fat guy owns the bar

where we meet.



The barber.



The mechanic and the   in black.



- In khaki...

- Him?



An ex-boxer

who lived in the US a while.



In the yard, the boss... an officer

during the German occupation.



The fig seller, a loud mouth, always

up in front for the rough stuff!



Some figs, please.



He sells his blood and gets

a good price in case of emergencies.



He got rich selling

one of his eyes to an American.



He doesn't attend meetings anymore.



His sight's bad so he sells blood.



Not him?












It looks like him...



He hit me twice!



Even in the ambulance!



Write that in the margin!



Publish it in your paper!



Sign the caption!



Publish it!



But not in your paper!

In a big daily paper!



For more readers...



- And money!

- Money!



In my paper tomorrow! I'll give

the inquest judge my photos.



Don't you want to be efficient?



In a local leftist paper,

no one'll see it!



In mine, it's sensational news!



Ya recognised me?



Ya dishonored me!



Ya made me out to be a gangster!



I wasn't at that demonstration!

I got nothin' to do with politics!



Politics are a lot of crap!



Let him be!






I'm the judge.






I'm on the front page!



Mr Pirou says I hit him

at the demonstration!



I wasn't there! I got witnesses!



Politics are a lot of crap!



I was at the market with my figs!



Your picture's in what paper?



I forget! It arrives



from the capital at    :  !



I can't read... very easy.



The news vendor showed it to me

and read it to me!



At the market

they think I'm a hoodlum!



I wanted an explanation, man to man!



From the capital?



Still recognise me?



I said, what paper?



The papers that arrive

from the capital at    :  .



This morning they didn't.

The mail plane was fogged in.



Who told you to say all this?






I hit him.






...I had to!

Somebody forced me to!



Who? His name?



I can't tell you. He's too big!



Too important! I can't!



He told me about it.



Barone, your picture's

in one of the capital's papers!






One that arrives at    !

So at    :  



you go see Pirou at the hospital.



Raise hell! Say you're innocent!



Scream and shout!



Reporters'll be there.

Now tell me again?



I rush to the hospital...



Get outta here!



...to see Pirou.



But tell me his name!



I can't! He's too big!



Alright. Follow me, please.



I'm innocent!

I only wanted to testify!



It's all leftwing politics!



This important man...



He helped you?



Yes, in my work and for my birds.



They wake the neighbors.

I was gonna have to move!



But my birds are pretty!

You should see 'em, Judge!



He helped me in my work too.



My market permit and all that.



The day of the accident

you saw him?



Yes, Jimmy said

"The head's downstairs."



He was in his car.



Get in!



You know it's tonight?






I got some figs due in!



They gotta be uncrated.



To sell them, you need a stand?



I got one.



And you need a permit?



I got one.



But for how much longer?



-   months.

- And who renews permits?



He does?






Then he dropped us off.



Do a good job tonight.

I'm counting on you.



You'll get a permanent permit and

maybe a new house, for your birds!



I said "Colonel, I'll do my best."



The police colonel?






Let's start at the beginning.



Can you come in, Deputy?



Prolonging the inquest



gives the opposition

fuel for subversive action.



- You've sided with them?

- It's not a prolongation.



It's a totally new case.



Some points are awkward

but the case is clear!



On the contrary.



We began with an accident

and   drunks...



Some ice, dear!



Their testimony

coincides in detail.



Confirmed by the Chinaman!



Next day, the autopsy says

death was due to a blow by a club.



A  nd autopsy will say no,



and a confirmation'll disprove

the initial autopsy!



I'd had no time



to examine this new theory



when a witness says

it was an assassination.



Based on a vague discussion!



On his way to see me,

the witness is clubbed



- and is still in the hospital!

- What do you mean?



I'm only stating facts.



Then comes the reporter. He's not

a militant and that's important!



I learn

Yago and Vago belong to CROC,



the Christian Royalist...



I know, I know...



...along with the assailant

of the  nd senator



and most of those

at the demonstration.



It seems the police know

and use them as auxiliaries



to maintain order for state visits.



That's yet to be proven,



Iike the fact

that the Police Col.



drove this man

to the demonstration.






He wouldn't be involved

with such a person!



Not openly! No one'll believe it!



My conclusion is this:



As a case of drunken driving,

it's simple



but impossible.



If we accept

the premeditated act of a group



aided or simply abetted

by the police,



it all becomes clear

and fits together.



This is serious!

I must phone the Minister!



I favor the accident theory.



Premeditated, if you wish

by   drunken fanatics.



Yes, you don't smoke!



You must settle this quickly!



The country, even the whole world

is watching and waiting.



Our country's honor is at stake!



Don't bother with these fools!



Your future lies before you!

This case can either make...



...or break your career!



Trust in my experience!



My group is authorised by the State.



We are honest citizens,

healthy elements of Society,




in the fight against infection.



We want to protect



Western Christian civilisation.

But it is a moral struggle.



No members of my group

were at the demonstration.



Where were you that night?



I was at the Dockers' Union.



Alibi confirmed.



I was playing cards with my dentist.






I'm a baker.

I slept till midnight at my shop!



Alibi confirmed.



I was at the Chinaman's.






At the Chinaman's.






I played cards with my dentist.






That's not you at the demonstration?



It does look like me.



Indicted for perjury...



...along with those

who confirmed his alibi!



Plus obstructing justice!



Take him away!



Witness    has died

of a heart attack.



He owned the CROC meeting hall.



Earlier you stated Yago



hit you with a club



Iike a police billy-club.



- Do you maintain that?

- Yes, Judge.



The Att.-Gen. says he phoned you



that the senator's life

had been threatened.



Your superiors



never got his message.



Yes, I forgot to tell them.



That's a serious error!



I'll answer to my superiors,

not to you, Judge.



That morning,

you were warned of death threats



against the senator.



Who told you about them?



A colleague's wife.

She can't tell us the name.



She'll have to.



The man says I can tell you.

He's waiting in the hall.



Bring him in.



His name's Coste.



- On the assassination day...

- The incident!



...he came to my office



to tell me of a conversation.



But he'll tell it to you better.



Don't mention me in the papers.

Not my name!



Why? Isn't your story true?



Yes, but I want no trouble.



If you do, come see me.



Wait in the hall, please.



Name and profession?



Ilya Coste, deliveryman.



On the assassination day...



Day of the incident!

An assassination's not yet proven.



The day of the incident was rainy...



I work myself to death



and the bank gets

half of what I earn!



Someone's calling you!






Which one?



That one!



Go on!



I heard Yago say...



- If it rains?

- So?



- We'll skid!

- It won't!



It won't rain!

But I got payments due!



We'll cover you.



All the payments!



The varnisher phoned!



He wants ya this afternoon

to deliver some coffins!



It's a good sign! See you tonight!



Then he came over.



I'll buy you a drink!



As he sat down I saw the club.



What's that for?



Tonight! A delivery job

that'll take care of a lot!



What kind?



A delivery into hell!



A senator from the capital.



A dirty job!



No one knows.



If they do, it'll be by you!



Later, the same man came back.



He's different in civvies.



You knew him?



I'd asked for a truck permit.



Every   months I went to him

about it. He was always in uniform.



But why pick Yago?



He's the best driver in town.



You should see him

with his Kamikaze.



He has a political record.



He was in the communist

underground in the war



- then deported to the islands.

- His testimony...



...is suspect, of course.

I wouldn't use it.



Never mind.



They want to eliminate

all troublesome witnesses!



They just tried to get me!






Attempted murder! Just now!

The plot continues!



And will continue!



I don't need your advice!



This involves the top brass!



The police's their toy!



And cops haven't the possibility



to commit such a murder

without being protected!



The guilty ones are

in the government or at the palace



where the General

is head of the guards.



And the palace



takes orders from abroad!



One more word



and I'll charge you

with defamation of the State!



This isn't a rally!



What happened?



They tried to kill me! They knew

I had important info for you.



So a car tried to run me down

on my way here!



Any witnesses?



Here are   honest,

God-fearing housewives



who'll testify, plus a park guardian,

a war vet with medals!



What's this information?



The police own the VW...



That took him away to the hospital?



But no cops were allowed

in the car to finish him off,



so the driver took

the longest route. I know!



I was there!



But the car belongs

to one of your friends!



He must be a friend!

He helped them at once!



Who told you such a tale?



The car disappeared!

No trace of it at the hospital!



The page was torn out

of the registry!



Don't you find that odd?



I think you did it

to add grist to your mill!



Is this the car?






Find the owner of this car!



If you wish to wash...



Thanks, I'm alright.



Sit down.



Tell me what you know.



But I warn you,

you risk indictment for perjury.



Go ahead.



The car was waiting there,

hidden by the police.



And when the truck came?



He came forward.









He wanted the General

to clear the square.



Come on!



What're you waiting for?



I saw the truck arrive.



Watch out!



The man in back was standing up?

Did he hit him?



I dunno. It happened too fast.



And then?



He fell to his knees.



His knees?



His head hit the pavement?



No. he was on his knees



surrounded by the demonstrators.



The police did nothing.



Which demonstrators?



Impossible to say.



We pulled him free.

Then he collapsed.



A VW arrived



from where, I don 't know.




Finally,, the cops intervened

and tried to get into the car.



Come on!



Get to the hospital!



Get going!



Faster! Honk your horn!



Is it broken?



Turn right!



This way avoids traffic!



He did it to waste time.

Then, he hit another car!




Keep going!



I need a damage report!



A man's hurt!

It's a matter of life or death!



OK, go on!



He did it on purpose!



And the cops would've

killed him in the car!



On purpose?



I did my best! They were upset,

I can understand that.



No one noticed me at the hospital.



I'd rented the car

for an afternoon date



and was on my way home.



Roadblocks were up.



I must not have noticed the police.



At the hospital I washed

the seats of the blood.



You said "I'm a part-time chauffeur".



But you're a serviceman!



- I'm doing my military service.

- What branch?



As a policeman.



You're a police chauffeur!



What section?



One close to the General.



How close?






Since when?






The General's driver for   year.



You were at the scene

of the murder by accident.



Shall I write "murder"?



You said "murder".



Do you know who has arrived?



The Nat'l. Att.-Gen.!



Leave us alone.



The Nat'l. Att.-Gen.

has come to talk to you...



...totally incognito.



Yes, he's here.



I'll bring my files at once.



So it's you... Sit down.



You're ready to indict

the Chief of Police?



It's inevitable.



My friend,

only Divine Will is inevitable!



Proof is overwhelming, sir.



Proof? Hearsay!



So-called proof

by so-called pacifists



who want to create a hero!



That's certain, sir,

but police complicity



with the demonstrators is certain.



Those   men circled in red

are plain-clothes men.



They admit being

in the demonstration.



We also know

the Police Chief met Yago that day



plus other demonstrators.



The General said

he didn't know the driver of the VW.



But he's the General's

personal chauffeur!



I won't mention

the police's passiveness.



Then comes

the intimidation of witnesses.



Vago is hospitalised secretly

with a police medical certificate.



He's found near the room

of a major witness, with a club!



Then there's Yago's club

during the demonstration.



Several witnesses saw it.

It disappeared when he was arrested.



But the agent admitted

rewriting his report.



You shouldn't mention

the club in your report.



But it's done, sir!



I'm the Police Chief General!



At ease!



Don't worry. You did your duty.



You've been a policeman how long?






Just rewrite your report.



Ah! The Att.Gen.!



And then you arrived, sir.



He couldn't lie. On the contrary!

His confession'll cost him a lot.



There is a case for indictment,



but not enough for a jury

to condemn the police.



The jury'll do its duty.

I've done mine.



You'll discredit the police

and the court



who will be blamed

for absolving them.



As if it's not enough

our country's been invaded



by long-haired atheists and addicts.



Now you want to cast doubts

on our armed forces,



the sole healthy elements

in our country.



We dream of a renewal



of a land with no parties,

left nor right,



obedient to God.



You want to ruin it.






I have a proposal for you.



I understand your scruples.



They honor you.



My idea should suit you

and the government and the palace.



We'll divide the case in  .

  st, the trial of the   criminals.



Let justice be done!



 nd, the police authorities.



Their negligence is evident



but can't be tried

by a circuit court.



It's strictly

an administrative matter.



 rd, an action

against the rally organisers.



They and their loudspeakers are

responsible for the ensuing violence.



An old rule of thumb

is to always look for those



who benefit from a crime.



The Minister of Justice

thought you're a Leftist.



I formally denied it.



Here's a list of helpful witnesses.



It seems no one wanted to kill

the senator. Just intimidate him.



I trust I've convinced you



to save the honor

of the forces of law and order.



But you're the sole master

of your conscience, after God.



I won't be disgraced!



Indict me and I'll commit suicide!



Dishonor is unbearable!



My blood'll be on your hands!



Name and profession?



You must answer.



Sign your statement.



You are indicted

for premeditated murder.



The law allows    hours



to superior officers

before their imprisonment.



To avoid the reporters,

use that door.



You're indicted

for premeditated murder.



It's unbearable!



You've no right!



I've been thrown to the hounds!



Name and profession?



You're indicted

for premeditated murder.



Sit down.



For me there's no choice!

Either I'm cleared



or I'll commit suicide!



Name and profession?



It's routine, General!



What did you do that day?



I was to attend the Bolshoï Ballet.



Not out of love for the dance!

I'm not one of those perverts!



But it was a chance

to spot some Reds.



The day of the assassination



you were told

his life was threatened.



No one told me about it!

I'm sure it was only a tactic



to justify any incidents.



My men couldn't stop the truck



but a man leaped

on the rear platform,



Iithe and fierce as a tiger.



I know no one in that organisation.



I've had no contacts

with this... CROC.



You're seen here at a banquet

you gave for them.



To thank them for keeping order

during a state visit.



Is he a Red? Why's he after me?



His father was police chief.



The photo's phony! It's not proof!



You're indicted

for premeditated murder!



Are you a martyr like Dreyfus?



Dreyfus was guilty!



Helen! They're all indicted,

even the General!



The judge didn't back down!



Helen, it's like he was still alive!



It's a real revolution!



The government'll fall

and extremists'll be wiped out!



Elections'll be a landslide!






The Deputy was not at the trial.



He died of a heart attack,

according to the coroner.



  other witnesses died

before the trial.



A car accident,



a gas explosion,



a suicide, a drowning,



a work accident,

a  nd car accident



and a heart attack while driving.



"Foul play is doubted"

says the new Chief of Police.



Vago was sentenced



to   years in a farm prison

where   year equals   years.



Yago got     years of the same.



    months for disturbing the peace.



  year with a possibility

of paying it off.



The   indicted officers only

received administrative reprimands.



Yet the government had to resign.



After the trial, the Leftists

seemed certain to win the elections.



Prior to the elections, the army

seized power and dismissed the judge.



Senator George Pirou died in a police

car of a clot on the brain,



said police officers.



Deported to the islands.



During questioning,

fell from the  th floor



trying to escape,

said the police.



  years for revealing

official documents.



Also. the military regime banned



Iong hair,, mini-skirts.



Sophocles,, Tolstoy. Euripides.



Russian-style toasts. strikes.



Aristophanes. Ionesco,



Sartre, Albee. Pinter.




freedom of the Press. sociology,



Beckett. Dostoyevsky,



modern music,, pop music.

new math



and the letter "Z" which means

"He is alive " in ancient Greek.


Special help by SergeiK