Zatoichi Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Zatoichi script is here for all you fans of the second movie by Takeshi Kitano starring Beat Takeshi.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Zatoichi. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Zatoichi Script



a production of








a film by Takeshi Kitano









Bring us that blind masseur's cane.



We'll pay you if you succeed.



Be careful.

Do it quietly, so he won't hear.









Beat it, brat!






Even you...



Fooled by an innocent child!



Even a master is powerless



without his weapon.






Drink up!



What are you doing?



You were the Naruto family's clerk.

Don t you recognize us?



The Naruto family?



I'm the daughter!



What now?

We already paid this month!



You didn t pay today!



Now you have to pay

each time we come by.



- We'll have nothing to live on.

- Stop complaining!



Shut up and pay.



Things weren t this bad

with the Funahachi gang.



The Ginzo gang makes life hell!



Damn you!



This must be quite a sight!



I'm guiding a masseur

who's carrying my vegetables.



Wish I could see that!



You did me a big favor.



Have some tea.



It's hot.



Thank you.



Without your help...



I wouldn't have made it home.



Where will you sleep tonight?



Must be your first time around here.



You're welcome to stay here.



I live alone.



Don't get any ideas.



I don t have any.



- Too hard?

- No, it s just right.



I hate thinking the town is doomed.



Ginzo and Ogi have teamed up.



They're running the town at will.



You really have such crooks?



They bully the farmers around.



And the townspeople, too.



They demand protection money

every day.



At this rate,



the more we work, the poorer we get.



You pay protection money daily?



Before, no...



We used to pay only monthly.



Big difference between

monthly and daily.






Are you alright?



We'll stay here a while.



I'll work as a bodyguard again.



You shouldn't worry about me.



Don't do that kind of work

for my sake.



I'll get an official post again someday.



Stop worrying. You need rest.



Hey, Pops!



Where s gramps?



He s sick in bed.

Won't be coming in today.



You work him too much.






Take better care of him.



The sake is horrible as usual.



Can't get anything better.



Same story for    years!



Can you hand this

to that guy over there?



I don't work for you!



What nerve!



Can't get it yourself?



Drink at the counter!



W- w-welcome.



Welcome, my ass!



Where's this month's payment?



Please give me more time.



What a joke!



We don t wait!



I'll work things out.



My regards to your boss.



Your sake is disgusting!



Shut up!



What do you want?



Send a message to your boss...



Skilled ronin

seeks position as bodyguard.






It's late...



The Ginzo boss may not come.



Masterless samurai...



Are you the one?



The one who seeks work

as a bodyguard?



Show me your skills.



That's very good.



Not the cord...



Look at your foot.



Masseur, I m going to the fields.



Tell me, ma am...



Is there anything I can do to help?



Thank you for offering.



But I couldn't ask

a sight impaired man to chop wood.



Don t worry. Relax.






You returned late last night.



Did something happen?



I found a good job.



Another position as a bodyguard?



I beg you, not for my sake.



I beg you,

please stop taking such jobs.



Don't be silly.



With money, you could be cured.



Tell me...



Did you hire that ronin?






We have two problems to take care of.



We must destroy both clans,

the Izutsu and the Funahachi.



Then this post town will be yours, Boss.



Try not to be too rough.






Don't worry.



By the way...



Any news about Heihachi's murder?



Some rumors...



They say a geisha killed him.



That s all we know for now.



Another bowl, masseur?



No, thanks.



I m full. Thank you very much.



Ma am, when I was chopping wood...



This guy ran around the house.



What was all that about?



The neighbor's son. A certified idiot.



Pay him no mind.



He dreams of being a samurai.



He runs around like that all day.



A samurai!






I'm going out a while.



For work?



Not exactly.



For this.



What? You're going gambling?



Better to stay away from that.



My nephew...



He s addicted to gambling.



He refuses to work, plays all day.



Don't know...



He dropped out of sight.



For me, it's just a pastime.



Some pastimes can become too serious.



What do you think?



This sword cost me a fortune.



Yes, Mr. Ogi, it's a fine sword.



I'm giving it to Lord Sakai.



He'll be so pleased

that he'll do us business favors.



Of course.






Try it out on the first beggar

who comes by.



- Who? Me?

- Yes, you!



Thanks, sir. But you go ahead.



Out of the question!

I won't dirty my kimono!



You do it!



Why not hire a ronin?






Hire a ronin just to test a sword?



- Do as I say!

- But...



Someone's coming!



Slay that blind man.



Hurry up!



Scared of a blind man?



My... my sword!



I m so sorry!



You fool!






  and   even.



New game!



Any objections?






A blind man?



Sit here, blind man.



I'm a masseur.






Bets are placed.






  and   odd.



I m out of luck.



New game.












Aren't you betting?



I II just watch for now.



Watch? But you're blind.



  and   even.






The bodyguard is here.



Place your bets.









Bets are placed.






  and   even.



Any objections?






Is that them?






Stop! Please don't!



It's done...



Mr. Ogi's worries are over for now.






Some sake.






Can I have more sake, too?









Your cane! I m so sorry.



What a beautiful cane!



Well, masseur...



You're no ordinary masseur.



I smell blood on you, too.



It's a little cramped in here.



No use drawing swords like that.






Did you have to kill again?






It's too early for this racket.



Go home.



Battle time is over.



The masseur didn t come home last night.



Maybe he got lucky.









I'll take this to Lord Sakai.






On your way back...



Treat yourself to something tasty.



Thank you, sir!



Next! Kaneko Heishiro!



Some ronin are very powerful.



Hattori will be the one to face them.






Using sticks

isn't the art of combat!



A true samurai

will use his sword!



You, Yamaji Isaburo...






And who are you?



Hattori Gennosuke.



I must slay you to regain my honor.



Get your sword!



Kill me, if you want.



I don t have...



I have never had a sword.



Where is the glory?



In killing an invalid like me?



Using sticks isn't the art of combat!



A true samurai will use his sword!



He's as good as dead.



Not worth killing.



Hurry up!



Why such a rush?



Quiet! Show me what you have.



Isn't that better?



  and   odd.



New game.






Place your bets.



What should I bet?






Can I join you?






Bets are placed.






  and   odd.



Yeah! Over here!






It's full of fine women.



You look like a winner.



Thanks to this masseur,

I hit the jackpot.



So why not buy a night with us?






should we have a little fun?



I'll talk to the Madam.



I'll find five or six geishas.



I'll take care of it, young master.



Stay here. I'll go.



Ouch! That hurts!



I'm not a bunny.



Don t pull my ears!



No need to get violent!



Don't be naughty!



So much? Impossible!



Ouch! That hurts!



Could I stand a small needle?



No, the smaller the needle...



The bigger the pain!



Very funny! Come over here.



- Have a drink.

- Thank you.



Really funny!

See that, Masseur?



I don't see much.



Osei, ready to dance?



Dance? Great!



Go on, dance!



Miss Okinu...



why did you loosen the strings?



Are you after our money?



And you, Miss Osei...



Aren't you a man?



You don't smell like a woman.



The blind...



They're sensitive to such things.



A hidden dagger?



What's all this about?






You may think I m lying...



But I will tell you the truth.



Our father...



He was a wealthy rice merchant.



Come and see Cotton.



Don't tell anyone.






You have endured seven long years.



Heihachi, where is it hidden?



This way.



How many are there?



The Naruto couple, their two children,



three maids and four clerks.



Tashichi, what did you find?



Eight strongboxes of money.

They saved a fortune!



Inosuke, we're set for life!



Get the Kuchinawa boss.



Did you kill everyone in the house?



What about the kids?



They're nowhere to be found.






We re out of time. Let's go.



We tracked down Heihachi, the clerk...



What are you doing?



You were the Naruto family's clerk.

Don t you recognize us?



The Naruto family?



I'm the daughter!



As for the others,

I only know names...



Tell me.



Inosuke and Tashichi.



They also spoke of the Kuchinawa boss.



That's all we know.



And you' ve searched all these years?






Wrong again!



I II try with my eyes closed.

Like him.



How does he do it

by listening?



I m so unluck y!



One rolled away!



That's the problem.












I think I got it.



My senses are sharper

with my eyes closed.









You're just sitting

with your eyes closed.



Aren't you betting?



I'm listening.






Sitting up front just to listen?



I have the right to listen.



Are you looking for trouble?



Don't put on airs!



This dump needs all the clients

it can get.






Easy, Shinkichi!



You can listen and bet

at the same time.



Calling me by my first name?



That s no way to speak to a client!



A client?



You used to work for me.



Shut up and bet!



You asked for it.



The last sound was...















  and   even!






A message for your boss...






Drop dead!



Is Mrs Izutsu in?



One moment, please.



May I ask

what business you have here?



Your dead husband has gambling debts

to my establishment.



I'm taking your store.



You have three days to vacate.



Not one day more.



This is madness!



Shut up!



Don't interfere!



See those beauties?



- Know them?

- Nope.



I wish! The one in red is hot.



More sake, please.






Should we ask around for work?






Do you know a place

where we could offer our services?



Business has been slow

and we're available.



Do you know of anyone?



You should try Mr. Ogi.



He runs everything now,

thanks to Ginzo.



This Mr. Ogi...



Can you introduce us to him?



Pops, give those ladies a hand.



Gramps, go and see Ogi.



Go yourself, bastard!



Stop exploiting the old man!



Hurry up!



Presenting the windmill!



Watch it turn!






The tavern owner recommends

two geishas.



They're available this evening.



Excellent. Send them over!



You two, beat it!



Lord Sakai, we'll soon be

in the company of two gorgeous women.



Hurry up.



What's next?









Bets are placed.






  and   even.



A winner!






Must I watch this much longer?



Let s have some dancing!



Show's over! Beat it!



Time to dance, girls!



Hurry up! Dance!






Bets are placed.






  and   odd.



Masseur, should we bet it all?



New game.









The dice don't sound the same.



Damned masseur!






Some masseur is tearing up

the gambling house.



Boss wants you to go there.



A masseur?



Please, sir.



You're coming with me.



Let me go.



Come on.



Do as he says!



Don't touch me!



You OK?



Watch your step.






Be careful!



What are you looking at?






Wait here.

I II see what's happening.






Ladies, this way.






That Ogi is a horrible man!



I hit him and we took off

when the client tried to take Osei.



We ran into trouble at Ginzo's place.



But the masseur floored them all.



It was unbelievable.



Who are you, anyway?



They'll track us down here soon.



We should go to my aunt's house.




Ginzo's men are everywhere.



That's true.



I have an idea.

Okinu, do you have some make-up?






Masseur, come here.



Don't move.



- What's that?

- I'm drawing eyes.



Eyes for me?



Open up!



Who could it be at this hour?



Who is it?



Your nephew Shinkichi.






He must have lost everything again.



Come in.



Who are these people?



Careful, Masseur.



- Masseur!

- Yes, it s me.



Useless fools!



What about the bodyguard?



It was all over by the time he arrived.



The masseur had already run off.



Who is this masseur?



Don't know. Just some masseur.



He had that punk Shinkichi with him.



He's a regular at the joint.



He shouldn't be difficult to find.



As for the masseur, we'll get him.



First, we must wipe out

the Funahachi gang.



It can't be...



We found ourselves travelling

from town to town...



Tricking men and stealing their money.



   years of that?



Those bandits must be living

different lives by now.






Didn't Ogi settle here    years ago?



That's right.



In fact, that Ogi...



There's something not right about him.



I saw his arm.



He has a snake tattoo.



Wait a minute...



Those names you mentioned...



Something about a Kuchinawa?



Yes, that's right.



Kuchinawa means rotten rope"...



That could mean a snake.









Don't make those eyes at me!



I heard about last night...



A masseur tore up your place.



That's right.



We rushed over with the bodyguard.



But we got there too late.






What were the women like?



Lord Sakai tried to carry one away.



But the other one hit me real hard.



Based on their moves...



They're no ordinary geishas.






Find out everything you can

about that masseur and those geishas.












I won.



This is my house!

Move! Go away!



Are you still eating?



I told you to clean the house!



Little Seitaro,

the master would like to see you.



You, clean up that mess!



Come with me, Seitaro.



How adorable you are!



From now on, you'll be my boy.



As long as you do as I say...



You and your sister can stay here.



Would that make you happy?



I'll buy you beautiful kimonos.



What are you doing?



Stay away from the master's room!









don t you want to spend time with me?






it's time to practice.






what's wrong?



It s nothing.



Are you alright?



Aunt, do you have an umbrella?



Over there.



I'll go see what's happening in town.






Gramps, where's Pops today?



He has other business to tend to.



That lazy bastard?



Why do you work in this dump?

No family to care for you?



That's right.



He took me off the streets

and gave me a job.



He was good to me.



I'm thankful for all he did.



Better to beg than work in this dump!



Go out and sit on a straw mat

and you'll make more!



  and   even.



New game.






What are you bastards doing here?



Pay up, if you want to gamble.



Watch it...



This was our turf first.



You making a fuss, bastard?



You looking for trouble?



Ginzo wants a showdown.



Stay back.









It's over.



That masseur...



Could he be Zatoichi?



And those geishas...



They must be from the Naruto family.



The Naruto heist...



How long ago was that?



   years ago.



I see.



If the children survived,

they would be of age by now.



I wonder...



That bodyguard...



Is he capable of defeating Zatoichi?



Where's Ogi?



Boss Ginzo himself!



How nice of you to come!



This way, please.



I hear your business is doing well.



I asked you never to come here.



Don't worry.



Funahachi is history.



We run the show now.



Only thing left to do

is fill our pockets.



Clean this place up!



Big news!



They wiped out the Funahachi gang.



The Ginzo gang and their bodyguard...



They slayed every single one of them.



Really, that Ginzo hired

one hell of a bodyguard!



Masseur, better stay away from town.



Shinkichi, is the bodyguard

really that strong?



He's incredible.



If he and I fought at night,

who would be stronger?



If it's pitch black...



Neither one of you would see anything.



You would probably be stronger.



What s so funny?



Let's see what you got.



I'll train you. Come on!



I'll teach you the art of combat.






Let's begin.



Attack from any direction.



Not all at the same time!



Let's try again.



For safety s sake, let s plan the moves.



Listen up.



First, me...



Like this...



You strike here.









And then, you.






Let s give it a try.






See what you can do?



Now, faster.



Good. That's it.



Not like that!



That hurts, idiots!



Your lessons are over!






Stupid boy! Go home.



You fool. Go on home.



I II have a bath.



Me, too.



No! Men first.



I am a man!






I'm thinking of

paying Ogi another visit.



I have to know if Ogi

was one of the bandits.



The water's not hot enough.

Heat it up!



Don't start! Bad enough,

taking a bath in broad daylight!






It's no good cold.

Please, heat it up.



That's what I'm doing!



I have to say it's incredible.



You really look like a woman!



Does make-up make men beautiful?



It doesn't work on everyone.



It depends on the face!






We would like to apologize to Mr. Ogi.



He hired us to perform,

and we were very rude to him.






Could you send him our apologies?



Have a seat.



Ogi can t hold his liquor.

He probably forgot already.



Don't worry.



I hope you're right.



You two haven t been around

much lately.



Where have you been staying?



Mrs Oume's place.



Is the masseur with you?



You alright, Gramps?



Throw that out.



Have a drink.



Thank you.



Ogi teamed up with Ginzo.

They must be up to something.



But their business doesn t involve you.



Would you like another?



Not yet.



I'll go to Ogi's now.

It will take a while.



Wait here, ladies.



Ogi says he s not angry at all.



He likes you two

and wants to see you both now.



Thank you very much.



And thanks for the sake.



Good luck.



Where is everyone?



They all went into town.



What are you doing?



Are you crazy?



I want to be beautiful like Osei.



What a shock!



What's the racket?



Back again, stupid boy?



Where s the masseur?



Who are you?



We want the masseur.



He's not here.



You can't hide him.



But he's not here.



Then we II smoke him out.



Burn it down!






Aunt Oume! There s trouble!



The house is on fire!

Wake up!



There's trouble!



Let's go!






Who are those men?









She's a very beautiful woman.






Things aren't always

what they seem, Inosuke.



Don't call me by my old name.



You never know who might be listening.



My name is Ginzo now.



What are you looking at?



Keep dancing!



We know everything.



You re the Naruto children.






Ladies, leave now!



Get the bodyguard.



Inosuke, where are you going?



- Where s the bodyguard?

- At home.



Get him now!



Give me that sword!



Child turtle on its back...



Grandchild turtle

on child turtle's back...



Great grandchild turtle

on grandchild turtle's back...



If mother turtle falls,



child, grandchild and great grandchild

turtles fall, too...



All the bandits are dead.



Except the Kuchinawa boss.



He must be pretty old by now.



He II be dead soon enough.



Don't think of him.

Better to think of your future.



You could settle down here.



You could become a man again.



This way suits me just fine.



Where did the masseur go off to?



He s off wandering somewhere.



But the festival begins today.



You found me out.



How did you know?



The stench.



Disguise yourself all you want...



Your rotten stench will never go away.



Stop blabbering, you blind bat!



I m proud to let it be known

that I'm the Kuchinawa boss.



A blind man like you...



You won't slay me easily!



What the hell?



You re not blind?



Not at all.



Why do you act blind?



Because the blind...



They sense people better.



I knew you could see!



I knew the first time you came here.



You're the one who killed my men.



Torakichi, too?



You killed the tavern owner?



He was just a street kid.



I took him in years ago.



I showed him the tricks of the trade

so he could become my successor.



My whole gang destroyed...



By a wandering masseur like you!



How did you know

I was the real Kuchinawa boss?



When you knocked down my cane...



To check out the sword.



You're the worst crook of all.



Is that so?



Not much more I can do.



The time has come for me to retire.



But I ve lived a full life.



I have no regrets.



Go on. Kill me!



Death is too good for you.



Finish your life as a blind man!



Even with my eyes wide open...



I can't see a thing!



Executive Producer: Chieko SAITO



Based on a Short Story by Kan SHIMOZAWA




Masayuki MORI and Tsunehisa SAITO




Masanori SANADA and Takio YOSHIDA



Music: Keiichi SUZUKI



Tap Dance Choreography:




Costume Supervisor:




Zatoichi BEAT Takeshi



Hattori Tadanobu ASANO



Aunt Oume Michiyo OGUSU



Hattori's Wife Yui NATSUKAWA



Shinkichi GUADALCANAL Taka



Geisha Osei Daigoro TACHIBANA



Geisha Okinu Yuko DAIKE



Ginzo Ittoku KISHIBE






Pops, Tavern Owner Akira EMOTO



Cinematographer: Katsumi YANAGIJIMA



Lighting Designer: Hitoshi TAKAYA



Production Designer: Norihiro ISODA



Costume Designer: Kazuko KUROSAWA



Sound Designer: Senji HORIUCHI



Written, Directed and Edited by

Takeshi KITANO

Special help by SergeiK