Zeder Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Zeder script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the  Italian horror movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Zeder. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Zeder Script





Mrs. Hubert!



Is anyone home?



This is the third one

we found mangled like this.



The guys below want

the autopsy results before noon.



I want all traffic blocked down

at the intersection of the highway.



Nobody gets through.



Dr. Meyer, the area has been

completely blocked off,



all over three hours now.



- What are you planning to do?

- Wait a minute.



- Here's your coffee.

- Thank you, Mrs. Hubert.



Inspector Bouffet and I

would be extremely grateful



if you'd retire to the kitchen.



- There must be absolute silence in

the house. - If only you can do it!



If only you can do it.



It's time, Gabriella.



- Come on. - No!

- It's all up to us now.



I don't want to!



If you think it's wise

we could hold off on this thing.



I'm warning you, don't follow us.



- At least take this.

- No.



Give me a portable lamp instead.



Please, no!



Now tell me where you're hiding.



That's all I want to know.



After that it'll all be over.



I'm scared.



Show me where your hiding-place is.



Show me where it is.



Where are you?



You're here, aren't you?



Is this where you are?



Is this where you're hiding?

It's under here?



We found him!



It's down here!



We found him!



Come on, down here!



Come on, we found him!






Slow down.



She's better, the hospital says

she'll pull through.



Inspector, take a look.






Come, Dr. Meyer.

It's your right.



I think we better pull him

out of there.



- What's that?

- A slipper.



Gabriella's slipper.



What else did you find?



Not much.






Thank you very much.



They just operated.



It doesn't look like

they're going to save her leg.



Here, Meyer. This is everything

we'll ever know about him.



Not much to go on, is it?



To find out who he was.



Issued to Paolo Zeder.



We found Paolo Zeder!



A K zone!



He stumbled across a K zone.



- Wait a minute.

- Open up, it's me.



I know. I'll let you in

on one condition.



That you stay out of the kitchen.







- What a surprise.

- Happy anniversary.



Happy anniversary to you.



What is it?



It's the one!



It's gorgeous!



It's electric.



They said it's a terrific model.



Only the electric cord was missing.

So I called the electrician,



and he put one on.



It types like printing in a book.



Just what a writer needs, right?



It's fantastic!



You're beautiful.



- You ought to see where we got it.

- Where?



Mama went to a pawnshop auction.



It was an anniversary

like in the movies, wasn't it?



I'm going to go enjoy

my present a little.



- Who knows who it belonged to?

- Who knows?



Did you know Hemingway

typed standing up?



Novel number three.



The story begins...



The barriers of death



shall at last

be destroyed...



The temperature and depth

of K zone I found...



Correct and totally free,

above all suspicion...



Where buried body shall await...



- What are you doing still up?

- Wait a second, please.



I think I found the plot

for my third novel.



Curiosity about what happens

after death



grew to an obsessive quest.



But we'll go back to the oracles

of the dead on Tuesday.



Tell your classmates

to start showing up.



Have a nice week-end.



Professor Chesi.



- Do you remember me?

- Certainly I do!



Your wife keeps me informed

about the novels you're writing,



and the fact

you haven't graduated yet.



I wrote two and

neither has a publisher.



But now I've got an idea, I mean.



But I need some advice,

an expert opinion.



Witchcraft, magic, resurrections,



devilry, ghosts and haunted houses?



Maybe something along that line.

Do you have a minute?



Let's go to my office.



You can come back in half an hour,




All right, Professor.



Nineteen, an orphan, she swears

she only goes for mature men.



Take a look.



- What are these?

- Two letters.



One is a letter, the other is a kind

of report, but I don't understand.



Later I'll explain how I got hold

of them, but read them first.



The first requires no comment.



It's the second part

of a letter asking for...



Where the writer congratulates

this Goodman character



for having gotten financing

and hopes part of the money



will go to him

so he can finish his work.



Money he probably never got

if he had to pawn his typewriter.



What typewriter?



- What about the second?

- The second?



If it's true, if it isn't

the fruit of your imagination,



it's singular.

- Singular? It's insane!



Besides all these numbers,

temperature, depth...



Here it talks about the guy donating

his own body to the experiment.



Did you read this?



"The barriers of death

shall at last be destroyed,



thanks to our work. My return

to life will signal return of all."



And this:

"The place I have discovered,



is the place the hierophant

was looking for."



- What does hierophant mean?

- A master of mysteries.



Now you have to tell me

where you found it,



because there's something else

that only a scholar,



an expert in the history

of religions can see.



That's why I have to know exactly

who you got it from,



and if the text is correct.



Here's how I got it.

A present from Alessandra.



An old typewriter.



Out of curiosity, I wrote out

everything typed on the old ribbon.



- Here it is.

- Check where it says"K zone".



"Found a K zone completely free

and unsuspected, ideal place..."



It's an old theory going back

to the turn of the century.



A former student of mine,

a Swiss scholar named Meyer,



wrote a thesis on it.



Funny, I thought it was here.



These K zones were the result

of research done by Paolo Zeder.



Somebody who just

disappeared into thin air.



This Zeder sustained that in all the

places in antiquity where contact



had been made with the Beyond,

with the dead,



from Delphi to Epirus

to Dodona and so on,



constants could be determined,

which he called alchemical,



but which we would today call

chemical or geological similarities.



The areas he called K zones

were supposed to be different.



They defied all natural laws



and existed in state of suspension.



In a non-time, a non-season,

a non-growth, a non-death.



Idealistically, a zero-time.



And it would allow

a return from the dead.



On my way!



Don't scream at me

about yesterday's training.



The Commissioner himself

wouldn't give me permission.



Never mind,

nobody showed up, as usual.



How can you find out who something

belonged to in a pawnshop?



Hi. Did I scare you?



- I was waiting for you.

- What do you want?



- I saw how you were looking at me

today. - You're crazy!



- Go on home.

- Pig! Son of a bitch!



Forget it.



You asshole!




How dare you treat me like that!



The decision taken there

was a mistake...



I'm sure.

See you later, sorry.



- How are you today, Miss Goodman?

- Fine.



- Do you plan to stay late tonight?

- I don't know.



- Hi.

- Come in.



- Guido! - This is for you.

- You're crazy. Thanks.



Forget it.



That's what's so great about

friends, they hate each other.



- Right?

- Right.



- And this is for you.

- Thank you.



- What is it?

- Nothing, an address.



- Aren't you staying for dinner?

- Next time.



- I have to do six

shoot-outs before bed-time. - Wait.



I found it in the flea market.



I wanted to give it to you

when you got promoted,



but today I have to be forgiven.

- Let me see.



Is anyone here?




I was looking for Don Luigi Costa.



- Who are you? - I have

something to show Don Luigi.



- What's it about? - Something

personal, I can only show it to him.



- Did Don Emidio send you here?

- No, who's that?



You were saying you had something

personal for Don Luigi Costa?



Yes, it's kind of nonsensical...



Somebody gave me a typewriter

that used to belong to him.



Go on. What's this all about?



You're Don Luigi!

Well, here.






- You must be mad.

- Why?



You attribute these things

to a priest?



No, they seem strange to me too.



Before going to the police,

I wanted to find out...



Nobody in the world

could have written such nonsense.



I never owned a typewriter

in my life!



- Only the table? - I don't think you

have the authority to interrogate



the first one you come across.

- You don't plan to help me?



Sure I'll help you.

Tear up this stuff.



And forget it

as quickly as possible.



Don't ever come back,




Well? You're the one

who's in training, not me!



- God, now what?

- Funny.



Nobody's supposed to be here.



- Where are you going?

- Quiet. Be quiet...



Is anyone up there?



Is that you?



Are you down here?



What kind of trick is this?



Where the heck were you?



The circuit breakers blew down below.



- Something wrong?

- Nothing, why?



- Damn, they were right here.

- What?



What do you mean, what?



Come on. The letters, the ribbon,

Hand them over.



I swear I don't know

a thing about it.



Excuse me, I was here

this morning to see Don Luigi.



I left some papers

in his office.



- Who did you say?

- Don Luigi, I talked with him.



Come in.



Wait here.



I was looking for Don Luigi Costa.



He hasn't been part of Mother Church

for over    years now.



- He left his vows.

- Today, in the parish office,



this bald man, who said he was...

- But that's just not possible.



Besides Don Emidio,

I'm always around.



Seeing the devotion of our

parishiners, two of us are too many.



Listen, I'm not crazy.

I'm positive that I met him, I mean.



That's impossible,

I didn't go out the whole day.



- When you're away, Father...

- Yes, of course.



- I'm sure you're mistaken.

- No, it can't be.



He was in a kind of closet,

rummaging through a pile of papers.



I don't know who you met today,



but it certainly

wasn't Don Luigi Costa.



I don't want to know anything

about what was in those letters.



I only know that Luigi used to be

a highly esteemed priest here.



He was in charge of the children.



It was he who took them

to camp every summer.



Then his weird studies

went to his head.



- I say it was his illness.

- What illness?



Unfortunately he discovered

he had an incurable disease.



It coincided with his decision

to abandon his vows.






from that time on

he started talking funny.



Don Emidio used to bless

the sacresty when he went out.



Then he disappeared,

we haven't heard from him since.



I believe he wound up

with a sister of his,



who had a house in Rimini.



Or maybe he's there in the hospital.



It's been so long

since he's come around here.



Do you want the address?



I'll tell him you're here.




I'm very worried about you.



Now that the most delicate phase

is about to begin...



You mustn't. I have one more reason

than you and the others.



A reason it's hard to forget.



At any price,

I have to understand.



You may come in.



Right this way.



We found a further confirmation

of what we're looking for,



thanks to the work

of the Italian research team.



Last night I was thinking...



You've devoted over    years

of your life to this business,



maybe without thinking

about one fact.



Every    years more than   hundred

million people on the earth die.



Meyer, three hundred million!

Life is based on this certainty.



Death is indispensable,

and fortunately up to now



we've had no counter indications.



Death isn't an illness that can

be cured, it's a definite finality.



And that it must remain.



Paolo Zeder offered himself

for the sake of his research,



having himself secretly buried

in that ground, under that house,



to demonstrate his theories

were well-founded.



There may be a way to come back

and we're about to discover it.



You yourself have been with us

since the beginning.



You've encouraged us, helped us,



and you're asking us

to leave off now?



- The risks?

- They will occur far away from here.



From tonight on,

the risks will be ours alone.



- Hello?

- Stefano. - Who is this?



That letter you found was meant

for somebody who never got it.



- Who is this?

- Don't interrupt, shithead.



If you want to know more

you can make a bundle.



Just be at the Margherita Gardens

around ten.



Bring enough cash to make it worth

my while, you'll find out plenty.



Come alone.






Stefano, are you inside?



Where the fuck are you, asshole?



What a jerk you are. What

were you trying to do, scare me?



Who are you?

What do you want?



I'm trying

to bring it all into focus.



A bunch of words on a ribbon.



Where do they lead? To an ex-priest.



And a phone call

saying they know everything.



And a meeting out there,

in the middle of the night.



And the appointment never kept.



Okay, Stefano, cut it out.

You've got to stop.



- This isn't stuff for us.

- I'm going to Rimini tomorrow,



to look for this Luigi Costa

character. You do what you want.



At least let me take a bathing suit.



This must be it.



So what are we doing?



Didn't you want to get some sun

and study? There's a beach.



Join you later!



Anybody home?



Is anybody home?



Excuse me...



Can I come in?



- Anybody home? Hello!

- Who's there?



Excuse me, ma'am...



- Who told you you could come in?

- Nobody, I saw the For Rent sign...



You must've seen the notice

to go to the agency.



- I did read it...

- Anyway, I've decided



not to rent it after all. They have

to take that damn thing down.



I took the liberty because I know Don

Luigi from when I was a kid, at camp.



That's how

I knew this was his house.



I thought he'd have rented to me,

more readily than to others.



My brother's not here.

He's not with us anymore.



- When did it happen?

- A month ago.



But he was in and out

of that hospital almost a year.



With those butchers who are

only capable of killing people...



- I'm terribly sorry.

- Thank you.



- I'll be going now.

- Were you very close to him?



Look inside that vase

on the chest over there.



There's the key

to the room upstairs.



Take it and go have a look.



- Did you find it?

- Yes, here it is.



Watch out for the lock.



It's old and the key

might break off inside.



Nobody's been up there

since last summer.



It was his room.






Are you sure nobody's

been up here for a year?



Certainly. But in any case,

it's not for rent.



If you would show me

the courtesy of leaving...



- Bologna Police headquarters.

- This is a friend of Guido's...



- Lieutenant Guido Silvestri.

May I speak to him? - Hold the line.



Sorry, he isn't here anymore.

He's been transferred.



He's been transferred?

Where, exactly?



I'm not authorized to give out

that kind of information.



A girlfriend?



Did you know

Guido's been transferred?



Transferred... Where?



They didn't want to say.



He was a kind of nasty.



It's funny...



A guy like Guido leaving and

not even coming to say goodbye.



So, he's dead and she's blind.



That's it.



We better go back to Bologna.



The house of mystery...

Look at Swanson and Von Stroheim!



It's him!



The one who said

he was the priest.



I'm sure of it.



He knows me. You better go.



- My God...

- Please.



Then, I promise we'll go home, okay?



- Money.

- What for?



Flowers, of course. What kind

of private eye are you?



Luigi dearest...



Poor Luigi.



Why aren't you with me anymore?



We have to go.



Come on, now...



- It can't be!

- It is.



- When did this happen?

- One year and two days ago.



And you didn't let me know?!



Not even that ass of your father!



We know you're so busy, Professor,

running a hospital like this.



To think that when you were a girl

and your father and I were poor,



we used to plan how you and

my Francesco would get married.



- Remember?

- Not very well.



He's grown into a giant, he still

hasn't graduated from college,



but he's a karate expert.



Look what he did to my poor hand,

last Monday afternoon!



So who did you settle on?



- Him! - Good afternoon.

- Isn't he ugly?



He isn't even rich,

but he's an incredible egoist.



We're here for our wedding present.



A year late,

but from you we expect it.



Go on, I want to make amends.



Luigi Costa died about a month ago,

here in your hospital.



- He was supposed to have

been very sick. - Certainly, Costa.



I remember him.

He had been a priest at one time.



Lung cancer.



We'd like to know where he's buried.

He was a distant relative of mine.



- I haven't been able to find out.

- He was buried here in Rimini.



He isn't here.



Don't tell me to go ask his sister:

The poor woman knows less than me.



I really don't know

how I can help you.



- Maybe the police knows something.

- There's no need.



There's nothing mysterious about it.



A little secret between me

and the poor old man.



But if you're a relative...



The last few years of his life,



he was affected

by a persecution complex.



He didn't want to be buried here,

and he didn't want it known where.



It was as though he was afraid.



It was supposed to remain

our secret.



But instead...



He certainly chose a strange place,

the cemetery of Spina.



Luigi Costa? Did you try

the Etruscan necropolis?



- Sometimes they make a mistake!

- Well?



He's in the night club.



- Where did you say?

- It has always been called that.



It's a kind of underground place.



Sorry I can't go with you, I'd have

done a rhumba with the young lady!



Last chapel on the right!



This is creepy!



- Want to wait for me outside?

- Are you kidding?



Here it is!

At last I get to see his face.



- It's strange, though...

- What?



They must've broken the tombstone

when they set it.



In fact they set it very recently.



The cement is still fresh.



While these...



Are at least two weeks old,

if not more.



Kind of hard to put flowers

on a gravestone before you set it.



Is it cold down here.



Come on, are we going or not?



- You know what he looked like!

- Go on up, I'll be right there.



- Wait for me in the car.

- I can't wait to go home.



It's empty!



Here it is!

Tonight too, see.



The sound and light are hooked up

to photo-electric cells,



placed around the ground

under study. As you see,



there's nothing visible moving.



Yet the sensometers scattered around

signal a presence,



like somebody

walking over the field.



It can't be small animals

because the sensometers



are set to react

only to a certain weight.



They're calibrated

for over a     pounds,



and no living creature exists small

enough to escape our TV cameras,



with a specific mass that dense.



What's the temperature

of the ground now?



- It's up nine degrees.

- And now?



- It's still rising.

- It's always the same.



The arrival of that presence in the

zone slowly raises the temperature.



Every night at the same time,

and at dawn the effect disappears.



The data collected by Luigi Costa

was extraordinarily precise.




your suspicions were correct.



The tomb is empty.

He isn't there.



- Now where do we look for him?

- In Bologna.



I have two classes.



Come on, hurry.

Let's take the highway.



- Dear Luigi Costa, we're

through with you! - What...



Spina. See what your book says.



The necropolis of Spina.

That's what that name reminded me of!



Go on, read more.



It was founded around     B.C.



It was heavily hellenized and

had its own treasury at Delphi.



- What's that mean? - That they were

in touch with the Delphic oracle.



The oracle of the dead?



The vast necropolis, which

included a large number of tombs,



number that seems

inexplicable today,



given the scarsity

of the population...



- Zeder's K zones!

- What?



Professor Chesi

was telling me about it.



According to this Zeder,

there exist special areas, K zones,



which live in their own time,



where it's possible to bring

those buried there back...



Back from the Beyond.



That may explain a lot of things,



like why he wanted

to be buried around here.



Here, this is

where he was years ago.



- How do you know?

- Don Mario told me.



And at his sister's house,

I saw a kind of certificate of merit



with the name of this camp.

- How sad it is!



Just think

of all the children here once.



Right down the road

from the necropolis, see?



And you want me to drop this story?



Listen, let's ask that guy.



- What? - How we get back

to Bologna, what else?



Excuse me, where's

the highway for Bologna?



Turn there, take your second right.

It's a couple miles down.



Thanks. Let's go.



- I feel like I've got to stay.

- Stay here?



To do what?

How can you want to stay here?



I have to understand

what this is all about.



There are too many things

that don't make sense.



A heap of strange things...



The only strange one

around here is you.



Come on, let's go!



I'm staying.

That's all there is to it.



I guess you want me

to hitchhike back to Bologna,



seeing as how you're interested

in all the stupidity in the world,



except me.



Take the car.



You're a nut!

A crazy, selfish nut!



Go to hell!



Had a fight, didn't you?



No, it's just that I'm doing

some research about this place.



There, and she doesn't want to.



- You know how women are.

- I know something about them.



I got a mother who's a real terror.



- What are you studying, ruins?

- Ruins.



- This is a motel!

- And a restaurant too.



But when they finish up there,

we'll have to close.



- Are they making it into a hotel?

- You bet.



These Frenchies, over a thousand

rooms, all with color TV.



We got a dozen rooms and

can't rent one for love or money.



- And those guys are putting up

a thousand! - I'll rent one.



If you're into ruins,

this here's the oldest ruin in Spina!



Mirko, fill 'er up

and take a look at the oil.



Benni, there's a stranger here

who's heard a lot about you.



Are you one of those nuts

from up there?



No, I'm doing some research

on what went on here.



I will tell you everything

for a beer.



- Questions? - No, I just wondered

what you knew about that place.



I know what everybody knows.



That it was a holiday camp

up to '   when they closed it.



- Then? - Nothing until three

years ago, when the nudists came.



The ones who go around

with their cheeks out...



- What happened? - So these

perverts, that's what they are,



are all lying on the beach,

when a dog of theirs dies.



So what do you think they do?

They bury it there.



So they leave.



Every night anybody who went

by there risked his life.



They found old Luisa with her throat

ripped to pieces.



So one morning we go in there

with our shotguns,



me and six or eight others,



and one of those long-hairs tells us

where they buried the mutt.



We dig him up,

he was a good six feet under.



And what else do we find?



He had the pair of garden shears

that belonged to old Luisa



stuck in his neck.



We pulled him out of there.



He'd been dead at least three months

and still wasn't rotting!



So we threw him in garbage dump,

it was all over.



That's why I say those Frenchies

building that hotel are nuts!



Don't you pay Benni no mind!



Go on and laugh!



But I wouldn't spend a night in a

place like this for a million bucks!



- What are you doing here?

- And you?



I often come here.

I like it.



Besides, our parish was once

in charge of this camp's functions.



- Luigi Costa came here too.

- Him too.



You know something

you don't want to tell me.



We priests never tell lies.

It's in the contract.



Lies, no.

But not talking isn't lying.



Here's my alibi.



You mean to say you come

all the way from Bologna for those?



Poor Don Emidio enjoys them so much.



But you enjoy something else.



I like trying to understand

man and his mysteries.



A priest leaves the Church

after a lifetime of sacrifice,



only a few yards

from the finish line,



in sight of the big prize.



- In exchange for what?

- The promise of a return?



Maybe the promise of a return.



Here we are talking like two

imbeciles and I've got a service.



I'd like to see you again, to talk.



Sure, but in Bologna.



Go away from here.



Leave this business to us

professionals of the supernatural.



Come in.



- Is that you?

- Yes. Did you want to see me?



I've thought about it a lot.



You have to tell Stefano to give

that letter to the police.



They stole it from him.

He hasn't got it anymore.



Better. Then maybe

I'm worrying about nothing.



I have these strange forebodings...



My husband isn't doing anything.



I don't want anything to happen.

Please, make him go to the police.



I recognize you.



Where are you?



Where are you hiding?



What are you

standing in the dark for?



Chesi advises you

to go to the police.



- You should at least

talk to our friend. - Guido?



Right, Guido.



- God...

- It's useless to read it.



It was a real accident,

nothing suspicious.



Do you see why I came back?



Guido is dead, Stefano!



I was scared

to stay alone in the house.



So I grabbed all the things

we might need and here I am.



For a moment I had the sensation

he was interested in my research.



- How?

- No...



It was nothing.



A stupid coincidence, that's all.



Come on, let's do something fun.



Come on, please.



- We were in school together.

- Don't think.



You sure couldn't find

a more suicidal room than this.



At least turn on the light.



What is it?



What is it?



Here's what it is!



How can it be?



You said it yourself:



A special kind of typewriter,



fairly rare...



And here, what do we find

a few yards from the holiday camp?



The cord!



Don't tell me it's a coincidence.



Luigi Costa lived here,

in this hotel.



Maybe in this very room...



My friend Carla says



making love makes the fear pass.



You kids, get out of here!

Do you hear me?!



Did a certain Luigi Costa

ever stay here?



How do I know?

We just started running this place.



If you ask me, it would've been

better to forget the whole thing.



I see

you and the girl up there.



That's a good-looking chick.



Ones like her are hard to come by

around here. Where do you find them?



- Want me to bring you up

some breakfast? - No, it's okay.



Is there a watchman in there?



There was, but they fired him

when they took over.



There must be somebody...

Last night there was a light on.



Sure, with all

the machinery they brought.



- What machinery? - Scientific stuff,

to do their research with.



I know, I watched them unload

through my Super Visor.



- Your what?

- My Super Visor.



I got it from a mail-order catalog.



When the nudists were here,

it really came in handy!



I spend hours up there,

messing with that gadget.



- What did you see?

- It's no use looking.



You can't see anything now.

They took it all inside.



- What? - I don't know.

I thought they were making a movie.



They had these TV cameras

and lights...



- And they never come down here?

- Never, not even for coffee.



- Nobody better try to go in there!

- Why?



They say they put up

a kind of electrified fence.



But there's a way to get in,




- How? - When we were kids,

we snuck in to steal fruit,



even past a guard

with a shotgun full of buckshot.



- The hell we were going through

the gate. - How did you get in?



There were Germans here

during the war rounding people up.



But some found

a way to save themselves.



Let's go!



- I'll go get another one.

- Never mind, it stopped.



His face, on the screen!



It was white, cadaverous...



He looked dead to me.



And then this.



Did you tell that giant

to come in here with all that stuff?



Come on, who cares?

I'm telling you about insane things!



- Sorry.

- Now, listen.



I need you to go to Professor Chesi

with this videotape, right away.



He must have a videotape machine

at the university,



or else he can get one.



If only a small part

of what I think is on it,



we finally have proof and

you can take it to the police.



Then all this will be over.



Okay? I can't leave.



I have to make sure

they don't take everything away.



Then it would be impossible.



Washed, greased

and with an oil change!






- It doesn't start.

- Come on!



Let me try. Go out.



- Damn...

- See?



- What did you do to it?

- Me? Nothing.



I changed the oil. I figured it could

use it, it was smoking so much.



- Now, what? - Is there a way

to get to the train station?



My motorbike,

in ten minutes we'll be there.




promise you'll be careful.



- Don't go back in there, okay?

- Promise.



Hello, this is urgent.

I need to talk to Don Mario.



I wish I knew where he was!

We haven't seen him since yesterday.



I called the hospitals, I was just

about to call the police now.



Who's calling?






Excuse me, they called from the

hospital to say my mother was bad.



The only one who can take me

is Mirko.



I don't know if I'll be back

tomorrow morning.



If anything comes up, you can

always reach us at this number.



- Feel free to use the bar.

- Thank you.



- Good evening.

- Good night.



- Hello? - Alessandra stopped by

and told me the whole story.



Then I saw that tape you sent me.

What is it, some kind of a joke?



- It's completely blank.

- Crazy things are happening here.



- I think I saw Luigi Costa...

- Who?



The ex-priest... Never mind,

you wouldn't understand.



- I think we better call the police!

- I'll take care of it.



All right,

but have them come right away.



- Keep Alessandra with you.

- Stay calm.



Stay where you are

and don't do anything.



I'll be there as soon as possible.



Hello? Hello?!



He has to be taken care of and

that body has got to be disinterred.



Everything's ready.



Who's there?



You may as well give up.



- They cut you off, didn't you?

- How do you know?



You're screwed, friend.

We're screwed.



That's not what I'm here for.



I came to tell you they already left

their calling card.



Come on.



Everybody says I'm crazy. Just

look here, if I'm a little crazy.



We got to try and dig up

that ex-priest quick,



and get him out of that ground,

if we still hope to save ourselves.



I don't think I'm going to make it.



I really don't think

I can go any further.



We better go back.



Stop! Come back!



What do you try to do?

Come back, son.



Unbury him...

Unbury him!



Unbury him...

Pull him out of that ground.



For the love of God!



- Where's the machine?

- Over there.



- Please, sit on.

- Good morning.



Some little inconveniences that we

will call accidents along the way,



have forced us to temporarily

suspend the experiment on that site.



But we are now in possession

of such exceptional confirmation



to suppose that, in a near future,

the situation will be under control.



We don't feel the sacrifice

of our two valorous colleagues



in the name of science was in vain.



That ground is the most fertile

K zone yet identified.



I remind you I came to know of

this place, together with Dr. Melis,



on the indication of a remarkable

man, somebody from the place:



A certain Luigi Costa, an ex-priest.



Wake up!



Come on, wake up.


Special help by SergeiK