Drew's Ultimate Movie Trivia Quiz

Okay, this one is simple. Below is a list of 20 actors. All you have to do is name a movie in which the actor plays a psychiatrist, psychologist, or some other sort of mental health professional. You'd be crazy not to try!

  Jane Fonda  
  Annabella Sciorra  
  Bruce Willis  
 Marlon Brando  
 Richard Gere  
 Lindsay Crouse  
 Jeanne Tripplehorn  
 Lena Olin  
 Barbra Streisand
 Richard Dreyfuss
 Michael Caine
 John Lithgow
 John Turturro
 Anthony Hopkins
 Jeff Daniels
 Madeleine Stowe
 M. Emmett Walsh
 Frances McDormand
 Linda Fiorentino
 Rene Russo




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