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Just click on the movie script title and the full text of the screenplay should magically appear. All except for the scripts that are zipped, or Adobe files, or Word files, that is. For those, just use the appropriate program to load 'em up. I check all the links as much as humanly possible, but if for some reason one doesn't work, just e-mail me and I'll see what the scoop is.

And remember, I'm just linking to external sites; none of these scripts are housed on the Rama. So please don't yell at me for typos and whatnot; my self-esteem is low enough as is. I fully encourage you to explore all of those other sites after you've raided my joint completely.
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Movie Script Title (Click To Read) Script Type File Type
3 Kings First Draft .html
3 Kings Revised Final Draft .pdf
3 Kings Shooting Draft .html
3:10 To Yuma 9/15/04 Draft .pdf
5th Element, The Revised Draft .txt
Fifth Estate, The Late Draft .html
5 Easy Pieces Unspecified Draft .html
5 Feet And Rising Unspecified Draft .html
500 Days Of Summer 4/16/08 Draft .pdf
6th Sense, The Unspecified Draft .pdf
7th Seal, The Unspecified Draft .pdf
7 Days To Live Second Draft .doc
7 Days To Live Shooting Script .doc
8 Legged Freaks July 2000 Draft .pdf
8 Mile First Rewrite .pdf
8 Millimeter First Draft .txt
84 Charlie MoPic Shooting Draft .txt
9 (2009) Unspecified Draft .pdf
9th Gate, The Unspecified Draft .html
10 Things I Hate About You Revised Draft .html
12 (2003) Unspecified Draft .html
12 And Holding 4/6/04 Draft .pdf
12 Monkeys Production Draft .txt
13 Days Unspecified Draft .txt
13 Ghosts Revised Draft .pdf
15 Minutes Unspecified Draft .html
1408 Unspecified Draft .pdf
1492: Conquest Of Paradise Revised Draft .txt
16 Blocks January 2004 Draft .pdf
17 Again Rewrite .pdf
187 Revised Shooting Draft .pdf
25th Hour 4/30/01 Draft .pdf
28 Weeks Later Unspecified Draft .pdf
30 Days Of Night Production Polish .pdf
40 Year Old Virgin, The Unspecified Draft .pdf
48 Hours Unspecified Draft .pdf
2001: A Space Odyssey Unspecified Draft .txt
2001 Maniacs Unspecified Draft .pdf
2010 Script .pdf
Above The Law Final Draft .pdf
Absolute Power May 1996 Draft .pdf
The Abyss Director's Revision .txt
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Unspecified Draft .html
Adaptation 2nd Draft .pdf
Adaptation Revised 2nd Draft .pdf
The Addams Family Shooting Script .pdf
The Adventure (L'Avventura) Unspecified Draft .txt
Adventureland Revised Draft .pdf
Adventures Of Buckaroo Banzai Shooting Script


Adventures Of Ford Fairlaine 5/1/89 Draft


An Affair To Remember Revised Final Script


Afterlife Unspecified Draft .doc
The African Queen Shooting Draft .pdf
After School Special (PDF File) Final Shooting Script .pdf
Affliction Shooting Draft .html
After The Truth Unspecified Draft .pdf
Agnes Of God Unspecified Draft .html
Air Force One Unspecified Draft .html
Airplane! Shooting Script .html
Airplane II: The Sequel Second Draft .html
Alfie Revised Final Draft .pdf
Ali Unspecified Draft .pdf
Alice In Wonderland Shooting Script .pdf
Alien Revised Final Draft .html
Alien Early Draft .html
Alien Apocalypse 3/05/04 Draft .html
Aliens First Draft .html
Alien 3 Revised Draft .txt
Alien 3 First Draft Revised .txt
Alien 3 William Gibson Draft .txt
Alien 3 David Twohy Draft .html
Alien 3 Eric Red Draft .txt
Alien Nation October 1987 Rewrite .txt
Alien: Resurrection (Alien 4) Shooting Script .pdf
Aliens Vs. Predator Shooting Script .rtf
Aliens Vs. Predator Peter Briggs Draft .txt
All About Eve Unspecified Draft .html
All About Steve Revised Draft .pdf
All God's Children Can Dance Unspecified Draft .pdf
All The King's Men (1949) Shooting Draft     .txt
All The President's Men Pre-Rehearsal Draft .html
Almost Famous December 1998 Draft .html
Alone In The Dark Unspecified Draft .pdf
Amadeus Unspecified Draft .txt
Amelia 9/14/07 Draft .pdf
American, The Unspecified Draft .pdf
American Beauty Early Draft .html
American Beauty Final Draft  .html
American Gangster Final Shooting Script .pdf
American Grafitti Unspecified Draft .txt
American History X Early Draft .html
American History X Original Script .html
American Madness Shooting Draft  .html
American Outlaws Unspecified Draft .html
American Pie White Revision .html
American Psycho 4th Draft .html
American Psycho June 1988 Draft .html
American President, The Unspecified Draft .txt
American Shaolin Unspecified Draft .html
American Splendor Shooting Script .pdf
An American Tragedy First Draft .html
American Werewolf In London Unspecified Draft .html
American Werewolf In Paris Second Draft .txt
An Education Unspecified Draft .pdf
An Officer And A Gentleman Final Draft .pdf
Analyze This July 1998 Draft .pdf
Analyze That June 2002 Draft .pdf
Anastasia Unspecified Draft .html
Anatomy Of A Murder Final Draft .pdf
Anchorman Revised Draft .pdf
Android Army 7th Draft .pdf
Angel Eyes 7th Draft .pdf
Animal Kingdom Unspecified Draft .pdf
Annie Hall Unspecified Draft .pdf
Anniversary Party, The Unspecified Draft .html
Antitrust Shooting Draft .txt
Antz Unspecified Draft .html
Apartment, The Unspecified Draft .pdf
Apocalypse Now Early Draft .txt
Apt Pupil Production Draft .html
Arcade Revised Draft .txt
Arctic Blue Unspecified Draft .html
Armageddon Unspecified Draft .html
Army Of Darkness Shooting Script .html
Artist, The Unspecified Draft .pdf
As Good As It Gets Unspecified Draft .html
Assassination Of Jesse James By... Unedited Draft .html
Assassins Early Draft .txt
Assassins Revised Draft .html
The Assignment Shooting Draft .txt
Asylum Unspecified Draft .txt
At First Sight Unspecified Draft .txt
At Land Unspecified Scenario .html
Atomic Submarine Revised Draft .html
Atonement Shooting Script .pdf
Austin Powers Revised Draft .txt
Austin Powers 2 Unspecified   .txt
Autumn In New York Shooting Draft .txt
Avatar Original Draft .pdf
The Avengers Early Draft .html
Awakenings Revised Draft .pdf
Away From Her Revised Draft .pdf
Away We Go November 2007 Draft .pdf
Babel Unspecified .html
Bachelor Party Shooting Draft .txt
Bachelor Party, The Revised Draft .html
Backdraft Shooting Draft .txt
Back To The Future First Draft .html
Back To The Future 2 & 3 Revised Draft .pdf
Badlands Final Draft .txt
Bad Boys Revised Draft .pdf
Bad Day At Black Rock Shooting Draft .txt
Bad Lieutenant First Draft .pdf
Bad Santa Production Draft .txt
Bamboozled Unspecified Draft .txt
Barbershop Revised Draft .pdf
Barney's Version Unspecified Draft .html
Barton Fink Unspecified Draft .html
Barry Lyndon 2/18/73 Draft .html
The Base Unspecified Draft .txt
Basic First Draft .txt
Basic Instinct Unspecified Draft .txt
Basquiat Unspecified Draft .txt
Batman First Hamm Draft .txt
Batman Revised First Draft .txt
Batman 5th Draft .pdf
Batman And Robin Unspecified Draft .txt
Batman Forever Production Draft .html
Batman Returns Early Draft .html
Batman Returns Shooting Draft .html
Batman: Year One Unused Draft .html
Battle Of Algiers Unspecified Draft .html
Battle Of Shaker Heights Unspecified Draft .txt
Battleship Galactica Unspecified Draft .txt
The Beach Unspecified Draft .html
Bean First Draft .html
Beauty And The Beast Unspecified Draft .html
Beauty Shop 1/17/04 Draft .pdf
Beavis And Butthead Do America Unspecified Draft .doc
Bee Movie Final Draft .pdf
Beetlejuice 6/1/85 Draft .html
Beetlejuice 8/4/86 Draft .html
Beetlejuice 2/3/87 Draft .html
Beginners Unspecified Draft .pdf
Being Human Third Draft .pdf
Being John Malkovich Unspecified Draft .html
Being There 1/10/79 Draft .html
Being There 12/16/78 Draft .html
The Believer Final Shooting Script .html
Beloved 10/11/96 Draft .html
Below Blue Revised Draft .html
Beowulf Unspecified Draft .pdf
Beowulf And Grendel 10th Draft .pdf
Big Revised Draft .pdf
Big Fish Final Production Draft .pdf
Big Blue, The Unspecified Draft .html
Big Easy, The Revised 2nd Draft .pdf
Big Lebowski, The Unspecified Draft .html
Big Sleep, The 1944 Draft .pdf
Big White, The Production Draft .pdf
Birds, The Final Draft .html
Blade Runner Early Draft .html
Blade Runner Shooting Script .html
Big Trouble In Little China Partial First Draft .html
Black Dahlia Early Draft .pdf
Black Dahlia 10/14/03 Draft .pdf
Black Rain 11/87 Draft .html
Black Snake Moan Unspecified Draft .html
Blade Unspecified Draft .txt
Blade 2 Unspecified Draft .html
Blair Witch II First Draft (Revised) .html
Blast From The Past Unspecified Draft .html
Blood Diamond 7/27/05 Draft .pdf
Blood Moon Unspecified Draft .pdf
Blood Simple Unspecified Draft .html
Blood Work 1st Revision .pdf
Bloody Murder Partial Script .txt
Bloody Murder 2 Partial Script .txt
Blue Velvet Shooting Script .html
Blues Brothers Early Draft .html
Blues Brothers 2000 Unspecified Draft .html
Bodies, Rest And Motion Shooting Draft .txt
The Bodyguard Clean Shooting Draft .pdf
Body Of Evidence Second Draft .html
Body Heat 3rd Draft .pdf
The Body Snatcher Unspecified Draft .html
Boiler Room Unspecified Draft .txt
Blow Unspecified Draft .html
Bones Unspecified Draft .html
Bonnie And Clyde Unspecified Draft .txt
Boogie Nights Unspecified Draft .txt
Bonfire Of The Vanities 3rd Draft .pdf
Boondock Saints Shooting Script .txt
Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day Revised Draft .pdf
Born On The Fourth Of July (Part 1 and 2) Revised Draft .pdf
Bottle Rocket Unspecified Draft .html
Bound Unspecified Draft .html
The Bourne Identity Paris Draft .html
The Bourne Supremacy Green Draft .pdf
The Bourne Ultimatum Final Shooting Script .pdf
The Box Unspecified .pdf
Brave One, The Full Pink Draft .zip
Braveheart (Word Doc) Early Draft .doc
Brazil Unspecified Draft .txt
Breach 7/21/06 Draft .pdf
Break Final Draft .pdf
Breakdown Revised First Draft .pdf
The Breakfast Club Shooting Draft .pdf
Brick Shooting Script .pdf
Bridesmaids Final Draft .pdf
Bringing Out The Dead First Draft .html
Broken Arrow 4th Draft .pdf
Broken Embraces 4th Draft .pdf
The Bridges Of Madison County 1st Draft .txt
Broadcast News Unspecified Draft .pdf
Bruce Almighty Rewrite (7/30/02) .txt
Bucket Of Blood Unspecified Draft .txt
The Bucket List Full 2nd White Draft .pdf
Buffy The Vampire Slayer Script .html
Bull Durham Unspecified Draft .pdf
Burn After Reading Unspecified Draft .pdf
The Burrowers 7/11/05 Draft .pdf
Butterfly Effect Unspecified Draft 257K
The Cable Guy Shooting Script .html
Call Northside 777 (Part 1 & 2) Revised Shooting Draft   .pdf
Capote Unspecified Draft   .pdf
Cars 2 Unspecified Draft   .pdf
Casablanca Unspecified Draft .pdf
Casino Unspecified Draft .html
Casino Royale Revised Draft .pdf
Cast Away Third Draft .pdf
Cat People (1942) Unspecified Draft .html
Catch Me If You Can Unspecified Draft .pdf
Catwoman 2nd Draft Polish .pdf
Catwoman Unused 1995 Draft .txt
Cell, The Unspecified Draft .html
Cellular Early Draft .html
Cellular Revised Draft .pdf
Changeling Unspecified Draft .pdf
Charade Unspecified Draft .txt
Charlie Chan Carries On Final Shooting Script .html
Charlie Chan's Chance Screen Continuity Draft .html
Charlie Chan's Greatest Case Revised Shooting Script .html
Charlie Chan's Courage Final Shooting Script .html
Charlie Wilson's War Unspecified Draft .pdf
Charlie's Angels Early Draft .pdf
Chasing Amy Unspecified Draft .txt
Chasing Sleep Unspecified Draft .html
Cherry Unspecified Draft .html
Cherry Falls First Draft .txt
Children Of Men Unspecified Draft .pdf
Children Of The Corn 2nd Revised Draft .pdf
Chinatown Unspecified Draft .txt
Chronicles Of Narnia: Lion, Witch... Unspecified .pdf
Cider House Rules Unspecified Draft .html
Cincinnati Kid Shooting Draft .txt
Cinema Paradiso Shooting Script .html
Citizen Kane Unspecified Draft .html
City Island Unspecified Draft .pdf
City Of Joy Early Draft .pdf
Clerks Unspecified Draft .html
Cliffhanger Revised Draft .html
Cliffhanger Shooting Draft .html
Clockwork Orange, A Unspecified Draft .html
Close Encounters Of The 3rd Kind (Part 1/2) Revised Draft .pdf
Clue (Part 1/2) Shooting Script .pdf
Cobb July 1993 Draft .pdf
Code Of Silence Shooting Draft .txt
Cold Mountain Unspecified Draft .pdf
Collateral Revised Draft .pdf
Collateral Darabont Revision .html
Collateral Damage Production Draft .pdf
Commando Final Draft .pdf
Committed Revised Draft .html
Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind 3rd Draft .pdf
Confidence First Draft .pdf
Conspiracy Theory 9/12/96 Draft .html
Contact Early Draft .html
Cool Hand Luke Shooting Draft .html
The Cooler Unspecified Draft .txt
Copycat 3rd Draft .txt
Coraline 2nd Rewrite .pdf
Coriolanus Unspecified Draft .pdf
The Corrupter Unspecified Draft .txt
Cradle To The Grave May 2002 Draft .pdf
Constantine Early Production Draft .pdf
Courage Under Fire First Draft .pdf
Crash (1996) Unspecified Draft .html
Crash (2004) Final Revised Draft  .pdf
Crazy Heart White Production Draft .pdf
Crime Spree First Draft .pdf
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Unspecified Draft   .html
Cross Of Iron Unspecified Draft   .html
Croupier Shooting Script .txt
Crow, The 9/12/92 Draft .html
Crow: City Of Angels Unspecified Draft .html
Crow: Salvation Unspecified Draft .html
Crow: 2037 Unspecified Draft .pdf
The Crying Game Unspecified Draft .pdf
Curious Case Of Benjamin Button Shooting Script.pdf
Curse Of The Cat People Unspecified Draft .html
Custody Unspecified Draft .html

Scripts A-C Scripts D-J Scripts K-R Scripts S-Z