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CONTESTS / GIVEAWAYS: Since I love you all like you were a "chile of mah own", I figured you'd want a place where you can either win or randomly get free stuff. This is precisely that place. For the giveaways, there's generally one person who picks up the given-away thing. For the contests, just check out the specific contest to see the prizes and specifics and whatnot. Enter early, enter often!  Except the ones that have a one-entry-per-person rule, that is. 

Drew's "Predict The Oscars...Poorly" Contest 2006: EXPIRED. Huge congrats to a superexcited Jessica Flaherty, who got 'em all right (or wrong, depending on how you look at it), won the random tiebreaking draw and snagged the groovy stuff.   What was her trick, you ask?  She guessedShows to go ya, sometimes that "eeny meeny" technique ain't half bad sometimes... 

Drew's Adaptation Giveaway:  EXPIRED. Congrats to Sam Whitlock, the ectastic new owner of the Adaptation poster! He plans to put it up in his cubicle, so all of his co-workers will see what a cool cat he is. Now if only Catherine Keener would come over to play Boggle with Sam, his dreams truly would be complete...

Drew's Royal Tenenbaums Giveaway: Congrats to Don Blackburn (shy guy didn't want his city listed) for grabbing the Tenenbaums card. Don't give it to your adopted sister!

Drew's "Predict The Oscars...Poorly" Contest 2001: EXPIRED. Congrats to Kenny Garner of Orlando, FL, who picked the Traffic stuff as his prize! Remember Kenny, don't put that figurine in water unless you want the DEA knocking down your door! :)

Drew's Almost Famous Giveaway:
EXPIRED. Congrats to Aaron Gold of Ronkonkoma, New York, who is a major Kate Hudson fan and is now the proud owner of all the snazzy Almost Famous stuff!

Drew's What Lies Beneath Coaster Giveaway: EXPIRED. Cass Pomerance of Las Vegas, Nevada never won anything big in the casinos, but at least she has a What Lies Beneath coaster to rest her Long Island Iced Teas on!

EXPIRED. The big winner is Tracy Huettner of Big Lake, Missouri, who plans to give the X-Men prize pack to her son as a Christmas present. Awww...what a sweet lady!

Drew's Playing By Heart Poster Giveaway: The Sequel EXPIRED. Scott Rundhaugen of Onalaska, WI snagged the object of beauty, the Playing By Heart poster. Of course, now that he's won such a fine prize, everything else this year will seem anticlimactic by comparison.

Drew's "Sing For Your Supper" Spidey Pin Giveaway: EXPIRED. Congrats to David Newton of Ontario, Canada, who sufficiently sang for his supper and snagged the groovy Spidey pin! His tale broke my heart in such a way that it'll never mend. A story of a boy and his pin...we're talkin movie of the week, here!

Drew's Ultimate Fight Club Giveaway: EXPIRED. A hearty congrats to Matt Montemorano of Howell NJ who picked up quite possibly the sweetest Fight Club prize pack in creation. Matt claims to be the biggest Fight Club fan in the world, which of course, means I won't be having any chowder in his house anytime soon...

Drew's Quickie X-Men Giveaway: Congrats to Christine Huff, who's a big Wolverine fan and picked up the X-Men goodies!

Drew's Playing By Heart Poster Giveaway: EXPIRED. There are more crazed Angelina Jolie fans out there than I could have possibly anticipated. I fear for Billy Bob Thornton's life...poor fella probably had no idea what he was getting himself into. Anyway, Kolleen Carney of Methuen, Mass, was randomly selected to be the proud recipient of a gorgeous Playing By Heart poster! Hope you dig it, Kolleen!

Drew's Supertough Lebowski Contest: EXPIRED. A bunch of people got all of the questions right, and the realization that there's so many Big Lebowski fans out there single-handedly restored my faith in humanity. Many people offered toes, unlimited White Russians, rare Autobahn albums, as well as similar offers to the one that Bunny Lebowski offered the dude and more as bribes, but the grand poobah who won the Lebowski prize pack was Charles Walker (no relation to the other winner with a similar name) of Daly City, California. The Dude would be proud, man.

Predict The MTV Movie Awards...Badly" contest: EXPIRED. Congrats to Lucy Chen of Indianapolis, Indiana who snagged a bunch of great MTV stuff!

Drew's Superhard 90's Trivia Contest EXPIRED. Congrats to Chaz Walker of Clinton, Utah who won this contest that the CIA is now officially using in for its new "Torture and Movie Trivia: How They Can Work Together" program. Not a single person got every answer correct, and there were entries out the wazoo. Chaz managed to get 18 out of the 20 right, which makes him a movie guru in my book. Chaz will be getting a bunch of swell movie stuff to flaunt around town. The answers are now up for those of you who want to see just how miserably you did.

Drew's "Predict The Oscars...Badly" Contest 2000: EXPIRED. Gone, but not forgotten. Surprisingly, there were a bunch of entries that were all correct (or incorrect, depending on how you look at it). Hence, there was a random tiebreak using the oh-so-scientific "names in a hat" drawing, and Widgett, born and raised in Coast City, Iowa, (and must be in a witness protection program for not wanting me to use his/her full name publicly) was deemed winner of the big kahuna. Widge chose the Fight Club prize pack, and will now eternally be the envy of all of his/her friends and neighbors. By the way, Widgett seems to be a contributor to , which seems like a pretty nifty site. A win AND a free plug, could Widgett's life be any better at this moment?

Drew's "Predict The Indies" Contest: EXPIRED. The grand champion of the Indies contest is Micki Sackler of Los Angeles, CA! Surprisingly enough, NOBODY got all the picks right. Yup, nada. So I went the route of the random draw and her lucky ole name got picked. She picked up a great movie poster, and has officially used up all of luck for 1998. If you're curious to see who won the various Independent Spirit awards, check out the winner list right here, courtesy of Reedy B's Guide To Movie Awards. Better luck next year...

Drew's "Predict The Oscars...Badly" Contest: EXPIRED. This one had the most entries of any contest in the history of Drew's, and I had to use Clockwork Orange eyewear to stay awake while going through each individual entry. A bunch of people got them all right on this one, and then I picked randomly from the pool of winning entries, and Mark Fallon of Hoboken, NJ was picked to wear the tiara and blow kisses to the crowd. And he also has a supercool Jackie Brown poster to call his own. A list of all the Oscar winners for last year is available right over here, also courtesy of Reedy B's Guide To Movie Awards.

Drew's "Hookers In Cinema" Contest EXPIRED. You Can Still Play For Fun! Big congrats to Melissa Tokarczyk of Erie, PA who was randomly chosen from the pool of correct entries. She knew more hookers than Heidi Fleiss, and she picked herself up a couple o' fine posters. Check out the answers and see how you fared, whydontcha? Just like the last contest, there were more than one correct answers for some of the questions. I didn't penalize you if you came up with a movie that I wasn't thinking of but was still correct. And even if you didn't get here in time, you can still test your genius. The answers are conveniently hidden until you don't want 'em to be.

Drew's "Shrinks On The Big Screen" Contest EXPIRED. You Can Still Play For Fun! And the winner of Drew's "Shrinks On The Big Screen" Contest is...(drumroll please) Kerry Hagan from Massachusetts. There was a big fattie tie of people who got 'em all right, and she was randomly chosen as the winner. Congrats Kerry, you'll dig your free month of In Hollywood access and the Batman and Robin poster. The answers are now available, why not swing on by and see how you did? Of course, the answers that I have listed are not the only answers, they just happen to be the ones I was thinking of when I made the contest. There's more than one right answer. For example, I was thinking of Whispers In The Dark for Annabella Sciorra. However, if your answer was Underworld, you were still credited as getting it right, for she was indeed a shrink in that flick as well. Get it? And as always, if you missed this contest, you can still see how well you would have done. The answers are hidden until you choose to see them.

Drew's Ultimate Movie Trivia Contest EXPIRED. You Can Still Play For Fun! Congratulations to Mark Atwater of Macomb, Illinois! There were only 3 people who got all 26 questions correct, and he was randomly chosen as the big winner. Since the True Romance script is already free for everybody to download now, he chose the script to Citizen Kane as his prize. Thanks to everybody for such a great response, even you people who sent me hate mail because of the difficulty of the questions. Grin. So now that it's all said and done, feel free to check out the answers to see how you did. If you didn't get to enter, definitely try the quiz anyway. It's more fun than a barrel of monkeys!