Drew's "Predict The Indies" Contest

This contest is now dead, Red.

I'm gonna come right out and say it: The Independent Spirit Awards are superior to the Oscars. The following people have won Independent Spirit Awards but never an Oscar:

Sam Jackson
Lili Taylor
Steve Buscemi
Sean Penn
Alfre Woodard
Harvey Keitel
Martin Scorsese
Morgan Freeman

The following people are Oscar winners and will never win an Independent Spirit Award:

Marisa Tomei
Whoopi Goldberg
Tom Hanks
Liza Minelli
Kevin Costner
Goldie Hawn
F. Murray Abraham

Case closed.

Every Hostess Twinkie *expletive* on the planet has an opinion on who/what's going to win an Academy Award. Only the supercool can tell you what/who is going to snag the ultimate prize, an Independent Spirit Award. The ultra-hip entity that predicts the most Spirit winners will win either:

(a) A Mini "I Shot Andy Warhol" poster (nominated for multiple Spirit Awards last year) or
(b) A Brothers McMullen poster (winner of the First Feature Award in 1996)

In the event of a tie, one winner will be chosen randomly. Only one entry per person will be eligible; multiple entries will not only disqualify you, but will haunt your guilty conscience eternally. The last day to enter is March 19, 1998. Any entry made after March 19, 1998 will result in an e-mail succinctly stating "You snooze, you lose" and the entry be invalid. The winner will be announced April 4, 1998 and with his/her permission, be given public acclaim on the web site. Void where prohibited. But honestly, if you live in a place that won't even allow you to win a stinkin' movie contest, you should probably consider moving...

Use the tab key, not the return key


1. Best Feature Film
The Apostle
Chasing Amy
Ulee's Gold
Waiting For Guffman

2. First Feature Film
The Bible and Gun Club
Eve's Bayou
Hard Eight
In The Company of Men
Star Maps

3. Best Director
Robert Duvall, The Apostle
Larry Fessenden, Habit
Victor Nunez, Ulee's Gold
Paul Schrader, Touch
Wim Wenders, The End of Violence

4. Best Debut Performance
Tyrone Burton, Eddie Cutanda, and Phuong Duong, Squeeze
Aaron Eckhart, In The Company of Men
Lysa Flores, Star Maps
Darling Narita, Bang
Douglas Spain, Star Maps

5. Best Female Lead
Julie Christie, Afterglow
Stacy Edwards, In The Company of Men
Alison Folland, All Over Me
Lisa Harrow, Sunday
Robin Wright Penn, Loved

6. Best Supporting Female
Farrah Fawcett, The Apostle
Amy Madigan, Loved
Debbi Morgan, Eve's Bayou
Miranda Richardson, The Apostle
Patricia Richardson, Ulee's Gold

7. Best Male Lead
Robert Duvall, The Apostle
Peter Fonda, Ulee's Gold
Christopher Guest, Waiting For Guffman
Philip Baker Hall, Hard Eight
John Turturro, Box of Moonlight

8. Best Supporting Male
Efrain Figueroa, Star Maps
Samuel L. Jackson, Hard Eight
Jason Lee, Chasing Amy
Ajay Naidu, Suburbia
Roy Scheider, The Myth of Fingerprints

9. Best Screenplay
Robert Duvall, The Apostle
Kevin Smith, Chasing Amy
Paul Schrader, Touch
Victor Nunez, Ulee's Gold
Christopher Guest & Eugene Levy, Waiting For Guffman

10. Best First Screenplay
Daniel J. Harris, The Bible and Gun Club
Steven S. Schwartz, Critical Care
Paul Thomas Anderson, Hard Eight
Neil LaBute, In The Company of Men
Miguel Arteta, Star Maps

11. Best Cinematographer
Michael Barrow & John Foster, Sunday
Frank DeMarco, Habit
Robert Elswit, Hard Eight
Decian Quinn, Kama Sutra
Alex Vendler, The Bible and Gun Club

12. Best Foreign Film
The Sweet Hereafter
Happy Together
Nenette Et Boni
Mouth to Mouth (Boca A Boca)

Do you prefer Independent films or Studio films?
Studio Films

The bonus question will not affect your score, it's just a question.


Tell me what's on your mind, sport.


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This Contest Is Over, Grover.

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