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Drew's Ultimate Movie Trivia Contest

Okay, here's how it works. The questions use only use character names, and don't reveal what movie they're from. Don't tell me what movie they're from, I just want the answer to each question. The concept is easy enough...the questions, well, they're rough.

The person who gets the most correct answers will win the screenplay to True Romance. In the event of a tie, one winner will be chosen randomly. Only one entry per household will be eligible; multiple entries will not only disqualify you, but will haunt your guilty conscience eternally. The last day to enter is July 31, 1997. Any entry made after July 31, 1997 will receive an e-mail succinctly stating "You snooze, you lose" and the entry be invalid. The winner will be announced August 15, 1997 and with his/her permission, be given public acclaim on the web site. Void where prohibited. But honestly, if you live in a place that won't even allow you to win a stinkin' trivia contest, you should probably consider moving.

Use the tab key, not the return key


 What is the last movie David Kahane ever sees?  
 What is Jimmy's pet name for Louise?  
 What is W.P. Mayhew's vice?  
 What is Palantine's campaign slogan?  
 Who is Jimmy Conway's boss?  
 What is Jack Grimaldi obsessed with feeding?  
 What kind of pet does Dave, Dil's boyfriend, have?  
 Who are Bri and Early's girlfriends?  
 Who is Vito and Pino's dad?
 What does Shelly Levene steal?
 What does Flora deliver to George Baines?
 What does Frank White want to build?
 What is the name of Sailor's son?
 Where does Freddy urge Larry to take him?
 What color shirt does Sera buy Ben?
 How does Mark Renton avoid going to jail?
 Where did Norville Barnes attend college?
 Where is Benny Blanco from?
 Who plays Ray Barboni in the Penny Marshall film?
 What did Auggie Wren steal?
 What is Stormy Weathers' occupation?
 How does Ann Bishop Melaney discover that her husband is cheating on her?
 Who is Edie Finneran's boyfriend?
 Where do Rico and Joe dream of going?
 Who killed Eddie Valiant's brother?
 "What are you putting that tape on your nose for?"

For the bonus question, the answer is one word, and one word only.




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