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So here's the nitty gritty. Click on the film title and the full text of the script comes up. All except for the few ones that are zipped, or Adobe files, or Word files. For those, just use the appropriate program to load 'em up. I check all the links as much as humanly possible, but if for some reason one doesn't work, just e-mail me and I'll see what the scoop is. And of course, if you know the address for some film script I've missed, PLEASE let me know, it makes this place even better. There are two different types of scripts on the page, lemme explain:

(1) The transcript or dialogue script which means some person toiled for hours copying down every word to a movie. The plus part to to a transcript is that you get exactly what is in the film, which is great because there's always things that are added once everybody's on the set and all that jazz. The minus part is that you have a lot of human error. I mean, YOU try to transcribe Marlon Brando mumbling for three hours. Not fun. Another minus, you don't get to see the original vision the writer had, for the studios just love to chop even more than Lorena.

(2) The script and drafts, which is a copy of an actual script at some stage. The plus part to the script and drafts are that you DO get to see the original visions. Drafts are especially fun because it's usually VERY different from the final script. And besides, scripts are always better because you get the full text of the script, with descriptions from the writers hand, not some Cheez Doodle-eating transcriber. Next to the script type, is the file size, which is self-explanatory.

Tony Montana once brilliantly observed in Scarface "You don't have your word...you a cockroach." In the many years since I first put this site up, more than a few cockroaches have scurried out of their walls lately and decided to blatantly STEAL my page. They offer absolutely nothing you can't find here, and a few had the nerve to actually cut and paste my html code and claim it as their own. To think of all the hours I've spent working on this page and finding quality scripts for you, just to have a parasite plagarize my work...let's just say I'm as pleased as when Tom Hanks won his second consecutive Oscar.

Let me state for the record...If you have ANY doubt as to who was here first, I won my first award, Bob (Allison's) Kool Link on December 10. 1995. I defy any of the thieves to prove they were around before that. And let me just remind the vermin out the quote from Nic Cage in Kiss Of Death, whose sentiment is also expressed in the Breakfast Club: "You f*ck with the bull, sometimes you get the horns." Anyway, enough babble...go forth and pillage, my children.