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Welcome to Jennie And Drew's Haikus, the place where ancient Japanese poetry collides head-on with movies. Is the end result a twisted mangled wreck, or a delicate lotus flower? That's for you to decide.

There's now a swell sub-page right here where you, yes you, can display your own movie-themed haikus to the world. It's easy enough, just follow the structure below, which is 5 syllables, then 7, then 5. Feel free to submit your masterpieces to, and we'll alert you when your art is put on display.

Haikus which have an on top contain spoilers, meaning they contain plot points that could conceivably "spoil" a movie for you. Read those at your own risk.

12 monkeys
kid sees tragic scene
don't go to the airport james!
time loops endlessly

american beauty
uptight wife meets king
she did more than pick his brain
now she's quite relaxed

american history x
skinhead preaches hate
gets busted, has change of heart
karma nails his bro

atlantic city
forever scrubbing
susan hates the smell of fish
now she's lemon fresh

bad lieutenant
big bad lieutenant
spiralling towards the abyss
killed by strawberry

barton fink
hit plays can cause woe
fink suffers from writer's block
hellish place to be

the big lebowski
walter digs bowling
want a toe? he'll get you one.
a nice jewish boy

broadcast news
geek and hunk love girl
she loves career more than boys
girl winds up single

buffalo '66
billy bets on bills
wants to kill the kicker bad
falls in love instead

burnt out democrat
rejunivated by rap
scores nappy dugout

dark city
futuristic noir
all are sleepy at midnight
does shell beach exist?

dead again
haunting dreams cause fear
was she another person?
past lives are a bitch

devil's advocate
lomax has talent
one hell of a famous dad
lawyers are devils

erin brockovich
push-up bras abound
grating mom with sass to spare
nails pg&e

chess playing pusher
he's just a kid and wants out
sets the perfect trap

the graduate
choose daughter or mom?
seductive moms are tempting
ben's big dilemma

harper feels useless
connie encourages her
she grows, and he dies

last night
at twelve the world ends
what to do on the last night?
nothing interesting

mean streets
charlie thinks future
johnny boy lives for today
a lost cause, for sure

pompous blowhard nick
spins lies then justifies them
just like New York mag

minus man
homicidal vann
gets job as postal worker
like he had a choice

pulp fiction
bad assed hitman has
mid-muffin epiphony
tries to be shepherd

god complex supreme
herbert west can wake the dead
even smushed kitties

reservoir dogs
mr. pink don't tip
he is a professional
fun to kick around

reservoir dogs
brown's a sucky name
too reminiscent of poop
the mean kids won't trade

reservoir dogs
toothpick vic is nuts
cutting off ears ain't too nice
eddie won't see it

reservoir dogs
white protects orange
puts his own life on the line
a fatal mistake

run lola run
lola runs and runs
not in time, but don't worry
she has do-overs

runaway train
train train runaway
big mean con is led astray
surfs freedom express

kicking heroin
sucks when your friends are still high
staying clean's a bitch

twin falls idaho
two halves of one whole
one must die so one can live
francis hears the train