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Drew's Supertough Lebowski Contest

Dance with Jesus, Jesus don't change. Jesus changes you.

Do well, you're in the running to win the big kahuna.

Not a Big Lebowski fan? You're entering a world of pain.
A world of pain.

There will be One (1) Grand Prize winner, who will pick up a color 8x10 photo from The Big Lebowski, a Big Lebowski postcard, a Being John Malkovich postcard, and a Fight Club promo card. I just figure if you've got enough taste to dig the Big Lebowski, there's a decent chance you're a fan of those other flicks.

In addition, there will be Five (5) randomly selected booby prize winners out of all the entries, no matter how miserably one does. Those people will receive a ball of lint fresh from my navel. Hey, you it's a runner-up prize, whatdja expect? Okay, fine, the booby prize winners will receive the cinematic equivalent of navel lint: an Adam Sandler sticker.

In the event of a tie, one winner will be chosen randomly. Only one entry per person will be eligible; multiple entries will not only disqualify you, but will haunt your guilty conscience eternally. The last day to enter is June 15, 2000. Any entry made after June 15, 2000 will result in an e-mail succinctly stating "You snooze, you lose" and the entry be invalid. The winner will be announced June 25, 2000 and with his/her permission, be given public acclaim on the web site. Void where prohibited. But honestly, if you live in a place that won't even allow you to win a stinkin' movie contest, you should probably consider moving.

Everyone's name and e-mail address will be discarded in a sterile environment once the winner is announced. At no time will they be given to anyone, even those annoying Girl Scouts, who offered to pony up Australia if they could hound my visitors with Thin Mint offers. Not ruling Australia will be tough, but hey, to paraphrase my man Johnny Caspar, you gotta have ethics.

Ten questions, ten answers. I've been generous enough to provide the questions. The rest is up to you.

1. Who kidnapped Bunny Lebowski?

2. In one word, what do nihilists believe in?

3. Name one of the lawyers that The Dude asks for in the police chief's office.

4. What was the name of the porn film in Dude's dream sequence?

5. What kind of car did The Dude drive?

6. What was Bunny Lebowski's porn name?

7. What band does The Dude object to in the cab, causing him to get thrown out?

8. What is The Dude's drink of choice?

9. Maude Lebowski's art has been commended as being strongly ________?

10. Jesus was allegedly a old was the child?

Tell me what's on your mind, sport.

Umm...I can't notify you without an e-mail address...

Hi. I'm Drew. What's your name?