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The Power of Waytergoth (Word Doc)
By Joel Hall(jhall@hope.journ.wwu.edu)
Disenchanted middle school teacher, Will Haley, goes to work for a video game company that produces sexy and violent games for adolescents. After a madcap fling with sex and recognition, his game character, Waytergoth, convinces Will that he must make a choice between love and money

Awakening(Word Doc)
By Christophe Thiry(jedi5@wanadoo.fr)
It's about a group of poeple who live underground and try to override a project launched by government aiming at controlling people via an electronic chip placed in their brain.

Mapped Out (Word Doc)
By Jack Hartrich(Jackhrtrch@aol.com)
This is a coming of age story about a groupd of 6 friends that go on a cross country road trip after their senior year in high school. They learn a lot about love, friendship and life. This is based on my own experiences and those of close friends. I hope you can learn from and enjoy my life writen for the big screen.

By Glen Grefe(grefemogul@evestamail.com)
When Dr. Carlton Fairfax II, a brilliant but repressed psychologist with a god-complex, reluctantly takes a challenge to cure a mysterious patient, he is manipulated into cracking his own childhood demons through dangerous genetic technology to the point where he becomes the patient and his patient the doctor-a doctor with longstanding vengeance on his agenda.

"And The Pain Comes" (Word Doc)
By Anonymous(Intrntscks@aol.com)
A rookie cop and three of his adrenaline addicted buddies delve deeper and deeper into a life of crime.

"Dulcie's Dock" (Short Film)
By Brianna Melendez(miss_windjammer@hotmail.com)
Dulcie Clark and Hadley Witter have been best friends since they were children. As they pass through their teenage years, things change between them. Dulcie turns into a person she never dreamed of becoming, and in the end realises the person she loves the most has been infront of her, her entire life.

"Outstanding In The Field" (Word Doc)
By Andrew Garrett(anim8@worldshare.net)
Sarah, a black-footed ferret, gives whole new meaning to the term "endangered species"--as if human scientists and a bobcat bent on revenge weren't enough, even her own mind seems to have turned against her. It's up to the valiant weasel, James, to storm the lab and rescue her--but even his own brother stands in the way.
Inspired by the nasty, cheap scary and darkly comic horror films of the 70's comes the 'House Next Door'...'Next time you have a party, make sure you invite the neighbours..

"Prank Call" (Word Doc)
By Davin Nation(capsaicin@earthlink.netcom)
When Daniel and Gary prank call a serial killer, they must fight for their lives or lose them.
By Jeremy Orr(jarar1@hotmail.com)
When a terminally ill assasin accidentally unleases Armageddon, he finds that he is the only one that can stop it. But does he want to? Based on the Wildstorm/Image comic.

"Batman Vs. Predator: Demons Never Die"
By Otto Holm And Chris Holm(christer.holm@shh.fi)

"Batman Fearless"
By Stephen Cooke (redbadge@hotmail.com)
A master of fear called the Scarecrow teams with a vengeance-hungry Riddler to bring Batman & Robin to their knees. The result is Gotham City left shaking in its foundation. Will the Dynamic Duo have the courage to answer the Bat-signal?

"Days Between Weekends"
By Joe Snyder (snyderjoe@hotmail.com)
High school was the best of times if you were in the right click. Joey and Bobby were in that click, and not only were those the times of their lives but it was also the biggest trials they ever went through.

"Blue Streak" (Drama)
By Kenneth R. Ramsley (ramsley@gis.net)
Surge Ericsen doesn't know what lies buried in his own past until he meets Denise "Diz" Sinclair..

"Adrian and the Vampires" (Comedy/Horror)(5 Sections)
By Ron Ecker (hobrad@hobrad.com)
It's Hitler the vampire, with Eva Peron in his clutches, against Hi Hickenlooper, Eva's pre-Juan beau who still loves her to death. Based on the novel by William Pridgen (aka Ron Ecker).

"The System" (Melodrama)
By Mark Ingle (M1D2I@aol.com)
Mike Peterson becomes Rebecca Schaecher in order to destroy an illicit selling scheme by a corrupt Fortune 500 corporation. But as Rebecca, Mike falls in love with an attractive employee named Katy Simpson. But Katy does not know the female employee she looks up to, Rebecca, is actually a man.

"Today I am..." (Drama/Short Film)
By Michael Chaskes (chaskes@loop.com)
Beth thinks her bat mitzvah will be nothing more than a big party. But when a family emergency forces her to make sacrifices, Beth receives a valuable lesson in what it means to become an adult.

"Life In The Seismic Zone" (Comedy/Short Film)
By Michael Chaskes (chaskes@loop.com)
The only thing more unstable than Sherry's love life is the ground underneath her feet...

"Halloween 98" (In 5 Parts) (Horror)
By Justin Morris (jwmorris@cswnet.com)
It's October 31, 1998 and HE is coming home...again! Michael Myers has escaped from Litchfield Sanitarium and he is headed back to Haddonfield for the last surviving member of his family - three-year old Steven Lloyd. Only Steven's adoptive parents, Tommy and Kristen Doyle, aren't giving him up without a fight! This Halloween, save some candy for Michael!

"Urban Survival" (Action/Drama)
By Alfhonso Gallmon (AGALLMON@fcc.gov)
In this action-packed drama, Jason's Lyric meets Menace II Society. Ray is a part-time student, part-time worker and drug dealer. His girlfriend Bridgette wants him to quit the drug dealing while he's still ahead. Violence soon erupts in the 'hood many times where several people have gotten hurt or killed in the chaos.

Ramses II" (Action/Thriller)
By Rob Perry (robertperea@worldnet.att.net)
An Egyptologist finds the burial vault of one of Ramses II sons. During the dig Ramses turns up missing and the FBI is called in. The FBI conducts an intense search throughout the western United States in an attempt to recover a treasure.

"The Genesis Spore" (Supernatural/Thriller)
By Rob Perry (robertperea@worldnet.att.net)
The IRA has plans to release a deadly virus to members of Parliament, in an attempt to end the British rule of Ireland. Scientist's accidentally find a biblical spore in an ancient African cave that can revive the dead.

"The Messiah" (Horror/Thriller)
By Rob Perry (robertperea@worldnet.att.net)
A young man is found on a dry lake in the middle of a restricted Air Force Base. He claims to be the Messiah and has powers to prove it. He's sent to a remote psychiatric hospital for observation. Then the Apocalypse begins. .

"The Jupiter Effect" (Sci-Fi/Thriller)
By Rob Perry (robertperea@worldnet.att.net)
A United Space Alliance team discovers an Alien life form in a life support Chamber on one of Jupiters moon's. An attempt is made to remove it and ship it to Earth, when the discovery team finds more aliens in life support chambers.

"The Visitor" (Sci-Fi/Thriller)
By Rob Perry (robertperea@worldnet.att.net)
The ex-director of Voice of America murders his boss in an adventure thriller. They find a young lady with special powers living on a very remote Island off the coast of Vancouver Island BC.

"The Missing Link" (Action/Thriller)
By Rob Perry (robertperea@worldnet.att.net)
A famous explorer finds the remains of an alien life form and a cavewoman in the Austrian Alps. Special Investigators are called in from the FBI to authenticate the find that is turning into a world wide situation.

"Pavlov's Dogs"
By Drew McWeeny & Scott Swan (noname@pacificnet.net)
Five men are brought together by a government agency with a shadowy agenda, only to learn that they are all psychics, and that their powers are being studied with the ultimate goal of turning them into weapons. They must set aside their personal differences and band together to escape, only to find themselves on the run, trying to find a place they can go to ground and make a stand.

"Adrian And The Vampires" (Comedy/Horror)(4 Sections)
By Ron Ecker (hobrad@gainv.mindspring.com)
Ten-year-old Adrian Jarrett sets out to prove vampires exist. And the vampires are delighted to help him.

"Dead Man's Hand" (Comedy/Western)(4 Sections)
By Ron Ecker (hobrad@gainv.mindspring.com)
Calamity Jane knows something's out of order when Wild Bill starts calling himself Roger Shadwell and can't hit the side of a barn.

"The Twenty-One Gun Salute" (Historical Drama)(4 Sections)
By Ron Ecker (hobrad@gainv.mindspring.com)
U.S. President Woodrow Wilson demonstrates how not to deal with a ruthless foreign dictator. Nowadays, of course, we know how to do it.

"Zworykin's Nightmare"
By Sid Holmes (sidneyh@pobox.upenn.edu)
Two burglars striving to go straight in the security business, instead, plot to extort six million dollars from the NYC police department after they fall upon a laser capable of killing people through a television.

By Nived (ravi@av.qnet.com)
Jack has a problem, his mind. Maybe he should have stayed in the mental hospital.He can't tell the difference between reality and fantasy and it is really ruining his Christmas Eve. One problem: we see the world as he sees it. Get ready for the roller coaster that is Jack's mind.

"Evil Dead 4: Book Of The Dead" (Horror/Comedy)
By Matthew Kadish (RonK5848@aol.com)
Ash is back, and this time it's up to him to save the future of mankind from the all-consuming evil that encompasses the earth (hey, it's a horror story, right?). It's Evil Dead the way it should be, with lotsa Blood, Power Tools, and One Liners!

"Even Cupid Pays Cash" (Produced Short Film) (Comedy)
By Michael Chaskes (chaskes@loop.com)
Does the solution to Rick's romantic woes lie in his millionnaire father's bank account? Love and money go to head-to-head in this modern re-telling of a classic O. Henry tale.

"Spit And Polish" (Drama/Viet Nam)
by Richard Seltzer(seltzer@samizdat.com)
At basic training at Fort Polk, Louisiana, in the summer of 1970, the trainees are reservists, national guardsmen, and four black draftees who have been "recycled." The draftees want nothing to do with the war. They have been through basic before and deliberately failed in order to postpone being shipped to Viet Nam. For the others, basic is a brief, but painful interruption in their normal lives. So long as there is no major foul-up, they'll return to their school or job in a few weeks. But the disappearance of one of the blacks threatens them all.

"The Bava Brothers"
By Brian D. Chaffin (BCHAFFIN@concentric.net)
"The Bava Brothers" is a violent modern-day Mob story about the war between a group of cops and the Bava crime family. The heads of the family, Mario and Franky Bava, have the captain of the cops killed, setting the rest of the cops off on a blood thirsty rampage.

"THE STORM" (Action/Drama)
By Brennan Haley (b.haley@sk.sympatico.ca)
An elite group of firefighters face a Pandora's box of disasters when a major American chemical factory erupts into flames and threatens to destroy all of Atlanta, Georgia.

"Forever After" (Drama)
By Brennan Haley (haleyb@cadvision.com)
A woman's dead husband returns in her dreams for a terrible request: commit suicide so that they can be together in the hereafter.

"Where's Bruno?" (Comedy)
By Shane Perez (MainShane@aol.com)
When a Southern millionaire has his male member Bruno severed and held for ransom, dimwit PI Jake Lancer is put on the case. With only a twenty-four window of opportunity, Lancer must move fast, battling every militant feminist and nut job in a three county area.

"Family Values" (In 5 Sections)
By A.A. Roberts (aaroberts@genspace.com)
The Weirdings are taking their dream vacation together on safari in Africa. Unfortunately they didn't plan on being waylaid by poachers, kidnapped by mercenaries and thrust into the middle of clan wars in Somalia.

"Immortal Fool" (In 4 Sections)
By A.A. Roberts (aaroberts@genspace.com)
Corwin is awakened from his ninety year sleep by a psychic scream. He is greeted by a world of wondrous invention, music, art and. violent society. With the help of his famulus and teacher he resumes his role as lover, musician and predator. However, there is another who stalks in the night and he seeks Corwin.

"Equal Justice" (128K)
By Tim Holtby (writer1@concentric.net)

"Temporary Insanity" (205K)
By Alan Swanson and Doug Stahn (aswanson@isd.net)

"The Ninth Wave" (Short Film) (26K)
By Dennis Bergstr“m (the.crew@mbox300.swipnet.se)

"Walter Did It" (135K)
By Drew McWeeny & Scott Swan (noname@pacificnet.net)

"The Open Road" (Action/Crime) (Action/Crime)
By Chris Losnegard ( chrislosnegard@worldnet.att.net)

"Computer Virus" (145K)
By Bob Curry (BCurry@worldnet.att.net)

"How Dick Dies" (102K)
By Gary Welz (gwelz@holonet.net)

"Coup D'Etat" (128K)
By Joe Habraken (joehabra@emcp.emcp.com)
Bio and Synopsis

"Where There's Smoke" (167K)
By Lou Oates (louoates@ix.netcom.com)
Bio and Synopsis

Speed Racer (187K)
by Kevin White (mailto:qwerty3@idt.net)