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DREW'S SUPERHARD 90'S TRIVIA CONTEST ANSWERS: Let me start by saying this was a REALLY hard contest using some relatively small movies from the 1990's. This contest should not have been entered if you had a bad heart, weak bladder, or think thought that Random Hearts was an underrated film. Nobody got everything correct. NOBODY. The quotes were impossible enough, but then with the questions, I didn't even bother telling you what movies they're from. The true movie elite don't need no stinkin' movie titles to help 'em out, am I wrong? Once again, I can't stress this enough, these were all movies from the '90's. People using answers like "Terms Of Endearment" were reported to the Time Warp Police and snatched away in order to take a remedial calendar course The contest is now dead as disco, Chaz Walker picked up the swell prizes, and the answers are below for those of you who are curious.

"We all use baggies, that's why we can relate to this crime"
"Oh, like House Of Pain was really going to do anything?"
"I have no legs. I have no legs. I have no legs."
"He wasn't even a Democrat. He was a foot-fetishist...that's the only group I ever remember him belonging to..."
"I WANT that black Bobbi head!"
"I've been to a Bar Mitzvah, that doesn't make me Jewish."
"Are you a virgin, Claire?"
"...Falafel with hot sauce, a side order of babaganoush, and a selter."
"I can't drive this. This is a shifter car."
"We must never forget that we are human, and as humans we dream, and when we dream we dream of money."
How does Big Jeans die?
What bad habit is endangering Ruth's unborn baby?
What is Clementine's nickname for Sydney?
Why does Angie's father disapprove of her relationship with Flipper?
What is the name of Max Cherry's muscle fella?
What was Alyssa Jones' nickname in highschool?
How does Howard W. Campbell meet George Kraft?
What is LV's real name?
What book inspired Derek Vinyard's dad to go on a racist diatribe?
What actor is Diello, Charles and Deborah's son, modeled after?