Ninja Assassin Script / Screenplay

The wait to read the Ninja Assassin script is finally over. Didn't know there was a wait to read the screenplay? Well, that's what I'm here for.

J. Michael Straczynski supposedly was given an older draft and took only 53 hours to give it a complete overhaul. Not just a polish, but the whole shebang. Allegedly, anyhow.

Anyway, why are you still reading this when you could be reading the Ninja Assassin script? It's right here.

10:43 PM

S. Darko Script / Screenplay

The S. Darko script has made its way online. While the screenplay obviously is a completely different animal than Richard Kelly's original DD creation, does that mean that it should be shunned outright before even checking out a single page?

I've gotten some flack for even acknowledging the existence of the movie, but I'm simply the messenger -- don't kill me. For those who are curious, check out the S. Darko script here.

1:34 PM

Read The Roman Holiday Script for the answer!

If you were to check out the script to Audrey Hepburn's Roman Holiday, you'll find the answer to yesterday's trivia question. Boy, that Audrey Hepburn is no Julia Ormond, I tell ya. And that, my friends, is a good thing. Dumb Roman Holiday tidbit: Did you know that I won $50 in a bet with a co-worker that swore that Eddie Albert wrote Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf? I mean, he swore up and down. This was pre-internet. We swung by Barnes and Nobles, and lo and behold...I produced the play and had been written by Edward Albee. His response? "I thought that was his nickname!"

Read the Roman Holiday Script.

10:06 AM

Walking And Talking Script Is Online!

The Walking And Talking script is one of those movie scripts I like to read on a lazy Sunday afternoon. The dialogue transcript is brilliant and natural; it's easy to believe that Catherine Keener and Anne Heche had been walking and talking as friends since childhood in this movie. And who can forget Kevin Corrigan's turn as the "ugly guy"? Or Todd Field's oh-so-romantic mole ring? Or the sad plight of Big Jeans, one of the cooler names for a cat. Enjoy, this one's a keeper!

Read the Walking And Talking script.

11:35 AM

Mean Girls Script - Lindsay Lohan

Drew, gimme the Mean Girls script or at least the Mean Girls transcript, is what I always hear when I get in a cab. Well, the wait to read Mean Girls is over. Hey, did you know Rachel McAdams is 28 now? Maybe she's mean because she's still trapped reading high school scripts. I kid, I kid, she's gonna be a big star, you just wait and see. And that Lindsay Lohan, she'll be around for a loooong while. I've read transcripts of a few interviews with her; don't believe for a second she's gonna turn out like Tara Reid

Enjoy reading every word of dialogue of the Mean Girls script.

11:25 AM

Sandman Script - Screenplay Neil Gaiman

The Sandman script. There's three, count 'em, three different Sandman screenplays online, and movie. How sad is that? Check 'em out:

Sandman Script #1. I don't know much about this one, but it looks like it was done by Neil Gailman himself. Was it turned into a movie? Nope.

Sandman Script #2. This one was written by Ted Elliot and Terry Rossio. the fellas who did Shrek. On the big screen? Of course not.

Sandman Script #3. This time it was Roger Avary tackling a rewrite of screenplay #2. Labor of love, gave it to Warner Brothers...they passed.

This movie has gotta happen sometime, there's just too many fans out there for them not to give it a go. At least you can pass the time by reading that trinity above, while simultaneously wiping away your tears.

4:13 PM

Superman Lives Script - Kevin Smith

The Superman Lives script by Kevin Smith has a very special place in my heart. It was one of the first really big "gets" for my site way back when Tim Burton was supposed to direct and Nic Cage was going to star. Then the project went belly-up, and now we'll never get to see what would have happened with this Kevin Smith screenplay. So then I was left with the woulda coulda shoulda script. Sigh. If this new Superman sucks, you know people will be screaming "They shoulda made Kev's movie, the bastards!"

So check out the Superman Lives Script!

3:51 PM

Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou Script - Screenplay

Wes Anderson's Life Aquatic is something thing to drool over. And I do. A lot. Wes Anderson has made four straight movies that were damned fine, and who else can you say that about these days? And what's more of a match made in heaven than Henry Selick teaming with the man, I ask you? Can't wait to see what they do with the Fantastic Mr. Fox. But for now...

Read The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou.

3:31 PM

Closer Script - Screenplay Natalie Portman

The Closer script is one of those screenplays that makes people cheer for incredibly writing for grownups, or get out the chainsaw and want to start chopping Patrick Marber into pieces. I'm sure Neil Labute and David Mamet can offer him some advice on how to deal with such things. Clive Owen and Natalie Portman better get nominated for Oscars, that's all I gotta say. And Marber for Best Adapted Screenplay, of course. He made it possible for me to watch a Julia Roberts movie that I didn't hate, so if that doesn't merit an award, I don't know what does.

So get four of your best friends together and have a blast reading Closer.

2:44 PM

Boondock Saints Script - Screenplay

The Boondock Saints script is the holy grail of cult screenplays, so it seems. Everbody from a diddle-eyed Joe to damned if I know asks for this baby made from the heart and soul of Troy Duffy. Did you know they're making a sequel called Boondock II: All Saints Day? If Dafoe's not in it, count me out. Anyway, less blab and just gimme the goods, right?

Enjoy reading every word of dialogue in the The Boondock Saints script.

2:18 PM

Garden State Script - Screenplay

Is there a better movie read this year than Zach Braff's Garden State script? Well, besides Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind maybe? I think not. The Garden State screenplay is even more impressive when you remember that this is his first time out. And from the Scrubs guy! Who knew? Speaking of, did you know that the original title of the movie was Large's Ark? I kinda like it. Anyhoo, I expect you to fully memorize every word of dialogue from the movie and get back to me with your top 5 Garden State quotes. Enjoy!

You may now read every word of dialogue in the Garden State Script.

6:09 AM

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