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Jan 2022: Awards Scripts!

See "What's New?" for details..

"Updated about once a week, this much-lauded site serves up abundant information with satisfying efficiency, and Drew's chatty, informal prose makes him seem like an old buddy."- Entertainment Weekly


It was eons before I discovered that "lauded" was a good thing.

Anyway, I'm more like that slack-assed buddy who doesn't return your phone calls and has owed you fifty bucks for the last 25 years when it comes to updating the site at times. And by "at times", I mean for the history of the site. For that I feel shame. Shame, I feel. But hey, it's actually 2022 now, and I'm a changed man. Besides, don't I get some slack since I've had this site up since 1995? Val Kilmer used to be Batman back then! And Mr. Showbiz left you high and dry, but your friend Drew, he sticks with you while simultaneously referring to himself in the third person!

My Errol Morris Tribute