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There's been an onslaught of movie script donations of the dialogue variety, and this is the temporary housing for them until they're sorted. What are you even doing in this section yet, anyway? Go back to the main page, you snoopy jerkbot!

Movie Script Title (Click To Read) Name
Appaloosa Script Ed Harris, Viggo
Perfect Stranger Script Halle And Bruce
Sicko Script Michael Moore
American Gangster Script Original Gangster
American Teen Script Don't Be Cruel
Forgetting Sarah Marshall Script Don't Cry Out Loud
I Love You Man Script Always With The Bass
Religulous Script Bill On A Mission
Pineapple Express Script James Franco, Wow!
Notorious Script Biggie Smalls, Illest
Wild West Comedy Show Script Vince Vaughn Thing
In The Loop Script Rat A Rat Dialogue
Watchmen Script No Sequel, Oh Well
Freedom Writers Script Let Writers Ring
Zombieland ScriptHarrelson
Zack And Miri Make A Porno ScriptKevin Smith
Food Inc Script Documentary
Fireproof Script Christian
Fired Up Script Cheerleading
Fame Script Remake
Extract Script Mike Judge
Enchanted Script Amy Adams
District 9 Script Sharto Copley
Definitely Maybe Script Ryan Reynolds
Couples Retreat Script Vince Vaughn
Coraline Script Henry Selick
College Script Raunchy Comedy
Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs Script Beloved Book
The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian Script C.S. Lewis
Choke Script Sam Rockwell
Cheetah Girls: One World Script Disney Movie
Charlie Barlett Script Anton Yelchin
Camp Rock Script Summer Camp
Cadet Kelly Script Light Fluff
Bruno Script Baron Cohen
Bright Star Script Abbie Cornish
Bridge To Terabithia Script The Robb Girl
Brideshead Revisited Script Ben Whishaw
Bolt Script Hero Dog
Blades Of Glory Script Skating Fools
Black Dynamite Script Michael Jai White