Boo got his due, woo-hoo!

I just saw on the news that Robert Duvall got a star on the Walk Of Fame yesterday. Gee, he's only 72, I guess they're only a couple of decades late in bestowing him the honor that has already been given to such heavyweights as Charlie Sheen and David Hasslehoff. I shall celebrate his glory tonight by re-watching his underrated performance in Falling Down, as should you. But if you want to watch Apoc Now or The Godfather or Tender Mercies instead, that's perfectly acceptable as well. Just not The Scarlet Letter or The Paper. That's just going too far.

posted by drew on 9/20/2003

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Obviously, I'm not trying to re-invent the movie blog wheel here. I'm just never lacking in opinions about movies, pop culture, news, and other assorted hoohah. And my mailman has put a restraining order on me, so here's my place to vent.

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