The most romantic video ever!

I've got a new favorite video o' the moment! It's Blur's Good Song, from Shynola, the guy(s?) who did Junior Senior's Move Your Feet video. Check it out (Real/Windows Media), maybe you'll dig it, too.

It's about the pitfalls of a squirrel (they seem to have a minor squirrel fetish) and a fairy falling in love. Great song, and of course, lots of fodder for the eyes. They've got such a childlike and perverse point of view, which is right up my alley. Some people may say it's immature to like this video but those people, according to a reliable source, smell.

posted by drew on 11/28/2003

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Sadly, I took her to the prom.

Is there a weirder looking person than Fi-Fi? I didn't even know of her existence until I watched the Chris Cunningham DVD today. This kooky alien gal who sounds like Kelly MacDonald and looks like Bjork's little sister was in a Playstation commercial back in 2000. Since I've seen it, I haven't been able to sleep. I'm haunted by how far apart her eyes are!

Gotta give Cunningham credit where credit is due. Had to look it up to find out that she's a real person, but with digital f/x. This is what I do with my spare time, confirm the identities of people are possibly CGI. You really can't tell. He said they were going for "Kate Moss, Betty Boop, Bjork and a Victorian fairy". Mission accomplished. Check out what the real actress looks like. Would never know in a million years it was the same person.

So, why since I know that she's fake, does she torment me every time I close my eyes? Get outta my brain, Fi-Fi! You freak woman!

posted by drew on 11/24/2003

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Would you like some mashed potato beer with that?

In a sign that the apocalypse is surely a comin', Jones Soda has come out with Turkey & Gravy Soda. The scarier thing is...I'm dying to try it. How can I possibly resist the allure of a Thanksgiving dinner in beverage form? It's an experience I'd be able to tell my future grandchildren about. I would make a t-shirt for them that says "My Grandpa survived Turkey & Gravy Soda and all I got was this lousy t-shirt".

Look at me, already making t-shirts about a drink I can't even find anywhere. Oh cruel world, first I can't find Snapple's Apple Piedrink and now this. The beverage gods must hate me.

Hey, that reminds me of my first oddball soda I've ever had. It's called Dr. Brown's Cel-Ray. Do you know why it's called Cel-Ray? It's celery flavored. Yup, green can and everything. And it lived up to its promise, it tasted sort of like celery. Which, for a carbonated beverage, is FREAKIN' HORRIBLE. I don't think my taste buds have ever recovered from the green demon known as Cel-Ray.

And yet, I still crave Turkey and Gravy Soda. Can you spell masochist, boys and girls?

posted by drew on 11/21/2003

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Do you kiss your mother with those lips?

I'm surprised to say this. And Jennie totally thinks I'm nuts. But I actually dig Vincent Gallo's The Brown Bunny Trailer. I know, I know, everybody from Cannes says it sucks (har, har) and that the movie is unwatchable. And Gallo is an uber-schmuck in real life. Still, Gallo's got an arty eye to him and always uses fantastic music and the stupid thing just worked for me, split screen and all.

Speaking of, Gallo made one of my top 5 trailers of all time with his Buffalo '66 trailer (check it out here.) It's sheer beauty, there's not a word of dialogue. Just still frame pictures along to a groovin' Yes song. I beg off thee, watch it.

posted by drew on 11/18/2003

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The Guardian Top 40 Directors misses a BIGGIE.

Anytime you make a list like The Guardian's Top 40 Best Directors (living), people are gonna bitch. It's the nature o' the beast. So, even though I was pleased with the top 3 containing the Coens, Scorsese, and Lynch, and the inclusion of faves like Jonze and the Andersons, something seemed amiss.

Sure, there were people I questioned being on the list at all (Noe? David O. Russell?) and people who I could make the argument that it was heresy that they were omitted (Aronofsky? De Palma?), but this was different. It gnawed at me that there was somebody missing. Somebody HUGE. Then it hit me.

No Steven Spielberg.

Not to get all Dawson Leery here, but that's just idiotic. Has he made some turkeys? You bet your ass he has. But he's also directed a lot of movies that are going to hold up through the decades. Raiders. E.T. Jaws. Close Encounters. Schindler's. Ryan. And then there's tons of other movies that a lot of people love. Look at his filmography! Even post 2000, he's arguably made two of the best science fiction movies of the new millenium, AI and Minority Report. Talk about the Rodney Dangerfield of filmmakers.

And don't get me wrong, I'm not saying he should be #1 by a long shot. But he's gotta be in there somewhere. I've never heard anybody say "Hey, that Spielberg's okay, but he's no Todd Haynes (#16)." And I pray I never will.

posted by drew on 11/15/2003

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Good news, everyone!

All glory to the hypnotoad!

If they put this on DVD, I'd watch it 24-7. 24-7. 24-7...

posted by drew on 11/14/2003

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I'm a sucker for a fun quiz. Or crack.

If you've got Excel and you're a pop culture nut like myself, you'll probably dig this quiz. Basically, there's a ton of little icons of celebrities, and you have to figure out who they are. Which is pretty tough when they look like Atari characters.

In fact, with multiple guesses I still only got about half right. The ones in this picture I did actually know were Christina Aguilera (come on, who else would be wearing that?) and Eddie Scissorhands. But there's oodles that I've got no freakin' clue. If anybody wants to e-mail me the answers, you'll be my hero for life. The darn thing will tell you if you're right or wrong, but if won't actually give you the answer.

Bastards. But fun.

posted by drew on 11/10/2003

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D'oh! They made REAL tomacco!

Every true blue fan of the Simpsons probably knows of the episode where Homer puts plutonium in his field and accidentally creates tomacco. Tomacco, the wonder crop that's a cross between a tomato and tobacco, and is both as Bart says "refreshingly addictive" and as Ralphie puts it "tastes like grandma". Who could resist such an item?

So this scientist who was also a Simpsons fan (a closet Professor Frink, I'll bet) made tomacco! I wonder if he first attempted to make hamburger earmuffs? The sad news is, it's probably "poisonous because it likely contains a lethal amount of nicotine." Guess there's no salad con Tomacco for Drew in the near future.

Although, from now on, I'm going to be extra cautious that my ketchup tastes in no way like grandma.

posted by drew on 11/08/2003

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The Reagans go the way of Baby Bob.

It would have been fun to have an office to pool to see exactly what time and date that CBS was going to wuss out and officially ice "The Reagans." I could've picked up a couple of bucks. So in case you didn't hear, it is official, poor Ron and Nancy have been banished to the land of Family Business and The Chris Isaak Show, otherwise known as Showtime.

I think it sucks.

I could go on a five page rant on exactly why it sucks, but I can whittle it down to this: It's a network tv movie! When you think of TV movie, do you think of quality and substance and prestige? Because I sure don't. I think of "ripped from the headlines" sludge or overly sentimental family values dreck. These movies typically star such headliners as Melissa Gilbert, Markie Post, or Kellie Martin. Impressive, no?

And besides the fact that network tv movies generally reek, this is simply a movie, and movies have no obligation to be 100% factually accurate. When it comes to real-life people and events, liberties are almost always taken. It's a given. Did A Beautiful Mind not deserve to win the Oscar because it changed some key things about John Nash's life? Nah. It didn't deserve to win because Ron Howard's schmaltzy direction! Sorry, couldn't resist.

Anyway, I don't go looking for factual accuracy in art (movies apply as art in my book), and I don't think anybody else should either. Because it ain't always accurate. All that I ask from my is art to entertain and/or provoke me in some way. Oh, and I also ask that my art doesn't star any former cast members of 90210.

posted by drew on 11/05/2003

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