Syriana Script Is Online

And to be honest, it's still lacking a certain "uppity" quality that the original screenplay had (See page 93 and compare to the original.) But, if you check out page 118, Jeffrey Wright turns the word around oh-so-beautifully. So the previous edit appears to be not because of overt wussiness, which is a pleasant surprise these days. N-word in real life=bad. N-word in R-rated movies with flawed characters=perfectly fine in my book. Crash is a perfect example.

And hey, I give full props to Warner Brothers for chucking the whole screenplay online in the first place. To all the other studios out there, I advise you in the immortal words of Alec Baldwin in Glengarry:

"Go and do likewise, gents."

With the good stuff, naturally. You can keep the Yours, Mine And Ours screenplay to yourselves, Paramount.

Check out the full Syriana Script in PDF form right here.

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posted by drew on 12/30/2005

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I dunno, but I haver my suspicions...

Since when has Paul Walker been working for AP?

posted by drew on 12/23/2005

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Odd news from Calvin Klein.

As always, click the pic to embiggen.

More about Fox and BTTF4 here.

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posted by drew on 12/21/2005

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Now my chi is eternally blocked.

Check out Jennifer Garner's Catch And Release trailer (Windows Media or Quicktime) and pray for Kevin Smith's soul. Hard.

posted by drew on 12/19/2005

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Hostel comic. Presented by Drew.

Naturally, click the pic to embiggen. And you might wanna check out the Hostel trailer if you need some context.

Hey, I'm kind of like Harvey Pekar except without, you know, any talent whatsoever.

Plus he's better looking.

Made with

posted by drew on 12/17/2005

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And for Nicole, it was triggered by My Own Private Idaho.

Tom also uses this technique on anyone who badmouths Battlefield Earth.
"Are you implying that there's something AMUSING about my desire to see Brokeback Mountain tonight?"

posted by drew on 12/16/2005

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Meet the new Poseidon, same as the old Poseidon.

Help!  I'm gonna get squished by Lolita's mom!So, just finished watching the new Poseidon trailer (Quicktime), and to tell you the didn't do anything for me. Seems pretty much like the 70's one: big boat, "big" stars, big wave, yadda yadda. Talk about a movie that really didn't need to get made again; seems like it was just last week that Steve Guttenberg and C. Thomas Howell were on a ship doing the same herky jerky on the small screen.

What's the process of getting the rights to this flick, anyway? Buy one dozen donuts, get a free crueller and the rights to "pimp my Poseidon?" Between the original flick, Titanic, and Perfect Storm (also by Wolfgang, the lazy bastard), it's safe to say the nautical "star"-studded disaster movie should have officially been given a burial at sea years ago. Or, to be oh-so-cute, perhaps whoever conceived of this remake should had taken a "morning after" pill instead.

I just realized I may be coming off a tad jaded here, so here's a positive thing I noticed during this trailer:

I had no idea that Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas was on this! I can only pray that she sings "My Humps". I can just picture it now...


Fergie is singing on stage in front of a large crowd that
is DESPERATELY trying to keep their lobster bisque down.

...tryin a feel my hump, hump.
Lookin at my lump, lump.
U can look but you can't touch it,
If u touch it I'm-

Fergie SHRIEKS in horror as a massive wave SLAMS into the ship.
From out of nowhere, a huge Christmas tree CRUSHES her.

(barely audible)
My only regret in life is that I
did not refer to my humps as much
as I would have liked to.


I'd pay good money to see that.

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posted by drew on 12/14/2005

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Rediscover Cinderella Man!

Hey, it only took two months for me to get Blogger to recognize that I had a different server to post to, woo-hoo! I'm sure you guys missed me something awful...what with my frequent posting and all.

Anyhoo, I keep seeing these ads everywhere that encourage me to "rediscover Cinderella Man." And it got me into some deep, deep thinking.

Rediscover Cinderella Man.

Isn't that like saying...remember that Halloween when you were eight years old? And you got that pile o' candy and you thought it would be a truly ingenius idea to devour the whole shebang that very night? Remember the massive sugar high of your body processing an ungodly amount of Bit-O-Honeys, Zagnuts, Spree, and Pixie Sticks? And then remember how you started to feel not-so-hot, sweaty, and your stomach was felt like it had a boatload of Smurfs going to war inside of it? And you remember how you when you threw up for the fourth time, how there was nothing left in your stomach and you prayed for death? And remember how you felt like crap for three days later, having barely avoided a diabetic coma from the sucrose overload?

Rediscover that feeling!

Yeah, yeah, it's mean but I haven't blogged for eons so I had to get some of that vitriol out of my system. Felt damn good, if I do say so myself.

Couple of new movie scripts (The Pianist and Peeping Tom) over at the rama, too. I'm back, baby!

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posted by drew on 12/07/2005

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