And the new James Bond really is...

The next person who says who is really going to play the next James Bond in the upcoming Casino Royale flick is going to be decapitated by my freakin' hat.

I mean it.

Just this week alone from around the horn:

...I was approached by a person/colleague that works with Clive (Owen) and he/she stated that Bond was a done deal and that an official announcement by the trades is being brokered.

Dark Horizons:
...FerryAve reported that Gavin Carlys has been announced as the man to play James Bond in the upcoming thriller "Casino Royale". looks like Pierce Brosnan will be back as the suave super spy after all.

And finally, Reuters:

Actor Sean Connery, the original James Bond of the big screen, has agreed to reprise his role as Agent 007...

Okay, on the last one they were talking about the video game, but would it really be that surprising? I just checked back, and it was a year ago that I posted that I was rooting for Clive to snag this role. And that the pontification process was hardly new at that point. Now...I'm burnt. The conjecture has gone on too long. It's like those annoying kids who pull this number:

Young child: Knock, knock.
Drew: Who's there?
Young Child: Knock, knock?
Drew: Who's there?
Young Child: Knock, knock.
Drew: Who's There?
Drew: I suppose I'll feel bad about this later.

So please just leave me be until an announcement is officially made. I've got much more important things to trying to figure out what Tarantino is going to pick as his next project.

Inglorious Bastards?

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posted by drew on 4/05/2005

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