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I can never remember the title of this unfortunately titled Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, but nonetheless, I've been cautiously optimistic about seeing it. I've loved all of the Charlie Kaufman movies done by Spike Jonze (the genius Malkovich & Adaptation), I'm very fond of the effort by George Clooney (the underrated Confessions) but Kaufman's one outing with Michael Gondry produced less than stellar results (the putrid Human Nature). And to be honest, I'm not a big Jim Carrey fan. And it got pushed back from Oscar-friendly fall to the never-very-good "sometime next year."

But seeing the trailer has whet my appetite once again. From the infomercialesque opening and the surreal imagery to the perfect music (you can never, ever go wrong with E.L.O.), it's the quintessential teaser trailer. And really, what's more intriguing than the concept of being able to erase specific memories? Hopefully this flick will be the cinematic equivalment of memory erasal; perhaps after seeing it, I'll no longer have any recollection of The Majestic.

P.S. The inclusion of Kate Winslet once again, though pleasing on the eye, is purely coincidental.

posted by drew on 9/26/2003

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