An ill-tempered profanity-spewing baby!

No, I'm not talking 'bout Zellweger after she got spanked by Nicole Kidman at the Oscars. I'm referring to MTV2's supercool promo guy, Talking Baby. Are there any promos better than these on television at the moment? I think not. Any baby that tells pseudo-Norah Jones devotees "GET OUT OF MY FACE BEFORE I TAKE A SWITCH TO YOU!" is a hero in my book. MTV's site has all 6 promos for your viewing pleasure. He's the best promo guy to hit MTV since Denis Leary obsessed about Cindy Crawford!

posted by drew on 9/23/2003

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Obviously, I'm not trying to re-invent the movie blog wheel here. I'm just never lacking in opinions about movies, pop culture, news, and other assorted hoohah. And my mailman has put a restraining order on me, so here's my place to vent.

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