It's a good day to be a fetishist.

Have you seen the first picture of Halle Berry as Catwoman?!?! She described her outfit as "very bare, very urban, very downtown."

Downtown where? Gomorrah?

I know it's easy to snipe at these things before they come out, but...MAN, IS THAT A DUMB-LOOKING COSTUME.

Maybe it's just her leg posture, leather, and seat belts attached to her midriff, but to me she looks like a reject from David Croneberg's Crash. In fact, I'll bet Rosanna Arquette would think it's over the top. Check out Michelle Pfeiffer's reaction after seeing the ensemble. The only positive thing I can think of regarding this crime against humanity is that Ben Affleck is probably happy that people will forget how utterly lame his Daredevil getup was...

posted by drew on 9/30/2003

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