Monkey Trouble

So, supposedly Peter Jackson has offered Naomi Watts the opportunity to follow in the line of Fay Wray and Jessica Lange and star in the new King Kong remake.

Big mistake.

I dig Naomi Watts, she got hosed out of a nomination for Mulholland and carried The Ring quite well. But the second that they announced that PJ was doing the big monkey flick, there was only one name that came to mind as the King's honey. And that, my friends, is Kate Winslet. As evidenced by the Holy Smoke picture you see before you.

The last time the two teamed up resulted in Heavenly Creatures, one of the finest flicks of the 90's. Plus, I hear the last time Kate did a blockbuster movie it did some decent box office...another movie that had a boat in it, if I remember correctly. And to be honest, I just don't know if I can buy the eighth wonder of the world going gaga and falling (har, har) for Naomi Watts. But what oversized simian in his right mind wouldn't take the plunge for Kate? Just ask Keitel...

posted by drew on 9/22/2003

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