Pod 6 (along with the news media) was jerks!

You know what makes me mad? Besides the fact that I've never been able to buy a pair of pants without needing them to be hemmed, I mean. Harry Goz died last week. In case you don't know, he's the fella who voiced Captain Murphy on Sealab 2021. A deity in the voice actor world. The only reason I know that he's with Alvis now is because I'm a dork who reads message boards. Go to Google News and search the term "Harry Goz". Or easier, I did it already, so you can see by clicking here.

Nada. No mention of the man. And I've searched out of curiousity every few days since he died. I'm not expecting the cover of Time here, but a small mention of the death of a guy who's the star of arguably the biggest original show in the Adult Swim lineup would've been nice. Also, he holds the record for the longest running Tevye (1004 performances) in Fiddler On The Roof! Show the man some respect. Stupid mailbox heads. At least there's a site where you can hear tons of Murphy quotes. Alas, in the immortal words of Captain Murphy, "Pudding can't fill the emptiness inside me... but it'll help!"

posted by drew on 9/21/2003

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