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So, the rumors are flying high that Brosnan's stepping down, and Clive Owen's going to be the next Bond.

Smart move.

To be honest, I've never been a Pierce Brosnan fan. He reeks of 'cardboard cutout'. I'm sure I'll get some nasty e-mails about saying that, but hey, did anybody honestly dig him before he went Bond? Comes to think of it, did he really impress as Bond? At best, one might be able to argue that he was slightly better than Timothy Dalton or Roger Moore, which is hardly a crowning achievement. Have you ever looked at his filmography? Not impressive. I've always consider him be like that poor sap in "Oh God, You Devil" who was a talentless hack and sold his soul to the devil in order to achieve fame and fortune. Can't you just see Brosnan haggling with the big red guy over the small details?

Brosnan: Okay, so I sign here, and I'll be guaranteed to do at least 3 Bond films. And I'll be rich and famous, and people won't notice that I really am a mediocre actor with the charisma of a torn sock puppet?

Devil: Exactly.

Brosnan: And I'll make other movies besides Bond, like Evelyn and the Tailor Of Panama, and people will flock to see those, too?

Devil: Don't push it, Remington.

Clive, on the other hand, is a cool cucumber. Croupier and the l'il BMW movies have shown that he's got the right mix of suave, quiet intensity, and grace under pressure, with the slightest hint of a smirk when necessary in order to nail Bond perfectly. Oh, and he can act, too. Which is always nice.

Now, if only they stopped hiring hack directors like Martin Campbell, Lee Tamahori, and Roger Spottiswoode to helm these puppies. Open up the checkbooks and sign a Woo, Rodriguez, or a Besson-type immediately, and you've got the potential to make the best Bond movie in decades.

Oh, and lose the embarrassing dialogue. "Your mama?" Eeesh.

posted by drew on 10/07/2003

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