I think I'm going to burn in hell.

I didn't want to laugh. I really didn't. I don't even like Justin Timberlake. He annoys me. Honest. And we weren't even watching Saturday Night Live, I was just channel surfing since our DVD player is in the shop. Maybe I was just in some sort of DVD withdrawal induced psychosis, I pray that was the case. But either way, I landed on the Omeletteville bit.

Really dumb sketch. Two ridiculous-looking mascots battling over the breakfast crowd. But Mr. Timberlake was quite the showman mascot, and would dance around belting out these little omelette-related pop ditties, punctuated by the phrase "Bring it on in to Omeletteville!" First time he did it, it had no effect on me whatsoever. I'm quite the cool cat. Ain't no little boy band bastard going to have an effect on me. Second time...I cracked a teeny smile. Hardly noticeable. I just pitied the guy for making a fool out of himself. Then he did it again..."Bring it on in to Omeletteville!"

I exploded in laughter. Not just the regular "ha-ha" kind of laughter. I'm talking tears rolling down my eyes, hard to breath, side-hurts, full-body cracking up hysteria. Over a singing freakin' egg.

I can't even look myself in the mirror anymore. I'm but a shell of a man. Damn you, Justin Timberlake, and your breakfast-related tomfoolery!

posted by drew on 10/21/2003

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