The lifetime achievement award, don't leave home without it.

Hmmm...the Screen Actors guild announced that the newest recipient for the lifetime achievement awards is the fella most people know from the American Express commercials or the crummy tv show with Michael Douglas. Yup, Karl Malden.

I believe Lisa Simpson put it best when she said "meh."

He's a decent actor. But when SAG president Melissa Gilbert gushes that he's "brought an extraordinarily rich range of iconic characters to the screen and stage", I think that's probably a little overkill. I mean, did anybody really lose sleep at night thinking "You know, it's criminal that an actor as prestigous as Karl Malden has not gotten a lifetime achievement award"?

Gary Sinise is a decent actor too, but I sure as heck don't think he should be getting any lifetime achievement awards in a few decades. Can't you find an actor a tad more deserving, Laura? Don't make me send Nellie Olson your way...

posted by drew on 10/14/2003

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