My name is Drew, and I have a problem.

Popup ads. I hate 'em, you hate 'em, blah blah blah. It's really a tired topic with not much new to say, sort of like comedians with airplane food, or Fox News with Clinton bashing (either will do.) I make it a point never to click on them, because I wouldn't be able to sleep at night, knowing I'm contributing to the problem. Same reason why, tempting as is may be, I don't buy Viagra or send money to Nigeria because of an e-mail pitch. Which is why I feel compelled to make a confession, to purge myself of the guilt I've been carrying for quite a while now.

I've clicked on and played every single Orbitz popup game I've ever encountered. I hate myself.

You know the games I'm talking about, where you have to dodge the cab, spike the volleyball, fly the blimp...those games. I don't have obsessive compulsive disorder, I don't have tourette's, autism, any of those sorts of things. But there's something so alluring about those games that whenever I see a new one, I have to try it. They're the Lays of popups, I can't play just one.

The worst part is...they're not even good! They're lame, utterly basic, and about as complex as playing Kaboom on my old Atari. Maybe that's the appeal, it's tapping into the zillions of hours I spent as a youngster in front of simple yet addictive video games. Or maybe it's the sadism factor. If you're flying a blimp, don't you just have to see what happens when you crash it? Or purposely hurl your bellboy into oncoming traffic? Or, in the best game of them all, why would you possibly want to dunk the punk into water when you can hurl baseballs at him instead? And Orbitz knows this, why else would they show all the little bruise marks if they didn't know that human nature demands that we pelt him?

So, kudos to Orbitz for tapping into my primal ooze and getting me hooked on their stupid, stupid games. That are evil. And bad. And probably makes them create more and more popups. Which, in turn, has caused me to give them a free plug.

Did I mention that for all of my online travel booking, I use :)

posted by drew on 10/03/2003

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