Speaking of my old Atari...

I know it's been out for a while, but still, is there any cooler video in recent history than Junior Senior's Move Your Feet? It's such eye-candy with the whole retro Atari 2600 look goin' on...doesn't that image look like it's straight out of Pitfall? But besides striking my nostalgia gland, it's so darn happy and fun that I can't help smiling like a doofus every time I watch it. And I'm usually quite the gloomy gus, so that's saying something. It's not just the video either, I have to admit that the Jamiroquai-esque song is mucho catchy and infectious as well. Which is pretty shameful, considering the heavy Bob Dylan-inspired lyrics consist mostly of repetitions of:

Don't stop, (don't stop) don't stop, the beat
I can't stop, (can't stop) can't stop the beat
I won't stop, (won't stop) won't stop the beat
And go
Move you're feet
And feel united ohohoh

It does feature a sadistic squirrel drinking, running zombies over, giving Chili Oil massages, and eventually resorting to dynamite as a method of mass destruction as well, so I think I'll just tell people that's the only reason I like the video in order to maintain my street cred. Not because of the cute hot dog dancing with the ketchup and mustard.

Never that.

posted by drew on 10/03/2003

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